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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

6 years ago

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#3077 5 years ago

That Iron Man topper looks ridiculous. Like SPider-Man on halloween.

4 months later
#4598 4 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Metallica premium still available. Like new condition.

That translite is atrocious. Looks like something Premier would have put out in 1986.

Why do people do things like this to their games?

1 month later
#4822 4 years ago

Party Zone
Location NYC
Full LED
Super nice playfield, And the long crazy ramps are in great shape.
Game plays great and was shopped not long ago.
Cab is decent, usual fade in yellow but otherwise ok. A few scuffs and such.

Added over 5 years ago: THIS IS NOW SOLD

#4852 4 years ago
Quoted from ajbalch:

Well, since I just bought (pending sending payment) that TSPP.... I guess it's time to throw my Johnny Mnemonic out for sale. Shopped, LEDS, fade on one side of cab, but not bad, and other side looks nice. Pics to follow. Can bring to Allen. 2K obo. Honestly, just can't get into the game. Here's a hint... don't watch the movie, ruined the game for me.

No way am I canceling my Shadow/Johnny M doubleheader!

#4903 4 years ago

Finally, a pin that's worth the money.

Offering up a Bally Night Rider. This game has had a NOS playfield clearcoated and then installed -this is the same one featured in Roger Sharpe's Pinball! book (the best pinball book ever!) and was purchased and installed from Roger a decade or so ago. Pretty much everything but the spinners was replaced with NOS/Repro at that time. PLays like new...better than new probably (pending some adjustments to make as game is out of storage).

This is a pretty cool game. Please note I am ONLY selling because I like money and want more money. If not for that I wouldn't be putting this up for sale.

Backglass is mint.

Cabinet is average.

$2500 for this one, would consider trades as well.



2 weeks later
#5044 4 years ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Two or three pics. Anything else you should just open your own market place ad. Really kills it when reading from a cell phone.

So we are bitching about too many pics now? Pinside's resourcefulness never disappoints!

3 weeks later
#5224 4 years ago

Williams Wonderland woodrail (1955) in New York City - nice shape shopped and playing nice. $2600
More info and pics here:


Added over 4 years ago: This is sold (again)

#5226 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinball_Nate:

wow, great price on the tv, I'd buy it if I were closer!!! Time to break my flat-screen cherry!!!

Nah I'm sure that 27 inch 300lb Sony tube TV is still gettin' the job done!

#5264 4 years ago
Quoted from Rferullo:

My Cyclone is in the free play area at Pintastic. Game 110 on the right side. 1350 obo.

No it ain't! Mine now!

Rob is a great seller who does nice work on his games.

2 months later
2 weeks later
#6196 4 years ago
Quoted from dung:

Plenty of DMDs under 2k still, just look at most of segas lineup, all gottliebs can be had under that, couple bally/williams, capcom breakshot, still see pistol poker and als garage band, and a few data east.

Nobody wants any of these games.

Quoted from dung:

2k for an unshopped demo man is a good deal? That is a whole lotta work for not a lot of payoff.

It's a good deal. Like it or not the going rate for a nice shopped Demo Man is 2500...or it will be real soon.

#6210 4 years ago
Quoted from musketd:

JD is a horrible game Demo Man has the best flow and combo system of any wide body ever made

I'd agree with you on JD but Demo Man is no masterpiece. Way too easy, unless the flippers are weak, and then it's almost unplayable.

#6213 4 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

i'll bite. why is JD bad?

It's a huge wide game with a ton of unnecessary wasted space - for me that's probably why I'm not a huge fan. Also has a pretty lame wizard mode.

Many people just love the game, everybody is entitled to their opinion.

#6214 4 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

That goes for Judge Dredd too, and Getaway, etc. Why everyone keeps pushing and pushing these titles up with all these ridiculous numbers is beyond me. If you're going to spend $2500 for a twenty year old semi lame movie pin, save a little more and buy something new, or better.

It's all relative bro. Back when Demo Man, HS2, etc were trading freely at $1,000-$1500, you could easily find a NEW Stern for $4000, or you could get a used late model one for $3,000. So do the math.

yes, you can "save a little more" and buy a new game - if by that you mean save an additional $2500-5000, which is a lot of money. And, used games don't go cheap anymore - everybody buys a pro for $5000, loads it with a bunch of tacky mods, and then asks $6,000 for it when they try to sell it. You buy a used late model game that isn't called WWE and you can consider yourself lucky getting it for a few hundred under new price.

