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Node Boards- Update- Stern tech fixes issue via email

By shacklersrevenge

5 months ago

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#384 4 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

So, the black knight went on Kaneda’s Podcast and popped off about Stern Spike system and node boards.

It’s really difficult to know if he 100% knows what he’s talking about or if he knows enough to be dangerous and then just talks up the rest (or if he’s simply wading in total Uninformed BS)... but he’s throwing around phrases like “planned obsolescence” for Spike games. Then again, he also seems to make up words (“technicianal” I believe was dropped?)

BK is so full of shit its coming out of his ears!

Come on people, if you think Stern is executing a "planned obsolescence" strategy where their games last only 5-8 yrs then you must be preparing for the Alien invasion or Attack From Mars!

Think about how idiotic that thought process is.

Stern wants to destroy their company over the next decade. Yeah that's the game plan.

The "node board" freak out, of which i've had zero issues, is in reality having ZERO effect on their sales, which keep growing. Why? Because nobody really gives a shit and most people KNOW its not a real long term issue to worry about.

Furthermore, if Stern disappeared tomorrow, the community would be engineering node boards so fast it would make your head spin. For much less need and market, Alien pinball has been made basically bulletproof by the community and all the smart people here!

#386 4 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

Well, often times, that is the result when investors place their demands for quarterly profits over the long-term health of a company.

I'm trying to think of an example?

#392 4 months ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

One somewhat related example that is popping into my head at the moment is the Wells Fargo controversy a few years ago where employees were pressured to meet quarterly profits and opened accounts on behalf of customers without their permission.
I also remember an oil rig from a few years ago where the company kept cutting corners on maintenance to increase quarterly profits and the situation literally exploded in their faces.

That's what i mean FF, Wells Fargo and BP are rocking right along.

BP has a $140 billion market cap and WFC is at $230 billion. Poor decisions by both but problems addressed, lessons learned and moving forward.

Stern just isn't going to fall off the face of the earth. They have been making pins for 25 years now?

#420 4 months ago

Can we use a little common sense here?

Still haven't named a company that essentially destroyed itself over a concern over quarterly profits and planned obsolescence. It's absurd.

With the exception of Enron, which was outright fraud, and Sears which had been around for 150 years until the vultures picked it apart, there are no examples.

Talking about these stupid node boards and hypothesizing over what may or may not happen in the future with Stern is ridiculous!

"If pigs had wings they could fly".

#421 4 months ago

Some of you aren't understanding the difference between growth, innovation and capitalism...

and making a washing machine suck so it wears out quicker and people have to buy another one.

Innovate or Die as they say. Why is there an LCD in every pinball machine now? What's next?

Does that mean your old pinball machines are now obsolete? Gimme a F ing break.

Stern's goal is to go from selling 10k to 12k to 15k etc. games a year. These games are DIFFERENT! They aren't F ing washing machines.

#422 4 months ago

If you play the living shit out of your HUO pinball machine to the point where it is absolutely beat to shit......which you can't possibly do....then send it off to HEP and have the POS restored.

Anybody that opens up a HUO Nib pin can't possibly believe these pins are gonna be firewood in 5-8 yrs! That's about as dumb as it gets.

#431 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Uh...okay let me spell it out for you. I was on a committee to produce planned obsolescence. They USED those words. The goal was to make products that lasted 7 years max instead of 30. Not sure what else you need? You asked for examples. You were given some, and then go about the usual "well no, that's not right". No, YOU aren't right.
I'm not saying Stern is actually doing this however, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me and people who act like that would never happen should wake up a bit.

That.........is why NOBODY buys a F ing Maytag machine anymore.......GET IT?

Innovation has passed that garbage. The decisions they/you made led to Samsung and LG and others to take market share from the Maytag man!

Make a POS and its OVER. Not sure what else you need to understand about that?

