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Northeast US For Sale Thread

By herbertbsharp

5 years ago

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#27 5 years ago

I don't know why I keep checking this.... I love all my games and have no more room! It's a sickness.

1 week later
#117 5 years ago
Quoted from Choggard:

Selling my Blackrose in very nice condition no fade or wear on playfield $2,599 might consider trades let me know what you have.. Located in Michigan..

image-256.jpg 396 KB


#139 5 years ago
Quoted from ejg10532626:

I am in the market for a player's Indy 500. Somewhere $2,100-$2,700 depending on cond.
If anyone has one in the greater New England area FS, please let me know.
I will not be able to attend Allentown, as the wife is a nurse and working all weekend, so the kids are mine.
Thanks in advance---cool thread.

Bring the kids

3 months later
#567 5 years ago

LOL! Ted, you been drinkin too much of that Tennessee fire?!

1 month later
#684 5 years ago

Man, do I wish I had room for that earthshaker!

1 week later
#747 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

New in box woz standard for sale. Hit me up

interested in trades?

1 week later
#787 5 years ago
Quoted from damionrowe:

HUO Stern spiderman. Southern NH 03053
Selling the Classic Stern spiderman Pinball Machine, (Home Use Only from the 2010 Run). Very dialed in and in Excellant Condition.
Bought new in box directly from stern in 2010, opened in 2011. Has back alley creations building sets, sand man and subway train, backbox flasher LED kit, green goblin light kit. Matt McKee topper, LEDs, all color matched non ghosting.
Beautiful Example

How much ya lookin for? Interested in trades?

1 month later
#884 5 years ago

and now....back to the FOR SALE thread....

1 month later
#1075 4 years ago

minty shrek with extras 4500 Open to even trades.

3 weeks later
#1160 4 years ago
Quoted from pinster68:

I have some money to burn this weekend ... anyone selling in the New York metro/Northern NJ area? Let's say within 50 miles ... don't have a lot of time to travel. My interest is wide open (no EMs, sorry). Budget is roughly ~$5k. Projects or plug 'n play.

image.jpg 35 KB

come pick up shrek! 1/2 hour away

1 week later
#1179 4 years ago

It's headless!!!

2 weeks later
#1243 4 years ago

shrek would make an awesome replacement for TZ!

1 week later
#1293 4 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

You do, but I guess you don't want to trade them!

and where were you when my shrek was available?!

4 weeks later
#1404 4 years ago

Damn....if I had an inch of spare room I would love that police force. GLWS bump

3 months later
#2022 4 years ago
Quoted from Max_Badazz:

Damn, c'mon now with this guilt trip shit. Maybe some of us don't have an easy way to get games in and out...maybe some of us don't want to bring a big vehicle down to haul a game..... maybe some of us don't want 1000 people banging on our personal machines all day...maybe some of us can't make it this year (like me)
It's great that a New England event is happening, and the work to organize it is not going unnoticed...however when you start pulling this crap, you are going to lose the momentum. My 2 cents

I concur. I was kinda put off when I read that.

2 weeks later
#2137 4 years ago

I have the chance to pick up a grail game today, but no room!

Any one want a nice funhouse-new ramps, mindorbit colorchanging plungers, new plastics, all flashers and inserts leds, clearstarposts with blue leds underneath, lampshade mod, all cliifys, led pop bumper rings,IMG_20150717_101737_906.jpgIMG_20150717_102609_693.jpgIMG_20150717_102813_406.jpg just installed pingraffix side decals and apron!IMG_20150717_101824_532.jpg...etc.....today only 3900 firm

I know chances are slim but maybe someone has bee looking and is ready.

#2140 4 years ago
Quoted from funrudy:

That Popeye Saves the World finally came up eh yzfguy?


#2143 4 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

How's the overall cleanliness of the game and play field condition?

the game is dialed in, clean boards plays perfectly. you can see a color difference where the mylar was removed. I intended to do a playfield swap one day, but beelzeboob scared the shit out of me with his restoration.
If anykne is seriously interested, i will take closeup pics or you can just pm me and come play it.I am hanging here today with kids anyway so no pressure. Thanks for the interest.

#2147 4 years ago

lol, Come jump in the pool Randy, I even have beer...in CANS!

#2151 4 years ago

None of you guys are paying attention either.... I described it as having some wear around the raft inserts....well I was thinking of wh20 and screwed up. If FH has raft inserts I am in trouble. Can't believe Boob didn't break my balls on that!

#2157 4 years ago
Quoted from sulli10:

I guess the old saying "alcohol and thinking do not mix" is in play here. Nice looking FH. You know I just bought mine or I would be all over this deal.

