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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#1413 4 years ago

Scarred Stiff Restored $8200 Full out restore new playfield and decals, plastics, ramps, Chrome, etc

TZ Restored $8500 New Cabinet, new playfield, MC Chrome, third magnet CQ all the way. Basically a new machine.

Whirlwind player $2000 (nice playfield) great lower cabinet needs head decals

Time Machine $1650 Real nice Shopped Led's

Avatar LE $4800 looks new, probably a couple hundred plays huo

Theater of magic $5000 great cabinet, nice machine could use a shop shop. some ghosting flexible

Have a few more also
pm me for info or pics

2 months later
#1796 4 years ago

potc huo looks new inside and out $4200

2 months later
#2315 4 years ago

Cyclone $900 playfield is excellent cabinet real nice needs board work/extensive cleaning
Time Machine $1400 shopped/leds. excellent condition nothing broken needs board work
Baywatch $1795 Excellent shape all around needs nothing (Nicest Ive ever seen) sold
Scarred Stiff $4600 Faded plays great no credit dot sold
Tron LE $10K under 200 plays some mods looks new
Taf $5200 great shape mansion and playfield in excellent shape cabinet real nice
Congo $3200 real nice shape, currently being torn down for shop job, leds/new rubber etc.. sold
Creature $3500 nice shape green hologram cabinet is banged up a little

will post some more later today pm me for pics or info

1 week later
#2426 4 years ago

stng $3800 real nice has original books, envelope etc. no credit dot
No Fear $1800 1 side has some fade, playfield is perfect ramps are good
Big Guns $1000 excellent shape, may need some board work
Revenge From mars $2200 above average shape
Striker Extreme $1000
taf $5000 no playfield issues, mansion looks great semi-shopped
I500 $3400 restored looks amazing

#2431 4 years ago

getaway with minimal fade $2000 it plays but needs extensive shop job

#2435 4 years ago

also have a pretty nice vector.

1 week later
#2506 4 years ago

Diner $2100 great shape
Whirlwind $1800 decent player needs shop job
Space station $1750 looks beautiful leds shopped, etc.. new display boards
DE playboy $950 decent
Creature player plays great $3250
Congo $3450 Shopped, leds, new flippers, new coin door, plays great.
Big Guns $950
Lost world $425 decent needs some board work
Taf $4950 leds, mods, shopped, playfield in excellent shape no mansion wear

coming in RFM, Totan, SS, TZ, IJ wms, Taf, Tom, Monster bash

2 weeks later
#2638 4 years ago

Tom $4900 real nice cabinet is excellent playfield looks great
Monster Bash $ 6400 plays 100% has typical MB wear around legs, scoop, etc.. needs resto
TZ #1 $5250 super condition shopped
Corvette $2150 plays 100% needs shop nice player
Diner #1 $2100 plays great real nice shape
Diner #2 $1850 very nice condition no issues
IJ Wms nice player faded/touched up cabinet pf is nice $4700
IJ stern routed machine $3975
TZ #2 High end restore Chrome Pimped $6500
TAF mods, leds, color dmd, excellent pf mansion looks great cabinet real nice super nice player. $5400
Safecracker super faded pf excellent plays good has about 75 tokens or so. I have the wings $5400
TZ #3 early run shopped about a year ago full leds. plays excellent very minor insert wear no fade cabinet domestic $4900
Taf #2 poorly touched up pf and cabinet, plays 100% perfect.super strong flippers,leds one of the best playing tafs I"ve seen $4400

#2661 4 years ago

fresh off route lotr cabinet is beat up, playfield is real nice. plays perfect $3800

#2688 4 years ago

Terminator 2 arcade game in excellent shape. has been in home for well over 20 years

#2691 4 years ago

I have no idea what its worth

2 weeks later
#2772 4 years ago

Nice diner $1600 works and plays perfect
Getaway $2100 early one diamond coat but no sliders, front of cabinet is diff also
Road show $2275 Real nice w/leds
Totan $5750 faded but nice
Taf $4850 great player, pf is in great shape. mansion looks good
Potc off route $3750 pretty nice routed machine
Ac Dc LTBR Le. $7750 super nice cabinet great playfield lightly routed

