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Iron Maiden Revealed

By Concretehardt

1 year ago

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Post #1675 Video of LE features missing from Pro that Prem/LE will have Posted by vireland (1 year ago)

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Post #2685 Display font comparison - existing font vs metal font Posted by vireland (1 year ago)

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Post #4264 High res LE pics. Posted by starbase (1 year ago)

Post #4864 LE broadcast from Dead Flip backup. Posted by DeadFlip (1 year ago)

Post #5313 Picture of screw-on Iron Maiden Shooter Rod end for the LEs Posted by BOBCADE (1 year ago)

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#18 1 year ago

Der de der... I I've looked all over the poster and Stern too. Where in Chicago is this going on? At Logan? I need to pick up a Breakshot there anyway. WIN.

#21 1 year ago

Is it sold out? Was my next question lol.

#24 1 year ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

I have a free +1 available if Gryszzz wants to buy me a drink .

Wait for it..........

#27 1 year ago

That's freakin mighty alright of ya to offer Levi. Sadly, 73% of Pinside still thinks yer an asshole. Can't see how I could pass this once in a lifetime opportunity up.
And I really do need to get this Breakshot.

#31 1 year ago

--Trojan Man

#93 1 year ago

These douchebags are so full o shit. Hallowed Be Thy Name has what,...the same 4 note arpeggio??
I hear more blatant copyright infringement every day on my kids' amazingly sucktacular pop channels.

#95 1 year ago

Uncle Gary with the curveball....Dying Fetus LE YAAAS.

#155 1 year ago
Quoted from Erik:

tried to think about any old band I like(d) and the only one that appeals to me is Misfits. Fun lyrics, short songs, uptempo. It should be all Collection 1 and contain Goo goo ghouls night out .. GOO GOO

An upvote from-eh-moi?
People_Nabors-0b77b (resized).jpg
Now let's get on with the Deadpool reveal...

#169 1 year ago

PAPA live
Edit: no reveal yet lol...just posting link for who dey.

#187 1 year ago

Alright! Only 10 more 2 player matches to go lol. I think it might actually be 2 minutes to midnight before we know...

#199 1 year ago
Quoted from chad:

Let's hope the nukes dont fly prior to the announcement!!!

Naw...that'll be the day before my machine is scheduled to be delivered.

#201 1 year ago
Quoted from lordloss:

So is the final round game going to be Iron Maiden?

If you're gonna die...

#204 1 year ago
Quoted from ScottinSGFNY:

Die with you a Flip Flops on?

Ehhh I'm a sorry no bueno de a Italianno.
Just kidding.
It's a me! Mario!

#226 1 year ago
Quoted from chad:

I think we need to up the irons. ( correct saying?)

No. Up the fucking irons!
Exclamation point. Gotta have that.

#228 1 year ago

Jesus Christ I been here since 10 am.
I paid to go to the Stern party again and didn't even realize it.

#250 1 year ago

20180324_200417 (resized).jpg

#268 1 year ago

666 watching

#360 1 year ago


#467 1 year ago
Quoted from Budman:

I guess us “ over 50 guys” will have to wait yet again for a theme with which we can relate..... or take up croquet, badmitten and Jeopardy( right before bedtime) .

Let's not forget how crazy that Wheel of Fortune club is!! Until 9 pm atleast.

#476 1 year ago
Quoted from spinal:

More to the point... Stern would have been better off not revealing this "teaser" at all. What point did it serve really?

It confirmed their next pin.

#490 1 year ago

If you're gonna die, die with your boots on,
If you're gonna try, well stick around
If you're gonna die, you're gonna die

#512 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

It would have been great if Stern was more specific. Something like, "New game title announcement Saturday with photo reveal coming Tuesday!" I bet at least 20% of the people watching the stream were there to see the new game.

Sure, but, vodka.

#633 1 year ago

Just put down my 48 hr refundable deposit with JJ (like I'll be gettin a refund lol). Not to light a fire under anyone's ass but was just told majority of LE's going overseas (surprise surprise) and Maiden themselves are taking 50!
So freakin stoked for this!!!

