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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#7786 2 years ago
Quoted from Colehvac1:

Can you send some pics of condition?

Em's or hookers?

#7840 2 years ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

I paid $1800 for my Bad Cats needing nothing. With nice playfield. bought it off EBay of all places last year.

She wanted $1900 for a Stellar Wars.

There was no deals there, I saw lots of stuff going for 2x-3x the going rate and she was not haggling. I wished her good fortune and beat it out the door.

3 weeks later
#7975 2 years ago
Quoted from aldo:

$1500 FS Juarssic Park Lost World Located in Rhode Island PRICE DROP AGAIN $1500
just want it gone before I have to move it when I sell my house. $1500
First $1500 gets it.

I will look up the gameplay and get back to you shortly.

Will pass on it, thanks! GLWS


1 month later
#8140 2 years ago
Quoted from dhard:

Get a room U2 now there's a band that should have a pin made after them

Please just no.

#8148 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkeyexx:

Memories are priceless

In the end, all you have really.

#8150 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Unless you have Alzheimer's.

I have worked with Alzheimer's patients, they have plenty of memories just not current ones.

1 month later
#8390 2 years ago

Sunday sale for Pinside members-

Williams Full House $550
Williams Big Ben $500
Gottlieb Spirit of '76 $550
Williams Big Guns $1100

All serviced and ready to play.

#8411 2 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

Players Dredd for $1,800 firm.
boston.craigslist.org link

Played it at AR2, one of those titles I really wanted to like but could not take a shine to it. Might have been the location, too much noise with too many people milling around makes it hard to focus.

I mean... Its Dredd!

#8416 2 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

Um, no. That's the "I have to deal with Craigslist knuckleheads price." You guys are a cool, so it's $1,800 for the Pinside crew.

I do the same, knock off $100-$200 and buyers are thrilled and happy.

#8420 2 years ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

Sunday sale for Pinside members-
Williams Full House $550
Williams Big Ben $450
Gottlieb Spirit of '76 $500
Williams Big Guns SOLD!
All serviced and ready to play.

Big Guns sold, prices lowered for Pinside members. Great deal for fully serviced and ready to go EM's!

1 week later
#8518 2 years ago

All functional and ready to go, always interested in trades even if partial project.

1976 Gottlieb Spirit of '76 Pinball Machine - $550
1975 Williams Big Ben Pinball Machine - $500
1966 Williams Full House Pinball Machine - $550

2 weeks later
#8661 2 years ago

Archived after 78 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “I'm working on a road trip October 1st to pick up a pin east of Baltimore and drop off a pin at the same time. I have these three pins I can bring along at the same time for a kill...”
Montville, CT

I'm working on a road trip October 1st to pick up a pin east of Baltimore and drop off a pin at the same time. I have these three pins I can bring along at the same time for a killer price as I need to free up space.

Please PM if interested. Gary

Spirit of '76 $500

Heavy repairs to cabinet back and bottom (done right, see posting!) graphics repainted, cool 70's graffiti, backglass touched up and sealed, boards serviced and adjusted, score reels gone through, great chimes, many new play field posts from PBR, sealed back glass, missing inserts replaced. 2-3 playfield plastics have cracks from ball strikes, play as is or order new set for $75 from PBR to really dress it up. Still has working coin mechs, comes with new owners manual from PBR.


Williams Full House $500

Fully serviced and ready to go, some new coils, unique stepped cabinet design, mylar non-stick protectors installed around popper bases to protect playfield, playfield cleaned and waxed, elastics changed, bulbs replaced, contacts cleaned and adjusted, stepper assemblies cleaned and lubed, back glass touched up and sealed.

Orbit $350

Nice playing machine, all contacts and steppers gone through, fresh elastics, replacement glass and lockbar, replacement chime box, sealed back glass. Some plastics funky. Only issue only plays one player or three player game. For some reason skips over player two and four. Installed a switch to enable one player game only. No time to look at it further, comes with new schematic from PBR.

