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NOS/NEW Playfields Available for JAN 2018

By kruzman

3 years ago

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    #1 3 years ago


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    $ 850

    for sale

    NOS/NEW Playfields Available for JAN 2018

    Added: October 24th, 2017 Re-listed: 2 times (February 14th, 2018) Ended: March 29th, 2018
    Condition: New

    Item description

    Here is the list of new and nos pf's available for right now. Everything is stock finish unless noted. The prices change constantly, so if you are interested in a title you can feel free to email me for info. Also every pf has a diffrent condition that I will describe thoroughly, and I can fix and or clear all of them if you want.

    Knockout Gottlieb wade krauss repro
    Corvette NOS and cpr gold plus plastic set
    No FEAR
    Joker poker cpr gold
    Transformers $475
    AC/DC both pro and preimum
    Rolling Stones LE stern
    Bumper pool
    wwf Royal Rumble set
    Batman Forever
    NBA Fastbreak cleared by bill davis $575
    Indy Jones 4
    Game show
    Wheel of Fortune
    Batman Dark Knight
    Lucky Strike/Gold strike
    Car hop
    Harley Davidson stern
    gottlieb james bond 007 sys 80
    Contact- williams $375
    Wizard of OZ
    Fire nos
    Popeye $575
    Speak Easy
    Star Wars DE
    Simpsons pin party set $975 for set
    spring break
    world Champ
    Star Wars Episode1 pin 2000
    Nitro Ground shaker gold

    I have a couple pfs that may be for sale. They are in the shop getting work, or set aside for myself.

    amazing spiderman gottlieb
    cpr centaur
    cpr Black knight set (top is cleared and very nice, bottom is getting work and clear)

    I am always interested in buying or trading for other nos/new pf's and games, and world wide shipping is available.

    Lastly My studio is accepting clearcoat as well as Drill/dimple jobs right now.
    I have DIMPLE templates for about 25 titles, but I can make a template for about 150 titles. If you own a pf that is not dimpled its the best investment you will make. The average pf has 100 dimples on the front, and 250 on the back not including drilling and countersinking.

    Thank you for your support

    Item photos

    cent7 (resized).jpg
    cent8 (resized).jpg
    cent10 (resized).jpg

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    Galesburg, MI, US

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    #3 3 years ago

    speaking of defender, which would be a prize for sure. I hate the fact that I have, and had to sell so many super rare nos pf's. I am a hoarder at heart, I have no respect for money at all, I just want pf's. Then I have to sell them because it is my job, and I am broke. but I think of some of the beautiful pf's I have had in the last decade. The good thing is they are better off installed, than in my office or bedroom, but if I could have all the games I would have them too. in my sick mind I want all the games and pf's. I am going to mention this to my shrink because I bet this behavior is a result of some formative issue back in my youth. I was the same way with bikes. I had 7 motorcycles at one time, plus 5 cars. all at once. I loved it. Today minimal insurance on the shagon wagon is killing me. where is my stuff?

    Back to what matters. My point was going to be that now that pinball is so popular with so many people, compared to 10 years ago, the nos stuff is really getting slim because so much has been installed. Its great that we have repro pf's but what is funny is because of the way they are all sold at once and not kept in stock, even the repros become rare and all get installed, like playboy or firepower.
    Of course mirco keeps a stock. So I am just talking crap.

    Thanks as always for the support. this week I am building crates. My record is 17 in 2 days. I will take a pic if I can break it.
    cheers, kruzman

    #4 3 years ago

    It says limited time offer, but I just wanted to point out that there is a nos alvin g garage band playfiled on ebay for 2 thousand dollars WITH FREE SHIPPING. so if you have been looking for one of those rarities, you are in luck.

    #7 3 years ago

    They are hard to sell for 100, I just loved how someone thought they were holding the cards on something that someone needs and cant get any where else like the pharma companies raising the price of my script this year from 32 a pill to 75 a pill, but the joke is that is one of the most plentiful nos pf's available because the game didnt sell. the compant was smart enough to hold back on assembly until they sold what they have,

    #11 3 years ago

    Radical was durring the time the bally midway was going thru some serious financial and internal strife. I never see nos pf's from that era except the ones gene had that he sold to rick. Remember Gene bought bally williams when they closed their doors, and had stacks of parts and molds and stamps for parts. I bought my light table from gene, which he pulled out of the Bally williams building. He has by far the most knowledge, coolest stories of pinball in its heyday. My favs are since he was friends with christensen (the artist who did wizard, fireball, matta hari, ect) he has many stories about hanging out at the chicago playboy club with him in the loose (drug addled) 70's.
    I always thought they should do one of those simthsonian things on gene, where you put a camera and mic in front of him and give him a pot of coffee and let him ramble on. For posterity's sake and an era of pinball I am always trying to recreate.

    #13 3 years ago

    its the end of an era. the shagon wagon pin retriever, broke down for the last time. 750 for a fuel pump plus tow, cant afford it. pullin the wheels and new tires and signing the title to the tow company.
    1998-2017 rip

    I dont think its miles that kill these late model cars, I think it is the time. it has only 150 k on it but I think its the 19 years that cause the problems. last year I put 2k in the breakdowns. That thing was worse than a boat.

    #15 3 years ago

    wow those pics are keepers!. we all know that once you go van you never go back ( except ice cream trucks will serve the same purpose) yes the chicks dont like the shagon wagons but except for pullin, they are so much better and secure that a truck. JD packed 4 games in there once, plus all of the show stuff!! I would have bet 100 for 1 that it couldnt be done.

    I am gonna pull the new set of bf goodrich all terrains off it , plus the ford rims they are 225 or 235's with less than 10 k miles and they are warranted for 50 if anyone needs the best suv, light truck tires for 100 bucks.

    It a good thing I got a new gottlieb 007 and a who dunnit and a alien poker to keep me happy, because it will take till new year to get the funds together for a 3500$ relacement. I hope to find a full size van, but they are rare with less than 100k so I hope to find a cheap mini with 100 k. Here is a fact that I have discovered. with cars made since 2000, you can get 225k miles easy if you do it in less than 6-8 years, this only had 150k but was a 98, and in the last 2.5 years I easily spent 3300 on it. Plus in michigan we have the 3rd highest insurance in america because of no fault plus unlimited medical benefits. so Liability ins is 750 a year! here is the bigger scam. I live alone. no points. the van is listed as a farm vehicle that gets less than 100 miles a month and I still paid that much for basicly no coverage, plus I have another car. I live alone, I can only crash one car. ins is such a scam.
    So there is a couple more days without being able to work arguh!