#642 1 year ago

It's not a "hype machine" or album art; for us die hard Maiden fans it's ALWAYS been about the music. Stern can't fuck that up. And that is what's MOST important to me.
Am I being overly optimistic? Absolutely! I had a Mustang with a cracked cab. Guess what? I've got the Williams corner brackets waiting.
I'm excited AF for this and refuse to let anyone rain on my metal gods parade.

#643 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

I'm not being a smart ass with the "babe" stuff...like the harder "too much time on my hands" type wicked licks.

Law did you feel personally betrayed when they branched out into Mr. Roboto territory?
9 yr old me was heartbroken.

#644 1 year ago

"Wicked licks"

#648 1 year ago
Quoted from Fytr:

That's funny because as a kid that was the only song of theirs I liked!
Love me some Mr. Roboto! I even had the 45 single.

I know, I did too.

#671 1 year ago
Quoted from ttown:

I can't see real good do we have Warren Buffett on this thread?

Now that was freakin hilarious. Still laughing.

#674 1 year ago
Quoted from ttown:

Believe me a I am fully kidding .. he prob knows way more then I do.

I know. I don't think he was offended. Funny is funny. *tips hat*

#676 1 year ago

This machine could be designed by one of the top players in the world AND the band themselves and this will still be Pinside tomorrow lol...
Nuclear-War-Explosion-in-city-Razvan-Ionut-Dragomirescu (resized).jpg

#695 1 year ago

Tonight is the final frontier.

#699 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

White Castle edition?

Stern spelling edition.
Eyes peeled for Halloowed be Thy Name.

#706 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Jut kidding - it's the whole of the USA that's behind. You guys need to catch up.

I can't hear my guns.

#748 1 year ago
Quoted from dannylite:

The problem is that pinball manufacturers have zero creativity when it comes to marketing and creating the buzz around a "reveal." (time spent making the machine I suppose.) Yeah, they will sell to the rock hards (woohoo) but why sell yourself short. Strike the masses man. If you rode a motorbike into the show with a chain draging an Iron Maiden cabinet you'd sell a F@ckTon more. Right! THEY are so behind the times and God bless'em because that's why I am here to help. So, Stern, if you are listening I can ride a motorbike and would be willing to jump your next real Revel "Evel Knevel" style in the PAPA parking lot (RIP) for the right amount of dough. I'll sign a waiver and a NDA and carry my own insurance policy and all that good stuff but the money has to be right, right. Hell, I'll even do it for ACNC for FREE (too late) or is it?...because that biz was lacking as well. Boy, I am on a tear. So who's this with me cuz I wanna make it happen. Gryszzz?
» YouTube video

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I'll casually bring it up when I see Uncle Gary at Easter dinner.

#749 1 year ago

-Lebowski penthouse party 2014-
Me: what's in that dropper?
Dannylite: bwahahaha

#753 1 year ago

Lol, close....but it's not Charlie Brown kickin....
Indianapolis-Colts-beat-San-Francisco-49ers-on-Adam-Vinatieris-field-goal-in-OT (resized).jpg

#762 1 year ago
Quoted from dannylite:

Was that before or after this classic balcony conversation?
Steve Ritchie: Who Are You!?
Me: Who Am I? Who the Hell Are You?
Whoops! Hahaha I literally had no clue. Boy did I feel like a first class jackass when the two dudes listening in asked me if I knew who I was talking to. Hope this Maiden pin is everything you have hoped for and more buddy.

Hahaha. That was the most fun I've ever had at a party I wasn't invited to.
Don't feel bad homie. At the Stern Batman "party" I was standing there gawking at him like fanboy #1 extraordinaire and he goes "Well, what the fuck are YOU lookin at?" Almost made that 45 minute wait for a beer worth it.

