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Official 2020 NHL hockey thread

By ImNotNorm

2 years ago

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#29 2 years ago

My latest thoughts available on my hi jacked thread.
..just kiddin Hue
I HAve some great Cuba family stories for a Price...and not mobed up , washed up Carey Price.

#30 2 years ago

I was going to post a pic I took with josh this summer but my beer gut looks bad!

#33 2 years ago

What a crappy snoozefest watching leafs game last night...3rd period head phones went on and so did Joe's garage. Montreal you looked brutal even in preseason.

#34 2 years ago

Montreal vs the Leafs last night
[att=5229768,1746075 caption
Keep - it - greasy!

#36 2 years ago

I like Calgary out of the west and Vancouver to make the playoffs. Tampa to win the East.
Tampa / Calgary final / Tampa wins it all.

#37 2 years ago
Quoted from hwyhed:Mathews is still young, and is gonna do some immature stupid shit.
Non-Captain Underpants!
#45 2 years ago

Iron man Phil Kessel over 740 straight games.
Float on blueline and extend your career

#50 2 years ago

Christmas eve!!!!
I expect a leafs blowout tonight vs Sens
...yeah I'm really Goin out on a limb but win bet plus 2 goals for sure.

#51 2 years ago

Jason Spezza sits/stands in the press box tonight against former team
Babs getting roasted..rightfully so...why do that?

#53 2 years ago

Got another present from Santa!
Pulled the trigger on a vintage cross town pinball machine! Excellent condition paid 700.
That's cheap..prices in Ontario are crazy right now.

#59 2 years ago

In the other hockey thread he's on pace for 155

#60 2 years ago

..I told you guys the helmet penalty would be an issue. Mcdavid scrambles for lid and the Couv score.

#75 2 years ago

Nothing like watching Leafs vs habs ..and working on a new pinball!

15703751939671165153806 (resized).jpg
#82 2 years ago

Jersey off to a rough start. How the clothing line doing Ok I hope PK

#83 2 years ago

I do have a feminine side ...hockey and shopping!

20191011_150427 (resized).jpg20191011_150520 (resized).jpg
#89 2 years ago

Hahahaha!!!! It won't be Malkin

#91 2 years ago

Tavares gone 2-3 weeks broken finger from Morgan Reilly shot..

#101 1 year ago

The Leafs must be close second. .gretz always killed us

#102 1 year ago

10 games on the slate tonite .leafs beat sharks by 2

#103 1 year ago

Congrats Habs...nice win at home. I can't believe I just said that.

1 week later
#119 1 year ago

Peanut galleries are quiet

#120 1 year ago

Don Cherry leaving CBC and hockey night in Canada. No more speak your mind.
It was time but i am still in shock. Don Cherry is a big supporter of the Allied Military but his remarks were too heart felt in this sensitive age.

#121 1 year ago

Don Cherrys last coaches corner blasts immigrants for not buying poppies. I have one on my house number year round.
Ron McLean is next. This is a big deal in Canada. We all knew it was just a matter of time.

1573503213065740707736 (resized).jpg
#132 1 year ago

Crosby headed for surgery on groin.
Feel bad for fans

#136 1 year ago

Toronto in Pittsburgh tomorrow night. No Don Cherry coaches corner or Sydney Crosby. Lame. Should be some interesting signs in the crowd! The arena would go quiet when coaches corner came on.

#137 1 year ago

I have a great idea! All all star players dress up like a Simpsons character. ..then I would watch...that would be awesome!
Barney must be a goalie

#139 1 year ago

That was great ! Thanks Hue

#149 1 year ago

Babs definitely on the hot seat. Sheldon Keefe, a personal friend of Dubas will be the next coach of the leafs...may as well do it now. Waiting doesn't make sense at all.

#150 1 year ago
Quoted from Meegis:

The leafs forgot to leave the dr swing room last night.
I swear, when they put in new goalies, tl

Why would you not start Andersen to halt the losing skid?

#152 1 year ago

who wants Nylander. Too busy posting golf pics ..Is this the new NHL filled with players more interested in their phones than winning hockey games? Dubas reign has been a disaster and Shanahan is like a ghost. I never see or hear from the guy. Is he alive?

#153 1 year ago

Shanahans reminds me of weekend at bernies. . Travels all over that's about it.
That's my new name for him

#154 1 year ago

Babcock gone by December
The media is brutal. Not good when your coach starts speaking in third person.

#155 1 year ago

Just in: babock fired.

