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Official 2019 NHL hockey thread

By cdnpinbacon

1 year ago

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#1 1 year ago

Can't wait for the regular season to start!
Leafs will have high expectations to go far in the playoffs this year but must get past Tampa and Boston which will not be easy. Hard to say what will happen but not getting past the second round in playoffs would be a disaster. Leafs have not been to the Stanley Cup final since 1967. Mabey not this year but finally we are a serious threat for years to come.
Good luck to every team except the habs.

#5 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

I hate to say it, as much as I despise the Leafs, they are going to be strong thing year, man. Look out

Your a Winnipeg fan?

#6 1 year ago
Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

Your a Winnipeg fan? Imagine the rabid fan base in Saskatchewan if NHL...Rider green!!

Your a Winnipeg fan?

1 week later
#38 1 year ago

Leafs looked sloppy against the habs and managed to squeeze out a win. Both Tavares and Matthews scored. .....How did the jets lose to vegas in the last playoff again? . Let's see how the teams sit after 20 games. Leafs favoured to win the cup? Good one. Time to slap down money before the odds change but I wouldn't pick the leafs, not this year.

#42 1 year ago

Great game lots of scoring leafs prevail in OT over blackhawks. Tavares Mathews were Monsters! ..Sparks not so much. Toews and Kane were excellent. Both teams deserved win.

#51 1 year ago

The way the Leafs are playing, mabey this is the year? I still can't thank Tim Liewicki enough for finally turning this franchise around. He is involved with the Seattle franchise. Good move Seattle. Bobby Orr record for fastest points now with Morgan Reilly.
Forget about getting Leaf tickets in this town, Not happening unless you have deep pockets.

#52 1 year ago
Quoted from northerndude:

Oilers, grew up late 70’s through 80’s. All my hero’s

Lucky!! A special dynasty.
Gretzky unfortunately loved to play at maple leaf gardens.

#54 1 year ago

Peter Ing!! Lol
He was no palmateer

#59 1 year ago

How about them Sens?
Price back in net for tonights game. Young guns in Montreal but as the Law notes: 5 games in.

#64 1 year ago

I knew I should of dropped a bet on the pens to win outright ..was even thinking by 2 ....I'm kicking myself. I knew this was a let down game for the leafs! Out classed by the pens. Lame.

#65 1 year ago
Quoted from jaytrem:

Going to the Devils game tomorrow. So you'll may want to place a bet on the Avs.


#67 1 year ago

How did hischier look?

#68 1 year ago

I get to pick a few games through my company's seats ...Tampa and Boston are my targets this year.

#79 1 year ago

LEAFS VS JETS starts tonight on back to back games.. Awesome! A good barometer for the Leafs and great to watch...LaiNE vs Matthews. Likely my boy Leivo traded. He was bashed on the radio..goofs that have never played the game.
First ever NBC broadcast between 2 Canadian teams

#81 1 year ago
Quoted from rollitover:

I know we have a l-o-n-g way to go but I would sincerely enjoy seeing a Canadian team in the finals once more.
Leafs... Habs... Jets...
Anybody? Let's go!

Check out NBC. ...I assume everyone in the US will get the broadcast?

#86 1 year ago
Quoted from rollitover:

Fill me in. Not sure about your reference?

Leafs vs jets was on nbc last night.
1st ever 2 canadian teams broadcast by nbc

#87 1 year ago

Let's see how jets react to loss at ...now the Scotia bank whatever..I really miss maple leaf gardens..now a supermarket. A reminder I treasure the days I used to hawk souveniers at maple leaf gardens. Been through alot of pain.

1 week later
#96 1 year ago

Toronto media message today to Leafs coaching staff: "it's time to crack the code and earn their money "

#97 1 year ago

Evander who?

#107 1 year ago

5 SENS players sharing an uber ride didn't realize they were being recorded as they were trashing the coaching staff.
More troubles in Ottawa.

#113 1 year ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

Quenneville is fired..wow.. hawks aren’t off to a good start..he was the longest tenured coach too, and will still collect 6 million for this year and next! He’s still winning..bet the kings wish that they didn’t already sign Willie Desjardins..

