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NEW! Williams System 3-7 In-Game Test ROMs

By pincoder

10 months ago

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#79 4 months ago

Can some one make me one of these. Dont really want to buy a programer for one time use, unless some one knows of a cheap one

#81 4 months ago

I have heard peoplw say they dont program 2716 properly

2 months later
#108 62 days ago

so i orderd the cs but they sent me a iiplus. any one know about this error. do i need to add external power to it

Captsaure (resized).PNG

Ok so this is a verification error. just states that at the address. The wrong value was verified

#110 62 days ago

So programing them is as simple as selecting ic, opening the file, and hitting program.
Maybe they were fakes, they did come from china. They look decent, atmel, look legit.
Can't seem to find any info on error codes.
Any way i have ordered an atmel and a catalyst 28c256, was going to make up one on a perfboard.

3 weeks later
#114 38 days ago

Just started making a diy selectable rom board, hopefully will finish tomorrow, off to bed for now.
Them 28c16 were never able to be programed on my 866ii plus. Received a 28c256 and worked first go

#116 37 days ago

will test on the weekend, hopefully i didn't over look anything.

top (resized).jpgbot (resized).jpgsip (resized).jpgs1 (resized).jpg

new (resized).jpg
#117 37 days ago

sorry not that great at photos. not sure how to make them smaller either

#118 37 days ago

just realize you broke it down in to 8k chunks. i just made the pcb from the first page, that does 16k chunks. hopefully i can figure this out, so if i just copy and paste every 16k is that how its done.

#120 37 days ago

No i only have a 4 pos dip. 16 combinatons. I have a 28c256 that will get broken in to 16k chunks 256k÷16=16k

Would need a 5 pos dip for 32, but i only have a 4 pin.

Also whats the method to this madness
How do i figure out what selects what chunk

I think i should be fine making the file. Will i be fine putting in about 1-2k in, cant imagine it would select bang on every 16k. What im saying is will it read if there is a blank at the start.

#125 37 days ago

sorry, i figured it was binary. didnt think at the time to add 0s infront of the first 7 numbers, and that threw me off.
0 0
1 1
2 10
3 11
4 100
5 101
6 110
7 111
8 1000
9 1001
10 1010
11 1011
12 1100
13 1101
14 1110
15 1111
ok, so i need 28c512 chip for 32 slots.

#128 37 days ago

ill do some reading on address lines. This seems to be the config,
dip 4 a11
dip 3 a12
dip 2 a13
dip 1 we
5v a14

#130 36 days ago

Ok, cheers, got it. There were a few errors in that original board picture. I can make a new one if you want.
Seems like its ready to go, will test tomorrow

#131 36 days ago

sweet. it actually reads in my rom burner.

#133 36 days ago

Heres a rough drawing with the fixes, blue just indicates jumping over wires

#135 36 days ago

Yeah, that original one was wrong. I have a confirmed working board based upon my drawing.

dip 1 was tied to WE when i was ment to be a14
5v was tied to a14
and there was no connection between the WE from both chips

#137 36 days ago

pincoder You explained it perfect
stangbat Heres a pinout of both chips from the respective data sheets so you can picture what we are talking about, and come to your own conclusion.
As you can see if you line the pins up from the bottom, and let the top 4 pins hang out on the 256:
WE(lines up with a11) and VCC(+5v(lines up with a13) don't line up, so jumpers need to be run.
Then the address lines 11,12,13,14 need to be put on the dips for selection. weather it is pulled up(+5v(1) or down(GND(0) makes the selection
Im sure that the 512Kbit(64k) chip would be as simple as adding a15(probably) to the pull up resistor network. on another dip switch

25616 (resized).jpg
#139 36 days ago
Quoted from pincoder:

Specifically, we, or, and ce should be connected to their respective pins on the new chip

yes, this is correct and is why jumpers need to be run. If you connected WE to the adjacent pin you would connect it to a11(added photo for explanation). WE is wright enable, the williams pcb ties this to 5v. Maybe you could get away with this, I imagine 5v would be enabled(i might test this later). OE is output enable and CE is chip enable

Quoted from pincoder:

@nusilor can you verify the board in your chip programmer as a 2716 and use the dips to select each image?

yes, i went in and added a number in each rom, went through every one of them and it matched the binary number. Didn't miss a beat.
wang (resized).jpg

#140 36 days ago

pinouts for 28c512 and 27c512

28c512 (resized).PNG512 (resized).PNG

#144 34 days ago

what does q5 have to do with ic 12 pin 12

#145 34 days ago

also how do you make the socket divide in to 4k chunks

#146 34 days ago

ok not sure if i found a fault with the rom. im no expert. my explanation is at the end of my thread. i was thinking duty cycle was to large since the cap was within spec.

#149 32 days ago
Quoted from pincoder:

Since address lines start at A0 (and not 1) you untie A11 from the DIP switches and connect it to a socket that has A11 (ie a socket for a 2732/2532 (4k) chip).

So if i put a 4k chip in a system 6. its only going to be using the last 2k since it runs a11 to to 5v. pin 23. Which is the same as fliping a dip 1

#152 31 days ago

No hook a0 to a11 to their corresponding pins(correct), then a12 to a16 (5 pos dip) to the dips. You need a 5 pos dip for 32 slots

#153 31 days ago

Use what ever 128k you can find. find the data sheet that is relevent to that chip. I had trouble finding a 64k
. It will be somthing like 28c1024 or 27c1024

#154 31 days ago

Sorry was just looking at the data sheet for a 27c1024. they are 16x64kbit 16 address pins(including a0). So will only break down in to 8K(64kbit)chunks. That is in a 4k slot. I believe it will break down in to 32 in a 2k

#156 31 days ago

They need 128kbyte

#158 31 days ago

Ok W27C010 looks like a go, 17 address lines. Havent personally tried this, but from my understanding this should work.

#160 31 days ago

Yeah that was basically what i was trying to say, you done a way better job . Old mate still will still need a w27c010 for a 4k machine if he wants 32 slots.

#161 31 days ago

Hey, with 17 address lines in a 2k machine wont that break down in to 1k chunks. That is the

#162 31 days ago

Nm its a 4mb chip and has 19 address lines. I suppose this is the go then. Many lols, 256 slots for 2k and 128 for 4

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