You start looking at what new and used late model games cost these days, and a $2500 T2 is gonna look like a whole lot of pin for the money for many people.

#6226 4 years ago
Quoted from Knoler:

Not sure where you're seeing used Stern pros -sell- for $6K, or anywhere close. (Asking prices are another story...)
I've been keeping an eye on TWD pro prices, and there's a routed one in this very thread for $4200, and several HUO examples on pinside from the past few months that were listed at $4300.

Again, that's $2000-2500 over your average price for a b-list 90s game. Not exactly pocket change. The theory I'm disputing is "just save a little more" and buy a late model stern.

#6227 4 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Musketed know his demo mans he has owned 12 different ones lol not kidding.

That's awesome.

We all know Derek goes through games like I go through cool ranch Doritos but he must really like that one.

#6241 4 years ago
Quoted from shacklersrevenge:

You apparently are the opposite, because you just bought two WPC games from me, and I bent a lot down from my very reasonable asking prices.

I'm not sure how this has anything to do with this discussion, except that yes, I'm clearly someone who would rather have 3 (or four!) 90s games than one Hobbit, and there are many people like that.

I was very happy with our deal and I thought you were too. Hope that is the case and hope you are enjoying your Hobbit, which you seemed excited about, and that our deal helped facilitate.

1 week later
#6323 4 years ago
Quoted from tjohns14:

Ok how about 1000 for the MH? any takers?

You gotta stop calling it MH.

As much as I like playing my old Williams games like BT, A and LS, I still think I should use the full names of games like that and SM when I'm trying to sell them or get tech advice.

2 weeks later
#6501 4 years ago
Quoted from ryandimx:

$2100. Cleaned up, no credit dot, waxed, rubbers, leds, new balls and all that. There's a broken off plastic that needs to be replaced.
I'll be going to the Gettysburg auction to drop off a few things so I can meet there.
machinefor salePlaced 2016-10-24 04:52 (15 days ago)For sale: Demolition Man (Williams, 1994)“Demolition man pinball in pretty nice condition. The playfield is in great shape. Cleaned up, waxed, new balls, new rubbers, leds....” $ 2,500 (OBO) ryandimx Doylestown, PA Used, working and clean

Winner of a deal here

3 weeks later
2 weeks later
#6792 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

So, we can post here without ads now? Confused.

It comes and goes.

The thread was fine how it was really wish they hadn't started messing with it.

#6801 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

As a compromise for the regional threads, Robin indicated that under $3k, and you can post in a regional thread without an accompanying marketplace ad, but if you want to post photos, you'll have to list it in the marketplace.

Fair enough. Thanks for clarification.

1 week later
#6861 3 years ago
Quoted from Shredso:

I have a No Fear I was thinking about selling that is right in your budget.

You two should totally hook up!!!

1 month later
#7053 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

bruce nightengale has one for 6500. looks pretty decent

yeah and Bruce's stuff is nice and he's a player so the games actually play well rather than just looking good.

1 month later
#7360 3 years ago
Quoted from bdsolich:

Anybody looking to unload an F-14 in the near future?

There's always like 5 of them at Allentown so worst case grab one there.

2 weeks later
#7437 3 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Anyone here have a recommendation for someone that does pick ups and deliveries for pinsiders in the mid atlantic areas? One of the small time guys.

Fast Eddie.

1 week later
#7555 3 years ago

Looking for a Bow and Arrow in the NE. Game needs to be in nice shape and working.

#7558 3 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Nice meeting you! Don't you have enough machines??

Don't you have enough autographed pics of The Blob?!

1 week later
#7622 3 years ago
Quoted from nerdygrrl:

Did I miss something with GWAXT72? I just tried to send him a PM and his account has been deactivated.

You can reach him at rockland pinball. Google.

#7653 3 years ago

I'll be in Southern Connecticut tomorrow afternoon Near New Milford / Middletown NY area. If anybody has any pins for sale let me know (interested in EMs, early SS, or lower end DMD stuff).

#7702 3 years ago

Anybody looking for a nice LOTR? I have a super nice one coming in in a couple days - basically mint except for slight wear at the flipper buttons on the cab. Has shaker motor otherwise stock.

