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#230 2 years ago

I bought the Switch and Mario over the weekend. Having a toddler who goes to the shelves and pulls down all my disc-based games and opens them, I decided this was going to be a digital download only console for me.

I didn't look up much about the game prior to buying, and I was super surprised and excited to see the T-Rex!

#232 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Not a spoiler, the T-Rex was the first thing shown in the trailer & he's on the box art too.

Ah, cool. I didn't see the box since I bought it digitally.

Here's hoping Switch gets a New Super Mario Bros variation. My wife and I loved playing through the Wii and Wii U versions.

#239 2 years ago

Anyone playing it multi-player?

I'm not enjoying multi-player as much as I had hoped. That alone lowers it from a perfect score for me. I don't know. Maybe I went into it with the wrong expectations of a robust 2-player experience. After playing as the hat last night, I just found myself frustrated trying to direct my wife where to go with Mario. I might as well just watch her play. A few times I tried directing the camera and she walked Mario right off a cliff...

Super Mario 3D World had some good multi-player, but was way too easy.

The best multi-player Mario seems to be the New Super Mario Bros series.

#260 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

NO other (recent, ps1/ps2) console allowed controllers from their older unit to the new one.

No other console had me purchasing so many freakin' different options! That's a gripe of mine with Nintendo that's going to carry forward into Switch: too many controller options

I shouldn't complain, though. Switch is super well priced for what it is and comes with the possibility for 2-player gameplay right out of the box.

Heck, it's dumb that I'll plop down $400 for a mere piece of a pinball machine, but a whole console experience with a few games for that same price and I'm left hesitant to spend more on extras!

#266 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

did you get all the colored joycons? those stupid things have me wanting all the colors. :-p Neon yellow looks sooooo goooooood

I haven't looked into the other colors. I specifically buy the switch with blue and red, passing on the Mario bundle since it just had red.

Ugh... but once you have more than 2 joycons, how do you keep all this stuff charged?

#286 2 years ago

Any indie game recommendations?

I started playing Flame in the Flood and it's interesting. It's a survival game where you and your dog ride a raft down a river, making stops along the way to get supplies. Readily available water is polluted and food is in short supply. So far I've died of starvation several times and I've even been gored to death by a wild pig... .

1 week later
#318 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

It's a little weird. I'm not quite sure I get it. I'm definitely dying a lot and not sure if I'm doing something wrong or it's just hard. Normally that would turn me away but for some reason this game is giving me an old school NES vibe - I sorta wanna stick with it and see if I can figure it out.

I feel like I'm missing something, too. I make what feels like good progress, but then catch some kind of ailment with no foreseeable cure.

Quoted from epthegeek:

I'm not sure I love it. The inventory management & crafting are overly fiddly to the point of annoying.

Yeah, I find it pretty annoying, too.

I've died often enough to be done with it for a while.

I am liking 88 Heroes at the moment.

#349 2 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

Saw this just now:
Each box acts as an amiibo and grants you coins or a heart in Odyssey.

So can you take your Switch to the grocery store and scan these? No way I'm eating that cereal!

I honestly don't get the whole amiibo thing. I see those games with physical toys you scan to get a character in your game (Skylanders and Lego Portals?) and that makes sense, but what does an amiibo do other than let you get small bonuses in a game for paying for a toy? If they made a Pokémon game where you could buy a toy to get that Pokémon in your game, that would make sense, but I have yet to see anything nearly that compelling with amiibo. I haven't been following the functionality closely, though.

I know Yoshi Wooly World on Wii U had some that would let you get new skins for Yoshi, but those were so plentiful in the stock game that I had no reason to buy a toy to get a new skin. It's not like Yoshi would have any different functionality.

4 weeks later
#411 2 years ago
Quoted from Gov:

Rayman Legends is 33% off in the eshop right now. Fantastic platformer.