1 month later
#9055 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I drove to CT, RI, Pintastic... all over the place up there in the last year. Come down this way!! I have a Space Ship project or working Orbit also that I could throw in for a decent price.....now you're not just driving down for one project pin.

You could come up here to pick up Ship Ahoy

We are getting ready to thin the herd; Ship Ahoy, Big Star, Bus Stop, Hi Flyer and Full House up for grabs I think.

The last two might be gone this week.

This will still leave me with 4 pin projects for the winter, along with a car to assemble that has been sitting since 2012.

#9126 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Cleaning out some space. GTB Olympics project - actually will fire up and play a game, but needs some love. I don't want to put it in storage, so if somebody can come and get it by 5 today or sometime early tomorrow - FREE.

Half tempted to pop down there with a machine or two and pick that one up.

2 weeks later
#9276 1 year ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

WTB: Games on my block.

No kidding! Closest to me was 20 minutes out, the majority have always been 6+ hours round trip with a few 5 hour jaunts.

Is what is is as they say.

#9281 1 year ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

I just did a 30hr round trip pickup.

My longest so far was 13 hours round trip with just myself driving. Dropped off three along the way and came back with one.

#9320 1 year ago

Trying to clear out some pins so I can focus on other projects, I'll never get done at this rate.

Gottlieb Ship Ahoy: $1000, Immaculate condition, needs nothing.

Bally Bus Stop: $500, plays great, new parts, decent bg, repainted in the past

Gottlieb Double Action woodrail: $450, partial project but works. Finishing up this week, with schematic.

Might consider a trade but really want to open space up.

Only titles I'd be interested in would be Sheba, Spin-a-Card/Hearts & Spades, Melody/Sing Along or perhaps Bally Trio.

Thanks for your consideration. Gary

1 week later
#9448 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Ho ho ho...this thing is pretty sweet. And the issue isn't severe. I've gotten a few PMs, but nothing definite. Very surprised. The backglass alone was $300. And I forgot…it also has a newer Rottendog PSB.

I need to go through my spare parts and post an ad on Pinside, would like to get a new backglass for Olympic Hockey and have to sell stuff or find $305 in the couch cushions.

#9450 1 year ago
Quoted from RonSS:

Isn't there an Olympic Hockey on Letgo near you/us? Might be worth a look.

Seller wants $1300

#9453 1 year ago
Quoted from RonSS:

I thought it was $400 or $500 and listed well over a month.
Ugh, sorry.

Just checked, he did just drop the price to $500. It was $1300 for the longest time. Backglass is going on this title too, look at the player on the left.

I'd just assume buy the new backglass and be done with it, one of our favorite games.

4 weeks later
#9671 1 year ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

Looking for a Grand Prix EM or Hot Tip (either em or ss). Willing to consider other games similar but hoping to spend $500 or less.

I have a Williams Lucky Strike, New Years day Pinside sale $450

Plays good, decent backglass, partially gone though. Been in our game room for a few months but I'm out of space and need to move other titles in.

newlondon.craigslist.org link


#9673 1 year ago
Quoted from DaWezl:

Lalala I can’t hear you...
Seriously tempted by that pin, but trying to save $$ right now for some game room upgrades. Siggggghh!
Good luck with the sale!


1 week later
#9741 1 year ago

Need room in the garage, moving along the following so I can get to other long suffering projects.

Immaculate Ship Ahoy (deal pending)
Williams 1965 Lucky Strike $400 (works fine, nice backglass, fair cabinet)
Bally Bus Stop $450 (works fine, lots of new parts, cab repaint)
Williams Heatwave $1500/BO (clearcoated pf, cab repainted and stenciled)

Located 06370

#9745 1 year ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

Gary, please your killing me here. You need a delivery service!

That can be arranged!

Oh, and were thinking of selling Darts too. It just doesn't get played that much.

#9750 1 year ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

That Heat Wave is on the high side I think Pinside says $800.00?

Last time I checked Heatwave had no estimated price and very few have immaculate clearcoated playfields, nice plastics, working coin mechs, decent backglass and repainted/stenciled cabinets.

