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Iron Maiden Revealed

By Concretehardt

1 year ago

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Post #1675 Video of LE features missing from Pro that Prem/LE will have Posted by vireland (1 year ago)

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#177 1 year ago
Quoted from robotron:

i really hope its a title nobody saw coming. about time they keep a secret about a reveal.


#280 1 year ago

Thats it.... big freaking waste of time lmao

#293 1 year ago

What a reveling....

#877 1 year ago
Quoted from PinB:

Pro street price is approximately $5499 from what I've heard from dealers so far.
Anyone hearing lower?

So msrp is lower but street price is more ? Figured it be 5-5200 for a pro.... lets hope.

#880 1 year ago

I dont know any iron maiden but its a nib ,4 flipper game....and for around 5400. I may get one depending on the code. Good job stern....

#899 1 year ago

FB_IMG_1522166465434 (resized).jpgFB_IMG_1522166469568 (resized).jpgFB_IMG_1522166472885 (resized).jpg

#1012 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Wow, wtf. So real non MSRP prices are $5700 for pro, $7700 for premium and $8800 for LE?!

I hope not

#1090 1 year ago
Quoted from kst8cat:

So that "Pharaoh Bullseye Target" at the back is not actually a magnet, correct? It just hits it and bounces off? After first seeing it I thought it was a magnet, but the matrix does not describe it that way.

I thought it went threw it? I hope it just dont bounce off...

#1097 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

It doesn't, it's a multi target, radiating out from the center, and you score differently depending on how close to the center you get. Was like this on Archer too. Was a cool idea then, it's a cool idea now, there no need for it to go through, that doesn't make any sense with the concept.

Cool... i thought it was a magnet like lotr....

#1100 1 year ago
Quoted from Stones:

Reading the Matix, looks like the ball will go through it...

Hmmm. Guess will see soon with the stream..

#1125 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballCharlie:

Wow! Stern is really upping their game on the pro model, that's great news!

Maybe.... but apparently the price is upped also.... talking 5600-5700 for a pro now.... i got my nib twd premium with mods for 6300 twoish years ago...

#1280 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Thankfully so, the pro is still the cheapest price going and with all the features on this pin its impressive. I don't really care about the mechanical differences in this case so like SW I'm fine with the Pro version ands I like that, my wallet likes that.

It really dont have any more than say a met pro? Yes it has 4 flippers but not much more really? The b.o.m is around the same as most pros but they raised the price a few hundred again.

#1370 1 year ago

Was just watching some archer pinball vids and the pro is missing alot of mechs from it.... but looks the the premium/le will have almost all of the missing stuff and then some. Cant wait to c that version which is how it was originally designed. Also the upgraded sound is on all models which is nice and they added some other sound upgrades.

#1384 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballwil:

Yes i have the same. I think the center ramp gives the feel.
And a bit TZ.
But every pinball machine has some layout parts from the past.
Great machine, great graphics, great layout, nice bom for a pro.
Can't wait to play.

Pro is more now...5600-5700 and has same amount of mechs or even a little less than met pro that i bought nib for 1k less just few years ago.... iron maiden isnt really that loaded with stuff compared to other pros...not sure why people keep saying this. Most pros have around 14 coils and a magnet or 2.
Its nice to see sterm do a different layout but its pretty bare and has all flat plastic figures instead of molded or even 3 dimensional plastics like other pros have. The premium looks prerty loaded compared to it and the price looks to be around the same as the last few previous ones. I think it will b the one to get bc it was designed the way Keith wanted it from the looks of archer.

#1465 1 year ago

How about magnets and motors also ...they probably cost more than colis? If u count them and coils then jjp pins and b/w superpins have alot lol.

#1473 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Didn't really go down, though. They reduced the MSRP, but all that did is make the price they're listing as MSRP closer to the street price. It's actually $200-300 more street price, so the real price went up. It's a fake-out, hidden price increase in actual terms.

Yup... bs...

#1488 1 year ago
Quoted from musketd:

Seriously people a JJP game is 9500$ bucks it better be insane for that amount of money I mean come on; Iron Maiden looks fantastic and more importantly looks like it shoots great

U can get dile for under 9 and standard under 8k...

#1498 1 year ago

Coils are cheap and standard... in comparison to custom mechs ... like the potc spinning disks, qed guy, potc upper playfield, theater on di, ball lock chest on potc, both woz upper playfields, smaug and stuff like that are what cost real money.

#1583 1 year ago
Quoted from kermit24:

I agree that the price is out of control... BUT at least Stern is now including more with the LE model. Anti-glare glass, better speakers, (exclusive) art blades, shooter rod, improved cabinet decals, shaker. Star Wars was basically the same price and received NONE of these upgrades. Not even a damn shaker!

Matrix says all models have the sane sound upgrades i believe...

#1597 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

From what I have been told the LE only has upgraded JBL speakers and EQ.

U sure
20180328_222644 (resized).png

#1946 1 year ago
Quoted from AJNada:

I'm actually glad they did that middle ramp instead of another bash toy.

