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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#4392 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

My buddy sold above listed getaway. Not sure who you are on here, but he says to thank Ryan for an easy transaction

Chris is rockin' dude. Thanks for helping set that up! Still dialing the machine in but it's an absolute gem.

10 months later
#7119 2 years ago

Sold a game and looking to buy a new one. Can likely travel this weekend with cash in hand if anyone has anything that sticks out and is priced affordably. I'm cool with doing work on the games but don't want any major projects at the moment.

Currently looking for:
Dirty Harry
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Who Dunnit?

PM me if you have anything you want to unload. Thanks in advance.

7 months later
#8689 2 years ago

Have a few games I'm getting ready to put on the market. All deeply cleaned, shopped, and fully functional.

Grand Lizard - $1,600obo
Game is in really nice shape with a great backglass and playfield. Playfield is covered mostly by mylar that looks factory. Magnets work great. Cabinet has a few scratches and dents that are noticeable up close. Comes with manual.

Space Station - $2,200obo
Game is in phenomenal shape with a full factory mylar. Fully LEDed (including flashers) in natural white. The reds in the cabinet are bright. Comes with an extra space station motor, manual, and cabinet protectors. Translite signed by Barry Oursler.

The Comet - $1,200obo
Players Comet with playfield mylar (not factory). LED in the GI and incandescanets in the inserts and backbox - I tried all LED and preferred this look the most. Backglass is in great shape. Comes with manual and cabinet protectors.

Sky Kings (EM) - $800obo
Backglass on this game is nearly perfect. It's the nicest I've ever seen on any EM. Playfield looks great. New captive balls. Comes with manual/schematic.

Smash TV (arcade game) - $600
Game is in a centipede cabinet painted black. Marquee is bright and unfaded. Super fun but just doesn't do well on location.

I can ship, just shoot me your zip code and let me know whether or not you'll require a lift gate truck. Also willing to entertain trades +\- cash on either side of the deal. Primarily interested in DMD games but always will to entertain other ideas.

I will be getting pictures in order and putting them up soon but figured this would be a good place to start. Please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM with any questions. Thanks for taking a look.

1 week later
#8799 2 years ago

Whelp, just found out my arcade is moving locations in a few weeks and it's a good time to let go of some extra inventory. I'll be posting these games to pinside, facebook, craigslist, etc. in the next few days but here is what to expect:

Doctor Who - $3,400
Recently clearcoated with fully color-matched LEDs including flashers. Currently has a broken dome topper but I'm working with a thermoformer to create new ones. You will get a new dome topper with new decals as soon as they are completed.

Space Station - $2,200
Full factory playfield mylar, new space station motor (includes an extra as well), natural white LEDs throughout including flashers,

Grand Lizard - $1,500
Factory mylar on playfield, backglass in nice shape

The Comet - $1,300
Warm white LEDs in the GI and incandescents in the inserts. I experimented with a lot of options and that is the one that looked best to me. Mylar over the playfield (not factory). Has some wear as is common with the title. Backglass is in really nice shape.

Time Warp - $1,000
Playfield and backglass are in great shape. I've spent a lot of time dialing this in and it plays brutal. Will include banana flippers and straight flippers. It's like owning two games in one!

Sky Kings - $800
Bally EM in great shape. Backglass is gorgeous and playfield looks bright. Has some pretty cool stuff with mushroom bumpers, two captive ball shots, and a super fun spinner to hit.

I would consider all player's condition games. All are recently shopped and include manuals/schematics. They were all on location at one point but I check on them like a newborn baby. When something is off I fix it. All games are in fully playable condition and everything works as it should. I'm willing to deliver and help with set up if you're a few hours from Syracuse, NY or I can ship if you let me know your zip code and whether or not you'll require a lift gate truck. Please PM me with an email address if you want pictures or have any questions.

1 month later
#9134 2 years ago

Have a really nice Walking Dead Pro that I'll be putting up for sale/trade soon. In phenomenal shape and has a shaker motor. Shoot me a PM if you want pictures or have any questions.

