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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#32 5 years ago

Ed is one of my best friends, and believe me, he is one of the most generous, trusting people you will ever meet..

Ed... I fired up Soprano's the other day.. and you fired up Shrek.. plus I fired up Elvis today... and we never touched WOZ.. now IM was a different story..

True Story... Ed let someone come get a game when he was not home, and told them to just leave the money in a specific spot... how many out there would do that???


#35 5 years ago

Someone give this tommy a home!

#64 5 years ago

Star wars trilogy listed in market section in milford ma

5 months later
#756 4 years ago

On the Demo man I listed, I dropped the price to 2K, and would consider a trade for/towards a Batman Forever in nice shape.

#780 4 years ago

The Dredd Bushz mentions is in VERY nice condition.. Good seller to deal with as well.

#794 4 years ago

There was no interest in a sale for the Players Demo man I have, so now offering it up for trade for another DMD title.. can add cash for the right machine, so let me know what you have.. Please no Gottlieb titles just no interest in those.


The above is the link to my ad, with pictures and description.


4 weeks later
#889 4 years ago

Will be looking for a nice LW3 in the next month or so.. no playfield wear, no broken plastics, and must have the topper..


1 week later
#942 4 years ago

Considering trading RFM, not looking to sell, nice fully working shopped game with a nice cabinet, good monitor and the video amp installed.. All non ghosting LED bulbs installed,

Just putting out the feeler..

Located in MA

2 weeks later
#1040 4 years ago

Listed RFM in the for sale forum located in MA

Will listen to trade offers for other DMD titles +/- cash, no EM's, non dmd titles or any Gottliebs.

Very interested in Sopranos, IJ Williams, Shadow, Addams, etc.. of course me adding cash for most of these titles.

2 weeks later
#1095 4 years ago

Still have RFM for sale or trade 2600 +/- Cash

Still looking for a nice LW3..

On the RFM, not interested in non dmd titles, or any Gottlieb titles, and of course nothing in my list of games I already have.. (also not interested in DW, NF, Who done it)
Am interested in
Soprano's, FG, Shadow, Godzilla.. and others I cannot remember now.

I have full pics of the RFM in my post in the games for sale section.

#1098 4 years ago

Rc, let me know if you have any questions..

#1106 4 years ago

Dropped RFM to 2400.. seems to be via research the magic number, has video amp, all non ghosting LED's shopped, all new rubbers, cliffy, and computer rebuilt by Rob Anthony..

Now come and pick this up!


#1110 4 years ago

Revenge is SOLD pending payment and pick up

#1114 4 years ago

They are coming Fri, so if they do not show up, I will let you know.


2 months later
#1383 4 years ago

And I would STILL like to find a LW3 in nice shape.. I was mocked on my post for trying to get one, yet I can still not find one..

4 weeks later
#1538 4 years ago

Looking for lw3, taf,sp...

Located in Milford Ma, willing to drive for the right deal.

#1539 4 years ago

Wish I had a AFM for that playfield, especially since it is an original and not a remake.

#1557 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

I need to stop reading this thread..... no room for another game and nothing to trade away

You built an EMPIRE for games.. and your out of room??

#1564 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

Yes.... the bowling alley takes up space for 14 pins
I don't want to have the games crammed in there like the basement arcade.
BTW, are you coming Saturday to the BPA game night?

I get to work on Sat..

#1565 4 years ago
Quoted from acedanger:

Still on the lookout for a new clean 100% working game budget is between 1,500 - 1,800 PM if you got something... DMD only thanks

Contact Eric Bundy, he just got some games in, mentioned in this thread.

#1568 4 years ago

Till 10pm.. then Sun..