Its kinda a bash target..... lol

#1947 1 year ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

If this had a toy like sparky somehwere this could be the best stern lay out in years. Kinda missng a main toy. But everything else looks fantastic.
I also think their music is great for pinball, even if you are not a fan of the music.
Hope the premium gives me that extra toy. Looks great guys.

The premium will definitely have more things to do and is what im holding out hope for...

#2052 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

nah, pretty much always the PRO is the way to go.
LE is for deep pockets and people that just gotta have it on for a particular band/theme.
There is no doubt that the pro will be the players/shooters game on this one.

Looks like the premium will have all /most of the archer features which is how it was designed ..unlike the pro where its missing some things.

#2151 1 year ago
Quoted from starbase:

Looks like it plays fast, this could be a winner. Did not even really look for a LE although I did think about putting a deposit down ages ago when Stern got the license. Probably go for a premium if it looks like a upgrade from the pro fun wise.
Love the band, always have dug Eddie and I really like the song choices. Hope Stern quality has not went to total crap since I bailed.
Hi all.

Premium has lots of upgrades over the pro and has most if not all the features archer had . Im not a fan of the music/theme but im a pinball player and like lots of shots and features so im waiting to see the premium for sure.

#2343 1 year ago
Quoted from PinKopf:

Will this stream be archived I hope?? I won't be able to watch live, but I'm looking forward to seeing some extended play footage...

Hopefully someone will record the whole thing just in case

#2379 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

Dang, might as well just use my CC to get 1.75% rewards & just order one online @ $5699
But I think I’m after that Premium. I think. It’s hard to say since code & features are unknown currently.
Has anyone received a quote for the Premium?

7300..... premium

#2381 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

Looks like the day of wiring money & waiting in line are over
Online retail credit card prices now match cash Pinside prices

Wow really? Better just to use cc then and get rewards

#2394 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Yeah, but with taxes its closer to 8k... And sadly I ordered mine I think a bit too soon. As I should have waited and chose the chicagoland dealer that was in the delivery area for my home... I got to drive 77 miles to pick mine up and then decrate it myself and set it up...
But, I just wanted to be one of the first to get a premium. Was super excited... I did get the cc processing fee waved though. And that saved me quite a bit of money.

No taxes if u buy out of state and anu price sld include free shipping to your door

#2470 1 year ago

Imdle in marketplace for 10500.... if anyone is looking. Freaking ridiculous imo unless its in hand...and its still even crazy lol

#2472 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

Game looks and sounds amazing. Can't wait to get a premium.

Yep i hope all the extras are sweet...

#2481 1 year ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

It'll sell for that. I had someone offer 11k for mine.

Quoted from Concretehardt:

Holy smokes! Glad I got my LE locked in early!

Agreed ... people are crazy

#2483 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

What's funny is when I finished watching, my initial thought was than it is like MET on steroids. At least you'd agree, it's like MET but with 100% more flippers.
I think this layout makes excellent use of the space and the rules fit snugly like a cold hand in a warm glove.

2 way different pins.... met is a excellent loaded pro with great code and was only 4200-4500. Imd has a unique layout and code so far and is 5700. Cant wait to see all the upgrades on the premium/le version.

#2487 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Now Metallica is over $5k and doesn't even have a color display.

Wow even old titles have went way up in price? That makes no sence. Plenty of huo modded pros for less than a nib thank goodness...

#2505 1 year ago
Quoted from BoJo:

If someone offered me 11K for my LE that would be hard to pass up.

For sure... over a 2k in profit doing nothing. You cld get a premium with same gameplay for around 5100 and wait for a huo le for 8k down the road. Sounds like a,win win to me.

#2511 1 year ago

Im liking the design and rules alot bc it so different from the last 5 years of stern pins. I think the premium /le will be great since it will incorporate some more features/toys/mechs (which pro dont have much of) plus it has red gi like twd premium which is a great effect. Also the art theme on the premium sld be awesome . I like how u can change the music at every ball also. I never listened to imd before but it reminds me of some other bands i like from the 80/90s so im now ok with that . I think stern has a winner on their hands and ill be in for a premium more than likely. Now anyone wamna buy a well priced st pro lol.

#2593 1 year ago
Quoted from hoby1:

So what is the official acronym for Iron Maiden. IM is already Iron Man........ Maybe IRMA or IMA

Imd i believe

#2660 1 year ago
Quoted from Koos:

I thought that I’ve noticed durin Deadflip’s stream that the inserts in front of the ramps were RGB in the Pro. So they’ll be RGB in the Prem/LE as well.

From the looks of the game there are no clear inserts really on the playfield? So i dont think there are rgb lights...

#2663 1 year ago

looks like there may be 7 or 8 white inserts after looking at the close up pics? Was hard to tell bc of the art on them. Wonder y its not mentioned in the feature matrix? Stern always mentions the smallest of things in that and rgb inserts are a pretty cool feature. It be awesome if the premium has all rgb inserts.

