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NEW PRODUCT lit roll-over drop target

By indypinhead

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago


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$ 50 (Firm)

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for sale

NEW PRODUCT lit roll-over drop target

Added: March 6th, 2016 Re-listed: 1 time (April 17th, 2016) Ended: June 21st, 2016
Condition: New

Item description

I've come up w/ a great mod to replace the dark/hard to see roll-over drop targets.

Introducing the lit drop target.

This will work in the following games: NF,T2, Space Station, AFM, FishTales, IJ, RFM, Radical, Safe Cracker, SWE1, JD, JM, TS, WOZ, Pinball Circus, STTNG, BSD

This kit consists of the pre-wired 555 lamp socket and dual-flex LED, (Comet)...(ships w/ white LED ONLY) I've included a few pics of different colored LED installed for reference only.

The drop target was cnc machined from Polycarbonate.

Price: $50/shipped, continental US

Contact me, if interested.

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#2 3 years ago

More pics...










#4 3 years ago

Some screen captures of some of the text/images that are machined into the drop target face:









#5 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Could it work on Defender?

I don't know....

This is a replacement drop target for P/N 03-8033 or 03-8750

#7 3 years ago
Quoted from labnip:

Defender has a ton of drop targets.
Several are roll over.
2 are right in the middle of the playfiled

I've never seen a Defender in person...Not sure if this will work or not. I didn't see that pin listed on the list of pins that use this drop target. There may be a few other titles that use this drop target that I'm not aware of.

#10 3 years ago
Quoted from timtim:

Very cool if you could see the one on BSD I would want one of these

I have a BSD...just haven't installed one in it yet. By its' location, I still don't think you'll see the drop target, even if it's lit.

#11 3 years ago

Just got off the phone w/ Art at Comet...

What a great guy to work with.

It's truly a pleasure talking with someone that has a sincere interest in your work. He has such a passion for pinball. His excitement for my work is genuine.

#12 3 years ago

Just realized my screen capture models were missing the return spring clearance notches...












#14 3 years ago

Thanks Aurich,

I agree...3-D printers are great for certain circumstances, but the surface finish sucks. 3-D printers have taken a lot of work away from me in my normal line of work...(medical prototyping/test equipment).

#15 3 years ago

Just played a few games on IJ, FT, and TS w/ these installed.

Due to the locations of the drop targets on TS and FT, (view of the target somewhat blocked by existing plastics), you can really tell if the target is up or down during gameplay. The top surface on the drop targets are REALLY lit up...you can easily tell when the target is up or down.

Have to admit...I'm pretty impressed.

But that's just me....I made 'em.

#17 3 years ago

Looking for some input....

The current design is only for the single drop target assembly.

I'm wanting to be able to light up the 3-bank drop target for IJ, but that's going to involve some creative design to either use the existing mounting holes on the coil bracket, or coming with some other way of easily attaching a light bracket that will utilize a 7 LED strip.

Due to my current workload in the shop, I won't be able to get this for a few weeks.

What I'm seeking input on is this:

I'm looking for a 3-word phrase that ties into the theme well. My goal is to machine each word, (as long as it's not too long), into each of the 3 targets in the center PF area.

Any ideas?

#23 3 years ago
Quoted from Cappi:

Is there a memory version of this drop target? (As in the second coil to drop the target when needed)
Also is this a complete assembly (coil and bracket / etc)? I'd be interested in several for a few home brew projects if so.

This mod is only for the parts in the picture.


#24 3 years ago
Quoted from kyle5574:

Those look great! Cyclone uses 03-8033 as well, and has a single rollover drop target at the Spookhouse entrance.

Thanks for the info.

I wasn't aware of that.

#25 3 years ago
Quoted from herbertbsharp:

The only suggestion I would have is maybe to try and stay away from text. What about outlines of Sankara stones or the idol, coiled whips, or holy grails? Personally, I like the Sankara stones because they glowed at points during the movie.