3 months later
#2085 4 years ago

About and hour and a half from Pintastic Ad listed in Marketplace with pictures

Very nice and fully working Johnny Mnemonic pinball machine. Game was fully shopped less than 6 months ago, with all new white rubbers, and non ghosting LED bulbs, the gear boxes for the hand were taken apart, and the re greased, the Y nut was replaced, the only one I could not change was the x nut as I could not figure out how to remove it, but it is included. No broken plastics and a very nice playfield with no wear that I can see. Game plays turbo fast. There is some fade on both sides of the machine, but nothing major. Game is located in Milford MA about an hour and a half from Pintastic.

I am only selling as I have a chance to get my Grail game, to be completely honest I do not want to sell this game as I really love it, but I cannot pass up a chance at getting my personal grail back into my collection.

As some of you know, I had quadruple bypass surgery 2 weeks ago, so lifting is out of the question for me, but I do have a nice dolly and a nice lift cart to help remove the game, it has to be picked up in Milford MA, as I cannot take a chance on moving it

Price is 2400.00 FIRM on this machine, again I honestly do not want to sell it. Does not include a manual.

I took the best pictures I could, again I am very limited in what I can do due to the bypass.

1 month later
#2264 4 years ago
Quoted from herbertbsharp:

It was real I'm selling it for $1800

Herbert, doesn't your town of Ballston Spa NY already have someone famous for doing things like that already?

#2285 4 years ago

Last Action Hero? Anyone selling one near MA? Also, South Park.


#2290 4 years ago

Thanks Purple, I actually tried to talk to that guy, but he was Horrible to deal with.. The game was missing a target and had a plastic next to Kenny that was just solid blue, so I asked him if there were any other issues with the game, and he basically took my head off and told me it was a 3000 game.. I believe you should be NICE to potential customers, not take their head off for asking a very simple question before taking a 5 hour trip to go see it...

#2293 4 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Agreed but happens mkre often than none

I can wait and deal with a decent person than an A hole... Don't care what game it is.. If someone acts like that, they can keep whatever they have.

2 weeks later
#2437 4 years ago

I am going to list a Johnny Mnemonic and Sega Jurassic park the lost world, would like to sell as a pair if possible, but will separate, must be picked up, no shipping.. looking for 4800 for the pair, have a buyer lined up for J Park, but he will wait to see if I can move the pair. Both shopped and fully working, Johnny has fade, and J Park has a faded cabinet and some scrapes on one side, both have great playfields, work 100% and both are all non ghosting LED bulbs with new white rubbers.

I will listen to offers, and I will consider breaking up and selling individually.

#2438 4 years ago









#2439 4 years ago






#2440 4 years ago




#2487 4 years ago

jP and JM are sold pending payment and pick up..

Will be looking for a game or two soon once these are picked up.. Some titles off top of my head
last action hero
South Park
Williams Indiana jones

Will listen to others, closer to MA the better

2 weeks later
#2628 4 years ago

Still looking for a decent LAH, unshopped is fine, just nothing with broken plastics or playfield wear.

#2671 3 years ago

Just listed a Batman Forever in the market, no shipping, located in Milford MA, will listen to trades plus or minus cash.. trades must be brought to me in MA.

#2687 3 years ago

Will be looking for an Avengers LE or Premium very soon, have Batman Forever to trade towards or will sell Batman outright.. Looking for Avengers under 5K, not interested in pro model.


1 month later
#3095 3 years ago

The RFM, if I am correct is the one you got from AL, should be noted that the entire computer was JUST gone though by Rob (boryguard), less than a year ago..

2 months later
#3643 3 years ago

Pinfactory, I knew you were being sarcastic, it was pretty clear on my end.. : )

1 week later
#3726 3 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

Thanks. It's treated me very well over the years. I never did get around to using pinball browser to change the music.
Dog days of January. Bored of all my games and had IM the longest. Wondering if something new will shake me out of it. Been kinda blah on pinball in general. I hope this passes!
Also, the Nanuet Arcade closed down, which is where I could get a fix of TWD and lots of old classics. Another arcade casualty.
You know, last summer I tried GPS'ing to the Sanctum and it sent me to nowheresville down by a river. I need to check that place out sometime!

Was there a guy in a van living by the river?