    I am thinking of picking up a FAMILY GUY nos pf if anyone is interested, and a customer has a nice purple I500 for sale NOS. so contact me for info if interested

    #16 3 years ago

    Similar to that alvin G garage band world tour pf. JD remembers the year, but back in like 2000 someone showed up at expo with a palette of NOS champion pub pf's for 20 bucks each. I have owned about 20 of them. they were not drilled and dimpled. So chances are if you bought a champ pub nos pf, it originally cost 20 bucks at expo, and thats where they are all from, because I havent found one that was dimpled to make a template, and I have been looking for years

    #20 3 years ago

    The only med that I can think of, that has gone up that much Is the blue vitamin Viagra!
    exactly. funny how we both knew that.

    #21 3 years ago

    and I am guessing you are a pharmacist.

    #22 3 years ago
    Quoted from SergioJ:

    Hey Ron, how hard is it to repair NOS Playfield's that have dings down to the wood like where the corner of something hit it and gouged it to lower than the playfield surface? Trying to decide if I'm looking at wallhangers or if it's worth putting the money into it....thanks!

    That is something you should take some pics of and send the pics of the damage and general condition to me at

    I will let you know what is involved

    #23 3 years ago

    That reminds me, does anyone have an airborne game to possibly trade or sell? if so contact me on my email.

    #24 3 years ago

    Many of the newer people to enjoy expo were not there for some really big, fun auctions. This was back before I was in recovery. I woke up with a pool table in the back of the van. it was a valley bar table for 100 bucks, they had about 25 of them. Its still in the studio. The mice have tournaments.
    The walls used to be lined with all eras of games for sale. people didnt set up most of them, seems like they sold folded up. It was sweet. I think 07 or 08 was the last auction? I am sure JD know, as well as the hammer prices.
    This kind of stuff is why it is fun to get to know the OG's of pinball. dayhuff and gene were the ones I got to hear all of the stories from. The big thing from 2000-2010 was reimporting containers of games from over seas. clay used to get great stuff. I was told that chip wear also did but I didnt know him at the time.
    So advice for newer pinheads is identify and get to know a OG (original Gangster), and either buy some drink or flattery never hurts, and you will get to hear stories about operators weighing 5 gal buckets of quarters on the old scale rather than count them, and other crazy stuff. At a show in ohio I was standing in a group of old guys from ohio and the east coast, who Made not only careers, but a lot of money in pinball, and it was awesome to hear them talk. I am not going to mention names because it sounded like a lot of gangster stuff. I dont know how far back the statute of limitations goes back but I and not going to even bother

    #25 2 years ago

    I have a NOS gottlieb 007 pf to possibly add to the list. It got beat up in shipping, and I need to do some clamping and gluing, but if that is a pf you are interested in, let me know. not really sure on the price until I get in to it. The art is not effected, just the wood.

    #26 2 years ago

    This is a message for anyone who is going to the 15th anual dayhuff pin party. (could be the last). a fellow pinsider is going to restore a fireball 2 game and he has an non-dimpled nos pf. I have explained the horror of installing one without, and said I would check around for a used one or a nos that is dimpled for me to make a template.
    Now dont get me wrong, I am all for restoring any pin. For many it is a rite of passage, and anyone who has done one, knows it has its own feeling of accomplishment. No matter the title, but the guys who restore the games that you cant easily make your investment back on, better the hobby for all of us. he will die or get sick of it some day, and a beauty will be available. so if you have a fireball 2 pf that I can make a dimple pattern from, and bring it to the dayhuff party, I am sure the gods eyes will shine in favor on you.

    I usually try to bring a complete cleared pf to jd's party and put it in the office for people to check out, and I am going to try this year. I only have a afm, and sttng that belong to customers, and I may bring one of those 2. If I get the T3 done I may bring that, but I still have to level and polish it. I am about 3 weeks behind because of stupid health, and all I can say is thank god and america for the american health care plan. first time I have ever had insurance in my life, and I would not be able to have the procedure I need to walk with out it. I am not making a political statement, only one of thanks.

    Lastly, I am going to bring my new girly to the party, she so has no idea what to expect. last night she went out and bought a new dress, and came home to me laughin. I could have been my usual self and let her get all dressed up.... to hang in jd's basement with sweatty greezy pinheads, checking out her stockings, but I explained the vibe of the party in detail.

    Thanks for everyone's support. also the service for the shagon wagon sunday, was a very nice closure. thanks to all who attended and those who sent flowers. I am sorry you all had to see me at my most vulnerable, and breaking down sobbing, but that van... well she saw a lot of action. so a final RIP to her up there and I will se ya soon babe.

    #28 2 years ago

    Big hug and apology to JD and everyone at the party, My hip was killing me and I had to split. sucked. I didnt even get a chance to see if that fireball pf is dimpled. Jeff rummy did some cool t shirts for the 15th anniversary! good job rummy! Great party as always JD. weather sucked for sure.

    1 week later
    #30 2 years ago

    I had to take a pic of this one. This is a dimple pattern for the back side of TZ 2 mag. this does not include drilled holes just dimples, and not the front, just the back. The front has a reasonable amount of like 120 dimples and drilled post holes plus side rail and pop bumper countersumk holes

    tz dimple (resized).jpg

    #32 2 years ago

    Thats true it does look like ants. I have to make a dimple with an all, then I mark it with a marker, and count so I dont miss any

    #36 2 years ago

    I got the phantom dimpled, it was average, and the top was nice because ran in to no problems with the core for the template. Right now the phantom is waiting to finish leveling and then paint inserts or touch up. I reglued all of the inserts (without removing, I just used a home made tool to cover the under side lip in epoxy from behind. once standing up, and then once upside down. the inserts had a little movement to them and if they do that when cleared, that wouldnt be good)
    The TZ is the nos that I sold. I think it was 329 dimples on the back. 2 full driver batteries!
    Now I have to make a IJ pattern and do that pf.

