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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

6 years ago

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#146 6 years ago

Nice, awesome looking Volcano

4 weeks later
#270 6 years ago

Dr Who $2200 (see my fs thread)
Also have a working project Slugfest for $600, or both for a great deal. PM me

1 month later
#408 6 years ago

Nice Spiderman with all the goodies, for $5100 here...

4 months later
#916 6 years ago

Have a nice High Speed, flippers rebuilt, playfield looks to have no wear, it's full mylar, there is a slice/split in the mylar on the upper portion, but I can live with that over no wear.
Playfield a 9.5
Backglass a 9.5
Cabinet a 7.5 or 8.

Game plays great/fast, no issues, topper included. $1400

CPR XENON- Backglass real nice, all done up, cabinet is solid, but could use a cleaning. CPR playfield installed, all new leds, new plastics, new flipper bats, new drop targets, new flipper rebuild, new tube all new connectors, new alltek mpu, new driver board, new lamp board, $2200

Rollergames project: Diamondplate playfield is excellent, no magnet wear, etc. Game boots right up, but the inserts are dim. Cabinet is nice/solid, new shooter rod, new displays included, needs shop out as well. Missing the ball lock plastic: I'll walk for $1200, otherwise this is back burner winter project gold.

Mars God of War project, no inner backglass, no lockdown bar, has legs, cabinet is decent, game has a cpu (non booting, but no damage to it, very clean) the sound board, which is working great, but no driver board. Install a driver board and fix the cpu and the game works all the way, (player 4 display is bad) $225

Jumping Jack EM- works and plays well, but the bonus scoring works when it feels like it. $375

3 weeks later
#1054 5 years ago

decent High Speed for sale, check my recent activity/fs thread

1 month later
#1220 5 years ago


Transformers Pro, plug and play, works perfect, super bands, chrome bats, some LEDs, led speaker kit, led flipper buttons, -$3350- SOLD SOLD SOLD

Terminator 3: flipper button wear, but otherwise very clean and nice, no play field wear or gameplay issues, plug and play, new remote battery holder installed, DMD looks new. -$2400 SOLD SOLD SOLD

#1246 5 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

If I had a TZ, I would do that trade in a heartbeat (I'm part of a rare group of pin collectors that doesn't like TZ)

You love Gilligans Island, your opinion doesn't count.

(p.s, TZ is amazing)

1 week later
#1299 5 years ago

FS: TWD Pro, fresh out of the box, like new, not a scratch $4500

Corvette- very decent, $2800

Possibly players condition TZ- $4650 (too much new stuff to list)

POTC - nice, $4100

4 weeks later
#1418 5 years ago

Not a bad price on WW nowadays, but I never understood the fever people seem to have for that title...
It's not a bad game, but people treat that game like it's some grail pin.
I don't think I've ever paid over $1000 for one, who knows?

2 months later
#1814 5 years ago

Bally Star Trek, works good, good candidate for restore, $650

Bally Mystic Project (no cpu, no driver, no transformer) Light board and sounds board are there, backglass okay, some lifting at the bottom, good cabinet, comes with two playfields. $400

Joker Poker- has all in one board, works great. $1250

e-mail me for more pictures and details,

thanks, James

#1815 5 years ago

Putting out some feelers for my Earthshaker and Pool Sharks,

Williams: Earthshaker: Cabinet looks good for it's age, above average I'd say, playfield looks good, not perfect, it is mylared so the pf center looks sharp. Displays are nice and bright. Everything works on the game, it plays nice, though it's not ''shopped''. Center ramp is busted at the entrance like most originals, but I haven't noticed it effecting gameplay. Pretty solid overall ES $1850

Bally Pool Sharks: Game has a pretty nice playfield, factory mylar, a chipped plastic or two, nice playing game, new lightning bat flippers (have originals if needed) Backglass looks good, cabinet has fade and some peeling, fairly rare game, $1700

Possibly interested in trades, I like dmd/wpc stuff,
let me know what you might have
open to shipping and a package deal pricing.
pictures soon
thanks, James

#1842 5 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

its also getting GI out of the house that's an issue...... not easy getting a pin down a flight of steps by myself

Simple with a dolly.


#1914 5 years ago

Joker Poker for sale,

Has pascal all in one board, works perfectly, fair condition, great game.



2 weeks later
#2014 5 years ago

Champion Pub $4100

Nice overall game that plays great, nice playfield. Nice board set. DMD is wavy for the first ten minutes then goes away completely (needs hv kit/caps)
New leg bolt plates, New center green punch/jump ramps (not installed)
Can take better pictures if needed, just ask.

Trades considered,
I will be going to Pintastic and this pin will be in freeplay.

DSC01986.JPG DSC01987.JPGDSC01989.JPGDSC01991.JPG

#2026 5 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:

I'm sure the promotors are just tired from working their tales off getting this show going. No one should take offense to their request for more games. They just want a successful show after all their time energy and money. You couldn't ask for nicer promoters, with bigger hearts than Gabe and Derek. With all the registered games they have coming it will be a great fun show. Every year going forward it should continue to grow. I look forward to helping them and providing all the skills, tools, and machines I have, as this is like a pinball superbowl party for me. I think we could do better as New Englanders supporting it but I get it, it's a first year show. It's summer time people are busy on vacations, family runs etc. This year will be kickin and next year even bigger. At the worst lets kill this thing with amazing attendance, attitude, and give a big thanks to those 2 guys for sticking their necks out to provide us with a fun 2 days of pinball awesomeness.

I agree. I read that as frustration, and anyone that took it personally, well...

I've done enough ''truckin'' a pin to so many people in these threads it's ridiculous. Sure, I can understand you not wanting to transport a pin, risk of damage, etc, but I don't want to do it either. I do it, because it needs to be done. Pinball is for everyone. Share it. Or keep it to yourself, literally.

#2035 5 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:

ED I would be more than happy to lend a hand to you in any way I can. Send me an email PM and or call me when you get there. I will help out or meet you there. FYI the Big Hurt was one of my first restores. NOS playfield then auto cleared.

Never played a BIG hurt, i want to!

3 weeks later
#2184 5 years ago
Quoted from the96stang:

Rollergames pics 1400
New Mpu. Speaker doesn't work. Gi needs work. Could use a shop job. I have everything to convert it to a 5 drop target game.

20150729_171243.jpg 20150729_171214.jpg 20150729_171224.jpg

you forgot to add, that it's a pretty rare Diamondplate RG, one of a handful.

1 week later
#2276 5 years ago
Quoted from jchiu:

He wanted $5200 for a used X-Men Pro. Seriously.