1 week later
#3833 3 years ago

Have not seen any South Parks in the area in a while, been looking also Chris. There were a few Austin Powers on the CT craigslist not that long ago, not sure if still there.

#3858 3 years ago

I know there have been a few guys offering transport services in this thread, I just do not want to dig through 78 pages to find them, I am looking to get a game from Harleysville PA to Milford MA, HOWEVER if it keeps costs down, I can meet in CT somewhere along I95, which would cut a few hours out of the trip depending on where your coming from, if your interested or offering this service, shoot me a PM.


1 month later
#4402 3 years ago
Quoted from V4Vendetta:

I'm trying to buy his shadow but just to cover all ground,i have to ask, has anyone dealt with embryonjohn? anyone vouch for him?

I personally do not know seller, just checked MapQuest, it is a little over an hour away from me, if it helps both parties out to make the deal happen, I will take the ride and see the game in person for the buyer.

#4414 3 years ago
Quoted from brucipher:

True, more movies are coming, but unfortunately the majority of Star Wars fans will always consider Episode 1 to be a massive turd. Sadly, new movies won't help that. I am a huge Star Wars fan, but personally have zero desire to ever own this machine.
Not saying this to be negative, just trying to be realistic about the value of this machine increasing just because it is Star Wars themed. The condition will always be a big plus (as long as it stays in such great condition).
Good luck with your trade!

That is very true, the prequels are highly regarded as terrible, not to mention they were beyond mass marketed, with the success of the new one, the prequels are even more disliked. I wish they had done a better job with that game, but the movie clips looked terrible, the game play was poor, it was just a dud. The worst of the 3 Star Wars machines.

Honestly, I would suggest EBay, you might find that "I GOTTA HAVE IT" Star Wars fan.

Best of luck with it. If Nucor does get released again, that would be a huge positive in trying to sell one of these.

#4416 3 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:

There are other alternatives to the original computer. I have my SE1 going now, and it had a dead computer.

Did you find it improved the video with the new computer you put in?

1 week later
#4528 3 years ago

Just listed a Damaged Dark Knight (Batman) playfield in the marketplace, also a big pile of LED bulbs, and a Williams WPC driver board.

1 month later
#4880 3 years ago

Time the thin the heard down some, so going to be selling the following games, I will be taking pictures later today, however you are welcome to come see the games in person which is probably best. all games are working 100%, all games are full of the best non ghosting led's, and play fast! I am not looking to ship at this time, I much prefer that people come and see and play the games, I have built a fantastic reputation over the past 15 years of being in the hobby, and the last thing I want is an unhappy buyer, I would rather not sell then end up with an unhappy buyer, and I have NEVER had one before. Pictures will be posted soon, as I have to move a few things around to get good pictures.
***** CHANGE IN TITLES*******
Batman Stern, new playfield installed, playfield protector installed over entire playfield, all non ghosting LED, home use only, updated software with movie music and sound, Movie master toys, bobble head joker in place of old one, Made an LED strip backbox for it, has 2 lights that shine the bat symbol on the ground and ceiling, 100% working, no issues, everything is very very nice. 5500
Flintstones, custom translite family version, custom side art, Plastic playfield protector installed, Flintstones cartoon decal in center of playfield, 100% non ghosting LED bulbs, Lit houses, additional lights added, nice playfield with no wear, 100% working, plug and play condition with all new white rubbers. 3300
Star Wars trilogy, front of cabinet repainted in a few spots, metal half moons around the flippers, game was modified so it has stereo sound instead of one speaker, a few star wars figures, A tiny amount of wear around the han solo hole and the up kicker hole, everything functions exactly as it should, Xwing has no broken tips. 4500
Addams Family, nice cabinet, playfield had some mansion wear, however I covered it with the mansion decal, also installed a full plastic overlay on the playfield that really makes it shine, tons of mods, Fester, train, phone, bear rug, and more, new glass, plays fantastic. 6000
Congo, Playfield has a very fine line from the N in Congo to the flippers, no idea what you would call it, it is very minor, but is there, game was just fully shopped, full non ghosting LED bulbs, the bottom monkey was just rebuilt, added some congo monkey figures, plastic playfield protector installed, B&W cabinet, a nice clean fast playing Congo, with no broken plastics, installed red flasher strip in volcano to make it really stand out 3500 SOLD!
Terminator 3, undocumented Home use only, I am the second owner, Game has all new rubbers, led strips on the ramps, plastic playfield protector on the game, all premium non ghosting bulbs throughout the entire game, half moon circles around the flipper buttons, red filter over the dmd, plays FAST. Great game. 3K
Honestly, prices are firm at this point, so please do not shoot me lower offers at this time, it is with a heavy heart I am selling these games, I put a TON of working into these, cleaning, fixing, getting them to play perfectly.
You can come see them in Milford pretty much any time you like.
*****Updated pictures of Congo, and Flintstones will be up today******
I believe this will take you to the pictures I just took, I do not want to clog the thread with all these photo's, will get them on the market place soon as well.

