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#288 2 years ago
Quoted from winteriscoming:

Any indie game recommendations?
I started playing Flame in the Flood and it's interesting. It's a survival game where you and your dog ride a raft down a river, making stops along the way to get supplies. Readily available water is polluted and food is in short supply. So far I've died of starvation several times and I've even been gored to death by a wild pig... .

Tumbleseed is like Ice Cold Beer on acid. Overcooked is hilarious if you play multiplayer. Shovel Knight is 8-bit throwback platforming perfection. Snake Pass is a good twist on platforming with a unique control mechanic. Stardew Valley will consume your life if you are into Animal Crossing / Harvest Moon type "life" games. Fast RMX will scratch the itch for a new F-Zero. Infinite Mini-golf is pretty cool...kind of a mini-golf Mario Maker with some cool level styles (the haunted levels are as close to Nightmare Before Christmas as possible without getting sued). I haven't played Steamworld Dig 2 yet, but heard it's awesome. Lots of others I haven't played but hear great things about...Golf Story, Hollow Knight, Mr Shifty, Binding of Isaac, Axiom Verge (I really need to play this...it's basically old school Metroid), etc. So many great indies out already...I need more gaming time!

#307 2 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

anyone else get rocket league for switch?
I never played it on ps4 since i don't have PSPlus but damn that game is fun. ]
I suck but I'm getting the hang of it, I did get back to back goals last night. I was pumping my fist like an idiot last night, almost like if i really did something meaningful, glad my wife had work early and was already asleep.
the game does take me back to Excitebike 64's Soccer mode. What a underrated game when it came out... not sure if its aged well at all.

Just downloaded it this weekend. Wow do I suck at it! LOL...I'm struggling when it's just me and the ball much less when you add opponents. Played one online match and watched one freaking wizard score 7 points on us, while we got 1 mostly accidental goal. LOL

3 weeks later
#372 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Cool pinball like game coming!
» YouTube video

First time I've seen this one...I'm in for sure!

5 months later
#819 2 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Friggin lame. I have 2 yrs left as I just renewed so unless they release a new one, I’ll have to go through amazon :/ I just liked being able to wait until after the game shipped and reviews etc were out

Be happy you just renewed. Mine expires next week.

#828 2 years ago

Thumper is pretty amazing. Hard to describe or understand until you play it. I can only play it for a few minutes at a crack before being both exhausted and ready to throw the controller through the TV though. Great game...well worth checking out.

#862 2 years ago
Quoted from PismoArcade:

So after being disappointed in Golf Story and Stardew Valley, I was hesitant to buy Yoku's Island Express, but I pulled the trigger.
So happy I did. This game is a blast. Pinball meets RPG. Sooooo much fun!

Bought Yoku's tonight and before I knew it played for like 2 hours straight. What a blast! Super unique blend of game styles and the pinball actually feels pretty good. No dead bounces, but other than that it has a satisfying feel. Fun graphics, art style, and characters to boot. Highly recommended for anyone here...especially if you like Metroidvania games.

2 weeks later
#941 2 years ago

Smash looks great. Ridley makes me super happy, and seeing that amiibo made my inner 10 year old's head explode. Can't wait! Poor Waluigi gets snubbed again though.

Mario Party looks awesome too. My family really had fun with 10, but I'm so glad to see the vehicle thing go away. Looks like the minigames will make great use of the joycons. The multiscreen thing looks interesting, but that isn't something I will get to use as we only have one switch. Cool idea though.

I enjoyed the Mario Tennis demo, even though I never won more than two matches in a tournament (sounds like Pinball, LOL). Can't wait to get the whole game. Looks like tons of variety and content.

I finally "beat" my first Mega Man game (1). I put beat in quotes since I made judicious use of the rewind feature, save states, and the pause glitch to do it. LOL Man that game is hard...and I grew up on the NES! If I would have weeks to dedicate to practice and memorizing like when I was a kid, I maybe could have done most of it without the crutches, but I don't think I ever could have done that damn Yellow Devil, or been able to make it through the boss rematch gauntlets. Crazy hard game, but really a lot of fun. Not sure why I never really got into Mega Man before now, but I can't wait to play through the sequels.

I also finished Yoku's Island Express the other day. By finished I mean beat the main quest...I still plan on going back and 100%ing it. I'm not always one to 100% a game, but this one I need to. Such an awesome game all around. I really hope we get a sequel or something similar down the road.

Anyone pick up Hollow Knight yet? I do not know much about it, but the art looks amazing and I know a lot of people have been anticipating it for a long time. I think I read that it is a Metroidvania?

3 months later
#1327 1 year ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

if you paid for the online membership for switch you can "pre-purchase" those nes classic controllers for it. 60 bucks. not a pre-order as you pay now, not when it ships.
got in day 1 just cause im assuming they wont make enough for demand hah.

Same here...never know how they are going to handle demand...

Sounds like either way they aren't shipping until December, which is a bit annoying. I haven't gotten a chance to dig into the NES stuff yet, but hopefully will be able to after work. I hope they stick with this and keep adding games (and more systems) through the lifecycle of the Switch.

