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New Stern game photos: BIG BUCK HUNTER PRO

By bbd

10 years ago

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#1 10 years ago

Pinball News just put up a page for it, with a couple of pics:


Can't really see the playfield that well, but I wonder how sturdy that moving deer target will turn out to be.


#2 10 years ago

Not a theme I would want at my house. But I think it looks like it could be a fun game. Lets hope it is good

#3 10 years ago

Somehow I doubt Stern will be making any "big bucks" out of this one. Pee-yoo. What were they thinking?

Actually, I'm still not 100% convinced this isn't a put-on of some sort...

#4 10 years ago

I will say one thing it sure has nice bright colors,hope it does well!would love to see Stern make a hi-tech true pinball with LCD display! Stern needs to make up with the great designers like Steve Ritchie,Pat lawler,ETC. and get them back they make great games!

#5 10 years ago

I like how it's not a movie/tv tie-in...they just need to work on the artwork...at this point, even a David Kincaid painter of light motif would be better than real actors faces on the pins. And I am not a fan of that style either. Just my 1 cents after re-appraisals.

#6 10 years ago

I always hated those sega/stern plastic aprons. They are sooo cheap looking.

Not going to get my hopes up on this pin.

#7 10 years ago

I noticed in the flipper area they did not put the siderails to protect the side art.

#8 10 years ago

I think it looks cool from what I see.Not sure how the voice quotes are gonna work out though.I mean is a hunter going to comment on how fresh the tirds are like in the Wii game.

Lets face it,Sterns not going to give up licenses for its pinballs and there obviously short on ideas.We need another American Pinball manufacturer to add some competition and make some decent pins.How about a European maker,Ive noticed lots of Euro collectors.

#9 10 years ago

It's kinda sad they have to use something where the artist left them. I guess they feel they needed to get the money out of it no matter what.

I also agree the DMD needs to be updated to something more modern like LCD color etc.

I don't think that deer/buck is going to hold up well unless it and it's mechanism is made from something like titanium instead of the sheet metal I'm sure they are using.

I don't want to put down Stern but I was hoping the new investor would change the way the company develops new machines.

#11 10 years ago

I'll wait until after I play it to be critical. For now, I'm quite optimistic. Although I'm not a hunter, this theme is far more appealing to me than CSI or 24. This should be a big hit with the lucrative "Git-R-done" demographic.

#12 10 years ago

The machine has a very attractive and colorful cabinet going for it. The theme of the game sounds interesting, but not as much as CSI or 24 in my opinion when comparing it to other Stern models

#13 10 years ago

@ Brokedad : The investor came after the design of BBH .

The change the dmd would be replaced is zero.
It will cost a lot of money to chance and invent stuff so i think we are stuck with it. Lets just hope this isn't the last pinball from stern and that te next theme would be a nice one like A team, Harry Potter, Micheal Jackson

#15 10 years ago

@Benboogaard : I know the investor came after. Just because a prototype machine was designed doesn't mean it has to go into production. I'm sure though in todays economy and with the pinball industry it was just way too much development money to toss down the crapper.

#16 10 years ago

Its because Cabella Big Buck Hunter is so popular with certain people.I dont think it will be much fun for the pinheads but for normal people it will offer some amusements.Its better than CSI or 24 but still a weak pin.

#17 10 years ago

Nice one LorenZ finding those pics, hmmmm from what i've seen so far I quite like Sterns latest offering. I like the hunting theme, shooting defenceless animals sounds like fun in a pinball game. The playfield art and backglass look pretty good too, maybe a little tame for a hunting theme, I'd like some gore, blood and guts. Maybe there will be an adult option built in for the DMD animations. It's very nice to see at least 3 cows put into the machine, I expect there will be a few more hidden in there somewhere. In a vision of the future I see the possibilty of a lot of broken antlers and horns, I hope they're made of something soft and flexible so they can take a good battering. Also I'm wondering about that track thingy that the buck runs along? is this gonna be a big wear spot, will there be a huge long cliffy made? Yep I think this looks great, plenty going on, plenty of shots, fingers crossed for this one, I can't wait for the full on reviews and playing guides etc.

Oh yes, Happy New Year too.

#18 10 years ago

I do not hate the playfield layout, seems like it may be ok. I do not mean to be a negative nancy but again, that huge plain black plastic apron looks so bad it detracts from the whole game. A simple metal pinstriped apron like williams did would look so much better there. Maybe some target rectiles screened on it or something.. Anything but big open black plastic.

#19 10 years ago

I guess being creative and coming up with original ideas is a thing of the past - makes no sense you would think you could save money, no licenses to buy etc. but i guess then you have to rely on pure creative talent. But out of all the things to use I wonder who picked deer hunting? Does that really appeal to the majority of the players or would be players out there? Be better off making a rudolph the red nose reindeer pin - with misfit island multiball, where Yukon Cornelius trys to kill the abominable snowman - shit even do a grinch that stole christmas pin - I just dont see much logic with this license choices...Please I hope Im wrong..and I hope its a great game, but I'll take a grinch that stole christmas over a big buck hunter.LOL

#20 10 years ago

That center track - I wonder what affects that will have with ball movement - soft shots that just touch in and get moved along its direction...I dont hate the idea but just concerned like bugray on the wear issue well and the ball disruption - I think i would of done the center of the playfield with various pop up targets like a shooting range. So suddenly there is a deer to the left then one in the bushes etc. or maybe you use rocks and bushes to protect the deer that pop up - think medieval madness trolls but cover for the poor animal- maybe you even have other hunters pop up that your not supposed to shoot.

sorry for being negative nancy also - im hoping its awesome and really we shouldnt complain at least someone is making new pins

#21 10 years ago

It's always easier to find fault than to find praise. I'm guilty of that myself sometimes and work to not do it. At least Stern is continuing to make machines and also is super about online support without getting all copyright "anal" about things.

#22 10 years ago

I just looked at the link to the match sequence, it is pretty original and funny.


#23 10 years ago

That was funny,hope there is lots of humor in the entire game.It may turn out to be a decent pin.

#24 10 years ago

Cow pie shooting .. LOL .. thanks bugray for the link .. I guess that's one way to help with global warming although I'd prolly miss and end up with rump roasts .. hehe

#25 10 years ago

I think these would look better on the backglass .. whatya think ?

Buckalicious.jpg Buckalicious2.jpg

#27 10 years ago

Thank you for posting those links. I think it does look pretty humorous. I just hope the sound track doesn't end up being endless "yee-haws" and banjo music. (That's what ruins Roadshow and Cactus Jack for me...)

>sigh< I guess no one wants to just put a hunting cap on THIS guy and call it a backglass?


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