Off the Bahamas then consider options..good fit in Detroit

#115 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Worst kept secret in hockey

Arthurs irbe used to make me laugh at the size of his eqpt...no more cheating
Can't remember the goalie but known for an extra flap below the jock strap

#116 1 year ago

Have to hook up for a sens/leafs game hue
What are leaf tickets in ottawa these days?
Been twice see bruins and leafs but years ago..

#117 1 year ago

Tickets are ridiculous in Toronto. ..Stanley Cup final prices? 5k a piece for outer space seats?

#119 1 year ago

Lol!! Have many updates
Pens / caps tonight ..nice!

1 week later
#128 1 year ago
Quoted from rollitover:

Apparently the 1st home game after a long road trip is NOT the one to attend,
i.e. 5-2 Capitals over Wild.
Apparently the 2nd home
game IS the one to attend,
i.e. Wild over Canucks 6-2.
I'll remember this hockey wisdom the next time I drop a fifty to attend.

Haha! So true

#129 1 year ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

Wishes that the leafs do something w Nylander..tired of hearing his name. Trade him to Carolina and get a D man..

How is the sports talk in BC? I listen to the fan590 a lot...pretty much the only radio I listen to. (Great Saturday morning show for hunting and fishing enthusiasts) ..The Nylander talk is endless take your money somewhere else and get out of town Willy your already rich beyond your dreams. Totally agree to trade his skinny ass for a nice D man. Trouba would be a nice fit or what about Marner and Nylander straight up for Toews and Kane? ...just sayin

#130 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Well I'm not happy Hagelin left that's for sure. But I guess the point needed to be made that th Pens will trade your ass no matter how well liked you are, and for a player worse than you.
Before they were winning with video game numbers, then dropping 5 in a row; ouch

Got Gonchar?

#135 1 year ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

Wishes that the leafs do something w Nylander..tired of hearing his name. Trade him to Carolina and get a D man..

Nucks looked like key stone cops last night!
Good grief

#137 1 year ago

Hitchcock to Edmonton ..ok mixup the lines
Still need the players

#143 1 year ago

6-0 leafs win over flyers mostly by third and 4th lines

#146 1 year ago
Quoted from Malenko:

First Leafs hat trick on the Flyers in 28 years, and they gave it up in the first period!
The game AFTER they shut out the Rangers 4-0

No fight from the flyers, toughest flyer was Gritty! ..love the new mascot

1 week later
#165 1 year ago

I'm speechless ...for a bag of pucKS?
The whole family is bummed but not me.
Top minutes and I'll be in the seats hopIng the Couv hammer the Leafs. Thanks alot babs.

#166 1 year ago

Until babs leaves , on record, I'm a canucks fan. What you sat hwyhead? ? What is sports radio sayIng?

#167 1 year ago

I'll see him at Xmas.

#168 1 year ago

THE COUV Sean ???? Wtf

#170 1 year ago

Check out Leivo vs wild interview clip on canucks.com website. 10pm game vs Wild tonight.

1 week later
#188 1 year ago

6000 people at a panthers game??
Wow solution: move to Quebec.
Can't remember ever a panther fan on this thread. Not sure they exist .

1 week later
#198 1 year ago

Great to see the Kid play well and earn his first NHL win! I was rooting for him
Gritty the mascot is the best!!

2 weeks later
#215 1 year ago

I wonder if any WAGS troll this thread?

#216 1 year ago

Can you imagine being so rich you would skip an all star game? I would do it only for the kids sake at least.

1 week later
#233 1 year ago

Can anyone stop Tampa?
Jake Gardiner lustfuly benched and booed all period. The latest Larry Murphy who will Win 2 cups somewhere else. Nylander is next..1 goal in 19 games. I felt embarrassed for Jake.

#234 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

Seeing the Pens who lost tonight against sharks on Friday vs Yotes, they better win this one.

Will the Pens be active on trade deadline?

#238 1 year ago

leaf fans are dumb as a brick. Just listen to after game radio show. Funny how intelligent and well spoken raptor fans are. The difference is night and day.

#239 1 year ago

Nylander deserves the boos.
He's a small marshmallow. .that's how he plays.
Edmonton fans should be insisting the hire of Brian Burke. He's a free agent. He helped build Calgary who are now legitimate stanley cup contenders.