That can be somewhat easily done.

Not sure how the final product will look though.

It will be a few weeks before I can re-visit this project due to my worklaod in the shop.

#35 3 years ago
Quoted from KevInBuffalo:

I see you have JM listed as one of the options. Which design is for JM?

At this point, I'm shipping plain targets for all of the machines on the list.

The reason...having a blank target will allow the purchaser to apply a decal, if they'd like. I'd love to provide various decals for these targets, but I have no graphic art capability.

Having text/artwork on the target face does create more reflective surfaces for the LED, but this would hamper the adhesion of any decals anyone may want to apply to the target.

#36 3 years ago

Out of all of the designs...I personally like the simple star pattern. It really looks nice when it's lit.

Going forward...if anyone prefers the machined text/artwork, please let me know this when you place your order. I have the machine set up to add this additional operation at no additional cost.

#40 3 years ago
Quoted from PoMC:

Anyone mention No Fear as a cool candidate for one of these drops?

No Fear is included in the list.


#42 3 years ago
Quoted from zr11990:

They would be great for Cactus Canyon. It was originally designed for light up drop targets but they kept breaking. How will these hold up?

My guess is that they should hold up pretty good. Polycarbonate is pretty much un-breakable.

#47 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

For T2 can you etch the original sticker design on it or is it too intricate? Pretty cool!! Sorry if this was discussed already.

I've never seen the decal design.

If someone has one I could borrow, I might be able to somewhat duplicate it...depending on the complexity.

#51 3 years ago
Quoted from BrianZ:

Cool. Do you have the ability to create any type of target (assuming you have an original to pattern)?

No, not really.

For instance...the Stern drop target. I'd have trouble machining that one. I'm sure, with a lot of work, and some creative machining, it can be done.

#54 3 years ago
Quoted from BrianZ:

What about just a target face? Fixed Target...
Why? I'm thinking about the Death Star Target in DE SW. If we could get one in clear/translucent; I'm betting I could light it up. Would be wicked looking lit up red in the Death Star.

I'm not sure I can machine the DE type target, due to the complexity of the design.

#55 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Attached. Even just the cross hair OR the skull would be cool if both are too busy.


I can easily do the cross hair design.

Doing the skull would require WAY too much time to re=create the artwork "by hand".

#56 3 years ago

wpdvideo made this suggestion for FT....


#57 3 years ago

Here's a screen capture of the cross-hairs for T2


#59 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Thats pretty sweet. Wonder how well it will show up when lit.

It'll show up really well when lit. On some of the targets I use a 1/16 ball nose end mill to machine the text, (cross hairs, T2 text, Star). O the smaller text, I use a 1/32 ball nose end mill.

#60 3 years ago

I've decided to run a pre-March Madness special on these drop targets.

From now...until the beginning of the tournament, the price for this kit is $43/shipped, continental US.

For those of you that have already placed an order, partial refunds will be coming your way.

#61 3 years ago

RTS came up w/ a GREAT idea for shadow...


#63 3 years ago

This is what it will kind of look like using a 1/32 dia. ball nose end mill...


#64 3 years ago
Quoted from Starwriter:

The wall target is much bigger than a regular target. Are you thinking about making 1 of those?

Yes, I'm planning on doing that one as well.

#65 3 years ago

I'm open to suggestions on the target face artwork/text.

I think the brick wall is going to look great.

Thanks for the suggestion RTS...

#68 3 years ago
Quoted from fumbleflippers:

Would the shadow target work in a dirty harry?

Yes, it will work in the Dirty Harry that has the drop target.

#69 3 years ago
Quoted from zr11990:

Please figure out how to do the CC targets. I can send you one if you need it.

Do you have a part number for the CC drop target?

#71 3 years ago

That looks like a tricky one...

Without having an assembly, for testing, I doubt I'll be making this drop target.


#72 3 years ago

Here's a pic of the drop target w/ the brick pattern and cross-hair pattern...