Mike D will work with a cash buyer, as competitive as any other dealer, you just have to know how to talk with him. Their sticker prices are not even close to the bottom line. I have had nothing but good experiences when dealing with Mike.

With that said, I would also deal without hesitation with Mike E, if he had something I wanted.

2 months later
#2801 5 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Fucking flippers

Gwaxt is a stand up guy, your comment is unnecessary.

3 weeks later
#2953 5 years ago

Very nice Mystic $900
Very nice Haunted House $2100

See my recent activity/sale ads for pics and details,

Trades also considered.

2 weeks later
#3154 5 years ago

I don't really want to chime in, but F it.

Acedanger, these are people that live and breathe in the pinball community- they know their stuff and deal a lot of games, probably not in your best interest to be difficult.

I wouldn't even have felt the need to bring up this point, except for the fact that you and I had an eerily similar situation/deal between us and that exchange got ugly fast. Now, you saw me at Pintastic, and were a man, seeking me out to apologize and this went a long way with me. Misunderstandings happen, but work through them. We're all just trying to flip a ball in a wooden box.

As for the deal. No. Personally, RFM is a 2k game. That's where I buy them and where I sell them. DR who is a mid to high teen game at best. AC/DC on the other hand, is a masterpiece and 4k in my book, and that's where I sold one last year.

$1300 on top with no way to pick up or deliver the games? That's like jerking off in your neighbors pool and asking them to record it.

#3156 5 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

At best? I'm a buyer for a "best" Dr. Who in the high teens. PM me.

That's what I've seen them for around here, and what I paid from a Boston flipper ($1600). Allentown two years ago, there were a bunch and about 3 were in the teens.

#3177 5 years ago
Quoted from acedanger:

Once again I have no idea where you guys get the deals you speak of please point me in that direction.

It's being patient. It's networking. It's working hard to get the pin you want and it's who you know in the hobby a lot of the times. There are some good people within.

Meanwhile, with all this fluff going on over a RFM deal and who did Dr who and who didn't, people are missing a helluva a deal, as above there was just posted a WPT for $2200....

WPT is an amazing game and that is a steal for it. THAT is one of those deals.

#3184 5 years ago
Quoted from ToddSonOfOdin:

Thanks for the plug, as my post timing was indeed terrible.

If I didn't have a HUO mint one, I would be all over it. $2200, wow. That is a ton of game for the money and not the easiest of pins to find when looking. I would be shocked if that's not gone in a day.

1 week later
#3292 4 years ago

Roller Coaster Tycoon $2400
plug and play all the way, good condition overall.

#3334 4 years ago
Quoted from Grizlyrig:

Wanted to say Thank You for making our transaction today as simple as ever and for letting the machine go for a price that was reasonable for both of us. My family is enjoying it very much. Happy Holidays!!!

Awesome! you too
Enjoy it!

#3373 4 years ago

FS: Gottlieb Hot Shot EM (4 player pool theme)

Backglass is decent, playfield is decent, plays good, lockdown bar is not original.


#3374 4 years ago

Looking for a TSPP, routed okay, or what have you

pm price

#3401 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Because you have too much free time.

Says the guy with more than 3 times the pinside posts than him

1 week later
#3440 4 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Serious? Hell, I'd be fantastically happy if someone came over, played my TZ, and beat my high score. Hell - ANY of the high scores, not just the GC!

I went to do a trade with a guy who had a pristine TZ, and I started going to town on it and he told me to stop because he didn't want a high score like that on it, lol

#3444 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Serious about the high score...not serious about that being the reason he sold it.
And I hate when people infect my machines with their initials...and I let them know it. For people who don't know better, I just tell them a few weeks later that their high score disappeared because I had to install the new code update that just came out..., for Funhouse, for instance.

I would welcome someone to try and paste their initials on mine. In the unlikely event that they made the cut, it wouldn't be for very long

#3446 4 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

That would be me lol!
I plan on holding onto my TZ for a long time, and judging by the scores you put up on that Kiss, I'd be looking at your initials for the next 20 years. No thanks. Haha!

That grand champ score I put on that Kiss was stupid high. What a game that was.

''We're gonna doo a little numba for ya nowwwwww!! gunnn!''

'' kept your end of the bargain...I'm gonna keep mineeee!!''

I cracked up everytime these sound bits came up in the game. I go around my house saying these things to my wife and kids at random things and they f'n hate it, lolool!!

3 weeks later
#3654 4 years ago
Quoted from Jasontaps:

Still avail.
I can't transport it for $3500.

$3500 AND Transport? LOL!

C'mon people, this is seriously a stupid good deal. Game is fresh from the box and Mustang is an underrated fun game (pretty hard too)

If I didn't just buy a Tron, I would have bought this and brought you a pizza when I picked it up.

#3660 4 years ago

WTB: Bally Strikes and Spares project,

Pm me with what you may have,
thanks, James

#3685 4 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

$50 to help someone move it? Really?

He should have paid me to help him move it on our last deal, from his last setup in the basement. Tight, back breaking, awful...fuck it sucked. I think I did that a few deals with Chris.

#3691 4 years ago
Quoted from ejacques:

Anyone out there have a beat up and cheap Firepower 2 project they are sitting on? I have a populated playfield I'd love to try playing.

I have a half stripped playfield, headbox and cabinet, some plastics...and a bad backglass for FP2. No boards.

1 month later
#4139 4 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

The game is not CQ, but it's easily a candidate with a reasonable amount of work.

Don't listen to this fool, this game IS collector quality. I saw this, I played it, it was the nicest example of TZ I have ever seen. If you're looking for a prime rib, original example of this pin, look no further.

#4226 4 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:


I can't see the other side of the room, could be a lot of people.

#4233 4 years ago

WPT, huo, low plays (around 800 I think), mint cabinet, condition all around is A+ $3400

GOT pro, Huo, mint condition, low plays $4500

Would consider a package deal. Allentown delivery available if pre-paid. Easy garage load, otherwise.

thanks, James

1 week later
#4379 4 years ago

Possibly looking to buy a lowly Williams Fire!

Or have a good playing Jokerz! to trade, for another system 11.

F14, highspeed, dr dude...

#4411 4 years ago
Quoted from digitaldocc:

Up for trade is my collector quality Star Wars E1 pin2K. Looks brand new, works perfectly, and has the special rare gold plaque that
Williams put on their last few pins produced before the company closed their pin division. I’m hoping that its amazing condition and special plaque combined with the fact that in the upcoming years the new Star Wars movies will continue to increase this machine’s value will justify a higher trade value. So who wants my Star Wars?