I know you and Boob were both knocking my door down. I really never thought I would sell FH. It has a lot of nostalgia and kills me to part with. But after standing in front of the games and going back and forth, it looks like I will hafta let it go, and once that sells part with Fishtales as well I am sorry for the timing, but it is a tough decision. In a way I am glad I have no more room because I would be flat broke from buying games. I know I will have seller's remorse when Rudy goes.

#2167 4 years ago

Come get funhouse and fishtales by friday and take both for 5600. C'mon...you know you want these....easy pull in and load up access

#2170 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Wow! I would have LOVED that deal...
...in JANUARY!!!

Sorry, Boob...it's all timing! Well, it looks like Inhave a few guys interested and I am going in order of interest. Thanks!

#2174 4 years ago

FH and FT have left the building. Thanks for all the interest. Annddd begin seller's remorse.....

#2182 4 years ago

Anyone selling a Metallica? I would like a premium but if a great deal came up on a pro....

1 week later
#2234 4 years ago

"nagotiate"- to nag someone until their price falls into your range.

#2289 4 years ago

and now....back to the FOR SALE thread.....

2 weeks later
#2475 4 years ago
Quoted from TheFamilyArcade:

I should come down and buy Elvis.


2 weeks later
#2579 4 years ago


#2583 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Who did he marry? The 50 ft. woman???

I really laughed out loud at that!

#2595 4 years ago

Oh, thank goodness.....drama has even found it's way into this thread. I knew something was missing!

1 month later
#2793 4 years ago

Oh, man... I just sold FT...woulda made that trade

#2796 4 years ago

Pretty sure he is referring to " them."

2 weeks later
#2903 4 years ago

Man, that is a sexy Xenon

#2931 4 years ago

I hate the wife story. I got it on my High Speed sale a few years ago and it was so obvious that it was bullshit. Guys need to grow a set.

#2935 4 years ago


#2940 4 years ago

I secretly wanted that Dr. Dude, but just spent all my money on Met

#2943 4 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

I think you spent more on mods than the actual game...

I actually did spend more than Dr dude on mods

#2944 4 years ago

Tp is one of the good guys. He bought my tftc with no glitches and is a nice dude.

#2960 4 years ago
Quoted from purplemunkydishw:

Anyone have a WPC backbox in decent shape to replace the trashed one on my Road Show? I finally moved the machine into the house from the garage and noticed a bunch more issues with it than its worth to fix.

If you are painting and decalling, I have a backbox from an AFM.

#2963 4 years ago
Quoted from Gwaxt72:

I think the wide body holes are diff than the standard on the head.

Aaah. Didn't think of that!

#2979 4 years ago
Quoted from Barakawins1:

OK.. I have two machines I need gone..To make this deal even more attractive, I'll throw in a working donkey kong Jr. (needs cap kit) and does not have side art. Take the DK Jr. and the Time Machine for $2000.00 cash/carry!

LOL..that's not really "throwing it in."

#2997 4 years ago

Anyone looking for a getaway? Friend of mine bought it a few years ago for his kids as a gift. Turns out, they are not a pin family I am gonna go take some pics soon, but I helped him move it in. I remember a few broken plastics, and we had to take the topper beacon off to fit the game in his low ceiling rec room. I think it is a nice condition players game. He would like 2200.

#2999 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

You can't fool us. You don't have any friends.

You cashed that last check, so you still count!

#3064 3 years ago

2,856 pounds


#3079 3 years ago

Kinda looks like he is doing pushups in a funhouse mirror

#3102 3 years ago
Quoted from NJGecko:

Non-pinball related, but DJI Phantom Advanced drone for sale or trade. Never flown.

I have a 2 stroke weedwacker for sale

#3104 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I'm pretty sure you stroked it more than twice.

Why do ya think I'm selling it?!

#3116 3 years ago

Just stopped in to say "hi.".

#3120 3 years ago
Quoted from jadziedzic:

Why not just use any of the multitude of other threads for general chit-chat and leave this one for games for sale? Maybe create a new thread for Beez's stand-up routines?

'Cause we can.

#3125 3 years ago
Quoted from Grizlyrig:

I'll chime in by saying as a newer member of pinside this thread gave me the oppurtunity to see the personalities of other members thru chat who are in my area and to chit-chat with them.And it's been great!

Or lack of personality if you mean beelzeboob! :0

#3192 3 years ago

Holy hell......what is going on in here?

#3250 3 years ago

That's a nice clean looking I500!

