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Official 2019 NHL hockey thread

By cdnpinbacon

1 year ago

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#8 1 year ago

My Canucks will continue to struggle to win games and score goals this year..to bring back all the D men that are very mediocre at best? It’s gonna be a long year, but Boeser and rookie Pettersson will be a joy to watch. To early to look forward to winning the #1 draft pick and get another brother combo in Vancity w Jack Hughes? He’s a beauty..

9048CB05-5F3D-459F-9BBA-D67C75CA0DA0 (resized).jpeg
#21 1 year ago

The sharks and golden knights have to be heavy favourites in the west..but I do like the jets to take it to the next level. In the east..the lightning and pens/caps will be strong again..I’ll go with the jets/lightning playing for The cup..and my Canucks finishing w the 2nd worst record, just above the mess that is Ottawa

#40 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Not sure which goalie has been pulled the most in their NHL career......but Dominique "Red light" Racicot comes to mind.

Thought his name was Andre? Anyway, kudos to Haminic for sticking up for a rookie on your team (Dube) of the Flames that took a borderline hit from Gudbrunson (canucks) on Wednesday nite..he broke his jaw after fighting a bigger man in Guds..I can respect a player for always backing up a teammate

#49 1 year ago
Quoted from sixtyfourbits:

Lol yeah his hold out was a gamble, and it’s not paying off. He has zero negotiation rights this year, and Shanahan knows it. Nylander can either sign a bridge deal (which apparently both the team and him don’t want) or a long term one. But either way, he’s not getting the $$$$ he’s currently demanding.
I honestly hope they trade him for a solid, young defenceman on a team friendly contract. They need help on the back end most, and a cheap contract would help them prepare for next summer when they have to extend Matthews and Marner. Who are way more valuable than Nylander.

So you’re looking for a good solid D men eh? My nux have cap space, and I know that Chris Tanev- when healthy might be just what you’re looking for. He’s a solid top 4 D man, wish I was a gm..

#56 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

What is going on with the San Jose Sharks?

I’m not a sharks fan, but looking at their stats, it’s still pretty early. Their pp is weak right now, and the goals for/against is mid pack..they’re getting a lot of shots on net, but have a bad shooting %..I think that after 20-30 games, we’ll have a much better idea where most teams are at..

2 weeks later
#98 1 year ago

So found myself flipping to the flames/Av’s game last nite..Av’s up 4-1 after 2 periods..the boys from cow town came back w 5 straight!! Wtf...not a fan of either team, but to score 5 in the 3rd? Damn...

#111 1 year ago

Quenneville is fired..wow.. hawks aren’t off to a good start..he was the longest tenured coach too, and will still collect 6 million for this year and next! He’s still winning..bet the kings wish that they didn’t already sign Willie Desjardins..

1 week later
#124 1 year ago

Wishes that the leafs do something w Nylander..tired of hearing his name. Trade him to Carolina and get a D man..

#132 1 year ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

How is the sports talk in BC? I listen to the fan590 a lot...pretty much the only radio I listen to. (Great Saturday morning show for hunting and fishing enthusiasts) ..The Nylander talk is endless take your money somewhere else and get out of town Willy your already rich beyond your dreams. Totally agree to trade his skinny ass for a nice D man. Trouba would be a nice fit or what about Marner and Nylander straight up for Toews and Kane? ...just sayin

I listen to team 1040 a lot here..they still talk about our inconsistency tween the pipes; Elias Pettersson..how Horvat should be wearing the C already..it’s hockey talk 90% of the time, now that the caps n Lions season is done. I kinda wish that the nux would trade Tanev; he’s a solid d men- when healthy n deserves to have a chance to play w a good team..