#2794 3 years ago

Corvette real nice 2550
T-2 $1775
TZ super nice no fade original amazing playfield $5500 (nicer than any around at this price)
TAF $4700 Very Nice un-shopped will clean up nice
Black knight $1100 very nice
Stng CQ $5400 cleared pf
Star trek DE super shape 2250
Getaway shopped super nice minimal fade $2750
Safe Cracker CQ w/about $1500 in extras $7250 orig topper etc..
Potc $3750 plays great. routed but nice
Lost world super nice $950
Taf #2 player w/ lots of touch ups. mods galore plays great $4500
Potc #2 routed but very nice un-shopped plays great $3500
Indy Stern shopped leds, plays/looks excellent price drop $3750

We have quite a few more coming in. Wh20, TZ project, Monster bash, Scarred stiff,

#2831 3 years ago

Flash and lost world. both in exceptional shape

I would take reasonable offers

1 week later
#2871 3 years ago

TZ super nice no fade original amazing playfield $5500 (nicer than any around at this price)
Flash Very Nice $600
Lost world extremely nice and shopped $650
Stng CQ $5400 cleared pf
Star Trek DE super shape $2000
Getaway shopped super nice minimal fade $2750
Safe Cracker CQ w/about $1500 in extras $7250 orig topper etc..
TZ #2 players quality faded but solid working $4600
Monster Bash $6650 nice working player
Taf #1 shopped Leds way above average $5200
Taf #2 Not shopped average shape working $4500
MetLE Huo mint $7600
Tafg w/cert and matching plate needs total restoration $6750
Space shuttle coming in works and plays but needs love.. $750
Whirlwind #1 excellent shape $2200
Whirlwind #2 players quality shopped, leds, cliffys, new topper, new fan, new motor, new flipper mechs etc.. Rock solid machine
Police force decent player $1100 has extra translight

#2873 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Looking for an AFM to restore. So, the more of a player/project machine, the better. (Gwaxt, I'm counting on you to find me a beater!)

Got a beauty in my basement I'd sell. its gotten too easy of a machine

#2882 3 years ago
Quoted from Gwaxt72:

TZ super nice no fade original amazing playfield $5500 (nicer than any around at this price)
Flash Very Nice $600
Lost world extremely nice and shopped $650
Stng CQ $5400 cleared pf
Star Trek DE super shape $2000
Getaway shopped super nice minimal fade $2750
Safe Cracker CQ w/about $1500 in extras $7250 orig topper etc..
TZ #2 players quality faded but solid working $4600
Monster Bash $6650 nice working player
Taf #1 shopped Leds way above average $5200
Taf #2 Not shopped average shape working $4500
MetLE Huo mint $7600
Tafg w/cert and matching plate needs total restoration $6750
Space Shuttle coming in works and plays but needs love.. $750
Whirlwind #1 excellent shape $2200
Whirlwind #2 players quality shopped, leds, cliffys, new topper, new fan, new motor, new flipper mechs etc.. Rock solid machine $2250
Police Force decent player $1100 has extra translight

1 week later
#2910 3 years ago

just posted a pretty nice rfm $2250
also someone just dropped off a simpsons DE plays great, in average shape at best. $1400

#2916 3 years ago

T2 $1650 decent player needs shop job

T2 $1950 Excellent shape needs shop job
Simpsons DE $1400

#2961 3 years ago

I think the wide body holes are diff than the standard on the head.

Quoted from yzfguy:

If you are painting and decalling, I have a backbox from an AFM.

#2962 3 years ago

congo 2450 colored cabinet in nice shape, needs some love. has some pitted metals, mostly screws and such, and need shop job. playfield is pretty decent has a little wear at top of window seam.