#75 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Dude he said theyre made of polycarbonate.....
Cross hair looks SICK cant wait!

shipped, and on its' way

#76 3 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

Cool Idea. looks sweet, my only concern is longevity. what are they made out of? did you do some life testing? is there a guarantee with these? I'll have to check and see where I can use one..

These are made from Polycarbonate...should be VERY durable. I's sure it'll be stronger than the current ABS target.

#77 3 years ago

Here's another pic...


#78 3 years ago

Here's some screen captures of the new artwork for Indiana Jones...




#79 3 years ago

I tweaked the artwork on the IJ tiki artwork...



#81 3 years ago


Spent a few hours toying w/ it.

Not sure if it'll sell though.

#86 3 years ago


Thanks for posting pics...

Please allow me to explain a couple things...

My original thought was to use a 555 lamp socket with a different mounting tab, and mount the lamp to the playfiled, just as you did. The first machine I installed this mod on was my FT. That area is too crowded to allow me to mount the lamp in this fashion. Then I thought, well...some "pinball purists" might not want to mount the lamp socket to the PF, which requires the creation of an additional hole. I decided to mount the lamp socket to the drop target assembly. In doing so, if someone wanted to remove this mod, there would be no evidence of it ever being installed, once it has been removed.

In my original for sale post, I stated that this mod only comes w/ a white LED. The reason for that is...#1, I didn't want to have to stockpile every color of lamp available, and #2, If I provided LED color options, it would make each order all that more difficult to keep track of. Not only would I have to keep track of the drop target artwork style, but I'd also have to keep track of each order's color request. This would increase the likelihood of my making an error in someone's order.

I hope you understand.

As always, I welcome everyone's input. I'm always striving to make my products more desirable to the public.


#87 3 years ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

Hope mine for Space Station arrives soon. What's the design on that one?

Your order should arrive, no later than Monday.

I haven't worked on any artwork for SS, so the target that was shipped is a blank target, w/ no artwork.

It's going to be a couple weeks before I can revisit this project due to my current workload in the shop.

#88 3 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

Once you install the kit, it's easy enough to change colors with a different flex bulb. The brick pattern is better in red.


I agree, a red LED on the brick pattern works best.

I hadn't installed the brick pattern drop target on my Shadow yet.

That brick pattern looks even better than I thought it would.

Thanks for posting these pics.

#90 3 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

I don't think it's as tricky as it seems. The only really crucial change is the pockets under the little flanges on the front. The target lifter uses those and holds the target up with a pulsed coil. The hit to the target knocks it off the lifter so it can fall, and the coil goes off when the switch at the bottom is triggered. CC wouldn't even really need the light socket, as there's a light essentially pointed right at them with the arrow in front of the target. You could throw a 2 head flex in there for more direct light, but it wouldn't need a new socket.
All the fluting at the top part, and the bit of a bump out behind the pockets, is just for strength I think. With the machined polycarbonate, I think you could just make the whole top part solid.
The pockets under the flanges are about 0.3in across, just under 0.4in tall, and about 0.1in deep (I don't have anything real accurate within reach of my desk). The whole head rectangle could just be 1/4 thick solid. Whether or not the bump outs are necessary for strength in the poly - I don't know.
I guess another minor caveat would be that the faces would have to be polished/smoothed enough somehow that the decals could be applied and stick well. Trying to carve out face renditions in the targets would suck.
But I would LOVE to see these made.

There's 2 downsides in doing this project...

#1, the cost of material. When you have to purchase polycarbonate that's thicker that 1/2 inch, the price literally sky-rockets. For instance, The material needed for these William's targets is 1/10th the cost of a similar project that requires 3/4 inch material.

#2, (the biggest drawback) This drop target would be a game-specific project. To my knowledge, CC is the only game that uses this target. The "target audience" would only be those people who own this specific game.

#95 3 years ago
Quoted from beatmaster:

will this fit on williams system 9? sorry if it's already answered.
i'd like to try one with the star and put a blue led on my freshly restored space shuttle.