I'd be interested in a quality trade (something GOOD, either late model stern or A title 90s williams), or possible sale of around $5500. I'll be listing it in the marketplace when it shows up. Located in NYC.

Yes I'm going to Allentown. Not in the mood to haul this game around but I'd consider bringing it there for a prepay sale.

#7707 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

So if somebody prepays, you'll only consider bringing it?

god fuckin dammit...I was THINKING of editing that and I was like, who is gonna care, I'm too lazy.

OK...I'll consider bringing it to Allentown if I can arrange for a pre-paid sale. How's that? Or...If someone wants to prepay for the game, it's likely I'd be able to deliver it to Allentown?

Ok no more beating around the bush...PAY ME MONEY AND I WILL BRING IT TO ALLENTOWN.

#7708 3 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

I have a fixer upper SF2 for a trade

LOL you think this is a fresh joke but I get that game offered to me pretty much anytime I have anything for sale or trade. I guess eventually I'll have to take one.

#7710 3 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

I was totally serious much of a fixer upper?

#7717 3 years ago
Quoted from Dooskie:

Interested in trading straight across for Stars?

For four stars.

#7719 3 years ago

I'm gonna retire when I'm 50. Can't wait.

1 week later
#7771 3 years ago
Quoted from Nemesis:

Super quiet after the Pinfest storm eh?

Sure seems that way.

I have a few games for sale in NYC. Incredibly easy access in safe neighborhood with lots of parking, very close to west side highway and lincoln Tunnel. Please don't ask me to deliver anything unless you are willing to prepay for the game and pay for my rental van, gas, and tolls:

Beautiful LOTR $5400 obo
Gottlieb Team One $800
Very nice Stern WWE $(SOLD)
Bally Supersonic project great cosmetics $600

#7793 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

They are definitely routed, and I think they have some pretty significant wear on most of the inserts...and the backbox is a little chafed.

I'm out before any "outhole" or "knocker" jokes!

#7819 3 years ago

Very nice FUNHOUSE unshopped 100 percent working plays great. Playfield super nice day 1 Mylar in nice shape. Slightly Raised clock arrow inserts and gangway triangle inserts. - $3700

Super nice Lotr - 5200


2 months later
#8199 3 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

How far would you drive for a $50 Bally Rolling Stones project?
Unfortunately for me, I am not willing to drive 860 one way so I offer this up to all of you

Don't get too excited folks. It's an auction.

1 week later
#8256 3 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Just a quick question a friend of mine asked. How much is a machine called Surfs Up (EM) worth?
er, maybe it was Surfer

The only "surfer" game worth anything is the Gottlieb, and that's probably worth about 500-1000 just like every EM. There's a Bally Surfer which is terrible and ugly and I think a bad gottlieb multiplayer with surf in the title also.

#8257 3 years ago
Quoted from bluespin:

Can anyone pick this project up in Long Island and bring it to the York show for me? I can pay you for your effort, and if you only have room for one pin in your vehicle I will also pay your entrance fee for the York show. Thanks. link

I can pick it up for myself.

I scour Craigslist every morning so I already saw this and sent an email but honestly I'd suggest in the future the worst place to post an ad for something you are looking to buy is right here.

#8262 3 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Weird. I'd been emailing him since he posted it and he said he hadn't gotten any other interest, which surprised me

How dare you insult Surf Champ...

I meant SurfSide.

#8307 3 years ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

Looking for empty wedgehead cabinet
thank you

The whole thing or just the head?

1 month later
#8623 3 years ago
Quoted from Philk:

Any Alien Poker, Bally Blackjack, Hot Tip, Grand Prix within a reasonable distance? I have space in my basement & cash in my pocket! Help me! hah

I have a nice 100 percent working shopped Grand Prix for $1000.

2 weeks later
#8760 3 years ago

Yep. I hear the market may collapse any moment!!!!!

3 weeks later
#8944 3 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Bought too many games recently and need to free up some space. Would like to move these out quickly, so open to offers.
Road Kings $750 - Plays 100%, left flipper is a little weak. Playfield has a little bit of wear at the kickouts, drop target, and up by the pops. Not bad at all though. Pinscore displays, new legs. Cabinet has some dings and scrapes. Has custom keychain and new repro manual.
Bally Kiss $800 - Playfield has a tiny bit of wear around the inserts, ball swirls. BG really nice. Some of the flashers in the BG aren't illuminating, and sound isn't currently working. I shopped the game and LED'd the playfield.