2 months later
#9911 1 year ago

I have a Walking Dead Pro with a shaker motor for $4,700. Bought it from an amusements shop over the summer. Game was never routed. In excellent condition and plays great. PM me if you would like to see pictures.

Mostly interested in a sale but more than willing to entertain trades. I'm primarily on the hunt for a Spider-Man VE.
I also have Bram Stoker's Dracula, Time Warp, World Poker Tour, and Attila The Hun that I would consider trading or selling toward a Spider-Man VE.

Happy Friday!

3 weeks later
#10120 1 year ago

Headed to NYC from Tuesday to Wednesday morning. If anyone has any affordable projects (or deals on working games) let me know. I’m looking at you NY, NJ, CT, and PA!

Thanks in advance.

#10123 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Free whitewater delivery!

Super tempting but a bit more than I’m looking to spend at this point on a White Water.

4 months later
#10913 1 year ago

Does anyone have a Future Spa for sale? If so, please PM me.

I have cash ready to go and a fairly open schedule for pick up. Thanks in advance.

1 month later
#11146 1 year ago

Putting my Stern World Poker Tour up for sale. Fully LEDed by the previous owner and the game plays great. DMD is bright and clear and the playfield is in great shape and doesn’t show signs of wear. Cabinet has a few dings from transport, mostly on the back side of the game.

Asking $3,200 but willing to consider traders +/- cash on either side of the transaction. I’m also able to transport within a few hours of 13210 or can ship anywhere in the US. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.

1 month later
#11582 1 year ago

I’ve got a World Poker Tour with full LED lighting. Player’s condition, game plays 100% as it should but could use a shop job. Asking $3,000 but open to offers and/or trades +/- cash.

I can also include/install a set of Flipper Fidelity speakers if that’s of interest.

#11605 1 year ago

I’m helping a friend sell his Addams Family machine. It’s truly player’s condition and needs some work.

The good:
Game is fully playable
Full color-matched LED
Strong DMD display
Boards are clean
Comes with a ton of extra parts

The Bad:
It’s a re-import
Has several errors, all relate to switch adjustment or replacement (I don’t believe any related to the boards)
Damage to right side of cabinet (small holes) and wear around the flipper buttons
Noticeable wear on playfield

Game is located in Syracuse, NY but I can help with delivery or shipping. Asking $5,600obo. Feel free to message me with any questions or for pictures.

1 month later
#11934 1 year ago

I have a project and some parts that I’m looking to get rid of to make some space.

Playmatic 1978 Last Lap project
-Able to get the game to boot, take credits, start a game, show the high score but no lights worked or solenoids fired.
- Game is complete minus the backglass though I have a giant print of the backglass that could be used for a replacement.
-if it doesn’t sell in a few weeks I’ll likely part it out if you need anything specific.

Stern Magic Head and Backglass (heavily touched up with white.

Counterforce plastic set - almost complete (missing one)

I’m happy to send pictures to anyone interested. Not sure how to price them so feel free to shoot me an offer. All located in Syracuse, NY.

1 week later
#12014 1 year ago

I'm considering selling my Stern Stars. Not sure what to price it at but if you're interested shoot me a PM and I'll send you pictures and videos.

Also still have a Last Lap project for sale.

Archived after 226 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
As is “This is a rare game made by Playmatic of Barcelona, Spain. When I saw it I couldn’t say no (how cool is that third flipper?) but it’s a bit larger of a project than I’m prepa...”
Syracuse, NY
400 (OBO)

4 weeks later
#12214 11 months ago

In search of the following:
1. Monopoly Plastics set
2. Mousin’ Around pinball machine (projects are cool)

Let me know if you have either you’re looking to unload.

2 weeks later
#12380 11 months ago

I’m heading to State College, PA on Saturday morning to sell a machine. If anyone has anything for sale nearby let me know.

Still on the hunt for a Mousin’ Around but I’m open to anything. Thanks in advance.

3 months later
#13253 7 months ago

Does anyone have a Spider-Man VE they might be thinking about selling in the next couple of months? If so let me know!
I have the cash in hand but likely won't have time to pick anything up for a little while.

