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Official Ann Arbor MI pinball vfw show 2016 thread

By cfh

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

This is the thread for the 2016 Ann Arbor Michigan pinball show, May 13-15.
Website has details at http://www.vfwpinball.com
There is also a facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/vfwpinball

We will post messages here with games and events that will be at the upcoming show.

#2 3 years ago

The 1986 Gottlieb Genesis pinball has been finished and is ready for play at the Ann Arbor show. Notice the graphics on the cabinet and backglass are modified to reflect the game's original theme (the 1927 German sci-fi movie, Metropolis.) New clear ramps have been installed too (replacing the original and ugly pink ramps.)


#3 3 years ago

The 1990 Williams Bride of Pinbot (BOP) is now v2.0 with a color DMD! Available for play at the Michigan Pinball Show Ann Arbor in May.


#4 3 years ago

The 1979 Atari Superman pinball for the upcoming May pinball show. It's ready for the show.



#5 3 years ago

The 1991 Alvin G. Soccer-ball pinball game for the show. This is a head-to-head game, two players flip at the same time! Or the game can be played in single player mode, with the "man less" side auto flipping the ball. Will go nicely next to the show's Williams Joust head-to-head pinball.


#14 3 years ago

Another rare one for the show, the Bally BMX (400 made.) It was a difficult restoration, but it came out very well. This will be at the show too.



#15 3 years ago

Another one ready for the Ann Arbor pinball show in May. the 1994 Gottlieb Stargate pinball.



#25 3 years ago

Another fairly uncommon game, the 1981 Williams Barracora, will be at the Ann Arbor michigan pinball show.



#26 3 years ago

Another game ready for the may 13-15 Ann Arbor Michigan pinball show.
The 1962 Chicago Coin Champion Rifle Range gun game. It combines pinball and a gun game. Like that even seems possible, but they did it. Quite the unique game playing experience.



#29 3 years ago

Another cool gun game restored for the Ann Arbor 2016 pinball show. The 1974 midway Twin Pirate Gun game. Chicks in bikinis, and ugly pirates. what could go wrong??



#30 3 years ago

Another interesting game, the 1983 Williams Joust head-to-head game. Ready for the Ann Arbor pinball show. This game (well not this exact example) does make the rounds at some shows. The reason is simple, it's pretty darn fun! It's ready for the show.


#31 3 years ago

The trifecta of color DMDs at games that will be at the Ann Arbor pinball show May 13-15, 2016.
Twilight Zone (sample game, three magnets), Cactus Canyon (continued), and Attack from Mars.
There are about 30 games from 1992 to present at the show with colorDMD displays.


1 month later
#32 3 years ago

The Italian connection continues, getting ready for the May 13-15 show 2016



#33 3 years ago

Also should mention that the friday May 13th EM and early solidstate pinball IFPA tournament is almost sold out, there's only a few tickets left.

#34 3 years ago

Zaccaria Hot Wheels 1979 ready for the show!



#37 3 years ago

we did submit the event to IFPA. as far as i know it's on their schedule.... Just checked the IFPa website and we are indeed on their schedule.

#39 3 years ago

There are about 100 tickets available for Saturday. Friday and Sunday are still pretty open though.

#43 3 years ago

Technically you can participate in the tournament without buying a show ticket. UnFortunately you just won't be able to get into the show itself. The tournament actually runs before the show opens. So you can do the tournament without buying a show ticket, if that's what you want to do. The tournament is run in a separate building though so you won't even be able to see the bulk of the machines without getting a show ticket for Friday too.

The advantage to having a show ticket in addition to the tournament ticket is that you get into the show early. So as soon as the tournament is over, or as soon as you have three strikes and you're out of the tournament, you can get into the main hall early, before the show starts.

#45 3 years ago

The 1987 Appletime Zaccaria "Thunderman" pinball (Snake Plissken has his own pinball)! There are probably less than five of these in North America. Come play it at the May 13-15 Ann Arbor pinball show along with 300 other restored games at the third largest dedicated pinball facility in the U.S.! Like our facebook page and come to the show. http://www.facebook.com/vfwpinball/

I just want to know why Snake has a tat on the backglass, but not on the playfield...



#48 3 years ago

What I can't figure out is why snake and Yentl are both on the back glass and the playfield plastics.

#50 3 years ago

another rare game that will be at the Ann Arbor pinball show. Zaccaria Mystic Star. Probably less than 5 of these in North America.




#51 3 years ago

The Zaccaria Robot is ready for the show!



#56 3 years ago

Only 90 tickets left for Saturday. Get your ticket now for Saturday....

#59 3 years ago

i think in general people don't like buying tickets ahead. it requires planning and commitment. the ann arbor show is the only show to have limited tickets available, so it's a bit outside the norm. people aren't used to it. last year the show sold out on show saturday about the middle of April. So we're pretty much on par for that from what i can see.

Though i'm with ya, i can't believe more people don't partake in the affair. there was millions of dollars invested to make this show happen. Not many shows can say they invested that much, or anywhere near that much.

