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Iron Maiden Revealed

By Concretehardt

2 years ago

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Post #390 Stern Official Teaser Video Link for Iron Maiden Pinball Posted by Pinballrocks (2 years ago)

Post #798 Quick intro on Pro vs Premium vs LE Posted by TheLaw (2 years ago)

Post #920 Feature Matrix of Pro vs Premium vs LE Posted by Apollyon (2 years ago)

Post #1351 Link to short video clip of the Pro Model livestream on 3/27 Posted by Sparky (2 years ago)

Post #1675 Video of LE features missing from Pro that Prem/LE will have Posted by vireland (2 years ago)

Post #1682 Link to hi-res PDF of the feature matrix for Iron Maiden Posted by vireland (2 years ago)

Post #2080 Premium/LE different ramp cutout (Pharaoh head) picture Posted by Pinzzz (2 years ago)

Post #2146 Link to gameplay video from Pro version in Europe Posted by Concretehardt (2 years ago)

Post #2498 Deadflip video on YouTube link. Posted by FalconPunch (2 years ago)

Post #2665 Iron Maiden Pro live stream link from Stream #2 Posted by Asael (2 years ago)

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#1548 2 years ago

Deposit placed on IFM LE !

Anyone know of Stern's estimated production date? I'd like to know and add + 2 months to set the proper expectations of delivery

#1626 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I really miss the days of you and KPG going at each other. That was some of Pinside’s finest days!


I do miss those days.

But, I truly felt guilty for going back and forth with the old guy- couple times he got so heated I didn't know if his cardiovascular system was going to hold up or not, but glad to see he's firing on all cylinders still!

My favorite part was when he was ripping on me for GBLE - and saying how awesome Stern was and their quality..

Then he got his $15K Batman 66 Super LE or whatever it was...and the thing was dead on arrival and needed Stern's support to help him fix it and getting it up and running straight out of the box!

It was irony at it's finest.

But, I like the guy. He's very passionate about pinball as evidenced by his posting frequency here... So there's that at least.

#1667 2 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

That video right there is why no one can really compete with Stern......yet.

JJP will be there sooner than later.

I don't think TNA made Stern up their quality and feature offering - but JJP did for sure. JJP's growth and rapidly expanding pin lineup likely influenced Stern to include antireflective glass and better speakers on their LEs... And let's not forget hi res color LCD screens.

Competition is good, especially for pinball !!

#1802 2 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

Have they announced the next stream time yet?

It will probably be streamed at 3:15am, and not recorded or archived like last time :/

#1820 2 years ago

Holy crap... That would be INSANE. That would definitely make the LE version stand out more, especially with the foil style artwork.

I'm super impressed with this LE approach by Stern this time.

Anti-reflective glass, thanks JJP for pressing Stern to include this and thanks to Stern by realizing how great of an upgrade this truly is. That's a big value add to me right there.

Mirrored back glass like STLE.. big win there

Higher powered and improved speaker system .. another great upgrade - especially for a music pin (and ESPECIALLY it being Iron Maiden!)

Powdercoated side armor. Another upgrade they used to charge more for. Big plus as well.

Custom shooter rod- another extra perk Stern did here.. it's the little things that count, right?.

Foil cabinet... Another well appreciated 'little thing'

Low 500 run.

Overall, this is the machine that I've been waiting for and mostly waiting to see Stern up the quality and offerings for pins this price. Suddenly, JJPs LEs and included features aren't so much of a big deal here with IMDN LE.

I'm excited for this, and excited for the future direction of Stern here. Thanks for listening to us vocal and opinionated Pinsiders

#1841 2 years ago
Quoted from Jason_Jehosaphat:

** Archer'ing Out Your IMDN? **
Call me bananas, but the Archer music I hear in the gameplay clips of Elwin's Archer prototype has really grown on me and - with all due respect - I would rather hear it than Iron Maiden while playing this table. The callouts, too, are more my style.
I s'pose I'd be out of line if I used Pinball Browser to return Archer to his former self, but with some work it could be done.
Owner's of TWD line up to get Clelend's revised code, but would IMDN owners dare to desecrate their pins by replacing Iron Maiden's music with...what? Spy music? It's pretty catchy stuff, honestly. I would download that code!
Just sayin'.


#1891 2 years ago

Im super pumped about this pin!

I can't believe we're finally getting an Iron Maiden pin and it looks way better than I expected it to be.

The only disappointment so far are the people who already are talking about either re-theming or changing the music on this machine. Seriously, if you don't like the music buy a different music pin with music you like instead. Just crazy even thinking or considering something like that. If anyone actually does that, they should be blacklisted from the hobby forever.

Unless you take a Rolling Stones machine and turn it into an Iron Maiden pin. Then you get pass

#1913 2 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I plan on getting a premium at some point. I'll give the Maiden tunes a chance, but I'll probably change out some of them...not sure yet. In the context of the game they might be ok, but I'm not a Maiden fan and don't really like their music.

My recommendation is do not buy a pinball machine that is themed around a band that you do not like their music. That is not a smart purchase, in my opinion.

#1930 2 years ago

Have any of you guys heard of the Iron Maidens?

They are an all female tribute band to Iron Maiden. They are super well known and make big money touring around the world.

I know as I have hired them a few times for some concerts I promoted at a couple House of Blues venues. Kind of a side thing I did for a while was booking touring and some well known national touring bands several years ago.

Anyway, they are pretty awesome, especially when Nita Strauss was with them playing in the Dave Murray spot.

Google or YouTube them and Nita.... You'll thank me later

Super cool chicks and die hard Maiden fans.. they kill it.