3 weeks later
#13465 6 months ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

Asking $8,400 OBO for IMLE. The only other one I see on Pinside is $8,800. Going to give it a few days until I put up a thread/ad.

Tom is amazing to work with. If I had the cash laying around I would buy this game just because I know how smooth the process would be. Buy with confidence.

1 month later
#13743 5 months ago

I find myself with an influx of games so it's time to clear out a bit. If anything is of interest please don't hesitate to PM me. Happy to send along pics and videos.

Family Guy - Fully shopped - $4,800
-Completely torn down, cleaned, re-rubbered, and ready to go. Fully LEDed with non-ghosting 2smds in the inserts, Stewie Multiball decal mod, new flaps on all ramps including mini-pinball. Formally routed game with chipped right slingshot plastic and new decal on the "N" in "pinball."

Xenon - Fully shopped - $2,800
-Playfield fully torn down, sanded, clear coated, overlay applied, clear coated again, and rebuilt and re-rubbered. Playfield and backglass look awesome. Cool white LEDs in the GI and incandescents in the controlled lighting. Cabinet has knicks, dents, and could use a touch-up or repainting to be considered a restore.

Bally Wizard - Playing Project - $900
-Turns on, flips, keeps score, plays multiple player. Coin up unit works inconsistently and bonus seems to get conflicted signals and doesn't count correctly. Comes with black powder coated legs.

I also have Cue-T and Spacelab EMs which are fully shopped and a few light projects (Cleopatra SS and Liberty Belle EM).

#13771 5 months ago

Finally found a free moment to take pictures of my Family Guy. Can bring it to Pintastic if you need more Seth McFarlane in your life.

Archived after 42 days
Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Selling my 2007 Family Guy pinball Machine from Stern pinball. The game has been completely shopped and gone through. It has been deeply cleaned, re-rubbered with black rings, and...”
Syracuse, NY

#13819 5 months ago

Wizard! - asking $800obro

I was able to troubleshoot a bit more on my playing Wizard project but am not in love with the game and would rather have room.

The Good: Game turns on, coins up, can play as 1,2,3 or 4 players, all flags function, all targets register, and it’s pretty fun to play. Has LEDs and blue Titan rubbers.

The Not So Good: players 2 and 4 sometimes get a 10,000 Point handicap when bonus is collected, flippers could use a rebuild, 300 target gives between 300 and 500 with each hit, score reels all work but will need attention in the future, “lock” relay is tied close and will need replacement. Cosmetically the game has been well loved but playfield is in pretty nice shape.

Happy to provide pictures and videos. Can bring to Pintastic on Saturday for the cost of a high five. Don’t hesitate to send me a message.

#13854 4 months ago

Archived after 42 days
Not sold: Decided to keep game
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Selling my 2007 Family Guy pinball Machine from Stern pinball. The game has been completely shopped and gone through. It has been deeply cleaned, re-rubbered with black rings, and...”
Syracuse, NY

Had a buyer lined up who has gone silent so Family Guy is still available. Open to offers and trades. Happy Friday!

3 weeks later
#14101 4 months ago

This is a total shot in the dark but does anyone has a Klondike backglass that they are looking to get rid of? Picked one up and it’s in worse shape than expected.

2 months later
#14635 58 days ago

Have a bunch of games coming up on the chopping block. If only space wasn't a thing....

Bram Stoker's Dracula - $3,500
Recently shopped, flippers rebuilt, Fully LEDed including flashers and non-ghosting LEDs in inserts. Prototype plastics and bat casket mods installed (casket no longer available). Translite signed by Barry Oursler.

Spacelab - $850
Shopped and playing awesome

Xenon - $2,500
Fully town down with a new playfield decal installed and clearcoated. LEDs in the GI and incandescent lights in the controlled lighting. Backglass and playfield are beautiful. New tube and LED light strip.

Gottlieb Playmates - $800
Fully playing, roto-targets work great.

Space Invaders, Paragon, High Deal, and Gottlieb Liberty Belle are coming down the line.

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