1 week later
#259 1 year ago

Dale hunter ...London knight feeder system as well. I would chase dale hunter.
I still think Brian Burke is a worthy choice in a heavy division but media mentioned Hunter and thought good idea.

#262 1 year ago

Brian Burke or hunter imo

#263 1 year ago

Fyi: leivo snipe last nite

#266 1 year ago

Th allsar game live media event was pretty good, anyone else watch? Can’t wait for tonight’s event

1 week later
#268 11 months ago

Touching pre game ceremony vs Pens tonight honouring both our Countries forces serving bravely overseas. Lots of tears including mine when the soldier surprised his wife at puck drop.

10FFA07A-45EA-40C8-8A18-519BD8886152 (resized).jpeg27270045-03EE-4DE7-8D71-5AACD11C3741 (resized).jpeg30283CAA-E9A7-4C6D-AF83-356072081D8C (resized).jpeg7491B61B-5839-40E1-A1E7-DF9F7E076AA2 (resized).jpeg7DD63845-9AB0-4266-A53A-43C969726120 (resized).jpeg909ABD06-EB41-495F-A14D-2248FA62F1FF (resized).jpegB3CD260B-C170-42BC-9DEB-22CB9CC517E1 (resized).jpegC0357605-B177-43CA-88D5-E70DDB799C10 (resized).jpegC1155D01-A9B7-4E9B-AE2C-3972DCE5E5F5 (resized).jpeg
#269 11 months ago

What a great night of hockey! The Couv rolled over the Avs on CBC’s second game. Hope Vancouver makes the playoffs

#274 11 months ago

My son will be godfather of Leivos new boy on the way!
Damn I'm getting old

#280 11 months ago

Lots of money being negotiated it will be interesting to see what happens

2 weeks later
#300 11 months ago

Smith pelly put on waivers , again

#303 11 months ago

Edit: first time Smith pelly on waivers.

#304 11 months ago

Matt duschene not playing tonight. The cab incident sealed this jerks fate.

#309 11 months ago

What is happening in Edmonton gm search ??

#310 11 months ago
Quoted from mymalibu:

Ah right November of 2018 in the cab,got it.

Go Flames! Best canadian cup hope

#312 11 months ago

You think ? Blown out against the Avs
I think the jets hopes ride on the big guy
Don't get me wrong great team but I think Calgarymore than the jets

#313 11 months ago

Just in: traction to duschene trade to columbus

#316 11 months ago

Saturday night habs vs leafs...disaster for leafs in first period down 3 -0

#318 11 months ago

No way Carey price loses this game. ..it's over

#319 11 months ago

Couv 2nd game tonite hue?

#321 11 months ago

Nice! Go Lievo!!!!!!

#322 11 months ago

St Louis beats boston...playoff dark horse?
I figure once trade deadliNE is done, visit bodog and place a few wagers...I wonDer how fast vegas will react

#326 11 months ago

Fluky bounce...Great game to watch!

#338 11 months ago
Quoted from hwyhed:

I managed to watch my nux game last night; the pp is terrible, all the injuries have caught up w the team. The isles are a legit team. I don’t see anything happening w my nux come trade deadline, as they don’t really have anything to trade. Can’t score, and the d is weak. I’m already looking at the top 10 prospects..and still waiting for them to bring up Quinn Hughes..

Disappointed in caNucks. TotalLy agree

#345 11 months ago

Simmonds not worth first rounder

#356 11 months ago

goodbye par Lindholm , only found a bogey in Toronto

#358 11 months ago

Trade deadline champion? Nashville?

#365 11 months ago

I listened to John Davidson on the fan590 yesterday and was impressed with his attitude of let's go for it now. Rooting for Columbus to have a deep playoff run. Hopefully we hear from some Blue Jacket fans.

#368 11 months ago

A hot goaltender in playoffs is all u need.

#370 11 months ago

Hey Mesz, the grim reapers scycile hasn’t reached the Pens yet!

#377 11 months ago

Classy move islanders booing , swearing and throwing jerseys at Tavares last night. Although the "put your pajamas on" was pretty
Funny. Better atmosphere in the old barn not Brooklyn.