#776 1 year ago

Inserts tied to songs???
ap_090911089838_sq-3271237f28995f6530d9634ff27228cae88e3440-s900-c85 (resized).jpg

#779 1 year ago

Just joshing ya. They're not "just"songs. They're IRON FUCKIN MAIDEN SONGS.

#794 1 year ago


#891 1 year ago

Rule set got me like...
ap_090911089838_sq-3271237f28995f6530d9634ff27228cae88e3440-s900-c85 (resized).jpg
...where's Breakshot??

#897 1 year ago

Just signed up for community college so I won't let this machine down.

#945 1 year ago

687474703a2f2f7777772e717569636b6d656d652e636f6d2f696d672f63382f633863633232346335623165386231626161666562613432383764393533346164643533323733626337393537326135666363386162386162326363313961622e6a7067 (resized).jpg

#1005 1 year ago

$8795 delivered. Also comes with book "First Time Anal Fisting and Making it Fun".

#1025 1 year ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Button tucked padded game blades yo!

Someone's def stealing that idea. Shoulda put that TM on that post. Awesome thinking yo!

#1316 1 year ago

Goddamit on here all day creamin my pants but busy from 4-7. Please tell me one of ya's got a recording of the stream...

#1339 1 year ago

Anyone know what versions of the songs are being used...all studio cuts I'm guessing? That's one of the reasons I love Maiden. Don't like that version? Don't worry, there's 10 better ones anyway.
The live cuts Pinball Browsered in will be aces. Hi.

#1347 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

And with the rule set, the game awards you 2x points for the loop with the flipper down than up. Tougher shot.

No way! That's crazy.

#1349 1 year ago

So the reveal will be at MGC right?
Well played WI/MN crew, well played.

#1422 1 year ago

Ffs. Bruce is NOT a falsetto singer. King Diamond is. Rob Halford is. Dickinson isn't.
I get what yer saying, cause I used to feel the same way. But that's like the 5th time I've read that, and it's incorrect.
knowing (resized).jpg

#1425 1 year ago

Lol...guess we all hit send simultaneously.

#1551 1 year ago

So...who's gonna be the first to start replacing songs? Kinda iffy with the inserts and lcd. But I've heard Run to the Hills 2 million times and the Trooper isn't far behind. I'm one of the few that actually likes their newer stuff, so replacement is inevitable. Can someone smarter than me tell me how that will affect the gameplay? I'm guessing it won't,...just not the song on the insert. Am I wrong?

#1571 1 year ago

No money changes hands until "official announcement" by Stern. That was Sat. Monday I put my deposit down. If JJ got less than 20 how many do you think Bobby in Paducha got?

#1584 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Matrix says all models have the sane sound upgrades i believe...


#1785 1 year ago

Damn Concrete, had no idea. Glad yer doin better. Take it easy man, literally; we don't wanna lose you buddy, you're one of the good ones!

#1834 1 year ago

That's exactly what I was thinking it's gonna look like. Nice find Asael.

#1993 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Ian knows what’s up. Same here, both should be coming around the same time!

Screw you straight edge shitheads.
Jajaja. Color me jealous af.
Have a drink on me boys!

#1995 1 year ago

You were straight edge IN COLLEGE???
Mad respect, with a little bit of sympathy thrown in.

#2008 1 year ago

I can tell yer excited. There's no **.

#2196 1 year ago

Its all good. We're all different. I was driving yesterday when Anthrax came on, and I thought about how we all have opinions, and they are still valid. Anthrax was part of the Big 4, loved by many. I love Scott Ian and Charlie Benante's playing, but could never get into any of their vocalists. I tried and tried, just didn't do it for me. So I get where a lot of y'all are coming from. We like what we like, there is no right or wrong.
With that being said, if you think Maiden is old and obsolete, so are those pantyhose yer wearin.

#2206 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

With that being said, if you think Maiden is old and obsolete, so are those pantyhose yer wearin.