#2664 1 year ago
Quoted from Asael:

Read the Ruleset! "Can I play with madness" is a whole mode around the rgb inserts. And I can't wait to play it!!!!!!

Maybe someone who has played it can awnser. I sure hope it has some .

#2666 1 year ago
Quoted from Asael:

In the stream of the game you can see the rgb inserts too. 1:36:32 » YouTube video
Shoot the orange arrows.

Cool ... hope the premium has all rgb ....

#2668 1 year ago
Quoted from nikpinball:

All of the large arrows and some of the small ones are RGB. Basically every "shot"


#2693 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

The main shot arrows are color changing on the pro. You can see this particularly when Elwin explains the jackpots in multiball and you can see them change based on their multiplier. They also change to match the mode, for combos, etc.
They start white to spell Eddie


#2697 1 year ago

Any info on premium? Possibly all rgb inserts?

#2754 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

The layout is so cool I may just force myself to listen to enough Iron Maiden until I like them!
Oh, on the pro is the ball supposed to stick or pass through what appears to be a shot off the backboard from the jump ramp?

Just hit it and drop into a loop

#2760 1 year ago
Quoted from Teo76:

L.E. 161 in Italy

Thats crazy considering no pics have even been shown.....

#2762 1 year ago
Quoted from NimblePin:

Scream for me POTC pre-order customers!!!

I know im thinking about it

#2781 1 year ago

Thr premium powerslave art is gonna be great imo... will fit the playfield nicely.

#2842 1 year ago

I think the premium powerslave art theme is gonna be a real standout.

#2897 1 year ago

Premium with all the features that Keith originally envisioned will be awesome ...plus the powerslave artwork will be the icing on the cake. Bye bye potc le order....

#2987 1 year ago
Quoted from starbase:

I cant believe how nice this pro is. Stern has really upped the bar on this one. So many improvements from the tron pro I had its shocking. The LE and premium now seem like overkill.

And upped the price also.... at least they put back the 20.00 playfield supports and spinners they were removing , but it cost us 300.00 from last release to do so.

#2993 1 year ago
Quoted from John1210:

I learned my lesson on the whole pro prem thing back with metallica. Had a pro played it to death and had a blast. Got a prem and pretty much thought... so what... the pro is just as fun ive wasted my money here.
That said some games do warrant the upgrade. This isnt one of them imo.The subway and sarcofigus toy are going to be super cool but not 2k cool. The pro here will suffice and then some.

It hasnt even been revealed yet so no one knows how much more the premium will truly offer but im for one waiting. The dual gi and all the other features that were on archer plus more sure wont hurt anything and can only add to the fun factor imo. Plus now that the pro is 5700 and the premium is still.at 7300 its makes the choice even harder.

#2994 1 year ago
Quoted from John1210:

I see your point however i really only think premiums are worth the upgrade if they provide extra shots. I only see some mechanical action added here and a variety to current shots. Cool to be sure but not worth the upgrade. Case in point Metallica. Coffin ball lock etc.... really cool but i have just as much fun on the pro. Everyone here is having a blast with the pro and that to me speaks volumes.
I can also get moulded eddies on ebay.

Thsts bc met is probably the best pro ever and borg pros are usually designed first .

#2997 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

I think this is the new "King of the Pros". Maybe if Met Pro had spinners, color changing inserts and a color dmd it could compete. I want to like Met Pro but can't get over the dead orbit shots with no spinners.

Yep and iron m is also over 1k more... met also has 2 scoops, inline drops, magnet and a bash toy. They are 2 totally different pins which is a good thing and both will be great in the same collection. Each will have their fans.

#3011 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

They only "removed" the spinners from GOTG because, well because it's MET. Pros have had spinners for some time.

Walking dead i believe is missing them also

#3114 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

SWEET! You mean I have less to complain about with regard to Stern? I would have never predicted such a moment. A handle makes the shitty playfield mechanics a little less shitty. Rails instead of shitty posts? It's almost like the competition of an open market is having an effect on the company. Now if we could only get the power button back to where it belongs, my outlook toward Stern might actually enter the positive side. I'm aghast!

Trust me were paying 300-400 extra for them things that use to come on the pros.... were now nearing the 6k mark for a pro....

#3128 1 year ago
Quoted from pauloz:

Not totally fair. Show me anything that hasn’t gone up in price in the last 5-10 years.

They go up almost every release tho... just year and half ago u cld get a pro for 5k or under. Soon enough the pro will be as much as i paid for my twdp jan 2016...

#3138 1 year ago
Quoted from John1210:

The pin has real art on it too that blows me away... not someone photoshopping the arse out of a theme... like some other releases or alternate art packages.
The pro IS KE's "real vision" minus a subway and physical ball lock im predicting. Wheres the extra shots going to be? Or the game changing additions? If there are any game changing additions I'll happily stand corrected and upgrade to a premium... or buy my mates spare LE.

Lots of the missing features from archer will be on the premium... not saying the pro is bad by any means, but looks to be a good bit more mechs/features on the premium to really add to a allready great pro .