#1950 2 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

I'm not a big Metallica fan (although I like them more than Maiden) and I love MET. I've had it since 2014 I think.
There's a lot to like with this pin.
- The layout looks amazing and fresh with lots of shots, flow, creativity, and cool combos
- There are cool features such as the jump ramp to the target that senses where it's hit
- The artwork is great
- At least 3 extra mechanical features mentioned in the matrix on the LE/Premium.
- Code that's rumored to be being close to finished.
There is more to a game than the theme. I've been in the hobby and buying machines since 2003. I know what I like and I like what I've seen so far with Maiden. I think it's going to be a blast.

Very valid points.

I take back my original statement about it being a bad purchase if you don't like the music.

I should have thought about the comment a little more before posting it, especially since my wife does not like Metallica's music but really loves the pin. Great point.

For me, I've actually played the Archer machine a couple years ago at the Arcade Expo in Banning. I remember the layout pretty well thinking it was very unique and I really liked how it flowed. The Archer stuff was cool too.

I didn't meet Keith, but some guy was there standing next to it and said he did all the programming.

For me, I'm probably one of the few people who have actually already played the game, in a weird way, then anyone in this thread. I was sold when the theme was Iron Maiden, and I'm definitely sold that it's Keith's layout.

It's going to be one of Stern's best pins in the last several years, almost guaranteed in my opinion. Fresh designer, fresh code ideas, newly hired and hopefully eager coder, etc etc. I haven't been this excited about a pin in a long time.

#1971 2 years ago

How many bands out there have their frontman fly a 747 for their world tour? Ed Force One should be in the game as an Easter egg somehow lol

ed-force-one-42547 (resized).jpg

#2061 2 years ago

Either model will be bad ass. My thought is Keith already had the design perfected with his Archer Homebrew machine. I'm sure Stern gave him free reign to include everything he wanted on the Premium/LE playfield, where the Pro he had to remove (or simply not include) everything in his design due to budget constraints.

Since this is Keith's first pin with Stern, I'd want the full experience of his design. Im sure he wants to make a name for himself with this pin, and I personally want the version he went all out on. But that's my opinion only, of course.

#2101 2 years ago

If you don't like Iron Maiden, that's cool.

But why moan, complain, and talk trash on a thread about a pin with an Iron Maiden theme? Nothing else better to do?

#2148 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Looks like more IMDN game play video was just posted..

Damn... It looks great. Most original layout Stern has done in a long time.

2 weeks later
#3052 2 years ago

So, it seems the overall consensus here is the game sucks and is a gigantic letdown?

lol kidding of course... stoked to see such positive reviews so far! Can't wait for my LE!

#3217 2 years ago

Alright guys, Iron Maiden would be laughing at us pinball nerds debating how to wash and maintain our balls. Lol

#3288 2 years ago

Just got an email from my distributor asking for the remaining payment for my LE. They said LEs have gone into production and should ship in 7-10 days

Anyone else get a similar notification?

#3302 2 years ago
Quoted from redlines:

Who's your distributor and yeah I agree that's a joke full payment for a pin you haven't even seen yet????
If I don't like the LE I will downgrade to a Premium or maybe even a Pro depending on what they look like.

I'm pretty confident there is nothing I expect to come up that would change my mind- the Pro's are getting such rave reviews and I truly think Stern, with the help of Keith and the new coder guy (wish I knew his name), it seems as if this could be the best Stern release in a long time.

To me, Iron Maiden is a dream theme- not because I am their number 1 fan, far from it- but I like their music and have always thought about how well it would pair with pinball. I am absolutely blown away with everything I have seen thus far, and there's no doubt in my mind that the Premium and LE models will only be the icing on the cake for this release.

Props to Stern on this!! I feel this pin is evidence Gary has taken our complaints/opinions/suggestions to heart and dropped this on the pinball community as a way of burying the hatchet going forward.

Ok, maybe I am overly optimistic.. but I have to say I am impressed overall with Stern Pinball right now and it's the first time since I have been very excited about a new Stern after my whole Ghostbusters fiasco

#3323 2 years ago
Quoted from tatman9999:

Awesome pin. Got my pro today. Ordered a premium also.

Wow man. That is a sick lineup. I'm jealous !

#3356 2 years ago

EDIT: Sorry, saw this on FB and thought it was legit for a second. Wow, so quick to downvote.. lol..

iron-maiden-pinball (resized).jpg

#3365 2 years ago

Pinside is funny, so sensitive. Post a pic and get thrown in the fire right away lol

#3374 2 years ago
Quoted from trilamb:

Maybe take literally two seconds and check if it’s a fake before posting? So thirsty for those upvotes?

Sorry, I don't live on Pinside to know what is fake/known/etc

#3422 2 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

KPG if you loan me one of your cars for the weekend all will be forgiven

Hahaha !

Follow me on Instagram, xkpgx and let me know which one you want me to loan you

#3423 2 years ago

Where the hell is the LE reveal ?? C'mon Stern hook a brotha up.. distributors are wanting our cash and we haven't even seen a pic of the thing yet

#3500 2 years ago
Quoted from Asael:

Ok, now it's the first time I am worried about the LE.

Don't be worried, it's Pinside. This place and its many posters will drive you nuts with their speculation and it almost always turns out they are wrong.

#3518 2 years ago
Quoted from redlines:

About to order some new balls for my LE. Does Maiden use magnets I haven't got a chance to play it yet and I am trying to figure out if I need carbon balls or not

IMDN requires slightly larger than normal balls I've heard. It's just that great of a game. You need to special order them, they even come delivered in a fuzzy sack.

#3522 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

So you think MET is a turdfest huh? I think you just enjoy getting people fired up because there is no way in hell that you really believe that or half of the other stuff that you say. Metallica is one of the best pinball machines that has ever been made easily. Come on whysnow get real!

Anyone that refers to MET as a 'turdfest' should be not only banned from Pinside forever, but their America Online dialup account terminated for good

#3618 2 years ago
Quoted from Mr68:

And how it was offered to customers was insulting. - Submit a video of why you should get one or write a letter begging to be put on the list. Pay deposit, non-refundable, before even seeing a single picture of the game... The arrogance of Stern did some serious damage with me at that time. They may earn me back but I don't forget easily.