Added over 3 years ago: Only game left for sale now is Addams Family, price drop to 5500 cash upon pickup.

#4884 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Hey, Steve - Do you have any Rocky stuff I can buy?
(PS - I tried to get through Creed. Really I did. But I fell asleep a half hour in. )

Sorry Boob, I used to have one of the biggest collections in the world, but had to sell it off for the family, the few items I have left, I really want to hold on to, if your looking at the pictures on the link, that was from when I was selling it all. I do have a very rare error poster for Rocky II that I had restored, it says Rocky III coming soon, but it was supposed to be for II. I would let that go for 300. Paid 200 to get it restored.

#4887 3 years ago

Oh Herbert, If I had the money, I would buy all of it, those that know me know what Rocky means to me. I would LOVE all that stuff.

#4888 3 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Great guy to deal with! Buy with confidence!
Help the guy out, he needs to park in his garage! ;-P

Thanks pal, I don't even have a garage, trust me I really did not want to make that for sale post. Too long of a story to get into.

#4893 3 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

Sent an email regarding Congo. Looking to buy the game and add it to the Pintastic freeplay area.

I am sorry, Congo just sold.

#4897 3 years ago

Boob, your killing me, just killing me here. I have Flintstones, SWT, Terminator 3, Stern Dark knight, Addams Family left, pictures of Flintstones will be added very soon.

#4899 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Hey, Steve - You still got that Congo? How about Rocky memorabilia? Anything? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
See you at Pintastic!

Yes, I will need someway to know who you are, def want to meet you.


#4905 3 years ago

Ok, another offer to throw out, I will trade the Addams Family for a nice South Park and 4K, you need to bring the game to me in Milford.


#4908 3 years ago

Ok, down to just Addams family, price drop to 5500, cash upon pick up, getting some higher resolution pictures later today.















#4915 3 years ago
Quoted from Rferullo:

I love the big Joker poster from BDK. I just picked one up and I'm loving the game. Not sure why it's not in more demand. It's a great game! Stack 'em up!

Got the poster on Ebay, took some digging, I was not happy with most of the posters listed, then came across this one, and said YES! It does look great with the game.

#4917 3 years ago

Addams is sold pending deposit.

Thanks all.

#4968 3 years ago

WTB: Lethal Weapon 3, in decent condition, no broken plastics or playfield wear, unshopped is fine. Closer to MA the better.


#4999 3 years ago

Deal with confidence with Butch, fantastic guy to deal with, and that Mustang looks about as good as you can get!

#5018 3 years ago

Ok, here is a new one, I will offer this mint condition Sony XBR-65HX929, a top of the line Sony Blu Ray player with 3D, 2 pairs of active 3D glasses and a copy of Star Trek into darkness with the 3D version included, TV is Mint with original remote control..

I want a Nice Lethal Weapon 3, so I will trade the above for one.

