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NJ get together: 6/29 EDIT:Pics added

By NJGecko

7 years ago

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    #7 7 years ago

    Ted,feel like lifting a pin next Saturday?

    #8 7 years ago

    Btw, this thread needs to say NJ/NY!

    #10 7 years ago

    IM. Eating lots of crow too, considering what I paid....and what I'm on record as saying about the price of IM. But I think it goes great with my collection.

    #13 7 years ago
    Quoted from bigehrl:

    Reciprocal would love to have all y'all.

    You're shooter lanes are a little too f'ed up for this group.

    #19 7 years ago

    I'm good for the northern NJ and nearby NY pinsiders and Rock Fantasy.

    Sadly, 8 on the break is too much work for too little.

    #33 7 years ago
    Quoted from Vyzer2:

    not at all..i have some things to discuss face to face with dare he get rid of tf.

    I do remember some STTNG trade discussions during the last pin party. Ted also said he wated to buy it at one point. The right offer keeps it local! I'm not in any hurry. The damn game is beautiful and looks good in my game room! But I finally got to Wizard mode...and it's time for something new.

    #46 7 years ago
    Quoted from NJGecko:

    So...since I started this thread, am I in charge of organizing?

    Yah. And Da! And Yabba Dabba Doooo! Sounds like we meet at Geckos, head to Teds, then Robs than me...than either brain, brian2, Mike..Or ROCK FANTASY!

    #47 7 years ago
    Quoted from pinster68:

    The wife just burst my bubble ... We're committed 6/29. Slight chance i can make an early or late arrival to a host site, but won't be able to host myself. Sorry all.

    Where was that bubble located? Was it on the tip of your shooter rod by any chance?

    #73 7 years ago
    Quoted from PinJeff:

    I agree with Ted here. I think 1-2 stops is enough. We can save some other places for the next get together.

    Nooooo. I'm 5 minutes from Rob. Rob is all B/W and I'm all Sterns. Lets end the day at my crib.

    #74 7 years ago
    Quoted from NJGecko:

    Rob's and Reciprocal?

    No for me on reciprocal. That place stinks. Jon aligns his flippers too flat. You can't make any shots! And his shooter lanes are all borked.

    And the whole place is totally blurry! like an earthquake going on all the time. Like living inside a broken camera.

    Besides, I go to reciprocal all the time when I'm in the city. Nanuet to the lower east side on a Saturday aft/evening is just asking for trouble. And Jon will have plenty of that, believe me!

    #93 7 years ago

    Priorities man!

    #96 7 years ago

    Put Spidey on a truck today.

    #124 7 years ago
    Quoted from NJGecko:

    It got lost in the other I'm going to make this all by itself...
    Proposed date is 6/29 for a pin crawl.
    I don't have many, but I'd be open to one stop here!
    Rock Fantasy?
    EDIT: Here's the current agenda and RSVP list:
    Noon at Rob's (address to follow) for feed, drink, and pin.
    4ish, head to Nelson's (address also to follow)
    NJGecko (greg)
    Pinster68 (brian)

    I'm confirmed and IM confirmed. PM me for address.

    #125 7 years ago

    I am right off Palisades Parkway, near 287 and TappanZee bridge. Easy in, easy out!

    #141 7 years ago
    Quoted from LTG:

    I'll sadly miss it. I fly out on the 28th.
    LTG : )

    Lloyd, I've been to your place 3 or 4 times! You should come over!

    #143 7 years ago

    Ya'll can bring birch beer and cream soda to my place! I've always got beer on hand, but nothing too heavy.

    #151 7 years ago
    Quoted from Gerry:

    I may try to drag a couple of my Gay Pennsylvania pin buddies down for this too

    Quoted from Gerry:

    I may come down for this... but its kid weekend for me...
    Is it OK to bring my daughter ? she is 11 going on 42, and very cool, and like pins

    Yes. Absolutely in my opinion. At least to my place. All are welcome. My 10 year old daughter and Geckos 12 year old daughter had a blast together last night while Greg and I set up my new Iron Man.

    Gecko needs to buy Avengers now! His daughter LOVED it!!!

    #152 7 years ago

    By the way...if anyone wants to BRING any pins, we can set them upon my covered back porch for some "Barnacle Bill" style indoor/outdoor playing! Hmmm, that would be a fine place to set up a keg as well....but I digress.

    #166 7 years ago

    Come on, "Gerry's gay PA buddies" is a pretty solid redundancy any way ya look at it!

    #177 7 years ago
    Quoted from Gerry:

    OK I will be pulling the trigger...I'm in !
    Now that I know Jeff wont be there trying to fondle my sack... LOL
    NJ, can you PM me the times and addy's... I will have a 4+ hr ride ahead of me..thats how long it took me to get to Nelsons before...
    Thanks guys

    i'd invite you to stay over but the 30th is my wife's birthday,. and the thought of her "overhearing" you and one of your "buddies" first thing that morning is too scary.

    #178 7 years ago

    somebody bring me an equal value trade pin for my TFLE. We'll play it at the party and then you leave with mine!

    #201 7 years ago
    Quoted from Gerry:

    That's FU%&ING FUNNY

    That was f' ing awesome!!!

