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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#511 5 years ago

Avatar (upgraded cabinet and backbox speakers, mirror blades, leds, led lit backbox speakers with pinballtoppers speaker inserts. custom led backbox lights with flashers. led undercabinet lighting. added several playfield toys. EL-wire lit link toy. playfield 100% led including led flashers. blue led flipper buttons) $4K

RFM (99.997% led, but will include incandescent bulbs for those who want them) custom RGB backbox lighting. scoop cliffy (preventative. no wear under cliffy). custom painted saucers and martians) $2800

#520 5 years ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

PersonX99, how much for the Avatar if all mods removed

Same price. It would take a fair amount of work to remove all of those mods. Besides, does anyone really like the look of a stock Avatar? They look dirty and old with the yellow incandescent lights (imho).

1 month later
#656 5 years ago

Still have an Avatar for sale (worth the look as it is not your average Avatar)


$3750 or BRO

1 week later
#718 4 years ago

Still have an Avatar for sale (worth the look as it is not your average Avatar)



No, I am not selling to fund TWD. I'm waiting until after the code is updated before considering it.

#723 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

You're such a Negative Nancy.....the code will be fine out of the box and they have the track record to prove it

I actually prefer this method of release. Let the initial buyers be the beta testers and the final result is a pin with few bugs and refined game play rules.
I flat-out refuse to be a Screeching Sally when it comes to the release of code updates. It's fun to update the code and check out all the new features.
I have to admit I do get a chuckle out of reading some of the whiny threads. It gets old pretty quick though. I just keep searching for 'Hitler Spoof' videos. They are hilarious.

3 months later
#1166 4 years ago

I have a Williams Taxi and a Bally Xenon for sale/trade (Newer Stern's preferred).

3 weeks later
#1247 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

If I had a TZ, I would do that trade in a heartbeat (I'm part of a rare group of pin collectors that doesn't like TZ)

I thought it was PinLaw that a collector must like TZ & MM?

#1255 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

GI is a fun game...though I am tempted to dump all my non-Sterns (GI, CV, ToM, SMB... I'd keep JB and AlienP). Had a party over the weekend with 30 people....16 games running with 10 being Sterns. I had 5 games with issues of the course of the night, guess which ones (hint..not the 10 Sterns)

That's generalizing and there is nothing wrong with 'the older pins'. They are simply "older" and have more miles on them and thus, probably require a little more maintenance than the newer Sterns.
Dumping the non-Sterns is fine though, I will be right over to pick up CV & ToM. I might have to stash RCT in my purse as well.

#1266 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

The kids will be at your door late at night if you take RCT... staring into the window while you sleep.

Your kids are good, they can come over and play. Candy & Mt. Dew all around, and then i sent them home.

#1267 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

Sure they are older, and can break....however having five down at the same time, is a bit much. At some point you have to ask yourself...do you keep fixing these things or move to newer?.....I am tempted to go newer. I don't mind one here and there, but damn these things are PITA
Dave, you want CV and ToM, going to cost you some Sterns of yours (ST, XM, maybe LOTR)

Didn't you just get rid of your LOTR a year or so ago? How about a Taxi or Xenon? They are "sorta stern" lol

1 week later
#1314 4 years ago
Quoted from BigBangBack:

that Baywatch looks really good. I'd be interested if the huge DMD didn't make me so nervous

Baywatch is kinda cool, but $2K?

#1315 4 years ago

I'll probably be letting go of my Taxi for $1500 in the March/April time frame. Anyone interested, let me know.

3 weeks later
#1399 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinphila:

Routed at those prices....keep dreaming.

This is what drives me crazy about the pinball hobby. People list machines at super high prices. If you list a machine at a reasonable price, (some) people offer significantly less thinking your price is super high. I dread buying/selling. Sometimes it's just easier to get NIB.

1 week later
#1458 4 years ago

For sale in NH:
Taxi - 1500
Xenon - 1000

I'll have detailed pix tonight. pm me if interested.

2 months later
#1760 4 years ago

I forced myself to list my Transformers LE: Combo for sale. This one is the first I am not thrilled about leaving my collection. Anyone who has played my example knows why.


