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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#1185 4 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:

Shopped out playing great routed Pirates of the Caribbean LEDs very clean nice and new DMD installed as well. 4,100

20150116_153653.jpg 408 KB

20150116_154034.jpg 288 KB

Looks sick! Wish I could grab it

5 months later
#2072 4 years ago

If anyone has a cheapish Genesis or Speakeasy (Working or not), I will be at Pintastic Friday or could grab if your not too far from RI. Also looking for an antique slot machine (mechanical ).

Pm Me, Thanks

1 month later
#2371 4 years ago

If anyone wants to come over and fix my TFTC(and not charge an arm and a leg) , it's only been down for almost 26 months Now Or... Will trade towards a ST Pro (only has a drop target issue "in theory ")

2 months later
#2987 4 years ago

Back on topic....

Looking for a Riverboat Gambler within a sensible driving distance from RI. Will be posting a nice Jokerz that I would trade... Or of course cash as well... Pm me, thx

#3018 4 years ago
Quoted from dracula40:

I have a sweet TFTC - topper, cliffy,LEDs ,no fade, updated ROMS, and the rare Magic Castle - LEDs, nice playfield, translite / not original BG. I am looking for 4,000. Both great Horror theme games. Goshen NY

Whats a "magic castle "?

#3020 4 years ago

Totally missed that, Thanks... Thought it was part of Tftc... Duh... My bad

1 week later
#3131 3 years ago

With todays stupid prices, I'd say Rfm is close to or at $3k, Dw is $2.2-$2.5...So your saying an Ac/Dc Pro is around $5k??? Not that long ago you had to try hard to get close to $4k for a modded out example... (I should have bought Tom's Ac/Dc instead of FGY... Even though I'd be tired of it by now, it would have lasted much longer)

Fyi, the popular way is to snort coke and smoke its cousin crack

#3205 3 years ago

Not a pin, but since a member posted one FS recently (But has not gotten back to me) I now want one... Looking for a Breeders Cup cab.


3 weeks later
#3367 3 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:

Mustang Pro fresh off route. 3,700

Nice price!

2 weeks later
#3468 3 years ago

Nice Eric! I was on the edge with jusy saying F'it and grab it... The wife had me grab new leather couches on Sunday, then Uggs were involved... Well... I have the decal set, so a ST Pro will be in Prohibition Barcade some day!

1 week later
#3528 3 years ago

WTS/WTT Jokerz in RI, listed in market


Mainly interested in a trade, as I don't like an empty slot

1 week later
#3611 3 years ago
Quoted from tjc02002:


Nice HSII.. Curious, was that my Special Force? (Mine was missing the same coin insert part, but was not red at the time I raffled it off)

3 weeks later
#3819 3 years ago

Got Jokerz?

Leaning more towards sale now instead of another dust collector...

No, I won't deliver (Home Depot rents trucks cheap, check them out). I can help get it out of my basement and load. (I say this as I had two locals interested, one wanted delivery or bust, other wanted me to take it from basement to their door on my own... Not happening, bad back and a kid nixes that pipe dream)

1 week later
#3896 3 years ago

Looking for a Star Trek Pro, routed in the $3k ish range....Thanks

#3900 3 years ago
Quoted from whocanitbenow:

I think Jason Taps was looking for the same a few messages before yours.

Yes he was, and so am I (I have no issue with being second in line). I also had interest in finding one a month ago in my Wts/Wtt ad for my Jokerz, which sold and was picked up today...so that ad has been closed and I have an empty slot in the line up, sooo.....Wtb: Routed ST Pro $3k ish range.


#3915 3 years ago
Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

Oh is that your jokerz that just landed in the Sanctum last night?

Yes it is Jim, or was that is... Hope it gets more play than I was giving it, or any of my pins....I was telling Steve I really need to get down there one of the days...

1 week later
#4027 3 years ago
Quoted from homersimpson007:

One of the great Craigslist ads in recent memory is back. Shopped 17 years ago...classic. Lol.
boston.craigslist.org link

Hmmm, wasn't he located in Newport, RI when the ads first started?

3 weeks later
#4394 3 years ago

Agreed, if I had not just bought a new pin, I'd be considering it. Mike's games are the only route games that that you will probably ever find that look and are treated as HUO!

4 weeks later
#4639 3 years ago
Quoted from the96stang:

I may have a game on the pipeline, so I'd be willing to make some deals on a few games.
MGOW 900
Vegas 900
Cue ball 900
FPII 400
Swords of Fury 2k
Message me and let's talk.

So I will assume the Comet sold as I sent a PM Fri night and never heard anything?