Yeah, pretty weak. When I'm sober it's a lot of hit or miss. *shrugs*

#2213 1 year ago

Sleep played Indy last week---sold out too, which I'm proud of Indy for. Love HOF and Matt Pike is an 8 string goddamn tone monster.
I didn't go. So fucking sick of doom and the 2mil doom bands in my state. 45 minute 2 riff tracks hard pass.

#2217 1 year ago

Holy shit. Looks pretty damn spectacular. That bullseye shot looks fun as hell, and I'm diggin her voice. Thanks Pascal!

#2231 1 year ago
Quoted from PinKopf:

So in that second video during the Aces High multiball that starts around 6:40, it looks like the dog fight lcd display is somewhat interactive with your shots, shooting down planes when you hit the right shot. Then it looks like to down a bomber, you have to hit the shot for either engine or fuselage, presumably each corresponding to the either one of the main ramps and center bulleye ramp) while the crosshairs on the display are on that area? ie a roving jackpot is moving across the shots of the pf in sync with the graphics?
That looks awesome if accurate!

Yeah Aces High is gonna be insane. Guessing that target and lcd are fairly interactive. Lotta battlefield scenarios in multiple songs for that to expand on.
Holy hell I'm gettin all monkey boy excited again.

#2232 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

Please explain your avatar

#2263 1 year ago
Quoted from pinmister:

Reminds me of a mix of I500-turbo for right upper, CSI photo shot left upper, and Metallica ramps left and right.

Exactly what I was thinking. To most there's prob nothing "special" about it but for me, it reminds me of that straight up the middle I500 center shot, with a ramp and bullseye thrown in for extree fun. Plus that target might do something different on other models, we don't know yet. Either way, hittin that target to bring down fighter planes looks b'dass.

#2295 1 year ago

Yeah my 300wtt Orb sub is getting impatient. That + JBL's I can almost guarantee I nut my pants before the first ball is plunged.

#2362 1 year ago

Anybody else hear that between song blurb from Luc Carl on Ozzys Boneyard today?
Luc Carl: "So I was in a bar and I see Lemmy playin pinball. I walk over and he says 'Ayy! You like pinball? Grab a flipper!' So I did."
I was all HOLY SHIT to the car next to me.

#2366 1 year ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Well, sign me up as a bona fide, Eddie-loving, Iron Maiden convert!!
I knew ONE Iron Maiden song before this launch, and now at 50 freaking years old and thinking I listen to everything, I had just not EVER got to the Irons. I have spent the last week or so binge listening to as much as I can, and WHERE HAVE I BEEN????? This stuff is fantastic!! So many years of catalog and different phases and periods and members and producers and........OMG. Thank you Iron Maiden! I can not WAIT to get into a premium!

#2372 1 year ago

With Teeth is the perfect fuck album js.

#2373 1 year ago


#2375 1 year ago

They certainly don't play enough:
-Black Sabbath
-Van Halen
Can't hardly listen anymore. XM40 sucks too, but I'll take what I can get....every once in awhile they play Deicide.

#2385 1 year ago


#2387 1 year ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

Ozzys Boneyard
Faction Punk
Jason Ellis
Are my go tos for Sirius XM with a mix of some classic rock or lithium.

Faction punk hasn't been on in a few months. Now it's 90's puke. All they fuckin played was Rancid anyway...but I miss the Marky Ramone show.
XM needs a real mf punk channel.

#2392 1 year ago

What is this "stream" all you kids are hollerin about?

#2434 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

The Fragile is the perfect album.

Hey numbnuts reading is fundamental....I said it was the perfect "fuck" album. Not perfect album. I don't give a shit about NIN.

#2438 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Did people really think it was going to be the LE?

Dammit YES.
Oh well...Im gettin good at this waiting game.

#2579 1 year ago

So no ACDC switch to live tracks fire button?

#2580 1 year ago
Quoted from redlines:

Have them PM me they can have mine for 11k I have two on order one for me one for my brother.

My brother gets slugged every time I see him yours gets an IMDN LE. We're different but the same.

#2582 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

My pants are shrinking!!