2 weeks later
#1889 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

I am still looking to buy a game in the NH area ...... dragging my feet because there's really no title that is saying to me "I must get" (though it may be time to get a Woz finally). Only a handful of want games that I can't decide on which one.

Time for a WoZ. You have been talking about getting one for a looooong time. Just do it.

#1902 4 years ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Honestly I don't think I have ever looked at a shooter lane while playing. . Ball drains and new ball appears

If you have a really nice pf and a shooter lane that looks like crap, it stands out. It's also more difficult to clean than most people realize. Dirt and other stuff gets into the wood grain and doesn't come out completely unless you sand it.

I've seen people freak out over wear around the pops that you only see if you are looking from the opposite side of the pin. Who does that while they are playing? I don't think it is possible, but the pf wear, unseen while playing, caused great distress.

2 weeks later
#2019 4 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Ok guys we are at 122 games in free play. After reviewing the list of people bringing games I have to say I am very disappointed in the local collector community. Only 42 collectors are making up that 122 games. You guys have wanted a show in New England for how many years and now you have one. I know there are at least 300 collectors in the New England area. A show can not be great with out the support of local collectors. So this is it please rent a u-haul, jam one into your SUV or car, get together with a friend. We need more games and this is it time has run out! Thank you to those 42 people you know who you are. Thanks Gabe

I was under the impression people brought their games for the free play area in order to sell them? I'm not sure how many people would just truck their games from their homes for the sole purpose of putting them in the free play area only to bring them home afterward. I might have this completely wrong since I have only gone to one show (Allentown, 2015). Most of the pins there were up for sale. Quite a few of them left the show on the very first day.

#2056 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinfidel:

Believe me Max...we understand and get it my friend. No worries. We know your a great pin brother. You and your wife are always gracious about opening up your home and hosting parties. We know you're rep and passion brother. So no worries at all.
Anyone that can bring games or can help others get them to the show is greatly appreciated. Thank to you all! = )

Max is a "disturber of the of peace". Invites me over to play pinball....tells me where to buy a machine for my own home.....Now I am a full blown addict with a game room full of pins and the constant hunger for more. hehehehehee

#2083 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinterest:

What?? Max and his wife invited you to parties? I never got invited to a party!!

They can be confusing. He had us all put our keys in a big bowl.......

1 month later
#2495 4 years ago
Quoted from ff6735:

Bump FS/FT
- IM
- SM

image_1.jpg image_3.jpg image.jpgimage_2.jpg

SM didn't sell yet?!?! That's surprising. GLWS.

1 week later
#2540 4 years ago

Too many inquiries asking for pics/more info aobut POTC and LOTR. I did not have anything ready, so I will repost when I can provide full info (cuts down on query PMs).

1 week later
#2686 3 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

I'm picking up a TZ tonight, so my RBION is now for sale instead of trade. The ad is in the market place. It's in insanely good shape, and I'd let it go for $3,500 or so.
I also have a light project WCS and a players PZ I might be looking to part with. Shoot me a pm for details.
All machines can be seen and played in Watertown Ma.

Wow, you held on to the PZ longer than I would have thought. Once you can hit the Big Bang & "B Merry" routinely, it starts to get old. It has no chance next to a TZ.

1 month later
#2851 3 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

Yeah, that is a good reason.....when I had one, I bumped into it so hard, it cracked the cabinet. Had a massive bruise for weeks and it hurt. I am no longer a fan of games with gun handles ...and no longer a member of the NPRA (National Pinball Rifle Association) (sold JP, STTNG, GnR, DH and IJ)

This was never an issue with Demo Man. It just looked weird.

2 months later
#3568 3 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:

I think I can get you one.

If Eric can't get you one, let me know....I have one that I planned on selling at some point, sooner if I can find a WoZ. Anyone have a WoZ they are looking to sell?

1 week later
#3665 3 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

$3500 AND Transport? LOL!
C'mon people, this is seriously a stupid good deal. Game is fresh from the box and Mustang is an underrated fun game (pretty hard too)
If I didn't just buy a Tron, I would have bought this and brought you a pizza when I picked it up.

Wow, I am SO glad I did not see this. Totally out of space & kinda prefer a premium version, but I would have made room for this deal...I would have brought pizza AND beer.
Hope it is going to a good home...

