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NIB SM or collector quality AFM?

By gweempose

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

Ever since the Expo, I can't stop thinking about these two pins. I just love both games! Given the choice, I'm curious to know which one you guys would buy, and why.

#2 10 years ago

Boy that is a tough one. I love them both though I like SM a little more. I guess it comes down to price. But if both cost the same, probably AFM due to how hard it is to get a real nice AFM and build quality is better.

#3 10 years ago

You know I'm gonna say SM as I ordered one...

#4 10 years ago

is SM about 5k shipped to your door?

#5 10 years ago

Both Great games,SM is my favorite.It does it all!!!

#6 10 years ago

Those are both on my dream list.....I guess I would have to go with SealClubber on this just because of his reasoning. AFM is just hard to get where as Spidey, theres still plenty of them. Hard choice though.

#7 10 years ago

AFM hands down. It has shown to keep its value where the new Sterns may be really easy to pick up at much lower prices 5 years from now. Personally, I like the theme a lot more too.

#8 10 years ago

I'd go with a pristine AFM. If you want a SM go with an older black version in great shape. Both of those are great machines and will only increase in value unlike a NIB Stern SM that is a nice machine but will take tens of years to become rare.

#9 10 years ago

The SM blacks go for way too much, in my opinion. I just can't justify the premium over a regular SM. I suppose if you are looking at it in terms of resale value, it make more sense, but I have never understood why people are willing to pay so much more for a game that plays the same and is arguably uglier than the normal version.

#10 10 years ago

Without thinking twice, I would get a Spider-MAN NIB. Not that I think SM is a better game. AFM is my #3 fav game of all time, right behind Medeival Madness. I just don't agree on what people are asking for one at the moment. Last I checked they rose to just over 5K for a really nice AFM without demolished playfield or cabinet fade. Meanwhile, with that 5K, I can buy a NIB Spider-Man (which is a ROCKING game), and have extra money to mod it out (even have some money left over to buy my pinball buddy's some beers).

#11 10 years ago

Here is a youtube video comparing a SM Black next to a SM Red/regular to show the point mentioned about gameplay.

One of the best things about this group is being able to state an opinion without the crap and name calling that happens on the other places. I agree SM Blacks are overpriced gweempose but they are rarer.

#12 10 years ago

It is amazing how much that particular machine has skyrocketed in price. In fact, it's one of the only Sterns I can think of that actually went up in value over the years. Does anyone know how much more the SMB's went for than the regular SM's when they were new?

#13 10 years ago

The is an AFM posted on Kijiji Toronto right now along with this guys other pins. The prices seem abit high even for pins in Canada.


Check out his other ads he is asking $3000 for Diner?

#14 10 years ago

AFM for sure! You'll always be able to find a spidey if you want it.
plus, Stern games just don't do it for me personally. soft-core pins imo..

#15 10 years ago

Definitely AFM. Never get tired of crushing that ship! Also it's rarer and will be for a long time to come

#16 10 years ago
#18 10 years ago

i was kidding lol id go with AFM.

#19 10 years ago

I have both and I would go with AFM but Spiderman is in my top 3. They have alot of the same shots. I never get tired of my HUO AFM. I bought Spiderman nib.


#20 10 years ago

I Agree with Seaclubber. Curious to see how much a SM will go for in 15 years. I doubt it will have as low a depreciation as the AFM.

#21 10 years ago

I paid $4950.00 for my SM Black in February of 2008. Today they are selling for over $7000.00 used. I purchased the Black because there were only 500 produced figuring it would not only be a great game but a decent investment for a pin.

I don't know that I would call it "ugly" but do agree the SM Red is "brighter" than the black version. I personally do like the black side rails etc. on the Red.

The 2 machines play the same, they are both great looking machines and I am lucky to have one. If I had the room and money I would have one of each!

Enjoy your Spidey's guys!! Be it black or red they are one of the best pins you can have in your collection!

#22 10 years ago

That is definitely a tough call. I would go with SP just because I like the toys and look a bit better. They both are very fun to play. Slight edge to SM.

#23 10 years ago

I'm kinda sorry I sold the SM black .. but it was in need of much work being in a flood and sitting even though the water didn't reach the playfield itself. It "kinda" booted up but everything had that bit of corrosion even from being near water if you know what I mean.

With a handicap son and everything else going on I can't even get time to put the new playfield in the Phoenix or even begin to work more on the A-GO-GO EM machine.

#24 10 years ago

AFM by a mile, better theme, will be worth more, funner game IMO

#25 10 years ago

SM. After playing AFM again at expo I don't know how so many think AFM a better game. It does have humor. But spidey is pretty exciting! Really couldn't go wrong with either obviously but SM is just such a good game

2 weeks later
#26 10 years ago

Spider man for me...I had to make a similar choice. Well not with AFM but you could substitute that for any of the top williams games that go for outragous prices since everybody wants them. For me, getting a brand new game that is still supported as far as updates and parts, is more worth it then spending that on a average quality collector game. Just me...and plus I really wanted a Stern - they are growing on me.

#27 10 years ago

There is a guy about an hour from me that is selling an AFM that he recently rebuilt from the ground up. I mean he really went all out ... new cabinet, new clearcoated playfield, new DMD, new coils, you name it. He pretty much swapped out every single part for a new one if it was available. I went over to his house, and it was just absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, he is asking $8,500 for it. Given what it is, I don't necessarily think his price is out of line, but it's probably a bit too rich for my blood.

#28 10 years ago

I love my Blue Spidey I got from Mike at GAP. It is such a fun game to play. I would say Go for the spidey and another game for the same price. 2 better than one. Of coarse I paid more than that for my restored MB and I am thrilled with it and glad to own such an pristine MB. I am even considering searching out a restored MM but now we are really talking $15k...... Will Mr. Pinball Australia really sell us new ones? Time will tell....

#29 10 years ago

Save thousands and go with a No Fear if you must have a fan layout game : P

#30 10 years ago

"Will Mr. Pinball Australia really sell us new ones? Time will tell...."

Did you give him a deposit on one?

#31 10 years ago

No. I have emailed them about it. I think I posted this somewhere on here a few weeks back. They are not taking anymore deposits but, they plan on making extras and selling them once the ordered machines are done. He said $10k-$12k each. I guess they are loosing money on the pre orders and plan to sell some to get some of the money back. High-end restores for MM are up to $15k - $16K + according to a couple of inquiries I have made. Wow. That is a new car... lol

#32 10 years ago

But you're going to lose less than a car...

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