This is the machine that was listed here about a year ago, a real fact...

1 week later
#4535 4 years ago
Quoted from PinballCharlieNY:

Picked up a non working Stern Dracula from CL a few weeks ago. Missing top flipper. $500 or trade for a working machine. Located in Kingston NY 12401. Comes with new drop targets! Backglass is partially sealed and was spray painted in certain areas but looks respectable. Can bring to Allentown with deposit.


pm sent

3 weeks later
#4690 4 years ago

Brand new in the box (from Marco) Tron ramp (right ramp, not the side shot ramp), $100
can bring to allentown or ship

1 month later
#4952 4 years ago

Gottlieb Mars God of War $800
Gottlieb Force 2- $1000
Stern 9 Ball- $1900
Gottlieb Rocky- $2500

for more details and pictures, see recent activity/for sale threads,
thanks, James

1 week later
#5109 4 years ago

I remember when this thread had games for sale...

#5128 4 years ago

Capcom Breakshot (1996) $2200

Excellent condition, shopped, nice clean game. Works and plays strong, plug and play. Not sold it will be at Pintastic in free play,
Possible trades considered.

thanks, James

#5140 4 years ago
Quoted from embryonjohn:

Seventeen on jungle queen ?

Don't look at it, no matter what happens, shut your eyes and don't look at it...

2 weeks later
#5269 4 years ago

howdy folks,

i'm looking for Party Zone parts in an attempt to bring a trashed game back to life- What parts might you have? Transformer for early wpc is at the top of my want list.

Also looking for elvira and the Party Monsters parts. Translight, used cabinet or like cabinet, left side plastic and left side slingshot plastic, boards?

have anything? Shoot me a pm.

Best, James

3 weeks later
#5582 4 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

is klov the best place to find vids? i'm trying to find a few, actually.

I first got into vids around 2010 and exited quickly, they drove me nuts. Between the monitors and the boards and wiring, it seemed too complex on top of being into pinball. Several months ago however, I had an itch for the classic 80's stuff mostly, and maybe some 90's stuff. I was surprised how difficult it seemed to get what I wanted, but i've learned patience is the key.
If you go looking for what you want, you may pay too much or have a hard time finding it. If you have an open mind to something you weren't looking for, they seem to come to you.
I started with a Widebody Mario Bros, Centipede and Pacman, and now I have 20 or so. I really enjoy playing them because like pinball, they are like time machines- takes you right back. However, I find pinball easier to diagnose and work on. When a game craps out, the board and it's chips/roms look daunting, and I don't have this stuff on hand. Maybe like pinball it's a learning curve, so I'll keep at it, but it's no fun to have a game not work. With that said, I really like my vids and so do my kids (when they work)

#5590 4 years ago
Quoted from msj2222:

Is this a pinball forum? Is this a "Northeast for Sale thread" on a pinball forum?

Is your avatar really Kermit the frog watching two frogs hump? Is that frog porn?

#5598 4 years ago
Quoted from acedanger:

I walked in today on my parents having sex. So naturally I watched.

That was me, I was there to try out the AC/DC you have for sale but I couldn't resist trying something else out while I waited. Sorry I came too early and you weren't around...

1 week later
#5704 4 years ago
Quoted from KingBW:

Does Pinsound really make the quality that much better? Never heard of that before. Went to their website and browsed.

I know it makes it louder,
With stock speakers on my GNR, it cranked much more than the stock sound board. If you wanted to go deaf, it was a possibility.

1 month later
#6120 4 years ago

Gottlieb Big Hurt. Nice cabinet, playfield is very good, works and plays without issue, flippers easily hit homeruns and the glove motor works fine. Could use new rubber soon but this is a strong playing game $1800

Gottlieb 2001 Em (1971) Cabinet was painted red and half assed painted back to white (Looks better at least) Backglass is fair, sealed, playfield very good and works and plays excellent- $600

Stern 1980 BIG GAME- Very nice cabinet, playfield has some wear in the square grid but overall very good condition for this title. Some red flaking in the backglass and it does not boot, MPU has light acid on the bottom edge. Complete game in pretty decent shape despite these issues. Figured to just do an Alltek to it, will sell it as it sits for $750

1 week later
#6202 4 years ago

I've had a few Demomen over the years, I wouldn't pay more than mid teens for one, not sure why anyone else would. It's an okay game.

That goes for Judge Dredd too, and Getaway, etc. Why everyone keeps pushing and pushing these titles up with all these ridiculous numbers is beyond me. If you're going to spend $2500 for a twenty year old semi lame movie pin, save a little more and buy something new, or better.
Sold a decent Demoman in 2013 or 14' for $1300.

The price increases without bending much gets tiring. I swear the games mentioned above spend more time trading or changing hands than actually being played and staying in a collection for years, this possible fact says it all.

#6205 4 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Too bad it's not 2011 anymore.

Why? Because people were smarter back then?

#6235 4 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Again, that's $2000-2500 over your average price for a b-list 90s game. Not exactly pocket change. The theory I'm disputing is "just save a little more" and buy a late model stern.

You haven't had nearly every game made like I have, so I have the experience with what is a very good value, versus not so much. T2 is a cool looking game/theme and plays okay for a shallow rule set. It's not $2500 cool and never will be (in my opinion)

The theory you're disputing is essentially having TWO average at best WPC games at what many are calling ''Market price'' against a $5000 stern.
I personally want the fresh blood, the hard rules, the fun game, and one that has never been played 50,000 times- a brand new game. I'd rather have the one new over the two old, but that's just me.

You apparently are the opposite, because you just bought two WPC games from me, and I bent a lot down from my very reasonable asking prices. My point was, this is not typical seller behavior. So unless you find a seller like me, that's willing to work a great deal, you'll see a lot of bleh games not worth their asking prices, with no solid enough reason to revisit at these prices. For those that just want variety, okay. But even that only goes so far.

#6256 4 years ago
Quoted from nocreditdot:

Thinking of selling the completely restored beautiful example of a Monster Bash I have. If interested PM me.

I saw this in person, it is stunning.

Easy seller to deal with, deal with confidence.

1 week later
#6358 4 years ago

The Hobbit LE $7500- HUO, mint and dialed in. See my for sale thread for more details,
trades considered, really looking for an original MM. Cash is king.

thanks, James

#6420 4 years ago
Quoted from tjohns14:

Ok first 600 takes it cant beat that deal new cpr playfield and plastics also new stencil kit pick up only mata hari

pm sent

#6445 4 years ago

Jurassic Park and RoadShow for sale, would prefer to sell together.