#2672 1 year ago

Atta boy kid! You got a bright future ahead of ya...nice job.

#2722 1 year ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

Everytime i started fear of the dark and hallowed be the name mode the LCD would go black and only show scores it did not show that animations.

That's fear of the dark mode.

#2730 1 year ago

I'm feelin pretty helpful today so thought I would share, what I think, would work very well in place of "Flight of Icarus" for you non-Maiden fans. Very similar lyrics and melody.

1 week later
#3187 1 year ago

Anybody have a link to their preferred parts tumbler? Been meaning to grab one.

#3190 1 year ago

I was thinking LE's shipping late May/early June. Then Premiums. I don't think this is on purpose really, but the hype with all this wait is nothing but a positive for Stern....I'd keep milking all this insanity if it were me.

#3464 1 year ago

Oh Jeebus, please let it be this
maxresdefault (3) (resized).jpg
and not that.

#3752 1 year ago

Looks good to me. Wondering if both sides are the same?

#3775 1 year ago

Well, at least the tank from A Matter of Life and Death made it on the backglass.
Merry Christmas mf's!

#3922 1 year ago

Blue trim looks best to me. MF. Was REALLY hoping for Aces High Eddie. Not gonna condemn just yet over a few crappy pics, but...damn...feel like a kid that just got punched on Christmas. Oi.

#4046 1 year ago

These kids and their fancy memes and internet wizardry but can't spell their own names. (Not you WY, I'm assuming you didn't make that.)
*yells at cloud*

#4052 1 year ago
Quoted from Allibaster:

I did. I feel so bad now.

It was pretty damn funny. Obviously a typo....just bustin yer balls Dawn.

#4085 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

And there it is, right on que...gotta love this place.

If that's the premium cab I might have to switch. Not sure why I'm so hung up on cab art but kinda I am. Cause it's Iron fucking Maiden and my first LE and first nib so it gots to be absolutely poifect. The pro just stunned me (and you) with the gameplay, ruleset, and art that is goddamn magnificent. Pro seems like best route to go but I knew this 5 years ago.

#4092 1 year ago

JJ said they start shipping on Tues. So anybody that wants to come over for the unboxing in a couple weeks, the party will be on.

#4096 1 year ago
Quoted from BOBCADE:

You sound just like me with initial shock but I’m really warming up to it.

Dude. I was literally just about to pm ya with subject title "Hey man, you warmin up yet?"

#4111 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

I struggled to find that at first. Now I see it. I think. So it's like a Mick on a stick that moves 1 inch?

Ah, there's a diverter of some sort. I can see it now, thanks! So where does the ball go if diverted?

Is it like the bicycle girl ramp on TWD? What happens when the ramp is lifted?

That's cool. How do the balls lock there?
Hey wait... is there a magnet by the pops/flasher?
So zero sculpted toys tho? Dang. What about that fella on the left?

#4113 1 year ago

79 you should come out for the party.

#4116 1 year ago

Cross Examination might be closin shit down. 79 if you are unfamiliar well adios.

#4122 1 year ago

Just lou talk smallD.

#4124 1 year ago

lol @ lou talk

#4352 1 year ago

I have a 300 watt Orb under MET, waiting on Maiden. It's pretty loud, I like it.
Congrats Eugene! Paid mine off last night...surprised wife hasn't cancelled Visa yet. Lol just kiddin JJ!

#4357 1 year ago

Now you guys got me wondering...what would happen if I hook up the 12" Pioneer home speakers that I've had in storage for years. Anyone ever hooked up a home speaker? Obviously a tiny amp is not gonna drive my 400 watt Cerwin Vegas but what about a smaller 100 watt? Would the mid and tweeter even work? Pardon my idiocracy.

#4670 1 year ago

Dude were you and yer dad in a car wreck on the way to MGC? That's terrible.

#4671 1 year ago

Extra cushioning *armpit hair* woulda helped with the collision.

#4838 1 year ago

Aurich I apologize for the low blow in that chat. Ya went all caps on me though lol. Regardless, that was dickish. Luv ya bud.