#3277 3 years ago

This getaway belongs to a non pinhead friend. It sits unused and he wants to sell. Plays perfectly, has cab fade and insert wear. Located in Wayne, NJ and he is looking for 1900. If anyone is interested, shoot me a P.m. and I will give him your number.IMG_20151204_153048642.jpgIMG_20151204_153025449.jpgIMG_20151204_153104887.jpgIMG_20151204_153154204.jpgIMG_20151204_153057536.jpg

1 week later
#3377 3 years ago

Getaway listed above reduced to 1750

1 week later
#3449 3 years ago

I love when someone puts up initials on my games..keeps me playing that game til I beat them! Beelzeboob...one day I am gonna knock down your G.C on Funhouse.

1 week later
#3511 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Please spell my name right, Tuxman.

For future reference, it's d-i-c-k

#3516 3 years ago


#3521 3 years ago

That would be awesome! Certain Guys could raise a lot of money!

#3551 3 years ago
Quoted from billin:

Sorry, not familiar with this one - Tssp = Simpsons Pinball Party?


#3586 3 years ago
2 weeks later
#3749 3 years ago

Anyone looking to sell a 1978 Bally Star Trek?

#3774 3 years ago

That Rudy mod is limiting your market!

#3792 3 years ago

How much for the funhouse?

1 week later
#3890 3 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

? What makes you say that?

Did any come stock in red?

#3935 3 years ago

Beelzeboob is more fun when WE are drunk. I am gonna enjoy the show, then get my casino/drink on

#3939 3 years ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

I hear designated driver - give a hard 8

Woah....schlock has jokes tonight!

#3940 3 years ago

Anybody want a red tremor shaker for 75 bucks? ** sold**

3 weeks later
#4288 3 years ago
Quoted from yzfguy:

This getaway belongs to a non pinhead friend. It sits unused and he wants to sell. Plays perfectly, has cab fade and insert wear. Located in Wayne, NJ and he is looking for 1900. If anyone is interested, shoot me a P.m. and I will give him your number.IMG_20151204_153048642.jpgIMG_20151204_153025449.jpgIMG_20151204_153104887.jpgIMG_20151204_153154204.jpgIMG_20151204_153057536.jpg

I have convinced him that this price is unrealistic. Any interest at 1650?

#4299 3 years ago

Thanks Blackjacker!
It has insert wear but plays fine.
Looks like he sold it pending pickup.

#4311 3 years ago

Curious why you downvoted a for sale post?

#4313 3 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

He doesn't believe we should save the leaning tower.

I see what you did there!

#4364 3 years ago
Quoted from Coyote:

Huh, interesting to see someone from Marblehead here. (Was born in Marblehead, waaay back when.) What's the credit dot for?

It's to notify an operator of a malfunction or untriggered switch.

#4383 3 years ago

My buddy sold above listed getaway. Not sure who you are on here, but he says to thank Ryan for an easy transaction

#4418 3 years ago


#4447 3 years ago

Man, that bk2000 makes me want a bk2000

#4455 3 years ago

I would go 1850 for swep1

#4502 3 years ago
Quoted from drgnlair:

Selling my GOT Premium 250 plays on it. Dog need major surgery. So instead of cleaning out the savings. Located in Rochester NY. Ad is in the marketplace. $6100. Can deliver to Allentown with deposit. No trades. Thanks for looking

Sorry to hear about your dog, I hope all goes well.

#4547 3 years ago
Quoted from the96stang:

hartford.craigslist.org link
I have a project players comet. 450 to anyone here

Ad down already? Linky no worky

#4556 3 years ago

I concur.

2 weeks later
#4632 3 years ago
Quoted from JohnDelNJ:

Thinking about trading my restored Funhouse for a Star Trek Pro. Any interest?

I just looked downstairs.....no star trek

#4673 3 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Are these coming to Allentown by chance?

I am pretty sure they would sell in 10 minutes at allentown

3 weeks later
#4812 3 years ago
Quoted from sohchx:

Man!!! I hate coming into this thread, but can't resist. The prices are always killer in here. I need to move back to Jersey.

Dont do it! I escaped once and moved back....trust me, stay where you are.

2 weeks later
#4961 3 years ago

Man, I wish I had room for outrun!

#4995 3 years ago
Quoted from NonStopSwagger:

Hmm, don't WPC widebodys have the same size backbox? Hence they are only "wide bodys".

I was gonna say the same thing.

