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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#3475 3 years ago
Quoted from Gwaxt72:

Funhouse nice original machine playfield real nice $3,000
Taf Working average shape, thing gear needs some help other than that 100% playing $4200
Stwarsep1 excellent shape leds new rubber $2250
TZ shopped new clock board, leds, some new plastics . excellent playfield faded cabinet $5200
STNG complete machine needs love.. but plays $2900
Dredd excellent shape, shopped, leds, new flipper plates, flippers etc.. $2250
Rbion shopped new rubber, leds, not sure of the history but looks pretty nice. currently has a sound issue. $2600
RFM #1 mildly shopped, leds, monitor looks great playfield is nice. $2400
Rfm#2 not shopped decent shape plays great, monitor looks good $2100
Wh20 nice player no issues, leds, has minor pf wear. cabinet is decent w/topper $3600

Is the STNG still available?

#3477 3 years ago
Quoted from Don44:

I have a sttng for trade. It's in good condition. The playfield is very nice and shopped out with leds. No broken plastics but the alpha ramp has a few cracks. Some wear at neutral zone covered by cliffy. Everything works great on it except there is 6 gi lights out and I can't figure out why. Bottom line on dmd is out as well. The cabinet is nice with bright colors but there is a few scratches and imperfections. Really looking for a cftbl in a trade but wide open to trade possibilities + or - cash. Sell for $3800 obo. IMG_0491.JPG

Is this machine still available?

3 weeks later
#3731 3 years ago
Quoted from whocanitbenow:

Still have my Star Trek New In Box for sale.
I will transport it to your house in Mass, NH, VT, ME


Game is working great. Cracked 260M on it this afternoon. Got the Kobayashi Maru a couple of times. There is a lot to figure out with this game!

#3744 3 years ago

I'm looking for an 8 Ball Deluxe or 8 Ball Deluxe Limited Edition if anybody has one for sale.

3 weeks later
#3962 3 years ago

Looking for a Green Bay Packers pinball machine.

#3985 3 years ago
Quoted from Gwaxt72:

Just posted a few arcade games. we need the space..
Crystal Castles, Wrestle something, pacman cabaret, neo geo full size, all work except pacman

You don't give those away, do you? Holy smokes those are spendy. Don't take my post as being critical of your prices. Not meant that way. BTW, looking for a Golden Tee for my golf course if you come across one. Looking for 2010 or newer.

2 weeks later
#4194 3 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:

Black Knight LE New MPU, New Sound Boards, New Xpin Displays, New Mayfair Backglass, Plexi Playfield Protector, Rebuilt WPC Flippers

PM sent

#4263 3 years ago
Quoted from sagejr:

I have a nice Williams Big Guns asking $1,200 or best. Possible trades. Player 4 display is out, player 2 missing 1 digit. Boards are clean. Machine has been shopped.


Good looking table!

1 month later
#4758 3 years ago
Quoted from KingDaddy:

Perfect PF (and I mean perfect), perfect cabinet (and I mean perfect)

Do you MEAN perfect, or do you mean PERFECT? Sorry, couldn't resist.

2 months later
#5382 3 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

Does this rule only apply to me? I mean, I don't mind starting an ad as well, but literally all three post before mine are listed exactly as I listed mine (games FS/FT, no accompanying ads).
Again, not looking to step on any toes and all that, just wondering what about my post stood out beyond the others?

Always a good question to ask on Pinside.

#5417 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

The fees have been in place almost a year now, I think.
They aren't unreasonable, especially if you've donated something in the past year.
For example, if you're selling a system 80 game, most fall into the tier 1 category, making it only $3.75. A coffee at Starbucks is more than that.
On the other hand, I usually have to figure about a 15% fee for selling on ebay these days, so selling something here to another pinsider is a better deal for me (and the buyer). I'd rather see a small fee go to something I enjoy and support, rather than fork over a tidy sum to the behemuth that is ebay.
Then there's craigslist where each new email is its own adventure.

I don't agree with you very often, but this time I actually do. The fees are more than reasonable. Try selling something on eBay or Amazon, then find out what it REALLY feels like to be fleeced!

Combine reasonable fees with an audience that is dedicated to pinball, it's a seller's ideal set-up. Stang, it costs money to run this site, so to have fees that are reasonable is justified.

#5448 3 years ago
Quoted from the96stang:

Everyone here checks craigslist just as religiously as this thread. Im sure that I will reach about 90 percent of the population that reads the thread.

Do you have some statistics to back up your claim that everyone here checks CL just as religiously as this thread? And how about some statistics to back your claim that you will reach about 90 percent of the population that reads the thread? Love it when someone else speaks for 'everyone' before they are elected to do so.

#5455 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

The fees for lower value games are $2.50-$3.75. It doesn't get up to the $20 fee range until you hit around the $5000 mark or so.