#156 1 year ago

Can't believe my timing..LOL

#158 1 year ago

Is Brian Burke running the Leafs through the media? ?

#159 1 year ago

Bernie flew to Arizona. Of course he did.

#163 1 year ago

Cyborg-kids now ..treated like royalty . Please may I never see a Tristan Thompson hockey player. At least subban has a personality..but hold off on the entertainment-business-puck bunnies-yaht trips until you have won a stanley cup.

#164 1 year ago

Bernie and dubas should of said no to nylander and marner outrageous demands.
Have you watched leaf games ?? Minor - Midget marner is like a fly defensively and he's hurt ...he's hurt because the rigors if nhl Toll hard on your body and marner is no Patrick kane.

#166 1 year ago

Taylor Hall straight up for Johnny hockey
Taylor revenge on the oilers every 2 weeks.

#167 1 year ago

Now other GMS are not too happy with the Leafs...go figure. If you have never played the game you should not be GM.

#171 1 year ago

Leafs talk is insane
Please stop talking about Babcock firing.
Dubas was really nervous on tv
Felt sorry for him.
If you break down his words they are brutal
My camp is fire Dubas.

#172 1 year ago

Yeah I'm not bitter about Dubas letting Kadri and Leivo go....what a bone head

#174 1 year ago

I was going to ask you for opinion. ...he's really good along the boards.thought he'd have more goals by now

#175 1 year ago

Looking at my backyardright now and a big tree (josh grew up next door and very close friends with my son same age..same schools ..same friends ...that tree they said they would climb when I needed their help!!! Lol

15744598997671873155827 (resized).jpg
#178 1 year ago

I would appreciate it if Don cherry would contribute to the hockey news. another call to the publisher!

#179 1 year ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

I like Leivo..he’s a big body, and knows how to play. Coach Green has been making adjustments w injuries n all, but he mostly plays w Horvat. The line is streaky, but still hard checking/battling for the puck. The effort is there most nights..goals/points will come for that line..

Moved off 5 on 3 powerplay..come on Josh!

#180 1 year ago

What a scandal breaking in the NHL...abuse , hazing ..who's the next coach of Calgary??
Babcock apparently is not "comfortable " in his own skin like his past tv commercial suggests

#189 1 year ago

Sheldon Keefe was the perfect elixir to get the Leafs back on track to make the playoffs. When I played, even missing a practice I would feel it in my legs the next game. Andersen should play until he says no. Games off or time off is not necessarily a good thing

#203 1 year ago

Randy Cunnyworth!!! Mesz your aging yourself ..How about Craig Ludwigs shin pad size!

#209 1 year ago
Quoted from meSz:

That wasn't that long ago, 2012 I believe?? And apologies as he was let go due to him not being able to speak French!

good memory that's exactly why

#210 1 year ago

Watched the leaf game at my son's place on his 4K 70 something beast! Very impressed.
This Sunday me and the boy are going to play some pro-line and watch football all day in 4K!

#214 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Blue Jackets are in a serious skid right now, pisses me off!

Jackets spinning wheels ..I would go after Brian Burke GM role for a more truculent team..Seth Jones is my wife's favourite player. One of mine too. I wish he played for the Leafs or Canucks. His dad played for the Raps back in the day.

#215 1 year ago
Quoted from CanadianPinball:

Not as bad as MTL!

MTL fans are all about man purses and colourful socks. Good food , great looking women but that's about it

#229 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Sure makes me wonder what the coach of the Dallas Stars did to get fired. Does anyone have any idea at all?Kicking players on the bench now Brent Sopel is backtracking...what a mess!

#232 1 year ago

Leivo really picking it up for the Couv. Exceptional stick in tight spaces, along the boards ..I would recommend: tighter Fitting skates. laces snug from the toe up to upper ankle vein (so your foot doesn’t go numb) then Very tight right up to top of boot. Clear hockey tape wrapped snugly around Upper ankle. Skates rear flap also included in tape job. That’s how to wear and lace a hockey skate.

#234 1 year ago

No backup no Stanley cup This year .
Bernie and Mr metro (metrosexual Dubas. .I don't want to offend anyone) have been a disaster.

#235 1 year ago

And further more ...I picked up a few gifts for the little ankle biters..I guess no one at play mobile has ever held a hockey stick. They all are face off specialists.

1576264832696 (resized).jpg
#237 1 year ago

Is that Morgan reiley..yeaam I've had a few drinks .

1576343230322 (resized).jpg
#240 1 year ago

My wife and I are going out to wally world tp get a big screen TV tonight for my man cave. I'm rushing so I can get it mounted on time for the Leafs vs Connor Mcdavid!