#5020 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballCharlieNY:

Williams Gorgar in real nice shape. Boards were done over by John Wart Jr. Plays nice. Third player display is out. Side of head has some wood missing and backside of game has some of the Formica missing. Backglass has some paint loss. Most Gorgars have lots of playfield wear but this one is really nice. $1800 or best!! Located in Kingston NY 12401 5 minutes off NYS Thruway. No stairs to climb!

Do you have any pics?

#5022 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballCharlieNY:

yzfguy, what pics do you need? I posted a whole bunch?

I was just busting your chops because there were so many!

#5089 3 years ago
Quoted from thedarkknight77:

Metallica Monster Premium, LEDs, Snake mod, Led Flippers, Head phone jack, custom painted hammer, Plastic protectors, cliffys.......Flawless! $6500 Firm

Say it isn't so! Don't do it!

Great deal for someone, all dialed in and ready to go.

#5095 3 years ago

Woah...that is badass!

1 week later
#5181 3 years ago
Quoted from Drewscruis:

Unfortunately no, just had a recent tragedy in my family and have a million things on my plate.

Sorry to hear. Hang in there.

2 weeks later
#5332 3 years ago
Quoted from Crispin:

. The pin is at my sisters and she's been in the hospital for over a week so I haven't had the chance to go over there and take some pics with her turned on.

#5350 3 years ago
Quoted from aveamike:

gwaxt72 is a great seller.
he is doing a lot of the hobby.

And "for" the hobby

#5380 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

No, it applies (or should apply) to everyone. Your post stood out while I was scrolling through because of the "PM for pics/details".
So let me add to this since there hasn't been a reminder in a while--for anyone listing anything for sale, please also list it in the marketplace. Thanks
Once you do that, in addition to the blurb and a couple photos in your post in the regional thread, you can just copy & paste the link for the listing with all the additional details and photos.

Pretty sure it was stated a while back by Robin that this section was grandfathered regarding that.

#5393 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I guess it is time to close down the "grandfathered" regional threads. You can search by area in the monetized marketplace. So if everything needs to have a marketplace ad, these threads are 100% useless now in my opinion.

I agree, and I haven't scoured the thread for it, but I remember it being clearly stated that the regionals were ok as they had been around for a while, but donations are appreciated.

#5443 3 years ago
Quoted from Taxman:

I do not see this ad in the Marketplace

And now we shall commence with the chit chat.

#5496 3 years ago

#5528 3 years ago
Quoted from Gwaxt72:

huo simpsons and Soprano's coming in

Sopranos is HUO too?

1 week later
#5641 3 years ago

Wow, images disabled

#5659 3 years ago
Quoted from Krakatoa:

Like new Stern Star Trek Premium for trade/sale. Less than 100 plays as of market listing:


#5686 3 years ago
Quoted from GonzosNose:

I'm "close" to the Northeast and am thinking of selling this original never used Scared Stiff playfield. *Yes, I know... $0, just seeing if there's actual interest in this thing*
partsfor salePlaced 2016-08-11 22:48 (yesterday)New, Original Scared Stiff Playfield “Hey fellow pinsiders. Thinking of selling this new, original, never used Scared Stiff playfield. It might be time to move this o...” $ 0 GonzosNose McLean, VA New

A price helps.... eBay is great for auctions.

#5708 3 years ago
Quoted from frunch:

Are you sure it was this thread?
Seriously, though: the best way to find games near you is probably the Market section of pinside. If you take a moment to set your location etc (save it as your default search!), it will point you to games for sale near you.
This thread is constantly derailed... though i keep coming back just in case someone actually has a game for sale. Nothing like seeing 30+ new posts and finding 1-2 of them are actually games for sale...

Says the guy posting here and not selling a game.

#5718 3 years ago
Quoted from Saveleaningtower:

I don't think so. Sold my Mike D creature mod and when I created the ad it didn't have that agreement to pay fee box at bottom. Just the follow rules box.

I figured that would sell quickly...one of my favorite mods.

1 week later
#5794 3 years ago
Quoted from eabundy:

Can someone post some pics from the auction? I'd love to see what that Space Shuttle and Funhouse looked like.

I see what you did there

#5824 3 years ago

I think you meant "nicer"

#5829 3 years ago


2 weeks later
#5926 3 years ago

I almost wish I needed a colordmd so I could save 75 bucks!

1 week later
#6067 3 years ago

I'm not seeing them yet, Ant. I can compare with mine once they're up.

#6069 3 years ago

Here is a pic of mine....i have no idea what that thing is. Something to do with a mod?

Oh, I forgot I can't post a pic.....isn't that helpful?
Shoot me your email in a pm and I will send pics if you'd like.

FYI..i only see those pics when I go to marketplace and search, not from the link above.

