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No rainbow puke club! (Post pics of worst color gi fails)

By Mitch

1 year ago

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    #153 1 year ago

    Pics of my Bally Atlantis that I used to have. I thought it looked fine at the time. Now I don't have any current games in my lineup with colored GI.

    eccc91b91ea1ec13c04b55348fe85787d6cb9af8 (resized).jpg

    ff6047ee1f482cfa0a5b973f8ced4f2cddbef26f (resized).jpg

    #168 1 year ago

    I think you'll find a correlation in LED fans with age. I am finding the younger folks tend to be wowed by outlandish overly bright LEDs. My buddy drops his jaw and foams at the mouth when he sees these explosive color schemes with blazing Pinstadium lights and LED toppers at shows. My son has LED candles and LEDs in his laptop case, and just because he saw LED strips on the walls at our local gaming store, LED strips on his bedroom walls. LED XBox controllers, LEDs in the headsets. LEDs everywhere. There's definitely a market for over-the-top LED schemes, but it's not for everyone. I myself have turned more minimalist with LED lighting on pins. But that doesn't give me the right to blast people that do. I also don't like pastel paints for room colors or big fancy chrome rims on cars, but all of these things are not permanent and easily tailored to the individual.

    #175 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinstein:

    Its a real attack on the designers who obviously intended the displays to be orange.

    LMAO. Gotta be sarcasm.

    #176 1 year ago

    Early GI colorization in the form of plastic sleeves on Gottlieb woodrails.

    roto5-600x450 (resized).jpg

    #182 1 year ago

    Collateral damage to the retinas of innocent spectators

    f901c02f343597fd32688a8e355f3cf3 (resized).jpg

    #248 1 year ago

    I'm starting to like inserts left incandescent more and more.

    #264 1 year ago
    Quoted from cosmokramer:

    Dont know what to tell you, around here friends just turn on a game and play, I guess we dont take it too seriously...memorize the inserts??

    I hear you there. Very few people that come to play my games are pinheads. When I turn on the game for them they ask me what to do, I'll say shoot for anything lighting up and is usually what you want to do before attempting to explain some of the rules. Who reads inserts? Of course, I can't see any insert text anyway with bright LEDs in them, which is why I leave them incandescent.

    #265 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    i'm not trying to stop LED's at all. Just trying to stop the people from using them incorrectly. I think i've put the LED tutorial thread off long enough. I really need to write this out fully, and post it. Similar to Vid's guides to playfield restoration and cabinet restoration. From the looks of Facebook, it has become a much needed thing, as shit is getting out of control over there. Too many over there, are taking turns sucking each others dicks, over the great job they did raping the art on their games.

    Jeezus, you're kidding, right? You know that writing a guide like this is like me writing a guide on why you should listen to the music I listen to? I'm going to tell you which bands are musically more talented and you can't like Mushroomhead or Pantera because I think they're vile crap that can't be enjoyable. You're going to tell people they can't like Jackson Pollock art because there is a proper way to apply paint to a canvas. You're totally wasting your time.

    BTW, You also changed the red emergency dive lighting on Bally Atlantis to blue. That's not what dive lights look like in a submarine, and not what the designer had in mind.
    autumn-rhythm-photo (resized).jpg

    #268 1 year ago
    Quoted from dirkdiggler:

    So you like bubbled and cupped inserts? Cause I don't.

    I've never had any problems in any of my games with the inserts from incandescent bulbs. Some of my games are early solid state that still have the original incandescent bulbs in them. The only one I have currently in my collection that has LEDs in the inserts is Maverick. The only one that I owned that had ever had cupped inserts was a 1950's Gottlieb woodrail, and that was from ball wear, not from light bulbs. If you are talking about mylar bubbling over an insert, that is a mylar problem and stupid mylar should be removed anyway.

    7c819869cc89b38ec08462ddd2e67eaf91945784 (resized).jpg

    #271 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinstein:

    I promise you this was not a design choice by bally.

    LOL. The original game was designed with an orange insert, your statement is preposterous.

    #272 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinstein:

    Orange inside a sharks mouth just makes no sense

    Yeah, and pinball is all about "making sense".

    bcpython (resized).jpg

    and the inside of a sharks mouth is actually WHITE.

    shark-tiger-mouth-noaa (resized).jpg

    #282 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinwizkid:

    The pinball machine industry had masterful artists that created beautiful art for decades and decades. If the artists wanted more red in a certain area, they would have added more red. If they wanted more blue, they would have added more blue. Would you honestly walk up to Paul Faris or Doug Watson and say "hey look! I made your art better by drastically over-saturating this area with a certain color!" The art was designed and printed with a certain brightness and hue of light in mind. I'm ok with LEDs that try to match this type of light while maybe perhaps appearing a tad brighter than original, but the Rainbow Puke (perfect term, by the way) really has to stop. It's making certain games look flat out ugly.
    Of course I recognize that this is a subjective topic, but I think one could make an argument based on color theory that adding additional color to existing work of art tampers with the balance of the piece a majority of the time. I personally just consider it disrespectful to the artists (not saying they probably really care, but that's just my perspective on it).

    Now you're getting a little overboard. We're not talking about hanging a frickin' masterpiece painting on the wall in a gallery, these games were meant as commercial devices as the artwork is mostly just "a nice extra, to lure the players $" I think many of the old pinball artists would be DELIGHTED that the game is still out there in this day and age getting attention.

    #285 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    the music you listen to is not a science. The way light reflects off color is.

    music is as complex and varied as any scientific principle or theory. Music is both an art and a science. To make music, you must know how to break “sound” into elements of pitch, rhythm and tempo. Science teaches us that sound is vibration, and the frequency of vibration is what makes different sounds. Music then is the study of the sound created by those vibrations, and puts them into patterns that elicit emotion. Music is based on mathematics. And mathematicians view mathematics as “music for the intellect”. Their joy in a perfect mathematical solution or theorem is as inspiring to them as a Bach Cantata.

    #286 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinstein:

    Looks like you are right. Here's an Atlantis with clear inserts in shark mouth. Maybe they went to orange when they ran out of clear. Id still put a red or maybe pink LED in there.