It's probably the DUMBEST argument I've ever heard....And yet nobody has a clue wtf you are saying and its relevance to pinball

#433 4 months ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

The direct question of SPIKE was asked by Kaneda, and needed to be actively addressed, not continually hidden in the background. Six years is enough time since the system open development and implementation. For interest, I didn't even know that was going to be a question, but I could just as easily declined. I don't shurk around questions very often, but people can easily misinterpret answers without a proper background of a topic.
Those that may disagree that the SPIKE has no shortfalls are certainly entitled to their opinions. I have offered over 40 posts on PinSide to try and encapsulate the sets of problems with this system. I cannot and will not cover everything again. These posts can be found by a keyword search in the forums.
I DO hope that Stern steps forward soon and offers solutions for the future for the areas of schematics, parts/boards availability, training, diagnostics, and repair. I don't "hate" Stern, but I do dislike many of their changes of business practices particularly since 2009, which was the year that the investor council redirected the company. Remember George Gomez and Gary Stern don't control all decisions.
Right now, the situation remains highly unacceptable and RSD of modern Stern games should be very concerning to new owners. The one thing that is preventing a public outcry is the complement of good Stern customer service.

Good service? Ya think. Maybe you should start your own pinball company and run it the way you want to?

Whining non stop does NOTHING. Along with blowing a NON ISSUE way out of proportion.

Btw, Spike has been addressed and discussed from DAY ONE.

#435 4 months ago

Once again......

There is so much support and backup for ALIEN after Heighway went down its awesome. ZERO concern about any failures.

As for opening up a NIB out of the box and there is an issue.....its called WARRANTY

How long is your F ing car warranty? Good lord

If you drive that pinball machine 10's of thousands of plays over a decade it just MIGHT have a few issues that need to be addressed.

HUO pinball? I seriously doubt it.

#437 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

iceman44 God damn you are full of yourself. If the discussion hurts your feelings so much take your condescending not knowing wtf you're talking about ass somewhere else? The adults are having a conversation.

The "node board" discussion and road to "planned obsolescence" theory by Stern is plain STUPID.

#439 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Your ability to comprehend writing is questionable - as this isn't the first time you've tried to tell others what they are saying. Either way if it's so beneath you there's the door ->

Where is the door? Head on out.......go find the Maytag man.

Somebody PROVE the conspiracy theory BS of Stern. What a joke!

#441 4 months ago
Quoted from greatwichjohn:

My 2 cents as a Stern Dealer in Canada. Pre Spike systems no problems with electronics. Now you worry if the pin works 100% out of the box, or is going to crap out at anytime.


Is there a warranty for "out of the box" NIB purchases?

Has Stern failed to honor the warranty ever?

Have you seen any extraordinary failure of new Stern Nib pins on any level?

As a Stern Dealer, are you selling less pins now because of the "worry"?

#444 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Come one quit picking and choosing. I clearly said I wasn't saying they were doing that, and even spelled out exactly what I thought they were doing in another post. My story about Maytag was answering your question about a company actually doing what was being discussed and how it had a hand in their downfall (although mostly it was because they sold the company to Whirlpool and shipped the plants to Mexico years later). . You were the one making conclusions and getting all in a huff about it.

I'm not in any huff about it. Maytag is still making machines and parts. Its not a good analogy. Maytag is a good example of "innovate or die". Technology passed them by and now they are considered the inferior brand because of their business decisions. They are now the STERN PRO of washers and dryers.

"If you are going to have an appliance made to resist water and heat, it should be a washer with a steam function. The only thing that may be steaming is you after receiving the repair bill. What is the average life of a washer? Front loaders last around ten years, while top loaders last around fourteen years."

Now many people prefer technology and bells and whistles, and pay more for it, just like pinball.

#447 4 months ago

Bottom line, the "planned obsolescence" by Stern floated by BK is one of the DUMBEST theories based on nothing you can imagine and there isn't anything to support it or a comparable analogy.

The best one, Heighway went bankrupt, with about 200 pins out there and a challenging/unique platform as it gets! Yet, I feel ZERO worry with all the community support and "replacement parts" that have been engineered.

And btw, my AlienLE has been as reliable or more so than ANY pinball machine i own.

#448 4 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

However, looking at the bigger picture, you have some long term collectors and operators over the last few years (and in this thread..) that are very concerned about the future of these machines.

Sorry RD, I'm not one of them, and neither are the 12k pin owners they sold in 2018 and growing.

If you want to worry about it, go ahead. A lot of people worry about "global warming" too.

For collectors and HUO folks the risk is less than zero that your Stern pins with Spike won't be supported long term!

#451 4 months ago
Quoted from xTheBlackKnightx:

Immediate solutions are completely dependent on enthusiasts with time, money, experience, and resources (both industry, reference documents, etc).

And yet in our small Alien community it happened literally overnight.