Yeah, but that doesn't fit into Stang's argument.

#5456 3 years ago
Quoted from the96stang:

I will reach my target audience easily enough. Facebook and craigslist are the way for me. I've had multiple repeat buyers and sellers. Heck, most send me a text, call or email monthly to see what I'm thinking of selling.
Call me cheap, but most times I cut my prices to the rock bottom point when I sell them here. I don't feel like dropping another 20 bucks on average a game.
I honestly believe me selling on craigslist is better for the hobby anyway. I spent over 2 hours going over a game I just sold to a craigslist novice. Now not only is he hooked, he knows what to look out for when buying a game.
Heck, there are multiple people on pinside who have an account because I sell on craigslist.
I encourage you guys to get back to selling. Didn't mean to take this off on a tangent. GLWS. I'll be on craigslist. Stang out!

Hey, I hope you do reach your target audience and I hope you continue to build a great business. My gripe about your earlier post is to trash Pinside for charging you a little bit to put your machines in front of a large audience. The rates are more than reasonable and you have an audience dedicated to the game of pinball. If you don't like the fees, then don't sell on the site.

#5457 3 years ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

I don't think anyone in the Northeast for sale thread buys and sells more games than the Stang. I think that pretty much makes him an authority on this subject. Sorry if you were trying to get into some kind of measuring contest with the guy. I think he will be able to continue on about his business with or without Pinside. I'm not currently in the market for anything but I check both everyday, religiously.

Instead of 'thinking that someone is an authority,' back it up with something. You 'don't think' anyone in the Northeast for sale thread buys and sells more games than the Stang. Show me some proof or don't word it the way you do. Say you think he might be one of the top sellers. But don't put him at the top of the heap without knowing that for sure. It's misleading without facts to back it up.

You 'think' he will be able to continue on about his business with or without Pinside. Again, no facts, just conjecture. You don't know how he runs his business. Maybe he drinks, eats or snorts everything he makes and doesn't put it back into his business and is headed for Chapter 11. You have no idea. So you shouldn't be speaking on his behalf.

#5465 3 years ago
Quoted from GreenMachine19:

I'm not running for President, I'm giving my opinion on an internet forum. I am not required to back up anything I say with legal documentation on an internet forum. You appear to be looking for an argument based on what I "think" of most of your posts. And you shouldn't suggest someone is snorting their profits without some sort of "proof".

If you can't back up what you have to say, then anything you say is BS

#5468 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Actually, it does fit Stang's argument. Can you explain the pricing model? What tier does my project Mata Hari belong in? How about my restored Mata Hari?

Man, you said it.

Don't know, don't care. I've never sold a pinball machine on line, just been a buyer.

#5469 3 years ago

mods, no worries. I'll chill.

#5534 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

God dammit! I knew it was one of the two rules. LOL. I was laughing when I read it.
Trying to get this thread back to actual games for sale, or at least talk about games for sale. I've tried to stay out of the drama going on the last 10 pages or so.

well what fun would that be?

3 weeks later
#5846 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Grabbed a Bobby Orr Power Play a week or two ago. Might be listing it and thought I would throw it up here first to see if any interest. Willing to pass on the deal I got to another Pinsider without any inflation if they want it, just need to free up space and funds. $300
It was sitting in a barn for a few years, and needs some heavy cleaning and work. I haven't set it up yet or tested it. It does have an Alltek MPU, which I'll leave in it. BG has some flaking, but it's not horrible. PF is very nice, had some previous touch ups, but done pretty well and mylar placed after. Cab has some dings and scrapes, but overall pretty damn nice considering where it sat for a few years. If interested, let me know. If not, I'm sure I'll have time to get to this one in the next couple months.
I tried to post a few pics, but couldn't.

PM sent

1 month later
#6231 3 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

No, my parents were still alive.
And pinball was cheaper.

That's one way to bring a conversation to a screeching halt. Sorry about your folks. Lost my dad in '07. Still think about him every day.

1 month later
#6574 2 years ago
Quoted from hawkeyexx:

Anyone in the New England region that can restore a playfield?

If you call Paul at Paul's Pinball Palace in Newport, ME, he can help you.

#6587 2 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Last I read they were just renegotiating contracts?

Sarah made a post about two weeks ago. They are negotiating a new contract that will kick in in February or March.

5 months later
#7713 2 years ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Anybody looking for a nice LOTR? I have a super nice one coming in in a couple days - basically mint except for slight wear at the flipper buttons on the cab. Has shaker motor otherwise stock.
I'd be interested in a quality trade (something GOOD, either late model stern or A title 90s williams), or possible sale of around $5500. I'll be listing it in the marketplace when it shows up. Located in NYC.
Yes I'm going to Allentown. Not in the mood to haul this game around but I'd consider bringing it there for a prepay sale.

Interested in trading straight across for Stars?

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