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Iron Maiden Revealed

By Concretehardt

1 year ago

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Post #5383 Leg reinforcement shopping list. Posted by vireland (1 year ago)

Post #5554 Link to rules Posted by Eskaybee (1 year ago)

Post #6692 Spacing info for Newton Ball switches Posted by Chalkey (1 year ago)

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#154 1 year ago

I personally don’t know any Iron Maiden songs or have any friends who are Iron Maiden fans.

It’s a marked departure from other music pins they’ve released as far as popularity goes (at least in the U.S.) Metallica, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Aerosmith, KISS, etc...are way more mainstream and known vs Iron Maiden.

I kind of like the fact that Stern is doing something more niche. It’s not my kind of music at all. I just listened to a few songs on Spotify and the lead singers falsetto sounds like crap to me.

I’m happy for the Iron Maiden fans and hope it’s a great game. If it is, I might end up getting it. I can always change out the tunes.

#299 1 year ago

That was it?

#308 1 year ago

That was the worst teaser video I’ve ever seen on anything. How about a few seconds of gameplay or some screenshots?

#1096 1 year ago

I'm glad they stuck with the Archer layout for the most part. I'm looking forward to seeing the LE/Prem and the gameplay.

#1414 1 year ago
Quoted from Mr68:

I am envious of all of you Iron Maiden fans. I watched most of the streaming video yesterday and this machine is a beautiful, exciting winner. But I put my wallet away after the music eventually beat me down. And trust me, I'm both surprised and disappointed by that.
It's just not for me but man, you guys are gonna love this game.

I kind of feel the same way, but I'll just change most of the songs. "Music eventually beat me down" is a good way to describe it...so many notes...so much bad falsetto in my opinion.

The layout is so unique that it's just hard to pass up for me. I'll get a premium down the road.

#1801 1 year ago

Have they announced the next stream time yet?

#1907 1 year ago

I plan on getting a premium at some point. I'll give the Maiden tunes a chance, but I'll probably change out some of them...not sure yet. In the context of the game they might be ok, but I'm not a Maiden fan and don't really like their music.

#1949 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

My recommendation is do not buy a pinball machine that is themed around a band that you do not like their music. That is not a smart purchase, in my opinion.

I'm not a big Metallica fan (although I like them more than Maiden) and I love MET. I've had it since 2014 I think.

There's a lot to like with this pin.

- The layout looks amazing and fresh with lots of shots, flow, creativity, and cool combos

- There are cool features such as the jump ramp to the target that senses where it's hit

- The artwork is great

- At least 3 extra mechanical features mentioned in the matrix on the LE/Premium.

- Code that's rumored to be being close to finished.

There is more to a game than the theme. I've been in the hobby and buying machines since 2003. I know what I like and I like what I've seen so far with Maiden. I think it's going to be a blast.

#1964 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

Very vali points.
I take back my original statement about it being a bad purchase if you don't like the music.
I should have thought about the comment a little more before posting it, especially since my wife does not like Metallica's music but really loves the pin. Great point.
For me, I've actually played the Archer machine a couple years ago at the Arcade Expo in Banning. I remember the layout pretty well thinking it was very unique and I really liked how it flowed. The Archer stuff was cool too.
I didn't meet Keith, but some guy was there standing next to it and said he did all the programming.
For me, I'm probably one of the few people who have actually already played the game, in a weird way, then anyone in this thread. I was sold when the theme was Iron Maiden, and I'm definitely sold that it's Keith's layout.
It's going to be one of Stern's best pins in the last several years, almost guaranteed in my opinion. Fresh designer, fresh code ideas, newly hired and hopefully eager coder, etc etc. I haven't been this excited about a pin in a long time.

That's cool that you've got to play Archer! I agree with you...I think it's going to be Stern's best in years. It's great having new blood design games. Keith crushed it with this pin.

#2006 1 year ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

That would be a great Premium Backglass.

Agreed. It would tie in the rest of the artwork perfectly.

#2056 1 year ago

Any updates on when the premium/LE will be revealed?