#2991 3 years ago

Black Rose. Rough shape cabinet is beat up, playfield wear around cannon. game boots and plays but needs lots of attention. $900

T2 also a project that boots and plays, currently waiting on sound roms. has some minor planking and a small drag spot in front of left flipper. $1650

1 week later
#3099 3 years ago

Hurricane $1750 nice shape
Johnny Mnemonic $1900 faded needs shop
Jackbot $1900 nice machine
RFM $1900 players shape, monitor looks good
TZ $4750 awesome playfield, faded cab plays error free
TZ $6250 Restored new cab decals
TAF players shape w/minimal mansion wear $4750
Tom $5200 shopped/leds/mirrors very nice machine
Wh20 very minor insert wear, plays perfect. comes w/new playfields, New ramps (all of them), new plastic set. $4850

#3179 3 years ago

DE simpsons $1350 plays perfect super average shape,
Funhouse $3100 excellent original no playfield wear, faded but solid cabinet plays 100%

1 week later
#3273 3 years ago

Swe1 $2250
Funhouse project $1900
Funhouse Nice $3200
Funhouse Restored new decals, new playfield $4200
STNG working project $3100
taf shopped leds $5200
Wh20 real nice complete $3800
RFM real nice $2100

Road show Shopped leds no playfield wear $2450
tom super nice mirrors leds $5000

1 week later
#3306 3 years ago

Funhouse nice original machine playfield real nice $3,000
Taf Working average shape, thing gear needs some help other than that 100% playing $4200
Stwarsep1 excellent shape leds new rubber $2250
TZ shopped new clock board, leds, some new plastics . excellent playfield faded cabinet $5200
STNG complete machine needs love.. but plays $2900
Dredd excellent shape, shopped, leds, new flipper plates, flippers etc.. $2250
Rbion shopped new rubber, leds, not sure of the history but looks pretty nice. currently has a sound issue. $2600
RFM #1 mildly shopped, leds, monitor looks great playfield is nice. $2400
Rfm#2 not shopped decent shape plays great, monitor looks good $2100
Wh20 nice player no issues, leds, has minor pf wear. cabinet is decent w/topper $3600

2 weeks later
#3413 3 years ago

rfm's for sale

both working/playing machines

1 has a mild shop job with leds $2250 cabinet and playfield are in decent shape

1 is not shopped but plays well $1900 cabinet is a little banged up

Both have cliffys over scoop.

#3423 3 years ago

Scared Stiff $4700 leds decent cabinet plays great no credit dot, has insert wear
Monster Bash $6400 needs cabinet decals badly, playfield is ok. has some wear. plays 100% and complete needs resto
Batman DK shopped, leds, mirrors, real nice shape $4500
MMRle NIB black trim open to trades +- cash
Monster bash $9000 everything is new, playfield cabinet, etc.. color dmd. chrome
Wh2o $3750 Nice player, mildy shopped plays 100% has leds topper, etc.

coming in: Bride of pinbot, tom, south park, family guy, gofers, fish tales, star wars de, CV, wh20, TZ, tafg. maybe a few more

1 week later
#3494 3 years ago

batman $3700 fresh off route average condition
south park $1750 fresh off route
batman $4250 shopped leds, very clean
comet $650 decent shape, has a board issue
sopranos $3250 shopped w/leds routed machine
monster bash $6400 cabinet is very ugly but solid, playfield a 7 100% complete and playing
CV $7900 restored new cabinet, chrome, lots of new parts, orig playfield in excellent shape. stunning
Getaway $975 playing well. almost complete less, accelerator board and translight. boards look good. working project

1 week later
#3548 3 years ago

Rescue 911 $1200 very nice cabinet and playfield
World Cup $2150 Good shape plays perfect
Wh20 working Project $3100
Wh20 nice new ramps $3800
Batman shopped leds $3700
Twilight Zone $5400 super nice w/ mods leds no fade
Spidey original $4400
Tssp $4200
CV shopped leds, great shape $6250
Comet complete project $650

1 week later
#3613 3 years ago

Batman Stern $3600 shopped leds. new joker motor decent shape
Wcs $2250 shopped leds pretty nice player
earth shaker $1600 currently being shopped
Judge Dredd $2250 super nice condition w/topper leds
Creature $3650 players condition No playfield or insert wear
Creature $3750 very nice shopped w/ leds
Rocky $3900 average shape nice backglass, playfield has a few wear spots nothing major definately restorable
Comet $600 player in decent shape
CV $6700 super nice, shopped, mirrors, chrome rails lock bar
CV $$$ restored CQ
Wh20 $2900 complete machine plays 100% needs resto rough cabinet

coming in monster bash, scarred stiff, indiana jones, congo, shadow, taf, tafg, TZ, batman sega, GNR,

1 week later
#3728 3 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Thanks. It's treated me very well over the years. I never did get around to using pinball browser to change the music.
Dog days of January. Bored of all my games and had IM the longest. Wondering if something new will shake me out of it. Been kinda blah on pinball in general. I hope this passes!
Also, the Nanuet Arcade closed down, which is where I could get a fix of TWD and lots of old classics. Another arcade casualty.
You know, last summer I tried GPS'ing to the Sanctum and it sent me to nowheresville down by a river. I need to check that place out sometime!

you can always stop by the shop if you want..