How does the little bug guy work on the Switch? On the Wii-U you controlled him with stylus on the tablet, manipulating the environment quickly while other players play on the tv. Was that migrated successfully or axed in this version? Rayman Legends was one of very few games where I found the tablet on the Wii-U to actually be well integrated into the game instead of a throwaway gimmick.

5 months later
#923 1 year ago

It's probably not for the typical Nintendo enthusiast, but I'm intrigued by the upcoming release of Dark Souls on Switch. Having beaten every From Software Souls game to date, the original Dark Souls is among the best.

These games are the only ones I'm interested in actually playing online with others. The online play and communication is handled in such an innovative way. I don't like typical online games like whatever FPS is the flavor of the moment, but Souls games on the PS4 got me paying for online subscriptions while I played them.

1 week later
#963 1 year ago

I just got Breath of the Wild and am not too far into it, but am liking it quite a bit. It's very similar to Witcher 3 with more vertical movement and constantly breaking weapons. Anyone who likes Breath of the Wild and has the means to play Witcher 3 should give it a shot.

1 week later
#990 1 year ago

Potential BOTW spoilers: I feel like I'm making decent progress in BOTW. I beat the bosses in the elephant and bird divine beasts relatively easily. However the lightning boss (Thunderblight Ganon) in the camel one seems to be ridiculously overpowered. The other 2 bosses were downright easy by comparison. I've even got some rubber pants and lightning resistant food, and when I get this jerk to his last phase (which is pretty easy to get to), he can basically one-hit kill me with my 5 or 6 hearts. Even with Mipha's Grace, I haven't been able to defeat him. I guess I'll move on for a while.

While playing, when I learned of the Divine Beasts, I was immediately reminded of Shadow of the Colossus. I think that game had a pretty good influence on BOTW. I recommend BOTW fans check out SOTC.

#992 1 year ago
Quoted from jwo825:

I was actually proud of myself for figuring this one out on my own. For phase 1, I just got the timing down to do a perfect dodge when he zig-zags in and whittled him down on 2 or 3 flurries. For phase 2, when he conjures the metal spikes, grab one with your magnet power and push it right next to him. When he lets the lightning loose, it will zap him and knock him down. Rush in and let loose a combo. Just make sure while you’re doing it that you done end up next to a rod to get struck as well. I think I ran around for 30 minutes until I figured it out. I didn’t take any hits in that phase.

I'm getting through all that, and then he comes back stronger with electric teleportation melee hits after the lightning rod round. If he hits me during that, it's a one hit kill. I guess I just need to dodge better.

#1006 1 year ago

More potential BOTW spoilers:

Quoted from winteriscoming:I'm getting through all that, and then he comes back stronger with electric teleportation melee hits after the lightning rod round. If he hits me during that, it's a one hit kill. I guess I just need to dodge better.

I have no idea what changed. I had like 9 hearts and there were a few attempts where he would still one-hit kill me with his lightning powered teleport melee hit in the last phase. So while he seemingly had the capacity to do so, on my successful attempt, I guess he just didn't do it... anyway, I killed the jerk!

1 month later
#1177 1 year ago

I kind of hate the home and capture buttons being on the joy-cons when using them individually as a controller. Add a toddler into the mix for increased frustration!

I repurchased Mario Kart for the Switch. I bought another set of joy-cons for up to 4-player. My wife had read about the assist mode in the game for less experienced players and thought our 2-year-old daughter could feel included, but it's been miserable playing with her the couple of times we tried! If she ends up with the controller that has the capture button, she takes a million screenshots, and if she gets the controller that has the home button, she ends up halting the game a lot. And no matter what, even with the assist mode, she's always in dead last to the point that you're waiting forever for her to finish a race. I haven't figured out a way to turn a joy-con off and have it not affect an in-progress game. I think the best I can do if I don't actually want her playing is to hand her a controller from another system.

I HATE the capture button! I don't need it. I don't care about screen shots or videos. I wish there was a system setting to disable it altogether across all games.

