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Official 2017 NHL hockey thread

By cdnpinbacon

4 years ago

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    #118 4 years ago

    Grouchy canuck fan but i hope the ducks sweep the oilers..and i hate the ducks!

    #122 4 years ago

    Only in leafland is it a good thing to lose! You lost..its not an accomplishment! Is there a parade planned this week too?

    1 week later
    #133 4 years ago

    Oilers lose! Haha.. damn, maybe Talbot will finally gas out.i like the way they playing, just hate it when my friend sends texts beaking like a parrot who's never won before. Nothing worse than fans who dont know how to win. You're not on the ice, and you dont own the team!

    #136 4 years ago

    I dont think he meant to cross check him in the head.. Crosby was already falling from OV's tallywack. But damn

    #153 4 years ago

    Well, whos gonna win now.. Pens dont look so scarry no more. Rangers vs Predators in the finals.. Preds hoisting it in 6.

    #158 4 years ago
    Quoted from Maken:

    Sid skating in full gear this morning.

    Holy shit! I thought his career might be done. Can't keep coming back from concussions

    #183 4 years ago
    Quoted from ercvacation:

    Man fleury is a freaking wall. He was better than Bob last round and was better than holtby game 1. He looks Calm, cool and collected now. Be afraid.......be very afraid. Oh and that Crosby guy is pretty good.

    Still feel this way?! One page later!

    #184 4 years ago
    Quoted from meSz:

    Sad thing is, the Caps didn't play that well either! Just a horrible game overall to watch !

    I'd be nervous for game 7 then! Caps completely shut the pens down, even after they had a nice lead. Fluery has been exposed why he was a back up who couldn't find a team that wanted him. Lindross, i mean Crosby was a complete non factor and should probably retire before he's a vegetable.

    #187 4 years ago

    Syd WAS a factor... he was in the box on the 1st goal!

    #188 4 years ago
    Quoted from meSz:

    I would have agreed with this but when you look at his stats he's ranked third among active goaltenders. He's right behind Henrik (self proclaimed KING) who has 2 years on Fleury and has no Rings to Fleury's two

    better check them stats again. He's 7th in save % .. & not even close in goals against..

    I also laugh at how you dont think Washington isn't imposing their will, rather Pittsburgh is just giving away the last two games! What kind of team does that? They are trying their best,trust me

    #190 4 years ago

    It sucks! I know, I'm a canucks fan. We got zero cups. But playoffs are a battle, but IMO the pens are looking beat down. You still got one more game tho! So don't count em out yet!! Two real good game 7's tomorrow. I was in Edmonton all weekend and couldn't take much more of that orange! And I had to keep quiet about it!

    #205 4 years ago

    Washington gave them that one

    #206 4 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Nice one Shitsburgh...real junior hockey garbage. what a joke

    Fair weather fan much?!

    #208 4 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Well Fluery isn't really the problem, and I'm usually the first to say he is. You play no defense in front of him for 6 games at some point he's going to start letting them in..

    but because of that I'd give the pens a 10% chance.
    Dumping a 3-1 lead can/has happened for sure...but blowing an all-0time comeback and losing in front of your own fans does seem very Capitalish.

    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Realistically Caps have been outplaying them the whole series,

    Quoted from TheLaw:

    "Penguins alter lines in advance of Game 7 against Capitals"
    Hmm ya think? Better get your act together Sullivan or you'll be doing the Hustling to get a job with Bylsma.

    Relax there ya sports fan! Haha..like I said! You sure dump on them when losing games! Did you stick that flag next to the rebel flag on your front lawn?!

    #212 4 years ago

    I was kidding, Pens earned that series! Congrats! You're right, Fleury played great! OV choked again! Haha. Good luck with the senators. Should be good! Ducks/Preds should be a good series too. Thankful oilers are done!

    #213 4 years ago

    Are there no predator fans on here? They lookin good to rep the West!

    #225 4 years ago
    Quoted from Maken:

    Hoping the best team with the best players and coaches wins.
    Penguins are massive favourites on the sports betting websites. Can't say I blame them!

    oilers were Las Vegas odds favourite last week!