Both deals sound super sweet. If I weren't above capacity already...

#8953 3 years ago

Anybody interested in a nice Hook that needs a little work?

Bought from couple who had the game since 2001. Clean, playfield nice, nice shape all around. Boots and plays, small display is perfect. Issues: no background music, top playfield GI is out, one pop bumper isn't working (assembly is loose underneath). Boards look great, game is nice and clean all around.

$1700 location NYC zip 10001.

1 week later
#9099 3 years ago
Quoted from Hdmike444:

OT... anyone interested in a sea wolf Arcade, turns on , plays mostly blind and has some sounds $400

Love that game!

1 month later
#9490 2 years ago

I've had a few scammers on Facebook already. "Can you send more pictures of The Item?" is not a message I'm going to answer in any venue.

So they are migrating over. Was only a matter of time.

1 week later
#9561 2 years ago
Quoted from Phillips88:

Target Pool $550 would like to thin out the herd and make some room.


3 weeks later
#9680 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinphila:

I have a waterworld that Ill be selling soon. Define cheap?

I’ll field this one:


1 month later
#9941 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Need to make space, so looking to move a game and a few projects. Open to offers, but I think the prices are pretty reasonable.
GTB Jungle - not booting, needs some work. Nice BG and PF $175 (sold pending pick up)
Allied Leisure Rock On - HUO. Not currently booting, have extra box of boards. Excellent cosmetic condition. $225 (sold pending pick up)
GTB Orbit - fully working, but gets stuck on 1st player. Players condition with some wear and planking on PF. BG has spot flaking. $200 (sold)
Bon Voyage - Fully working. BG mint, PF near perfect and cab in very excellent shape. Just shopped. $650

EMs don't really "boot." They more "lurch to life."

#9998 2 years ago
Quoted from Richthofen:

Still looking for an EM with a good rippable spinner and 'italian' bottom with inlane/outlane configs. Top of my list would be
Grand Prix
Hot Tip
Mars Trek

You trading or buying? I have a nice Grand Prix in NYC>

#10004 2 years ago

I'm going to be in the PA/South Jersey (trenton) area on Monday.

Anybody got anything to sell? Everything considered, nice stuff only no rustbuckets.

Cheap nice EMs (projects ok) or 90s-2010 really what I'm thinking.

#10006 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Hit me up if you want to grab lunch. My office is in Princeton. Still have a few games I could move.

Cool if we have time for sure. You still got that Bon voyage?

#10043 2 years ago

Gonna throw this out there-

Looking for a good condition, fully working game. This is going to a cancer patient's house to help brighten her recovery, so we don't want anything that's gonna require much work or be a problem child. Obviously, willing to sacrifice a little in cosmetics here.

A gottlieb system 3 DMD would be perfect, but really any digital under $1,500 or so would be considered. If you can deliver it to NYC, that's a huge plus (no stairs or anything just bring it to us).

#10047 2 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

I got a great HUO Sorceror in players condition. $1300 but will consider offers.

Lol. Only if it comes with an Allstate insurance policy issued by the guru chris.

#10055 2 years ago

Trolled by Malenko on a cancer post!? Geez...tough crowd!!

Look, the game isn't for me, and maybe I wasn't clear enough on what about 20 of us in the NYC pin community are trying to do here:

We would seriously consider a SFII if it were cheap. We are trying very hard to make this happen, and soon, as time is of the essence since this young lady has AGGRESSIVE FUCKING CANCER THAT WILL POSSIBLY KILL HER. She had brutal, major surgery yesterday and will be spending the next many months at home recovering while continuing treatment. She loves pinball.

Even a poor game such as SF2 would be considered at around $1000. We have a promising lead on a <2K Jackbot which would be a much better option, but please, if you have anything to offer, let me know.

#10058 2 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I had a thought. how about someone donating a great game for say 1 year, then get it back and someone else could do the same .

It's an option. I have a transformers I'm thinking of throwing into the mix. But part of it would would just be cool for her to have a game. She's always wanted one - to own one.

Shock that's an awesome option I'll be in touch.