DE Jurassic Park: Shopped out, cliffy protectors installed, chad H rom, titan red rubber kit, strong flippers, no broken plastics, some leds. Solid cabinet, no burned connectors, new power supply, nice dmd, needs some touch up in black on one cabinet side, just a couple spots. Needs nothing really, plug and play.

Road Show: Decent condition overall, works and plays excellent but could use a mild shop out. Red and Ted work fine, Teds eyes try and move but one plunger is snapped, and Reds mouth needs a new gear, but it still works. Dmd is bright, but has 3 lines out. Board set looks good.

$5,000 for the pair. Trades considered. Newer Stern maybe, possibly Whitewater or?

Thanks, James

#6470 4 years ago

Jurassic Park- Very good overall, no issues and shopped out $2650

Road Show- Good shape, playfield well above average shape, could use light shop out $2650

Nascar- Shopped playfield, all leds and ocd board, plays like a rocket, some cabinet imperfections from painters tape, but solid overall game $2500

1 month later
#6689 3 years ago
Quoted from scottmaggie:

Considering trading my Guns & Roses.
Shopped. ColorLED, PinballPro Speakers, Cointaker LEDs, Cliffys, NEW GnR ramps, rubber, balls, legs, bolts, levelers, buttons, flipper bats/coils/stops, new drop targets, target decals, plastic protectors, leds under cab, led lit buttons, Lit back board, back board decal, NVRAM, and more I am not thinking of at the moment.
Would ideally like:
Addams Family
Theater of Magic
Indiana Jones
Would consider +cash:
Star Trek Next Gen
Judge Dredd
No Good Gofers
Other Bally Williams DMDs

pm sent

1 week later
#6782 3 years ago

Nice playing 1988 Williams Jokerz, nice playfield, top display is dead. See fs thread for pictures,
$900 firm.

#6787 3 years ago

Replaced the top glass display on Jokerz, game now works and plays great. Nice overall pin.


#6818 3 years ago

WTT: huo Ghostbusters pro with updated slimer mech and no issues. Around 200 plays, for LOTR.
Any takers, pm me.

#6846 3 years ago

FS: Ghostbusters pro,
very low plays, no issues, HUO, updated slimer mech. $4800

Would consider trade for a LOTR

#6894 3 years ago

Looking to trade/possibly sell my T3,
decent cabinet, works and plays great, strong flippers, plays smooth.

I value it somewhere in the 2500 range, give or take. I'd be interested in a WPT, possibly something else..who knows.

#6897 3 years ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

Ed Cianci has a WPT, send him a pm

Did, we were close but this is back up for trade.

1 month later
#7266 3 years ago

Looking for an XMen pro , pm me if you have one, with your asking price.
Thanks, James

1 month later
#7492 3 years ago

Looking for a gottlieb pro football or baseball em, not working/project okay (if you can bring to allentown, that would be great)
Also looking for any project system 80 widebody games.
Pm if you have something.

thanks, James

1 week later
#7586 3 years ago
Quoted from edcianci:

bally Viking - backglass very nice - rest of the game is bad - cabinet was repainted (head wasn't) - playfield has big wear spot right in the middle - I plug the game in and it lights up and nothing else - no acid damage - it has the original battery in it and it hasn't exploded - actually all the boards look good. either fix it - could be a fuse - yes it could be as I have no idea - the cpu does not flash - it goes on the first light and stays there. $400 - should be worth that in parts.
I do have a stern ultimate cpu - but I don't know how to use it - thanks ed - game is on the mass/ri line

Pm sent on bpa-

1 week later
#7682 3 years ago

Bally Rolling Stones Playfield (nos or any condition considered)
Eight Ball Deluxe plastics, used or new

Monday Night Football

Whole or projects, lmk what you may have.

thanks, James

2 weeks later
#7851 3 years ago

Monday Night Football-
Cabinet solid/very decent, really clean game in places, good backglass, playfield looks very good, original displays look good, board set is clean, no hacks, plays great, sound board has a speech issue but music/sounds are fine. I put black lightning bats in it, I also have regular bats that come with it. $1550

Black Knight-
Solid cabinet/very good, nice coin door, above average playfield, new drop target decals, clean board set, brand new backglass, it's all there, but not booting, not shopped. $1200

Mr/Ms Pacman-
playfield looks very good, it's been touched up but not cleared, backglass is mint, cabinet solid, game is all there, clean boards, I don't have the roms for the cpu but I played it with an Alltek when I had one and all was well with nice displays $700

Eight Ball Deluxe 1984 version with swing out glass/hinged head and 555 bulbs-
good shape playfield, mylar, shopped it out with new rubber and bulbs, wear spot at the top entry lane, it is missing three plastics but plastic sets are available, could use new 2x-5x targets, game plays excellent, cabinet is solid but faded, headbox sides look crummy, I have a spare headbox from a Spy Hunter that goes with it. Backglass looks great but has a couple spots near the top that don't really jump out. Boards look good, there has been some general work done, repinning and work to the rectifier board to make it play great, displays look good too. $1800

Cash is king, but trades possibly considered. For some reason Maverick/Baywatch don't sound bad, but I'm not even sure about those because of the themes.
pm me what's on your mind.

thanks, James

1 week later
#7915 3 years ago

Stern Rolling Stones Pro:
Game is in excellent condition, very slight cabinet flipper wear with clear protectors. Has shaker, some leds, full flipper fidelity speakers, album side blades, pinbits protectors, no cracked ramps or broken plastics, game is plug and play. Added some better Stones songs as well.

Cash is king, but trades considered, possibly Batman Forever, Space Shuttle, pm me.

#7931 3 years ago

FS: Spirit of 76' (Gottlieb EM) SOLD

Game is in fair overall shape, works and plays well. Probably could use some fine tuning, haven't tinkered with it much besides getting the chimes to register.
Backglass is very presentable, but not excellent. Playfield looks good, but has some checking in the blue near the right side top of playfield. Plastics look good. Someone painted the cabinet blue and the headbox red. Fun little players pin with drops that reset between balls. Restore it or play it like it is until 2076.


#7939 3 years ago

WTB: Baywatch or Batman Forever. Pm me what you may have,
Thanks, James

3 weeks later
#8045 3 years ago

I have an extra Fish Tales coming in, typical fish wear, cabinet fade, so average shape all around. Does not have a topper but game works great. Looking to trade, maybe TFTC, Batman Forever, Johhny Mnemonic, etc.

#8082 3 years ago
Quoted from jkashani:

Any boy have a Williams Laser Cue that they want to sell?