4 weeks later
#1283 1 year ago
Quoted from Spinape:

That just summed up my life. Tons of incomplete projects / games / etc. It’s too easy to get distracted by the next exciting thing

This happens to me, too. I bought the Switch for Mario Odyssey, and have spent probably only an hour playing it. It was something I had planned to play through with my wife, but we never get time.

I chipped my way through BOTW and am right at Ganon, and haven't picked up the Switch for months since then...

1 week later
#1371 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I love that the Switch is just gaming boiled down to the essentials...

Do you honestly use the capture button? This has nothing to do with gaming to me, and ends up being more of an annoyance due to the placement. PS4 has a capture button that I've rarely pressed on accident (it has happened).

3 weeks later
#1506 1 year ago

I see they're going to re-release New Super Mario Bros U on Switch. Couldn't they have just made an all new version? I don't much care for their trend at re-releasing games I already bought... but I might have to get NSMBU again.

1 week later
#1532 1 year ago

Dark Souls is one of my favorite games. A lot of the fun is devoting your resources to building out a specific skill set.

I would recommend first timers play through online. You can breeze through it if you have decent help.

Playing it offline, solo, with no player hints or bloodstains is the real challenge! I started a solo playthrough on the ps3 version a long time ago and didn't make it through. I got to O&S and got too frustrated.

By contrast, I did solo my way through Bloodborne and Demons Souls. I played through Dark Souls 2 once online and never played it again. I did a few playthroughs of Dark Souls 3 online and never bothered trying it solo.

#1537 1 year ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

The way these games map takes you really far away from the center node only to unlock short cuts and what not back is really great. The environments are just fantastic.

I think Dark Souls did this the best.

Demons Souls didn't really do this since it was based on teleporting into a zone from the Nexus.

Dark Souls 2 had a pretty bad cross shaped map with dead ends, if I recall correcty. I didn't like that about it at all.

DS3 had some of the connectedness, but I don't think it did it as well as DS1. Maybe by the time I got to this game, I was a decent player, but I found DS3 to be way easy, and it got easier on NG+...

Bloodborne is the best of the Souls games, in my opinion, though you're forced into an aggressive play style over the potentially slower defensive style in DS.

I guess if I had to rank them:
Bloodborne - best atmosphere and "story"
Dark Souls - awesome connected world - interesting "story"
Demons Souls - started it all - great concept and level design - you can become the boss for a level in another player's game!
DS3 - a nice layer of polish and a good implementation of the formula, but it kind of felt like a rehash - I honestly didn't come away with incredibly memorable experiences compared to those above.
DS2 - I don't know WTF was supposed to be going on in the "story" of this one. I was happy to have a new entry in the series, but I found myself wishing I was just playing the original

Anyway, Dark Souls on Switch should be a fun way to experience this awesome game. I would recommend giving it a try to anyone on the fence. Play it online, and know that you will be able to overcome obstacles, even if they seem impossible, especially if you summon other players to help you.

Oh and forget about anything you have in mind for what playing an online game today is. I hate online games, and I'll probably subscribe to Nintendo's service to play DS.

3 weeks later
#1573 1 year ago

Anyone playing Dark Souls? I made the mistake of asking for it for Christmas...

#1576 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

mistake? because you have to wait?.....wait to die hahahaha. what a hard game. Great game though.

It's my #2 favorite game behind Bloodborne, so of course I have to own this new incarnation of it.

#1577 1 year ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

i actually started it last night. got thru the first boss area but thinking i might try and grind out the ****Spoiler ahead*****
****Spoiler***** dragon tail kill to get that sweet sword, dont know if i want to spend that much time doing it, although i did when the game first came out ****Spoiler****

***Potential Spoiler*** IIRC, the Gravelord Sword is decent and can be gotten pretty quickly.

1 month later
#1758 1 year ago

I got a huge Amazon gift card and realized it's possible to purchase digital codes for some games for Switch and even eShop credit through Amazon, and get the codes instantly. It can be kind of hassle with the credit since you have to buy it in pre-set denominations, so any combinations you need to get up enough credit to buy a specific game means you have to enter in that many codes, but you can totally turn Amazon credit into Nintendo digital games.