#3688 3 years ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

I hear ya, but I would never tell a prospective buyer I'm gonna charge him if I have to move it. Just seems ridiculous. It's not the buyers fault the sellers basement is a pain to move from.
Should just increase the price to the 2150 and state he can't help move it. Just leaves a sour taste in my mouth knowing I have to pay the seller to help move it.

I move a pin I am trying to tell to a spot where the prospective buyer can inspect it easily and I try to adjust the lighting for maximum attraction. Having it under bright fluorescent lights at first look is not ideal...Tell me I am wrong, but "presentation matters". Of course, having it in spot that is easy to load into their vehicle makes buying it then and there a whole lot easier.

1 month later
#4087 3 years ago

(Not your average) POTC for sale. If you are looking for a pristine game that is sure to stand out in your collection, this is the one you want to see. Super clean, plays as good as it looks with many "enhancements" including:

-mirror blades
-LED Flipper buttons
-upgraded backbox and cabinet speakers
-custom RGB LED backbox panel with flashers (replaces fluorescent tube)
-laser cut pirate speaker inserts
-RGB speaker lights (with remote)
-under-cabinet flashers
-100% LED including flashers
-2-way led pop bumper lights (from pinball life)
-3D bone flipper caps
-canon mod on shooter lane
-stand-up target decals
-added GI spotlight to better illuminate lower playfield
-treasure plastic painted with gold-leaf (original looked too plastic)
-Installed custom rom with music/callouts from the POTC movies.


2 weeks later
#4348 3 years ago

In case anyone wants to add a little bling to their LOTR or Iron Man:


(wire wrap pictured in this IM video is not the same as my current version..If interested, I will send pics of current version, which I think looks much better.)

$60 each shipped.

1 week later
#4437 3 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

I may release my HUO Ironman, HUO Transformers LE Decepticon, or WoF for trade.....if something good pops up

I've got a LOTR & a SM?

#4451 3 years ago

Official ad is up in the market for my Iron Man EL Wire whiplash mod: ($60 shipped). I have four more sets ready to be shipped out ASAP.

2 months later
2 months later
#5737 3 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

Updated my LOTR market thread with tons of pics. If a Northeast member snags it, I'll throw in the a brand new Polk sub for free.

I wish I had snagged that Full Throttle you had...

1 month later
#6131 2 years ago

Just finished testing another batch of 7 of these mods for your Iron Man. Ready to ship. Get em while they are hot.

Archived after 294 days
Sold elsewhere
Mod - For Sale
New “Make your Iron Man pop with this Whiplash mod. Easy to install and looks amazing, especially compared to the plastic whips that come with the game. Check out the video here: https...”
Manchester, NH
60 (Firm)

#6145 2 years ago

For those who own a LOTR, and want it to look better.

Archived after 97 days
Not sold
Mod - For Sale
Balrog Whip Mod Archived
New “Mod is best shown in a vid:
Fits nicely in Balrog figure's hand and can be shaped/trimmed to your liking. Easy connection under the playfield. Detai...”
Manchester, NH
70 (Firm)

1 week later
#6199 2 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

Yeah demo mans are 2500 shopped all day long

Darn, I should have held on to my for a while longer....I did not get that much for it a couple of years ago.
Fun as heck game though, good flow.
PIA to shop. Those wireforms are a crazy jigsaw puzzle. However, once shopped and those ramps are nicely waxed, the ball flies smooth and quiet all over the pf.

2 months later
#6834 2 years ago
Quoted from NEMike:

I'm selling my TOTAN, I've listed it in the marketplace. Open to offers. I'm looking to get a Medieval Madness, either original or remake so I'm open to a possible trade deal. I will be adding more pictures in better light tomorrow.

I had this game for a few months (temporary trade). One of the best examples of a TOTAN I have even seen. The boards in the back box look brand new, and the playfield is mint....How often do you see a minty TOTAN pf?? If you are considering a TOTAN, this is the one to get.