I don't know....

This is a replacement drop target for P/N 03-8033 or 03-8750

#96 3 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

The whole target isn't more than 1/2 inch thick. Not sure why that came up. Front to back it's no different than the other drops, because they all have the little tab that sticks out to hit the switch. The bumped back part doesn't stick out more than that.
As for #2, remember that anybody who buys for CC would buy FOUR of them, and you don't have to include wiring/lighting
What if I draw up the part and pay for the material?

If I were to design this, I'd prefer to take the measurements myself using calipers and/or my optical comparator.

#99 3 years ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Amazing work from an amazing guy. Trust me, his stuff is A+ top shelf. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!!

Thanks RD,

You've seen my shop.....and some of my work

#100 3 years ago
Quoted from msj2222:

any discount for multiple orders?

I can only knock off a couple bucks on multiple orders.

#102 3 years ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

The shop is indeed amazing.

Thank you!

A guy has to have his "toys"...right?

#103 3 years ago

Sale ends tomorrow bump....

#109 3 years ago

The pre-March Madness sale ends at midnight tonight.

Stay tuned...

I hope to have a new lighted drop target mod available in the next few days.

#115 3 years ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Definitely ships fast! Less than a week to Canada. Going into Space Station with a nice new decal so it should just glow at the top. No overkill, just a slight lit accent. Looks like a nice solid piece too, should take a lot of abuse without issue.

Thanks volkdrive.

I'm working on another lit drop target mod that I think some people will like. I have the drop targets machined, now I'm just trying to find a more powerful light solution...Here's a hint...it's a BIG drop target. Hoping to get it lit using a red light source.

I'm working w/ Art @ Comet in hopes of finding a solution.

#117 3 years ago

I'm now offering the drop targets w/ RED LEDs as well.

#121 3 years ago
Quoted from Mike_M:

Indy- Is the LED you are using a stock Comet item? The leads seem longer. If it's stock can you post a link to the item on Comet's website?

Yes, these are stock LEDs from Comet

#126 3 years ago
Quoted from fumbleflippers:

Just got mine installed over the weekend. Looks great!

That looks fantastic in Dirty Harry.

I wish my DH had the drop target.

#127 3 years ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

Would love to see these in Metallica with crosses or sparky faces. What do you think Indy?

Something like this?



#129 3 years ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

Yes! Metallica owners would shit them selfs if this worked. I can be a tester if you like. Just pm me.

I'm working w/ someone on getting some decals printed.

#133 3 years ago


These arrived yesterday.


#134 3 years ago










1 month later
#142 3 years ago

I spent the morning working on new artwork for my lit drop targets...

What ya think?






#143 3 years ago

A couple more....



#152 3 years ago
Quoted from BENETNATH:

would be SOOO great to get the judge dredd drop target, with each letter on it.
You could even inspire from the often seen decals.
Center target is also more thick than the other one.
I can provide some guidance on dimensions and so on, as i own one.
would be a really nice mod, as JD is a bit dark at the drop target place.

Doing each individual target artwork would be VERY time-consuming. I won't be tackling that for a while. Sorry.

#153 3 years ago
Quoted from shovelhed:

Any update on the Metallica ones and how to install?

Here are a couple versions I've done for Metallica...



#154 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Like, like, like....where's the WOZ? Please!!!

Here are a few versions I'n drawn up for WOZ....





#157 3 years ago
Quoted from Starwriter:

Or how about engrave the shield and then use die cut vinyl for the letters like he did with the Metallica cross.

I decided to abandon the vinyl decal. I don't think it will be durable enough.

I'll see what I can do for a shield though.

#158 3 years ago

Here's some new artwork for the FishTales drop target....



#159 3 years ago

Here's something for Judge Dredd...






#162 3 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

so........ can we order one for WoZ or are you still drafting one up?

WOZ is done for the moment....as far as the drop targets go.