#10060 2 years ago
Quoted from Malenko:

I wasn't trolling, I just thought it was hilarious that SF2 fit the description. If you wanna save some cash, just come pick up my SFII and she can use for like 6 months for free?

Thanks...I appreciate the loaner offers - A LOT - but I think we can put something together on our own in the city. It's good to have these generous offers and backup plans. Right now we have good local leads on Dr Dude and Jackbot.

#10104 2 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

I only sell to specific buyers. Specifically the ones who want the game I'm selling.

You guys are all too picky.

#10133 2 years ago

Looking for a fish tales within a couple hours of NYC

1 week later
#10193 2 years ago
Quoted from dmieczko:

ICB is sold pending pickup.

People really seem to love this machine.

Is it long-term fun, or is it easy once you "figure it out?"

#10196 2 years ago

Anybody looking for a nice Williams Diner?
Mylar pf in great shape, cabinet art very nice. I haven't done much to it beyond cleaning it up a bit, rebuilding the flippers, and adding white LEDs everywhere. Also changed the battery holder the old one was falling apart.
Plays great and 100 percent. Possibly interested in trades, location NYC.

Added over 3 years ago: No longer available

#10258 2 years ago
Quoted from jibmums:

Here's the story you're going to get with an estate sale:
First, the machine will be priced ridiculously high.
Second, the machine will be "on", but only the GI lamps will be working, because 99% likely the batteries will have crapped out all over the MPU long ago. If anything shows up in the displays at all, it will be something similar to the Sys11 "ADJUST FAILURE".
Then you're going to find someone working at the sale and ask them if they know where the keys are. Most likely not, but if by some miracle they have them, you'll open up the backbox and find that corrosion-damaged board. You'll then explain to them how the game is not in working condition, and why.
And then, and this is the part that makes me want to smack every single one of these estate sale people upside the head, they will tell you, with a perfectly straight face, that they were "just playing the game yesterday". I swear to god, they must memorize that line from a script, and think we're all idiots and we're going to believe it. Doesn't matter what's wrong with the machine and what condition it's in, they were always "just playing it yesterday". The fossil who had the gall to tell me this weekend that an LW3 was "just working last night" then proceeded to try to get it to work by pushing on the lockdown bar and the coindoor frame, so obviously she had no clue how to start a game even if it WAS working.
I have to stop myself from laughing out at these people because every time, without fail, on cue, the games were always "just working yesterday".

The biggest bullshit artist estate guy I ever talked to was selling a Surf N Safari with some kind of boot up error. I was mildly interested in the game, at maybe $900 after playing it at Pinburgh. The guy wanted $4000 blah blah...I don't begrudge him. It's how he makes his living. I figured the game would never move and eventually he'd come down to Earth.

But his bullshit went far beyond the usual "I was playing it yesterday." You see, this guy is close personal friends with David Gottlieb (or some other member of the Gottlieb clan I don't remember), who just told him on the phone how popular/sought after and rare this game is worth etc. etc. I really was speechless. His presented scenario begged so many questions I just wouldn't have known where to start.

He kept emailing me eventually offering it up at $1000 if I'd "come tomorrow" but by then I'd totally lost interest.

1 month later
#10490 2 years ago
Quoted from N80G80:

Yeah he flipped the slugfest....I tried calling him on it over pm offering $500

And how did that go?

"Hey, I suspect you are trying to make a quick profit on a game. therefore, please sell it to me for several hundred below market for some reason. Gotcha!!!"

1 week later
#10545 2 years ago

I have a nice Jungle Princess that plays, is shopped, and looks very nice. Has a bonus countdown issue to sort out (always giving 2X) but otherwise good. Has an awesome light switch on/off mod.

$700 delivered to Allentown.

4 weeks later
#10737 2 years ago

Have a Diner project. $2000

Won’t boot. Lights up. Not sure what wrong it was working fine on route before being pulled off.

F4 fuse is blown. Haven’t gotten into it, would probably rather sell it as is first.

Cab not terrible but shows it’s age.

mylared Playfield nice except for a little bad touch up below Boris insert. Mylar in nice shape.

Boards look nice. Zero corrosion.

Pickup in nyc 10001 zip or ship at buyers expense.

Only interested in trades towards decent working games no space for projects. In the end I’ll probably sell for best cash offer.