Machine - For SaleTales of the Arabian NightsNew!Fully restored “I've finally decided to sell my Tales of the Arabian Nights pinball, the cabinet has been restored and all the electronics have been gone over. All new gold plated pins and heade...”
13 hours ago Dover, NH 7,900 (OBO)

6 months later
#8227 2 years ago


Archived after 38 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Mustang (Pro) Archived
HUO - Documented (Home Used Only) “pics: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B424hc4BQNXZQ3BRVlRGR25VS0U One of the finest Stangs you are likely to encounter. Upgrades include leds (tasteful), red LED flipper ligh...”
Manchester, NH
4,000 (OBO)

1 month later
#8541 2 years ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

Going to list my TRON pro in a couple days on the market but wanted to offer it here first. Original run with 3D translite. Game is HUO but has seen a shit ton of plays (rightfully so). Overall condition is well above player but not quite collector. At least not to me, but it is extremely nice. Very slight flipper wear on right side. List of mods is as follows:
ELI Ramps
Hallmark Light Cycles
Color DMD
Arcade 3.1
Mirror Blades with decals
Flynn's sign
Lit scoop
Scoop cliffy
Instruction cards
Prob more, have to look. Game has less than 10 plays since Aardvark completely tore it down and shopped it. All new rubbers etc. Plays 100% as it should. Pricing will be as follows:
As is - $6300
With brand new chrome armor with lollipop rails, hinges, legs, bolts and lockdown (uninstalled) - $6700
The chrome armor will hide the flipper wear and really make the game shine (ha get it!). I think with the armor most would put it in the collector quality range. Very easy pick up. Located in Manchester, NH.
Not listed in trades unless you do spray foam insulation. Yes I'm serious.
Also have an issue free GB Premium going up for sale too. Absolutely MINT.

LOL...It's probably already sold. Seems like lots of people are after a Tron.

3 weeks later
#8704 1 year ago
Quoted from hAbO:


Machine - For Sale
FS: Rob Zombie's Spookshow InternationalHome Used Only (HUO) “Horror/Rock themed pin from Spooky Pinball. Funny, Edgy and definitely a raunchy game that would make an excellent addition to your music pin lineup. This is the standard edition...”
30 days ago Ellicott City, MD 5,000 (Firm)

That and the code keeps getting better & better. So much has been put into this game, this is a sweet deal. GLWS.

2 months later
#9420 1 year ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

This is a fun ass MET Pro, and I believe I'm responsible for at least the Atlas Rise song change. That song rules.
My son is going to be BS when he next visits your house and this game isn't there anymore. But at least there's always Luci

Um, on MET, leds certainly add "curb appeal". I remember seeing mine NIB pin when I first turned it on. I thought, "This looks old and crappy". :p

4 months later
#10447 1 year ago

HUO, X-Men LE: Magneto. Loaded, for those that prefer a little extra.


3 months later
#10985 1 year ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

I hear ya.
It’s just not a 3-4K pin right now.
Maybe by Christmas.

It can be. It really depends on the buyer. Remember, although both are cars that get you from pt. A to B, a Kia is not a Mercedes.

4 weeks later
#11224 1 year ago
Quoted from New_England:

Sorry, didn’t know that you had two switches that needed to be replaced when we first spoke. Also wasn’t going to pay $2,900 for a non working SP. SP is not a $3,000 game.

This msg should probably be kept to PM. Not sure how this is useful for everyone else in the thread.. Negotiating a price is usually done privately. The numbers you are throwing out are incorrect, and the description of the game in the ad notes two switches out. I have played this game several times, and the description is accurate.

1 month later
#11612 11 months ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

UGH...I sold three games, got a Deadpool, but still don't see anything for sale that catches my eyes to replace at least one of the two remaining slots. I hate having a hole in my lineup.

I have a slightly garish (I know, hard to believe from me) Iron Man, and a Tron for ya. :p

1 week later
#11708 11 months ago

I am currently at max capacity+1. Next on the chopping block are KISS Pro, Iron Man VE, and ACDC:Luci. Not available until end of this month.

#11722 11 months ago

Wouldn't it be prudent to keep "personal opinions" about games in PM versus a for-sale thread?