#9753 1 year ago
Quoted from Grayman_EM:

Price estimate
We have seen this game for sale in the Pinside Market 2 times. The average asking price is $825
True yours is better and that is an average. Tea Gary?


Estimated value: Unknown

More than happy to go private if you wish, I'm not hostile to suggestions on price.

#9755 1 year ago
Quoted from sagejr:

Even with an Estimated Value of "unknown", I found it to be interesting that this game is ranked number #1 for EM on pinside. It must be a good game then.

Its a tough game with a lot going on and I think that keeps the kids and wife away from it. I play it time to time but not enough to justify the slot that could be used for a game like Sky Divers which I play more or Bazaar which is also waiting its turn in the workshop.

Lighting "Blow Your Top!" takes a lot of luck and skill and I think I have only managed to do it twice.

I should just put it in storage, but I get in one of my moods for housecleaning..

#9779 1 year ago

Ship Ahoy sold, other machines still available.

Discount if you buy more than one.

1 week later
#9819 1 year ago

Darts, Bus Stop and Lucky Strike all for sale on South East CT Craigslist, once these three are sold going to be in a holding pattern for some time due to new job. None coming in and none going out, if someone wants a package deal drop me a note.


#9857 1 year ago

Williams Lucky Strike sold!

#9860 1 year ago

Bus Stop Sold!

#9897 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Here we go.... Pats have more stolen rings than a pawn shop.
Really though, good luck. This is the slowest damn week ever.

Hah! I have one left if you are interested.

7 months later
#11513 1 year ago

Anyone have a Spring Break for sale in New England area?

Looking for 2 SS titles to fill out our line up, cutting back on the EM's we have.

Wish I had not sold the Ice Fever, it was fun.

#11517 1 year ago
Quoted from Matesamo:

Just listed my Firepower 2 in the marketplace, $850 or trading for Gottlieb SS.

I did see it on the local listing, should look up on youtube some play videos to see if it is too our liking.

#11526 1 year ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

I also have a very nice Dirty Harry for trade or sale. $2,800 takes it. Ad with pics coming.

Thank you for the offer, but not a title were looking at. Might pop for a Walking Dead if one comes up local though.

I think we are going to hit the York show next month, maybe work on pre-selling a few EM's and bring them with us.

1 week later
#11599 12 months ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

Firepower price drop 600 its a working players project

Thank you for taking the time today Mike!

1 week later
#11672 11 months ago

Anyone with a sub-$1000 solid state in the CT/RI/MA area? Also have $4500-$5000 for a Walking Dead Pro.

LMK what you got.


#11681 11 months ago
Quoted from Shredso:

I have a Stern Hot Hand for $800.

Thank you very much, card games not one of my favorite themes though.

#11682 11 months ago
Quoted from ejacques:

In general, since we have a Flash at our league site already, I am open to trades for something working and not a game I own or the league site has. Looking to mix things up a bit.
This would also include EMs depending on what you might have. If anyone is interested throw me some ideas. My flash basically needs it's drop targets rebuilt to finish it off.

PM sent.

2 weeks later
#11800 11 months ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

Looking for a $200 range EM
This game just needs to work somewhat
It can be dirty - I’ll clean it and tune it up
It is for my kids local community action center youth rec program here in town
They have a few pool tables and an air hockey but I would like to donate a pinball for the local children to enjoy
Don’t care about condition as long as working mostly and Kids can play it
Message me if you may have something

I have a Big Star I can let go for $200, fully working so you don't have much to do to it.

Located 06320.

See posts:


#11922 11 months ago
Quoted from bluespin:

So a casual player can buy a tspp, Spider-Man, and other high quality used titles for $4000-5000, or they can buy a nib pin for $1,000 more. The new pins have all the newest toys and features, and they probably don’t know how to work on games.


No difference than when I was shopping for a new Challenger. When the cost of ownership between used and new is a few bucks why on earth would I buy a used car? Buy a new one with no wear and a warranty and call it a day.

#11971 10 months ago
Quoted from the96stang:

Im not going to do anything with this trizone project. 350 get it gone? Clean Boards!

