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New to pinball machine, board help for Time Warp

By tristan2400

75 days ago

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    #1 75 days ago

    Hello and good evening! Very very new to pinball machines and may have bit off more then I can chew. Only way I could afford a machine was to buy a broken one. Please don't judge. Anyways, forgive my termino, but the CPU board has some slight corrosion on battery pack, and looks like it dripped to the driver board and blew some resistors? I have photos. I was told the sound board may need work as well, but my eyes don't see it.
    Are these original boards repairable? Who do you all trust to do the work?
    I pulled 3 of the baords already except the power supply. It looks fine. The work under the playfield looks to be solid and nothing broken or coming apart solder wise.

    Where do I start what do I do??? I am located in Indiana, on the state line of Ohio so close to Dayton and Indianapolis.
    I'm in this machine at $500.....I know the value is about $1k or so though.....the cabinet, playfield, and glass all seem really really good given the age.

    20211106_193111 (resized).jpg20211106_193125 (resized).jpg20211106_193128 (resized).jpg20211106_193135 (resized).jpg20211106_193411 (resized).jpg20211107_102359 (resized).jpg20211107_102405 (resized).jpg20211107_102409 (resized).jpg20211110_131347 (resized).jpg
    #4 75 days ago
    Quoted from Rikoshay:

    looks to be nice and original, great colours in the backglass, you did well.
    are you willing to start on your own tackling repairs or do you want to pay someone?
    the battery leakage is the first area to take on imo, but all boards and their components, pins in connectors and so on will need a going over and the 40 pin inter connect replaced (joins the cpu to the driver board)

    Thank you for the vote of confidence in the cosmetic condition, guess thats the only positive haha but yeah, I'm wioto start to learn. Paying is an option, but I would love to work with someone on the actual boards to learn that skill and lingo.

    #5 75 days ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Well we got some issues for sure[quoted image]

    Soooooo how bad does it look? I reached out to this seller of services on eBay, think he his from Illinois. Says he can repair the board. Think it is salvageable? Or am I up the creek on this? I think this was the worst part of all the baords. The corrosion didn't seem bad around the battery box, or at least I've seen worse on products before.

    #11 74 days ago
    Quoted from RacingPin:

    Whatever you do .. do not send the boards to that guy on eBay. If it is not an easy fix for him he will string you along 6 months or so until you can’t complain on eBay and never send back the boards.
    Those boards are very fixable though. You need to put the recommended upgraded resistors in place where the currently black burnt ones are. Looks like a trace/chip is damaged upstream from those burnt resistors. A couple of resistors, transistors and battery holder need replacing.
    If you can solder you can fix them. Check pinwiki.com about the upgrade to the resistors and other tips.
    As others said your other options are trusted board repair guys here on Pinside or just fix the battery holder on the main board and get a working/new driver board for $150/$200
    Mike V

    Wow, did not think of the whole ebay process....I found his shop through some Google snooping but he is not listed here on pinside. I think I will stick with someone on here. I can solder, but it's been a few years. Thank you for the suggestions!!!

    #12 74 days ago
    Quoted from Rikoshay:

    How are your soldering/desoldering skills? These are very important imo for continued longevity of the game working.
    The skill of soldering takes time and practice.
    A soldering iron station and desolderer/solder sucker, solder wick and solder are a must to start.....and not to put you off, just being realistic........ but there is a lot to be done on those boards before she'll light up, and you don't know the condition of the displays.
    At a guess $100+ in parts and 20+ hours depending on far you want to go.
    Maybe with the pics you have you can get a 'ball park' cost from a reputable repairer. IMO get advice for one here on Pinside.
    Your power supply, sound board, cpu & driver boards all need attention and parts replaced.
    Then there is the wiring loom and connectors......along with the switches, solenoids and lamps on the playfield to contend with.
    Do you want to keep it original, or are you okay with aftermarket boards?
    When she's done all the effort will be worth it and there are plenty of fellas here on Pinside with stacks of info to help you along the way.

    I can solder, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with computer boards haha I've done it in other applications, but nothing so sensitive. When it comes to the loom and connectors, switches and solenoids, what am I looking for? I lifted up the playfield and all the connections seem right and no bare wires etc., And soldered areas seem to be solid as well. I can upload a picture here in a bit. I thought about buying the led kit eventually and swapping out the bulbs.

    So I will pop out the power supply board as well and take it of I find someone I suppose??

    I'd like to just get it functional and playable. Mostly keep the artwork original. Is there a big difference in value later down the road in keeping it all original when it comes to the guts?

    #13 74 days ago

    This is the under playfield and other pictures to help anyone help me haha thanks a lot, all of you for helping a newborn to this hobby. Great community so far and the most help I've gotten with a forum!!!!

    20211113_110041 (resized).jpg20211113_110057 (resized).jpg20211113_110105 (resized).jpg20211113_110118 (resized).jpg20211113_110126 (resized).jpg20211113_110424 (resized).jpg20211113_110434 (resized).jpg20211113_112453 (resized).jpg

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