1 week later
#3809 3 years ago

Barb Wire excellent shape $1250

Champ pub $3800

Gofers $3200

Wh20 $3800

Wh20 $3700

Batman Sega looks HUO

CV very nice $6700

#3814 3 years ago

Champ pub $3800
Gofers $3200
Wh20 $3800
Wh20 $3700
Batman Sega looks HUO
CV very nice $6700

#3863 3 years ago

Stng decent shape $3200 full led kit has a few issues
Fish tales $2450 Super nice playfield no insert wear, cabinet in very average shape, mildy shopped w/leds
Gofers $2800 shopped/leds. has some slam ramp wear. plays 100% nice cabinet
Wh20 $3700 very nice player, being shopped now w/leds. orig topper in excellent shape. new boulders, ramps are good
earthshaker $1400 complete machine great playfield, nice cabinet backglass excellent will clean up nice
TZ $4400 plays 100% no errors or credit dot. faded cabinet, faded playfield w/ 1 small wear spot great resto machine or player
TZ $5900 Beautiful no fade, mint playfield , lots of mods, new mini pf aftermarket switches, lit sign, slot , leds etc.. new rubber
Star trek Pro $3950 very nice currently being shopped w/ leds lightly routed
Original pacman cabaret cabinet needs some love but complete
Arcade Classics multicade looks new $1200

1 week later
#3945 3 years ago

Walking Dead excellent $4600
Tspp real nice super shape low plays $4200
Taf player plays 100% has leds $4400

CV shopped leds, chrome, very nice $6500
Stng $3000 plays and works needs some love $3000
Iron Man original super nice machine leds, mirrors. $4500
Lotr Lightly routed machine leds, clean, $4400
Creature #1 very nice pf green holo needs shop job $3750
Creature #2 decent player cabinet has a few issues $3600
CReature #3 excellent shape shopped, color dmd, nice ramps, etc..$4400

#3984 3 years ago

Just posted a few arcade games. we need the space..

Crystal Castles, Wrestle something, pacman cabaret, neo geo full size, all work except pacman

#4036 3 years ago

No Fear faded but solid excellent playfield $1800
Swars ep1 excellent playfield, decals are peeling in spots $1800
Monster Bash works and plays 100% complete , resto candidiate, currently waiting for new gears for frank table $5950
Lotr Huo Mint in every way, 2003 very very low plays $5500 looks new
indy 500 very nice player great playfield, minor fade $3200
Tspp mint cond HUO super low plays $4750 looks new
CV $6700 in f/s add
Stacker machine looks new, $750

#4038 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballJon:

Not pinball, but I'm looking for a PacMan video game (not mrs. or Jr.). If anyone has one, or knows of one for sale, let me know! Thanks!

I have a orig pacman

#4122 3 years ago

Faded IJ wms nice playfield $4800
TZ early game white clock, green locks, etc.. plays 100% no error or dot. slight fade on right side. great PF $5300
TZ faded super playfield $4900
Batman Forever looks like HUO $3250
Star wars ep 1 $1500 nice playfield decals peeling bit solid cab
STNG super shape $3850
Totan faded nice shape, great resto candidiate $6400

#4185 3 years ago

Tommy DE complete machine in excellent shape $2900
Totan pretty nice machine, pf is nice, cab is faded $6250
Stng extremely nice shopped /leds/mirrors, 100% working $3800
IJ wms clean machine pf is nice, cab is faded. $4800
Swe1 $1500 as/is kinda working
Taf $5500 very nice shopped, leds, playfield is very very nice.
Champ pub plays 100% leds, no pf wear, very nice cabinet $3900
Rocky Bullwinkle players shape. w/topper nice cabinet $2000