#379 11 months ago

More bad news in ottawa...new arena spot kiboshed and just fired guy Boucher this after pierre dorion talking out the other side of his mouth last week. Sounds like decision came from Eugene melnyk. Marc crawford announced as replacent...for now according to Dorion...but could be permanent. Nice thing to say and what top notch coach would want to go to ottawa ? Low times for hockey in this nation's capital

#381 11 months ago

Just heard Dennis potvin still gets booed at Madison Square gardens to this day!

#382 11 months ago

Hue I know your a sens fan but I have been to the arena many times and the location just sucks. The new arena was a must have. I thought it would happen with council. Ever since Mel bridgeman and that weird sound from the temporary arena in the first years could never be figured out! What a disaster
You could be right in 5 years. Why is everyone dumping on melnyk?

#384 11 months ago

Already a team in Seattle for 2019 season but supersonics name would be great. Team name yet to be announced.

#386 11 months ago

Mabey north york

#387 11 months ago

Rabid fans In woodbridge vaughan --Quebec?

#392 11 months ago

Seattle is 2021 season . My mistake

#395 11 months ago

Geez all day long fan590 whining about islanders game. Get over it ..better yet another backup goalie

#397 11 months ago

That particular week in Quebec is a triple A yearly championship tournament welcoming campion peewee teams from everywhere. It also coincides with the "Bonom" winter fest. Lots of junior A scouts and agents attend this tournament

#403 11 months ago

R.I.P. Ted Lindsay.

#407 10 months ago

no playoffs for Edmonton! ...cue jim morra

#417 10 months ago

Would love to see the Habs knock off columbus
That depends on Carey Price

#418 10 months ago

That depends on Carey Price

#435 10 months ago

It's Friday

1552682481581-8332068 (resized).jpg
#438 10 months ago

It’s about time Nylander the marshmallow scored. Tie game vs Gritty’s Flyers.

6F3AB3B6-6519-4BD9-860D-87688243991C (resized).jpeg
#440 10 months ago
940FCC27-F122-464F-90EA-78D08A3C7E4F (resized).jpeg
#443 10 months ago
20190316_124215 (resized).jpg
#447 10 months ago

Started talking to my neighbour one day and asked how come I see tv trucks lugging equipment to your backyard? He says my wife's brother moved in and he's a physic and Rogers tv does broadcasts From the house .
I say ok that's cool I wonder how he would do with pro-line. So I Knock on his door introduce myself and ask if he ever has done sports betting?? He says yes one time and I did pretty good. So I say what do you need? Numbers and he said yes.
Now my hockey news will flow to the psycic and I will test his psycness on proline. This should be interesting. I'll post his hot picks but I like to have my issues kept minty. No results and issues won't last unless he's willing to wear bandaids on his fingers.

#458 10 months ago

Triple A minor midget, Toronto red wings vs don mills flyers on sportsnet. Have to admit hell of a game!

94266957-A7CB-4BB0-8B9D-01CADC66E478 (resized).jpeg
#464 10 months ago

A chance babs will be toast if the Leafs whimper out of the playoffs. I'm told the players don't like him but he's won cups and so has tortz and Kernan, probably the hardest of all asses

#465 10 months ago

Keenan once asked a player before a game "how you feeling" player says good coach then got benched. Player asks iron Mike why did I sit? Kernan says you didn't tell me you felt great...what a goof

#468 10 months ago

Sheldon Keefe (Toronto Marlies) groomed and ready for prime time. Babcock no second round playoff wins 3 years...adios

#476 10 months ago

Reminds me of Edmonton, Ottawa

F7F9181F-5259-4FF1-957E-583803F1A025 (resized).jpeg
#477 10 months ago

Feels weird being a hybrid Leafs-Couv fan

#478 10 months ago

Edmonton brass Meeting

02EB59F0-E32B-41BB-94CE-F95C2808F92E (resized).jpeg
#479 10 months ago

Saturday, hockey night in Canada!!!
Get to see the leafs in 5-d with my steel union buddy over!

20190330_132803 (resized).jpg20190330_145644 (resized).jpg
#481 10 months ago

Got half your wish...price was spectacular

#483 10 months ago

Hughes was awesome for the Couv. Playoffs next year or there is something stinking with management.