#6076 3 years ago

This just in....it's a volume control for flipper fidelity speaker upgrade

#6127 3 years ago
Quoted from hawkeyexx:

No I was not aware of the association. I just got in to the hobby after a visit to pintastic this past July.
Thank you

Welcome to the addiction!

1 week later
#6221 3 years ago

Holy hell.

1 week later
#6352 3 years ago

Anyone near North Jersey wanna trade their acdc premium for my super nice scared stiff?

#6400 3 years ago

I have a minty tspp with extras I would trade for a nice lotr. A super nice scared stiff with black powder coat and all the good extras I would trade for an acdc premium, and a modded up creech I would trade for an addams or other titles. All work 100 %, just feeling a little itch to mix things up.

#6403 3 years ago
Quoted from sulli10:

Sounds like you are running amok to me!!!!

Lol...this is what happens when you run out of space!

#6405 3 years ago
Quoted from PinLen83:

Bump for my search:
TAF, AFM, MM (original), GBLE.
Respective prices for perfect examples only: $6k, $7200, $9k, $8300 in that order

I will take 3 perfect afms at 7200!

#6408 3 years ago
Quoted from PinLen83:

Plus, I never said anything about restored. A perfect original.

I think the word "perfect" limits things. I'm thinking new in box = Perfect.

#6427 3 years ago
Quoted from rcbrown316:

I have the following games available but none are listed yet. Just checking interest. Will get pics and stuff posted as the interest comes in
Dirty Harry: 3400.00 firm very nice example. great cabinet nice playfield. fully led'd, mirror blades, rebuilt flippers. new legs, new pf glass, spot lights and other tasteful accents dmd glare eliminator, new dmd driver board.
No Fear: 2500 firm nice example. nice cabinet cabinet great playfield. fully led'd, mirror blades, rebuilt flippers. new legs, new pf glass, spot lights and other tasteful accents
Addams Family: 4500.00 works. i have repaired audio circuit for tinny audio, magnet drivers, replaced speakers and added board to correct reboots. Was going to restore it but have no time. Includes separate playfield that needs a bit of touchup. PF thats in there is planked and burned
Spirit of 76: 400.00 works pretty nice condition. a couple of inserts popped out. wont start a 2 player game just one player. was gonna cut my teeth on em on this one but out of time.

If ya weren't so far, I'd be shooting you wacky trade offers for no fear and DH

#6436 3 years ago
Quoted from hanktrainer:

Looking for A Theatre of Magic, Circus Voltaire, Attack From Mars, or Scared Stiff cash in hand....Looking for one in excellent condition, I see there are a few SS's in the market ads.

If ya come pick my SS up, I will take 7500 without colordmd. I have a metallica premium in my sights. Boogieman sling mos, skill pile LEDs, black powdercoat hardware and legs, coffin mod, LEDs in inserts, eyeball shooter rod and start button, no playfield wear.

1 week later
#6494 3 years ago

I still wanna trade scared stiff for an acdc premium!

#6523 3 years ago
Quoted from yoshootme:

ELECTION WEEK SPECIAL: because I am happy as ....? nope (although I am!!), but because some of the people 'browsing' for the games I have in the marketplace are driving me nuts!!! lol (like where it says "no trades" and a guy makes you take 100 more pictures, discusses the philosophy of shipping for an hour, gets back to me 3 days later and THEN asks, "would you trade your LOTR for a FT's?".....or this gem , "take 300 more pictures (ok, I exaggerate , lol). If I like what I see on the pics , have your guy doing you a 'favor' (I was trying to ask a favor of a guy that sometimes ships games -WHICH HE IS UNABLE TO DO- get it here) and if I like what I see, I will give him cash for your asking price. and oh, do you think he could set it up so I could make sure it works properly? It's an easy in and out"....I am a retired dude who plays pinball....this isn't my living!(and not that if it was I would ship a game and set it up, so a guy could look at it and then decide if he wants it!). 2 examples of about a dozen! all gems..lol
so anyhow: marketplace has listings for 3 games and the NGG COMBINED WITH THE LOTR will be on sale for $7,800. This is FIRM. THEY CANNOT BE BROKEN UP. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR all aspects of SHIPPING. (games are in my basement-12 stairs with 1 turn- to garage-to street-no pallet) THE PRICE FOR THE COMBO WILL REVERT BACK TO THE NORMAL TORTURE, HAGGLING PRICES COME MONDAY.

Will you break those up?

#6550 2 years ago

Looking for an ac/dc premium in or near North Jersey.