#139 1 year ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Nucks looked like key stone cops last night!
Good grief

I glanced at the game last nite; was watching my chefs vs rams..I saw at 1 point that the shots were 22-5 jets or something like that in the 1st. Back to reality for the nux..mediocre goaltending, turnovers..but we’re not the oilers..lol

1 week later
#169 11 months ago

The couv...I haven’t heard that in a while. I was fb friends w Brian Bradley-ex Canuck yrs ago..he used ‘the couv’ as well. He passed away a few years ago (rip) but I enjoyed talkin hockey w him. I was a lil pissed to hear my nux put Leipsic on waivers, just to hear that the queens picked him up. He wasn’t a great player (obviously) but I liked his motor n he did have some hands at times..I’ve been reading a bit about this Leivo guy..leafs fans sound upset him going..I’m sure that he’ll get a lot of ice time on the 2top lines..Boeser..Horvat..Pettersson..Virtanen..nux are struggling now, but some of us fans are still entertained and can see some talent upcoming..I can’t forget Demco and Hughes too...

1 month later
#217 10 months ago

I’m hoping that my young stud rookie Elias Pattersson is healthy enough to make it. Some of these ‘fans’ in the Couve are pissed w the bs non call and what these refs are doing/not doing to protect these stars..he got tangled up w Kotkaniemi of the habs and fell awkwardly: mild sprain to his knee. It happens, but to want blood and wish bad things on Kotkaniemi..c’mon, really? It’d be cool to see another nuck win mvp 2 years in a row. Boeser is pretty good, and showed everyone last year at Tampa..

#219 10 months ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Yea that was nothing but a fluke accident. Kotkanniemi even skated over to check on Petterson after the fact.
Big news of the night....
Lucic finally scored a goal in North America this season!!

I’d love to trade a struggling Lui Erickson for an overpaid Lucic..just wish that he didn’t have a fn ntc...I can’t wait to see this young kid Thatcher Demco between the pipes here soon!!

2 weeks later
#257 10 months ago

What are they saying in oil country in regards to names for a new GM? Does Mike Gillis come up? With the trade deadline approaching, I keep hearing Mike Ferlunds name..he’s having a pretty good year w the Canes, and I know a lot of teams would like to have him..

1 week later
#271 9 months ago

Edler has said many times that he luvs the Couv..but will he waive his NTC? The boys played well in Denver last nite..part of me would like to see the boys make the playoffs, but they won’t do shit..another good draft pick is what this club needs

#273 9 months ago

The D is pretty weak..I’m surprised w the ice time that Hutton is getting, but he’s doing alright..the same can’t be said for Pouliot and Gudbranson..their +/- is brutal. I like Biega, he’s capable of playing w the club..waiting to see them bring up Hughes!

#279 9 months ago

A. Mathews sure got a nice contract..where does that leave their leading scorer M.Marner now? Huge money tied up w Tavares too..what u gonna do now Dubas..
*disclaimer ~ that was painful to talk about the Leafs..and Mathews mom is kinda hot..

1 week later
#289 9 months ago

What are they celebrating? Just being outside of the playoffs..or that they still have a franchise in Raleigh?! Still waiting to see what happens on the trade deadline upcoming..who’s gonna be sellers/buyers..

#311 9 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Go Flames! Best canadian cup hope

Ummm..I’d say the jets are a heavy favourite as well. And puck the leafs...

#314 9 months ago

That’s a good start...let the trades begin!

#320 9 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Couv 2nd game tonite hue?

Yes..at the garage vs islanders..and I’m not Hue..

#334 8 months ago

I managed to watch my nux game last night; the pp is terrible, all the injuries have caught up w the team. The isles are a legit team. I don’t see anything happening w my nux come trade deadline, as they don’t really have anything to trade. Can’t score, and the d is weak. I’m already looking at the top 10 prospects..and still waiting for them to bring up Quinn Hughes..

#362 8 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Trade deadline champion? Nashville?

I’ll vote n say CBJ..to still have Panarin, And go ‘roll the dice’ and get Duchesne and Dzingel..it’s go time now in Columbus..Vegas did well too; they have so many assets being new to the league, not fair, but it is what it is..

#366 8 months ago

I can’t believe that the pens picked Up Gudbranson..he has the worst + - in the league! Sure he has size and can play a lil, but he’s a bit slow. He’s a well spoken player, but just didn’t fit here in the Couve n I wish him well...I went to last nights game vs the ducks..was nice to see Horvat score 2, and to hear the fans still boo Kesler..and happy to see Markstrom get his 1st shutout of the year..