Why don't you have a seat right over there,
I'm Chris Hansen, from Dateline NBC and we're doing a story on...

1 month later
#8430 3 years ago

Black Knight: Installed Cpr playfields, new plastic set, new backglass, good displays, titan colored rubber, Rottendog cpu combo (version 1) New power supply and sound board was serviced. Cabinet is solid, clean, some bumps and bruises to the headbox sides. Nice playing game, $2500

Space Shuttle: Mylar from bottom to 3/4 up, so center looks great, touch ups in progress/needed near top and spinner lane. Cabinet is solid, Backglass has flat bubbling. MPU board is being serviced, should be back any day. Missing one display. $800

F-14: Earlier run with clear flashers at the back wall. Been in home use since 1997. Cabinet is excellent (best I've seen for this title)
Works and plays stupid fast, needs the double belt for the topper sirens, but they do work, some lifting inserts (show me an original F-14 that hasn't) otherwise, playfield looks very good. Only player one display works, (second player tries to, 3/4 player dead) Great lineup game, $1400

For more details/pictures, check my recent activity for the market place/forum ad.

Thanks, James

1 month later
#8766 3 years ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

Looking for a Williams EM, Grand Prix, Liberty Bell, or Hot tip. Willing to consider other EMs with spinners and or bonus collect.

Put Surf Champ or Surfer in that list, I think it's better than those.

2 months later
#9498 2 years ago

Looking to make some room, too much on my plate this winter.

Surf Champ EM- Works and plays nice, couple broken plastics, decent shape all around, has wrong lockdown bar on it (too wide) $550

Solar Fire: Needs the all in one rottendog board, and a connector replaced (someone splice hacked it) Sound board and power supply are fine. It's shopped. Cabinet is decent, backglass is eh but replacements are available, playfield has some wear under the mylar, it's rare and they just don't surface very often. $1250

Bad Girls: Recently picked this up, it has a swemmer mpu in it. Good condition overall, some wear down by the flippers, did some tweaks, it's playing strong but it's been a tad too easy for me to whip (though still fun) If it stays, it stays, people are playing it daily. $800 or $600 without the swemmer, and a very clean original cpu that won't boot for some reason.

Trades considered, cash preferred.
easy garage load,
Thanks, James- Gardner, MA

#9503 2 years ago

or a long time in the making, that pin and I go way back to the late 90's

In all seriousness, I pounded 29 million on this thing, I need something that will pound back and these girls on the backglass are probably nearing 60.

2 weeks later
#9603 2 years ago
Quoted from ExSquid:

I'm looking to sell my Bride of Pinbot, just wanted to know if anyone in the Long Island area was interested. It is in working shape, normal wear and tear. Will send pics if interested.


3 weeks later
#9727 2 years ago

Gottlieb Surf Champ EM, works and plays great, decent overall shape, wrong lockdown bar- $600

2 months later
#10408 2 years ago

Pretty nice overall, Bally Radical! for sale. $4250 b/o (it's pretty htf but i'm flexible)

1 week later
#10462 2 years ago
Quoted from ejacques:

Still have a few of the aracde style coin pushers left....I'll trade them for pretty much anything pinball/arcade.

I'll trade you a taillight

1 week later
#10525 2 years ago

Fully working Bally KISS (playfield above average, cabinet solid but faded, backglass crappy but displays well)
and project Bobby Orr with mint backglass (playfield sucks)- $2,200 for the pair.

I also have a Midway 4 player Gretzky Hockey, works great, needs finishing touches, pretty rare game/htf. -$700
Crystal Castles dedicated cocktail, semi project, works, monitor good, also pretty uncommon (think they made 500 of them)- $300

pm if interested,

3 weeks later
#10704 2 years ago

Sega Space Jam for trade,
Works and plays good,
Cabinet is decent, has flipper button wear but otherwise solid. Went through the game, all switches/solenoids working, remote battery holder installed. Typical wabbit hole wear. Anything Taz sounding off (which is the right orbit and game over sequence) partly screeches, pretty sure it's the game roms need a freshening up.

Open to trades, lmk
thanks, James

1 month later
#10877 2 years ago

AC/DC premium- 6k
Guns N' Roses- $6k
LOTR- $5600
Pinbot $2000

Ads in marketplace and forum with all the details.

thanks, James

3 weeks later
#11008 2 years ago

I’m late to the party, but will add and give credit where credit is due, Mike’s WCS is worth what he’s asking, he doesn’t screw around, a link to any of his restore threads will prove this, there are no short cuts in his work.

With that said, wcs 94 in route shape or needing tlc, 2k-2500.

2 weeks later
#11115 2 years ago

Looking for a Stern Star Wars Pro or X-Men Pro.
Pm me if you’ve got one you’re looking to move.

Thanks, James

1 week later
1 week later
#11430 2 years ago

Jurassic Park - $2900
Gottlieb King Pin - $800
Paragon- $1400

Ads are listed in my recent activity or on the forum/marketplace.

Will consider trades or open to a package price.

thanks, James

1 week later
#11477 2 years ago

Price reduced, ads in the market and forum.
Jurassic Park- nice, $2800- SOLD
EM King Pin- $500- SOLD

Cue Ball Wizard- $1500- SOLD

Possibly project Judge Dredd, but it's missing cpu, sound board and trough optos. Feeling that one out, not sure yet.

#11494 2 years ago

Looking for WPT, or GOT- possibly X-MEN pro.
Pm me if you have something available.

thanks, James

2 weeks later
#11614 2 years ago

Nice Alvin G Pistol Poker FS/FT- Interested in a Maverick or WPT

Ad in marketplace/forum

1 week later
#11713 2 years ago

Iron Man is terribly overrated with very unbalanced scoring.
Avatar is a way better pin imo.

#11717 2 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Crazy talk. I get that you like it better... But absolute crazy talk.

How so? Both have basically the same rule style but...
Iron man dumps 50 million in your lap if you wizard, or you’re scoring 200, 300k shots. Bash toy monger? Big whoop! Best thing about iron man is the triple spinners. Iron Man is not as amazing as people want to believe it is.

Avatar though-
That Link shot is super satisfying and Amp suit is such a narrow yet satisfying skill type of shot, it might be one of the best in pinball. Call outs and voice work are absolutely superior compared to Iron Man. The x multipliers are excellent if placed correctly and the game will kick your ass in, it’s so hard. Imo it’s a better overall looking pin and theme as well.

Boom- Final Battle for the win.