3 weeks later
#1481 1 year ago

Played a little Solomon's Key last night...a game that always intrigued me but I never got a chance to try until now. Love the concept and control, but damn is it hard! I couldn't make it past the third stage, LOL! One hit instadeath is brutal. Definitely a game that I wish had continues.

Also finished VVVVVV this past week. Tough as nails, but very satisfying. Had well over 1000 deaths, but enjoyed it start to finish with minimal rage, LOL. Tons of personality packed into the very simple graphics. Perfect feeling controls. Very clever.

#1487 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

VVVVVV is awesome, and the music is just phenomenal. There's a ton of extra content in it, too! Check out the Player created levels! It's like 18 sequels!

I will be sure to check them out when I'm ready for the abuse...LOL! Then again I'm a couple levels in to Mega Man 11 and it isn't like that is much less abusive...

#1501 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I seen there was a review for it on the 3DS but its suppose to be on the Switch also i think? Ive never played Luigis Mansion before but it looks like maybe it could be fun?

First one was originally a Gamecube game. It was just remastered and released on 3DS.

Second one (Dark Moon) was released on 3DS a couple years ago.

Third one will be released on Switch next year.

I hope they release a collection of 1 and 2 on Switch at some point, but I am not holding my breath.

1 month later
#1597 1 year ago

If you do not consider Donkey Kong to be too "kiddie", then Mario will not be either. It's one of the best 3d platformers ever made.

3 weeks later
#1769 1 year ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Getting the switch for the kids for xmas (10, 12)....aside from the Mario games any suggestions on great games for the kids?

Mario Kart is always a hit. Smash Bros and Mario Party also. Beyond that it depends what they are into. If they like a huge 3D adventure, Zelda and Lego City Undercover. If they are interested in strategy, Mario + Rabbids and Steamworld Heist. If they enjoy building/crafting, check out Labo. 2D platformers, look at Donkey Kong Tropic Freeze and the plethora of Mega Man games available. And of course being you are on Pinside, I can't imagine not enjoying Yoku's Island Express. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

1 month later
#1952 1 year ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

the nintendo direct was dope.
links awakening remake could be epic although not sure if im sold on the art style yet

Agreed on all fronts! Mario Maker 2 is kind of a surprise...I thought for sure they would just port the first one over. Would have been happy with that, but am thrilled with it being a sequel! Hopefully level sharing is easy and they can weed out the garbage effectively. Tetris 99...awesome. Can't wait to try it. Tsum Tsum Festival actually looks pretty fun for our family. More Captain Toad content is great! The price cuts combined with the new Star Fox content might actually push me to give Starlink a try. Loved Boxboy on 3DS, so definitely looking forward to it on Switch! I'm an amiibo junkie, so more is always good. And Zelda was a huge cherry on top. My Zelda loving daughter is over the moon about it. I'm not 100% sure on the art style, but it is cute.

Sure wish we would have gotten something about Metroid Prime Trilogy HD coming, but I guess you can't have everything!

4 months later
#2262 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

Every time I play a "'regular" Mega Man game, I realize how much more I like the wall jump ability in Mega Man X. I did buy 11 from Target with their 30% off deal, though.
I've been playing Celeste. That game is really fun. I loved Super Meat Boy, and this provides a similarly difficult challenge. I don't know if I'll ever see the end, which is a shame, because the story is pretty interesting.

Celeste is so, so good. Just beautiful in every way. I made it to the "normal" end at the Summit, but haven't attempted going further into The Core. Pretty sure I have reached the extent of my abilities, and it's very satisfying ending there. I think if I kept going, it would just sour the experience and get frustrating. Then again, I do have a slight feeling of unfinished business...ugg...

8 months later
#2995 4 months ago
Quoted from sjf2112:

Does anyone know where i can buy a Switch (not lite)? I'm in SE michigan if that makes a difference, but i'd prefer to order it. And I'd like to pay the normal retail price if possible.

In stock as of right now at Best Buy, at least for shipping and my local pick-up. Good luck!

#2997 4 months ago
Quoted from sjf2112:

Just looked. sold out but thanks. appeared they were in stock for a bit.

Crazy...was literally available 4 minutes ago. Sorry man. I would keep refreshing their page. Stock fluctuates often.

#3001 4 months ago
Quoted from sjf2112:

i know. i just added it again, it let me get to the payment screen then told me sorry, sold out.
Normal price is $299

Ugg...sorry man. That reminds me of trying to score new Amiibos when they were hot. Yeah...I was that guy. But I have all of the US released ones.

1 week later
#3090 4 months ago
Quoted from Gamer85:

So my wife isnt into games much but has always liked simple puzzle games like Tetris. The problem I see is a lot of these games are head to head with other players or the computer. She doesnt like that. She likes original Tetris and similar. Been looking for something like that to get her.
Anyone have any suggestions? I saw Lumines but wasnt sure if any others..

Check out Tumblestone.

2 months later
#3279 60 days ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

You can't play some games without joycons. The only one I know of is mario party, not sure if there are more. That one forces you to use an individual joycon, which my man-sized hands despise.

ARMS! Really fun game. Underrated in my opinion.

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