C70A0E61-E1FB-42BB-AD52-94E2CFC672C0 (resized).jpeg
#389 8 months ago

Why there isn’t a team in Quebec, I dunno..yet there’s still teams in untraditional markets w shitty attendance #’s..Florida and Phoenix err Glendale.

1 week later
#427 8 months ago
Quoted from Blitzburgh99:

Letang blows
[quoted image]

Guess that Letang has lost a step or what? Talking bout losing a step, how’s Gudbranson working out in Pittsburgh? Good character guy, but just didn’t work here in Vancouver..

#431 8 months ago

I’m stuck waiting for a few things..Quinn Hughes making his 1st appearance as a Canuck (likely next week) the draft order on April 6th..and the actual draft here in June. If the oilers win the #1 pick I’m gonna fn lose it

#442 8 months ago

Not much to cheer for here..Tanev is out for the season. But we do have this guy named ‘Petey’ that should win rookie of the year..he’s got some skills

#459 8 months ago

The rivalry isn’t the same as it was 7-8 years ago, but I still luv hearing Jim Cornelison do the anthem at the madhouse..

1 week later
#482 7 months ago

Anyone gonna set up a playoff bracket?

#484 7 months ago

The kid is as advertised..he’s gonna be a stud! That OT a few nights ago vs the kings w Petey, Boeser n Hughes..wow. The off season is gonna be interesting. Gotta resign Schenn..the D needs a top 4 player..trade goldobin, and play ‘shotgun Jake’ a lil more..Markstrom is the starter..he’s playing lights out..

#489 7 months ago
Quoted from meSz:

Some big games on tap for tonight..... Habs / Caps probably the biggest .... see if the Habs can pull out a big win. If they do it will put them 1 point behind 6th place.
Pens vs Detroit - Detroit playing some solid hockey but early report is Pens to get Malkin and LeTank back today!
Isles vs FLA - Not really a big game but if FLA wins and the Pens win it puts the Pens tied with FLA for 5th. However, the Leafs have a tough one vs TB and if the Leafs would lose then we can have a 3 way tie for 4th

I’m curious if you’re a Canadian w dual citizenship..I just can’t think of to many people from that area that are into hockey like you...

#502 7 months ago

I’ll be definitely watching/listening to the habs and leafs game 2mrw..Bob Cole will be announcing his last game. He’s been an icon..I remember his voice on CBC since I was a kid. Dick Irvin too..and here in Vancouver we’ve had Jim Robison n Howie Meeker..Jim Hughson is pretty good, but has a ways to go to be mentioned w some of the greats..

#503 7 months ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

I’ll be definitely watching/listening to the habs and leafs game 2mrw..Bob Cole will be announcing his last game. He’s been an icon..I remember his voice on CBC since I was a kid. Dick Irvin too..and here in Vancouver we’ve had Jim Robson n Howie Meeker..Jim Hughson is pretty good, but has a ways to go to be mentioned w some of the greats..

2 weeks later
#657 7 months ago

The boys on my sports talk here in Vancouver we’re discussing that w all the leading point getters in the regular season, their teams have failed to move on. Marchand is an exception..with Ovi n the Caps out, I really can’t predict what’s gonna happen in the 2nd round. Hopefully some more game 7’s!!

#660 6 months ago

I missed last nights game, as I was putting in led bulbs in my cyclone...and making a road trip after work to look at another game n gonna miss the nfl draft..what is wrong w me?!

1 week later
#746 6 months ago
Quoted from meSz:

Didnt get to see the Canes/Isle game tonight as I was out but probably wouldn't have watched it anyhow since the series was boring to say the least. Did watch the Blues/Stars and holy snoozefest. Stars got out to the lead and turned into the Devils of old! Tell me if it's just me but these games aren't a whole lotta fun to watch?
Congrats though to the Canes. 80-1 odds at the beginning of the season to win the Cup.