1 week later
#1842 1 year ago

I'm reliving Dark Souls on the Switch.
I love Dark Souls.
But right now I HATE Dark Souls.
My Switch may be smashed to pieces before I beat this game.

1 week later
#1887 1 year ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

the "new" mario game is a re-release of the wii u game. its fun but a rather predictable Mario fare, if you are any good at the older ones at all you will breeze thru it with max lives.

If you think the main game is easy, play the Luigi version! I didn't get very far into the Luigi version on WiiU. The main version is still a ton of fun and is a way better multi-player experience than Oddysey.

#1888 1 year ago

I made it to Anor Londo in my first Switch playthrough of Dark Souls. This is the area where I rage quit the last time I tried a solo run on PS3. I'm playing online, though, and it's a pretty easy game if you get decent help with bosses.

1 month later
#1946 1 year ago

I'm wondering if Dark Souls has a low amount of players.

While I did manage to summon others for the O&S fight, I've rarely been invaded, sit forever sometimes not being summoned outside of boss entrances, and never find summons for bosses when I'm not hollow. I've only got a few bosses left and have interacted with (invaders or summons) probably less than 10 players. Might as well not even be online...

2 months later
#2084 1 year ago

Did anyone get into the Let's Go Pokémon games?

I played the original on Gameboy (and a couple of iterations after up to GBA) and this Switch version is kind of ok, but pretty dumbed-down by comparison. Mostly the random encounters are just really annoying and involve no battling like in the original. Otherwise it seems to be pretty much the same game as the original. I got through a few gym leaders and don't know if I'll end up finishing it.

I'm still grinding my way through Dark Souls, and am still frustrated by what seems like a lack of players online to summon or be summoned by. From my perspective, I'm basically soloing through the game, which is much more difficult.

1 week later
#2103 1 year ago
Quoted from Jarbyjibbo:

I've been playing video games since I was very young starting with my parents Atari 5200. Saved up my own money and bought my own personal Nintendo so I wouldn't have to share it with my two younger brothers lol. My backstory is there to state that I am a pretty experienced console and computer gaming veteran.
However.... somehow playing BOTW makes me feel like an idiot gaming newb. I'm not much for using guides or walkthroughs but I feel that there is little or no guidance as to how to proceed at the beginning of the game. Open world concept is great but there should be some clear enough progression markers to get you going.
I just finished GOW and Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 and I'm a huge fan of how they handled guiding you along in the large open worlds. Hell I even used to play WOW and that did well moving you along.
Anyway, just wanted to vent. I'm a huge Zelda fan since the first iteration but I'm having a hard time connecting with this one.

Hmm... maybe I got lucky and spoke to the right NPCs. I wouldn't have tolerated not knowing what to do and felt like I had a pretty good focus on what was needed. I pretty quickly got the main quests for taking down the 4 Divine Beasts and everything else seemed to branch out from there pretty intuitively for me. I got to the last boss. Didn't beat it, but I got there.

#2120 1 year ago
Quoted from adol75:

If you think MGS 2 had too many videos don’t play MGS 4 ! There litterally was a cutscene that lasted 45 minutes and that was one of many endless talks.

I very much loved MSG4, but those cutscenes were super long! I would think I was coming to a stopping point, and then BAM, nope, gotta wait forever for this cutscene that can't be paused. The game was so much shorter on my 2nd playthrough skipping those.

2 weeks later
#2139 1 year ago

I'm kind of interested in Link's Awakening, but how many times do I have to buy the same game? I played it on the original Gameboy and repurchased on GBC.