2 weeks later
#6662 2 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Nice Sopranos listed in the marketplace. Previously routed but owner sold it because it wasn't making money. Some minor touch ups & scuffs but solid cabinet & nice playfield. Shopped W/LED's.. Open to offers & trades.
machinefor salePlaced 2016-11-28 21:58 (2 days ago)For sale: The Sopranos“Up for sale is a very nice Stern Sopranos.
Wish I had cash for this Great seller!

Game has just been shopped with all new rubber and LED's added.

Playfield has no wear...” $ 3,800 Butch2099 Lehigh Valley, PA Shopped

Wish I had cash for this. Great seller!

1 week later
#6699 2 years ago

Christmas sale.... Creech $5950 ad in marketplace per regional thread rules.

#6772 2 years ago
#6791 2 years ago

So, we can post here without ads now? Confused.

1 week later
#6879 2 years ago

I don't want a Popeye.

1 week later
#6938 2 years ago

Anybody selling a McKee ACDC topper?

2 months later
#7463 2 years ago

Man. Timing is everuthing. If this were available when I sold creech I woulda scooped it up. Coulda had you deliver and egg beelzeboob's house with me.

2 weeks later
#7598 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

We'll be there at the opening Friday and going home late Friday night, against the wishes of many who wants us to stay overnight. I can't justify it when I live 75 minutes away and can sleep in my own bed. I'm sure you'll text me creepy stalker pictures of me (again) at the show to let me know you're watching.
And we never blew anything off, DB.

If the two of you are going...... I'm out!

#7660 2 years ago
Quoted from Gerry:

Hey all,
I have a Royal Flush
And a Miss-O posted in the Marketplace
Can bring them to Allentown if pre sold
As I have other games to load and bring home
A package deal could work as well.
Thanks Gerry. 315-727-3651.

GERRY!!!!!! I'm still waiting for my shot!

#7665 2 years ago
Quoted from Ranhorton:

I saw it too. If I didn't just buy a Mousin I would have jumped on it, too.
Probably gone by now.

I wrote to him and never got a response.

#7668 2 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Good thing, too. You have no room.

There's always room for one more!

#7691 2 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

Anyone interested in my low play Ghostbusters Premium? I have a chance to upgrade. Shaker, cliffys, airball protector, uninstalled pingraffix (I think) side blades & right ramp post fix done. No ghosting at all. $6600.
Really not sure I want to let it go because it's a good one that's dialed in so no lowballs please.

Man, do I wish I had the cash for this. Exactly what I have been craving

#7694 2 years ago

Getting ready to retire and coming to the realization that I can't keep buying games, and it would be tough to part with the ones I have now. OK, how about an even swap for no fear

#7705 2 years ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

So if somebody prepays, you'll only consider bringing it?


#7722 2 years ago

I will be 48 in 13 months when I retire. My kids are young, so I'm gonna hafta do something. Looking forward to a less stressful something.... Hopefully jack Daniels will pay me to be a drinker, or something along those lines bozelbeeeb wants me to work for him, but you wouldn't believe the job requirements!

2 weeks later
#7815 2 years ago
Quoted from pinster68:

I still have a very nice restored Spirit. Offers excepted ... $8,500/obo. Trades considered +/- cash.

If I were you, I'd accept those offers

1 week later
#7886 2 years ago

I'm getting the itch. Anyone have a GB premium they don't love?

,I have a minty potc with no flaws that I can find. It's got a bunch of awesome mods
Mckee topper
Cannon led mod
Target and ramp decals
Wooden lane guides
Coin shooter rod and modfather shooter rod
Lockdown bar without hideous tourney button hole
Custom slings
Speaker LEDs with skull and crossbone acrylics
Back alley wooden speaker panel with dead men tell no tales
Side blades
Scared stiff boney flippers
Lighted flipper buttons

#7892 2 years ago
Quoted from sulli10:

Man you give up on a game really quick

LOl, I have had potc for like 8 years!

#7894 2 years ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

I can vouch for Brent's POTC. It's prob the nicest one I've ever seen. Absolutely beautiful.

Thanks, man !

#7900 2 years ago

You know you want another pirates!

#7903 2 years ago
Quoted from Butch2099:

I want that topper!

Comes FREE with the game

2 weeks later
#7973 2 years ago
Quoted from aldo:

Last price $1500 and lowest price.
I kept adding to the original post

How is this not sold?

1 week later
#8021 2 years ago
Quoted from Barakawins1:

Kiss LE for sale or trade. Comes with Kiss topper, shaker motor, cliffy's installed, flipper toppers, kiss letter separator mod.
Will trade for Totan, Monster Bash and maybe others. Straight trade or + cash on my end depending on title. Otherwise sale price is

Wanna pirates?