That was the lamest shit I have ever seen.

Glad they aren't doing this with the LE, I wouldn't have bought one then.

Has a used BM66 SLE sold here on Pinside yet? I am curious to see just how well that $15K price tag holds up..

#3627 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

When we sold the SLE we had, I know of 3 others that changed hands that same weekend. $60k worth of machines in one weekend. They're definitely moving around and holding their value.

Wow.. impressive !

#3630 2 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

How dumb are we? Whenever someone says the reveal is tomorrow, we believe them! ....
BTW I heard the real reveal is tomorrow...

Want to talk about dumb?

I havent even seen a pic of the machine and I wired in the funds for it this AM. How I fall for this crap every time I don't know

#3750 2 years ago

Looks better than I expected! Love the armor, backglass, artwork should pop nice with the foil graphics... also, art blades and speakers look sick! I bet those speakers are going to sound great.

#3760 2 years ago

lol @ pinside, everyone is so crazy about side cabinet art - just to put it in the middle of their lineup and never even see it.

How about waiting until you see the playfield before commenting on the side art? No matter how it came out you guys would have complained anyway LOL

#3941 2 years ago

Playfield art is INSANE! I loved Yeti's art for GB, this just takes it to a whole new level. Great job

#4228 2 years ago
Quoted from dgoett:

I would guess Iron Maiden will announce it next week on their website.
The LE photos were sent to distributors so buyers can see what they are buying. Premiums don't ship for quite awhile, so no rush to get the photos released.

My distributor, Automated/Pinballs.com wont send me the pics. They just emailed me telling me to check Stern's website. Lame. I fully paid for it and I don't even have any hi res pics yet... if anyone could spare the time, please DM me some Thanks!

#4780 2 years ago

Snapmeme_1525205246974 (resized).jpg

#4978 2 years ago

trainn (resized).jpg

#5018 2 years ago

It really is mind blowing people can spend thousands of dollars on a commercial grade amusement machine, built with high tech mechanical hardware designed and assembled by some extremely talented and gifted engineers, artists, coders, etc. Then immediately turn around and browse Walmart.com for the shittiest lame figurines they can find and Elmers glue the things to their brand new playfields.

#5537 2 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

OK I'm gonna give you shit about this, this is why all the mom-and-pop shops in your local area towns are going out of business can't you just go down to the hardware store and buy some screws ?

The day mom and pops stores have an app I can order shit from the comfort of my toilet, then deliver said shit to my doorstep same or next day, with full tracking information.. will be the day I'll buy from the mom and pops stores again. Sad reality of it... How many people miss the milk man and Blockbuster video still?

#5680 2 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

but who is the distributor?!?

Yah, you cant drop a story like this on us without telling us which distributor it is

#5725 2 years ago

Got the tracking number for my LE today

Can't wait to play this bitch!!!!

#5750 2 years ago

Damn...now THAT is a code update !

#5934 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

Not really. You can't compare as if all machines have the same desirability, plus throwing a WWE LE into that comparison screws up all the results, since, what, 40% of those are still unsold?

Well, that was a terrible game and Iron Maiden is a great game.

Limited Editions are great if the game is good and in demand. If I took 10 turds and made them all LE models, at the end of the day- they are simply 10 pieces of shit.

#5939 2 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

But that's the point. 200 WWE LE was probably too many, but eventually 400 Tron LE was definitely not enough. And AC/DC was not enough with TWO LEs. Based on the resale action already they could have EASILY sold 666 Maiden LE, especially with 300 going out of the US right off the top. So people saying that 500 is the "proven" sweet spot are full of it. LE demand is almost ENTIRELY dependent on the theme and the quality and features of the build.

True, but one of the reasons I wanted the LE for this game was the low 500 production number. Had it been higher, I'd probably just have bought the Premium edition instead.

#5953 2 years ago

If Stern offered me $2K and a free WWE LE, I'd consider storing it in my house somewhere, other than gameroom... Until it sold on the marketplace for $750. I'd assume it would sell that price in around 6 months.. so I'd have some time to give it a shot and see how well it works as a side table on the outside deck.

#5980 2 years ago
Quoted from rotordave:

Have you actually ever played it?

Of course. 3 times, 3 different locations and machines. Terrible.

#5981 2 years ago
Quoted from bigdaddy07:

Yah there is some sort of weird games being player here for sure. I would love to know the true back story to this.

Stern's marketing department is likely always testing the waters on each pin release.

They probably wanted to trickle each version, Pro being first- get those pre-orders in - then release pics of each edition slowly. That way Pinside doesn't start putting out polls on which art package is better and saying Pro artwork should be on the LE, and vice versa. Just my thoughts

#6030 2 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Well I'm a little biased, so ya might not wanna put too much stock in my review. 1-10 I give it a score of 666. Ha.
It is everything I hoped it would be. I'm slow with rulesets, so I really have no idea wtf I'm doing yet. My highest score so far is a measley 122m.
Some things I love:
-JBL speakers. Mind blowingly loud and sound great. Prob need those external amps Vireland linked because the amp used isn't pushing them hard enough.
-Sarcophagus lock. When It spills 3 balls out it is too cool for school.
-Trooper multiball. Not 100% sure, as I was a little hazy last night, but I could swear that it started with 2 balls but kept adding balls till there were 6. THAT IS B'DASS!
-Foil cab and true backglass are just gorgeous
-Shooting down planes in Aces High mode...so fun
-Shot geometry. Every time I play it I think I find a new shot to shoot.
What I'm not so crazy about:
-The speakers clipping at high volume.
-The sculpted Eddies. Not my thing, would rather have that time and effort put into QC.
-Songs tied to inserts. This pretty much guarantees no tracks will be added. But live versions I think, will be.
All in all I'm doing fkn backflips over this thing. I think about how at Chicago Expo when JJPOTC was revealed, and we were like, oh shit, Uncle Gary better step his game up. Well, he did. Now I see why he's always smiling.