#4200 3 years ago

acdc pro cabinet and playfield are excellent. has sideboard decals, and speaker cover upgrade. $4000

#4293 3 years ago

Fire plays good all working displays boards all good $1250 (have NOS playfield avail also)

Rocky Bullwinkle nice cabinet w/topper playfield is decent, players machine $1900

Funhouse mild shop job leds, mirrors, faded cab, nice playfield. no major wear or insert issues $2900

Totan faded, very nice playfield, mild shop, has leds plays 100% no credit dot ramps and plastics are good $6400

Road show faded, awesome pf no fish wear, has leds, clean machine. $2400

Tommy super shape $2900

1 month later
#4671 3 years ago

Shaq $850 average shape working
Cyclone $1200 very nice shopped. Good ramps
Police force $800. Nice shape. Shopped
Shadow $2800 good shape leds shopped
Quite a few more coming in

#4675 3 years ago

I can bring anything to Allentown if they are paid for prior to leaving. we may charge a small fee to help pay for the truck.

we should have approx 30-40 titles avail this week.

Crftbl, afm, mb, IJ, shadow, Tom, Congo, GNR, Taf, Met road case, Getaway, totan's, Bsd, wh20 , etc..

some are shopped, some are as/is, some are blinged out w/ new cabinets, playfields etc..

#4677 3 years ago

The mother load has arrived!!!

we have been kind of slow on selling and inventory has started to pile up... Good timing with Allentown around the corner

2 weeks later
#4791 3 years ago

super nice Tommy mildy shopped w/ leds $2900
Big Betty's Truck Stop shopped w/ leds great shape $1400
X-Files $1600
MMrle Black Huo low plays $8400
Faded Totan $6250
Gofers $2800

#4819 3 years ago

Dr Dude Cabinet is decent, playfield is pretty nice. will be mildy shopped $1750

No Fear clean machine, faded cabinet has leds and plays nice, has a small touch up on the playfield $1750

Getaway faded cabinet, some playfield planking complete working machine $1600

Bad cats nice playfield, cabinet is just "ok" plays nice new display $1800

Taf extremely nice playfield, cabinet is nice, mirrors, leds, a few mods, plays real nice $5500

Spider man black excellent shape, with certificate, some mods, leds, mirrors $7200

coming in Monster bash Resto candidiates, Taf players, Dracula real nice, back to the future, Lotr, maybe some more

1 week later
#4909 3 years ago

mata Hari plays nice, all displays work, nice backglass, boards are nice $750
No Fear shopped, leds, some fade, minor playfield touch up. $1750
few more coming in

#4946 3 years ago

Getaway $1500 complete working needs some tlc
World Cup soccer $2350 shopped,leds, pretty nice player
Indiana Jones wms finishing a mild restore/shop. new decals, shopped, leds, $6000
Back To the future $2750 nice shape shopped plays nice
Taf very nice leds, mods, $5250
Spidey Black $6750 shopped mirrors
Magnetto Xmen LE $4500
Bad Cats player $1750

more coming in

2 weeks later
#5125 3 years ago

Firepower $800 has brand new rottendog board, all new coils to be installed in playfield decent shape nice backglass

Monster bash player, $7000 plays great could use complete shop job. cabinet is nicer than average, playfield is decent has scoop wear, drac track is nice. great restore candidate, or play it as it sits..

Totan $6250 Nice cabinet minor fade, inserts have some ghosting and a few have wear. looks nice ramps and plastics are good

TAF $3750 beat up needs restoration, complete playing machine. No moisture or pitting playfield has planking

MB $9900 fully restored. new cc playfield, decals, plastics, chrome trim, color dmd, etc being finished in the next week open to trades

#5159 3 years ago

just posted a pole position and tetris

both dedicated originals

tetris is real nice and plays good

pole position needs some love, cabinet is pretty good

2 weeks later
#5279 3 years ago

Dirty Harry $2500 leds, clean but un-shopped plays well cabinet is super clean, playfield very nice

Xenon $975 very clean working 100% has aftermarket boards

TZ $7000 pimped color dmd, lots of mods, speaker upgrade , etc super shape original. was at pintastic

Taf $4500 leds, shopped, average shape, has gold original decals. working 100% players machine