#246 1 year ago

Load management for sid..don't practice

#247 1 year ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

Taylor Hall is a healthy scratch last nite...where’s he going, and for what..

Colorado ..millions of cap-space freed up .
Subban is pointless in forever and weber is having a career year in Mtl. Subban would fit nice in Toronto (If Cap Space /trade available) But I Would Worry About His Off Ice Stuff . NJ in for a rough road ..keep the faith NJ fans! I'm pulling for you. I would be very interested in getting Subban if I was GM. He's tough too

#255 1 year ago

Leafs win tonight but I did inhale chem-trails I noticed dropped on the weekend over my town

#256 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Blue Jackets finally played a good game tonight. Hockey is so awesome, cant believe more people wont give it a chance. I was one of those people so I cant say anything but I'm glad I have discovered how good that it is.

New TV clarity (4k) helps a lot for newbies following the puck

#261 1 year ago

Won’t be Swiss chalet! 18 bucks for a 1/2 chicken dinner take out???

1 week later
#263 1 year ago

Doors securely locked. Worried about fires and looting after 6 -0 drubbing by team Russia

1 week later
#264 1 year ago

Having a blast watching Team Canada vs Russia for Gold!

1578249544147 (resized).jpg
#267 1 year ago

Ferraro is great agreed...met him at a leaf game. Nice guy and I commented on his above average hockey iq and anecdotes
I remember gord miller’s first broadcast on tsn with Gino redda

1 week later
#310 1 year ago

its not Gallant...it’s the crazy owners
I remember working for a company where the owner was a pilot and had friends with the Canadian snowbirds...blah blah blah...one day he said ask your customers if they would like a picture of their building from a helicopter...He said the customer would have to pay for The fuel! ...another day I saw him leaning at reception in his flight suit. I said hey Richard I didn’t know we has a landing pad on top of our building,,,,I was fired shortly after.

#312 1 year ago

Tony Lufthansa? Never heard of him. Ex player?

#314 1 year ago

That would be pretty annoying

#315 1 year ago

I would rather listen to mad mike
Smacking the fan with his shoe I’ll never forget!

#316 1 year ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

I would rather listen to mad mike

Smacking the fan with his shoe I’ll never forget!

#317 1 year ago
Quoted from Bohdi:

Yeah, i wasn't really thinking playoffs this year at the beginning of the year, but the more i see them play, i think they have a legit shot. Plus Brady Skjei is "family" so i want them to do well and get some more playoff experience

Right on! I’ll be rooting for Brady

#328 1 year ago

Me and my buddy watching some NFL

1A28B6C4-2A5F-4AF6-9D9D-9BF460A0B867 (resized).jpeg596054D3-7CAE-45C4-B8D6-6B787CB1D27F (resized).jpeg
#329 1 year ago

Leafs out of playoffs ??? I told you Bernie and Dubas are a disaster.

#330 1 year ago

The Leafs need the Bacon

#338 1 year ago

All-Star game Is Great for fans in attendance. Hockey players playing shinny isn’t very interesting to watch on tv. The shooting pad In the stands was weird. Good for the Ladies but Canada vs. USA Gets tiring. More countries need to invest in competitive Women’s teams. I watched my god daughter play for years and it was really fun to watch.

#339 1 year ago

Kobe Bryant ....will I able to stop crying next week...is that ok world?

#355 1 year ago

Just saying would of kicked my son's ass if he pulled that. Now he's 26 and can kick my ass
great hockey last night !!

#357 1 year ago

Josh sent a pic.of his busted knee. Knee cal Cracked right in half!..says aurgey went very well. Still, What a bummer...so proud of the Canucks and Josh won't play.that really sucks but Go Couv!!!

#358 1 year ago

Me and my buddy from school (damn did we party) thinking of epic road trip next year and follow the Couv ..I'll are sure we are visible on tv!!

#359 1 year ago

Glass seats for 50 bucks? ???

#361 1 year ago

Nice .Barzal vs petterson

#362 1 year ago

I can't believe how sucks that is Josh not playing !

#372 1 year ago

Leafs vs the krack

#373 1 year ago

Seattle Metros , otters, seals,

#374 1 year ago

Seattle Sea Captains, (sea caps) Nice Logo for sure

#380 1 year ago

You watching the big game today?

#382 1 year ago

LOL I was going to say Columbus VS habs!

#383 1 year ago

However I am on the score over and jLo over 2.5 wardrobe changes for NFL

#384 1 year ago

Burned on the over! That's why I don't gamble
Ho hum game, Shakira and demi rocked it.