Sounds awesome man!

Do you think it is necessary to hook up to an external sub even with the upgraded speakers?

I get my LE today and can't wait!

#6031 2 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Of course they would have done 666 if they had predicted the demand.
They left $1.5 million on the table.
The fact that they did 799 STLE, means 666 would not have been perceived as too many.
Didn't help that GOTGLE was not a great seller.

They didn't leave $1.5M on the table lol

Those additional 166 purchasers are just going to buy the Premium instead. I am sure once you do the math, and adjust for net profit- they didn't leave that much on the table. I think if anything it was cool they limited the production and didn't only think with their wallets... I can appreciate that, and so can many others.

#6064 2 years ago

#415 arrived in good shape!

Some more tweaks needed than most NIBs I've bought, nothing serious. But a couple unplugged connectors, bent outlane rail, etc

But best of all, it appears they even forgot to include the ball for the mummy shot.. after realizing nothing happens when hitting it.

Did this ball come with the game already in the right location, or was it supposed to be in the coin box?

20180515_190105 (resized).jpg

#6067 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

That should be correct. You need to lock a ball via the left ramp before it becomes a true captive ball shot. The single ball target will still register though.

Weird - mine doesn't register at all when it's hit. I've tried many times....

#6069 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

It won’t.....you have to add a ball by locking a ball. THEN you will have a true captive ball in there.

Ok, makes sense. But what rule allows you to do that?

Kind of dumb the M U M lights are lit, and you can hit the ball dead on and it doesn't do anything. Why even blink them if hitting the target doesn't do anything ?

We've played many games and there's never been a single time that loaded a ball in there.

#6072 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

Good question as I’m not super familiar with the rule set enough to know the intricacies. Eskaybee seems to know all the rules already lolol. Maybe he’ll chime in. BUT....I do know that you have to add the ball in the sarcophagus

Hahah I already texted him about it

Got it to work !! Had to mess with the switch and now it's registering. Back to playing... Lol.. it's a great game so far !

#6075 2 years ago
Quoted from tiesmasc:

kpg if it is not registering something is wrong. When you hit it is should advance the MUMMY letters (until you've spelled MUMMY). The normal course is that you have to spell MUMMY by hitting that ball... then you can hit the left ramp to put another ball behind it (like the captive ball)... then you spell MUMMY again and you can then knock it out for a multiball...
EDIT: A few seconds late... but saved for posterity.

It registers for a while, then stops working.

Lifted the playfield and tested the switch, and it works fine - then doesn't.

Further inspection and seeing how this new captive ball design is pretty cheese.

I'll take a pic, but I just don't see this holding up long term.

It's a metal standoff that sits in the flimsiest piece of plastic and just doesn't seem like a reliable switch.

If I hit the switch 20 times, maybe 10-12 register at best.

Tried messing with it but I don't know... Maybe I'll call Chaz up and see if he can send me a new switch setup. Bummer because it's such a key feature of the game. There's some much room to improve it from an engineering standpoint - I don't get the design at all.

#6076 2 years ago

This is the captive ball for the sarcophagus lock.

It registers sometimes, sometimes not. The design is pretty terrible, in my opinion. The plastic is super thin - doesn't feel like a commercial part at all.

It literally rocks back and forth in this plastic "cup" like plastic piece. Not sure who designed it but they should rethink this thing.

20180515_201038 (resized).jpg

#6079 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

You probably want to try and center that plastic spoon on the metal rod, similar to how you would adjust a pop bumper.
Does the orb shot on the lower left use the same type of switch/setup?
I thought I read somewhere that it was supposed to use some kind of Eddy sensor to detect the hits but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Yeah and that one seems to work fine.

Messing with it now, removed the switches and just can't seem to get it to work right.

Overall it's a bad design. I can't see how it can be consistent over time.

#6081 2 years ago
Quoted from RA77:

The manual indicates an eddy sensor

Nope. No sensor.

Also, just discovered a pop bumper has an LED board out too. Looks like fun to replace.

Seems Sterns quality control hasn't gotten any better since my last NIB.

Great game, but seriously.. how do they miss stuff like this?

#6083 2 years ago
Quoted from MikeTangoIndia:

That’s actually supposed to be like that. It’s a flasher only. Jack danger actually mentions it at the very beginning of the LE stream. It sure looks out of place though!

What the ... Ok ! That's good news lol....

#6093 2 years ago

Ok so I got my LE dialed in and working 100%

I took out both switches from the Orb/Power Jackpot switch and also the Sarcophagus shot.

I swapped them both around and spent an hour trying to get the perfect gap/bend in the switches and also had to bend the brackets a bit to get the metal standoff to sit in the plastic "cup" of the switch.

Seems to register almost every time. Questionable design? Sure. Just wish whoever tested and put the game together did the same thing because there's no way it worked and that particular switch moved on its own in shipping as it was wayyy off.

Either way, the game is AWESOME.

The call outs are great, sound effects are perfect - and the layout and geometry of the shots are very satisfying to hit.

The left ramp through the pops is difficult, but not ridiculously hard and feels great when you nail it perfectly.

The motorized Sarcophagus lock (once I got it working lol) is so sick. Hitting Mummy then the motorized mummy lifts up to reveal a hidden door to load the Sarcophagus is such a cool feature.

Also, the underworld ramp lifting with the glowing red light... Really feels like you are loading balls into hell. Ok, that's an exaggeration but I absolutely love the ramp lifting. So cool.

The lighting is great - besides the middle of the playfield which is super dark and you can't see the artwork very well there. I'll add more lights at some point so no big deal.