#3232 1 year ago

Yep only 300-400 markup to get them back lol

#3289 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

Just got an email from my distributor asking for the remaining payment for my LE. They said LEs have gone into production and should ship in 7-10 days
Anyone else get a similar notification?

Crazy considering they havent showed them yet... screw that. Paying for a pin u haven't even seen lmao..

#3330 1 year ago

Included is a motor controlled tomb entrance feeding a motorized
combination ball lock/Newton ball, which allows the player to physically
knock a Newton ball onto the playfield to be an active multiball. A second
new and unique device is a very cool omnidirectional ball target used in
place of the Pro’s normal standup target. The Premium and LE are further
enhanced by the jump ramp that opens to reveal a scoop, interactive chase
light beacon led device, backlit stacked back panel plastic, plus the
inclusion of custom Eddie sculpts.

All this sounds great and will really justify the upgrade imo....plus red gi like on walking dead p and its gonna b very immersive.

#3335 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

Nice to see that they borrowed an idea from the greatest Heavy Metal game of all time..... Heavy Heavy Heavy Metal Metal Metal Meltdown!!!!


#3433 1 year ago
Quoted from Redknight87:

I gladly paid for my LE yesterday. I guarantee you that if someone chooses to pass on the LE they have a long list of contacts that will take the machine. The extras on the LE alone made my decision for me. I have faith the art will be amazing though.

Still bs that they want paid a substantial amount for something we haven't even seen yet...

#3521 1 year ago
Quoted from redlines:

About to order some new balls for my LE. Does Maiden use magnets I haven't got a chance to play it yet and I am trying to figure out if I need carbon balls or not

No magnets on any model from my knowledge

#3526 1 year ago
Quoted from thunderking50:

No pics again today Going to those adult website again tonight to cheer me up and fall asleep faster !!!

#3599 1 year ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

This LE is going to put the Bat66 Super LE to shame. The bar has been raised.
There's even going to be a few surprises not on the published matrix list .

The bar wasnt set very high on the sle imo .that was just a huge money grab.

#3609 1 year ago
Quoted from karl:

There are two reasons why this will be my first LE.
1. The Game rocks big time
2. This is without a doubt the LE with the most extra features to date. (especially the last few Le's have been low on extra features. but this one has at
least all the extras that the super duper Batman SE had.)
3. Did I mention that the game is gonna rock?
A fantastic Side-art and back-glass display would be excellent, but if only ok, it is still not a deal breaker for me. With that said, come on and show us the LE graphics already, Stern!

Its gonna have topper , custom trim and speaker lights?

#3634 1 year ago

If everything is approved and shipping i dont understand why they just dont release some dam pictures.... very annoying.

#3717 1 year ago

Premium for the win on this one ..

#3733 1 year ago

Star trek premium armor

#3761 1 year ago

I wanna see the playfield shit... i dont care about the art much

#3994 1 year ago

Very curious how the ramp/diverter and newton ball stuff works on the back left half of the playfield

#4001 1 year ago

I dont think the ramp lifts? There is a diverter at the top that raises up so the ball goes around the backboard to the newton ball area maybe? Then u hit the newton ball to get them back out for mb?

#4004 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

You can BARELY make out the end of a slot on the right wall of the ramp. Seems to strongly imply that it lifts.

Not sure which is y im asking....but then whats the diverter at the top of the ramp for? Surely it dont do both?

#4009 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Or you can just look at the picture with the ramp raised. You know...to save time.

I believe they are talking about the left ramp... we know the center raises. On archer the left ramp raised but i dont think it does on maidien

#4015 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

It looks like that comes out next to the ramp and loads or unloads the motorized sarcophagus.

I thought u all were talking about the left ramp raising bc archer did. I know the center does.

#4017 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

WTF is happneing here today?

Huh...im talking about the left ramp as it raised on archer i believe.

#4028 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffsarcade:

The guardian lifts up and the ball goes behind the backboard. It comes out where the sphinx head is to the left of the jump ramp and goes down that short ramp to the sarcophagus.
The left ramp does not lift.

Thats what i thought/said... then what happens ? You hit the balls out of it?

#4041 1 year ago

Very excited to see all these mechs at work and how everything comes together.

#4045 1 year ago

Included is a motor controlled tomb entrance feeding a motorized
combination ball lock/Newton ball, which allows the player to physically
knock a Newton ball onto the playfield to be an active multiball. A second
new and unique device is a very cool omnidirectional ball target used in
place of the Pro’s normal standup target. The Premium and LE are further
enhanced by the jump ramp that opens to reveal a scoop, interactive chase
light beacon led device, backlit stacked back panel plastic, plus the
inclusion of custom Eddie sculpts.

Looks like u do knock locked balls out by hitting the Newton ball....and the center lift ramp is just a,scoop that will shoot the ball back out of.

#4055 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

That's some Bad Assery right there. Shoot left ramp through exposed hole in backboard, watch it come down ramp and load into rear of newton assembly. Shoot newton ball during multiball to release (1or2or3) stored balls. Prem and LE's look better every time you see/learn something new about the game.