1 month later
#10952 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinash:

Looking to see if anyone has any of the popular system 11 games they would let go for $1400 or under.
If you can help me load it, I could pickup as early as tomorrow. Please shoot me a message

Even the unpopular ones ain’t that cheap anymore.

Maybe millionaire.

1 week later
#11031 2 years ago
Quoted from zacaj:

Easy? I spend most of my games of WCS failing to hit the MB start!

I'm always so pissed when I shoot the mystery award and it doesn't start multiball.

#11035 2 years ago
Quoted from acedanger:

We only have the one pin. We actually both like LOTR but looking for something around 3,500 - 4K range.

T2. CHeaper side, lots of multiball, great theme and sound. Fun game good for all skill levels.

1 month later
2 months later
#12015 2 years ago

I have a nice South Park for sale -$2600

A lost world project missing backglass otherwise completE for $300. (Classic arcades makes masked translites)

Located NYC.

Added over 2 years ago:

Lost world sold and pulling South Park for now

3 months later
#12759 1 year ago

Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man project in NYC for $500. Ad in the marketplace.

1 week later
#12871 1 year ago

Fast Eddie will cost round $300-$400 for that job. Probably not what blackbeard is looking for.

#12930 1 year ago
Quoted from TheCnyPinGuy:

Thanks but never seen the show

I've never seen an episode of Rollergames but I've bought it like 4 times!

1 week later
#13063 1 year ago

I've never seen an AFM that was that faded but the Attack From Mars text was still bright red.

I wonder if previous owner put some kind of sticker on it or something? Looks like possibly they airbrushed it? Doesn't look too bad.

Killer deal really. Not everybody wants a remake.

#13076 1 year ago
Quoted from FarFromHeaven26:

I am a veteran English teacher who works in my own town school district. I live with my wife and five teenage and early 20s children.

Pics? Are they imports?

#13098 1 year ago

Southpark $2500 obo in marketplace.


Can bring to allentown or ship STI/NAVL ONLY.

1 week later
#13148 1 year ago

I'm picking up a mint HUO Ruby Red 75th WOZ shortly and looking to flip it.

Thinking $8500 clams!

I'll likely post an ad once I have it.

#13169 1 year ago
Quoted from herbertbsharp:

Party time! Today is the 5th anniversary of this thread! Thanks to everyone for keeping this post alive. I remember sitting at my desk at work, hating my job, starting this one. I'm happy the job is gone and the thread is still here!
Looking for a newer Stern in the 4000-4500 range.

Great thread bro!

And it survived the great "monetization of pinside sales" of a couple years back. I'd like to think the thread continues to generate sales and ad revenue for the site.

Every now and then I STILL accidentally start with page one and frantically prepare to PM that guy about the $1900 JM.

1 week later
#13287 1 year ago

Transformers Combo LE for sale- grabbing it on Sunday from it's most recent home. Game works but has some issues for you picky 100% working types!

Looking for $3600 for this. Cheap!

Has an LED light tube upgrade in backbox. Flippers recently rebuilt with new coils and also replaced both flipper transistors on main board. Sound/DMD/general gameplay no issues.


The turning starscream platter/figure sometimes gets stuck in one position, so it's disabled.

Has some broken plastics, including the big shield thing over the drop target/hole which broke off. I disabled the drop target to stop airballs (plus I prefer the way it plays without the drop).

A chunk of art missing near front right cabinet leg. Doesn't really look so bad as the cabinet is black and the art is dark.

A little wear on playfield near drop target hole kickout. Again not really that noticeable with dark art.

Good player late-ish model LE stern. Off route for about 3 years.

Pickup in NYC or possible delivery to Allentown if prepaid. This is the same game that was in the Allentown tournament last year.

#13314 1 year ago
Quoted from Isochronic_Frost:

Are we gonna start a “Pinside Singles” thread?
Pinside, now sponsored by

Better be men seeking men if you actually
Want any action.

1 week later
#13398 1 year ago
Quoted from gdonovan:

I tried, no reply.
Been toying with the idea of a homebrew, a theme has been gelling and I just need an empty cabinet to get started.

My guess is this would be a poor candidate.

DE 1987-1990 games have the absolute shittiest cabinets. One in this kind of condition would probably fall apart during the move.