#5292 3 years ago

yes eddie is the best I have used him numerous times

#5308 3 years ago

stng player
nice cabinet and playfield
has leds and mirrors, few broken plastics.
No credit dot, playing perfect

#5314 3 years ago

few pics of stng






#5346 3 years ago


Quoted from GreenMachine19:I just wanted to give some feedback for Rob of Rockland Pinball. I made a 2.5 hour trip (one way) to Nanuet to trade up to a STTNG from a BSD. Super friendly dude. Made sure to point out every flaw on the machine he was selling. Wanted to make sure I was happy with the machine. Buy with confidence. His name on Pinside is GWAXT. Reasonable prices for some really nice machines. I'm very pleased with the transaction and looking forward to the next one when I'm ready to pull the trigger on TAF. Thanks again Rob!

Thank you

Taf player $4500 decent shape mildly shopped w/leds
Wcs player $2250 shopped w/ leds plays 100% new soccer ball
Hobbit LE 65 plays
Lost in space $2800 very nice shape shopped w/ leds
Met Prem monsters mint huo $5700
TZ pimped, new cabinet, tons of mods
TZ player faded cabinet, nice playfield
Wh20 nice shopped leds, very nice player w/ original topper
Taf resto candidate plays good $3750

coming in Star wars de, shadow, wcs, f-14, high speed, possibly more

1 week later
#5476 3 years ago

world cup soccer just in. plays fine. but needs good cleaning. cabinet is decent. no major issues. playfield has wear spot in front of right flipper from drag.

boards and wiring super clean .


Huo master of puppets about 400 plays $7900

#5504 3 years ago

bally harley f/s works and plays, but needs a little love, has leds and new rubber.
playfield is real nice $1250

#5525 3 years ago

huo simpsons and Soprano's coming in

#5531 3 years ago

Simpsons is Stern

Sopranos is huo

1 week later
#5671 3 years ago


#5674 3 years ago

We have a flash in the shop

#5677 3 years ago

500 is good

#5719 3 years ago

no fear plays good some fade on left side, nice playfield $1700
Tom. beat up, but will clean up nice
Tafg all original very very very nice
Lost in space $2000 shopped and leds
CV players machine shopped

coming in Wcs, TZ super original nice, Wh2o, T-2, few more

1 week later
#5844 3 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Good to see!! You guys always have killer deals in here. I wish that Gwaxt was coming with games.

as of right now we are coming, the bar is taking up a lot of time but we are gonna try to squeeze it in

1 week later
#5915 3 years ago

t2 $1900 shopped leds average shape
wcs $2250 very nice shopped
Totan $6500 slight fade shopped, leds, very nice
Congo $ shopped super playfield, unfaded cabinet. $2900
Indy 500 shopped excellent shape $3000
cftbl restored new CC pf, new decals, ramps, etc.. $$

#5983 3 years ago

Road Kings in real nice shape. boards, playfield, an cabinet are super clean.
few more sys 11's and older wpc 89's coming in

2 weeks later
#6147 3 years ago

Laser cue looks to be in ok condition and complete as/is

#6171 3 years ago

Spidey red Super huo like shape.. shopped leds, mirrors. etc $4800

Totan Faded but nice, $6450 shopped leds

Coming in or almost ready.. Bad Cats, Taf, Fish tales, Medieval orig X2, Getaway, Kiss

#6222 3 years ago

laser Cue complete kinda works but needs love $300
Superman Atari Very nice shape. $1000
Ice Fever Gottlieb $not sure Ill take some offers. I cant find any recent sales

all 3 machines are complete but all will need some kind of work

1 week later
#6283 2 years ago

coming in, or in already

Monster Bash $6750 Fully working resto candidate
Totan $ 6200 nice playfields some fade
Tz's $4900-$5500 some are very nice
Taf's $4600-$5400
Star Trek $4200
Jurassic park $2200
Super man $1000

NIB sterns. Met pro, Met prem monsters, Walking dead, Got Pro... call me for prices

#6313 2 years ago

just posted a Kiss for $1550 plays well, average shape. Has new boards, also if anyone wants the MH I can grab in Parsippany and bring to my shop..