PM sent

3 months later
#12687 7 months ago

Archived after 149 days
Sold elsewhere
Machine - For Sale
Fully shopped/refurbished “Repaint (but no splatter) automotive clearcoated playfield, has coin mechs, missing tilt bob and back door. Possible interest in cash and trade for solid state title, PM me with wh...”
Montville, CT
1,000 (Firm)

Relisted Heat Wave on the market place, sale or trade and cash towards a solid state.

Were getting down to a more manageable level, I think Space Odyssey is next and were at a good number of pins.


#12697 7 months ago

Thank you, replied.

1 week later
#12761 7 months ago


Looking to move my Heat Wave along, interested parties but most seem to be some distance away =(

The taxman comith April 15th.

2 weeks later
#12928 6 months ago
Quoted from Madmax541:

Machine - For Sale

The Walking Dead (Pro)

HUO - Undocumented (Home Used Only) “Excellent condition - like NIB with lots of mods
Pinblades graphics
Welcome to Woodbury Sign
Train Tracks
Tower mod $100
Fidelity Flipper Back Box Lighting
Playfield protect instal...”

12 days ago

Goffstown, NH




My wife would love this.

3 weeks later
#13229 5 months ago

Have a very nice Heat Wave with repaint and stencil with automotive clearcoated playfield.

Last try before giving Ebay a shot, $950 or trade for early solid state title.

Or trade and cash for something interesting, LMK.

1 week later
#13298 5 months ago
Quoted from AntennaMan:

I've never met a wife who'd want a man to keep a pin, even though I've heard they exist.

Mine in that group; I have at least two I have been told are not going.

She has her favorites.

1 week later
#13396 5 months ago
Quoted from AntennaMan:

If I'd seen this when it was posted, I'd be half way back home. Was a great day for a drive.

I tried, no reply.

Been toying with the idea of a homebrew, a theme has been gelling and I just need an empty cabinet to get started.

#13400 5 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

My guess is this would be a poor candidate.
DE 1987-1990 games have the absolute shittiest cabinets. One in this kind of condition would probably fall apart during the move.

Worst case I have spare pf glass and some legs.

#13409 5 months ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

Yep, the plywood on the early Data East cabinets was an inferior grade compared to what Williams was using. It just splitters apart from handling and moving them around more. Stern was simply cost cutting way back then too.

Well for free I figured it was worth a shot. I really should not be contemplate a home brew machine but seeing some of the work people have done has inspired me a bit.

1 week later
#13457 4 months ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

They're hard to find. Title blew up in popularity a year or two ago, and not too many of them out there. Haven't seen one for sale at a reasonable price in forever.

I might know where there is a broken one, I'll drop the owner a line. Touch base with me in a day or two.

1 week later
#13523 4 months ago

They have an extra $0 in that one.

#13545 4 months ago
Quoted from the96stang:

Anyone have anything they want to trade for my Bally kiss with a new bg or my stern Ali?

Played that one at Allentown, it was fast! Thanks for bringing it! Fun game!

1 week later
#13645 3 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Putting this up for sale for my daughter. She said it’s OK if I wanted to pay the sales fee out of my own money too. WTH?
Looks like we may have another shyster in this hobby in 10 years.

Machine - For Sale

Big Top


Fully restored (full original status) “1977 Wico Big Top. I picked this game for my daughter when she was little because she wanted her own pin. She plays the big boy stuff now, so this has been sitting. Thought I would...”

4 hours ago

Langhorne, PA



I should buy this for work.

1 week later
#13721 3 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Anybody want a free game?

To many projects!

#13725 3 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I have the second one torn completely apart and ready to dive in. Didn’t really need anything off of this one anyway. Plus I really need to get cracking on finishing the Halloween game. Need room.

I'd be tempted to fix it is the problem, lol.

#13766 3 months ago

Speaking of Data East, anyone with a Secret Service? I'm considering picking one up.

#13768 3 months ago
Quoted from hockeymutt:

There’s one in the marketplace

Yes, we have exchanged PM's.

Not sure how much of a project I want at the moment.