#4846 1 year ago

Aurich drove my truck back to the Westin from my first and the officially last PL party. So yeah...he's my #1 guy.

#4848 1 year ago

We're still makin out in here.
"Doesn't anybody knock anymore?"

#4857 1 year ago

Fucking idiots. It's not a reach around if he's sitting beside you.

#4862 1 year ago

Naw Bob Dylan for armpit shaving. Then Mobb Deep for the aloe.

#4866 1 year ago

nintchdbpict000375788105-e1514891254825 (resized).jpg

#4876 1 year ago

Goddamit Aurich for the last time the lights were off. It was the Slayer me and Don listened to for half hour that got left on. But hallelujah! We met the NE dudes! Lifesavers. Every last one of em.

#4877 1 year ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Au Chanté Gryszzz!
En haute les fers!

I only listen to Autopsy. Goodnight.

#4996 1 year ago

Kinda wish I had the mental fortitude and cabbage to leave the LE in the box and just buy a pro. But I don't.

#5002 1 year ago

Did you stay at a Holiday Inn last night?

#5120 1 year ago

It's clearly not Stern. Not defending them, but this is all Maiden. They have a tour starting in like, a week. Just do what I do...throw on some Hatebreed and destroy everything.

#5125 1 year ago
Quoted from NightMutilator:

The biggest redemption with the art reveal fiasco is that Stern didn't halt production. They could have done that and then this thread would have exploded in rage. I feel Stern is for sure on our side on making sure we don't get caught up in paying and not getting what we paid for. I'd much rather have that then be locked in some scenario where we don't know when we're getting our games...


#5131 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

If Zach was just waiting for your email, why didn't you do it sooner?


#5136 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

umm... I was busy getting ready for my duties at the ann arbor pinball showcase that starts tomorrow?

Sorry jm yer gonna have to do better than that.

#5138 1 year ago

Just sold yer email to Kate from cardmember services.

#5142 1 year ago

Don't worry! There's nothing wrong.

#5151 1 year ago

Second coming of the messiah or jm doing some emailing? You decide.
Ha. Premium pics soon I'm guessin.

#5155 1 year ago

In case you didn't see that.

#5156 1 year ago

I kinda think this is hilarious and don't really give a fuck what anyone thinks.
Edit: vodka

#5242 1 year ago

Where's RobT and that cryin brat pic?

#5267 1 year ago

Oh damn that bb looks sweet!

#5273 1 year ago

So how do those speakers sound?

#5278 1 year ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

No JBL cab speaker, now that's lame !
I thought it was supposed to be a package with the upgraded amp.
This I'm not so happy.

Wait, what???
No JBL's? Shirley you're joking.

#5287 1 year ago

Whew. In my excitement I skipped that crucial phrase. I'm just happy for the backbox speaker upgrades....finally! Got my sub waiting. Congrats Bob lookin GOOD BABY!!!

#5346 1 year ago

Kudos to Bob for not starting a thread or lawyering up for that decal mishap. Assuming he's too busy playing to give a shit, but what can he do (aside from new decal) to remedy that? Will the housing slide up that far? New, larger housing from Stern? 3d print new one lol? I bet one of the modders here could probably make you a custom one that would pass. Gary cut that check to Mrs. Mezel.

#5348 1 year ago

Oh shit. That's not good. B/W brackets should ship with all new Sterns ffs.

#5357 1 year ago

Damn. Thought this was fixed. At least I have the B/W brackets waiting. I would turn the shaker off in that machine bigd, or remove it.

#5359 1 year ago

Marco sells the larger old school Bally Williams brackets. They are a must with all new Sterns.

#5361 1 year ago

Same SS but I only played at MGC. Where would Cliffys go? Is there a scoop in back can't see in pics, I mean there has to be right?

#5364 1 year ago

Thanks Mike.
Yep, Charles, those are the ones. Key is screw size. I can't remember off top of my head but there's an entire thread on it here.