The best Pinball game on earth, just got better! jeffspinballpalace

Yea im very excited and i see a premium in my future

#4084 1 year ago
Quoted from RichieWrench:

Are the LE's limited to 500 or 200
Stern site says 500 LE
Trying to find a. LE for my collection...any know of a distributor that has an LE...thanks

Call around there were a few available and im sure some people will back out when payment is do and bc not liking the art

#4086 1 year ago

7300 shipped for premium give or take 100 either way

#4087 1 year ago

I believe there are some le available bv apparently the band isnt taking 50 now....

#4091 1 year ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

When the balls are diverted and locked off the left ramp, do they go through the backboard and come out the at the Spinx head?

We believe

#4108 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

The sarcophagus moves. The passage at the top of the left ramp opens. The main ramp lifts up.

Also get to hit the newton ball to knock out other balls onto the playfield

#4121 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

I'm super confused now.


#4127 1 year ago

This is the most excited ive been for a stern pin my 4 years in the hobby. Love the unconventional layout and lots of interesting shots compared to most stern pins. Love the rules and how the song's are used. Love the neat features on the premium and the newton ball lock and the way u have to hit them out. This is what stern needed to get back in the drivers seat and i hope they keep up the good work. I gave up on them bc all the games felt the same and got stale quickly to me. Big thanks to keith for his design and all the work he put in to make stern great again. I have no issues with the current prices if new and fresh pinball is released. Now i just wish they wld do a theme i love with a great design like this and it will hit all categories for me. Also big thanks to stern for listening to the customers . All is good in the pinball world for me

#4148 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Crazy I have never seen so many haters of a game as I have with IMDN.. see the last rating on this link:
Fun fact he rated nearly every game he owns a perfect 10
How bad would a pinball machine truly have to be to deserve to be rated a freaking 1 on a scale of 1 to 10?
Pinball is supposed to be fun!

Happens on every release....

#4153 1 year ago
Quoted from dts:

Another pinsider with ridiculous ratings. They should have a system to approve competent ratings. 1 out of 10 with a machine receiving huge praise sounds more like an ax to grind to me.

It all evens out bc it happens with every pin especially new releases

#4355 1 year ago

Lol the polk 10 is plenty powerful for a pinball machine and what we need them.to do...

#4431 1 year ago
Quoted from hocuslocus:

what is the end price for an LE supposed to be now?

8800-9k i believe

#4450 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Got mine for $8799 today from a great distro

Yep they are still available but yet people are flipping them 10-11 k ... lmao

#4548 1 year ago

1483397590aec0459d9ece2d779a2dae7f3439e6.jpeg (resized).jpg

#4588 1 year ago
Quoted from MikeS:

At this point it's worth waiting until the LE gameplay reveal and Prem pics but my gut feeling tells me that the Pro is going to be the best looking and playing version of the 3. No lift ramps, ramp diverters, scoops or physical ball locks to slow the ball down and kill your flow yet it keeps all the flippers, spinners, RGB inserts and everything else that makes the game fun. And I like that the Orb target is recessed instead of sticking out. The cabinet art is going to be tough to beat for the Premium. I mean it's got "Killers" on the back box sides and "the Trooper" on the cab. I think it's hands down Stern's best Pro to date and they are going to sell a ton of them!

Lol the premium/le will flow just fine (check archer out) and it will have some neat interaction with the ball with better lighting effects (like walking dead p ) that will just add that much more over the pro. Also the way u knock the balls out by hitting the newton ball will be a great feature imo. Theres more to a great pinball machine than constant flow flow flow.... different ball interaction and cool lightshows really can add so much more .

#4592 1 year ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

That’s what is so crazy. Stern’s plan has succeeded. We all think this Pro is “loaded”! LOL! It has spinners!!!! ZOMG!!! It has a captive ball!!! It has, count ‘em, FOUR flippers! It has a target!!! It even has traditional service rails!!!!! IT’S LOADED!!!
LOL, it’s not.
It is still awesome and easily Sterns best game since TWD, but let’s not kid ourselves on the “value” here. The pro has almost nothing in it.

Yea its very very bare bones and its more money lol... stern is very good at tricking people into thinking its a amazing deal lol. I just sold my star trek pro and it had alot going on and was one the most loaded pros ive encountered. They were almost 2k less than the new maidien. Crazy how things are now....

#4594 1 year ago

Not sure about much detail(have u seen the cheap plastic crap and all the ugly screws everywhere) but it has a nice art package and refreshing layout compared to most sterns. Thank goodness they hired keith and he had this layout and most things done or at least thought of allready. Stern needed to bring something different to the table which wldnt have happen otherwise imo . Im not saying its a bad pin by any means (plan on getting a premium) ...just that most think its the most amazing deal stern has had . However in all actuality theres really not much there. We just got so use to them stripping things away that 5700 for a pro with some playfield supports, spinners, a few rgb lights, 4 flippers and metal ramps looks like a deal.

