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CCr ?

By stretch2

5 years ago

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#48 5 years ago
Quoted from kmoore88:

Never? You sure about that? They have the ability to modify the existing code and PPS has stated in more than a couple of threads that a CCr would "likely" include enhanced rules.

Sure, Rick has implied/straight up said multiple times that a potential CC re-release would include "finishing" the game. But CCC is a specific thing, meaning epthegeek's project, and Rick having someone write new rules to finish the game would be a different beast, someone else's vision of how to complete the game. Whether or not it would be as good (or better) than CCC would have to be seen. You'd have to buy the game based on those merits, not CCC, since CCC isn't compatible with the new hardware ala MMr.

Quoted from JoeJet:

Yep. I realize it's Rick's business but as a collector uncertainty and rumor sucks.

That ship has sailed though, Rick doesn't have to say anything, the writing is on the wall. Does anyone really think even if he doesn't say a word that after the success of MMr (well so far, but the Stern news makes it seem pretty solid going forward too) and the obvious moves to keep building up cool projects (2.0 games etc) that more remakes aren't coming? If you're trying to move A list games that's just reality now, no matter how quiet he is.

Not that keeping the value of anyone's collection artificially high is Rick's job.

#56 5 years ago
Quoted from Thor-NL:

I see a bad moon rising ....

Thank you, I couldn't figure out who the CCR band was until you posted that lyric snipped!

Quoted from JoeJet:


Only words that matter here.

#60 5 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

Agreed? Now... what's the supply again?

If there's demand for remakes then Rick will supply them. This will cause old games to lose value. Older games are already losing some of that value just from the pressure of MMr, no extra rumors required. So people asking Rick to muzzle himself seems both counterproductive and somewhat rude. He should be able to tease his products and build buzz as he sees fit.

It's like someone telling me to not hint about a translite design because they're trying to buy a machine for cheap and they're worried a new translite might make the owner want to keep it (far fetched example and inflating my importance!). I'd certainly not want to throw salt into someone's game on purpose, but if they were seriously trying to silence me for their own financial gain on a transaction I'd resent it. My business is mine.

#63 5 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

How would you feel if they announced they have some cool new alternate translites coming out for The Shadow and ACDC "in the works" ?

I can already tell you how that feels, because Luci was announced while I was already working on Helen.

Was a bit of a "doh!" moment, I almost canned the project, was gonna look like I was ripping them off. Decided to just stick with it and see how it worked out (went great, no worries).

If someone did a new translite that was awesome and everyone wanted it instead of mine, then that means the community just got a new kick ass design, and pinball wins, even if maybe I didn't personally (hey, if it's that great maybe I'd buy it and be stoked too). Which is the lesson here, if there's demand, and someone creates supply, then people benefit. If you own a MM, or CC, or BBB (look at those showing up for sale all of a sudden) and a remake cuts your value, then that's just the way it goes, sorry. Someone at some point is gonna be left holding the ball in this hobby, it's inevitable. Ask the jukebox collectors.

Luckily if you bought the game to enjoy it and not to sell it you've still got a kick ass game to play. That beats a jukebox any day of the week if you ask me; that can be replaced with an iPod and a pair of speakers.

#72 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

For example look at Aurich's recent quote just above about remaking BBB.

Okay, I'm looking at it, what am I supposed to be seeing?

#82 5 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

You've lumped BBB in with MM and CC as being in the Planetary line up. It's not. What company are you predicting will be re-making the BBB?

Williams had the rights to BBB at one point (they built a sample game IIRC) so people have speculated Rick could make one. Or he'd magically get the rights from Gene, or the holding company, or however the hell it works. Beats me, I don't know the answer to that. What I do know is that suddenly a bunch of them appeared on the market, and if you ask me it's because people are trying to dump them before a potential remake crashes their value.

That's reality, they're selling them. Anything else is guesswork. Which is what we do on forums.

I still don't get your point though. You want me to not mention this? Because that's ridiculous, you realize that right? Do you mean something else? I have no idea what you're pointing at.

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