I disagree..the stars/blues series is back n forth. Chances exchanged all game. There’s been some nastiness in the series, and some stellar goaltending. The other series out west has been entertaining as well

#765 6 months ago

I bet a dude from work on 2nites game..he didn’t hesitate to pick the Blues..I know that Bishop has great stats n exp., but I like J. Benn (Vancouver Island kid) and I don’t want the blues to raise the cup before my nux do..

#770 6 months ago
Quoted from Daditude:

Now i have to wait 4 months for any meaningful local pro sports

You’re not a stros/rangers fan? Another game 7 2nite! Will Macinnon lead his wild card team over Jumbo Joe and the sharks? CANT WAIT!!

#789 6 months ago

Seeing all that Toronto ‘center of the universe ‘ team crap is more annoying...surprisingly no Argos crap to see either..

#798 6 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Selfie ..lol!
Kardashias step aside
[quoted image]

U look like a sportscaster! I agree, Canes are done..

#802 6 months ago
Quoted from meSz:

Man the NHL Officiating just can’t get it right. Another blown non-call.

No doubt..they can review an offside, but can’t review a hand pass? Still a helluva game w a late tying goal by Couture..man, he’s $..

#826 6 months ago

Sharks are in for a tough game 2nite..but I’ll be cheering for whoever represents the west in the Stanley cup..PUCK the Bruins...

#840 6 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

This is a big deal for the city of St.Louis
Never once heard trouble with the franchise and like baseball classy fans.
Many ex players make their home in St Louis and coach minor hockey.
Always represent major minor hockey tournaments and perform well.
That's what I think of when I think of the city.
GO BLUES in 7 ..rooting for Bozak

Maroon is a St. Louis kid..Billington is a good kid too..Boston has enough fn championships, I think that most fans will be cheering for the blues. Only negative that I can think of is that ‘Gloria ‘ song..with that said, GO BLUES!!

#852 6 months ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Just Reported Minnesota kicking the tires hard for Phil Kessel

Add a couple double cheeseburgers n it’ll happen..anybody else catch that crazy last second goal tween the Swiss/Canadians game yesterday? Mark Stone is on

#855 6 months ago

So the nhl draft is here in Hongcouver n a short bit..tix sell out for the 1st day in less then 10 minutes! Guess I’ll just watch at home and see what J. Benning does w the 10th pick..

#865 5 months ago
Quoted from rollitover:

This has been one long layoff.
The guys should have gone at it by now.
Why waste a weekend?
Waiting till Monday has been hard.
Let's go already!

I agree, but getting my fix by watching the IIHF in Slovakia..great game by the Fins over Russia earlier..now the Canadians playing The Czech..

2 weeks later
#934 5 months ago

J. Skinner just signed w the Sabres..he’s now the 6th highest paid winger (I think) good on him...but it’s w the Sabres..

#1000 5 months ago

Congrats to the blues and their fans..classic interview w O Reilly and Scott Oake after the game..FUCK YEAH...

#1057 5 months ago

I’m looking forward to the draft next week: free agency not far away as well. There’s a lot of big names that could be moving. My Canucks need a lot of help, but have some cap space to work with. They need to resign Brock Boeser, and then I’d like them to pursue a top 2 D man..a PK Subban would be a great acquisition, but at what length/cost..

1 week later
#1066 5 months ago

I can’t be the only one a lil excited for 2days draft? Who’s going where, what team trades up/down picks..can’t wait for the free agency frenzy on July 1st too. On Canada day of all days. And I hope the hometown here in Vancouver gives the count errr Mr. Bettmann some big time boos....

#1083 4 months ago

I can’t stand the maple leafs, but interesting to see what happens w M. Marner..Dubas has work cut out on a team that is against the cap..bring on the free agency deadline!

#1095 4 months ago

I don’t mind the extra point for going to OT..3 on 3 and all the open ice is fun to watch. So much parody in the league..when it all comes down to it, regulation wins after 3 periods is the deciding factor if 2 teams are tied w points..and happy free agency day u puck heads!!

1 month later
#1121 3 months ago

Hockey n football just around the corner...CANT WAIT!! And puck the leafs..

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