#486 10 months ago
Quoted from meSz:

Yeah but Habs have a tough schedule ahead (TB, Wash and Leafs) and BJ (Bos, OTT, NYR) have the easiest of the three teams left for those two wild card spots. So be tough for Habs to make it!

Good point that’s a tough sched for the Habs

#487 9 months ago

Hue setup the hockey pool again?
Unclaimed prize from last year!

15543913133541010274782 (resized).jpg
#497 9 months ago

Garett Sparks locker removed from dressing room...being sent to robidas island. Michael Hutchinson promoted to backup. That babs is a dragonlady! Remove all trace of the guy from the dressing room? Geez

#498 9 months ago

It's Friday

15544908974021179948029 (resized).jpg
#500 9 months ago

RIGHT ON!!!!! ...are you wearing a vintage goalie skate?

#501 9 months ago

Ask them about buffalo Joe hue ...what happened to airline?

#509 9 months ago

Kessel on iron man streak! Good for him, always liked kessel. Mabey it is time for rebuild in Pitts fans seem educated so I don’t think anyone would be too upset

#510 9 months ago

Where’s hue??..Prob still drunk and on a floaty in the pool!

#514 9 months ago

ST Louis in 7
Calgary in 5
Picks so far..

#515 9 months ago

Rounding out the first round
Wash in 5
Pitt in 6
Vgk 6

#516 9 months ago

1st round: 1 point team winner, 1 point nail the Games
List each round in same format to final

#517 9 months ago

2nd round
Preds in 6
Tampa in 6
Nash 6
Calgary 6
3rd round
Cal In 7
Tb in 6
Tampa Bay in 6 games

#524 9 months ago

Alright I'll take Pitt in 7

#525 9 months ago

Got to have all Rounds posted

#526 9 months ago

Goin to the beer store! Hey google how many meters is the beer store? ---600 ..I love this google thing.

#529 9 months ago

Good call...mine are locked

#535 9 months ago

Night of the underdogs but columbus comeback was incredible

#540 9 months ago

Can't wait for the Game! Trying not to touch the ruffle chips before the puck drop. The beer is already flowing

#542 9 months ago

That Letang pylon cracks me up!
I'll watch him close tonite

#544 9 months ago

Is he (letank) going to come to Toronto ala Larry Murphy to Detroit???

#545 9 months ago

Pens / isles game is a barn burner and treat to watch.

#552 9 months ago

I agree islanders out coached and Barzal was a killer. Scrum in the end may have woken up Malkin. He looked disinterested prior to that. Penguins offence were running around alot .nice job recchi...
Letang plays too much and a liability in his own end. Like giving the puck away and useless around his own net.

#553 9 months ago

I should add Crosby was the best player on the ice besides Barzal. What's his face causing all the crap at the end with brutal hit on Malkin is a dead man.

#555 9 months ago

Overtime nashville better than leaf game

#557 9 months ago

Leafs are getting stomped

#569 9 months ago

LEAFS WIN 3-2! Great game
Andersen was solid stopping 36 shots and Kapanen was all over the place and pesky. Tavares is such a nice player to watch, so smart without the puck.
2 huge blocks by Marner as time ran out
Well deserved win.

#570 9 months ago

The pens system has the forwards grinding hard down low and defense pinching in to support that. Which leaves open the counter attack and odd man rushes.

Also agree your point about Kessel line shuffle

#587 9 months ago

Pens Gone , Tampa ...next Flames????

#593 9 months ago

So nice when your Lady brings home a treat!

1555630614354-515238596 (resized).jpg
#596 9 months ago

Not like you with half naked women fanning you with a palm leaf as you look over the ocean !!

#613 9 months ago

Here we go again...Game 7
Are you kidding me??
Babcock out coached yesterday big time.
Andersen faced over 40 shots ..at home!!
Where is Marner? 2 points in series when last year was on fire vs Bruins.

#616 9 months ago

Watch marner explode for 5 points...
In the commercial with Nylander. So now the game is 80's style in the playoffs??? Remember years ago on this thread we were laughing at the "new rules" ...unwritten rule: last 5 minutes nothing gets called.