    I apologize to the people who are waiting. crap happens and since it is a one man operation, everything get behind. It happens about every 6 pf's, but sometimes it will be 3 in a row. what happens is for whatever reason. (there are 3 that are the main culpriates) I cant see the flaws in the clear until I do the super insane high polish, on the last or finest compound it has such a shine that is I move the pf around in the light I can find flaws if they are there. If it is one or a couple, I can sand down that area, but some isseus, its better for me to clean the compound from all of the edges and holes and sand the dam thing down and recoat the last 2 coats, then wet sand and polish all day again. This happened over the summer from the humidity, and it happened again on 2 pf;s and one mini. So long story, long. I am behind. News flash!!! I am always behind, so it is really no diffrent than any other day. Just yappin
    Thanks for the support.
    I now have 26 pf title dimple patterns. I dont think I have ever got to use one twice, which is my only opportunity to make a profit, but I am in it for the long run. When I get to dimple a pf with a pattern that is allready made, whoah boy, I am a rich man! I say this because when I added this service I thought for sure I would be re using the patterns all the time, rollin in the mulah. How many phantom of the opera nos pf's do you think are going to arrive that need to be dimpled in my future? ha

    #40 2 years ago

    Phantom is one of those games like totan, absolutely beautiful. I lean way toward phantom because the artist slipped in the most sexy art he could and still keep it under the radar. I am sure there are many collectors who cant enjoy this title because they have wives or daughters. I am old enough now to understand not wanting your daughter to think life and success is all about sex appeal. With a wife, I feel very strongly that if you were your self, and let it be known that you were a perv, back then, it wont be a surprise that you like the art on this game.
    Of course since we are lucky to live in america, at this point, a religion cant make it illegal to own beautiful games. I watched a comedy special last night, and it was Jeff Ross (the guy who does the roasts) in Brownsville TX on the boarder. Its really good, and it made me feel about as patriotic as I get. It seems to be made for people who feel strongly on the issue of immigration no matter which side.

    I dont think of this page of my personal journal, I am getting to making a point of how I am sure there are many places where phantom is not welcome, and the makers had to know that going in. So it goes to reason to assume they were not trying to make the game so homogenized that everyone will like it and no one will be offended. In my opinion that makes for really lame games. The nos pf that I am working on, is going to be installed in a full, high end restoration. Its going to be one of those really rare, beautifully restored games. There is a car collector I know that is in to the stuff that is very rare, like matching number 64 hemi cornet's (I am guessing on that one) but he has a 57 Studebaker super hawk. It came with a supercharged 327. It is insane, I think they made 500.
    So like this game when it is done, you could say it is priceless. (even though it would sell if need be)

    I will post some pics when complete if the owner agrees

    #42 2 years ago

    wow!!! I am not sure what to say about those decals. On one side its a kick in the ass to the artist, but on the other side it makes it available to someone who may not be able to have it. I see both sides for sure. wow!
    Now I am thinking of decals that go in the other direction.
    here is a link to a restored creech I made nude

    here is a link to one of the 11 nos and repros I made nude

    if your pf was beat, you could just buy a decal and slap it on there. instant titties, or you could make the girl in to betty page or ivanna trump or ivanka. not sure what her name is, the point is you could photoshop anyone's likeness with the new technology.. If I knew how to use a computer rather than tiny paint brushes, I could do some funny stuff

    #43 2 years ago

    I am going to help a customer out. He didnt ask, and I am not sure if it is for sale still but JD forwarded thsi to me, and this pf came out amazing, and he is selling it for what he has in to it, with the clear and the shipping. Not sure if he is going to inclure the crate or not but take a look

    #45 2 years ago

    I just wanted to say that this pf is a beauty, and I have only seen 3 nos IJ's in about 10 years, and one is a proto that has indy missing a front tooth in the shop right now. its funny. I do not believe that will be remade because of the licence, but I could be wrong. when famous people's likeness is on it, I think they all have to get paid one way or another, plus mr Spielberg. but who knows. then again IJ is one of the 3 best pins made ever in my opinion, so restoring one to the nines would be the way to go, if I were doing it. I dont make a penny on this deal, but I get emails for IJ every week, so heres one

    #46 2 years ago

    also concerning my Instlation kits for pf's, here is a link to last months thread that has a lot of info about them. I would not install a cleared pf without them. Both kits are $75 bucks for both.

    I think it starts on the second page, but it is talked about all thru the thread and there are pics.

    #49 2 years ago

    absolutely on the KIT. they are not really necessary for non cleared pf's. Actually anything with automotive clear, so that means stock repros like cpr, mirco, the guy who makes f14 and bride, as well as wade krauss. It seemd like his last release was automotive, which is not made to be drilled. the kits I made remove the clear before you drill, then you lick the edges of the clear around the hole down from under the clear with the glue kit!
    If a customer didnt have the money after paying for the clear (although both kits are 75 total) I would send them and you can pay me when you get it, they are that important. what was bumming me out is first timers were not getting results to show off my pf;s. one thing I cant do anything about is overtightning things on the clear weather star post of anything that puts pressure down on the clear, can cause a crack line.
    if anything that is held with a nut, and it is not a nylon nut , replace it so you dont have to horqu it down. I do final tighten afetr it is all done. so many times you willl have to remove something to install something else.

    if you are reading this for the first time and dont know about my instalation kits, I sell 2 kits for a total of 75 bucks. one is a diamond dremmil bit kit of diffrent sizes and shapes I have picked from hundreds to remove the clear just outside the hole you will drill, for screws or posts or whatever. I also send a stone if you gum up the bits. use a dremmil with slow speed. also I include a tool that measures screws and drill bits so you use the exact drill bit and dremmil bit. Then there is a glue kit with a special glue that the pf wood that you expose with the dremmil and your drill bit, will wick around the hole you drilled. it gets rid of the halo that happens often in the clear, as well as locks down the clear really secure around the hole so that 10 years later when you pull the post out and it is tight from swelling up, it will not pull the clear up. I use it on every single hole. this all started with dealing with the pop bumper nail/screw lugs that many people damage the pf installing.

    I have and I will install them for people, if you have had a bad experience with them, or I am clearing your pf. without experience, it is super easy to damage the pf with installing them.

    #50 2 years ago

    starlight sounds familiar, but I cant pic it. I will try to look it up.

    #54 2 years ago
    Quoted from dmacy:

    Ron, just wanted to say that your work stands out. The TAF playfield you did in one I redid that came with new IPB you did still is standing the test of time of 2000+ plays. If I end up staying around and doing any other playfield, you will be re-clearing. The clear from the repros is ok but from what I’ve seen, long term doesn’t hold up looks yours.

    This post will put some spring in my step for a while. Much of the changes I have made to my process in the last 2 years is to make for longer lasting finish. My customers dont get back to me a couple years later unless they are getting another pf. there is a guy in kalamazoo who has my clear on an AFM That I ask people about, and now a guy up north has a FH I did for him this summer that is installed, and since he is real tight with a friend, plus I see him at all of the events I can keep up on his.
    anyway this is what makes it worth it, after all, frank lloyd used to preach to his students "FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION" I think that is the right form.

    #55 2 years ago

    One of my guys in Germany has a TAF repro for sale for 899 euro. It is made by someone in germany, he says, which I assume is the person who did F14 and bride? or is it mirco?
    Can anyone help me here so I dont have to go on the net. I am old.