#11730 2 years ago

Joker poker project or working one with realistic price
Still looking for a World Poker Tour as well

Thanks, James

2 weeks later
#11845 2 years ago

I’ve had 600+ games pass through the framework of my home since 2006 -that’s a lot of games in players and collectors hands in that time, and many of them at very fair prices. I don’t usually refuse good games that I find in the wild, I never know where they might fit in, and Time Machine was specifically purchased to test my Torpedo Alley. Success.

If I’m friends with someone or know you a little bit, I pass the game onto that person for my costs, regardless of what I listed It for- I bend.
I can see in this thread who is and isn’t, apparently. When I helped start the Sanctum In CT, games like Black Jack,Frontier, Medusa, Hoops, which are all still there and remain a part of the bread and butter to the Sanctum, were brought in for what I paid.

With that said, I’m not required to keep Time Machine and my intention was for trade or package deal with the two others I have for sale.
I’m not out to please any of the people that take issue with my dealings and it’s fair to say that you’re not out to please me.

If the seller (who I know and had a conversation about this very thing already when I picked it up) has an issue with any of it, he’ll contact me and we’ll discuss it, but he doesn’t. Just a few select vocal people that are angry it wasn’t them. Adios, counselors.

Edit: I don't usually post games for sale in here, because of accusations, assumptions and expectations like what was blown hard above. He doesn't know the real story, and at that point it's all just puffed out wind that looks even worse with the facts out. I even asked Matt (beaglepuss) when I showed up to it mostly working, if he needed to keep it. He said ''No we're good, I don't care if you sell it tomorrow for $1700'' - Defense over. (The game was sold with T2 for $3200. Broke completely even)

Thanks, James

#11848 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

People, don't lost faith in the community....There are plenty of decent buyers/sellers out there. Ask around and find out who, and who not to deal with. I have...and some of the stories I have heard, even if half true, are disturbing. I agree with gotpins , honest feedback works. However, do not believe a word that max_badazz says about me....he's simply envious of my dancing skills. :p

Just so you know, an X-MEN LE that I bought that was yours a short time earlier, was so badly hacked with mods and led light strips that you put in, that it caused the game to block boot up and malfunction. I had to remove all your hacks, and I did so while remaining faithful in the community that the previous owner clearly didn’t know what he was doing, let alone know what he was talking about.

#11853 2 years ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

Haven't had any complaints from any others that I have sold.....and there have been quite a few. I think you might have some anger issues you need to work out. You pretty much hate on every post of mine on various forums, and I don't even know you. Not sure what I did to earn this hate, but you need to let it go. It's unhealthy.

Well here's your first complaint then.

And nope, I don’t hate anyone, so keep those assumptions.
I just find your constant trying too hard/witty responses to everything on Facebook annoying and your undertone responses that are trying to be indirect are tacky.
I’ve actually had a pleasant conversation with you at Allentown a couple years back for what it’s worth.

As for X-MEN, nice game once all the hacks were removed.

#11858 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I was pointing out an observation, and now you're attacking me for posting pics in a fun thread? Flippers don't post games they bring home because they don't want people to know they bought it, or who from. Plenty of people on here know me (including you actually), and know that I'm the furthest thing from a narcissist or someone that gloats. My collection is always modest, and I know and act like it is. Don't shit on another thread that people actually enjoy.
And you listed Time Machine individually in the ad, not as a package with other games.
I don't need to hear you rant every time somebody calls you out on something about how many games you've owned, that you helped start the Sanctum, that you parted the seas with Moses, invented the internet, etc. You bought a game for $1k. You listed it one day later without doing ANYTHING to it for $1,650. End of story.
If you wanted to test your Torpedo Alley, you could have bought your board set over to Beagle's house. Much easier than buying an entire game to "test" another one.
Let it go, what's said has been said, and good luck with your sale. That's what this thread is for.

Not even going to dignify much of this post other than I am very surprised how vocal you were over this, considering how pleasant we have been to each other at pinball shows. So be it.
I actually did replace a tip 36c and replaced a pop bumper bracket and coil, but whatever. Didn’t get to the bad display.
T2 and Time Machine have both now sold, and I can assure you it was nothing close to a flip. (Both sold for $3200 before PayPal fees)

Oh well, flame on, I got thick skin.

#11862 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Good for you...after your PM calling me a dick, I'm done with this conversation. Keep on flippin everyone!!! (I mean playing the games)

Yup, you finger pointed me in your witch hunt and I kept it in a pm because you’re being one. There was zero flip here. See you around.

#11887 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinsterwmass:

I saw a pistol poker listed by a non pinball hobbiest for $500 but I was second in line. Within two days later Jams had one for $1,500. I don't know for certain if he bought that very machine but chances are high that he was the one. I saw two others at listed at over 2.5k. It was a win win for everyone involved. I'm not trying to embarrass anyone but show that you can still score a deal if he resells. I don't have an issue with someone making a few bucks especially if I don't have to drive to Long Island or Ohio to pick it up. I just ask that you are Honest in your descriptions and in answering questions and follow through with a deal. I don't ask for much.

I sold that to the Sanctum for about what I paid, and when I contacted the seller, I simply offered what he was asking which I can assure you was way more than $500.
It's currently being played by the community in Central CT at the Sanctum and they cleaned it up beautifully. It was a 4 hour drive round trip just to get the game and another 4 hour round trip to the Sanctum to drop it off. I really made nothing on it.

#11949 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

The answer...ironic coming from you. You don’t question what people do, or bring it into this thread?

Way to contribute.
This story is toteally long over, so leave it a few pages back where it belongs. I know James, and we have already spoken.

Mr. Moberg actually shook my hand after playing him at the Sanctum last week, and I definitely appreciated the gesture, a step in the right direction. It to me signified we’re all just trying to get along and have fun.

I have discussed with Colson in private and seen his side of it, and I think we have a mutual respect for each other’s thoughts on the matter.
While I regret listing it for what I did, it went to someone that essentially paid what I did, so it’s all good.
With that said, after thinking about the thumb parade a few pages back, I have met or talked to less than 5 of those people in person, one of them I even consider a friend, so I don’t really care about the perceptions of people that feel at liberty to high five colson in pm and pitchfork me publicly. With that type of mentality, I probably don’t like, or wouldn’t like any of them either, so it is what it is.
The real irony is, every time I have met anyone in person from pinside and beyond, I cannot recall even ONE time someone wasn’t pleasant and respectful with me.

That’s all. Life’s short, not worth the negative energy, pinball is fun. Enjoy it and take care.

Best, James

2 weeks later
#12100 2 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

FYI, Buddy from Doughslingers has 1 more JJP Pirates Le available to sell that can still be delivered this year.Great stocking stuffer!