    They are not orange inserts, I was being sarcastic. They only look orange because of the light reflecting off the other true orange inserts in the center, and because of the yellowish hue cast by the incandescent bulbs. Look again:

    untitled (resized).JPG

    #288 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    And the LED thread will be informative and not pointing fingers. Just showing the difference on how the light reacts to other colors and effects around backglasses and playfields and showing people why somethings compliment your game, and others take away from the aesthetics.

    Well now that you put it that way, I guess knock your socks off. I just don't think its going to do much for swaying the community at large. You could have the most thought out, taking the science of light into account and perfectly tuned LED'd game and guess what...When you go to sell it and the next person is going to consider your choices an abomination, strip an all out to put regular bulbs in, and say he's fixing everything you F'd up.

    #293 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinwizkid:

    But some of these works of art ARE considered masterpieces by many of us and most of the artists took the job pretty seriously. The artwork that is on display at the Met is almost entirely commercial product - all of it was bought a paid for by wealthy patrons who could afford to pay an artist to paint something for them. Pinball art is really no different in that sense. If someone wanted to alter the colors of a Picasso piece, they would would be rightly criticized for tampering with a masterpiece that doesn't need fixing.
    Sure, the design teams are probably thrilled that their games are still loved, but the artists may be insulted to see their lifetime of studying/mastering color theory being "puked on."

    Well, you have to consider the broad base of your audience. I mentioned before that most of the younger folk are into blinging everything, not just pinball machines. They've got LEDs on gaming controllers, shoes, and ground effects on cars and motorcycles. This LED bling is everywhere. They are not looking at pinball art as you and I might want to view it - as a work of art. A large portion of this audience is not going to view bright, outlandish, or even incorrect color choices as a negative. They will LOVE it, wrong as it may look, and and they just won't care - regardless if you write a guide, a book, or tell it to their faces.

    816cd7ce495b0fc00e57a01a6b3a5ac8--retro-arcade-arcade-machine (resized).jpg
    power-pong (resized).jpg

    #300 1 year ago

    Because everyone loves fishing at a rave party...

    "We took a trip down to Texas this past weekend (vlog coming this week). This is a quick video of a beautiful Fish Tales pinball game from the 2017 Texas Pinball Festival in Frisco, Texas. This was one of the best-looking pins at the entire show."

    "Thats the nicest looking Fish Tales I've ever seen"

    #311 1 year ago

    This Fish Tales is a good case study. The problem is that many will not care. They walked up to this machine at a show, OOooohhhed and Aaahhhd at it.

    #313 1 year ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    Ive done way too many fish tales
    A couple Ice Blue, all 3 Kelvins in white, and the right brightness in the letters...
    Approx 6 different type bulbs. What I see when color is added, is all 1 SMD or brighter, and Dark Blue for Water.
    sometimes buffered by Purple, or creating Purple to the eye and camera from mixing,
    If one wants to add color, Im fine, please dont hate me, just spend a few bucks and add some lower brightness, or leave a few out of the backbox.
    Its lighting art, and there are all kinds of "tools" in bulb selection that can make a difference.
    No light bleed on colors for letters, or objects, balance the brightness in the remainder, add if your over the top, add additional Matrix strips with dimmers on them and scale back the lighting.
    Create a depth of field, if you want the art to pop and get a 3D affect, in this case, the Green Fish being the brightest object.
    Cameras cannot capture this, no matter how Ive tried.
    All, just IMO, and my Experiences. This does not work for all Backboxes...not at all. But many,
    I use Incandescent mixed with LEDs many times too.

    Sounds like you should write a guide for this.

    #345 1 year ago
    Quoted from Frippertron:

    Here's a good comparison. Just look at all the color and artwork you lose.

    Try turning the room lights for both pics. You're not really comparing apples to apples if you take pics if one game with the room lights on and the other in the dark.

    #346 1 year ago
    Quoted from Frippertron:

    Looks like the tornado consumed the Skittles factory!

    I'm willing to bet this game doesn't look nearly as bad as you make it out to be in this photo, come on -do you expect me to believe you play in a room this dark? I'll bet with some ambient room lighting this game isn't bad at all. I have a little colored GI in my Taxi for accents (upper playfield, blue in the lanes etc.) and it looks great.

    logo (resized).jpeg

    #349 1 year ago
    Quoted from kevmad:

    I often play in a completely dark room. Adds to being totally immersed in the game!

    That's fine. I've played. In the dark occasionally. I'm saying there is a big difference between playing in the dark and taking photos in the dark.

    #370 1 year ago
    Quoted from stoptap:

    I generally don’t like coloured GI but when I bought my TWD Pro it had amber incandescents in the lower GI. I switched them back to white LEDs but missed the look it had. So I have since gone back to amber but with LEDs.

    Standing by for the beatings...everyone loves a good horror flick.

    more-popcorn (resized).png

    #373 1 year ago
    Quoted from stoptap:

    You no like ?
    It’s a lot more subtle effect to the eye. Phone cameras always exaggerate the colours of LEDs.

    I'm just saying that the majority of the folks in an anti-GI-LED thread are going to dislike it. The biggest complaint will be that the colors change the artwork colors, and that you lose the effects of small details such as blood splatters in the plastics. I'm not really a big fan of any other color but white right near the flippers, because colors tend to make it a little more difficult to play. I do kind of like the red tinted translucent plastic protectors. Yes, they inundate the plastic art with color...but the red fits the theme well, and the white lights under the plastics shine out to the flipper area, as well as protecting the plastics

    TransRed_ProtSet_TWD-3 (resized).jpg

    #389 1 year ago

    Why botherwith the hassle of colored LEDs when you can just illuminate the whole game in color for your Ebay photos?

    s-l16001 (resized).jpg

    s-l1600 (resized).jpg

    #392 1 year ago
    Quoted from Taxman:

    How can you defend that crap.

    Because a lot of people love that crap?

    PT_SeattlePinballMuseum (resized).jpg

    Eden Stamm (resized).jpg

    little-boy-playing-a (resized).jpg

    pinball-1 (resized).jpg

    #393 1 year ago

    "I could not be happier"

    Untitled (resized).png

    #399 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    But it IS crap.
    People doing this to their machines have poor taste and are putting awful aesthetics over playability. These are pinball sins. They should feel bad and they should repent and seek forgiveness.