Check out the reviews on the TV, it is amazing, 1080P, Rich colors, deep blacks due to full array lighting, 3D, Smart TV, HDMI, Component and composite inputs, 65", built in over the air tuner and wi-fi, also has Ethernet port, and a TON of adjustments you can make to really tweek the TV to your likes, I have it tweeked very nicely now. The Screen pictures are being shown at side angles to give you an idea of the quality of off center viewing, also the signal is using just a plain antenna.

Located in Milford MA.
















#5026 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I called 1-800-ASPENDENTAL and got a great rate, thanks to this post!

Wish it had been 1-800-ANALPROBE..

#5078 3 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

Anyone want ceiling lamps for their pinball room

Does anyone see what I see in this picture, looks like a nice pair of....beelzb Fill in the rest.

#5090 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

Say it isn't so! Don't do it!
Great deal for someone, all dialed in and ready to go.

Don't worry, either it or one just like it will be back there in a month!

1 week later
#5186 3 years ago

I just listed a bunch of boards, and some parts and stuff in the market, I am trying to raise the money to get back my Grail pin, the Rocky machine I restored about 8 years ago, also is a link to my ebay auctions, which you can contact me directly if your interested, I am just asking that all payments go to the gofundme page I set up to try to get this game back, very tricky when you cannot work, but I have a ton of stuff listed on EBay and the market.. I want the payments to go to the fund me page, as I believe more activity on the page brings more attention to it, I am not in any way expecting big results from it, but I need to raise 4K to get it back, and it means that much to me, that I am embarrassing myself, starting one of those pages, but I have to try everything and anything.

Please do not trash me too badly, I know the odds are 1 in a million of pulling this off, but if I do not try, I will not know..


#5205 3 years ago

I know it is off topic, but I still have my Sony XBR-65HX929 plus a Sony Blu ray player for sale, tv is mint, has remote, no flaws, 3D TV and player, Full Array backlighting, one of the best Sony ever put out, it is a 1080P set. I am less than an hour from Pintastic, 650.00 gets you both the TV and the Blu Ray, and I can gladly demo the TV for you.


Added over 3 years ago: SOLD!

#5214 3 years ago

Mattmarr PM sent

#5251 3 years ago

TV still available, I was told by someone there that my model has Corning Gorilla Glass, supposed to be more chip resistant, I know it is heavier than most of the 65" screens, everybody kept asking, how has that not sold yet? I do not know, but it has not. Still 650 with a Sony Blu Ray player, and both original remotes, XBR-65HX929, located in Milford MA

#5268 3 years ago

Sony TV is sold! FINALLY!

2 months later
#6129 2 years ago
Quoted from edcianci:

JM in RI for trade towards a GB, GBLE, Kiss or KissLE - I would be adding cash in all those situations. playfield looks real nice as the shooter lane still looks new. 1 side of cabinet is really faded - thanks ed

Nice looking game, severe fade on one side, but if you track down those decals you would never know, playfield is beautiful and so is the shooter lane, great game, and even better seller!

1 month later
#6513 2 years ago

Beautiful Demo man and LAH listed in the market place, just reduced price on Demo.. 2 VERY nice machines.

#6515 2 years ago

Long UGLY story that really really went bad. Since we are not on speaking terms, I need to pay off 8K worth of debt that went into the games that were taken, that were then sold for 8K in profit... SO I have no choice now. Don't want to do this, REALLY do not want to do this, but have to. Loaded up LW3 and Dredd today with NAVL so I have a start on getting it paid off.

#6518 2 years ago
Quoted from Rondogg:

Sorry bud, you just can't catch a break...

At least I have a loving wife and son, a roof over my head... I am ok. Wish I had the health part too, but it is what it is. Just need to move these last 2, at least my pride and joy will not be leaving, Rocky!

#6535 2 years ago

Demo man sold today, still have LAH left.

#6551 2 years ago

Last Action Hero price drop, 2200 firm. Ad in marketplace.

#6573 2 years ago

LAH just sold and out the door.

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