With all the effort put into remaking this in the new engine, couldn't they have just made it a new game in the same style?

I say this in spite of enjoying my re-purchased Dark Souls Remastered... ugh.

#2160 1 year ago
Quoted from insx:

Any tips on figuring out where to go next as opposed to getting hopelessly lost?

The map does a pretty good job of telling you destinations for quests.

2 weeks later
#2169 12 months ago

I got 100% completion on Yoku. I looked up 2 things after completing the main story to get to completion, but overall, most things weren't too difficult to figure out.

I didn't realize this until late in the game: you can jump off the bee line at every stopping point.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun game.

#2174 12 months ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

Collect this, find that, go here then come back. Does it pick up?

You get some different upgrades that allow access to new areas, but overall the quests are the same type of thing where you go somewhere, do something and come back. Once you open up all bee line paths, it's pretty quick traversing the entire map.

#2176 12 months ago

I almost exclusively play my Switch in portable mode.

4 months later
#2512 7 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I’ve never even heard of 1 & 2. How can I get excited for 3?

You won't agree, but to me it's a way better game than BOTW.

Witcher 3 stands well enough on its own and it's a nearly completely different game than 1 and 2, which are dissimilar from each other to begin with. It does a good job of allowing you to infer established relationships and events without needing to know what happened before. I had barely played 1 and never played 2 beforehand, and found W3 to be very enjoyable.

Its a beautiful open world game with enjoyable combat in the vein of the Batman Arkham games.

Seems like the Switch version would be a diminished experience. As much as I love the game, I have no reason to want it on the Switch.

You'll dismiss it as corpse mannequins, but whatever.

#2529 7 months ago
Quoted from jayhawkai:

Witcher 3 and BOTW should not even be compared IMO. Completely different games

-open world games with no loading screens
-explore, explore, explore
-horseback riding with potential to get different horses, and even tame wild horses
-quests that span the world map
-upgrade your character and items to take on more powerful foes
-real-time combat
-boss battles
-random enemy mobs
-interact with numerous NPCs

Pretty similar games, IMO. Sure, they're plenty different, but similar enough that one could be preferred over the other.

1 month later
#2652 6 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

So I freaking HATE how GS, opens ALL their new games, and puts the blank case on the shelf. YA THIS ISN'T NEW NOW. Its not NIB, it is opened. jfc. So I went to buy mine and they lost the case. He finally found it but 10 min later. If he was going to offer that game to me at new price with only the cart....heck no. Sooo irritating. leave one on the shelf empty, or hell print the stupid sleeve out for a blank case, and leave the sealed in back...wow easy. ugh...rant over.

I worked at Gamestop during the original Xbox era around 2000. An interesting perk to being employed there was getting to check out the new games, as in take them home to play. Since they opened the games, there was never an issue with checking out the newest games on day one. When we sold the opened game, we were supposed to put a clear circular sticker across the opening of the case and THAT was supposed to be the indicator that it hadn't been opened yet if someone wanted to return it. I would take home a brand new, unopened game, open it, play it, and take it back. We were basically selling a game that had been opened and played as brand new. No way I'd want to buy brand new from them at this point in my life.

There were definitely shady practices going on at the store where I worked. We were supposed to sell Game Informer subscriptions and pre-orders (and got nothing for it, personally). Apparently none of the magazines we had on the shelf were in inventory, so if someone wanted to buy a $10+ magazine, we'd give it to them for free and charge them $10 for a subscription to GI. The shadier practice was with pre-orders. Pre-orders were just printed receipts with actual $5 or so store credit bar codes that would be scanned when the person came back to pickup and pay for the rest of the game. These just sat in a shoebox behind the counter. I had an assistant manager who would have us take older pre-order credits that hadn't been picked up yet and buy pre-orders for the newest games with them. Our store met quota all the time and was one of the best performers in our district...

1 month later
#2849 4 months ago

I'm liking BurgerTime Party. It's got up to 4 player co-op and some interesting modes including one where some players can opt to be an enemy character.