#2058 1 year ago
Quoted from bigduke6:

They said it's not a marketing strategy, they're waiting for final sign off from the licensee. In the Coast 2 Coast podcast they mention getting notes back from Steve Harris ( who is famously rigid on the Maiden IP ).

Sounds like it could be a while then. Thanks. I had heard the end of the month, but was hoping that was wrong.

#2167 1 year ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

I didn’t mean to insult any Maiden fans with my comments.
Still, the game looks amazing but the music is like nails on a chalkboard to some of us non-fans.
I would say it’s similar to the way many of you have swapped out the call outs on Walking Dead,to use Clelands version instead.
The best take away on this whole music commentary thing is that Sterns newest title looks to be so great that even the non-Maiden fans want to get one!

Agreed. We'll never all like the same music, but I think almost everyone would agree this game looks awesome and is likely going to be a huge hit for Stern.

#2506 1 year ago

This game is going to be so good. I love the rule set and I really liked how Keith walked us through that. That layout is really cool.

1 week later
#3276 1 year ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

I guess the LE/prem reveal is tomorrow.

Hope you're right!

#3444 1 year ago
Quoted from flamehead:

My distr said probably tomorrow

I heard the same thing from mine.

#3641 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

why they just dont release some dam pictures.... very annoying.


1452-hoover-dam-water (resized).jpg

COE_-_Kinzua_Dam (resized).jpg

SrisailamDam01-India (resized).jpg

#4089 1 year ago

When the balls are diverted and locked off the left ramp, do they go through the backboard and come out at the Sphinx head?

#4097 1 year ago

Has anybody heard when we’ll see some streaming of the LE/Prem? deadflip?

#4286 1 year ago

I like the art blades a lot

#4401 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

Why doesn't someone start a new thread to discuss what terrible other music they want to install on Iron F'in Maiden? Seems like enough interest to warrant it, and god knows we all need another Maiden thread!
...on the other hand, gives us something fight about while we wait for more LE/Prem news...
Do you guys think the rising gate thingy on the left ramp of the Prem/LE will be a really cool slow motor-driven thing (maybe with fog), or a simple solenoid diverter that snaps up instantly?

I'm thinking Hall & Oates and maybe some Sarah McLachlan.

5c82aa69052565651c4671a4f0c609ba.591x594x1 (resized).jpg

#4785 1 year ago

Wasn't the stream supposed to start at 4:00 Central?

#5189 1 year ago

I talked to flipnout1 (Larry) yesterday and he has two pros in stock.

#5244 1 year ago

Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but has anyone heard when we'll see some premium pics?

#5250 1 year ago
Quoted from hassellcastle:

Premium Pics to be released late next week.
Premium to go into production in about 2 weeks as well.
Trust me on this...I'M NOT Distributor HYPING the game. This is coming from the heart as a player.
I REALLY DO enjoy playing the pro that we have had on the floor.
I think it's time for me to trade in one of the games from my home and trade it out for an Iron Maiden, not sure
if it will be a Pro or Premium yet. I've got to see/play a Premium first to see which model I like better for my own reasons.
What I've noticed about Iron Maiden (the band) for as long as I've known them. You either love them...or blahhh. I remember
first seeing EDDIE on posters and vinyl albums back when I was in 7th grade and thought it looked really cool. However I couldn't
get into the music. Their music has never been my thing...but no disrespect to those that love them. It just wasn't for me, as they say to each their own.
Now I must admit however, after playing our showroom floor pro model. It's an adrenal rush and the music is growing on me.
I find myself driving to and from the store listening to Iron Maiden: Ace's High, Wasted Years, The Trooper etc. on Youtube now.
I hosted a launch party at our store a couple of weeks ago. Provided pizza, beer, chips and drinks to those that attended. Created some
cool giveaway lanyards to all those that attended and gave away some cool awards for those that won the tournament. Good times.
Whether you are a Maiden fan or not, everyone seems to love the game.

Thank you for the info! Looks like it was a great launch party.

1 week later
#6165 1 year ago

I really like the premium artwork. I think it goes best with the rest of the game. I don't like the color scheme of the LE. The pro looks good, but again, the premium seems to go with the rest of the game the best.

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