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No Playfield lights Jacks Open

By Gerty

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

They blinked once or twice the last time I played the game. Last night I fired it up and I have no playfield lights. Back box and coin door are lit. Everything works on the playfield. I've checked the fuse as well as the fuse holder closely. I checked the jones plugs as well. Before I start to chase the curcuit I'm wondering if I should poke around elsewhere first. I do have the schematic. I am curious what the "H" is on the WH-BLK wire that feeds the playfield lights. See pic. It looks like a switch symbol sort of.
Any thoughts?

117936137_10219915718497545_2099253833199890454_o (resized).jpg117936137_10219915718497545_2099253833199890454_o (resized).jpg
#2 3 years ago

Oh duh the H relay correct? LOL

#3 3 years ago

I guess I was having a brain freeze! The H relay -Tilt/Hold relay. Of course! I should have known that. All better now!

#4 3 years ago
Quoted from Gerty:

All better now!

Well, that was quick and fun!!

2 years later
#5 1 year ago

Did you get the lights all sorted out on jacks open??
I'm going through same matter...

Fuse should be good, coin door lights up
-playfield doesn't
-i fooled around with H-relay(wh-blk) wire, cleaned it, ran 400grit sand paper . Still dead? Any other thoughts anyone??

#6 1 year ago

Actually coin door is controlled by light box fuse & not the playboard light fuse. Both 10amps. Both fuses are new

#7 1 year ago

Check the switch on the Tilt Hold (H) relay with White-Red and White-Black wires

For a switch to work 3 things are necessary:
1) When open, there should be a small space between the contact points (duh)
2) When closing, the long blade's contact point should push the short blade's contact point enough to move the short blade
3) The contact points should be clean, which they usually will be if #2 is happening

#8 1 year ago


Thanks again. I went back to H-relay, busted out the 92%alchol, cleaned contact, tightened the stack, minor gapping tweaking and it now works. Some of these contacts are pretty fussy.

Thank you

#9 1 year ago

I suspect it was the wh-red wire on H-relay all along

#10 1 year ago

Seems like everytime I do a carnuba wax job, a particle or two leaks down to some silly contact point and gunks it?


#11 1 year ago

Is it possible after so many years of contacts arc(inc) against each other in the same spot it creates indents, in which contact surfaces are not as flat, uneven and losing its actual true contact point of maximum efficiency? Also can these *arc;indents* getting filled with dust & carbon, cannot self clean and creating poor surface for path of electricity?

Im having a few fussy contact points lately that need to be pulled in a bit more than usual so it makes a harder contact?

Just wondering. This seems to be the case in the H-relay and why my playfield lights were not functioning? At close inspection the make/break switch was functioning correctly, I did a courtesy clean. But yet no lights. I had to tweak travel blade into the already touching stationary blade further so it was a harder squeeze by an extra 3% ...weird???

16701359702532421806508881112360 (resized).jpg16701359702532421806508881112360 (resized).jpg

#12 1 year ago

You should clean and redress the contacts with a fine metal file, and don't need to clean them with alcohol. Sandpaper can leave residue behind (i.e. sand dust). If the points still look bad from arcing, you can squeeze the points together a little harder so the file can cut thru the arc burns better.

#13 1 year ago

Ok, I don't have a metal file, that's fine enough. I will order one on my next parts order, makes sense. frenchmarky
Thank you

#14 1 year ago

The Plastone Flexstone is recommended for contact cleaning

#15 1 year ago

I got one of those Plastone Flexstones from Steve and he had to change suppliers recently - the new one left so much grit that it caused more problems than it solved. Maybe others have had a different experience, but mine wasn't good.

#16 1 year ago

Im going to make an order from Steve in a week or so, need a few parts and possibly this file. I should call Steve before I order flex stone.

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