    Crusade all you want, only other pinball hobbyists will get it. I have a friend who is a casual player, his eyes light up and he begins drooling when he sees this stuff. I've brought games into my place and he's all shocked when I tell him I am not going to LED the game. It's a disease, and those suffering are drawn to the bright and gaudy games like zombies.

    tumblr_mwsgahknYq1saywemo1_500 (resized).jpg

    #408 1 year ago
    Quoted from Dee-Bow:

    Found this one for sale online...is this one done tastefully or too much ?!? Just curious what some pinsiders think! Haha

    "I'll talk!...Honestly, it's too bright and ground effects are ridiculous!"

    maxresdefault (resized).jpg

    #413 1 year ago
    Quoted from dirkdiggler:

    Well considering the acdc is mine, I'll chime in. That's stock frosted white lighting

    That's stock lighting? Why is it so purple?
    I'm used to this

    7bc52f277eefac763f000d43b8e97363d475de63 (resized).jpg

    #444 1 year ago
    Quoted from PoMC:

    I think those two lights dead center in the back of the playfield are supposed to be red.

    Looks to me like white on the flyer (back)

    cryptflyback (resized).JPG

    #451 1 year ago

    An abomination kit being sold on eBay. Poor Space Invaders.

    IMG_20171118_104440 (resized).jpg

    #466 1 year ago

    Neon-Knight-6-2013 (resized).jpg

    Neon_Knights (resized).jpg

    #467 1 year ago

    One more. Am I playing a pinball, or entering a casino?

    56139880 (resized).jpg

    #479 1 year ago

    S'more ugly from the SI kit guy

    s-l1600 (resized).jpg

    #502 1 year ago

    Nope. Check pinbulbzandarcades out on Ebay. Lots more kits, I fear.

    s-l1600 (resized).jpg

    #521 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    why destroy such great artwork. Who the hell could look at that and say to themselves......"Damn, I did a great job". Apparently, they never actually play their games. I'd sell it too, if mine looked like that.

    Probably sell his bike as well

    images (resized).jpeg

    ...probably the house, too

    marvelous-design-blue-christmas-lights-in-massive-quantities-on-this-home (resized).jpg

    #528 1 year ago

    The people who really care are the only ones who might read it, and they are already making better decisions on lighting. The ones who need to read it don't give a damn.

    #539 1 year ago

    There is also a science of audio, including frequency, distortion, dynamic range and stereo separation. Do you think as an audio professional of several decades I have a chance at all of convincing these fools driving by my house, rattling my windows with distorted bass, that I could ever convince them of that. Not a chance.

    FFA92R7FW5H3H8N.LARGE (resized).jpg

    #542 1 year ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    You do realize that you can hold an opinion...and at the same time that opinion can be factually wrong.

    *Sigh," again, you are wasting you breath. There is a whole market segment of pinballers that LIKE flamboyant bright LED colors and ridiculous mods and they don't give a shit about science of lighting, or playability. They are playing and selling these games, because that is what they like and that's what people are buying.

    #572 1 year ago
    Quoted from Astropin:

    Well here is what a STTNG backbox looks like originally (top) followed by what I did to it with LEDs (bottom) (That bright light just above the upper ship is just a reflection from a ceiling light):

    I like that you illuminated art that was dark, but take the extra colors out. It's not necessary.

    #579 1 year ago

    This thread actually contains two kinds of puke: rainbow puke and monochromatic puke.

    #598 1 year ago
    Quoted from irobot:

    "Why only clown puke on pinball machines?"

    It's not only pinball machines. How about the art on this bus? The difference is this photo is not altered.

    LED-Accent-Lighting-Single-Color-Red-Light-Strip-School-Bus (resized).jpg

    #613 1 year ago
    Quoted from arcademojo:

    Same here. I won't by a kit because it's a color bomb but I'm too lazy to count every thing I need. Usually and up with too little or too many. If they made kits that you could chose from I'd buy it even if it was more expensive. Kits should be:
    Color bomb GI for the noobs and blind.
    Warm white GI for the keep it original look.
    Cool white GI for the I like white but like it bright!

    I don't think any of the kits from Cointaker color bomb the GI, and probably not from the other major pinball LED suppliers. It's the cheaper LED companies blasting the airwaves with color bomb kits IMO. I'm sure if you asked them Cointaker would sub warm or cool for the GI if you made communication before ordering

    #682 1 year ago
    Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

    Take a look at this...a bit too much glare from camera

    Not just glare, but also blinding white spotting. This is a case where you can really see how different a game will look on a photo compared to real life. Even some of the disaster color bombed games look 10 or 100 times worse in pictures than in real life.

    #740 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    t But your buyer market is drastically reduced. So either change them to warm white, or lower your price where someone can't say no. Choice is up to you.

    Well, the buyer market for people with good taste may be reduced, but there is still a market for the folks that like colorbombed GI. Personally, I dabbled in it a little but those games are now gone - sucessfully sold or traded I might add.

    Of course, we can't really be certain if some of the buyers of these games didn't rip the colors out right after they bought the games, but these pins are getting marketed to folks who like that stuff. My personal example is I sold my Pinbot with color GI. I certainly wouldn't reduce the price if you came to me and said I needed to because it had color LEDs. If I say the games worth X - it's worth that and what I will take for it...whether it has color LEDs, white LEDs, incandescent bulbs...or even no bulbs just empty sockets.

    Recently sold on EBay:

    s-l1600 (resized).jpg

    s-l1600b (resized).jpg

    #757 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    . You are wrong in the way that a child's scribble is objectively worse than the Mona Lisa from an artistic perspective.

    No, sir you are wrong. Cy Twombly blackboard covered in scribbles sold for $70.5 million.

    cy-twombly-untitled-new-york-city (resized).jpg

    #766 1 year ago
    Quoted from Taxman:

    And you can hot glue this to your JP. While it is cool, it isn't pretty.