#4607 1 year ago

Its so crazy to me that 5700 is a deal now. I remember everyone saying once we hit over 5 k on a base pro model they wld stop buying. Well we passed that 1.5 years ago and nothing changed except cost cutting and spotty quality . Now were heading towards the 6k mark and everyone is still buying like thats nothing. Crazy times for sure. Eventually these high prices will have to come down as i dont see it being sustainable.

#4685 1 year ago

Has the hype worn off allready... bc this thread has went to a weird place lmao. Hopefully after the le gameplay tomarrow things will get back on track.... but seriously can we see the dam premium pictures.

#4688 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

At least we are not discussing Veagan lifestyle’s (yet)

Must have missed that one

#4698 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

The Heighway pinball thread went Vegan the other day for a bit..
It got so bad that the mods had to boot some Vegans out of the thread, so the Vegans banded together and formed an alliance...

Wow lmao

#4699 1 year ago
Quoted from Jackontherocks:

Do you like it more than the Metallica layout and game? Just curious to compare the two, I know they both have different layout and features, just want to know your thoughts.

Met layout is a typical fan like tons of other pins but the mechs and code are well done. Maiden is very refreshing all the way around which is y it will b popular.

#4705 1 year ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Look, I agree IMDN Pro is an awesome game and will outsell the LE/Premium, but we’re talking features here: MET Pro does have more features than IMDN Pro. Plus, it was about $1500 less! I’m not sure why there is an argument. It’s a fact that this is a stripped game. Doesn’t make it any less fun. One of my favorite games of all time, IM, is pretty stripped down too.
1) In-line drops (3)
2) Custom-molded cross (not motorized)
3) Custom shaking Sparky bash toy
4) Sparky magnet
5) Custom-molded snake scoop
6) Captive ball
7) Graveyard magnet
8 ) Mystery scoop
9) Laser etched Ramps w/ wire-forms
10) Up-post divertor (1)
1) Bullseye target
2) Laser etched Ramps w/ wire-forms
3) Up-post divertor (2)
4) Captive ball
5) Spinners (2)
PS: Spike is a downgrade from SAM too.

Im with u but maidien also has 2 more flippers, extra ramp, rgb inserts, 3 drop targets and a lcd if thats a upgrade from a dmd? Met has excellent dots.

#4715 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

A plastic grave marker means nothing
Magnets not really a big deal
IMDN pro has 2 spinners, MET none
MET has 2 scoops thats nice
Sparky is kinda cool
IMDN has one.more up post diverter
IMDN has 4 flippers
IMDN has a LCD, MET has a DMD
That all seems pretty even to me honestly and the cost of the 2 games are probably the same now because they always tack on the price increases to older games too. MET is amazing, but it definitely doesnt kick Iron Maidens ass by any means and its possible that IMDN might end up being the better game even or at least as good. Sorry but i just dont see IMDN being stripped down compared to MET at all.

Really magnets are no big deal? They are my favorite things on a pin in most cases and met really fights u back... especially the sparky one.

#4719 1 year ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Oh Who-Dey, you are entertaining!

Yea magnet comment was odd to me.... they add alot to gameplay impo . Really love when met holds it in the graveyard to knock off for super jackpots.....

#4788 1 year ago
Quoted from musketd:

Anybody else
Having problems with the stream?

Nope working great.... its just arts and crafts instead of pinball lol

#4793 1 year ago

Sweet there is a subway

#4795 1 year ago

Pretty sure my di uses the same type of rgb flasher?

#4796 1 year ago

The extra features are neat and add more shots and stuff to the game. I also really like the rgb flashers and red gi effects .

#4800 1 year ago
Quoted from Aurich:

It's not just RGB, it 'rotates' like a beacon. This is another feature from Archer.

Cool feature .. jjp flasher also stimulates things like that also on dialed in and potc.

#4801 1 year ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Wonder if pro can be modded to get the red GI?

Looks to be independently controlled so its in the code id guess

#4805 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

Not seeing a lot of magnet action. You folks see much??

Huh? There are none?

#4812 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

I would be (pleasantly) surprised if we get Premiums before the early part of June.

Wish we cld at least see pics. Im digging the extra features /rules and the rgb flashers, extra flashers near center ramp and the red gi. I think the extra 1400-1600 is worth the upgrade...

#4813 1 year ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

So I am guessing they are not allowed to show the LE backglass or cabinet?

Seems that way but they are shipping and they sent pics out lol

#4823 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Could be wrong (hard to see on phone) but other than GI and bling, the mechs in action so far do not confirm a large drop in game play to pro here.

Not a whole lot... some different rules for the premium /le with mb and risk vs reward. I like the added stuff and shots to do it. Also the 2 rgb flashers and 2or 3 more regular flashers by center ramp are nice visually along with the red gi effects. Also has a,subway and u start your modes by center scoop.

#4827 1 year ago

Premium /le has some neat stuff / upgrades but the pro is just fine imo. I may get a pro then get a premium few months later if i really love it.