#619 9 months ago

What a disaster...for good comedy listen to leafs talk tonight.
Nice playoffs minor midget Marner
Matthews come over to my place to play video games
Babcock ...won’t be his fault, even though his coaching tactics were a disaster. Go Couv!

#648 9 months ago

K adri gone , brown, Gardiner
Nice of Babcock to throw kadri under the bus.
That pretty much says it all for kadris future with the leafs...my cousin mentioned why does babcock care the dude signed for over 40 million bucks???

#649 9 months ago
Quoted from Reznnate:

And at the end of the day, Vegas only needed to prevent them from scoring 4 goals in 5 minutes.

Great point

#663 9 months ago

Babcock end of season press conference:
It wasn't me ..it wasn't me...sip of water bottle...it wasn't me

#666 9 months ago

FunNY listening to kyle dubas dancing around the is babcock safe question. "Can't evaluate coach without me being evaluated"
What a polished MLSE answer.
Nylander question: "I should have worked earlier on the contract" what??
Deflected his calculator madness to Lou
What a crock.

#668 9 months ago

The "situation room" in toronto must have been jumping up and down after the refs huddled and made the call

#672 9 months ago

Still can't Un see brendan shanahans face years ago explainIng Interference on cbc

#684 9 months ago

There is a supervisor ref at the game during playoffs only. ..so what's his function again ?
Of course in Toronto its No penalty period .
Greg Millen said it best, unfortunate for everyone...ref went over to vegas bench and said he was cross checked in the face. 5 minute major way over the top in such an important game.

#686 9 months ago

You know Dave I'm on the fence ...I see the point of killing off the penalty but the outcome was determined by the ref?

#687 9 months ago

Saints Rams analogy spot on

#691 9 months ago

20 minute press conference...lol
Gotta love those Leafs! Babcock is being pounded in Toronto!!! The latest is Sheldon Keefe waiting to replace Babs as his recent Marlie performance and relationship with Dubas. Makes sense two strong / smart young guns.

#692 9 months ago

What a crap show in T.O

#693 9 months ago

You are rich with accolades....go fishing and enjoy your family Mike.

#699 9 months ago

Let's get the party started! Hockey and Vlady Jr debut!

#700 9 months ago

Anyone that doesn't subscribe to the hockey news is lower tier imo

#702 9 months ago

The best throne pile. Except I get 2 ..one for minty!

#704 9 months ago

The only thing I ask Santa for ..beer cards and gold level subscription. I get Christmas every month!

#706 9 months ago

Jaydee that's great to hear!! You must be very proud...the women are worse then the men at games! Lol..in ontario we have clubs in every town. Is yours a state program ?

#708 9 months ago

I feel sorry for the refs..I have coached many years...never forget when a woman threw a trash bag on the ice!

#709 9 months ago

I'm curious jaydee..is this your sons final year?
I'm also curious what your cost was...if you don't mind me asking.

#717 9 months ago

That sign is wicked!

#718 9 months ago

Hockey tonite folks! ..looking forward to quashing down a few beers and analyzing columbus offensive scheme

#720 9 months ago

Should heat up but like the Stars/ Blues series so far
Goon hockey!

#721 9 months ago

Breaking news: Mathews out Team USA world championship

#724 9 months ago

My buddy said something funny to me yesterday ...any fans of breaking bad, he says Mike would make the best coach!!

#725 9 months ago

I want that sign Dave..one day I'll travel for a Pitt game and take that sign off you..mabey peel away one of your pins while I'm at it!

#733 9 months ago

The Hurricanes were built with defense producing all star calibre performances. Slaven has been playing like a hidden Norris trophy winner. Rod brindamour should be considered for Jack Adams.

#735 9 months ago

mabey the Isles should have played every game in the old barn.

#736 8 months ago

Stick a fork in the Isles.

20190503_201038 (resized).jpg
#737 8 months ago


#741 8 months ago

What an impressive performance by the Canes. Congrats!

#750 8 months ago

The Hurricanes are now favoured to win the cup.

#759 8 months ago

Nice interview Marchand with CBC kyle dukaukis after game .come on Brad he pissed you off that much with an innocent joke? Your over 30 now Brad time to grow up.

#760 8 months ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

Still Vegas Knights got screwed more in a game 7

NHL confirmed the screw up.

#762 8 months ago