1 week later
#6437 2 years ago

Banzai Run w/CC playfields
Bop player
Swe1 mint
Wh20 new decals cc orig playfield
TZ all original No fade 100% stock
Rocky Gottlieb
Superman Atari
Taf super players shopped leds.
NIB met prem monsters
Few more coming in

#6474 2 years ago

Americas Most haunted $6250 lots of extras including topper

picked up a few used playfields today

all restorable $400 each

1 week later
#6529 2 years ago

looking for a eight ball deluxe.

#6541 2 years ago

Rockland Pinball is now selling Led's. They are super bright and we have had great success with them, they are available for local pu and we are also shipping for free.

We are also now the east coast distributor of all X-Pin products, along with homepin, and quite a few others to follow.

our website is currently being updated and should be current by weeks end

#6579 2 years ago

Wcs $2400 very nice
Swe1 $2400
Party zone $1800
Monster bash for resto works plays
Few more coming

I have wpc head

Looking to buy NBA stern, right ball deluxe

1 week later
#6611 2 years ago

We have quite a few coming in, or already here
Black Rose
MM orig
Champ Pub
Monster bash

#6626 2 years ago

nba fast break $1875 clean and working great has leds, some cabinet touch up. but solid overall game

#6648 2 years ago

shadow $2800 very nice
Jack Bot $2000 super playfield some fade
World cup excellent shape. $2175
like new arcade legends $..
Few more coming in

1 week later
#6705 2 years ago
Quoted from Monster_Bash:

Looking for a Metallica MOPLE or maybe a Roadcase

just posted a mople -$7400

#6735 2 years ago

just picked up a couple huo Namco Ms pacman/ Galaga Cabarets These are factory units. They are all in excellent shape

$1200 each, and we can make them 60 for no extra charge

they are a great size for a tight fit in a game room

#6737 2 years ago

I think they are 19", but they are whatever these came with new from Namco

1 week later
#6839 2 years ago

Just In

Champ Pub, Tommy, Simpsons De, asteroids deluxe, pacman/galaga cabaret, MJ moonwalker arcade.

coming in

Tom, taf, Mustang, corvette, creature possibly more

still have

Medieval orig, Rocky Gottlieb,

1 week later
#6887 2 years ago

Black hole
Haunted house
champion Pub

all very nice, can sell as a package deal/ or individual. have lots of extra parts. and possibly boards

#6917 2 years ago

just got in some system 11's and a few others

Diner plays 100% very nice playfield is excellent no raised inserts $2100
Taxi Plays 100% some yellowing outside mylar nice cabinet $1800
Riverboat Gambler super shape, some fade. $1600
Roller Disco plays perfect better than average $850
Scared Stiff complete working machine. Needs resto $4600
Taf shopped leds, mirrors, super player $5500
Mustang Lightly Routed completely shopped, ugraded leds. Mirrors. Super shape $3900
Simpsons DE. better than average shopped, leds, new power board. mint backglass $2150
Coming in. Centaur near huo mint, taf, cftbl, corvette,

1 week later
#6980 2 years ago

Taf #1 shopped mirrors leds
taf#2 coming in
taf#3 coming in
Funhouse.. complete resto candidiate
Nascar Huo
Creature coming in
Gofers coming in
Fish Tales faded nice playfield
Star trek Pro off route
Sopranos like new huo
Tz #1 super shape, shopped
Tz #2 some fade mint playfield
Lotr Mint low plays huo

1 week later
#7012 2 years ago

whirlwind solid players machine nice cabinet great PF some wear around spinners. Battery terminal had some acid damage. The rest of the board look ok. working topper. needs shop job. etc $1850

Disco Fever plays great, new board, solid clean cabinet, nice playfield. + extra NOS playfield all displays work game plays good but needs shop job. $1250 for the whole package

Mars God of War Gottlieb sys 80. Nice backglass solid cabinet boots and kinda plays needs shop job. $675

Nascar HUO shopped, leds, mirrors, $2800

Taf super shape domestic machine. Will be shopped, leds, mirrors, cabinet is real nice playfield is way above average. $5850

Star wars de shopped leds, super shape, plays perfect

#7013 2 years ago

Michael Jacksons moonwalker arcade dedicated cabinet plays perfect monitor looks new $750