    I thought I would announce this. If you know me or work with me, you prob know I have a nokia flip phone from the old days. I love it but the battery only last about 15 min of talk time, and the screen is broken, and I dont get service in my area (I think it is not 4g compatable) so my benefactor (C.T.) surprised me with a brand new I phone. It is amazing and his daughter and my girlfriends daughter are teaching me how to use it. So soon I will be able to be reached by phone. The camera on this thing is insane. I have a 10 mp Nikon dslr that cost me almost a grand without lenses, and this takes way better pics. I just shake my head. End of an era.

    #57 2 years ago

    I am finishing a cpr fathom gold today, and I dont have a name on it. Before I start going thru all of my stuff, if it is yours please drop me a line. Always a beautiful plank. I would love that game!

    #58 2 years ago
    Quoted from Coyote:

    Other than CPR, the only other person making them is Mirco, yes.

    ok, I was hoping it was the new guy, still mirco makes a good repro pf

    #60 2 years ago
    Quoted from Coyote:

    If you're meaning Peter, he's going HS2 fields now, and has a couple planned for the next year, but no TAF (as far as I know..)

    He seems really cool, and nice, plus his first efforts are really good. his quality is right up there! I forget the name of his company. I should know this stuff, but lately I havent had the scratch for buying stock to have around, so I ventured out of the compound much

    #62 2 years ago
    Quoted from cletus:

    Peter's website is He's here on pinside under buthamburg. I think that's the company name, too.
    I see he's started screen-printing plastics and cabinet decals as well.

    There is some good info.
    wanted to say a couple of reminders:

    if you ever buy a repro from one of the manufactures, and you have had enough experience to know you are going to want one of my sweet-assed clearcoats, you may have them ship it directly here to save money on shipping. There is one pf maker who tends to send ones that have clear issues when they are going straight to me, which is not really a problem. It is a problem when I buy one for me, and it comes with a bad clear because they think I am going to sand it off anyway, but I like to give the customer the choice.

    Also here is a reminder that I drill and dimple NOS pf's that were not done at the factory. some pf's have over 300 dimples on the back, and over 100 on the front plus drill holes. cost ranges from 200-300. If you installing, it will be some of the best money spent. I want to make a template for spy hunter, but I dont have a used pf for it. If anyone in michigan has a used pf that I can borrow or rent, please let me know.

    Thank you for your support. r kruzman playfields

    #63 2 years ago

    The cpr Fish Tales is no longer available.
    AS always , thank you for your support

    4 weeks later
    #64 2 years ago

    Here is a link to septembers thread which explains a lot about about my installation kits for clearcoated pf's, as well as pics.
    The diamond dremmil bits, screw and bit sizer, glue and hypos are still $75, and 7 dollars if you do not buy a pf. I think they are so helpful I wouldnt install a pf without them, and I get a lot of thank you letters about them. here is the link

    #66 2 years ago
    Quoted from lordloss:

    Hey Ron,
    Are the bits labeled so that we know which application/size hole the bit was intended for?

    No they are not, and I will tell you why. there are over 200 bits I chose from, I bought 5 dozen each of 15 bits, and I make a kit of 9 sometimes one more or less. I try to think of the title at hand and make sure there is any special stuff covered, but with thousands of titles, and so many diffrent applications... Plus on most pf's I dont know what screws are going to be used other than obvious stuff that is diffrent. I send round bits of 3 or 4 diffrent widths, I send skinny bits to get in roll over switch slits, I send flat heads for t nut holes, and diffrent sizes of each. each title requires diffrent work. The idea is to make it so your screws, posts, and assemblies are not getting tightened down on clear. This in my opinion is the best way to asemble a pf with clear, since automotive clear is not made to be drilled and have things screwed down on to it

    #67 2 years ago

    Notice for my customers who have pf's here. The weather here in west michigan has been below 12 deg F as out high since about christmas. There is not much work I can do on the clearcoats when it is this cold. I could still do them, but the integrity will be poor, so I choose to wait until it gets above 20 so that the furnace can get it above 70 with the venting.
    I apologize for the inconvenience. feel free to contact me for the current progress on your job. I would like to get them out and get paid as much as you want them back, so I will do my best. this is some serious cold.
    Thank you for your support. ron k

    #73 2 years ago

    I would love nothing more, heck my life would be so simple, and I would get more than double the work done, not having to process and buy fire wood to keep it over 75 in there, the only problem is the materials I use are carcinogenic AT BEST. you dont have to breath it, it is good enough to just go thru the skin.
    On the other hand, I allready know how I am going to die, if not by my own hand, or a jealous husband. It will be the effect of the clearcoat. I take most all of the precautions... but even the silica from sanding causes lung cancer and plurasy. I do have ac in the shop now, but as for heat, if it could only stay about 20-25 deg which is where it is suppose to be. out ave here is high of 30 right now, and the warmest we have been since about dec 25th is 13. the dam shop cat wont go outside to use the dam bathroom. once I found his stash I got a litter box, that will hopefully work.

    I have 5 jobs that are waiting for their last set of coats.

    It aint easy being a pf OG hustler . The goal is to build a third building (24x50) that is purpose built to restore pf's and GAMES, and keep the building I use now as the dirty shop for sanding, buffing, and packing. First I have to earn more than my monthly morg. It can be done.

    #74 2 years ago
    Quoted from lordloss:

    Hey Ron,
    Are the bits labeled so that we know which application/size hole the bit was intended for?

    I forgot to add, that part of the diamond dremmil and glue kit comes with a stainless sizer for measuring bits, and screws, and widths of anything, so you can use the right bit. you can also use it for a template to draw the circle size you want to remove. It sounds like a simple tool but I didnt have one, and it is priceless. It sure beats guessing the size of drill for predrill and screwing it up.

    Quoted from pintechev:

    Wanted to post some feedback: Ron cleared a Mirco CV playfield for me recently. The quality of the clear and his communication were fantastic. I just finished the swap and the game is incredible. Also, he helped out a lot with tips on the swap and I found his Dremel and glue kit invaluable for doing a professional job and not lifting the clear.

    Feedback always helps. I am really happy with how many people have written me about the simple little kit and how much it helps. one little mistake on installing a pf can be very costly, and the kits really help.

    #77 2 years ago

    Here is a good way to tell. look at the dimpling. when you pre-drill the holes if you are going to be drilling in to any clear, I would use the kits. All of the repro pf's are auto clear I believe, his defiantly looks like it. drilling in to clear is hap hazard at best, it chips , cracks, and you dont want to tighten down on it.
    That is my opinion, and the process I use to install. everyone does it diffrent.