#389 1 year ago

yZ Rider: time for local hockey sign up!

#395 1 year ago
Quoted from Meegis:As much as I like to hate on the goalies, we lack majority in defence.
We often leave our goalies hanging out to dry.

Leafs will have a New backup Shortly. Hawks would be nice dance partner

#396 1 year ago
Quoted from ImNotNorm:

Advice for the Leafs: Get rid of Hutchinson!! He's like Garrett Sparks 2.0...how many chances will he get?He’s history shortly

#407 1 year ago

Urinating tree ..that's classic!

#414 1 year ago

just heard that. Campbell back in the pipes tonite for leafs ..yeah no pressure

#416 1 year ago

JAYS catcher caught pulling his weenie in a dollar tree parking lot , also charged by the police in Florida. Hate to go off topic

#420 1 year ago

I did it was great

#421 1 year ago

No way Leafs win the cup this year ..what happens when the Couv go further in the playoffs than the disaster Dubas/Bernie combo?

#427 1 year ago

Canadian long weekend! (Family day) tomorrow Pinball at the club then back to my place for more pinball and home town-hockey with tarnished Ron McLean.
I shouldnt be drinking and posting

#428 1 year ago

The way he scurried away from Don and his gee shucks apology. He should have stood firm with Don. This keeps me up at night

1 week later
#437 1 year ago

Toronto Marlies zamboni driver In for injured canes goalie as emergency replacement.

DDBF26CA-B20D-4957-8918-20C616EC20FD (resized).jpeg
#448 1 year ago

Wayne Simmonds off to Buffalo

#449 1 year ago

Marleau to play on a line with Crosby ?

#453 1 year ago

Pens and Canes busy day! Don't tell me hurricanes now a dark horse cup bet?

#455 1 year ago

Yeah tru enough alsoforgot about Canes goaltending

#457 1 year ago

Yeah not bad at all...lots to put in the can crusher!

#458 1 year ago

Anaphase too lazy to auto correct is soft and not very good

#459 1 year ago

I watched him live all season with the barrie colts. Good press for the guy for sure

#460 1 year ago

I like marleau to Pitt. Sorry Mesz ...Great move

#462 1 year ago

You guys are both wrong

#487 1 year ago

Still confused how the Leafs managed to beat Tampa. Although Leafs to win was a great bet
Andersen is very good goalie and his stats should improve as the defence does. He looked great ..The Leafs crest shots didn't compare to the key saves Andersen made..it was like a power play set up for Tampa. Nylander goal was amazing! Good game to watch

#488 1 year ago

Mesz you are correct about Ottawa although the coverage here is pretty intense . Concensus Ottawa did very well and I like what they are quietly doing. Sometimes no one pays attention little brother with the tussled red hair, until he fires a rocket from the backyard through your neighbours window!

#501 1 year ago

Enjoy it while you can Pens fans... Crosby is such a special player

#503 1 year ago

You watching the Leaf game? 3 3 tie after first with kapenan scrap...Another great game to watch so far not so much for the coaches

#505 1 year ago

Great win for the Leafs and really entertaining to watch!

#508 1 year ago

I'm glad you posted that ..I was thinking the same . Very emotional and I'm so proud of Couv fans. I did year up to be honest. What a story and game

#512 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Switching gears to my New York Rangers, I cannot believe that Shesterkin has a broken rib from a freak car accident. At least it's a non-displaced fracture. Dude is 9-1 since being called up and has been facing 40+ shots each night.

Yeah too bad For sure, watched the game last night ..now Kreider gone , so close to sneaking into the playoffs

#513 1 year ago

Leafs vs Couv coming up and It really pisses me off my boy Leivo not playing. What stupid dumb luck. It would have been his first playoffs as well. I know I have ranted about this before but it still gets me as the playoffs come closer. I saw the knee a day after the injury and this kneecap was cracked in half!

#514 1 year ago

Nice Win Leafs


#516 1 year ago

Leafs will squeeze into the playoffs . Good stuff

#517 1 year ago

I'm afraid to check realistic return from a FN cracked knee!!!!! I'm going to kill myself.

#519 1 year ago

At least the pirates don’t have anyone that got caught Wippin their weenie in a dollar store parking lot!

#524 1 year ago

Couv will make the playoffs....won’t go far with Demko

#525 1 year ago

My dad was shitting on Demko the entire game..lol

#539 1 year ago

R.I.P Pocket

#540 1 year ago

Going on a Canadian shopping trip...Tackle store..beer store..pizza slice...proline ticket.