The JBL speakers sound great but not much better than my SW LE speakers. The sub is not JBL and it's not really a sub, judt a mid range driver and there's not much bass. I'll need to hook up to an external sub. If the game had a better amplifier as mentioned earlier in the thread, the JBLs would probably sound better but I'm not complaining.

Love the art blades and foil cabinet graphics !! So sick in person.

Red paint has a lot of metallic flake in it which makes it look SO MUCH better in person than the pics.

Mirrored backglass looks insane when lit up!!!

Also, love the upper flippers. The upper right flipper is great for trying to loop, but to me still not as satisfying as ST's Warp ramp... One of my fav shots in pinball. It's close enough.

Upper left flipper is cool, just very difficult to loop and probably the least satisfying shot but still a great addition.

The modes themselves are very fun and the game can get crazy with 6ball multiball.

Congrats Keith and Stern on making a great overall package - great layout + rules + audio/video = BIG win for Stern with this release! Very happy overall.

#6100 2 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

That is a Pop Bumper Spoon.
It's a super reliable design that has been used extensively in pinball for the last 60 years....


You'd think, after 60 years.. they'd know how to assemble it correctly at the factory?

Either way, I fixed it. So all good now.

#6101 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Kpg you bring up a good point about the lighting.
I'm watching YT videos & the LE is hard to see.
Of course video vs real life will differ but your point does carry to the videos I've watched.
Have you played a Pro?

I haven't played a Pro yet, but from the pics I have seen the playfield does seem more illuminated then the LE. You honestly can't really see the awesome artwork in a dark game room with the current lighting but I am sure i'll come up with a fix. Reminds me of WOZ's dark playfield until you put the spotlights on it.

#6103 2 years ago

Pics of the playfield - notice the dark middle spot, and also the closeup of the armor... looks great in person!!

2018-05-15 12.52.59 (resized).jpg

2018-05-15 12.08.09 (resized).jpg

#6109 2 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

I bet everyone is glad they bought the LE and did not wait for the Indiana "Iron" Jones premium.

Wow. I love my LE vs the Premium.

If they put black T molding on the head that would be better than that yellow crap! That's an eyesore IMO.

#6219 2 years ago

I know I'm biased because I love the LE artwork more, just into the varied colors and fighter jets theme... But I have to say, this is the first pin that have such strikingly different art packages that all look good. Once you switch that yellow T molding for black, it actually looks pretty damn cool.

The big winner here is Zombi Yeti. Between him and Dirty Donnie Stern really has some amazing artists working for them and these machines are not just fun from a mechanical amusement machine standpoint, but these are pieces of artwork. So awesome!

#6307 2 years ago

Spending some more time with my LE today and I can't say enough, it's INSANE.

I cranked the volume up today and the JBL speakers can get LOUD and sound great. Highs and mids are great, I just need to connect to my sub for the lows. But what an awesome feature addition!

Stern's antiglare glass is just as good as my JJP Invisiglass too.

Loving everything about this machine now that I have it dialed in. The modes are super fun, and the playfield is layed out so well. The loops, once you get your timing down, are super fun when the ball gets up there and can get the adrenaline going during multiball, trying to hit the shots with the upper flippers.

Also, if you are on the fence about a shaker - GET IT. It's very well integrated in the game.

Overall, this is just an outstanding game. Glad Keith works for Stern now, he has made a name for himself already.

#6308 2 years ago

Some more pics.

The armor looks so awesome in person with the metallic flake.

Foil art kicks ass.

Mirrored backglass = has to be seen in person to appreciate

20180516_182404 (resized).jpg

20180516_182346 (resized).jpg

20180516_182332 (resized).jpg

20180516_182313 (resized).jpg

20180516_182136 (resized).jpg

20180516_182155 (resized).jpg

#6312 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Looks sweet KPG! Best game in your collection?

Hahaha !!!!

Well.... I love Star Wars LE.. and Dialed In is awesome.

Iron Maiden is great but I don't know if I could give up the others for it just yet. I'm pretty happy with my lineup right now. Maiden compliments the other pins I have perfectly though !

#6328 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You definitely have a great lineup. Are you getting Deadpool or The Munsters? I cant wait for The Munsters!

Munsters not so much - and this is the first I've heard of Deadpool???

#6331 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Rumor has it Deadpool is the next game. Thats just a rumor of course, it may or may not be true.

Pretty awesome !

I just have a rule about Stern's. It's either Borg, Ritchie, or Keith designs for me only

#6364 2 years ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

I just checked this. Oddly enough the leaf switches had enough of a gap to where the ball isn't even registering hits. The mechanism was misaligned as well as you noted.
This is my 4th NIB Stern. I'm pretty shocked at the lack of QC that has happened here. I'm convinced this pin did not go through any of it as there are multiple issues that start as soon as the start button is hit with the songs automatically being chosen. Now that I've been able to take the time to play myself and test everything out there are multiple game breaking issues. Mechanisms that aren't anywhere in working order or registering properly. I'm at a loss at the moment as my sons and I have been eagerly waiting to play this pin. Hopefully a few calls to my distributor and Stern can get it playable.

Yep happened to me, when I posted about it earlier in the thread I got a lot of down votes so be careful around here, some sensitive Pinsiders hahah

#6371 2 years ago
Quoted from RandomGuyOffCL:

Time to sell a game homie...

lol- I love it when people zoom in on all the details in pics haha...

That's a door to my front patio. A patio i'd never use, got plenty of other patios so no reason to use this one. Plus, previous owner of the house apparently was too cheap to get a new door handle when putting on shutters.. hilarious. I'll eventually build out this room to hold more pins anyway, but for now, f*ck it.