    Another thing you can do it try without and if you have any halos around your holes, or are having problems with the clear, then pick up the kit. That way you dont waste any moulah. although there is one tool in there that is very handy dandy for measuring screws and bits, but not worth buying the entire kit for, honestly.

    great question

    #80 2 years ago
    Quoted from cosmokramer:

    I am going to be swapping a Mirco TOM later this year and bought Rons kit, everybody I trust who has done swaps with and without the kit say I would be foolish to attempt it without...

    Make sure to post some pics on this thread if it is one of my pf's or even if you use my kit. I love to see the pics of the pf's installed. That cv that was swapped 2 weeks ago came out amazing!!!!1

    #82 2 years ago

    That is awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!

    #86 2 years ago
    Quoted from RobKnapp:

    Ron , were is the best place to buy a Monster Bash playfield to send to you ? Regards , Rob Knapp

    Hi rob, if you do it this month, it can be shipped with your IJ. when I buy mirco pf's I buy them from bay area because then you can return them if they have stupid flaws (and that happens) for the most part mirco stuff is good quality, but it is not uncommon for so huge flaws to get shipped. if you get it arranged you can have it shipped directly here. it would help if you could figure out how long they have had it to see if it needs to cure some more. just let me know

    #87 2 years ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    But Ron my BOP pf that I got from Peter didn't develop problems (shrunken clear rings around most all inserts) until about 8 months after I bought it. If you would have cleared it right away from him would I still have the same problem 8 months later?

    With reproduction pf's your guess is as good as mine. they act funny, and never consistent. I do the only thing I can really do which is to let them sit for a couple months. usually I sand off the clear to help it dry faster. I have waited 4 months on a FT repro, and cleared it over a 14 week period, allowing my sets of 2 coats cure for over 2 weeks per, and 6 months after I am done the inserts raise or sink a little. its so frustrating after spending almost 3 days, wet sanding and polishing it to glass like finish.

    Nos pf's never pull this crap, in fact stern pfs dont do it. I actually have given up except for what I do already which I mentioned. wait until it is more than a couple months old, and spread my coats over 12-14 weeks and wait 3 weeks after the last coat. what else can I do. I also use materials that dont produce as much heat when polishing and I cool the surface constantly while polishing. the heat from the friction makes the inserts expand faster than the wood, causing them to be able to felt a little with your finger.

    #88 2 years ago

    A lot of folks are emailing me about my clearcoated pf install kits. They are only helpfull I believe, with repro and cleared pf's.
    if you are interested and want info take a look at my old post. the first 4 pages has a lot of info
    cost is 75 for both kits and the measuring tool. shipping is 8 dollars

    read pages 1 thru 4

    #90 2 years ago
    Quoted from davijc02:

    So if a guy were to buy a FT playfield and give her the ole Kruzman clear coat service what would that cost?

    as for cost, you will want to contact me, at
    It depends on if it is a nos or a repro and which title, also if it needs touch up, which is not a problem. Right now I am only doing clearcoats on new /repro/nos pf's, and many need paint, either from flaws or, lifted inserts that get sanded when I remove the existing clear. I also seal the back with poly. It will take some time because I give each set of 2 coats 15 days to cure, then sand, hand sand, clean and spray. after the last coats I allow 3 weeks to cure and hand sand the entire pf from 1000-3000 then buff and polish for more than a day, then clean out all of the little holes and then apply wax. $575 is the cost. If I have to do paint work it is hourly.

    I have been working on a paragon that is nos forever now, and even though it is nos I have a little over 60 man-hours in to it, before clearing. I had to glue all inserts. (some were loose and out) all of the insert edges get sanded when I sand off the original lacquer, and since the key lines are not lined up with the inserts, the edges of the inserts are usually over in the colors. so not only do I have to paint new circles I have to paint the color around them, plus there is chips and scratches. The holes for the inline drops were not centered with the art so they got painted, plus all of the line work in the center paragon inserts. You have to do this stuff so the new paint on the inserts will not stand out as new. The pf had 5 inserts that had to be sanded and new decals put on,which I still have to install and then paint in. plus leveling the other inserts is huge work. I Just have to tighten up the paint for the first coats to go down. I still have to tighten my circles and a couple other things before clear, I was just excited to finally show the customer the progress. My point is how much work you have to do to make the old bally pf's look good. In some cases a reproduction is not a bad idea if you have to sell the game. If you plan to keep it forever, I say pay for a NOS to get perfected

    para 1 (resized).jpg

    para2 (resized).jpg

    para3 (resized).jpg

    para4 (resized).jpg

    #92 2 years ago

    In the case you describe I recommend the reproduction. That repro title for some reason didn't hold up too well. all 7 that I had, looked very different 4-6 months after received. the wood grain rose very much and the clear on the inserts dropped very much. I say that because kev insisted that the inserts themselves did not move. so if you get a chance, ask about inserts and wood grain, also if you set it on the floor a little harder than feather touch, the clear will ghost off the wood. I have this prob with FT TOTAN and MEDUSA.
    I can fix almost all of this stuff except the ghosting. in that case I drill a super small hole in it, and use my glue kit.
    Point is, ask lots of questions when buying one, dont go by the metal standard grading

    #95 2 years ago

    Actually its 8 thin coats.
    Update the gottlieb knockout pf was sold on ebay today. I hate that 15% pimp for epay and paypal. It adds up when the price is 800.

    I just bought a nos DE simpsons pf that I am going to dimple and drill. every insert has cracked paint and 3 of them popped out during shipping, so it will take a lot of time. If I cant get my money out of it, I am looking for a game right now and possibly install it for me. Love that title.

    I would like to do a couple more centaurs. if anyone has any cpr repros and wants to sell or trade, let me know as well as any other new title. I am down to almost no stock.