That's one hung stocking.

3 weeks later
#12270 1 year ago

Bally 1980 Mystic for sale

Cabinet is solid, with some cosmetic wear and tear from age, playfield is nearly full mylar so it looks really nice overall. Backglass is excellent. New driver board and rectifier and sound board upgrades, original MPU with no acid damage. New drop targets. Works and plays excellent, fairly uncommon game.


#12312 1 year ago

NGG -$3500
Haunted House $2500
Torpedo Alley Project with spare playfields $900

Ads in market place and forum.

Thanks, James

#12323 1 year ago

FS: Demolition Man

Leds, works and plays perfectly, no issues, no claw issues. I've played a ton of games on it, it's rock solid.

DMD has a couple dots lit in one vertical row. Cabinet is average but solid, has some playfield wear that was touched up near the flippers and then mylared. It's no looker but a great player in every sense of the word.


#12349 1 year ago

Torpedo Alley project Sold-

NGG still here, price drop to $3400
Haunted House -$2200
Demolition Man- 2k firm

Ads in forum/marketplace
Thanks, James

1 week later
#12428 1 year ago

WTB: Game of Thrones Pro

If you have something, hit me up and maybe we can do something.

Thanks, James

#12433 1 year ago
Quoted from edcianci:

Game of Thrones pro - nice shape - not HUO - but could pass as HUO - 4400 - located in RI.

Pm sent- I’ll take it.

1 week later
#12488 1 year ago


Stern Star Trek Pro $4500

Aerosmith Pro- $4700

Game of Thrones Pro- $4500

Baby Pac-Man- 1200

Ads in forum and marketplace with details.

thanks, James

1 month later
#12937 1 year ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

It’s okay Levi
Hated Maverick - owned 3

Maverick is a total hidden gem, it's great.

#12987 1 year ago
Quoted from PersonX99:

I would have loved to had pins as a teen. My family did not play any games of any kind.

Can we put the violins away and get back to selling games?

#13034 1 year ago
Quoted from digitaldocc:

Either way I'm not interested in them even if they're early solid state.


#13037 1 year ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Listing my AS and my NBAFB.

Huh. That’s odd. Your NBA playfield is stamped 9/1995, but production didn’t start on that game until Feb/March 1997?
Someone must’ve had fun with the stamp

1 week later
#13177 1 year ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

A little too old for my taste. It wouldn't last long in the collection

For your money, to fill the void/hole, I would recommend getting a Joker Poker, it's one of the most affordable bang for your buck pins, and you really can't stop playing it once you start (if you love drop targets)

Another great game in that range is Maverick....

1 week later
#13276 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Christ, how many friggin Pinfest threads do we need? I was following the one shlokdoc started and the other hotel one.

Can never have too much of a good thing, and they definitely are not party threads

#13289 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Transformers Combo LE for sale soon. Game works but has some issues for you picky 100% working types!
Looking for $3600 for this. Cheap!
Has an LED light tube upgrade in backbox. Flippers recently rebuilt with new coils and also replaced both flipper transistors on main board. Sound/DMD/general gameplay no issues.
The turning starscream platter/figure sometimes gets stuck in one position, so it's disabled.
Has some broken plastics, including the big shield thing over the drop target/hole which broke off. I disabled the drop target to stop airballs (plus I prefer the way it plays without the drop).
A chunk of art missing near front right cabinet leg. Doesn't really look so bad as the cabinet is black and the art is dark.
A little wear on playfield near drop target hole kickout. Again not really that noticeable with dark art.
Good player late-ish model LE stern. Off route for about 3 years.
Pickup in NYC or possible delivery to Allentown if prepaid. This is the same game that was in the Allentown tournament last year.

Ha, that’s not going to last.
Best price I’ve ever seen on a Trans LE, fun game too.

#13316 1 year ago


Huo Star Wars Pro, mint, no issues.

+/- cash,
Interested in POTC, Stern Spiderman, Funhouse, WhiteWater, Banzai run, whirlwind, maybe others.

Pm if interested. Thanks

#13335 1 year ago
Quoted from TheRave:

Star Wars Pro only. Must be HUO, mint, with no issues.

Damn so close, but that’s never going to work. I only have a HUO Star Wars Pro that you’re looking for, but it’s mint and has no issues, I wish it wasn’t so we could trade.

#13355 1 year ago
Quoted from mrgregb123:

Not tense. There's just way too much BS and unnecessary drama on here and it scares people away. So when I see that crap, I attempt to shut it down quick and move it over to PM. Which to Rondogg's credit, he did and we're all good. Turns out we know each other. All's well, kids.

Agreed, but people are also way too sensitive. It’s just a pinball for sale thread.

#13393 1 year ago
Quoted from sagejr:

Can someone go and save this poor time machine? link

Only if I can try and flip it on pinside. Too soon?

#13404 1 year ago
Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

Possibly letting go of a Butt

Definitely not interested. No pm sent.

#13407 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

That’s one of the newer style. I didn’t mean every week of 1990.
Everybody who has Owned one of those original cab DEs probably knows what I’m talking about.

Yep, the plywood on the early Data East cabinets was an inferior grade compared to what Williams was using. It just splitters apart from handling and moving them around more. Stern was simply cost cutting way back then too.

2 weeks later
#13528 1 year ago


Gottlieb Jacks to Open (1984) plays good, all new drop targets, playfield above average, cabinet has plenty of battle scars, but solid - $900 or I'll do 750 if you don't want the cpu that's in it, and I'll throw in a super clean original that is currently booting to strobing displays.

Williams Comet: Working project, playfield looks like crap, sound is faint/can't really hear it, probably caps need to be replaced. Nice cabinet and backglass, lots of restoration parts are out there now for this- $800

#13556 1 year ago

Jacks to open -

Also have a James Bond and a Comet project if interested, as well as two Eight Ball Deluxe, (1984 and an LE) but not sure which one to keep of the two yet.

#13580 1 year ago
Quoted from Irishbastard:

Saw that right when it was posted.... Thought about it for a second...Nope

Underrated game, actually.
Callouts are dopey, but the gameplay and shot layout is very fun.

1 week later
#13682 1 year ago

FS: I have a Gold Wings project.

The cabinet has water damage but only on the edge of the cabinet on all sides, 1 to 3 inches up. It's not like the floor is falling out or anything like that. It's fiberboard, so if you sneeze on it, they swell up, It's not the best material to begin with. I started sanding it down to see what's doing, it needs more sanding. The cabinets on these are as thick as a brick.

