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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#325 5 years ago

WTT: Very clean STTNG. Color DMD. LED's throughout. Plays perfect. No wear.

Looking for 2 or 3 cheaper machines to trade for this 1. Let me know what you have. PM me if interested and I will send pics.

#339 5 years ago

You're smoking crack if you consider anything west of PA and south of Jersey the 'Northeast'. Just sayin

2 months later
#583 5 years ago

Up for trade: Nice Joker Poker. Will add $ if needed. What's out there? Would love a scorpion, jackbot, TX sector, or????

1 month later
#705 5 years ago

WTT: Corvette for Fish Tales.

I have a shopped Corvette with new LT5 ramp and a nice playfield. Plastics are not cracked and all inserts are LED. The machine is in the Sanctum to see and play. Cabinet is solid with some scuffing around the legs and on the head. Game plays fast and fun. Looking for a nice example of a Fish Tales. Prices on both are usually pretty close, so we can work out a deal depending on comparable condition.

#726 5 years ago

FS: Joker Poker with all in one pascal: $1200: in CT

Same machine listed by previous owner here:

Nothing has changed to it. I used it to copy wiring on a project Joker Poker that I am restoring. Game is dialed in and looks and plays great.

1 week later
8 months later
2 months later
#2470 4 years ago

Up for Trades:
High Speed

If interested in any I can get detailed pics this week.

2 months later
#3126 3 years ago
Quoted from acedanger:

Just throwing out there. Looking to see if anyone might be interested in trading a ac-dc pro for 2 games a rfm and dw. Both are in great shape.

Am I the only one that read this as a straight trade? I understand that the 2 games may have more market value than a pro, but put + cash in your FS post. For others who may be interested he would like cash added.

#3128 3 years ago

Yeah. I was on the fence at straight up.

#3133 3 years ago

I was going to let this go but you've asked for it....

This kid, acedanger aka James, notified me that he would like $1000 cash on the trade he posted which conveniently left out this information. He then calls me and asks if I'll put $1300 on top to trade. Then discloses that he has no way to haul a pin, never mind 2. Who's smoking crack now?
Minus the color Dmd these games (both B titles) are relative in price to a pro to anyone who regularly buys and sells games. Be upfront with your expectations instead of making it up as you go along. Action figures do not add value to a pin either.

#3134 3 years ago

I don't think the pro is worth 5k. That being said I've heard from 3 other pro owners that they wouldn't add to that trade. ACDC has arguably the best code going in a game. For players it's far superior

#3183 3 years ago
Quoted from acedanger:

So over the phone MARKY MARK we landed on 1k initially I asked for more; but we agreed on that & delivery to make up for the difference. You were texting me pictures last night agreeing on deal then this morning almost bi - Polar like texting me saying that the deal was off. That's fine but there was no reason to post about it.
The only thing I did was not post what I wanted to receive for CASH along with my two games.

None of this was agreed upon. Delivery to make up the difference? This was never even mentioned! I sent pics so you could see that the game was clean and we could go from there. I explained to you as well that it rubbed me the wrong way that you asked for 1K initially and then asked for more, and this was before seeing any pics of the game. That's what killed the deal and I'm not sure what's bi-polar about that. So it wasn't just that you didn't post you wanted cash, you were trying to squeeze more on top of this. My initial post was to let other people know you wanted cash since you were unable to do so. I didn't even originally mention any amount. I didn't want others getting the bait and switch as well. It's frustrating.

I'm over it. Good luck with selling your games...honestly. The pics look good of both tables. Like I said, if you're willing wait or ship the games I'm sure you'll get ballpark to what your looking for.

2 weeks later
#3386 3 years ago

WTB: EBD. Would prefer regular cab but would also buy an LE version.

2 months later
3 weeks later
#4242 3 years ago

Volcano and Special Forces FS. $800 each OBO. Will come to Allentown if not sold.







#4247 3 years ago

Volcano and Special Forces both sold. Thanks!

Possibly hitting the chopping block is a nice FT. $2000. Let me know if you are interested. Will probably come to Atown if not sold.

#4266 3 years ago

Fish Tales sold. Went to the first cash offer. Thanks for the interest.

1 month later
#4688 3 years ago
Quoted from ryandimx:

Putting out feelers for Whirlwind interest.
Fully working, full comet leds, new spinner decals, full new art package, translight is nice, brand new chro


2 weeks later
#4824 3 years ago
Quoted from embryonjohn:

Players EBD LE w/new Altec board $800

Anyone know Jon on here? Been trying to get a hold of him for this EBD he posted. I haven't had any luck getting a response.

1 month later
#5207 3 years ago

FT: ACDC PRO. Has cliffy on jukebox, swinging bell, LED bright lightning bolts, and titan rubber throughout. Looking for another stern: SM, LOTR, GOT, FG or WPC: TAF, CFTBL, CV. Open to offers just PM me. Will be at pintastic and so will the game. Can+/- cash for the right trade.

1 month later
#5732 3 years ago

FS: ACDC PRO: Lightning mod, swinging bell, cliffy, titan rubbers, and LEDs. $4400

4 weeks later
#6017 3 years ago

PM sent on Paragon. Would love this game back at the Sanctum!!!!