Another different thing is that most shows are terrible on their last day. since nearly every machine is not being removed (and there's an on site repair/parts facility), that means sunday has just as many machines to play as friday. last year we started with 250+ working machines, and ended sunday with 250+ working machines. i don't know any other show that could make that statement. With 300+ machines this year, we expect the same results. also what other shows can promote 300 unique (no dupicate) working games? Probably not too many, if any at all...

#61 3 years ago

I did not mention any show in particular. I'm just specifying what is different at the Ann Arbor show from other "normal" shows. Don't take it personally it wasn't directed at you. I've never even been to your show so I have no idea if yours is good or bad. It's subjective anyway, as most people know. What I like may not be what you like. But I see no harm in comparing and contrasting normal shows versus ours. There's reasons we do thing differently and I'm just stating the reasons.

A lot of shows I do find interesting though from financial perspectives. I do a lot of farmer math on stuff. For example expo gets about 5000 people with an average door spend of say $25. That's a lot of cake. Mgc gets 15k through the door (so I hear) at say $30 average per person. That's really big money and I understand why people can get sensitive when I do contrasts because they may feel it effects them financially. My personal opinion is that it makes no difference, people would still go to even the worse pinball show if it was close to them. And my opinions don't sway even local squirrels one way or another.

But we are a new show, so we need to be different, and demonstrate how we are different. As terry from pinball life says, "the vfw is probably the best place to play pinball in the world." We just need to spread that word and tell people why it's a good show.

#65 3 years ago

I love the banning show! It is actually quite awesome one of my favs. They need more game repair help but they have all those Bally em titles you never see. Go john go!! I have dreams of owning a facility like that. Just wouldn't want the taxes....

John was very smart. He collected a lot of rare em titles when it was not fashionable to do so. I wish I was as foresightful as he was. You can see Gottlieb em titles nearly anywhere, in luring our show. But the Bally stuff from the 60s, it's pretty hard to fine. I've been working on this for our collection at the Ann Arbor show. But it's uphill battle to find the stuff that John already has.

#72 3 years ago

They read pretty much the same to me just your version is giddy and a bit goofy

#73 3 years ago

The 1986 Zaccaria Zankor is ready for the Ann Arbor pinball show. Pretty rare game, five known in North America. Come play it!



#82 3 years ago

I remember hearing about the 20 point loss. That was quite the fun thing to talk about. Also weren't you the dude that rolled strikes and spares like four times? We are trying to figure out how to make strikes and spares harder so that you cannot repeat that! (Working on the flipper interrupt remote relay system now.)

#88 3 years ago

More fun stuff getting ready for the show. JM and i worked on the 1982 Stern Iron Maiden making it a bit nicer (thanks for the help Jim.) here's some pics of her... Remember we have a nearly complete collection of classic Stern m200 games ready for the show too!



#89 3 years ago

Another Zaccaria ready for the show. This is the 1985 Zaccaria Clown machine. Note it's not "killer clown" but just "eerie clown". I know some people are scared of clowns, don't be scared of this one... too much... ok maybe a little...



#102 3 years ago

Those gloves are exactly right for "the law"... He has magnets in them!

#106 3 years ago

Wiley has anti magnets apparently

#112 3 years ago

The 1984 Zaccaria Magic Castle is ready for the 2016 Ann Arbor pinball show May 13-15. Over 300 games on free play.



#116 3 years ago

TheLaw needs whipped, whip it good.

#117 3 years ago

The 1985 Zaccaria Pool Champion is ready for the May 13-15 Ann Arbor pinball show. There's probably less than 10 of these in North America. But check out that guy on the playfield... weird stuff...



#129 3 years ago

Zaccaria Stars Phoenix ready for the 2016 Ann Arbor pinball show.



#169 3 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

We play a cute game there; when no one is around I roll those games outside and hope that it rains. Those games really are the bottom of the barrel.

... What only because there's no dumpster?

#171 3 years ago

I agree class of 1812 is a difficult game to find. I've been looking for one for years without success.

#172 3 years ago
Quoted from huo:

Like Tim Fife is the only person that has a Predator. It can't be the only one out there.

To date there are only two playable predators in existence. This is fact. Tim has one, and the original Johnny moronic black one, which is now no longer in Michigan, it is on loan to a mystery person. There are no other complete games anywhere. There are some carcasses here and there but none are complete, and none are playable. Tim's machine is really the best and really only playable and finished example. Even the original black one is not a complete and finished version. I would love to have tim's at the VFW show. but due to the current legal situation I seriously doubt there is enough upside for him to bring it, even though it is less than 20 miles from the VFW.

#178 3 years ago
Quoted from MrBally:

Clay doesn't even pay a hundred bucks for a machine...

oh please... you think all 300+ games got there for $100 or less? really??

#180 3 years ago

Independence Day is done cancer. You can come play it. I know you want to play it. I know you love to play it.

#184 3 years ago

Working on our new spaceship. Hope to have it done for the show, but I'm not sure. This is an ambitious project.