    There is a nos forepower for sale here on pinside and epay that I really want, but it needs to be dimpled, and cleared, plus there will be some paint work when leveled and the finish removed. Its more than I can afford, but if you want a sweet firepower, you should consider it

    #98 2 years ago

    As for the simpsons price, it wont be cheap. Its going to require a lot of paint to make it look awesome. I could clear it as is and sell it cheap for a profit, but it would be the first time I cleared a pf that was not perfected. On that title most of the inserts or half of them, are under big art, rather than inserts that are round circles with key lines around them. In that case many times, after I sand I can just paint the black key line, which will cover the edge of the insert that will be cracked, or get sanded. On old pf's the paint around th einserts cracks, and it is just not acceptable to me. Many many people dont care or notice, its the first thing I see. I I allready know that since it is from 89 I think, I will reglue the inserts (without removing them) drill and dimple, but between the flippers there is the shoot again insert under barts face, as well as the inserts in the middle under all of the characters on the couch. I dont do touch up, I repaint the entire color effected. point is there is going to be a lot of work. since I have been backlogged for over 10 years I have been avoiding jobs with a lot of paint work because people dont want to pay for how many hours it takes me, but now I just have to start charging and it is what it is. I have been making under 20 g a year since doing this, and I am pretty sure I do some of the better work, so I have to give my self a raise, and the folks that support me are just going to have to pay a little more. otherwise I will get my first day off that I dont feel guilty in over 10 years. Not one vacation. so I never know the price until I do the sanding and get it level, and get the old laquer off. I know it will be at least 1800.
    anyway, as always, I want to thank all of my supporters and the people who follow this thread. cheers, rk

    #114 2 years ago

    I appreciate brians opinion because he has installed my work, as well as everyone's opinions, and nice comments. It drives me nuts when I feel I have to recoat a pf because after I polish it I find 2 little flaws, but I know I am an addict type and if I lower the bar, I will keep going. I also studied the law of diminishing returns, but my problem is I cant evaluate jobs until I start sanding them. I think I am just going to do what I have never done and start turning down jobs, and raise my price. I will definatly make an announcement on my thread, so people will know, and then they can use my service when they want something special, and use the less expensive guys for stuff they may sell or dont care about or are a budget. (to me none of those are reasons to do anything but the best, but my way is not everyone's way.)
    The things that I think are really important are the things that suck my time. waiting 15 days between sets of 2 coats and 3 weeks after the last, Block sanding rather than using the da sander on the last sand, and also making it level especially around cut outs, after the last coat, meaning the 8 hours of sanding and polishing plus an hour to clean out all of the holes with a rag.. Another thing that added another 2 hours to a job, is I use the da sander between coats, but I spent 30 mins going thru and hand sanding edges and dimples ect, when a couple years I didnt bother. So those things are really important to me, I will just choose jobs rather than taking all, and raise my price a little. I am very thankful for my install kit, because I make some profit on that which really helps. Anyway I will figure it out, the truth is I feel lucky to do what I do, but I just had to get an important tooth pulled because I couldn't afford the 2500 to get it repaired, and that kind of stuff sucks, and that is why I was crying about not making much, and I apologize.

    #122 2 years ago
    Quoted from BurnDizzyBurn:

    Keep me posted as I’m looking to do a full high end restore and most playfields on this title are shot so this would be great....and if I know now I can get saving!!

    will do, for sure. During the winter I am always playing catch up because of the cold. I cant get my shop over 75 when it is below 20 outside. some winters that is only 3 weeks. this winter I am way behind, but the next 10 days will be perfect. so I will prob start the simps in march april unless I get swamped.

    #124 2 years ago

    Thanks hilton, chris, bryan, and everyone else. I feel like the queen of the rodeo!

    #125 2 years ago

    It looks like I am going to pick up a couple TAF pf's to tweek out and clear like the centaurs. they wont be done till spring because I want to sand them and let them cure for a couple months.

    #127 2 years ago

    EK is one of those games that is a great candidate for a restore and new pf. It is one of the best playing/looking games in that bally era. I dont usually buy the pf's because the nos pf's take more money than they cost to repaint the cracked paint and inserts, and when it comes to the repos and I pay 700 plus 70 shipping, and have to sell it for 900, the chance of selling is zero. the chance of hearing "Thats more than I paid for the whole game" several times is 100%.
    I will watch for one and I will let you know if I find anything.
    All of the first gen digital ballys are great with new pf's and painted cabs. Great way to get your feet wet on pf swaps.

    #128 2 years ago

    The NBA fastbreak and the Gameshow are no longer available. That nba fastbreak was a steal, at 550 cleared by bill davis, drilled and dimpled, nos.
    Thanks to everyone for their support

    #129 2 years ago

    Here is a link to a post about installing un-dimpled pf's. Its very helpful, and I dont have the vocabulary to explain the frustration and depression you will experience if you try to do this your first install.

    I offer drill /dimple service for pf's that are not. (drilled and dimpled)
    Keep in mind when you buy a pf that it is going to cost you 300 dollars plus shipping to get the work done by me.

    Pinball is not for the weak at heart (or of low disposable income)

    #130 2 years ago

    There is a used IJ pf, along with a cabinet, and possibly other parts on Mr pinball this morning. I was notified the minute it was posted by r cheek, and I had all ready talked to the fella, but since it is in such high demand, I thought I would post it for folks looking.
    cheers, kruzman

    #132 2 years ago

    By the way it was made on jan 28 th so it is down at the bottom concerning inserts lifting on reproduction pf's after owning them for a couple months. I dont think he mentioned it but also wood grain starts showing.
    This phenomena very rarely happens on pf's from 1996 and earlier unless the inserts are all ready very unlevel

    2 weeks later
    #135 2 years ago

    I have a new potential customer looking to restore a FT game and is looking for a repro/nos pf. If anyone has an extra to sell, please contact me personally and I will put you in touch with him, and possibly have the pf sent directly to me to save on shipping.

    Thank you everyone for your support

    #140 2 years ago

    This crazy assed weather has made it so I have not got crap done as far as the job goes, but the forecast looks like I can work at least the next 10 days without any problems at all which is great. I have been doing 2 extra coats, but making each coat thinner, for hardness. I experimented with a thinner finished thickness, but I found that the inserts tend to expand and contract more (with change in temp) than they usually do, and just making them easier to feel. So it was a good experiment, but the thickness that I have been doing for the last aprox 3 years is about perfect for the material I am using. Although the insert expansion varies a lot depending on if it is a nos pf, and from what era. Repro pf's seem to experience the most insert expansion. and used pf's the least. How about that. Since I didnt set up this experiment from the beginning to focus on insert expansion, there is really no conclusions in stone. It just solidifies what I figured would happen if that makes any sense at all.
    so really this post is nothing but hot air, but this is the internet. Suppose it would be good for facebook also.
    OK back to work. its 40 deg. Now it is easy to maintain the shop at the perfect 75 degrees that my clear and paint loves. I will return to post more hot air when the temp gets back in the single digits. ha.

    Thanks as always for the support. I will check starship fantasy for FT pf's

    #143 2 years ago

    Thanks for the bump up

    Quoted from jboner1058:How long would you suggest waiting after we get our playfields before doing the dremmel work and playfield install? Couple of months to fully cure?

    If it is a pf that I clear it will be ready for install when you get it. I now wait 3 or more weeks before I sand it level and polish it out, so by the time it gets to you, the last coats are 5 weeks cure at least so its ready to go.