#6372 2 years ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

I'm about to downvote myself. I just heard a "thunk" sound in the cabinet. Appears something has fallen off from the playfield itself. Interesting Thursday morning so far.
Edit: The thunk was a bracket falling off the bottom of the playfield. Checked and found part of the sarcophagus mech dangling. I'm not even sure if it was in place this entire time. Explains why sarcophagus would enter ball search and not auto-launch another ball.

Damn, well that explains that!!!

Hopefully the fixes are easy and you can get on and play the game. It took some work to get my working great, but now it works perfect and the game is amazing.

#6379 2 years ago

I am in the process of trying to hook up my LE to my external Polk subwoofer.

I read in the feature matrix there is supposed to be a "New CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification"

Where is that line-out connector?

Also, I noticed they removed the headphone jack from the Spike 2 board... so can't use that either. Just trying to avoid having to mickey mouse the connection off the subwoofer or buying a pinnovators connector. Thanks

#6380 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

No, your posts got downvoted because instead of getting informed, you jumped to calling the design flawed and 'cheese' on day 1.
What you had were switch adjustment, setup issues, but you were eager to assume the thing was fundamentally flawed.

Thanks for exaggerating and blowing my comments completely out of context. I wouldn't expect anything less from you though. What I was is disappointed about was that the game was not properly inspected and tested before shipped- you know, things you'd expect when paying $9,000 hard earned dollars for a machine meant for commercial use. How that qualifies as "fundamentally flawed" - in your words - NOT MINE - is laughable. Move on.

#6383 2 years ago

Big Bird is stoked about his incoming Premium machine lol

bbird (resized).jpg

#6399 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Yet his concern was with the plastic spoon itself... because he's never seen one before. Which is because he really doesn't know much about the guts of games.
But is quick to judge those who actually do.. and post online about it no less. Instead of taking in info, understanding, observing... it's lets go online and slam people (and then deny it when called out no less..).
Sorry the guy had some switch adjustments needed... or had weak QA on a game. OOB experience is something every company is striving for, and sometimes they miss. The difference is how people react to the problem and solutions.

Thanks for proving my point Flyn... On how damn sensitive you guys can get.

Big deal.

I fixed the problem as stated before, but you are such a baby you can't drop it. Always need something to complain about another Pinsider and attack them.

Do you even own an Iron Maiden pin and have skin in the game? Or are you here to just whine about any post you deem worthy of crying about ?

#6402 2 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Stern saw that you bought another game from them decided not to include that in your pin KPG!
Congrats on LE, mine arrives this afternoon.

Awesome you will love it !!

But yeah, where the hell is this line out connector ???

Maybe Flynn the know it all pro knows?

#6408 2 years ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

I think you’re proving his point, KPG. You were so quick to jump on here, announcing your problems -not in a “help me fix the this” manner, but instead, a “farkin Stern sucks!” manner.
So the only one coming across as a baby is you. Look at all the other posts from Pinsiders tweaking their new games.
Somehow everyone else is happy and playing nice. You on the other hand...
FYI: LE awaiting for pickup tomorrow. So don’t even bother asking.

Right on!

So do you know where the external amplification / line-out connector is? It's on the feature matrix from Stern. Figured you are the man with all the answers so thought I'd give you a crack at it.

#6423 2 years ago
Quoted from vid1900:

CN5 pins 5 & 6

I saw that, any easy way you can think about using those pins to go to a sub? I was hoping they would use either an optical, RCA, or even 3.5mm out. Just a couple of pins doesn't make it easy...

#6426 2 years ago
Quoted from Sparky:

It's the same line out pins that have been on all the Spike games since GB. The feature matrix has said "New CPU mounted line out audio connector for external amplification" since GB. You still need an adapter to plug into the sub, whether it's Pinnovators or something else.

Ah ok. I have one on my SWLE.

I'll order another then.. was just hoping for a quicker solution. Thanks!

#6437 2 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Right on trilamb!

Looking at the Premium version sitting next to the LE, I have to say- both are great looking machines!

5bde87211756c289008e1985f33f31eadbdce970 (resized).jpg

#6467 2 years ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Don't bother. Most of us are extremely happy with the LE. To me, it's the better of the three, and I'm willing to pay for the better of the three.

I'm not sure what it is, but a lot of people like to bash the LE version in here for some reason. Mostly, because they do not like the artwork and refer to it as a Christmas tree. Now - obviously that is kind of a dumb comparison, but got a few laughs and upvotes on posts and all is well.

But reality is, people like to cheer the version that they purchased or are purchasing. I get that, just like I overheard at the car wash today someone having a playful argument with their friend or family member about why they thought the V version of the Cadillac CTS is uglier then the normal version and a waste of money. Well, to the V buyer- they sure as hell don't think so. The additions were worth the price and they were happy to spend it. Why crap on that?

But an LE owner talk down about a Pro or Premium? Downvote central.

At the end of the day, it's the same bad ass game with a couple playfield changes and some artwork most of us will never see and completely forget about when we tuck it away in our lineups.

Until then, whatever version you may own- just enjoy it and drop this comparison stuff.

After all, we know the LE is the best one anyway- simply because it has Keith's signature on it and it's his first pin with Stern.

#6471 2 years ago
Quoted from spinal:

We can all nit-pick about small details but overall I think we can all agree this is one of the best "sets" of art packages that Stern has ever released.
Other artists beware! The bar has been raised again by ZY along with our expectations for future art packages. Mediocre art is slowly becoming the new crap and good-enough won't cut it anymore --- ZY has raised our expectations again!
Some applause for what ZY is doing for pinball - thanks

Absolutely agree !

#6477 2 years ago

This game gets better by the day.

Super addicting.

The music is so perfect for pinball - even my wife agrees and she tells me to change the song anytime an Iron Maiden track pops up on Pandora LOL. She loves the machine because it's just pure fun. It's the definition of why we love pinball.

The call outs?