Pacman / Galaga Namco Cabaret huo w/60 board $900

#7067 2 years ago
Quoted from Barakawins1:

They're around. I've seen several SS sell for that range.

we are going to have a totan avail for 5800 hopefully today

#7130 2 years ago

Bsd super playfield shopped, faded but solid. (we can re-decal it for some extra cash)
BK2000 Nice player average shape, backglass is mint $2100
Space Shuttle all original with nice playfield, cabinet and backglass $1200
Nascar Huo being shopped cabinet and playfield are mint $2400
Coming in taxi, diner, rollergames X2, few other sys 11's

1 week later
#7238 2 years ago

few semi-projects and not

Diner, works plays ad boots. average shape. needs total teardown shop job $1600
Bad cats $1400 sale may be pending
Jurassic Park DE complete, missing left flipper. and dmd. $1500
Roller games $1250 complete diamond plate, should clean up real nice
CSI shopped, mirrors, leds, plays flawless. $3600
Lots of fishtales parts including semi populated playfield, and reel
lots of getaway parts, including diamond plate playfield. Nice unfaded cabinet w/ all wiring and transformer intact

#7291 2 years ago

players T-2 plays good cabinet is solid, playfield is average. should clean up to be a decent player Dirty and not shopped $1925- can shop for a few extra $$

DE simpsons great shape shopped, new rubber, leds. plays 100% boards look great $2000

Taf, creat, potc, hs, fire power, and a few more coming in..

#7299 2 years ago

High Speed super original shape, playfield is excellent original. cabinet is in great shape $1400
Firepower 2 also in super original shape. $1200

Both of these are way above average shape

#7307 2 years ago

Creature nice shape shopped leds $4400 great playfield
Simpsons DE $2000 great shape shopped leds
TAF nice cabinet, playfield in great shape. cliffy, a few mods, leds. plays fantastic $5900
CSI shopped, leds, mirrors, plays 100% $3400

coming in WOZ, Bsd, a few more

#7327 2 years ago

just posted a whirlwind $1200 needs some love, but should clean up nice

1 week later
#7354 2 years ago

Getaway unfaded players shape overall plays 100% $2200

Flight 2000 clean boards, nice backglass, has typical playfield wear. boots and plays. $850

Have some populated wpc playfields, harnesses, transformers, and nice cabinets. Some cabinets are prepped for decals. (whirlwind, Whitewater, getaway, Fishtales, creature)

#7361 2 years ago

Phantom players shape $1950 clean working machine
Wozle huo
batman dk huo
x-files player shopped leds

#7367 2 years ago

Full Restored creature, top notch you wont find one nicer. New pf, cab, ramps, holo, everything is new..

Pinball Magic CQ also would be tough to find one nicer

#7373 2 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Was this Kevins pinball magic? If it is that's got a nos clear coated playfield installed. Leds all done up..


1 week later
#7401 2 years ago

centaur super nice original
creature in excellent shape complete new ramp set
getaway non faded but players shape $2000
Phantom $1750
multicade 60 looks new $750
iron man super shape $4250

quite a few more coming in Rbion, tom, mb, creat, taf, tz, and some more

#7423 2 years ago

Tftc Super shape, cabinet and playfield nicest original we have seen $3000
Rocky Bullwinkle excellent shape $1900
Rolling Stones $ 1900 great shape
Phantom of Opera Leds, shopped, plays great nice player $1750
Indy Jones wms Super playfield, no insert wear, no ball swirls, only left side is faded. Decals avail
Creature super shape, new ramps cabinet is excellent plays 100% $5000 shopped leds
Taf player, complete working 100% cabinet is real nice, playfield looks decent $5400
tAF player, hasnt been used in 20 years super playfield, nice cabinet $5700
Rbion Excellent shape. No issues. shopped leds. $3000
Diner diamond plate pf, above average shape
Tom super shape, $6000
Kiss bally $1900 above average plays perfect
GNR. probably a 9. No fade, no scoop wear. inserts look perfect $5500 shopped
Black Spidey Huo mint $6900
met Premium 300 plays or so. Color DMD, lots of mods, blades, powder coated, speaker upgrade. looks and plays mint $6700

few more coming in. Looking for walking dead, spidey red

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