2 months later
#6545 2 years ago
Quoted from dmacy:

NEW!machinefor salePlaced 2016-11-14 22:17 (yesterday)For sale: The SopranosThe Sopranos for sale in good condition overall. Everything works 100%: safe, dancers, and fish. No broken plastics.

• Cliffy...” $ 3,800 (OBO) dmacy Reading, PA Used, working and clean

Anybody from New England heading down to PA soon? Would love to pick this up for the Sanctum!

2 weeks later
#6633 2 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Debated about starting a new topic but figured more people here would see it. Next October I will be making my first ever trip to Boston, specifically to watch the Boston Celtics play at TD Garden. I will be in town for a day for sure and possibly two days. I was wondering if there are any good places to play some pinball in the area and if you guys could give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance!

If timed right you could stop and see us at the Sanctum in Meriden, CT. We have 40-45 pins from all eras set up and rotating through. Only open on Monday nights currently.

1 month later
#6969 2 years ago

WTB: LOTR and Family Guy.

I have many titles to trade or cash in hand. Please message me if you have these titles!

1 week later
#7047 2 years ago

For Trade:

I500: Very nice playfield with full LED treatment. Cabinet has typical fade. I have cab decals that can be included.

T2: Above average playfield. Minimal insert ghosting on edges of CPU inserts. Everything else is very nice including cabinet.

Paragon: Fully shopped with new rubber and plastics. Minimal wear on center inserts. Some flaking on BG. All boards have been gone through. Recapped and reflowed.

Looking for an A title, preferably TAF, but open to offers for 2 for 1, 3 for 1, or 1 plus cash trades.

#7117 2 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

Looking for an ST Pro.

Bundy has one at the Sanctum right now. I'd hit him up. Plays well.

3 weeks later
#7312 2 years ago

Looking to trade CFTBL. Never had a GNR so that's top on my list. Open to others possibly. Let me know if you're interested.

1 month later
#7560 2 years ago

Very nice T2 up for sale. Playfield is in great shape and cabinet is almost perfect.
$2100 as is with incandescents and regular rubbers.
$2300 shopped with LED and titan rubber.

1 month later
#7914 2 years ago

WTB: Austin Powers. Please let me know if you have one to sell.

3 weeks later
#8027 2 years ago

LOTR for sale. $5,000. Minor wear on cabinet. Everything else is perfect. Comes with almost an entire new set of plastics and graphic decals for the sides of the playfield.

1 week later
#8062 2 years ago

I500 for sale. Typical cab fade but have decals to include. Play field in great shape. New plastic set included. Full led. Plays great. 3k for the whole set up.

1 week later
#8092 2 years ago

FS-Aerosmith Pro all stock. Has been at the Sanctum for 2 months. Looks brand new. $4500.

1 week later
#8173 2 years ago

Indy 500 Price drop. $2500. Didn't have time (and had too many beers)(and margaritas) to drop the price at Pintastic. Plays well. Looks good. Typical cabinet fade. Have cab decals for extra or anyone that wants a set for their own machine.

2 weeks later
#8297 2 years ago
Quoted from tjc02002:

Very nice Theatre of Magic for sale in central CT. $5800. Working 100% shopped out. Really nice PF and Cab. I put it on the pinball for sale Facebook group.

Saw this machine when it was stripped down. Perfect playfield and really nice cabinet. I would scoop this up if I had the funds right now.

#8300 2 years ago

Considering selling my MET pro. In great shape. $4500. Any interest?

2 weeks later
#8470 2 years ago

WTB: Xmen pro. Let me know if you've got one to sell or trade.

2 weeks later
#8596 2 years ago

Uhhhh...look up buddy ^^^^

(Sale pending I see though)

1 month later
#9075 1 year ago

Capcom Pinball Magic FS. LED OCD. Rebuilt drops. Full LED. Very nice example. $4500 OBO.

1 week later
#9290 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Anyone know where I can play a TNA in NE? Considering a purchase.

The Sanctum has one on order. I believe it is shipping with batch 2 though. Could be a month or 2.

1 month later
#9609 1 year ago

POTC- $4400. All comet warm white LEDs. All titan rubber. Recently shopped. Ship fully cleaned and reassembled. New decal on spinning disc. Cabinet shows wear with fade and some planking. Playfield has no wear. Plays 100%.

1 week later
#9661 1 year ago

LOTR: $5000
POTC: $4400

Open to trades. Looking for TZ, MB, CV, Banzai, IJ, or others possibly

1 month later
#9952 1 year ago

Blackbeard! You are the lucky winner of first post on page 200 of this thread! Congratulations! I don't know why I'm so excited about it!

1 month later
#10302 1 year ago

Classic Bally Viking FS. Nice PF with minimal wear. Perfect BG. Great playing game. $1500

1 week later
#10377 1 year ago

GOTG pro for sale. Flawless and clean. $4900

#10395 1 year ago

TWD Pro FS: $4700. Tower mod, plastic protectors, under cab lighting, backbox GI upgrade.