No "reference documents". None needed in today's world. This isn't 1980

And there are 10's of thousands of Stern pinball machines out there.

It's hard to even believe this is being discussed as if the pinball world was potentially coming to an end because of a "node board".

#455 4 months ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I literally just got an email from one of the 3 BM66 owners in NZ, he has an LE, and one of his main nodes has died. The NZ distributors basically don’t want to know about it.
My advice was to complain to the NZ consumer authorities and demand repair or refund. We have strong consumer protection here in NZ.
That’s 3 Spike pins in our tiny NZ community in less than a month that no longer work.
I’m just reporting the facts. I am not scaremongering or wishing ill will on anyone. This is what is happening.

Is there a warranty? Yes

The NZ distributor doesn't want to deal with it? wtf

I don't know what else to say other than you, me and everybody else keep buying Stern pinball games in growing numbers.

Those are the facts.

Can we at least agree that Stern isn't STUPID? That they aren't going to say F you and your node boards. "No more support for you because we don't want to ever sell our Stern pins in the future". Its just crazy and unrealistic.

I have ZERO concern here in the US about getting support on any Stern game i've purchased.

As for route operators, MUCH more reliable and long lasting than any other manufacturer out there. Period.

#482 4 months ago
Quoted from Methos:

I don't buy the obsolete theory. What is probably closer to the truth is they invested in the Spike/Node Board system and are married to it. They don't want to invest the capital in a next gen so soon. Until it hits the gross sales line, we're talking to the hand.

Of course, common sense!

A lot of guys must be holding out for a Queen pinball machine because we got a lot of "drama Queens" up in here!

We got bigger things to worry about like "global warming" right? Any of you folks live up north?

#484 4 months ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Oooooooo.... I live up North, Ice. It's friggin' cold yo!

Damn it looks BRUTAL!

#545 4 months ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Let me get this straight. You think "global warming" is some kinda conspiracy involving millions of players (because you're being flip about it in this thread). You do that while simultaneously saying that people are crazy to think that the few people that run Stern would purposely make an inferior product to help with future sales...
It's like the people who think the government could organize the massive hoax of landing on the moon, but were also too incompetent to handle covering up a simple B&E at a hotel.
Bravo on your gold medal in mental gymnastics. One less event for Tokyo to worry about next year.

Maybe you missed the polar vortex we are currently experiencing and wasn't able to understand the irony of the situation.

Lighten up Francis!

#546 4 months ago

Still whining about NOTHING that is ever going to change

1) . Stern sells pins as fast as they can make them

2) . They are married to the Spike system. Like it or not.

Thus, just a lot of hot air crybaby whining on here. All of you need to get on the phone and call Stern. What do you think will happen?

About the same thing as bitching about node boards on here.

And IF the failure rate is such that its outside of what Stern allowed for then THEY will have to step up and fix it because it hurts their bottom line.

Speculating about what may or may not be in the future does no good right now! Although bitching and whining is our favorite Pinside pastime so i get it!

#555 4 months ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

As is bitching and whining about the bitching and whining.

Yes sir! It’s the best kind of whining

#556 4 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

And the drinking. And the drinking and bitching. And then the more drinking and bitching.
It's been working for us for years.

No truer words have been spoken Law.

Gotta love it!!!! What else would we do?

If we only had the titties to lighten the mood it would be perfect

Man how things have changed in the last 8 yrs or so

#560 4 months ago

I don’t like the term “node board”

What else can we come up with?

#567 4 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

NoBo? prob the obvious choice

Much better!

My “nodes” are lymph nodes and other nodules and I prefer to be positive when it comes to “nodes”


#570 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Not at all...such a weird thing to say. I don't own a house in the Florida Keys, but I can go visit anytime I like. Doesn't mean I'm 'missing out'.

Dude the word that is coming to mind right now is “obtuse”

And wtf is that avatar

#574 4 months ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Not trying to be
It's from artwork I made when I made a virtual cab some years ago. Rudy as a mad scientist theme. [quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Ok nice art. Good thing you showed it. I thought it looked like a leprechaun with a leg or something coming out of its ass in the small pic

#581 4 months ago

I think I have a swollen lymph node in my neck the last day or so. Seriously. This thread caused it. Not kidding

Ever get that crick in there where you wake up or move it and your neck and the muscles seize up like someone is stabbing you?

Yeah that feels good


Shit stick

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