#4880 1 year ago

Guess its wasnt that big of deal over the pro bc not much has been said.

#4884 1 year ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

The video of what flynnibus showed us - is that feature supposed to be exciting?

Stern wld say so.... i like the extra stuff and the different rules and shots but none of it has a huge wow factor. Ill make my final decision when i play both tho

#4989 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

$7300 should not result in flat plastics
($5700 shouldn't either)
Archer had a left outlane kickback didn't it?

Yes.. figured that wld of been added to the premium/le

#5163 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Can't wait to play this tomorrow at Allentown. I can get a NIB delivered for 5k. Is that a good deal?


#5169 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Great. If I like it i will get that order in. Seems like the pro is the best value. Any thoughts?

At 5k hell yes... messge me bc i want one to lol ..i need to meet up with u to give u stuff for chris

#5173 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

U got my cell right?

A friend has this connection. He just ordered today. 5k shipped. New.

Not stolen.

Yep.. ill contact u tomarrow.... hook me up with a maiden .....

#5200 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

What is the LE surprise i keep hearing about? i know it is a surprise..

Apparently the custom shooter rod isnt on them now.....

#5303 1 year ago

We played the pro extensively today and its a great/fun shooter . Its missing something tho that i cant put my finger on but im thinking the premium with the extra stuff will fill the void .

#5344 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

It seems that you can put those reds in the pro GI and achieve the same effect no?

I think it will be different but someone with a pro sld try it....

#5345 1 year ago

Also early on yesterday i noticed some maidens allready had some bad cab splitting....20180504_162402 (resized).jpg

#5353 1 year ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Oh shit. That's not good. B/W brackets should ship with all new Stern's ffs.

Yep they really need to use the better brackets....you cld feel the split bad...

#5380 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Here we go again.

Just wanted to point out what i saw... not trying to start a shit storm. We really enjoyed maiden and will b looking to get a premium at some point. Just was concerned wirh these new pins pulled out for the show allready showing issues.

#5520 1 year ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

One report (of 2 side by side machines from Allentown), and you're suggesting that Stern owes us an explanation?
Wrong. They owe 2 potential buyers replacement cabinets is all.
I think we owe it to each other to keep an eye out and report cabinet issues. I also think we owe it to each other to keep things in perspective and not blow things out of proportion.

There were other reports from a show few weeks ago with some damaged cabs also. Not many have really shipped yet so i hope it was just those 4 or 5 with issues . Guess time will tell if it becomes a little more comnon as more get into the hands of folks.

#5524 1 year ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

Can you provide a link, please? I see another cab with damage but it's not a new Iron Maiden and it was shipped with legs on, not boxed, new from a distributor.

It was mentioned in this thread somewhere and also some playfields were messed up?

#5528 1 year ago

Really hope to see the premium this week...

#5531 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

I think you see some people making mountains of molehills and then the same stories get parroted over and over..

Quoted from bigd1979:

It was mentioned in this thread somewhere and also some playfields were messed up?

Apparently it was at the mgc show?

#5534 1 year ago
Quoted from Chambahz:

If you're referring to the playfields, yes. I didnt see pictures but do recall someone saying that a couple defective playfields had to be sent back.
That's not cabinet issues.
So again, I'd love to see what you're referring to. Could it be that you were just mistaken? Happens to the best of us.

Something was said about the bottom corners haveing fitment issues and a bunch of filler or something i believe. It was 3-4 weeks ago and not sure where i read it? I dont think its a big deal and no one sld really worry about it imo. Im done talking about it and ready to see the dam premiums lol.

#5765 1 year ago
Quoted from dgoett:

Been inside the damn game more than I've played it.
Mummy captive ball wasn't recognizing hits. Tweak the spoon under it and found the switch too close. Fixed that. Then when there was a ball locked behind the captive ball, the back switch wouldn't detect hits. Had to stand on my head and take metal subway out to adjust that switch. Fixed that.
Whew. I can play now. NOPE. Middle drop target stops resetting. Reset! Reset! Reset! and the middle one is always down. WTF? Take the assembly off and Stern missed the washer on the middle drop target and spring worked it way thru the slot and target wasn't pushing forward to catch. Fixed that with a new washer. FINALLY!! I can play a game.
NOPE!!! Have 1 ball locked behind captive. Go to lock second one and the damn plastic divertor falls down in the middle of the playfield. Screws weren't tightened - still sitting where they came out.
I quit. Maybe I can play a game tomorrow???? What else does the future hold???

Stern quality at its best....

#5830 1 year ago
Quoted from GorillaBiscuits:

Nice to see everybody is enjoying their LE's!

Freaking ridiculous..... guess they realized the pro is almost the same for a fraction of the cost...

#6151 1 year ago

Looks great imo and all models are nice looking. The premium art really fits the playfield and back panel the best. With some different t molding and brass armor the premium will look sick.