    #243 4 years ago
    Quoted from Maken:

    Ottawa should be ashamed of their playstyle.
    Sports are supposed to be fun and entertaining.
    Trying to win, despite your inferior speed and skill, by clogging everything up and killing the entertainment is not good for the NHL or for the sport of hockey in general.
    And yet the masses up here in Canada are cheering for the Sens because they are told to cheer for a Canadian team. What a joke.
    Go Pens!

    the ducks are doing it too! I sure liked Kessler when he was a canuck..not so much now! But that's Ottawa's coaches style. Remember when Boucher was tampa's coach..and Philly just sat in their own end waiting to get checked.. I also agree that it's asinine to cheer for a team JUST because they from Canada!

    #263 4 years ago

    So much for boring hockey! Hit the showers flower!

    #274 4 years ago
    Quoted from Buzz:

    Perry and my daughter share the same birthday and last name they lost game #3 on their birthday, but game back tonight as the Stanley Cup champs we know. So start making your excuses for your Pens because we are taking the cup

    how can u argue that logic?! Plus, my neighbour's uncle's friends sisters dogs cousins birth mother's mailman knows a guy who collects garbage for the sister of the puck boys friend who knows a guy..so, basically it's wrap

    #275 4 years ago

    Time to plan the parade route!

    #276 4 years ago

    I mayyy have been drinkin and pinsiding..

    #281 4 years ago

    Matt Murray get the start tonight.. I thought Flower would of got the call but with a short leash..i know you guys were loving Fleury but I think this is the right call for the pens

    2 weeks later
    #447 4 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    No idea how to clear a zone... No idea how to make a fucking line change. I mean jesus

    I think you could use some of P.K.'s Listerine for that foul mouth!

    #492 4 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    haha i know that was fucking hilarious right? The ref was watching it the whole time and was like... "Jesus Subban you deserve it man."
    Happy Birthday to Sheary, Happy birthday to me...all I asked for was a complete fucking beatdown.
    EDIT: Your Welcome.

    why does PK deserve it? Crosby is getting away with a lot out there. Preds lit a fire under his ass! He's playing hard !
    Edit your edit: YOU'RE welcome

    #499 4 years ago
    Quoted from BrooklynDrug:

    Subban deserves everything he gets. Let's be real here and not dance around that one. Clown.

    Pk gets 9 million dollars a year to play hockey..im sure he couldn't give a shit what you and the boys at the tire shop say about him! Clown!? Haha, What a keyboard warrior! He would fold u up like a pretzel ya donkah! Don't kid yourself. Have another pbr for 'Murrrica!

    #504 4 years ago

    I'm not a Nashville fan! I think PK is awesome but Syd is still a beast! They shouldn't of pissed him off! Gonna be tough to beat the champs twice. Both teams look so different on the road tho so it might go 7!

    1 month later
    #625 4 years ago

    Ovenchicken aint going to the Olympics!! He's just fronting

    3 weeks later
    #662 4 years ago

    Canucks have the same odds of winning the cup as a team that's never played a game in the NHL yet! Damn

    #666 4 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Shit if it were up to me I would sit them 20-30 games each season. They'll end up fine in the standings and Hockey playoffs the worse you do the easier the playoff match ups are.

    shit, you're prob right! Ask Washington how important winning the presidents trophy is! But peeps in other cities pay to see them boys play and you know the other owners would have a canipshit!

    3 weeks later
    #687 4 years ago
    Quoted from SUPERBEE:

    What a shot by Matthews !!!

    Was that the shot that made it 3-1 for the sens?! Haha..just kidding leafs nation..you can still continue to plan the parade route!
    && i see my canucks welcomed the BlackKnights by allowing 3 field goals in their 1st preseason game! Dammnn

    #692 4 years ago

    I don't mind them leafs!! Tough pill for Lupol to swallow, but their younger players are just better bang for the buck! He makes over 5 million a year I think ..they can sign two young guns for that $$.. I agree they are a few years away from competing for the cup but should make the playoffs again and ya never know from there!

    #693 4 years ago
    Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

    I second that damn! I like the Nucks, except when messier played for them..,never forget that fan with a sign that said "hey messier betcha can't score 1"

    They paid him too much back then! And hey!, we signed your boy mats sundin after he refused to lift his no-trade claus...then walked away during the off-season! (Leafs should of got SOMETHING for him)

    1 week later
    #707 4 years ago
    Quoted from cdnpinbacon:

    Yes Canadians do fish in hockey jerseys!

    ya wasn't his name Barrilco!?!

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