#5394 1 year ago

Thanks for posting the links Vireland. Kinda sad for the money we spend, but it is what it is. Preventative maintenance is always a good thing anyway.

#5397 1 year ago

Venom, yer 1000% correct. But, and this is a big butt, I'm not going to punish myself by not buying a machine I love, over $5 in preventative maintenance. Literally. We by all means, should NOT have to be doing this. But I will grit my teeth, cuss, and do it. Then I will smile, have a cold beer, and play the fuck outta my Maiden. Sucks, but it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.

#5446 1 year ago

Bud's response to my text this morning was too much manhandling and bolts too tight. I trust my bud Bud, but I think it might be a perfect storm of all ingredients. Either way we both agree the B/W brackets are a must.

#5526 1 year ago

And build it up
and build it up
and build it up
and build it up
and now we're solid. Solid as a rock.

#5529 1 year ago

Fingers crossed kinda solid...

#5568 1 year ago

JJ shipped mine out today! No I'm not doin a little dance right now why do you ask?

#5662 1 year ago

I was actually debating having JJ take mine out, set it up, and make sure we're absolutely golden. But that's what friends are for.
If they would've asked you BEFOREHAND, I think it would be fine, or at least, better (for you). But I guess that's not the case. Best of luck bub.

#5722 1 year ago

Dgoett....super effin stoked for you brother!!! If anybody deserves this LE, it's you man.
We gotta have a meet up when LotB tour hits the States. If they don't do St. Louie, I'll see ya in Chicago...or both. Serious bub!

#5723 1 year ago

Mine should be here tomorrow or Fri! Losing sleep!

#5730 1 year ago

Well that's just fuckin bullshit and I guaranfuckintee if I have any issues they will get remedied promptly. Not flexin, just sayin. Cause I'm nice.

#5731 1 year ago

Installing brackets anyway. Uncle Gary gotta sit at the Thanksgiving table with me, he ain't gonna Lemmy down.

#5740 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Flex MoFO Flex..

Not quite Lou Feriggno style. Like I saId I'm nice.

#5858 1 year ago

Congrats beau hope you get to feelin better brother.

#6014 1 year ago

Yep. Bet they do a "Luci" premium with 666 made and cash in. Exactly what I was thinking too.

#6016 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Yep. Bet they do a "Luci" premium with 666 made and cash in. Exactly what I was thinking too.

The more I think about it, maybe not. Have they ever numbered premiums? Don't think they'll release another LE, although I wouldn't care if they did. I just see them releasing premiums, then doing a Luci with it in a year and capitalizing on the success of this machine. Who knows.

#6019 1 year ago

There wasn't any "need" for Luci either. Different art package drove folks bonkers though.

#6028 1 year ago

Well I'm a little biased, so ya might not wanna put too much stock in my review. 1-10 I give it a score of 666. Ha.
It is everything I hoped it would be. I'm slow with rulesets, so I really have no idea wtf I'm doing yet. My highest score so far is a measley 122m.
Some things I love:
-JBL speakers. Mind blowingly loud and sound great. Prob need those external amps Vireland linked because the amp used isn't pushing them hard enough.
-Sarcophagus lock. When It spills 3 balls out it is too cool for school.
-Trooper multiball. Not 100% sure, as I was a little hazy last night, but I could swear that it started with 2 balls but kept adding balls till there were 6. THAT IS B'DASS!
-Foil cab and true backglass are just gorgeous
-Shooting down planes in Aces High mode...so fun
-Shot geometry. Every time I play it I think I find a new shot to shoot.
What I'm not so crazy about:
-The speakers clipping at high volume.
-The sculpted Eddies. Not my thing, would rather have that time and effort put into QC.
-Songs tied to inserts. This pretty much guarantees no tracks will be added. But live versions I think, will be.

All in all I'm doing fkn backflips over this thing. I think about how at Chicago Expo when JJPOTC was revealed, and we were like, oh shit, Uncle Gary better step his game up. Well, he did. Now I see why he's always smiling.