#13406 1 year ago
Quoted from Irishbastard:

Hmm, BTTF was a 90' cab, no? Mine seems pretty freaken issues

That’s one of the newer style. I didn’t mean every week of 1990.

Everybody who has Owned one of those original cab DEs probably knows what I’m talking about.

#13421 1 year ago
Quoted from NJDevils30:

Not a pin, but decided to try this here before taking to other outlets.
Williams Moon Patrol (Central NJ):

Other - For Sale

Williams Moon Patrol - 1982 (Arcade)


“For sale is an original Williams "Moon Patrol" arcade machine from 1982. The game is functional and in overall decent condition. Some scrapes and cosmetic flaws but the cabinet i...”

17 hours ago

Carteret, NJ



Thanks a lot now I have that damn music stuck in my head.

1 week later
#13474 1 year ago
Quoted from Trooper11040:

Would trying to trade a mint condition HUO WD Premium for a WOZ be a crazy thought? Just curious lol

Depending on the WOZ you may need to make up $1000-5000 difference. But certainly
Not crazy.

3 months later
#14444 1 year ago

I have an HUO stern Star Wars pro.

Would trade for an Iron Maiden. Or maybe an Aerosmith.

1 month later
#14826 1 year ago

Nice shopped fully working Four Million BC


1200 obo

Pics/ad in marketplace.

5 months later
#16248 7 months ago

Hey Blackbeard you selling any games? Have a friend exiled in Buffalo until this is over, and he wants to buy a game. I’d say his budget tops out around 2500.

If you or anybody around there has any good options throw em out there!

1 week later
#16316 7 months ago

Nice rollercoaster Tycoon in nyc. “I have a guy” If you need it delivered.


3 weeks later
#16509 6 months ago

A few miles from me. I still don’t think I can bothered that game blows.

1 week later
#16586 6 months ago

I like where you are going with this Herbert

#16615 6 months ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

RIP Mr. Pinball Classifieds I guess. Used to be the only game in town (besides ebay) 15-20 years ago.

Yep was my go to for buying, selling, and price checking for years. That probably ended around 5 years ago.

1 week later
#16742 6 months ago
Quoted from homersimpson007:

Pays to be a local Masshole sometimes.

Anybody watch that drop kick show from Fenway last night? It was wicked awesome. Great to see a real live show again!

#16788 5 months ago Longtime free classifieds

Unfortunately, about half of the ads now are scams so tread cautiously.

#16813 5 months ago
Quoted from SilverballSleuth:

Two things on the list for this weekend.
I’m looking for projects considered to be “too far gone.” I mean, really bad. Games that have been; flooded, smoke damaged, thrown off a roof, whatever. Just no termites.
Quarantine continues, as does my boredom. Challenge me. No DMDs. The cheaper the better.
EMs in any state of play or condition, just be transparent be about it. I’ll take games missing backglass, bottomed our cabinets, trashed playfields, whatever.

I’ll have a pretty nice target alpha for $500 in a few weeks. Kinda working will need adjustments etc. located in Kent Connecticut or NYC. Taking it as a trade in, I sold it originally about 2 years ago.

4 weeks later
#17132 4 months ago
Quoted from the96stang:

Three duces and tic tac toe woodrails. Playing projects that need a shop job. 650 for the pair.
Will trade for project solid state games.

Saw your ad on Facebook great deal even if they are a little beat.

@mistermoberg !!

2 weeks later
#17295 4 months ago
Quoted from SilverballSleuth:

Thinking of putting X Files and Millionaire together on the trading block.
Would like to get a TSPP, Iron Maiden Pro, Scared Stiff, Aerosmith Pro, or an Addams. Can add cash.

I would like to bang a supermodel before lunch. Willing to buy lunch after.


#17298 4 months ago
Quoted from SilverballSleuth:

KEYWORD: Can add cash.

I know man. You'll add cash.

Look I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but NOBODY is going to consider an oddball trade like that unless you are putting forth about $5000.

Why would someone who owns a brand new Stern Pro or a $7K Addams be interested in two of the worst, least sought-after games ever made, in likely dubious condition, even with cash coming their way? It just doesnt make sense - if they wanted those games they’d have them already and they wouldn’t have to give up some of the cherries of their collection to get them. I don't usually trade police but proposals like this are just silly. Nothing wrong with trying to trade up but you are going from a 50 meter sprint to the NY Marathon. Aim lower. MUCH LOWER. Like, maybe if you find the right person, you could trade up to a T2 or something.