2 weeks later
#11847 10 months ago
Quoted from Gotpins:

The buy and flip the following day is what stinks about this hobby. It's all become about money. I get that you can buy and sell things for whatever you want and that its a free country and all that crap but it's just a duchy move if you ask me and shows the type of guy you are dealing with. It's things like this that push true hobbiest away from this site and dealing with other pinsiders. At least it does for me. If you do not like this behavior, then people need to start using the feedback section to warn others of what to expect when dealing with people. Feedback doesn't have to be negative but just be honest. Like "This guy buys and flips, don't give him the good guy discount as he probably won't keep the game more than a day". When I'm selling something if I had 2 emails about a game I have for sale, and one guy is new and owns 1 EM and the other clearly buys and flips based on his past forum activity then I'd give the good deal to the new guy with the EM. Spread the love and joy to those who are humble and starting out. Treat others as you want to be treated. That's on pinside or anywhere in life.

People, don't lost faith in the community....There are plenty of decent buyers/sellers out there. Ask around and find out who, and who not to deal with. I have...and some of the stories I have heard, even if half true, are disturbing. I agree with gotpins , honest feedback works. However, do not believe a word that max_badazz says about me....he's simply envious of my dancing skills. :p

#11851 10 months ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Just so you know, an X-MEN LE that I bought that was yours a short time earlier, was so badly hacked with mods and led light strips that you put in, that it caused the game to block boot up and malfunction. I had to remove all your hacks, and I did so while remaining faithful in the community that the previous owner clearly didn’t know what he was doing, let alone know what he was talking about.

Haven't had any complaints from any others that I have sold.....and there have been quite a few. I think you might have some anger issues you need to work out. You pretty much hate on every post of mine on various forums, and I don't even know you. Not sure what I did to earn this hate, but you need to let it go. It's unhealthy.

#11893 10 months ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

It is a problem. The market is clogged and it shouldn’t be. It impacts NIB sales on down.
You’ve always had legit prices. You don’t deal as much in the HUO market, but even when you move a real nice game the price gets the game out the door. Wish more sellers were like you.

Oh yeah, I bought a couple games from eabundy. Paid a fair price, got a good pin. Plus reputation....that has value.

Most of my pins are sold to people I know and who have played them before (benefit of hosting league and tournaments). They know what they are getting.
Usually an easy, quick sale.....that has value. I don't see the need to price gouge. I would much rather have a decent reputation over a few extra bucks. It does come back to you, in good, and bad ways depending on how you roll.

#11895 10 months ago
Quoted from dannunz:

I can set that up for Pintastic 2019 or put them in sumo suits and have them go at it!

I'm pretty sure @max_badazz is going to want to wear his official Vanilla Ice track suit. I've seen it in his closet, hanging right next to his satin parachute pants. I'll keep it simple and break out the JNCO jeans. :p

#11927 10 months ago
Quoted from mainelycoasters:

I would say as a relatively new guy only had pins for 5 years or so and have bought from most of the people in this thread being talked about, I have had no issue with any of them. I have games at home and on route. I do not feel that the so called flippers, who when I looked up market price and what they sold it to me for, actually gave me a rather fair price below market selling. most of them will work with you on price. I tend to price High when I sell Knowing someone is going to offer less. I think just about everyone does who buys and sells often. There are a lot of good people buying and selling pins, fixing them, modding them. I am thankful for the many people I have met in this hobby....and that I have really never felt like I got screwed by anyone here!

Between Jim & yourself, half of my newer games now reside in Maine. :p

4 weeks later
#12149 9 months ago
Quoted from Jgel:

Man I can't believe you still have this. Looks nice.

Yeah, that's a sweet deal for anyone who is thinking about picking up a MET. I've seen stock METs listed for more and has some nice mods included.

3 months later
#12980 6 months ago
Quoted from epeabs:

Similar situation. 14 almost 15 year old twins. My daughter will play every now and then with me, but not too much. When she does play, she is pretty decent and has great ball control. My son hardly has any interest in it. Damn, and I could show/teach him so much...…….

I would have loved to had pins as a teen. My family did not play any games of any kind.

3 weeks later
1 week later
#13345 5 months ago
Quoted from BigBangBack:

Anybody have an avatar pro or le they'd be willing to sell?


4 months later
#14443 22 days ago
Quoted from epeabs:

What's taking its place Dave?

Not 100% sure yet... I have a few ideas...

Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace
$ 109.99
$ 14.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
From: $ 19.99
$ 9,500.00
Pinball Machine
Little Shop Of Games
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ModFather Pinball Mods
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Gameroom Mods

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