    If you get a pf from CPR, I highly recommend you wait about 4 months before install, or about 2-4 months before starting the clear process. If they come here right from cpr, I try to get the clear sanded off and then I let it cure for about 3 months, sanding it again after is sat to level it.

    great question. thank you

    #144 2 years ago

    Here is one of my favorite jobs. I have the log out in the studio for how much time it needs before I block sand it and polish it, but it is in my living room to show off and because it is always over 65 in here. This pf has 10 thin coats but is the same thickness as the usual. I compared to make sure the clear is still as clear and it is.

    In the background you can see my bridge that was wrecked by a falling tree, which is most of the pile behind it. In the last 3 days we had over 24 inches of snow melt and I know we have got 2 in of rain in the last 36 hours. that river is running fast!

    cureing (resized).jpg

    #146 2 years ago

    You may never get that pf back!!!! ha!
    I used to think paragon was the nicest art. this is better then paragon then centaur

    #147 2 years ago

    Here is a pic of the back showing a drill and dimple job as well as installed the T nuts. You cant tell but there is 3 coats of gloss poly on the back to seal it as well as make it easy to wipe the finger prints off after the install

    back (resized).jpg

    #161 2 years ago

    When doing a restore, I take the same attitude as paul, and also I dont restore games for a living so I dont mind going overboard. If I am going to restore something it will be to the best of my ability or I just wont do it. If I was doing it for a living or as a job like b kelly then I would only do it if I were getting paid or it made my job easier. Or I was diagnosed OCD, and just did it, so I could be happy. I was at a time convinced that if I didnt clear the back of the pf's, society would crumble, and the SPCA wouldn't be able to help cats and dogs.

    I use polyurethane on the backs of the pf because automotive clear is an epoxy and it will dry fast and not soak in, so I use poly that I used to use when I restored the floors in historic homes. The main use to to keep out moisture to stop the grain from rising causing the paint to crack in the long run, but also, and very important it keeps it clean, and easy to wipe off. My hands get dirty and then you get the dirt on the back and it looks hack. I always compare restoring a game with restoring a hot rod which I have done several chevelles. when I worked in the engine compartment I would have the same situation, dirty finger prints to clean. Its just another thing that I put in to part of the job, even though I could get away without doing it. In fact when CPR prime's the back I dont clear them.

    The clear on the front of the pf, will sometimes pull it to bend, and I often hope that the clear on the back with do the yin and yang (balance) thing, but one is so much stronger and fast drying, that it may just help a bit.

    #165 2 years ago

    wow that is an impressive motor. I am looking at the heads which appear to me anodized or powder coated. That doesn't look like Clem and Cedric's back yard project, that looks like a professionally built motor. Its dark but I don't see any burn marks from resting a smoke on the frame while using hands to work.

    Back to the back of pf's, sometimes I will roll on a coat of poly from under saw horses, then I will spray triple thick for the second coat. The first coats really absorbs in, then the triple thick coat is for the ladies. (for looks and keeping dirt off)

    #167 2 years ago
    Quoted from jboner1058:

    All three of those Paul Farris artworks were too good for their intended purpose of sitting in a bar somewhere getting abused by drunken players.

    I didnt put that together. I did get a chance to meet him years ago, and of course I was "fan boy" and I couldnt say anything that didn't sound like crazy stalker, or like chris farley when interviewing paul mcartney.

    Bally way the first pin maker to put together an art dept with artist rather than having what I gather were ad agency's do the art. christensen,Faris, Feres, (which was the one I met, not paul Faris) Oconnor, just to name a few.

    It was christensen that was partially responsible for getting me hooked on pinball, and Feres. I was all about pinball chicks and the 2 things they all have in common. In college I called pinball; Functional american pop art .

    #169 2 years ago

    I like the idea of semigloss white, since the semigloss can be cleaned very easy with windex or even a magic eraser if necessary.
    Once you restore a game, and everything is cleaned or new, and you do the proper finish applications, it will never really get dirty again like it was after commercial use for years.
    If I didnt do pinball for a living and had a job that was 9 to 5 mon thru friday, I would be restoring games (and lovin the ladies) all weekend long!!!!
    and... if pigs could fly we would need heavy duty umbrellas

    #172 2 years ago

    first laugh of the day, at 6 pm. pretty sad.

    #173 2 years ago

    The world champ reproduction pf that was on the pf's available, is no longer available.

    also the glue used in the playfield install kits, was on back order, but is now here . So I will be shipping out those who have been waiting. thank you for your patience.

    As always thank you for your support.

    #174 2 years ago

    Also I finally got the cpr TAF pf's I ordered. I picked up a couple to do the same thing I did with the centaurs. Some have no clear and some are silvers. I will tighten up and fix any art work, or anything else that is a problem or issue. level, clear, seal the backs, and make them perfect, and sell.
    If you are thinking of restoring a TAF or getting one in the future and restoring, this is an opportunity to do a world class restoration. TAF is one of the few games that looks MUCH better than brand new. The clear ramp, and led lighting, sound update, and of course a beautiful cleared, leveled pf.
    I plan to put one of them in with the next set of pf's I get to. so I will start one within a month.

    2 weeks later
    #180 2 years ago

    Not all pf's want to be fixed up. The phantom was fun to work on because of the style of art. So when the insert lines showed up in that blue fade, I could make the phantoms hat a little bigger to absorb the line. or those candle inserts right to each side of the phantom, since the art work is free hand its easy to repaint. I dont have to make the lines perfect, and the same thickness, ect.

    Quoted from mmr61184:

    His work is second to nobody. I bought a creature he restored and it’s beautiful. Just waiting to find a good beat up game to put it in. By the way that Phantom looks phenomenal. Always loved that artwork.

    Its funny you bring up that creech, because they remind me of each other. All perfect pin games have half naked curvy chicks. Its what got me in to pinball when I was about 10. It may sound sexist, but I have talked to many women about this and sexuality is weird. chicks dont want to see half naked men on pins, because they are not fascinated with boobies and beautiful curves. (most. I am generalizing)

    Quoted from dhard:

    Very smart on your part having Ron do your playfield as he does beyond expectations work as a Kruzman standard and is a great asset to the pin community

    My own mother has never uttered nicer words thank you. ( although my biological mother sucks)

    Thanks again to all my supporters, now that the weather is nice, and I didnt float away like my neighbors in the low lands, I am back to working every day.

    My CPR TAF pf's got here. I got some silvers, and some without any clear. so far I havent run in to any problems that are not the typical stuff that it is my job to fix. The screening is pretty good. the only thing I have run across is the greed inserts are a little off mark with the screen, but it is easily fixed in this case. I have had people ask my opinion of them before they buy them, and I will just say they seem totally good enough. They are a production pf, so in my opinion they need to be tweeked and cleared, but that is the case with all of them. When I am done with the group of pfs I am on now I am going to put one in the group, and it will be for sale. I wont know the price until I do one, and see what it takes to make it perfect.