F-ing SPECTACULAR and pure metal and pinball mayhem that just adds to the overall awesome package that is Iron Maiden. When you hear the devil guy voice yell TIME EXTENDEDDDD! and the perfectly timed sounds and lighting effects- it just adds this dynamic combination of sound, lighting, and action I've yet to find in another pin to date.

Just epic, plain and simple... Those who are waiting for this machine are going to be blown away.

#6481 2 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Personally I would LOVE to have the LE translight on my Pro.

Even if you don't get your favorite translite, you have to admit- the LCD is the main focus above the playfield. The best animations and information layout Stern has used to date. They went all out and proved that moving away from the DMD can be not only much more useful, but significantly more awesome

#6486 2 years ago
Quoted from trilamb:

You posted a picture of big bird standing next to the Premium yesterday. It has 7 up votes right now.
seems like a weird post to make when you were having fun poking fun at the Premium yesterday (as was I with the LE... just for fun I think they're all great)

Nah not weird. Just having fun, because people were calling the LE a Christmas tree - which is a bit of a stretch. That's about as good of a comparison as Big Bird is to the Premium which was my point.. just having fun with the goofiness of Pinside.

For the record, I like both machines and would own either art package. But that's because I don't care about the artwork much since it's rarely seen when in a lineup.

I bought the LE because:

1) I wanted it faster
2) Has Keith's signature
3) Had features I would pay for anyway.. invisiglass, shaker, art blades, upgraded speakers, armor, mirrored backglass, etc
4) May hold it's value better

Everyone has their own reasons to buy the version that appeals to them the most. Artwork is the very last reason I make a decision.

#6493 2 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

Agreed! Definitely a lot of thought went into this. “Hallowed be thy drain” after a slingshot straight to the outlane makes me chuckle instead of being pissed off haha

Love that one! The callouts not only have the best voice work in a pin that i've personally ever heard, they are timed very well and add so much to the atmosphere when playing the game.

Considering my last music pin was Aerosmith, Iron Maiden makes that machine seem so boring and bland - sound effects, music, lighting, etc. - so much more went into this game vs AS.

#6495 2 years ago
Quoted from Silverballer:

Is it REALLY that good?

TL;DR Yes.

Long version:


#6497 2 years ago
Quoted from PinCrush:

Setup my LE last night and played several games. Man, what an amazing pin! Couldn't be happier.
First few games everything worked fine, but when I ended the night, I have two problems. First, Mummy captive ball is no longer reading hits. Second, trap door leading to sarcophagus lock doesn't know the ball is there and won't open the door. Ball check clears it but sarcophagus immediately dumps it back to playfield. The secret entrance diverter stays open, so as soon as you shoot the left ramp again, the process repeats.
I'll dig in over the weekend. Gets my troubleshooting juices flowing!

Seems this has been the most common issue/adjustment needed that I mentioned earlier in the thread.

It will just take some adjustment of the plastic "spoon" that the metal standoff sits in to make the switch trigger.

I actually just swapped the Orb captive ball switch with the Mummy captive switch and made some basic adjustments/bends in the switches (not that swapping them fixed the issue) and it seems to work much better. Initially I was frustrated since it seemed like a bigger issue, but now that I understand it better it's not that difficult of a fix. I just think it could have been designed a bit better for more reliable hit registers because it may go out of adjustment more often than not over time.. we'll see!

For now, it's working great after adjustment.

#6530 2 years ago

Get rubber Qalo rings ! Won't lead to an amputated ring finger if you have some sort of accident, just Google 'Ring Avulsion' and see why metal rings are bad for yourself AND your pinball machine decals

#6563 2 years ago

Well, my motorized underworld ramp flap took a dump now.

It sticks up and won't go down.

Inspected the mech and it seems the arm in the coil that pops it up is getting stuck at the very tail end of the arm that's extended out - and gets hung up and won't go down on it's own.

Tried messing with it and I can't figure it out. Looking at how the mech is designed, once again- im baffled at the design. I'll talk to Chaz next week but the machine is down.

Great game when it works though lol

Anyone else have a similar issue yet?

EDIT: Fixed it. Took playfield ramp and under playfield ssembly apart, and reinstalled it. Now it works fine... Not sure what it was but it's good now!

#6648 2 years ago

Stern just posted pics of Iron Maiden's topper.... really? It's a damn MULLET for $399.99 MSRP? Is this a joke?

IMmullet (resized).jpg

#6662 2 years ago

Sweet! Love the code updates so far! New programmer is showing off at this point lol

Now I just need my new underworld ramp assembly because mine is broken already

#6770 2 years ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Don’t take apart the ramp. I had the same issue. If yours is the same, the back part of your ramp has a sharp lower edge and is rubbing and catching on the ball guide behind and below it. It’s sharp metal on metal and causes it to stick just long enough that the release coil has finished its attempt to let the ramp down. My fix was to put a tiny bit of 3in1 oil on a qtip and run a little oil on the ball guide. Problem solved. In my opinion, these should not be touching, so I’ll be looking at adjusting the coil and/or coil stop so the ramp does not raise so high, thus not rubbing the ball guide.

I did that same thing and the ramp started getting stuck again after about 10-15 games or so.

Just installed the new ramp assembly that Stern sent me and its perfect again for now.

#6780 2 years ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Mine has been fine for about 30 games so far. What was different about your new assembly?

Not much, other than the coil arm of the new one doesn't seem to extend as far and get caught up like the defective one.

Here's a pic of the entire assembly which took me 5 mins to swap out. Super easy

20180527_093933 (resized).jpg

#6792 2 years ago

I dont find Iron Maiden to be frustrating at all. In fact, the games and ball times can be longer than other Sterns IMO, especially my other ones MET/TWD/and especially Star Wars which I find to be even faster and more challenging than Maiden and definitely more frustrating (in a good way!)