    It doesn't matter if it is pretty or not. If scribbles on a chalkboard, or glueing dung to your game, or stuffing it with colored LEDs brings out the cash, people are going to do them. People sell Cheetos on eBay that look like the Virgin Mary. Your not going to educate nor beat it out of people that choose to put colored LEDs, ridiculous toppers, ugly toys, or blazing LED strips on their games. You are simply not going to accomplish anything.

    #819 1 year ago

    Rainbow Puke City pics.

    311BE1C600000578-0-image-a-16_1455232021018 (resized).jpg

    Screen-shot-2015-06-12-at-1.38.31-PM (resized).png

    multi-color-rainbow-lights-equinox-building-fifth-street-miami-beach-GNJY19 (resized).jpg

    #842 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    I also think that every game should NOT have a shaker in it. There are very very very FEW games that a shaker fits the theme and used well. But they are a risk because they shake out all your screws and run the risk of shorting shit out. ES use is great.

    Absolutely true. I also like it in AFM for the saucer exploding, and wish I could integrate it into RFM for the same thing, just for the cut scenes with big explosions.

    #852 1 year ago
    Quoted from irobot:

    For what it's worth, I think the clown puke phenomenon will pass in due time.
    Something new comes along, everyone gets all excited and goes overboard.
    Then everyone sobers up and says "What the heck was that all about?"

    You would like to think that - in fact, you would think that with RGB already in the games to the point where even when you don't have bulb sockets to provide an option for LEDs that would enough to stifle the "phenomenon" ...but now we have all these extra LED strip mods that are installed stadium style, across the backboard, on the apron, in the shooter lane, under the game, in the speaker grills and more, with no end in sight.

    img_5825 (resized).jpg

    #854 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    Attack From Madness

    And that's not even a real pin, that's a virtual pin. There's no playfield LEDs there.

    #862 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    others here who have a background in theatrical lighting would be considered experts in this field.

    I'm going to have to disagree with this statement, as I don't feel theatrical lighting experts are experts in lighting a pinball machine. They use a LOT of color in most stage productions.

    This stage really pops!

    170 (resized).jpg

    #871 1 year ago

    Like many others have done, I have blue LEDs under my Taxi upper lane plastics. It looks good matched with the blue plastics, and I don't think it destroys the art. "The horror"...

    374550_4891216835922_1822409102_n (resized).jpg

    #900 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    But, like, it does look worse than white. That's the rub.

    My wife likes it, and I value her opinion more.

    #901 1 year ago

    I'm an audio career professional and there is definitely science behind recording and live sound. I can apply the best science behind setting up the audio system, but I still might think the performer sounds like crap. That's my opinion. I may think that a band like Mushroomhead sucks, but they have a fan base that likes it.

    #910 1 year ago

    Sold for $5500 on EBay

    s-l1600 (resized).jpg

    #911 1 year ago

    Pinstadium purple

    2cac6dd322b648e914b4d77416c13c5c503c75eb (resized).jpg

    #917 1 year ago
    Quoted from PoMC:

    Do we light up other speakers, like our surround sound speakers, car speakers, home stereo speakers? No.

    Yes. Unless you've been living in a cave, there are all kinds of lighted speakers out there now: cars, boom boxes, home theater audio, you name it.

    3559885128_a34efc2d74 (resized).jpg
    e496ff240ddeb60b5317c37ae5dc265f (resized).jpg
    images (resized).jpg

    #918 1 year ago

    And don't forget to LED up your boards inside the game, and your coinbox, your pinball legs and your computer cases - to make them really pop.

    LED-RGB-computer-case-12V-lights-of-the-main-light-pollution-DIY-lights-with-red-Blue (resized).jpg

    1fbd0986c64003eb7874ec420f3131f34c92ae93 (resized).jpg

    #924 1 year ago
    Quoted from cosmokramer:

    The legs are a bit over the top...

    untitled (resized).JPG

    #926 1 year ago
    Quoted from PoMC:

    And those examples look like shit and are marketed towards people who drive ricers.

    And those people driving the ricers have money to spend on ricers, lighted speakers and more.

    #933 1 year ago
    Quoted from PoMC:

    I don't understand the point you're trying to make. Pinball people have money to buy all these gay toppers and lights, but doesn't mean they should.

    The point was that you seemed "surprised" that there are light up speakers for everything with the statement: "Do we light up other speakers, like our surround sound speakers, car speakers, home stereo speakers?"

    Maybe you don't light up your speakers, but there are folks that do. There is a significant market that buy all these different mod and lights and that's why you'll continue to see them. Hell, I don't like them either, I have incandescent in most of my games, especially in the backboxes - because I think that is the way it should look. LEDs in the backbox, not me. I don't care if they are warm white, cool white or whatever. To me, all LEDs look like ass behind the backglass.

    #997 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    I am personally hurt at color shitfest games.......................hurts my eyes. As an artist, I do not like seeing artwork desecrated by pisspoor lighting. Also amazes me, how people do this on games they are trying to sell, and do not understand why their game isn't selling when it looks like that. Some people are unteachable. Never learn. If the game doesn't "Show" well, it's not going to sell. Again. It's like selling a house. If you paint it with anything but white bland neutral earth tones. Your buyers market drops about 70%-80%.

    You may have hurt feelings, but don't take it personal. My Atlantis with a few areas of color GI was perfectly playable and the buyer had no problem with it. I probably could have improved the translite look by using dividers and other techniques. On Maverick, I just felt there were too many flesh tones so I just went all warm white. The same for my red/blue GI Pinbot which sold in less than a week.

    Most of my games are incandescent right now, by choice. Taxi has some blue LEDs in the upper lane, big deal! It doesn't destroy artwork and the people playing love it; Color GI doesn't destroy artwork, it can look good if used sparingly. Many games with color GI play well and look fine in person. Some are disasters, no argument there....but not all.

    #1021 1 year ago
    Quoted from cosmokramer:

    So you have never given a compliment just to be nice?

    I figured you'd probably say that.