I have to look into lighting the target though. My guess is the single drop target assembly is identical to the Williams drop target assembly. The only differences being that it requires a 12 volt lamp, and tying it into the machine for power will be different that what is needed for the Williams games.

#163 3 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

WW would be great too! Certainly brighten up that area a bit.

I'll be working on this style of drop target in the future.

#165 3 years ago
Quoted from lurch:

Yup, i just noticed that the comet LED's for this are 6.3V. That said a resistor in-line with the alligator clips should be able to fix that issue.
Also, where to connect could be an issue as well. I will have to crawl under my playfield when i get home and take a look.

I'm planning on buying a few different color/style 12 volt LEDs from Comet to experiment with.

I'll try to look at the assembly and see what can be done about mounting a 555 style socket in the next few days.

#169 3 years ago
Quoted from BENETNATH:

Seems perfect
Any plan to release them in a kit?
What would be the price for the complete kit with lights?
Great work.

I'm not sure, just yet if I can do the kit. The reason being...I'd have to come up w/ a lighting solution for a 5 bank drop target assembly, (I already have a Williams 3-bank version designed that works VERY well). I don't have access to a JD machine. If the 5 bank drop target assembly is the same as the 5-bank used in BadCats...no problem. I have a BadCats I can use for design/testing.

#173 3 years ago

Here's another version for AFM or RFM....


#175 3 years ago
Quoted from Lemank:

I like the judge design. I've been talking up this mod to a bunch of people. It is a great idea and looks awesome.

Thank you !!!

I'm working on more artwork designs for the drop targets as well.

#176 3 years ago

Here's a few more drop target designs....





#177 3 years ago

My Scoleri brothers for Ghostbusters...



#179 3 years ago

Another skull artwork for the No Fear drop target...


#182 3 years ago
Quoted from Chitownpinball:

Woah woah woah, you couldnt do the skull on the drop target NOW you can? lol wth!

I have software now that converts images to vector files.

#184 3 years ago

I think the materials need to be somewhat clear in order for the light to travel through the material. I chose polycarbonate because of the material strength. The clear polycarbonate, once machined, is no longer "clear". It has a slight "milky" color.

As for fluorescent colors...that material is acrylic. It's way too brittle for this application. The drop target would probably break with the first ball strike.

#186 3 years ago

That looks great!

What type of color changing lamp are you using?

#188 3 years ago

I'll have to talk to Art soon about those LEDs.

#193 3 years ago

The lit target mod was designed to tie into a GI lamp.

For a controlled lamp, my guess would be #1 & #2 (don't quote me on this).

#1, for sure...if 1 & 2 don't work, try 1 & 3.

#195 3 years ago
Quoted from Ballypalooza:

I like the way these look!! Is it possible to manufacture a early Bally solid state target?

I might attempt it at some point in time. Those old Bally targets won't be easy.

#198 3 years ago
Quoted from SealClubber:

What are people using for JM?

I don't have any ideas for JM.

Any suggestions on clip art to use?

#203 3 years ago
Quoted from msj2222:

Did you ever do the set for TS?

As for the Shadow drop targets. I have the smaller drop target parts machined, (minus the artwork which is already designed). The lighting is done on the small single drop target assembly. As for the sanctum target, I have a small batch of them completely machined. Due to the size of the target though, a single light source under the playfield isn't sufficient. It only lights the lower part of the drop target. I ended up having to use an additional LED, (single flex type) mounted to the top of the red sanctum plastic. The LED is directed towards the side of the sanctum drop target so that the upper portion of the drop target is lit as well. I was hoping not to have to add an additional light source on the upper side of the playfield but this is the only solution I could come up to light the target. It doesn't look all that bad, considering the location of the 555 lamp socket I had to install on the sanctum plastic.

Within the next week or so, I'm hoping to officially anounce that I'm selling the sanctum drop target.

I've been pretty busy working on pinball mods as well as trying to get my pinball company started.

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