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No development in Pinball since 25 years

By touchtone

6 months ago

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    #21 6 months ago
    Quoted from LordHumungus:

    No its not.
    The jokes get boring real fast and while its a good game its no where near as good as some of the stuff coming out these days. Forget where its rated, means nothing. The fact that there are any 90's B/W in the top 10 just shows how ridiculous those ratings are.
    See that was easy.

    Wow you must not understand how to play a lot of these games.

    #22 6 months ago
    Quoted from gamera9:

    The sound is a lot better on modern games. I think newer Stern also have a lot of smooth shots. There are some old games that have some clunky shots.

    Add pinball pro sound for a $140. You can get a new sound cards etc. Give an example? I don’t think you have really deeply played many games. My best sounding game is Cactus Canyon running a Lepy Amp with pinball pro sound and 12 inch sub. Blows all my modern sterns away!

    #25 6 months ago
    Quoted from LordHumungus:

    No I understand I have owned all of them, finished them all. Could it be that u have looked at my collection and yrs on pinside cause I used to be Hazoff. I've owned 100's of pins including all the top B/W. One thing I understand for sure is the modern games are much better all around and the 90's stuff while fun are generally pretty easy in comparison. I like them, thats what I played in my late teens early 20's. The best of my pinball years. I love to play today but those were the skipping school, getting high, arcade/poolhall/bowling alley times that will never be beat, no matter how good the games get. That being the modern stuff is better. Good day sir.
    I said good day.

    Coming from a guy who likes deep games and owns all pro models. Lol. Pro models are great but not as deep. Sure!

    #29 6 months ago
    Quoted from LordHumungus:

    Wow that is spectacularly stupid.
    Not just the fact the ur looking at my collection and then passing judgement but how much deeper are Pre's and LE's than the Pro model. Did you master Avengers already? I use to buy nothing but LE's, and originally had a JP pre and a Maiden Pre. I happen to love system 11's and the more simple Sterns as well. I've owned many 80's Bally and Williams SStates. Enjoyed them all. Big fan of classic Stern as well. U sir are just digging urself more and more into the hole of douch-baggery and this is me being very kind.

    Do you even read what you write? I think you should go back to your old screen name and need to go buy some newer games. Obviously you are a Elwin fan. On many titles pre or le are much deeper. Take Avengers you are missing the hardest shot through the entire game. There is a big difference. I have owned both and some of the pros are great but not as complete. Avengers, Deadpool or TMNT the pre or le are a different level. You said you owned SS did you master it in those two weeks? Go call us all names as you think you are brilliant by it. Hazoff suits you better. We all knew who you where and saw you coming. If “mastering” a game is finishing it a few times you have a lot to look forward to once you figured out all you missed.

    #49 6 months ago
    Quoted from LordHumungus:

    I think that's more due to us than anykind of manufacturer lack of innovation. I've said many times this peak is due to the 40 and 50 yr old's having money to buy games and relive our yute at home. U see the love around here for B/W games, I love them 2 and its pretty much the same designers. I can feel a difference in an Elwin game, even though theres really nothing really innovative going on, code maybe? What r they gonna do? Pinball 2000 was ok but if was really that amazing why hasn't anyone given it a try again? Here's the main thing for me anyway, I'm pretty happy with what I'm getting, except theme's but what else is new. I can't remember the name, which shows its popularity but that pin with the full screen PF and Lori Lightspeed, I don't know, that was a attempt at some change and it hasn't exactly taken the pinball world by storm.

    Now he loves the bw games 2? And we are all 40-50 years old. Which is it? This guy is full of it. Hazoff, Hazoff, Hazoff. Go buy your new Elwin game. What is he 40-50? You have winner at 49!

    #51 6 months ago
    Quoted from dung:

    Kinda wondering what *innovation* the op is expecting?
    RGB lighting doesn't count.
    LCD doesn't count.
    Rulesets that go on for 10 pages don't count.
    You want wacky toys? Yes the castle in mm is cool. BOTH POTC games beat it. A ship that you hit and it sinks into the playfield? A ship's deck that not only rocks back and forth, but changes the speed to make it more difficult?
    MM remains number 1 in part because of nostalgia. It is a known quantity. It is an amazing game, but if it got released today with an updated display, it would probably just be *ok*.

    Yeah there is no convincing. Sound, single board technology, 1080 displays, large displays, rgb leds, normal leds, non reflective glass, middle button, update code instantly without a chip and colored armour.

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