    My main point could be lost in the murk. A mod like lighted legs is not my thing, but there is a market for it, and there's a crowd out there that loves this sort of thing. They're eating it up. AFMr with the topper was so extremely bright I couldn't even play it.....Yet there was a line formed up behind it. Same with Aerosmith loaded with Pinstadium lights. Those games killed my eyes. Maybe I'm just weird. I like the darkness of incandescent, sometimes a little color GI, and I also thought Alien was awesome in it's semi darkness.

    #1040 1 year ago
    Quoted from trk12fire:

    I love my LEDs and think you haters have a bad attitude. These are real photos, hate on them as much as you want. You won't hurt my feelings.

    Simpsons has a little too much purply-red thing for my taste. I think the translite on Pirates is great. Wise move in at least keeping the slings white. In my opinion, even with color GI I always leave the flipper area white. Firepower II, I dunno...It needs some help, and puke isn't helping. Zip-A-Doo I would leave incandescent, as well as any other EM.

    #1063 1 year ago

    Well, there's a clown on Comet, and I guess he ate too much.

    20160204_001845_zpsnksqc8k7 (resized).jpg

    #1078 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinstein:

    The entire premise of this thread is to mock peoples games.

    Mock the games, yes...but not the people.

    #1113 1 year ago
    Quoted from Colsond3:

    I think that looks decent too...after all, it is Tron. But maybe the movie should be reshot with no illuminated light or neon effects too.

    As far as the Tron game goes I prefer it stock, except for the illuminated ramp mods. I'd have to have those... they relate to the movies well.

    s385790218873361898_p6_i1_w1024 (resized).jpeg

    cf5b39b0ce8edff1e60149adb29d8b43 (resized).jpg

    #1142 1 year ago

    I have white GI and just these CT twinkles in my upper lanes on Comet. Is it unacceptable color bombing because they are many different colors?.....or an interesting visual accent that personalizes my game from the other 8099 Comets that are out there?

    NkYyNkRCRjhEQTEzRjAxMTdGNTE6Yzk2YmNkZTMyZDljMzg0Mjg4M2NjMGIxNjNhMDY4ZmQ6Ojo6OjA= (resized).png

    #1170 1 year ago
    Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

    white light purists?

    The incandescent bulb fan club is meeting in the next room, and the LED fan club down the hall. I keep bouncing from room to room.

    #1221 1 year ago

    Pic of my Elektra playfield below. It looks dark but we had no trouble playing it. I remember the buyer came on a very long drive to get it. That's one game in my history that I miss.

    100_2852 (resized).JPG

    #1240 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas from my fat red GI Santa!

    IMG_20171217_152956451~01~01 (resized).jpg

    #1247 1 year ago
    Quoted from Dee-Bow:

    75% of the bulbs removed reduces the brightness by 80%?!? Are you getting fancy with that science talk again! Haha, ahh pinside!

    children-math-math_student-maths_student-percent-percentages-jlvn607_low (resized).jpg

    #1303 1 year ago
    Quoted from RJW:

    Please, explain to me how I'm supposed to "Focus. On. Yourself." when I show up to a league night or tournament and I have to play one of these colour bombed disasters?
    To be clear, I don't care how awful (and most are) these clown puke games look. It's when I can't even properly track the ball it becomes an issue.

    I would hope that in a league or tournament you would have enough ambient room lighting to see the ball well. If you don't - that's probably something that should be taken up with the league organizer(s).

    #1315 1 year ago

    Man, I am going to have to get one of these to shine down on my playfield. Just to make it more challenging!

    8in1-elf-light-christmas-outdoor-landscape (resized).jpg

    #1319 1 year ago
    Quoted from Taxman:

    Don't waste your money. You can just get the cheap light bulbs that rotate from China. I got a case of them back when they were real cheap. We use them in my friends bars. You might get a couple of duds per case that burn out in a couple of weeks, but when cheap enough who cares.
    amazon.com link »

    It was a joke. I can't stand them shining on houses either.

    #1348 1 year ago

    If you check Ebay sold listings, not only are these $156 kits selling , but the color bombed games are as well. There will be no end to this madness. I can't believe there were 14 bids on this Comet.

    leds (resized).JPG

    #1349 1 year ago

    Another listing on Ebay now:

    s-l1600 (resized).jpg

    #1357 1 year ago

    Perfect for pukers playing pinball.

    dmx-led-jacket-led-light-jacket-for (resized).jpg

    #1361 1 year ago
    Quoted from Bugsy:

    Thoughts on this Spiderman?
    Not sure what people's thoughts are to the LEDs in the very back. I actually don't mind this type of lighting.

    Fine, it's perfectly playable with the room lights on. In the dark it will look like all the other supposedly "unplayable" games.

    a9ba959336c15b0b6564da589002693edce6d628 (resized).jpg

    #1373 1 year ago
    Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

    To be fair, ugly rainbow clown puke LEDs would not deter me from buying a game. I certainly wouldn't pay any EXTRA for that garbage though.

    IMHO, unless the buyer is specific in requesting a discount we don't really know the impact of poorly colored GI. In some cases they want the game badly enough, they'll buy it. There is a market segment that is HIGHLY attracted to these games with clown puke - I'm sure some of you know I am not kidding. They drool over it. In the end, we don't know if the buyer is going to keep it that way, or thinks it's disgusting and wants to rip it out ASAP (and as a side note, I've heard many leave it that way with the "intention" of changing it out later. but they still keep playing it as it is.) I have no knowledge of the buyer of my Atlantis changing out the color LEDs, nor was it ever discussed at all during the transaction.

    If you really think about it, most buyers are not likely to mention bad LEDs selections when buying a game. If they do, it's going to be a coin toss as to whether the seller actually negotiates down, or throws the buyer out on their ass. That's just my thoughts...it's never been an issue in my experience - but perhaps to someone can enlighten us with some actual stories involving clown puke sales.

    #1420 1 year ago
    Quoted from irobot:

    I think that a lot of people are going to switch to white bulbs when the novelty of colored bulbs wears off, because clown puke is an extreme sort of fashion and extreme fashions have a lifespan.
    But we shall see.

    I think it's probably going to get worse as tech evolves. Some new "laser blast ultra 4K quad shimmering holo rainbowglow device" or whatever new "light emitting thing" that comes out will be be the new rage.