#4642 3 years ago
Quoted from the96stang:

Yes. Sorry. Thought I replied to everyone.

Nooooo, prob....

#4643 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

I'll sell you the one I got from Dr Dave if you want it. 750

PM me details....Thx

2 weeks later
#4737 3 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Sopranos coming in weds or Thursday

Great game...Still loving mine which I got a good deal on from you!

2 weeks later
#4872 3 years ago
Quoted from dracula40:

No perfect but pretty sweet !

Pin looks good! Surrounding area looks, um.....creepy....

2 weeks later
#5019 3 years ago

Looking for a Bally "Beauty" bingo bg in good shape from anyone going to Pintastic..

#5045 3 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

So we are bitching about too many pics now? Pinside's resourcefulness never disappoints!

Well he has a point, it is annoying to scroll through 20 pics of something you have no interest in. Its not that hard to post a link to your marketplace ad with one or two pics, is it? I thought the rules required any game fs to be listed in the marketplace anyway?

#5092 3 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

You guys kill me.......I love pinball, but there are things more precious to me........

Um...so it's for sale?

3 weeks later
#5240 3 years ago
Quoted from e4mafia:

My PoTC is now set up at Pintastic. It is game # 109. If you're interested, stop in and have a look, and tempted to purchase or not, have a couple of plays!

Nice looking and nicely priced.....If I have had the dough I would grab it...

2 weeks later
#5396 3 years ago

I also never look at the Marketplace (hate how it shows eBay crap (I'm sure you can turn that off, but again, I never use it)), but have listed what I have sold in it. I just follow this thread.

#5429 3 years ago
Quoted from the96stang:

Everyone here checks craigslist just as religiously as this thread. Im sure that I will reach about 90 percent of the population that reads the thread.

I hate Craigslist and rarely ever check it, mostly overpriced crap and "Pinball Wanted" idiots anyway. ....

I don't think the fee scale is bad at all, so it costs a beer to list a pin on a forum with your target audience? Just add $7.50 to your asking price if it bothers you that much. In the grand scheme of things, it's chump change. (Disclaimer: This part is a topic related comment, not directed at member quoted)

#5493 3 years ago
Quoted from ejacques:

That's what I'm trying to do! Where are all those Gay 90's heads I'm looking for!

It's a great game, actually miss mine. Get this guy some head!

#5541 3 years ago
#5593 3 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Is your avatar really Kermit the frog watching two frogs hump? Is that frog porn?

Well, I posted a video of a bee banging another beer doggy style today on FB.. It's all good


#5595 3 years ago
Quoted from acedanger:

I walked in today on my parents having sex. So naturally I watched.

Well..... Touche

4 months later
#6775 2 years ago

Not modivated, but just thinking....May be interested in trading TFTC (+$) for POTC

1 month later
#7168 2 years ago

Anyone have a Bally "Beauty" bingo BG collecting dust somewhere? Have been keeping an eye out for a few years but no luck so far...

#7173 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Is this a fun pin?

Aren't they all fun?

2 months later
#7605 2 years ago
Quoted from stretch2:

Would like to trade my Aerosmith Pro loaded with Mods..

Machine - For Trade
Aerosmith (Pro)New!Home Used Only (HUO) “Would like to trade my Huo Aerosmith Pro .Low Plays.Mods include Stern Art Blades,Shaker,Awesome Laseriffic Topper, Flipper Toppers,Guitar Mod, and Toy Chest Mod.Also includes a Go...”
1 hour ago Baltimore, MD

Didn't this thing just come out?

1 month later
#7878 2 years ago
Quoted from tjc02002:

1980 Eight Ball Deluxe. Was restored ~8 years ago. Very nice. Asking 3200 or BO or trade. Shoot me an offer.

Yup, bad link...Not Today ISIS

Thanks Eric for the pics, looks nice...Glwys

2 weeks later
#7984 2 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:


Machine - For Sale
Pirates of the CaribbeanNew!Used, working and clean “Game is clean but routed. Had shooter Lane wear and planking on left side of cabinet.”
46 minutes ago Vernon, CT 4,400 (OBO)

Tempting.....So tempting.....Looks nice Eric..

5 months later
#9347 1 year ago
Quoted from the96stang:

Anyone have anything to trade for a Frankenstein? Projects, non dmds, or????

This has been FS for a bit now, how much are you asking? I know I've had two people ask me to sell mine, but I just can't do it. Very underated game. Great gameplay!