    Robs is first stop...and I only know it by memory. Ill give anyone at Robs directions to my place when the party moves. It's a 7 minute drive.

    If anyone wants to come straight to my place, park there and carpool to robs, I'm game. I can be designated driver...just let me know and ill pm you my address.

    I think robs starts at 12pm...right?

    #204 7 years ago
    Quoted from Gerry:

    2 stops then I assume ? I will be at your house Nelson by 11AM then....

    Cool. See you then.

    #205 7 years ago
    Quoted from Gwaxt72:

    I am set with hamburgers, hot dogs, and a few salads. I also have some veggies for grilling for the gay/vegetarians.
    Could use some soda/water/beer.. etc..

    What time are we eating at Robs? Should I plan on serving a meal at my place too, or just snacks and desserts? Need to know this so I can prepare. Wish I had more games!

    #206 7 years ago
    Quoted from NJGecko:

    It got lost in the other I'm going to make this all by itself...
    Proposed date is 6/29 for a pin crawl.
    I don't have many, but I'd be open to one stop here!
    Rock Fantasy?
    EDIT: Here's the current agenda and RSVP list:
    Noon at Rob's for feed, drink, and pin.
    4ish, head to Nelson's
    For Robs and Nelson's address please PM me, prefer to not post addresses on the public interweb!
    NJGecko (greg)
    Gwaxt72 (Rob)
    Pinster68 (brian)
    TheFamilyArcade (nelson)
    Schlockdoc (mark)
    Spfxted (um....ted)
    PinJeff (jeff)
    JohnDelNJ (John)
    Gizmonic (Ron)
    S37VEN (Ryan)
    Gerry (probably!)
    yfz450 (only if Gerry comes)
    FiveSixPyro (Mike)
    Whridlsoncestood (Jim)
    Josh (coming with FiveSixPyro)

    Holy Schneikies! Party time!

    #220 7 years ago
    Quoted from Gerry:

    I wish you had more too FU#%ER ! LOL
    Gottliebs I might add !

    UMMMM....bring one! We'll set it up and tear it down when everything's all said and done!

    #221 7 years ago
    Quoted from NJGecko:

    I know...I feel like I should have gotten t-shirts made up or something!

    I made up some engraved cock rings for everyone. Gerrys idea.

    #222 7 years ago
    Quoted from S37VEN:

    Hoped that you could have made it too. Haven't seen you since my TOTAN arrived and had Rich working on it -- that was a year ago!
    With such a hefty crew is anyone up for a casual mini-tournament of some sort? Something like highest score on one machine over the course of the afternoon; winner take all? Although it may not be feasible with the ratio of players to machines, I just thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone is game.
    I'll bring a cooler of beer/drinks and some food. I was thinking grilled wings with several varieties of Buffalo Anchor Bar hot sauce.

    Good idea on the wings. I'm going over food plans with my wife today. What do you guys recommend? What's handy, easy and not messy? Can't do burgers and dogs, because Rob's doing that.

    By the way, any and all Boylan's Soda's go over well for the non-drinkers...birch beer, cream soda, organge, etc. Those Pelligrino waters with the juice in them are also nice and refreshing.

    #236 7 years ago
    Quoted from Whridlsoncestood:

    Anyone here a fan of hummus? I can whip up a batch tonight and bring some pita and veggies with it?

    it tastes like know. YES!

    A veggie tray and a cheese tray would be good for my place.

    We can bring some of the left overs from Rob's to my house.

    I'll have some main course type food at the ready, so just bring sides. I am NOT stocking any salads, so that could be good.

    #250 7 years ago

    My wife is making her killer chile and corn muffins...bring some desserts.

    #264 7 years ago

    I woke up this morning with two chromium balls and big rubber clad flipper bat between my legs!!

    #266 7 years ago

    Don't you wanna play TFLE?

    #283 7 years ago

    Thanks to all for such a great day! 12 hours of pinball! Blissful!

    Special call outs to:
    Rob, thanks for opening your Museum of A Listers! And thanks for a great chow. A veritable feast.
    Mark, thank you for the IM shooter rod! It'll be a permanent piece in my collection as long as I own Iron Man.
    Gerry, thanks for making the drive man! Hope you're back safe and enjoying the beach!
    Joe, Jim and Mike and Josh and Kevin: excellent meeting you! Some of you drove awhile, it was worth it, no!
    John, glad you made it to both this time
    Ted, remembered!
    Jeff, always nice to sees other TFLE convert.
    Gecko, sorry about the migraine, but you drove this thing. Thanks!

    Pinball is such a great way to get great people together.

    #294 7 years ago

    Josh, happy 40th and have an amazing ski trip! Lets talk some shop (it security ) and some tfle when you get back.

    10 months later
    #318 6 years ago
    Quoted from Gwaxt72:

    you guys want to do this again ? possibly this weekend

    Hellz Yez!

    #324 6 years ago
    Quoted from rudygulp42:

    Ya I'm in for this if you'll take visitors from the Keystone State.

    You're not one of Gerry's buddies are you?

    #332 6 years ago
    Quoted from Gerry:

    Eat a bag of dicks Nelson

    That will just NEVER not be funny!

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