    #1447 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    impossible. Even if you counted the lamp matrix there wouldn't be 492.

    Don't know where that number came from. The entire game with matrix lamps is only 168

    #1450 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    impossible. Even if you counted the lamp matrix there wouldn't be 492.

    still, a lot less than my neighbor's house!

    FB_IMG_1514038004596 (resized).jpg

    #1517 1 year ago

    I find the venomous disgust funny, meanwhile the pukers are laughing all the way to the bank.

    Untitled (resized).jpg

    #1524 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    doesn't mean the shit is selling. And most things don't sell for the price asked. A lot is talked down before the deal is closed.

    I'm seeing a lot selling, and for some big prices. Perhaps the buyer of that Firepower is going to rip out those LEDs and sell them for about $400, because $1700 is the most that game is worth with empty bulb sockets.

    #1550 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    Here is more garbage. All terrible.

    Answer a question, please. What is the correlation between purple and Metallica?

    maxresdefault (resized).jpg

    #1582 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    when a game sits and sits and sits. Someone has to say something on why it's probably not selling. better for the seller and everyone. He's not happy his game is not selling and probably doesn't know why.

    Maybe some are not selling, but a lot of them are. This one sold for $5500 on 12/23

    Screenshot_20171229-141624 (resized).png

    #1600 1 year ago

    My gamer son got an RGB illuminated keyboard and mouse for Christmas, and I helped him install RGB strips along his walls. It's a rainbow pukers room, but not Dad's games!

    7507a51912cfecda8a77eb11a9d41a74 (resized).jpg

    #1617 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    I can tell you which one i'd be more apt to buy and which one i'd be having them knock several $100 off of.

    I've been doing more investigation because of this thread. Now I am seeing the prices they are fetching - and not asking prices, but actually GETTING.

    20852182 (resized).jpg

    #1635 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    the problem is, we don't know what things actually sell for. Very rarely have I ever sold anything at my asking price.

    Geez, I guess you missed the posts of a few here that have the final sale price and were auctions.... such as the Firepower, which had multiple people bid on it, pushing it's starting price of $1800 to $2475. The game is barely worth the auction starting price with plain old incan bulbs in it. A puked LW3 also sold with 43 bids on it. The winning bidder is not going to negotiate a new price after winning the auction.

    #1655 1 year ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    Have at it, pals! Note the toy mods on the Godzilla too. (I didn't put them there, but I left them).

    I don't hate either of them

    Quoted from tamoore:

    Life is too short to be hating.....

    #1657 1 year ago
    Quoted from Taxman:

    Oh, and my fridge is as white as my GI.

    Oh, reaaaally?

    original_rainbow-stripe-vinyl-fridge-cover (resized).jpg

    #1694 1 year ago
    Quoted from trk12fire:

    I know, my biggest mistake was the 2 tone powder coating and powdering the ball rails too.

    'nuf said

    PInk-vs-Blue-e1410743302967 (resized).jpg

    #1711 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

    Check out this disaster I found!!! Find a safe space quickly!!!

    That Fire! Is gorgeous. I'm not kidding, I'd be proud to have that in my game room.

    #1741 1 year ago

    Dinner time!

    cotton-candy-unicorn-parfaits-1-800x1198 (resized).jpg

    #1743 1 year ago

    It's gettin weird around here

    #1752 1 year ago
    Quoted from ryanwanger:

    Some thoughts about "white kits".
    So, kind people in this thread, I ask you: would you buy all white kits? I think most of you are comfortable making your own. But, I'd love to be proven wrong.

    I only bought a couple of kits from Cointaker. All of them had white only GI and color matched inserts. My reason to get away from the kits was I like to choose my own whites, I prefer frosted warn whites.

    I ran into an interesing post on Reddit:

    Miss my JD. I did 4LED SMDs in RED for most of the GI (white for the pit under the deadworld) looked sick, also sold super quick. LEDz for life! Couldn't disagree more with the incandescent lovers. Worst thing you could do to your pin is leave those in IMO. To each his own and all that but if you're not a collector and you want it to sell, LED it out and be sure to use good LEDs

    #1777 1 year ago
    Quoted from jawjaw:

    I think the reason some people buy kits is so that they don't have to count bulbs or figure out what bulbs to get. Just get a kit, install with instructions, and be done in the shortest amount of time

    This is what a friend of mine is doing with his RFM. At least I was able to convince him of not using LEDs at all in the upper 1/4 of the playfield because of the 50% power pulses that cause epileptic flicker instead of 1/2 power fade effects. Mine is all incandescent. He doesn't want to take time to select bulbs, and would rather pay for the kit.

    #1783 1 year ago
    Quoted from MustangPaul:

    and here what are they replacing street and freeway lights with....led lights which reproduce large amounts of blue light. I heard an NPR report about it.

    While I am smoking and drinking a beer, I am thinking: This Pinsider needs to stop listening to NPR.

    #1802 1 year ago

    Find the games without puke in the following photos

    1400609_orig (resized).jpg
    arcade-4 (resized).jpg
    DSCF5195 (resized).jpg
    image3 (resized).jpg

    #1803 1 year ago

    22bemr (resized).jpg

    #1808 1 year ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    These people seem to be playing games with clown puke, and still having fun. WTF gives?????

    Because they are sensibly playing with some ambient lighting, and not taking pics in pitch black room.

    #1813 1 year ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    The only person smiling in all those pics is a 7 year old girl. So yeah...makes sense.

    I never smile when I am playing. I'm dead serious stone cold just like all those folks pouring money into those games in those pics. You don't have to smile to be having fun.

    #1817 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    because you need to be able to see the ball when you play. It's like playing a video game, with the gamma turned down to 10%

    That's only an argument for a serious player in a specific environment, such as too dark of a room. In that ambient overhead lit environment I guarantee those casual players and kids are seeing the games well enough to play them, they are walking up to the brightest games to play them, and they are probably not Pinsiders. Lastly, they don't care.

    Look, I tried. When I suggested only white to my friend ordering LEDs he said: "Are you serious?.. you gotta have some color in there to make the game more exciting".

