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#1932 1 year ago

Everyone go check out killer queen black... rewrite for the pc and switch of a recent release arcade game... very excited about this one... should release q3 this year

2 weeks later
#1989 1 year ago

ToeJam and Earl: back in the groove

Has released today!

I’m excited, I kickstarted it, and love the original from the sega genesis

#1991 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I loved the first 3 (yes, even the third). Bought every single one on launch day! ....buuuuuut, Back in the Groove just looks like trash. I would have rather have had a port of TJ&E3....that game is 17 years old and looks so much better. I love hand drawn animation, but the new TJ&E has embarrassing art and animation...floaty jointed Flash-style - it just looks ugly and amateurish. When you've got modern hand drawn games that are beautifully animated like Wonderboy: The Dragons Trap, Monster Boy & The Cursed Kingdom, and Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero, this is just unacceptable. There are even tons of retro style games with beautiful animation that puts Back in the Groove to shame (Gungeon, Owlboy, Flinthook, Bomb Chicken). This game is a total misfire...I'm hard passing on it.
This game came out today, too...looks awesome!

I had this same feeling when all of the trailers hit... just played for 30 minutes and closed it out, what a disappointment, the first version is still the best in my opinion. I supported the game from the beginning, I hope the creator begins to see the mistake and gets to work to fix it... it’s like clip art, cruddy junk ware clip art

#1994 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Oooph, Sorry!!! I love all 3...I find it weird that the games creator is always apologizing for 2 and 3. 2 was an amazing take on the original concept in a side scroller. Amazing graphics, color and music. 3 was a really good “3D” take on the original, with great animation & funny voices. I still love the character selection screen rap intros.
Too bad they didn’t just use 3’s engine and use cel shading for a more cartoony look instead of the Flash clipart thing.

I liked panic on Funkotron, and I barely played the third, I guess I could revisit it. I like your idea on using the 3rd’s engine with cell shading, that would have saved a lot!

2 months later
#2163 12 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Any news on Killer Queen Black coming out on switch yet? I know its announced, just waiting for release date.
I need news on this. Really love the stand up arcade version.

End of August, you can preorder the physical release on amazon now

#2165 12 months ago
Quoted from Gov:

I have been playing the beta on PC. Very cool game.

It kept freezing on me this morning, I’ll try again this evening

3 months later
#2395 8 months ago

Love links awakening so far , no issues with it, the blur doesn’t bother me, never noticed it

#2425 8 months ago
Quoted from taylor34:

I think it's only packed if you're a switch only owner, lol. I have all three (xbox, ps4, switch) and find this fall to be the worst one for gaming in a long time. The switch is getting a lot of games that were already on other systems, but that doesn't really do me a lot of good. There really isn't any blockbuster game this fall.

Cyberpunk2077 (not switch, but a big title)
Borderlands 3 (same as above)
Gears 5 (again)
Luigis Mansion 3 (switch)

Those are enough to keep me busy through the fall, how much time can a guy have?

#2437 8 months ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

cyber punk is slated for april of 2020

Grrrr, should have researched better, borderlands 3 is keeping me plenty busy anyway, and will for a while

#2453 8 months ago

Getting ready for Killer Queen Black

0F7D8EED-C8C5-4CD9-ABBD-D3440FF09933 (resized).jpegDB5F1AAF-512B-43AA-8763-7E8139E7C1B0 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#2495 7 months ago

Just about ready for action

B0EECB6D-8739-4718-8831-E8579E93B34D (resized).jpeg
#2506 7 months ago
Quoted from taylor34:

Even though Divinity 2 is getting 95% ratings, I kind of think it's more like an 8 out of 10. It's a 10/10 battle system with a 6 out of 10 rpg part. I know the real hardcore people are like it's amazing to have something buried in an obscure place where you can only see it if your perception is high enough, but to me it's extremely frustrating to not be able to advance because I'm searching around forever not being to find stuff because it's actually not even there.
The books in the inventory are ridiculous. I think I have like 100 of them now. I can't tell which ones I need and which ones I don't, and I think the reading is screwed up sometimes (so you have to read them again) so I end up keeping them all just in case.
I also don't like that you can't grind at all in the game. The ONE GAME where battling is amazing, and the game prevents you from doing extra, lol. Whereas most games you have to grind because you have to.

I totally get you bro

2 weeks later
#2566 7 months ago

The ending of windwaker was the best ending of any game I have ever played

1 week later
#2606 6 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Yeah I guess some people don’t care. I like the full feature set. Playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 right now and there’s a cool feature where the controller pulses more when you get close to hidden Boos. How do they let you know where the Boos are on Switch Lite?

Hmmmm, yeahhhhh.

2 weeks later
#2663 6 months ago

Got windjammers ordered today, crazy excited

#2676 6 months ago
Quoted from Gov:

Dead Cells is amazing.

Yes it is, I’ve been trying to tell my switch friends for a long time, no one listens

#2677 6 months ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I think it's a must. I can't play it in joycon portable mode, but I did flip out the kickstand and use a pro controller over the weekend at my family's. It's perfect for that.
Anyone have any other recommendations from the "roguelite" type?

Hollow knight

#2689 5 months ago

Best arcade game purchase ever!

367E1371-6759-4EC2-9527-E4010F2296AD (resized).jpeg70A646C0-2F90-4734-9E68-36EE95D18BD7 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#2828 4 months ago

I love cave shooters... this one is straight outta japan


45C68FA0-8E61-4AE4-B352-FDC8B46FEBEC (resized).jpeg
#2840 4 months ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

Hmm, looks good but it's $65 on play asia. Would buy it at like half that lol

I totally get that...

The games developed by cave demand high prices. The arcade pcb for this game probably goes for somewhere between $1000-$1500...

Or you can play it with mame, but you’ll never play them without input lag unless you go original or get a licensed port

#2856 4 months ago

Shakedown Hawaii!!!

#2870 4 months ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Is that game finally out?

Yes I got it the other day and have had a few chuckles.

There’s gta1 elements, smash tv elements, rpg elements and a lot more

#2879 4 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Aren’t they all like that? I was under the impression that was the general design philosophy with those games.

Rogue legacy will tear you up, I don’t think there’s any unlockables, it gets harder every time. At some point you have to start a new save

1 week later
#2895 4 months ago
Quoted from TZBen:

I like "takedown: Hawaii" are their other games like this?

The original Grand Theft Auto

But it’s not on switch to my knowledge

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