1 week later
#8068 2 years ago

I have my POTc listed in the marketplace,, if anyone has an interesting trade, I could bring it to Pintastic. Will be there all three days.

#8070 2 years ago
Quoted from Starscream:

Anyone looking for an all original TOTAN?
I have one I'll be letting go, All original, unfaded cab with a stunning playfield, LED's, mirror blades, had the ramps re-brassed and a few other bits brassed to make it a little custom and shiny and I'm very picky about my pins lol
Let me know if you want anymore details on it, truly is a stunning example I never thought I'd let go
I'm located in Pearl River NY just over the NJ border

Come drop it off and pick up potc

1 week later
#8109 2 years ago
Quoted from RonSS:

I contacted the seller last night. Unfortunately it was too far from me . It's free.

Then contacting the seller would be impossible.

#8111 2 years ago
Quoted from RonSS:

What am I missing here?
If you want a free pinball machine, go to the Mr pinball site, use the email (that's what I did anyway ) . I don't really understand the confusion, or the joke. Sorry if it's obvious to everyone, I'm a little tired, so maybe I'm just dense.

My sad joke was that if something is "free", it isn't for "sale", and therefore there is no "seller."

#8115 2 years ago

What, like you guys aren't drinking yet?!

#8155 2 years ago

Beelzeboob is a professional at throwing memories.

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#8249 2 years ago
Quoted from BeaglePuss:

Empty Fire cabinet for free. Pick up in Watertown MA. No legs or backglass, but has some wires, speaker, etc. Could make for a fun project.
I have pictures, so feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll send them your way.
Need to free up some space, so I'm looking to get rid of this sooner rather than later. I'd hate to have to take a sledge to it.

My guess would have been that you would burn it.

#8276 2 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

I am not sorry

Why aren't you sorry?

#8310 2 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

That's what she said!


1 week later
#8368 2 years ago

I have a loaded, mint Pirates of the Caribbean in the marketplace. 6k with color dmd, McKee topper, etc.

#8372 2 years ago

LOL I fixed it. I had an error in there. The colordmd is uninstalled now, so it is 5600 with everything else. Minty game.. thanks for the compliments. I'm off for a few weeks, so come play a game and take it home

#8375 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Is ColorDMD transferable between pinball machines?

Yep. You just download the firmware for the game you are moving it into.

#8378 2 years ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Is that another $350 download?

Nope. Colordmd is awesome. Once you buy it, you can switch games as many times as you want by downloading from their website.

4 weeks later
#8609 2 years ago

Looking for a GBLE

Added over 2 years ago: Got one!

1 week later
#8656 2 years ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

It was one box. Sitting in the locker by itself. With a snow scraper on top. Took a chance. Opened it up and what's staring at me? A Sig Sauer gun case...

With a human hand inside?

#8685 2 years ago
Quoted from sagejr:

I have a very nice Road Show that I think it's time to part with... Super nice playfield, full Coin taker LED kit, new rubber bands and balls. $3,000 Market place ad coming soon.

You put rubber bands in it?

1 week later
#8796 2 years ago
Quoted from lodgingdolphin:

I would of if I didn't already have a met pro.

Time for an upgrade!

1 week later
#8852 2 years ago

Pick up death himself's. He is on Staten island, but it is worth the drive

#8858 2 years ago
Quoted from hawknole:

I could not find that pinside name

I sent you a pm

1 week later
#8959 2 years ago
Quoted from pinster68:

Hehe ... actually closer to Silverball Museum. Wife and I are beach bound ... Asbury Park. I'll be able to walk there.

Carry permit??

2 weeks later
#9187 2 years ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

Update: Thanks to all those that inquired. Batman Forever now sold, listing marked as Sold, Pinside fee paid. No more emails please
The hunt for a fun 80s game begins shortly...

Lawn darts??

3 weeks later
#9437 1 year ago
Quoted from jyeakley:

Not a pin, but Thinking about trading my Game Gate Arcade for a pin. It is loaded - 50k+ games, ~140 systems, 10 TB HD, running off the latest Rocketlauncher framework. Golden tee, bunch of light gun games, every system imaginable up through PS2. Has a PS4 inside of it as well so you can control it from the Arcade controls - playing Street Fighter V with arcade sticks is awesome! Full SF V art package, upgraded controls, light gun, and coin door - much more!
Really looking for a WH20, AS pro, but may be interested in others! Let me know if you are interested. PM for pics!
It is a fully decked out version of this:
» Vimeo video

Does this have classic arcade games, like pacman, zaxxon, missile command, etc?
I was happy with my 60 in 1 pacman cabinet until I saw this thing
Also, when you play a game, it's full screen, correct? I was talking to the video saying "play a game so we can see!"

