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Newbie help on Grand Lizard

By tedlogan42

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Hi all - just bought my first machine, a Grand Lizard. Got it for a reasonable price considering the condition of the playfield (good, not great, original mylar preserved the lower playfield perfectly and upper playfield only has three worn-to-wood spots). I had to replace the plasma displays and used the Xpin kit to do so. The game starts and plays fine for the most part..

HOWEVER, if the collective wisdom of the Pinside community can give me some advice, I do have one nagging issue with the table right now. Occasionally, both the ball trough and the multiball ejector have issues ejecting balls. The trough ejector has issues when two balls (of the three I have in the machine) are locked in the multiball loop. It throws a ball out, but it hits the metal part of the trough and flies back into the ejector, repeating over and over again. If I nudge the table, I can typically get it to go into the trough, but I'd prefer for it to function as it should.

The multiball ejector just seems to have a hard time ejecting the ball far enough to get over the ridge that keeps the ball in place normally. It works 70% of the time, and the rest of the time it keeps trying until it does work, but I'd prefer for it to function as it should.

The only other change I've made to the machine other than cleaning it (Novus 2) is to put in new pinballs (Blingpinballs.com carbon steel pinballs, since I wanted to use the magnasave feature - not sure if that's working either).

Besides lubricating it, where should I start?


#2 7 years ago
Quoted from tedlogan42:

Besides lubricating it, where should I start?

Dont lubricate anything on a pinball machine. It operates dry. What I would do is adjust the switch as it seems it may be out of aligned and not popping the ball up in shooter lane. Pick up the switch adjust tool at pinballlife.com to make your life easier, but if you must you can adjust it with your fingers. Good luck with it.

#3 7 years ago
Quoted from Jeff_PHX_AZ:

Dont lubricate anything on a pinball machine. It operates dry

Thanks for the save. The manual suggested that there are two points on that mechanism that need lubrication as maintenance, but I'll take a look at the springs. I'm good on computer hardware (hence the comfort replacing the plasma display), but the other stuff is going to be a learning process for me. Oh well, no mental pain, no mental gain, right?

#4 7 years ago

Alignment seems to be the key. The trough ball issue is working, and I'm still tweaking the multiball, but I think I'll get there.

Now onto the next (bigger) issue: the magnasave buttons do not work. The magnets themselves and the solenoids that power them seem to be okay, since I can go into the diagnostic mode and set each to repeatedly fire. When I roll a ball past them in that mode, they most certainly affect it, but when in play, pressing either magnasave button doesn't activate them. The number of lights on the two hands never decreases (I think, having never played a fully operational version of this game that they're supposed to go down with each use and then refill each time the 3-bank LIZ and ARD shots are completed), and if I look at the buttons while I press them, I see no spark like I do with the flipper leaf switches. However, the leaf switches themselves seem like they're making contact like they're supposed to, so I'm guessing it's a wiring or soldering problem.

This isn't my area of strength, so I'm basically clueless as how to determine what's going on. I do have a multimeter and some experience with it, but not too much. I've tried to trace the wires back, but I can't see anything obvious. If I post pictures here, could a more experienced eye take a look?

#5 7 years ago

Robert T - I am assuming this is you. This is Jason from the Meetup I would be happy to come over and help you out. My first recommendation would be to go into the Switch Test in the diagnosis and see if the switch knows its being opened or closed.

- Jason

#6 7 years ago

Just want to give coz6/Jason total props for a now recovered Grand Lizard machine. Over the last two days, he (with some assistance from me) diagnosed a switch matrix column issue with column 6 which we isolated to the MPU and to transistor Q47. After some skillful desoldering and soldering on his part, the transistor - a 2N3904 - was replaced and the Grand Lizard lives!

Thanks, man. This was an awesome welcome to the pinball community, so thanks very much.

#7 7 years ago

Hey! Good to see you guys solving pinball problems. My work schedule has been a bit screwy lately but I should see you at the next meetup.

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