#6033 1 year ago

I actually haven't even hooked up my sub yet...they are that loud. And I listen to music at an ear shattering level. They might be the best upgrade Stern has done yet. 4-5 LE's from now, they should have the right amp installed to power these beasts lol.

#6037 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

They didn't leave $1.5M on the table lol
Those additional 166 purchasers are just going to buy the Premium instead. I am sure once you do the math, and adjust for net profit- they didn't leave that much on the table. I think if anything it was cool they limited the production and didn't only think with their wallets... I can appreciate that, and so can many others.

While this is true, they kinda did. 666 woulda been the sweet spot. Oh well. They shoulda consulted the clairvoyant.

#6038 1 year ago
Quoted from j_m_:

100 or 200 LEs?!? that's just crazy talk

LOL. My favorite scene of that movie.
"Six minute abs?"
"That's just crazy talk!"

#6041 1 year ago

Yep, another huge plus (although it shouldn't be) is no visible ghosting, chipping, or any of that bullshit. Clear looks great; so far, so good. Only time will tell I guess.

#6186 1 year ago

Wow! Looks fantastic! I smell the #1 selling Stern of all time here. Congrats to all of you patient and not-so patient pinballers.

#6241 1 year ago
Quoted from NightMutilator:

not the random aviation theme that appeared after the games were already built. The marketing materials saying "battlefield" for the cabinet art... which was not true at all is a big no-no

I agree with you Deathbath, this reveal was totally bungled. But the LE isn't random aviation themed. It's the Aces High and Tailgunner tracks combined into one work of art. And believe me, I hated that artwork when I saw it. But in person, it is truly mind blowing. Like everyone seems to be saying, you can't lose on any of them; gameplay makes this a winner. But I do understand yer frustration.

#6244 1 year ago

I think with the success of this one, we might've just cemented their new reveal process.
Stern needs to understand, this was able to come to fruition because of the world-wide Maiden maniacs (raises hand) who would buy this machine no matter what. This isn't gonna happen with many other titles.

#6249 1 year ago

Now that's hilarious, but I think that translite is b'dass. The premium looks ferckin amazing. Just my opinion. Still lol'd.

#6263 1 year ago
Quoted from theironmaiden:

Dear Baby Jesus... I see what's in my living room, now let me get off work!!!!! And for those questioning their purchase of an LE... we buy LE's because we want something that others don't have. Not because it has better art. Enjoy that you have something only 499 others on the planet have. What a thing of beauty. It isn't a gamble, it's a commitment to an elite club. And yes we pay extra for that privilege. Enjoy these moments! #26 and couldn't be happier for all of us fortunate enough to own any Iron Maiden machine.

I didn't commit to any "elite club" nor do I want something "others can't have". That's some elitist bullshit right there. SOME of us are Iron Maiden fans. You're probably that asshole that's on his phone the whole concert.

#6266 1 year ago
Quoted from adamsebas:

From a distance you can't tell if it's GOTG or BM66 or Maiden

Yeah cause I like to play pinball from 30 ft away. Never understood why my scores aren't getting any better.

#6275 1 year ago

I don't get it....just played some games at 35 and no clipping. Last night....clipping. Does the .97 improve this anyone know?
Also...nailing that super skill shot for 10m is a UUGE rush!!!

#6279 1 year ago

Smart move, at least for me, has always been huo premium. Had to go balls out for this one though. If you have the patience, wait a year and buy a used premium.

#6281 1 year ago

That joke was SO funny like, 6000 posts ago.
Man I'm just kiddin....it wasn't.

#6313 1 year ago
Quoted from jellikit:

The Trooper!
» YouTube video

Brad that shit is fantastic. Love.

#6320 1 year ago

It's not crazy at all. It's just pinball.

#6322 1 year ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

There's just something a little "Hawaii" about the translite

CBS_HAWAII_FIVE_O_7422_IMAGE_CIAN_388870_640x360 (resized).jpg