The playfield is decent, I cleaned it up and was playing this with a good mpu installed from my Bounty Hunter last week, and it played great, everything worked and it was surprisingly fun.

It has the topper which alone is worth the asking price. Air siren in the cab is present and works! Bad diode on the displays is causing a short to the displays, I tried displays from my bounty hunter and it was fine, so you will need to fix the displays and put a good mpu in it.

Don't really want to part it out for some of the hard to find parts, I wanted to get the Top Gun translight for it, and the music in this game is epic, but if someone else wants to hop in the cockpit, $250 will do. I just have too many other games right now that need my attention.

Thanks, James

Added 18 months ago:

This has sold- thanks for all the interest.

#13704 1 year ago


Works and plays great, nice shape, dmd is perfect, clean overall game. Ship sails aren’t going down (pretty sure it’s just the coil, might fix it soon)

Interested in trading for a TRON. I also have a players condition Whirlwind that plays really well, I would consider bundling into the right deal. I have a silver CPR pf, all new ramps and new plastics still in the bags for it as well (all uninstalled)

Possibly interested in other pins, but Tron is tops.

Thanks, James

#13727 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Anybody want a free game?
GTB Spiderman. Cab is a little rough on two of the corners and has some damage. Playfield has some wear, and two cracked plastics. Backbox was painted over blue by somebody (gotta love when they do that) and was cleaned boards, no displays, no BG and no speaker. Looks like all of the harnesses are there. Light panel is pretty scrappy, but harness is there. No legs. Looks like someone took the pop boards from under the playfield too. Mayfair and Gulf Pinball has them though.
I was going to combine this with another one I picked up, but figured I might just pass it on if somebody wants to start building one out of this rather than me part it out. Boards can be found or new ones are available.
Would like it picked up today if possible. Cleaning out the garage. I can send pics via PM if anybody’s interested.

Would love to tackle this, as it's a great pin when right but too far away.

I have a normal ( i think it is, anyways...last I looked) Spiderman headbox in decent shape that someone can grab for free also, if they need it for this project. Possible pickup at Pintastic as well.

#13738 1 year ago

Stern POTC- nice game, ad in the marketplace, trades considered but cash is king - $4100

Thanks, James

4 weeks later
#13936 1 year ago

Trying to save a couple games I picked up,

Looking for a headbox to an 81’ Bally Eight Ball Deluxe- hinged version. (Elektra/Flash Gordon are other hinged heads from that era that will also work)

Shot in the dark, but also need a black hole lower cabinet. I have a volcano cab that will do, but was semi optimistic someone has a black hole with the artwork kicking around. If someone happens to have a black hole cabinet, I can also save this volcano...

Pm if you have anything.
Thanks, James

1 week later
#14020 1 year ago

I just had 3 pinsiders private message me today that he commited to a trade or a deal and then backed out with them too. When called out on it, he hurled insult after insult.

He tried burying the hatchet with me last night via text, apologizing, as I warned him I’m not someone to mess with, when he threatened to “riddle every post I made”

Not worth my energy beyond that, just on my personal list of someone to never bother dealing with again.

#14022 1 year ago

You’re just an instigator and incredibly annoying.

There’s a video going around that’s gone viral of a small, bald man in a bagel shop, I thought it was you for sure.

#14024 1 year ago


Nice Swords of Fury in the marketplace.

Fs: half an 81’ Eight Ball Deluxe (uncut harness, mostly populated playfield, cabinet is solid/decent, has transformer, no headbox. (If you have a head, I’m interested, otherwise $500 takes it (hardtop should be out sooner than later)

Also, have too many Atv’s, I have an extra 99’ Kawasaki Prairie 300 4x4, only 1100 miles, runs great, $1300 or trade for a pin. Project okay.

#14123 1 year ago

I love my wife.
I think some of you need to get divorced, or find someone to tolerate you...

Fs: Space Station, in the market place. Asking $2400

#14139 1 year ago

I will be in and around CT this weekend, really need a Bally SS headbox, anything from 78-83 will do, as long as the backglass doesn’t swing out, like on Space Invaders.
Really need one like Flash Gordon/Elektra, Strikes and spares, etc etc. If anyone has one available, lmk


#14172 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinsterwmass:

Someone grabbed a Neptune for $800 out of South Windsor.

And? Who cares?

#14175 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Don't mess with him!

I saw your interview with that news station, it was long winded.
I hope you get better service at the bagel shop.

2 weeks later
#14307 1 year ago

For sale:

Paragon , new sound board, new rectifier board, cabinet is near mint, pf above average, backglass is fairly decent, $1600

Harlem Globetrotters- new rectifier board, new connectors, new sound board, playfield very good (Mylar) backglass is very good, cabinet is solid , nice headbox, lower back of the cabinet has peeling wood and should be loved. $1600

Pink Panther - uncommon (less than 300 in the U.S) works and plays, needs to be shopped - $1500

EBD LE - nos playfield installed a long time ago, with minor wear. Nice overall game, $2100

Trades considered (Wcs94, earthshaker, Frankenstein, BSD, etc)

#14341 1 year ago
Quoted from Barakawins1:

Metallica is by far, hands down, the best music pin out there. Rule set, speed and all.

Disagree. It is very good game, with polished code, but it’s a wood chopper.

AC/DC is more unique to try to get through all the songs, and IMDN is their best game since Tron (imo)

1 week later
#14451 1 year ago
Quoted from jaytrem:

Selling a System 11?

He has extras on reserve.

#14463 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Man, if I wasn't satisfied with my current games I would so be on my way for Spidey.

Or a bagel.

#14466 1 year ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

And I'm the instigator, lol. Luckily I know not to mess with the likes of you! . C'mon, you could probably flip that game!

Man, if only you weren’t satisfied. At least I don’t get angry and get put to the ground in a bagel shop.

For Sale, for the flip! Big big flip here, big BIG flip....I could probably do it....
Bally KICK OFF -EM. Super fun game, works well- $750

Also have a Sinbad project for a few hundred if anyone’s interested, have other system one stuff too that can go with it for a little extra.

2 months later
#14968 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

Do you dare enter it?

I’ve heard, that no one escapes it.

#14980 1 year ago

Looking for Baywatch, Frankenstein, and Maverick.
Interested in one, or all three, pm with what you may have.

Thanks, James

#15010 1 year ago

Stern Jurassic Park pro - $5,000
Nba Fastbreak $2500
Batman forever 2600


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#15209 11 months ago
Quoted from Bernardspop:

I have a Tron Pro for trade, looking for an Addams Family.

I have a players TAF, but could add cash...

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#15452 10 months ago