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Nintendo PlayChoice 10: refresh yields spare games & parts for sale/trade...

By goingincirclez

6 months ago

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#1 6 months ago

Recently acquired a nice working PC10 that included a spare main board, and 6 duplicate games:

Festers Quest
Double Dragon Ninja Gaiden
Super Mario 3
Tecmo Bowl*
TMNT (the infamously impossible one)

*Also have the original reflective-foil Tecmo Bowl topper as an unused sticker with the aluminum plate! Not sure I'll use this in place of the other 3 that came with the machine, so I could let this go.

So.... Anybody here collect or interested in trading games? I haven't yet tested them but will soon, once I'm back home at Christmas.

Really want to get one of the NES-adapter cards to use games like Zanac and Bubble Bobble on here, but would rather place that in the coin door area for accessibility and connect it with a ribbon cable. Unfortunately, 96pin cables don't seem to exist anymore. Anybody ever make or try something like this?
20231218_194050 (resized).jpg20231218_194050 (resized).jpg

#2 6 months ago

Correction, I don't have a spare Double Dragon. I *do* have a spare Ninja Gaiden.

Pic of spare boardset and games below. As well as cabinet progress

20231227_133831 (resized).jpg20231227_133831 (resized).jpg
20231227_133813 (resized).jpg20231227_133813 (resized).jpg

#3 6 months ago

Holy crap I'd forgotten about Fester's Quest. Cabinet looks much improved over your first pic.

#4 6 months ago

Ive got a spare baseball... would love to trade it cheap and add cash for another game. Willing to pay $$ for Castlevania!

#5 6 months ago

I will have to check mine out and see if you have any duplicate games that I am missing.

#6 6 months ago

I routed a PC10 double screen many years ago (thinking 2008). Had some rare games in it (Rockin Katz, Metroid, and I think Ninja Gaiden 2?). Earned horribly, as nobody understood how to pick the game lol
I have owned a mint countertop PC10 with the NES adapter and an all-in-1 NES cartridge in it for about 10 years. It's a great lil system!

#7 6 months ago
Quoted from EasternBloc:

Cabinet looks much improved over your first pic.

Thank you. It was in decent shape but had some very strange wear: the marquee plastic was bubbled like nothing I've ever seen, as was the T-molding on the right side! Like something reactive got sprayed on it but what in the world could that have been to do no other damage? For further puzzlement, the T molding on the right side panel shrank, too! So then a PO apparently tried to hide the now-exposed wood edges with sharpie... which made the particle board swell wider... such that the right side now needed 3/4" molding while the left side remained good with 1/2". What gives? Ultimately I used 3/4 all around and simply trimmed the left panel edges with a blade once installed; you can barely tell the difference now. But it's there.

Removed the coin doors and sprayed the front with new black; cleaned and refinished the doors and metal trim too. Replaced the marquee with a repro; replaced the annoying HTF Japan-spec tube light with a spare LED strip. Painted & cut aluminum angle to dress and protect the fragile flaking bottom edges of the front cab panels. Replaced the cigarette-burned buttons; waiting on new control panel overlay. Added handles beneath the panel bulge; sizing wheels for the cab bottom to make access & movement easier so it can join the gameroom (probably need to relocate the power switch regardless).

All in all, not too bad for $~120 in parts. Functional repairs were busting/replacing the locks to get into it, to then tune the CRT and fix the menu-reset circuit, after restoring the power ground.

Best part is this PC10 (and the non-booting Zaxxon) were given to me free! Bit of a backstory as to reason but I was honestly surprised and shocked by the offer, so I traded a newly-made-spare-to-us TV which the PO was very happy to have instead

#8 6 months ago
Quoted from DK:

I routed a PC10 double screen many years ago (thinking 2008). Had some rare games in it (Rockin Katz, Metroid, and I think Ninja Gaiden 2?). Earned horribly, as nobody understood how to pick the game lol
I have owned a mint countertop PC10 with the NES adapter and an all-in-1 NES cartridge in it for about 10 years. It's a great lil system!

Yeah, even I was confused by the menu system at first. I had to wonder "how TF did 9yo me figure this out back in the day?" Then I *read* the CPO. LOL. Reading... it's a lost art

That all-in-one cartridge idea sounds like a great workaround for my relocate-the-adapter dilemma, since 96p cables are STUPID expensive when you find them and I don't yet trust myself to make one. There could be RF issues with length, too. Which one did you use? I presume ROMs are still available via RetroPie images and such?

I still can't help thinking it would be neat to open the coin door and pop a cartridge in the slot tho

#9 6 months ago

You are much better off getting the nes link and a 150 in 1 cartridge and just running it that way.

#10 6 months ago
Quoted from goingincirclez:

Which one did you use?

I don’t know…
It’s been so long when I installed it
I think it was a clear red cartridge

#11 6 months ago

CPO should be here tomorrow but meanwhile it's solid enough to join the gameroom. Our house was built in the midcentury heyday of the CDA and cold war bomb bunkers; we use that "hidden" room for storage and this cab will help hide the entrance (at the cost hiding my original period Fallout Shelter sign I hung on the door, bah).

20240101_124017 (resized).jpg20240101_124017 (resized).jpg

Was enjoyed quite a bit during an open house we had a couple nights ago... not many 2P-simul games on it now, but I ordered a well-reviewed 253-in-1 Multcart that should cover the bases well once I get the NES-Link adapter.

20231230_223837 (resized).jpg20231230_223837 (resized).jpg

Today I finally installed the duplicate games and thus far they boot and run attract mode; I'll be playtesting them later. I'll be listing these on ebay and/or trading directly for the NES-Link if no takers here so if you're interested in one LMK ASAP

20240101_124325 (resized).jpg20240101_124325 (resized).jpg


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