    #1822 1 year ago

    Even when they switch to total darkness no trouble seeing the ball. I wouldn't color mine like this, but just sayin'...the can't see the ball argument is overblown or you have some eyesight issues. I had more trouble seeing F-14 Tomcat because of its stock flashers than any colored GI game I've ever played

    #1827 1 year ago

    Sold for $4,795.00

    s-l1600 (resized).jpg

    #1829 1 year ago

    And up for sale locally:

    #1833 1 year ago
    Quoted from irobot:

    I'm kind of curious if websites like http://www.ipdb.org are going to keep their non-puke pictures or start posting purple haze.
    Since clowning is fabulous new face of pinball, shouldn't the photos be updated?

    Preposterous. The site is a historical database. Now, if a manufacturer were to release a version of a game that was puked, or if the only pictures of a game available were puked, then it would be acceptable.

    #1834 1 year ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    It's like this: You have the right to believe 2+2=5. If you do believe that, you also deserve all the ridicule for believing that.
    To correctly argue in this thread, you need to be defending the people who believe 2+2=5.

    There's a hole in this though. Imagine you are running a company, let's say you are the accountant.
    Believing 2+2=5: You not only get ridiculed, but the books get screwed and the company fails as well.
    Believing in clown puke: They ignore the ridicule because they don't care, play the games just fine, and still sell them for ridiculous money.

    #1844 1 year ago
    Quoted from tamoore:

    The argument being made is: "I think clown puked games look ridiculous". You need to argue the other side of what this thread is about, and not this straw man argument about freedom to do ridiculous things.

    I'm not arguing either side, because you can't argue an opinion.
    - I agree, most of the clown puked games I dislike
    - some, Meh - not too bad. Kind of liked that Fire! earlier in the thread.
    - I have incandescent bulbs in the backbox of Comet for one reason and one reason only. I like the way it looks.

    My argument is that the statements about playability and impact of sales are overblown. Some people can't play games with colored GI, and some may be losing some market of folks that dislike colored GI strongly. People are playing, buying, and selling puked games and there is no stopping that.

    #1845 1 year ago
    Quoted from Colsond3:

    You forgot much less heat, therefore less bent and burnt plastics, no damage to backglass or burnt translites, no warping of inserts. Even 47's still run hot. There are practical and sensible pros, not just aesthetic related. As said earlier in the thread, there are sunlight and warm white LED's for those who prefer the incandescent look.

    The thread is not specifically about LEDs. It's about colored GI. What if you use colored bulb condoms on all the incandescent in the GI?

    #1848 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

    You can when it comes to LEDs apparently (and vegetables). .

    What about LED'd vegetables?

    article-2687674-1F8B45AD00000578-484_634x421 (resized).jpg

    #1858 1 year ago
    Quoted from Colsond3:

    my Vampire is the first EM I've ever put a ton of LED's in, and cool white at that.

    OK, before you all get your panties in a bunch. IMO: You can't really screw up Vampire - that game is ugly no matter what color lamps are in it.

    #1866 1 year ago

    Never understood the undercab lights. I don't see them as something to show off the game, I see them as something to show off the floor. I have a shitty floor.

    #1870 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    nobody would have to. because Broccoli is the correct choice. It's the same as White LED's in your GI's. You can support it with facts, that broccoli is a huge source of nutrients. just like you can prove that white light, backlights and illuminates the entire color pallet correctly. Scientific facts behind it.

    Yeah, but scientific or not: Some like broccoli, some dont.

    #1877 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    but you have other options of good choices. Like carrots, cauliflower and what not. just like doing the GI's correctly. Warm white, Cool white, sunlight.
    You have some options but there are still correct and incorrect choices.

    We'll to use your analogy, I smoke -and there are plenty of other healthy "correct" options. Yet, I still choose to smoke.

    #1881 1 year ago

    Not even simulated pinball is safe from puking!

    #1889 1 year ago
    Quoted from mwong168:

    You are right, it is not wrong and I think more the case where some people have more money than taste.

    i-have-good-taste-but--i-dont-have-the-money-to-prove-it (Small) (resized).jpg

    #1928 1 year ago

    McSirTuna demonstrates how to play the puke.

    #2020 1 year ago

    Sold for $3,995.00 on Ebay yesterday. Which seems a bit high with any color bulbs. I hope the new owner puts some white back behind the backglass, as when it is lit properly it is one of the great classics.

    s-l16f00 (resized).jpg

    #2041 1 year ago

    You can try to learn from PAPA how to play the ever changing puke that is KISS

    Untitled (resized).png

    #2050 1 year ago

    Times a runnin' out if you want to save the world from puke!

    Untitled (resized).png

    #2066 1 year ago
    Quoted from Lamprey:

    I was in Lowes tonight and saw an LED shower head (sadly I forgot to take a picture), but it reminded me of this thread:
    Product link:

    What artwork is that illuminating?

    #2069 1 year ago

    Banned-Skittles-Ad (resized).jpg

    #2075 1 year ago
    Quoted from irobot:

    "fancy features"

    I hear you... My life is complicated enough with electronics at work and home, electronic computers, tablets, smartphones, and of course - pinball machines. I want simple featureless appliances in my home. Like refrigerators that keep my beer cold without internet, a clothes washer and dryer with about 2 settings is perfect. It seems everything has to be crammed with a hundred buttons, lights, and options. Most of the extra fluff does nothing for me - and is often just more to break.

    #2091 1 year ago
    Quoted from Giulio:

    The more I see this thread the more I understand how badly it is playing clown puked pins.

    Yet another case of blowing the playability aspect of clown puking some games way out of proportion with these pics. Try turning some overhead light on. My Taxi with white in the GI is a dark ass pin to play in a pitch black room, as it basically has an empty hole of darkness in the middle of the playfield. At least they had the sense to use white LEDs in the GI by the flippers. I'd rather play the one on the right going by these pictures.

    Untitled (resized).png

    #2096 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    even the one on the right has the GI's done correctly. All the colors are just lens flare from the camera from the inserts. Colors in inserts is all good. Nothing wrong with either picture in that example.