#553 1 year ago

Caught a few Leaf players crossing the road to practice

20200309_115316 (resized).jpg
#555 1 year ago

How about a pinside playoff pool. Can you set it up like years ago hue?

#557 1 year ago

No one claimed the prize last time. I finished second ...I believe mesz was way down in the pack. I claimed the price FYI.

#558 1 year ago

That makes me defending champion and a force to be reckon with.

#560 1 year ago

So that makes us top 2 finishers...no surprise 2 Canadians finished in The top 3.

#562 1 year ago

Well played sir!

#563 1 year ago

1st place Russian burner account ??
I think so.

#567 1 year ago

NICE Hwy and thanks for sharing the pictures. May be one of the last games before no fan hockey. You had good body - check seats in the corner with a great view of Demko..he looked good eh?

#568 1 year ago

Hue can you pretty please set up hockey pools .com? Since I'm defending champion, therefore current Captain, this is what I humbly suggest. You can be assistant captain of the pool!

#570 1 year ago

OK you drive bus on the set up and I'll provide the liquor and prizes.

#571 1 year ago

Hockey pools.
Com the easiest

#579 1 year ago

NHL preparing a press release for today to Cancel season

#584 1 year ago

Meegis I have no idea how they can postpone the season. Playoffs in July? Then 4 weeks to prep for 2021. I think you are right and postpone will be the press release

#586 1 year ago

Not bad idea but how do you sell that to Canuck fans?

#592 1 year ago

Not sure .. Leafs beat Tampa 2x

#593 1 year ago

The overall talent makes the leafs a very dark horse

#594 1 year ago

See you guys in 2021...As John Gibbons said;

#596 1 year ago

Notice the Toyota symbol spells Toyota? Great emblem

#598 1 year ago

You said best like Don cherry always says Goaltending

#600 1 year ago

No argument from me as I have Tampa to win it all. It’s up to Keefe and I have faith in him. Andersen is more than capable of stopping shots. Don’t forget Reilly back and will play 27 minutes A game And his legs are fresh for playoff grind

#601 1 year ago

I’m going to throw caution to the wind and bet leafs to conference final. Fu+/ it

#602 1 year ago

You jockos forget how good Morgan Reilly is

#604 1 year ago

Ok I’m in

#605 1 year ago

Don’t forget I’m the reigning pinside hockey pool champ!

#607 1 year ago

I'm. Betting on Morgan Reilly to shut the critics up Luch!

#608 1 year ago

And a pinside Tshirt to winner

#609 1 year ago

X large for Bacon

#610 1 year ago

Im so confidemt Luch Im twerking right now!

#615 1 year ago
Quoted from ImNotNorm:

The Ottawa Senators have a player that just tested positive for COVID.
Seasons over boys

Agreed Hue, no chance the league finishes. Even truncated playoffs would suck

#617 1 year ago

Unreal Vince .guess what? LCBO in my town officially announced liquor store to be open 1 hour later. I kid you not lol

#623 1 year ago
1584719274007-1847124570 (resized).jpg
#626 1 year ago

LUCH owes me swag because I finished the NHL season in X box and the Leafs finished 4th

#627 1 year ago
Quoted from luch:

i'm so scared , lol x large for me too . if they resume the season , leafs might not even hang on to their playoff spot

Like I said X large . X box had leafs finish 4th.

#629 1 year ago

My friend Geoffrey played the games on my behalf. So there is a witness

1 month later
#635 1 year ago
20200423_133903 (resized).jpg
#636 1 year ago

What's this? Zach Hyman represents the Leafs on X box tourney? Football player representing Seattle ..cool!!! How do i watch this?

#637 1 year ago

Good chance I’m moving further north, don’t trust this Demon seed virus.

2 weeks later
#650 1 year ago

2020 - no cup
Continue season 2021 ..need time to divy through the new revenue pie
Players get prepared

#651 1 year ago


#652 1 year ago

I would suggest listening but that would be embarrassing.

#655 1 year ago

Forget it Luch..not happening. We can only wish we paid panther prices.

1 week later
#663 1 year ago

With New Potential Playoffs .Would Vegas Erase Original Odds? Just curious

#664 1 year ago

LEAFS vs Columbus the first round with new format

#679 1 year ago

Solid seats Mesz...congrats. No problems Seeing plays develop

#681 1 year ago

Any you guys watching the last dance? Jordan Biography. Best sports biography ever.

#682 1 year ago