#9444 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

$675 Pinside special for today if someone wants to come and grab it, if not, I'll fix it and then list it sometime this week for actual value.

Dayummm... Colson is Santa!

#9455 1 year ago
Quoted from jyeakley:

Ok. Here are some videos. I am a horrible cameraman, so I apologize for that
Video 1 shows a really high level view of the system selector and quickly shows the start of Pac-Man and Missile Command. You get the idea, but there are tons of systems and games:
» Vimeo video
Video 2 shows how you can play PS4 (specifically SFV in this case) on the arcade...the last 20 or so seconds I was trying to show the attraction screen for HBMame - it is hilarious to hear the princess call Mario a “greasy Italian S**tbag”
» Vimeo video

Wow, didn’t realize the marquee actually changes too! Yo actually built these? Badass. What are the dimensions? Not sure if this will fit where my Pac-Man is, as it looks tall..... but man, it looks really cool.

#9457 1 year ago
Quoted from jyeakley:

The Game Gate was purchased locally. I built/upgraded all the internal hardware (HD, GC, RAM) and software (OS, RocketLauncher, all games, etc)

Shows how out of the loop I am..... That cabinet has been around for 7 years and I had never seen it so this is a juiced up version of it, with a gazillion games.

#9463 1 year ago
Quoted from Knoler:

I just assume every posting from someone not in the northeast is implicitly offering free delivery.

I was kinda thinking that too

2 months later
#9983 1 year ago

Listed my wh20 in the marketplace.

#9997 1 year ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Holy crap Rob...where the hell have you been?

He was seen emerging from beelzeboob's basement on groundhog day.

#10012 1 year ago

Just reduced my wh20 to 5400 with colordmd, come get it this weekend!

#10014 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinballmike217:

I must be ancient. Last Whitewater I sold was $2K. I miss the old days when Bally Williams games were a dime a dozen. Sigh.

You ARE ancient!

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#10081 1 year ago
Quoted from NJGecko:

Tron still looking for a new home.

Someone buy this from so he will buy my whitewater...... A whole string of happiness can happen because of you.

#10092 1 year ago


#10100 1 year ago

Man.... If only I were a specific buyer.....

#10103 1 year ago

I only sell to specific buyers. Specifically the ones who want the game I'm selling.

#10121 1 year ago
Quoted from zlorya:

Headed to NYC from Tuesday to Wednesday morning. If anyone has any affordable projects (or deals on working games) let me know. I’m looking at you NY, NJ, CT, and PA!
Thanks in advance.

Free whitewater delivery!

#10125 1 year ago

Nah. I'm going to keep it if I can't get 5k. I like the game, just need space so I will keep spamming

1 week later
#10179 1 year ago

My whitewater is sold pending payment. Thank you, Mr. Pinball

#10183 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Looking for a Dialed In (LE or Standard) and/or TWD Premium within Fast Eddie's range, or if you're able to deliver near NYC area that's fine too. Five steps from my driveway to the basement. Trades or outright sale are fine. Everything in my collection is tastefully loaded and in tip-top shape. Cheers!

With new, easy load wide door?!

#10230 1 year ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

Giving these away to however can pick these up by 8am tomorrow

I will start driving right now!

#10236 1 year ago

My whitewater just left.

#10239 1 year ago

LOL! I really was sad seeing it go out of the driveway

#10259 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I really was speechless. His presented scenario begged so many questions I just wouldn't have known where to start.

Ha! You worded that really well....That part actually made me laugh about loud, Levi.

#10267 1 year ago
Quoted from msj2222:

just came across this, sorry if its already posted somewhere
hartford.craigslist.org link

A commercial.

2 weeks later
#10401 1 year ago
Quoted from pinster68:

I'm moving and need to shed some stuff you might be able to use:
-FREE beer/beverage fridge. Works perfect. Comes with welded wall mount. I have my daughter's college fridge and don't need this one.
-Harbor Freight Lift Cart. Fully modded. My new house doesn't have a garage, and only a cellar for pinball stuff. $50.
-Two bar stools. NEW. Just purchased for $90 for staging my home sale. $20 for both.
I have some other stuff that's likely to go cheap or free.
Pictures Here:
Sorry - no time to ship this stuff. Pickup only.

Good luck with your move.Where are ya moving to?

3 weeks later