2 weeks later
#9583 1 year ago
Quoted from Emig5m:

Sounds good on paper but I dragged raced a 255hp one just this past summer (my neighbor) and it was a perfect tie from take off to top speed so I doubt the 300hp one would be worth the dramatic price increase even if it can get a slight jump off the line from a dead stop. They are all also speed limited by the US coast guard to 70mph regardless of the manufacture or motor power. I think I got the sweet spot for price/performance. I'd like to drag race the 300hp one but I haven't seen one around yet. Probably because nobody wants to pay that much for a ski, heh.

Dam...my 01' 1100ZXI had 120bhp and screwed, I topped it out at 67mph..... These newer ones must be nuts....I miss my jetskis, o well, maybe again someday...I miss getting towed in by the Coast Guard on the regular

6 months later
#10937 1 year ago

Curious, anyone have a Gottlieb "Foto Finish" EM for sale locally (not too far from RI), project or player.....One was FS on FB, but too far away, like the theme.... PM me if you do, Thanks

2 months later
#11583 1 year ago
Quoted from jibmums:

Just picked up a Riverboat Gambler, nice condition and a super nice playfield. Looking to trade for a Rollergames in similar condition before I jump into cleaning up the boat.

Location? Price on Riverboat? Or only trade?

3 months later
#12471 10 months ago
Quoted from nerdygrrl:

I feel you, we have a local guy out here whose handle is Linoleum, Lin for short. Whenever I type, "pin" it autocorrects to "Lin". Drives me effing crazy.

Does it insert a Hawaiian Shirt emoji?

2 months later
#13217 7 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

This April fools bs is annoying, get real or get out. I’m trying to BUY. What’s ACTUALLY for sale?

Sorry Karen, a manager isn't available today.... Maybe wait until tomorrow to spend that money burning a hole in your sense of humor

#13219 7 months ago
Quoted from mpdpvdpin:

See...now THAT is funny. Fake listings not so much.

2 weeks later
#13405 6 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

My guess is this would be a poor candidate.
DE 1987-1990 games have the absolute shittiest cabinets. One in this kind of condition would probably fall apart during the move.

Hmm, BTTF was a 90' cab, no? Mine seems pretty freaken solid....no issues

2 weeks later
#13537 6 months ago
Quoted from Pinphila:

Plus the chopper is broke

I think they broke five seconds after they were designed...

#13539 6 months ago
Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

They broke when the engineer thought of it

Definitely.... God I hated that pin.. actually liked it at first, then absolutely hated it. Must have repaired the chopper a thousand times during the short time I owned it. Was ready to burn that POS to the ground.

#13541 6 months ago
Quoted from eabundy:

It's probably my most hated game ever. I think I sold you that thing for less like 500 or something as I hated it so much.

Yea, a little more, but definitely cheap....Then I had to raffle it off because I couldn't sell it when I learned my lesson lol.. I really did like it at first tho, that faded fast lol

#13579 6 months ago
Quoted from Matesamo:

More importantly, who is going to grab the Shaq Attack for $700?

Saw that right when it was posted.... Thought about it for a second...Nope

1 week later
#13671 5 months ago
Quoted from Mistermoberg:

Machine - For Sale

Fast Ball

Functional - needs minor work “The game works as it should 90% of the time - only requires slight work.

Please message for more information, I’ll respond same day.



11 days ago

Warren, MA

380 (OBO)


Take it for $380!

What's wrong with it?

1 month later
#14052 4 months ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

And here I was all excited thinking someone was liquidating a huge collection given the number of new posts........Take it outside boys.


3 weeks later
#14256 3 months ago
Quoted from hockeymutt:

Will be traveling to lake George for the weekend, have a original bk I can bring to sell or trade. It’s in the market place

I'm here, out of all the arcades there is one working pin, GB...with weak flippers. Everything else is out of order.

#14263 3 months ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

I don’t visit Fun world or Funa’rama often, Fun world’s Deadpool and Woz are STILL down???

Sorry, WOZ was working, DP was down. So GB and WOZ..

#14270 3 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

I disagree. Within a fairly decent sized arcade with a lot of traffic, the pins need regular, weekly attention and repairs. Video or redemption games don't need nearly that much attention.
Granted, these are 90s era games I'm thinking of, not games that are brand new off the line.

In regards to Lake George, a ton of redemption were also down. One of the arcades probably had a good 40% of games with blue painters tape over the coin slots.. Other one with swipe cards just had red "out of order" displays on many games. I was surprised how many games were down at all of them.

#14272 3 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

Hm, that seems unusual.
Was this right after a friday or saturday night? The arcades are usually packed then, so I imagine the games take a beating on those two days.

Thursday and Friday afternoon, definitely the most "out of order" I've seen anywhere at one time.

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