    #181 2 years ago

    One more thing I forgot, actually 2.
    That phantom was drilled and dimpled by me, so I now have a template for that and 22 other titles. the other thing was I got the crazing out of the inserts by sanding down past the clear right to the insert plastic with a little 1 or 2 in sander. of course then I had to repaint around them, but those DE pf's do seem to have a craze crackle on the inserts. I have to be careful in places where there is artwork that is a huge pain in the butt to fix, so not all of it gets fixed, but a vast majority. if anyone with a nos pf is wondering.

    #182 2 years ago

    so the kzoo show is always the 4th weekend of april (week after taxes, which is the worst for me, being self employed)
    But I wanted to say to everybody that since fall I really sold off a lot of my nos stock while I was going thru some health issues, and I have only about 50 nos and repros. I like to have about 80.

    so if you have a NOS or repro pf that you want to part with, and let it go to someone who is more than likely going to install it, bringing it to the pinball at the zoo show would be great. If you havent ever been to it, I have always thought it is one of the most laid back non BS shows going on, though I havent been to the texas or boston shows (and I really want to go). The prices on games at the kzoo how are always very low, and every year J dayhuff does a auction on saturday at noon. he charges NO FEES! which is crazy because I have been to auctions with a 20% buyers preimun plus 6% tax plus 4% for visa!!!!! This is cash only.

    Kevin K does a great job making it a lot of fun, but I heard that someone else is running it now. I am so isolated in galesburg. we just got caller ID out here!

    So sell me a nos or repro pf. I live 9 miles from the show and it is very easy to get to my shop which is at my compound, and if you want you can look thru my stock for trades, or you can inspect a pf before buying. I will also bring pf's to the show.
    If I have a job done that I have not shipped, I will bring it for display and put it in J dayhuffs booth, who has thousands of used and nos parts, or in Chris rocks booth, who has his light kits as well as some games for sale. so fat an earthshaker and a Hook I believe.

    Lastly if you are considering working with me on a pf, and you want to see my work for the first time, I do free tours of my humble shop at the compound, if I have stuff that is almost done or done and has not been shipped you will be able to see the diffrence between my work and a stock nos, repro, and other peoples work. I can only do it in the morning before I leave for the show. Just throwin it out there.

    I just thought of this but if you are doing a pf swap and you need pf parts that are not really game spiciffic, I have a lot at my shop from depopulating so many pfs over the years, plus dayhuff has a stash that is unbelievable

    #183 2 years ago

    it may have sounded like I soliciting donations of pf's, when I am looking to buy or trade, and always sell pf's.

    I just got a Eldorado city of gold game from dave chard (dhard here on pinside) I have been looking for a nice version of this title since playing it at expo in 05 I think. so when I set it up next to a Dragon that was restored with new pf, glass and pasquel board, and a Monte carlo which is flawless and much better than new (restored by daves brother in law chris who will be at the patz selling a DE simpsons more than likely).
    So I think that until I can find a tenant for the one bedroom house I am going to use it to show my gottlieb collection. check out this collection
    Eldorado city of gold, restored/super shop job. stock pf with wear on one insert, but beauty, new BG and other parts
    Bone busters (recently shopped) (no topper dayhuff)
    dragon full restore about 15 years ago
    Monte carlo w topper
    Space race
    beauty queens
    college queens sample game
    Amazing spiderman soon to be fully restored (I just bought a second game, plus I have a nos pf)
    Title fight
    hot shots
    silver slugger
    Lights camera action
    car hop
    007 beautiful restored.

    I would like to get a couple more sys 80's and a couple wedge heads. Actually there are a lot of sys 80's I want. The only sys 3 I think I want is barb wire.

    I wanted to mention I am looking for a bad cats. My woman is a cat lady (she has a petting zoo in her house) and I think the way to turn her on to pinball is thru that game.

    cheers, and as always thank you for the support thru the years

    #191 2 years ago
    Quoted from psd4me:

    Hey Ron was that the Eldorado City of of gold your buddy bought from me last summer? Mike

    Its funny that the eddorado city of gold came my way. I was super glad dave ended up with it because he will usually give me first dibs (which is nice) For some reason I like these games that 95% of balls are less than 60 sec. so much like em. I like the jungle music.

    I not only got a good deal, I was able to buy it on land contract!!!!!!
    I have only broke a mil twice in about 75 games. Last night, I was trying to hit the last right corner upper target to clear my second set of those upper targets, on ball 2 no less, and nope. no deal. start over. Love that game

    #198 2 years ago

    Oooohhh! thats a bummer. I still have to get around to restoring the one I have. If it was my world that would be a big time collectible game. I know it is to a couple people including me. The art is amazing. The worst part about that game is they had just built a new board set that they put in it, so most of the parts floating around from the games that are very inexpensive dont work in superman. In fact I have 2 power boards/transformers for atari games, and they look like a tube amplifier. Huge and heavy

    #201 2 years ago

    I wanted to mention that jardine has a family guy pf available in Australia. so if you are in that hemisphere, there you go. the shipping to the states is over 400, and I have one in stock, so if you are in this hemi, you can check with me.

    Quoted from jardine:

    HI Ron. I've sent you a pm about a playfield I have. Looking for some help please. Thanks

    I also have a customer looking for a nos or used TAF pf that is in very nice condition (for resto) Condition is the key factor. I figured Bryan K or one of you guys may have one now or soon.

    Thought I would help out a couple people and bring my thread back up to the top. Please feel free to contact me if you have a pf for sale.

    If I dont buy it, I will put a post it on my board and send anyone who contacts me looking for one, to you. No charge, its no skin of my teeth.

    #210 2 years ago

    I dont know if the MMR pfs are made by mirco or not, but I like the mmr pf's more than the mm repros. just what I have noticed, and I mean when they are done with what I do to them.

    Quoted from Bryan_Kelly:

    Hate to say it, but the last couple I've done, the old playfields weren't even worthy of hanging on the wall.

    ok thanks bryan

    #214 2 years ago

    I dont know anything about the past issues with ppr, but for the most part the reason the inserts are opaque on the nos WPC pfs is because diamond plate is a waterborne product. This is a new invention in the early 90's because califorina was making oil paint illegal. I used it in building applications, in paint and on hardwood floors, it has a bit of a milky hue to it.
    As for chicago gaming's pf, I am completely ignorant, except now I know they make the mmr pf. Thats about all I have learned today, but its still early

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