Surprisingly, I've yet have any super models take me up on my offer. Key words: WILL ADD LUNCH. A good one. Maybe even sushi.

RIP Inbox?

#17300 4 months ago
Quoted from SilverballSleuth:

No drama in the FS thread.

Not drama, just reality.

Your "I'm thinking about" proposal sent me into an untethered rage! I don't see how you can't expect "drama" when you are insulting all of us.

Addams and Stiff are worth north of $7k!!

FOr god's sake man!

HEre's my proposal: If someone can photoshop a serviceable "Indecent Proposal" movie poster featuring Mistermoberg, an X-files, and a Millionaire, and early 90s Demi Moore, I'll buy YOU lunch! (even you mistermoberg)

#17312 4 months ago
Quoted from SilverballSleuth:

I’m outtie. Mic drop.
Nothing against you - but I need a break from this place. Can’t wait to see the poster when I get back.

Wow, that de-escalated quickly!

Not trying to drive you off Pinside just saying don't make insane trade proposals that will incur my wrath. Hope to see you back soon!

#17314 4 months ago
Quoted from Blackbeard:

Sorry this happened.
Levi is an acquired taste. You actually somewhat build up an immunity to his antics.
Hope you come back.

Blackbeard has the antibodies!!!

#17316 4 months ago
Quoted from radial_head:

I take the offer of a free lunch very seriously Levi.
Hopefully Moore from 85 is okay and this is serviceable enough. I usually get an Alaskan Roll and Unagi Nigiri

Hahah holy fucking shit.

OK PM me your paypal address you have 10 bucks coming your way.

Man they have to waive the "no pics rule" for this one!

#17320 4 months ago
Quoted from radial_head:

Edit 2: I also don't want anybody to be bullied here. Obviously it was a ridiculous trade offer, but maybe we shouldn't have jumped THAT hard on it. Pinside requires thick skin sometimes (all pinball does) and I hope Mr. Moberg returns triumphant, with one more pin and two less pins and less cash (somehow).

Moberg has a thick skin and I figured anybody who makes at trade proposal like that MUST have a sense of humor!

#17326 4 months ago
Quoted from poppapin:

$10 lunch in NYC? Micky D's?

He doesn't live in NYC.

I'm buying him a New Hampshire lunch.

Also, Mickey D's counts as lunch.

#17329 4 months ago
Quoted from crazypinballguy:

I really wanted Levi to buy me lunch, but I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to post my poster. Dang it!

Simple - post it in the indecent proposal thread!

#17354 4 months ago
Quoted from acedanger:

ISO shadow unfortunately not looking to spend more than 3k lol if that’s even possible nowadays.

It’s not

1 week later
#17432 3 months ago
Quoted from Monk:

I'm a little surprised the condition tab in the market place does not have a "Used-No wear works 100%" or maybe no playfield wear selection. I would think a lot of games would fit under this category. I know I have listed a couple of games that would have. Every time I see Used-Shows wear I wonder where it is and how bad is it although there may not be any at all.

I don’t care what kind of shape
A game I’m selling is in I just list it as “as-is.” There are far too many “condition categories” and most of them are dumb.

Condition is clearly Spelled out in description and photos in any decent ad and I’m pretty sure almost every game here is sold “as is” so...

#17463 3 months ago

I’ll be heading up western CT way on Saturday.

Interested in picking up a nice and fairly priced game.

Anything considered era wise just no junk or serious projects.

1 week later
#17536 3 months ago

Cool game. Not a lot of gottlieb spinner games out there.

1 week later
#17601 3 months ago

Hockey mutt vs baller!

It’s Sunday night sports!!

1 week later
#17726 88 days ago
Quoted from silen7ce:

Whats the value on these now? Don't see them often.

if you have to ask you can’t afford it!

1 week later
#17828 77 days ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Just going to say. Like IcE T.....”today was a good day”

Pretty sure that was cube!

1 month later
#18244 24 days ago
Quoted from mikepmcs:

Looks like it's pretty fun. I just watched a couple vids because I'd never seen it played before.
It'll be gone by tonight I bet.


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