#13797 3 months ago
Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

X-Files. Again fully stripped and shipped just a few weeks ago. All titans and 100% warm white 1smd comet leds. Had magnet wear in front of file cabinet that had been filled with epoxy at some point. File cabinet is perfect. Brand new one installed when stripped down. Brand new shooter scoop chute installed(welds normally all shot entirely). Both those parts you can’t find. Ramps flame polished and no cracks at all cabinet has some scuffs and fade but solid. 2300$

My wife loved X-files; let me look up some info on the game and I'll get back to you. Make a nice surprise for her birthday.

1 week later
#13875 87 days ago
Quoted from homersimpson007:

Selling my Black Hole. Located an hour from Pintastic in Attleboro, MA. If it didn’t weigh more than my car, I’d consider bringing it, haha. Come get it this weekend.

Always wanted one till I played it once, was a mean bitch. Colson says I have to give it another chance, just having an off day.

So tempting.

#13900 83 days ago

Anyone interested in trading a Hollywood Heat for a Hot Shots? LMK.

Have a Hot Shots in nice condition, LED playfield, even the backglass florescent has been converted to LED.

#13918 81 days ago
Quoted from the96stang:

I have an Electra in Connecticut I would sell. Message me.

Buy with confidence from Brian! I played it this weekend.

#13961 76 days ago

Yes, set of nice black Williams legs.

#13976 74 days ago

Anyone looking for a Hot Shots? Ready to play, $1100, I need some room. Might have one of the Time Machines up for sale, have someone interested in that though.

Hot Shots has very nice cabinet with LEDs and even the 2' translite bulb has been converted to LED. While I'd prefer to sell outright open to interesting trades, looking for early Data East mostly.

Pictures here:


1 week later
#14115 63 days ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

Looking for a new wife, preferably one that enjoys pinball.

I got lucky with mine, she started it!

She hates playing against me though, she just flails about and I actually learn the shots >=)

1 week later
#14222 53 days ago
Quoted from Murphdom:

There was one posted on Craigslist for $1200 in that exact area. Now the ad is gone...hmmmm

I saw that ad, was a nice looking machine too.

Sorely tempted to pick up the phone but I have a Bazaar that is waiting its turn in the queue.

#14223 53 days ago

Machine - For Sale
Used - shows wear but 100% working and clean “Rotating out pins to make room in the line up! All LED aside from flashers, plays great with no issues. Boards look to be in great shape, no obvious work aside from a replaced ba...”
73 days ago
Montville, CT

Price drop $100 to $1150 for Pinsiders, on CL in a few days. Cash or trade.

1 week later
#14309 42 days ago

Anyone have a Bally Star Trek backglass for sale?

1 week later
#14391 32 days ago

Friend of mine is looking for his first pin in CT, preferably car themed but not necessary and solid state.

Anything out there in the sub-$2000 range?

#14410 31 days ago
Quoted from frunch:

Colsond3 has a Bally Joust for $300. Works, but cab was painted black and some other cosmetic issues etc. Might be worth checking out if he still has it: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/post-project-pins-for-sale-here-cl-ebay-pinside-and-others/page/271#post-5152268

Its gone.

1 week later
#14458 24 days ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

DF - Yeah, it's a DF, what can you do? But hey it's a working solid state for less than the price of most EM's on CL. $700

70's period pin!

#14467 22 days ago

1973 Gottlieb King Pin.

Decent backglass and playfield (minor wear around 1 or 2 pin inserts) cab fair, LED in PF GI, score reels and some inserts, works as it should.

I'm going to bring it to work this weekend for use in our physical therapy dept, a picture of playfield is located here:


$750 or trade for another EM or towards early SS. LMK what ya have.

#14470 22 days ago
Quoted from poppapin:

Nice pin, I've had 2 king pins in the past and also it's AAB PinUp!!

I see the attraction in it, just don't think it will have the longevity in our collection and it is getting crowded here.

One of those pins with "one more game and I'll get that last shot this time" feeling for sure.

I'm heading to York if someone wants to meet up if still unsold by then.

Colson is coming up in a week or two, maybe he will grab it

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