#6237 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

last artwork comments from me...
Pro= loved it from first sight . 5k with shaker is the best deal of all 3.
LE= Took me some time to start to like it.. Now I am used to it.
Premium= I was shocked to see it.. I was thinking blue. I do like the 3d style Eddie on the side. like all things it will grow on me..
looks like there is something for everyone.. Nice work ZY...

Pro for 5k with shaker? Please contact me and let me know where. I promise i wont reveal source.

#6310 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Looks sweet KPG! Best game in your collection?

Newest one is always the best lol

#6316 1 year ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

Finally got my LE in. The pin is beautiful, but I'm dealing with several issues out of the box. I'm hoping it's the code that is causing most of the issues as it's still .94, but soon to be updated. The sarcophagus is not reading and a ball search ensues every time. Whether the ball comes back after is a crapshoot. The songs are also picking themselves, which is odd. No idea how that's happening. The ball has also gone under the middle ramp but completely goes flying out the bottom of the playfield and hitting the cabinet. Little frustrating, but such is first world problems. Anyone else having similar issues?

#6319 1 year ago
Quoted from Potatoloco:

That was pretty much my face when I heard the loud clunks inside the cabinet. Last thing I expected to happen.

Yea that's crazy...good luck tho

#6434 1 year ago
Quoted from frankmac:

Looks like 13.5 k is a pipe dream for The scalpers!

Quoted from wcbrandes:

Think its a fair price as someone might want a limited version although the premium is so friggin nice as is the pro. Tough one but with so many tittles coming out it's tough to worry about collecting anymore as space is always the issue.

Yea not bad but u will need it shipped now which will add another 300-500. The premium looks great and is around 7-7200 shipped and has most of the same stuff . Apparently there were a few cancellations since the premium release and there are still some le left at around 9k. Feel bad for the people that cldnt wait and paid way to much for a le.

#6450 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Don't bother. Most of us are extremely happy with the LE. To me, it's the better of the three, and I'm willing to pay for the better of the three.

Im talking about the ones that paid scalper prices not the distro ones. Hate when people only quote part of what someone says and makes it look like they said something they didnt lol.

#6453 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Totally my bad. I did read the entire post, but totally misunderstood you. Apologies.

All good .. thanks . Enjoy your pin. Hope to have a premium soon myself and maybe a le

1 week later
#6726 1 year ago

So this happened unexpectedly today.... was waiting on premium but good deal on pro popped up. Has 19 plays on it lol made april 14 and still has .91 code. Is that the original code released? My first spike pin so not sure how to update code? Is it same as sam? 20180525_232819 (resized).jpg20180525_132942 (resized).jpg

#6734 1 year ago

Trying to update code but game isnt doing anything different with the usb stick in ?

#6738 1 year ago
Quoted from theGiven:

Game off, insert loaded usb. Turn game on. Follow instructions inside backbox.

It dont do anything but go into the normal attract mode. ...its like its not reading it? U need to flip any switches like sam systems?

#6741 1 year ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

Try a different USB drive... They can be pick at times if your using a really old one...

Tried every one i have lol nothing... i must not b doing something correct ..this first time ive had a issue with any pin .

#6742 1 year ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

Make sure you right click > extract the file onto the root directory of the USB stick.

Hmm ..im not good with this type of stuff lol

#6744 1 year ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

After you download the file from stern's website you have to "unpack" it. You should be able to right click the file and select "extract". It will create a folder with another file in it. Take that file and move it to the root directory of the USB stick (the letter of the drive with no other text after it, like "e:" or "e:/" not "e:/ironmaidencode/"

Thank you for explaining... ill give it a shot.

#6746 1 year ago
Quoted from Chalkey:

After you download the file from stern's website you have to "unpack" it. You should be able to right click the file and select "extract". It will create a folder with another file in it. Take that file and move it to the root directory of the USB stick (the letter of the drive with no other text after it, like "e:" or "e:/" not "e:/ironmaidencode/"

Got it ... thank you for the explanation and help

#6784 1 year ago
Quoted from colonel_caverne:

Just a question when I see some videos: isn’t it too tough to keep an eye on the lower flippers, on the upper right flipper and the more upper left flipper on multiball?

Yes ... its difficult to keep track of everything and my mb dont last real long. And man the left outlane is brutal on mine

#6840 1 year ago

Who cares about one dam mode? The game has plenty of shit to offer and one more mode hitting ramps isnt gonna make a difference lol.

#6844 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I don't, just clarifying what the F ing guy said. Its a great game.

Wasn't directed towards you ... just everyone in general going back and forth about it being on the pro or not.

1 week later
#6937 1 year ago

The new code no longer loads trooper mb behind the post? I really liked that feature.....

#6948 1 year ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Me too. One of the coolest features.

Quoted from TKDalumni:

Wait...so what happens now? The balls no longer lock?

It dont seem to lock them anymore? Anyone else seeing this?

#6950 1 year ago
Quoted from kpg:

I'm on 1.0 code and Trooper multiball seemed to work the same way to me....

Ill try again tonight but it wld start it without loading or holding the balls like it use to...at least on my pro.

#6954 1 year ago

Looks like its loading them up ok now.

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