#188 3 years ago

looking at this particular game it must have run pretty well. there's a bit of playfield wear, so someone played it a lot. and yes there are holes in the lower bottom sides of the cabinet so you can move it with bars. i just use a pin cart, works fine on that.

#189 3 years ago

as far as show tickets are concerned, there's not many left for friday, and sunday is actually getting low too. if you want to go i really suggest getting tickets ahead. i doubt there will be availability at the door.

1 week later
#201 3 years ago

yea i was really thinking E you shouldn't have "fanned the flames" and posted about the 1812. Now Rob "Cancer" Cross will try and burn it to the ground. It was meant to be a surprises, an early baby gift for him. COUGH COUGH.

1 week later
#257 3 years ago

Someone dropped off a couple EM projects already for sale at the VFW. A Williams Honey and a Gottlieb Magnatron.

#288 3 years ago

Coming from the east is no problem, M14 is open and then 23 north to exit 54b.

Coming from the west down i94 you can't take M14 (at least not easily). I mean you can get off at Miller road and drive into town and back on M14 and up 23 north. that does work.

But like others have said i like the Zeeb road "back roads" way to the Vfw.

#322 3 years ago

There's a real nice location in Chesterfield that has 40 games. It's called the Sparks pinball museum. It's at a bowling alley/bar. Games are in nice condition there. Chesterfield is pretty far from Ann Arbor though. Predator will hopefully be at the show in 2017; this year the legal issues are too great, no one wants to deal with that stuff. Hopefully next year things will be settled enough so the owner can bring it for the show without anyone getting upset.

#337 3 years ago

There should be a ghost busters in the annex too. Consider it a launch party if you'd like.

#338 3 years ago

Playfield glass is available for sale at the VFW show for $25 a sheet

#435 3 years ago

Mike Wiley won the "EM World Championship" on Friday, with Trent coming in second. This is the second year in a row for Wiley, so he's the two-time Ann Arbor show champ!


#474 3 years ago

In defense of the location, we are only a 5 minute (4 mile) drive from places like TGI fridays, Panera, Olive Garden, crap like that. And we're only 15 minutes drive from Zingerman's in Ann Arbor, possibly the best NY deli in the world (and i grew up in NY, trust me, it's that good, though a bit pricey.) Ann Arbor (again 15 minutes away) also has some other amazing restaurants and coffee houses. And for those wanting quick food, Macdonalds, Arbys and Burger king are only 1.5 miles from the VFW. If you want a more "homey" meal, there's the Zukey Lake Tavern and the Hamburg Tavern, which are about 2 and 4 miles away, respectively.

The brighton holiday inn express is only 10 minutes drive away. The Best Western is (normally) about 3 minutes away, but the bridge to that hotel was hit by a truck and is currently being rebuilt. If you want an amazing place to stay, there's a Bed and Breakfast on a lake that's about 5 minutes away that is CRAZY nice (and they have a pinball machine on free play!)

On the headphone jacks.... this was something that i really wanted to expand. We started putting them in the WPC and sys11 machines last year. We found that people really didn't use them that much. We even sold headphones at the check in desk for cheap to encourage it. But it didn't seem utilized.

Yet the biggest problem with the head phone jacks was they are too small. The jack is so small, and people push in their headphones so hard, it often breaks the jack or pushes it inside the coin door. Then it shorts to the coin door, and blows the TDA ampliflier on the sound board! I was getting tired of replacing the TDA sound amps on these expensive games, that we just gave up on the idea of adding more jacks (in fact, we removed them from some games.)

We would love to have more headphone jacks, as we're the *only* pinball show that had this feature. But it's just creates problems. When the sound amp blows, there's NO sound coming from anywhere, and then we have to fix it. There's enough stuff to fix during the show, we just didn't want to add to the list. Also the TDA sound amps aren't free, and the cost of just that part was starting to add up.

#475 3 years ago

As for alcohol at the VFW, you can bring your own, and tail gate in the parking lot. you can't bring it inside though. And we will not sell beer because the insurance costs just go crazy high. Also the incidents of problems increases. We already had one issue with people drinking and almost getting into a fight at the show. We just don't want to deal with it. There's too much risk and liability issues when people drink.

#480 3 years ago

Practice up Ryan someone has to beat Wiley at the EM tourney!
(pictures by Marty F., taken at the show.)




#484 3 years ago

not sure what surprises are going down for next year's show. i doubt russian pinballs are in the mix though...

#488 3 years ago

2017 show dates already announced on the web site www.vfwpinball.com

#495 3 years ago

The Banning CA show in January is quite good. And it's in January, when the weather in Michigan is terrible. That's the california show to go to, in my mind. Even if all the games weren't there, you would still be in california in january. Which has to be better than being in michigan in january!

1 week later
#502 3 years ago

Note for 2017 we made the show dates so they do not overlap with Pin-a-go-go. We have had the same dates for 3 years in a row, so for 2017 we changed our dates so they shouldn't overwrite each other. I just hope we don't over lap Allentown now, but since they haven't announced, that will be their decision, not ours.

#504 3 years ago

I would like mike to come but I told him he can't drive his go kart inside. This killed it for him.

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