I didn't realize it from videos I watched before purchasing, but all players share a pool of lives in co-op mode. Letting my almost 4-year-old be player 3 has been quite the handicap, but I love that she's learning to play games.

#2889 4 months ago

My wife and I are enjoying Overcooked co-op in the campaign. It's all about working together to prepare and deliver food. I'm not even sure if or how this game would work single player. When our daughter is player 3, she makes it a bit more difficult when her character is in the way. Otherwise the game can be quite challenging on its own as we're getting into later levels.

2 months later
#2938 70 days ago

Anyone else playing couch co-op on AC?

It's been fun playing with my wife and 4-year-old, but seems pretty poorly implemented. I'm the primary player, and it's like my wife is locked out of achieving the same things, like she doesn't get the same essential DIY recipes that I've gotten when she's the leader, so we have to do stupid swapping around so I can create an axe that she can't make because Tom Nook doesn't seem to be giving her the recipe like he did for me... I don't understand why we can't share recipes like the NPCs seem to be able to do. Overall it doesn't feel like we're necessarily cooperating towards the same goals, only towards the leader's goals. I guess it doest appear as if we're cooperating on giving creatures to the museum. We're only a few days in, so maybe it will get better or we'll figure out how to deal with it better.

1 week later
#3098 60 days ago

I'm not time skipping or cheating or anything on Animal Crossing. I've been playing it almost daily with my family and we're enjoying the experience.

I had just paid off my house and bought the next upgrade to make it larger. The next day I did a mystery island and ended up on Tarantula Island, and filled my upgraded inventory with them and got way more money than needed to pay off my brand new loan...

1 week later
#3164 48 days ago

I just got a Mayflash Magic-ns and the ps4 controller seems to work quite well in Switch pro mode. It's a nice option if you've already got ps4 controllers. My wife likes using it on AC multiplayer vs a single horizontal joycon.

#3167 48 days ago
Quoted from FatPanda:

I have the same with old PS3 controllers and they work very well. We've been using 2 PS3 controllers and 2 sets of joycons on grips and it works well enough for Smash. You'll need one per controller though, and can only fit 2 on the dock.

Does it allow piggybacking the adapters for 2 of them in the dock?
Edit: I didn't notice the dock has 2 external USB ports on the left. I have my adapter in the one internal port, so I guess 3 could be plugged up with no hubs, assuming piggybacking from one adapter into another doesn't work.

PS4 controllers allow gyro movement. Not sure if motion sensing is in even in the PS3 controllers, or supported by the adapter. Also not sure how important it is. I have been using joycons exclusively up to this point and am used to shaking the controller, like in NSMB to do a jump spin or AC to switch main player. I'm still able to do the few things I'm used to with the PS4 controller, so that's a plus in my book.

If anyone gets one of these adapters for PS4 controller use with gyro support, the adapter has to be in purple Switch Pro mode and Pro controller has to be enabled in the settings menu on the Switch. I wasn't aware of that setting initially, so the purple mode wasn't working at all until I changed that.

1 week later
#3192 40 days ago
Quoted from northvibe:

anyone play Animal crossing with their young child? I dont have time to play AC myself everyday, but if I play with my 2.5 yr old she would get a kick out of picking up fruit etc.

My daughter is 4 and plays it with my wife and I, but she's old enough to have a decent grasp of the controls.

As the main player in local co-op, all other players are bound to you. If they walk too far away, or if you walk away from them, they'll pop back beside you.

However, the camera does pan over to a certain extent in the direction of another player, so it could get frustrating if you're trying to see a fish, but can't because other players are too far away in the other direction.

1 week later
#3224 27 days ago

Anyone who likes Overcooked should check out Moving Out. It's a co-op game where you're a moving crew who goes to different buildings and loads up a truck. Some items require 2 people to move. There's a demo. My family is enjoying it.

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