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NGG2.0 New Code for your No Good Gofers - 2020

By jamescardona

4 months ago

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#17 4 months ago

Would be cool if you could switch back to classic gofers ... guess they won’t be easy Looks great though !

#19 4 months ago

Here is a suggestion... since all of the artwork shows “bud” as a gofer and you made him a bear .. perhaps in the early animations you can make him think he looks like the original bud .. maybe he sees his reflection in a water hazard for example then it ties in with the original
Art package .

Thoughts ?

#26 4 months ago
Quoted from jamescardona:

One of the things you might notice that is different than anything you may have seen before is that the character speaks directly to the player. At least I've never seen that done before in pinball.
At the start of every game, bud pops up and says something. The speech is coordinated with the animation. That was tricky to do and took me some time to figure out how to do it.
bud's opening lines goes a long way to explain why he thinks he is a gopher.

Cool yes and just trying to give some ideas though it seems you are mostly done with this . As mentioned above I also wish you could swap back to original but I understand the challenges with that .

Never the less amazing work here look forward to watching the stream !!!! Huge fan of the game.

#30 4 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

It's actually pretty easy to switch back to the original code. All you need is a second machine, lol.

Haha yes I am not alone in this desire I do like the nostalgia but this looks great as well .

#35 4 months ago

Def have to the right to an opinion. That said I agree some things are better left unsaid .. yes he is selling this but I doubt he is making a huge profit .

#38 4 months ago

All the rules are here . Only thing I wish is that it still had physical ball locks as I am a sucker for those . I like how the strokes work!!


#46 4 months ago

I agree this become a no brainer if there is an easy option to swap back and forth. I am sure he has thought of this, regardless I will watch the stream on Saturday and maybe I will be hooked I do like how the golf theme has been implemented better!

#56 4 months ago
Quoted from jamescardona:

every mode is different and the scores for each mode are independent of what is going on in other parts of the game. I have been in enough tournaments to understand that if there exists an exploit, people are only going to do that and only that. That is why people "only" shoot for gopher multiball who play the original code of NGG when playing in tournaments or playing for points. This makes the game one-dimensional and I wanted to get away from that and give players multiple things to go for and add in opportunities to create differing strategies. Hopefully I was successful.
So yeah, the 19th hole wizard mode doesn't take into account the stroke count for the first 18 holes. I like that idea, though, and wish I had come up with it. Having said that, at the end of every hole there is an over-under par bonus so you are kind of already being rewarded quite nicely for shooting good golf.

I’d imagine you could do code updates ? Like maybe make the shots worth a little lore based on your score in golf?

Seems better suited for the 19th hole than the sorcerer mode .

#57 4 months ago

Side note .. appears the CPU is in intel NUC. I consider this a good thing as it should be easy to replace/fix in the future if ever needed .

#83 4 months ago

James, you put an amazing amount of work into this. I think people may be able to make their criticism a little less harsh.

Here is where I sit on this thing I am a huge fan of NGG it was my first game, I am also a big golfer. I sold that one and eventually picked up a HUO one which is amazing so its a keeper as they say!!! I enjoy the original game as it sits but would be nice to have something new as well.

Right now I am on the fence, I like what you have done with the rules in regards to the strokes etc...the story is also a great idea although I agree it would be nice it it matched the PF art a little better. I do think some of the points made on here are valid and I guess it really depends on how much time you have to make changes etc....

If I could play the original game as well I would take the leap and buy this right now, but as its sits if I decided I prefer the original then I have to invest more time and spent $$$ on it. So as such I will probably watch this for a little bit before I take the leap and forgo the free shipping if I must.

I look forward to keeping a close eye on this project and will have my $$$ at the ready, looking forward to the stream as well.

Folks. yes he is selling it, but no one has to buy it he is just one man! Maybe someone can help pitch in?

#90 4 months ago

What if the kit was sold without the software with a list of everything you need to build it yourself so you aren't required to buy the kit but it would be much easier t do so. Then the software was a free download? Anyhow I am a golfer, caddy shack fan, and NGG fan. I dont think its necessary to make this caddy shack might seem thrown together I like the original theme. It can use some work but its in the right direction IMO.

I do like the idea of callouts for birdies etc and the leaderboard that seems very doable. The rules already are setup that you hit shots to get closer to the hole an the putt out, and the less shots the better which makes more sense than the current rules. I assume a hole in one is just that, although thats a bit much on a par 5 hahaha

As I have stated I am keeping a close eye on this. I know this is a challenge but I cannot emphasize enough that if we could more easily play the original this would be a no brainer.

#106 4 months ago

If you work something out with Rick that would be a HUGE win In my opinion. Fingers crossed ... and glad you are taking the feedback in stride !

#129 3 months ago

I am more likely to be in if I can play the original since you asked .. hopefully the increase won’t be too much . Yes it’s expensive but what isn’t in this hobby .

I still think there should be a Bud that looks like Bud even if it’s the Bear just imagining what he looks like. Maybe he sees his reflection in the hazard just to turn into the on the PF and back box .

#135 3 months ago

Played mine today .. gofers is a great game as it sits I think being able to swap back will sell a ton more I can’t not have classic gofers .

#137 3 months ago
Quoted from djreddog:

It’s a little one dimensional. Shoot for MB all day. This new code really makes you shoot all the around the PF, and with 10-12 modes plus 5 MB’s, it really breathes new life into the game. Come to Pinfest and try it!

I agree .. well you can also play all the modes and go for the wizard mode which is a blast . I love the sounds and music myself . It’s 90s pinball at it best, new game looks fun too but gotta have the original too IMO . I mean the gofers are all over the playfield

1 week later
#156 3 months ago
Quoted from jamescardona:

weekend update:
getting close to another code release with requested tweaks and changes. Should be out early next week.
Also, I am working on getting the code installed at locations in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area and currently have two locations interested in doing that. Should be cool to get some pinballers opinions on it so I am excited about this development. I was asked to not release the names of those locations until the machines are out on the floor but expect it to be soon.
As far as the discussions with PPS, that is ongoing and we are awaiting lawyers so I do not know how long that will take. In the time being, I will continue to work on the dual boot option and maybe that will happen.
Also, I wanted to give a big shout out and thank you to Dutch Pinball who provide me some code fragments from their dual boot code so that has saved me a lot of time. Again, not promising dual boot will become a reality, but maybe it will. I also want to reiterate that dual boot is going to add substantially to the cost so keep that in mind.
Happy Valentine's day to you all.

If we buy now and dual boot becomes available how would that work?

3 weeks later
#177 84 days ago

Just a suggestion on the hole in one, but depending on how the game plays the shot cab be very very difficult. I have a very low play gofers and the flippers are so strong it is very hard to make the hole in 1! I would imagine it would be the same if someone rebuilt their flippers. My first gofers was not playing as strong and I could make the shot a lot easier as it sort of trickled up there.

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