    I guess you are right - I didn't catch it. That's once again a problem with taking decent pics of lighted games, especially in the dark. The same game, with room lights:

    Firepower4 (resized).jpg

    #2100 1 year ago
    Quoted from irobot:

    How can anyone defend this clown puking of games?
    It's AWFUL. And it's pointless and stupid, it looks like the work of a child.
    Just picture screwing up a translite with green bulbs like this and then standing back and saying, "Yup! Nailed it! Lookin good!"

    And many people do....and guess what. - none of them are reading this thead! You say the same things over and over to nobody who cares. It's awful to you, sure...but it's not awful to them. Just stop getting so angry and post some pics.
    We Get it.

    #2109 1 year ago

    Here's mine, It also had red and blue lighted flipper buttons. Only missing the red and blue displays. Sold it at a profit, the split color scheme has a following.

    9b542cad220e623d6869461a3dd048bf3d420d10 (resized).jpg

    #2119 1 year ago
    Quoted from CaptainNeo:

    apparently the person that bought it, didn't give a shit about actually playing it.

    We played it, my family played it, strangers played it, and the person that bought it played it. Nobody ever complained. just this little teeny tiny group in this thread doesn't like it. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. It was just one game of many, and most of my games now are original incandescent.

    #2123 1 year ago
    Quoted from RJW:

    I guess you've never seen something that looks awful and just bit your tongue instead of telling the owner what you really thought of it?
    Most people aren't going to come in your house and insult your poor taste in lighting.

    The comments made had nothing at all to do with whether or not people liked the way it looked . It also had nothing to do with "biting your tongue" The comment made referred to the game being "unplayable". My response was at its core refuting that remark, the game was definitely playable.

    #2163 1 year ago
    Quoted from Pinfactory2000:

    lol. Not only are those pins worst case scenario, they are also LITERALLY sitting in the pitch black and the camera is blurry. Its all triggered nonsense anyway. In a correctly lit playing environment even space station green mode is easy to play.

    Absolutely. I'm sure there are some badly puked games that are difficult to play. I'm 51 and My eyes are going south and I could still play my Pinbot for hours even with the lights off. where my F-14 was the bitch to see with white GI because of all the flashers...then I turn on the basement lights.
    If you can't see the ball in this video, you need glasses more than I do.

    #2165 1 year ago
    Quoted from Maken:

    It's not just about being able to see a single ball in the middle of the playfield. You 'friends of pukers' ever play multiball? Lots going on, important to see it all, clearly and easily.

    Pinbot has multiball. Maybe you should try it.

    #2173 1 year ago
    Quoted from Maken:

    Two balls being tracked by your eyes at the same time in Pinbot. Or maybe six balls, depending on the game. Must be nice to be able to track many balls while easily making centre drain saves and nudging the outlanes in poor lighting conditions... No big deal!

    Yessir, my ball times were so long on my Pinbot that sometimes I'd just shut it off and walk away. Funny thing is over the past couple years I need readers now to see menus in restaurants. My guess is you don't play Space Station or WOZ at all.

    3 (resized).jpg

    maxresdefault (resized).jpg

    #2175 1 year ago
    Quoted from blowback1976:

    Are you sure that's not just the green mode in space station, either way it's way too much.

    It's the green mode...which is also multiball. It's not "way too much", the mode is naturally puked green as a part of its original design. Anybody should be able to play it in a normally lit room for sure.

    untitled (resized).JPG

    #2178 1 year ago

    Relax, Maken. Its just pinball. I don't play tournaments, but at the ones I have seen there has always been plenty of overhead light to supplement any game play. Colored GI has never posed a problem for me as far as playing is concerned. I was just commenting on these blanket statements saying *all* colored GI is impossible to play. That's pure BS for the casual player. Which is probably a large percentage of the folks here and even larger outside of this site.
    Its one thing to dislike puked games because of how they look. Some I don't like, some I do. Aesthetically, I don't care for even white LEDs in some classic games. But there's been comments that my puked games were unplayable...and that's simply not true.

    #2190 1 year ago

    I grew up playing pitch black arcades with no overhead lights, half of the incandescent GI bulbs burned out... playing through the fog of cigarette and pot smoke. Modern LED filled games are often too bright for me regardless of the color in the GI, including white.

    #2192 1 year ago
    Quoted from o-din:

    Even Scully and Mulder don't have an answer for this thing.

    Still way brighter and more white in the flipper area than this one on the 'Bay


    #2198 1 year ago

    Freaked Frankenstein Ebay auction


    #2212 1 year ago
    Quoted from irobot:

    I think the argument about play-ability of colored GI is irrelevant..... BUT you CAN have your own OPINION of what you like or don't like...

    Agreed. I have a Comet here at work that already had white LEDs behind the backglass and I don't even care for that... I kept my Comet at home with incandescent because I think the art looks better with the spread of the light from standard bulbs vs.the focused light of LEDs. I put warm frosted white LEDs behind the translite of Maverick, as I would never put colored bulbs behind photograph. Many of the examples posted out here are horrible. I don't think there's any better way to light that CV art with anything but white, as it has a crazy amount of colors to begin with. IMO, of course.

    #2222 1 year ago

    If you keep it to comments about the games, fine. I don't care if you call my games shit or not. I'm the one who buys, sells, keeps, or plays my games and loads up whatever bulbs I want. Those that stray into comments about Pinsiders will get whatever is coming to them.

    #2267 1 year ago

    Barracora backglass, as presented in the Pinside game archive:

    d14fb4bb67be3f59e2717e9f581fe945015639ab.jpg (resized).png

    #2273 1 year ago
    Quoted from jar155:

    All that light thrown into Cue Ball Wizard and it's still a one shot game.

    I'll agree and disagree with that statement. It takes multiple shots in different directions to comp!ete the combo shots round, and you need the tight left shot to light the wagon whelel. The most lucrative shots are upfield to the bank shots, or the tough special target on the left. Shots for the horseshoe can be disastrous with the random cue ball in the way. Lots to shoot at on CBW and score well.

    I agree that is a terrible way to light it. No LEDs of any color will go in mine.

    #2301 1 year ago

    EM's are the worst to puke.

    WP_20160702_16_15_55_Pro (resized).jpg