Overall, Maiden is an excellent pin and its frantic and crazy but not at all frustrating. IMO, the most frustrating shot can be the left ramp trying to make it through the poppers and combo-ing the ramps in Mummy Multiball.. I just can't seem to combo them much... practice makes perfect though!

#6842 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Trooper mb was actually easier on earlier code as ripping the spinner could award 2 locks. How it is now, and I believe .97 too, is when you light lock at the drops via a sweep or 3 drop hits when lock is lit, it will lite all 3 locks that can award a lock at either the right orbit or inner spinner orbit. The second time lighting locks is much harder; it takes 2 sets of drops to light one ball lock, then you have to go through 3 sets of drop banks again to light the 2nd lock, and again the 3rd.
Going for drops is a risky shot but if you can sweep them and light your locks and start multiball and get 25M every time you play the game, then more power to you.
In Keith's interview he talked about difficulty of the game. He wanted to be easy in the first 5 minutes of play for casuals but give advanced players strategic ways to utilize those easier multi balls (i.e. multipliers, loop jp's, etc...). As you progress, the game starts shifting your shots to the more dangerous risky shots. To me, in my opinion, this gives the game much more 'one more game' appeal because it doesn't feel wood choppy (which Keith also mentioned in his interview), and gives the game that 'one more game' appeal as you get to the harder stages you drain ball 3 when you were so close to blowing it all up.
All in all; I don't personally see any issues that need to be addressed. And if you think 25M is a good trooper mb, you may want to 'Play Better'

EDIT: And if you think it still needs to be 'addressed'; go into settings and make the locks harder - bingo, addressed!

Thank you for explaining this!! I was literally coming here to ask about why sometimes Trooper MB is so easy sometimes, and sometimes not. I noticed a few games all three locks were lit back to back so Trooper MB could start with 3 simple lock shots. I thought it might have been a bug.

But now it makes sense how the game can have a super quick and fun MB like Trooper MB, but sometimes it not be easy. That's just some great coding and rule design there. More I play the game the more I'm impressed with the ruleset Keith made.

I think since Keith is new and this is his first pin, he's working with the programmer pretty aggressively to perfect the code. He's hungry and trying to make a name for himself and dare I say, I'm thinking he's going to give Lyman a run for his money when it comes to great rulesets that are refined and polished to a more granular level.

#6845 2 years ago

I'm just glad they didn't make a Super Duper LE model for $15K and include some type of bad ass mode that us peons could never experience. That would piss me off.

I think it's only fair, even as an LE model owner, that Stern incorporates at the very least a modified version of that mode. I just can't get on board with reduced functionality software, then it's like a "Lite" version in a way. Just modify the rules to hit a couple lit arrows instead of the "flappy flapper" of a ramp on the LE.

Maybe add a call out for the Pro model that says in the devil voice "See, You've saved THOUSANDS by hitting the blinking arrows instead of a RAMP!" Then you will feel just fine and everyone is happy in the end.

#6868 2 years ago

Anyone who has something negative to say about the LE simply has not seen it in person. Between the powdercoated armor with metallic red paint, mirrored BG, foil artwork, art blades, anti-glare invisiglass, playfield extras, etc etc it really is one of the coolest looking Stern LE's made in a long time. Yes, even better than the $15K Batman Super LE edition lol

1 week later
#6935 2 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

I fucked up buying Aerosmith
Look at the code love Maiden is getting
Congrats to the owners of a well coded game from what I can gather

Hey, I fucked up too. I bought it based on how the pin played with early code and thought, "sure- they'll polish and add more shit to it - but for now it's pretty cool"

Well, that didn't happen.

I used to see people refer to Lonnie, the coder for Aerosmith - as "Lazy Lonnie" because of the whole KISS fiasco. I wrote it off as sure - how can you mess up twice ?

Well, as you can see, Lonnie has lived up to his name and I'll NEVER buy a game coded by him, no matter the theme or anything.

You will be left holding the bag and taking a loss just to move it for something better in it's place. That should be IMDN.

#6938 2 years ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Lonnie must have coded buck Hunter... Fun game completely ruined by prematurely abandoned code. Code status and Elwin are the only reasons I broke my "NEVER BUY A STERN UNTIL IT'S OUT FOR FIVE YEARS!!!!" rule.

And such a WIN too.

After Aerosmith I felt like a beaten child, an abused and abandoned spouse... Ok im exaggerating.. but I felt like Stern dropped this on us and abandoned it and moved on to the next.

Then I decided to roll the dice again but with IMDN. First off, it's a big theme Ive been waiting for, and second - I've been saying for a long time Stern needs a fresh designer and coder that's hungry to make a name for themselves like a guy like Lyman has.

With IMDN the best part to me is owning a game that is Keith Elwins love child in the pinball world, and his obvious effort to work with the coder to design not only a superior playfield to what we've seen for many years - but some well thought out coding that based on the frequent releases - tells me Keith and the new coder are hungry and almost obsessed with perfecting this. They are hungry and already strong out the gates.

IMDN is going to be a sought after pin for many years to come and could be recognized as one of Stern's best made games, ever. It makes me look forward to Keith's Game #2 because I know it's going to kick ass.

The aquisition of Keith Elwin was needed in this growing sea of competition of pinball manufacturers. Keith going to JJP could have been a big leap for Jersey Jack, IMO.

#6944 2 years ago
Quoted from dts:

Don't give up now! IMDN has arrived. Buy it and be blown away.

What he said.

If I don't like a game, I sell or trade it. Why? Because life is too short to assume you have all the time in the world to wait for whatever it is you want.

Buy IMDN, then play it and realize you don't care about AS anymore and you'll sell it and never think about it again while you are enjoying IMDN

#6949 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

It dont seem to lock them anymore? Anyone else seeing this?

I'm on 1.0 code and Trooper multiball seemed to work the same way to me....

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