4 weeks later
#10562 1 year ago

GOTG Pro: $4800. New code installed. Game has gotten quite good. Fun shooter with decent rules. No wear on playfield. minor shooter lane wear. perfect cabinet. Waxed regularly. Looks about perfect.


1 month later
2 months later
#11308 1 year ago

Austin Powers FS. Fully shopped with comet ww leds and titan rubber throughout. New mini me spinner and doctor evil bash toys. Playfield and cabinet are both in great shape with very minor wear at the scoop and slight fade by flipper buttons. Overall very nice. $2800

1 month later
#11619 12 months ago

Nice playfield and almost perfect cabinet. Has a rottendog mpu and a ppb board. Sound board just professionally rebuilt.

Looking for WPC or newer sterns: CV, TZ, IJ, TOM, SM, TSPP, Champion Pub, IM to name a few. +/- cash.

1 month later
#11972 10 months ago
Quoted from eabundy:

I need a williams / bally 80s style coin door for either firepower or spaceshuttle.

I may have a space shuttle. I have an extra cab laying around. Can't remember if it has the door or not.

#11978 10 months ago
Quoted from eabundy:

I could use a new cabinet head if it's solid. Mine seems to be sagging a little.

No head just cab. I'll check for door

1 week later
#12077 10 months ago

Ironic you're offering Moberg another broken light. LOL

#12112 10 months ago

Star Wars Pro listed: $4800 OBO (or trades)

Archived after 10 days
Not sold
Machine - For Sale
Star Wars (Pro) Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “SW Pro. Was at Flip Side Pinball Bar where it was cleaned, waxed, and kept maintained on a weekly basis. Game still looks and plays like new. Open to trade offers for similar tiere...”
Westerly, RI
4,800 (OBO)

4 weeks later
#12325 9 months ago

Flintstones FS: $3000. Just shopped with complete topside teardown. Warm white comet LEDs and titan rubber throughout. LED lit buildings and brontosaurus. Comes with cartoon decal for playfield not installed. Plays perfect. Looking for cash for a nib purchase.

3 weeks later
#12455 8 months ago

On the chopping block:

Flintstones: Shopped- comet LEDs (WW)- Titan rubber- Lighted buildings and brontosaurus....$2800

Family Guy: New plastics- comet LEDs (WW)- Titan rubber- rebuilt scoop with cliffy....$4200

Star Trek Pro: No wear- LEDs (mixed)- great shape....$4200

2 months later
#13111 6 months ago

Flintstones in market. $3000. Shopped, clean, playing perfectly.

1 week later
#13187 5 months ago

Thinking about moving my Funhouse. I'd call it a nice players machine. New head decals, LED displays (blue), comet leds, no major wear, works 100%. My hopes and dreams of a funhouse 2.0 kit will probably never happen. $4k

#13191 5 months ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

Looking for a nice Paragon (like the one that was at The Sanctum...or actually that one specifically. LOL.), TWD Premium, IJ, or SS. Anyone in New England have one to sell? Also willing to trade my DILE towards it.

Paragon is on vacation at Flip Side. Sorry, but that baby is probably never leaving. I'm a sucker for the classic Ballys and that one is a beaut.

2 weeks later
#13326 5 months ago

Munsters Pro. On location at Flip Side since unboxing. Waxed/cleaned biweekly. Still nice and shiny! Plays 100% with no broken/cracked plastics.
$4900 firm. No trades.

#13364 5 months ago

Munsters Pro-$4700 if sold by this weekend! Come and get it! Looks and plays great!

#13380 5 months ago

STTNG: $4800-LED OCD for inserts and GI, Laser Cannons, Topper, other details. Very nice example.

Munsters Pro: $4700- Not HUO but looks and plays like new

2 weeks later
#13482 4 months ago

Super Chexx bubble hockey, cheap, $1200. Upgraded to LED lighting, 4 new mechs, decent shape overall.

1 month later
#13926 81 days ago

Silverball Mania $750. Perfect BG. Nice Cabinet. Decent playfield with wear around inserts. Plays perfect. WW comets in the GI. Titan rubber throughout. Can include NOS playfield with game for $500. Will not sell playfield separately.

3 weeks later
#14168 58 days ago

TNA going up for sale. Still looks new. Includes shaker and mirror blades. Plays 100% with no issues. Bullet proofed the sound wiring with upgraded RCA cable. Sad to see it go, it's just not getting played as much as other machines and looking to buy the new stern. $5500 OBO.

#14179 58 days ago

ad up

Archived after 8 days
Sold for $ 5,000
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
As is “Game is like new. Includes mirror blades and shaker. Bullet proofed the sound with upgraded RCA cable. Plays with no errors. I love the game it just doesn't get played as much as o...”
Westerly, RI
5,000 (OBO)

#14221 53 days ago

Archived after 8 days
Sold for $ 5,000
Contributed to Pinside
Machine - For Sale
As is “Game is like new. Includes mirror blades and shaker. Bullet proofed the sound with upgraded RCA cable. Plays with no errors. I love the game it just doesn't get played as much as o...”
Westerly, RI
5,000 (OBO)

Price Drop. Good deal. Great game.

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