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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#13 7 years ago

Thanks for the update SkitB! I can't wait to see you guys in Chicago! Get to da Exppo!

#132 7 years ago


1 week later
#302 7 years ago

I am leaving for chicago tomorrow morning but wont make it to the expo till thursday. Can't wait to meet Kevin and the Skitb team and of course play Predator. WOO HOOO!

#396 7 years ago

Playfield art concept.

image.jpg image.jpg

#444 7 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

So they have the actual scenes on the dmd. I think this keeps the look from being more cartoony. In reality this mightve been done to save on some graphics guy cost.

However, on the playfield, the soldiers are hand drawn. Is it just me, or is Blaine the only one that is a spot on image? I just think Arnie an Mac look a little goofy.

Kevin said the dmd used on the proto type was only 4 color (shades of that color) and that the actual one will have 16 color(shades of that color) which should make the graphics show up better.

That wasn't the final draft just a sample which was quickly done to show us so we have an idea.

I think the playfield art looks great.

#455 7 years ago

It was great meeting Kevin, Aaron and the rest of the skitb team. Predator was the highlight of the expo for me. I have complete confidence that they will make great game. Killing spree was my favorite mode, although Hunt mode could be cooler once the UV paint is put on.

A very happy #34

#464 7 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

Was anyone getting video of the seminar?

I believe someone did but not sure who. It was more like a Q & A session. Not much new infomation except that they are gonna try and get them all out by next year with the first batch going out in late spring or early summer. They did say they were gonna try and get 2 done by christmas but I honestly don't see that happening.


#465 7 years ago
Quoted from starfighter:

At the seminar on Friday afternoon I think they said 15 spots were still open.

When I talked to them late Friday Night there were only 11 spots left.


#566 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

We're also going to create a email mailing list for everyone on the pre-order to formally show production numbers and let everyone know directly when an update is made or posted.

Can you also show us where we are in the production order, so we will know when we have to happily start getting money together

thanks, Demian


#568 7 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

You havent started???

yes I started but the dang washer went out, so there went a chunk of the fund. Hell I will do what ever it takes to come up with the money, Just curious how hard and fast I have to try I'm pretty sure I won't have to worry about it this year.

#598 7 years ago

Only Predator for me!

#637 7 years ago

Happy Halloween!


#727 7 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

I dont get it what is so good on lebowski. Mediocre movie at max.

Over de top american humor, aint even funny 99 out of 100 jokes.

Shut the f^(k up, Donnie

Post edited by The_Dude_Abides : Edited Profanity.

#766 7 years ago

5% is cool with me! Tell me where to send my money!

#776 7 years ago
Quoted from Russo121:

5% not a problem, but we are still yet to see finished playfield artwork so perhaps getting that done should be the priority before ANY money is taken?

Seriously, do you get to see any pictures from Stern, JPP or any other company before putting a deposit?

These guys brought their game to expos to actually play before getting any deposit. Having played the unfinished product and it being loads of fun is more than enough for me put down a deposit without the finished artwork.

I do understand Artwork is very important but come on they are only asking for $250 dollars!


#872 7 years ago

nevermind, I got the email, it was in my junk section. So make sure you check your junk email inbox too.

#1035 7 years ago

I am for the new innovative playfield but would like to know how much more a CPR one would add to the cost.

#1094 7 years ago

Got my email!
Production order 14! Woo Hoo!

1 week later
#1274 7 years ago

I also agree about having better differences between modes, whether it be with music change or DMD intro.

If I recall talking to kevin at the expo that the DMD they are gonna use is gonna have 16 colors instead of 4 which is the one in the video. No not color DMD but more like shades of the same color. So that should help with the animations.

I also recall Kevin saying that cointakers is gonna help them with a better light for the UV.

Definitely need more Predator(clicking) noises in the game, possibly random.


#1314 7 years ago

The art is coming along nicely, and great job on the inserts

#1370 7 years ago

Paid!!! Starting to become a reality

1 week later
#1462 7 years ago

I don't remember were there any time we have heard the predator laugh during the game? If not maybe have the laugh noise after the last ball drains!!


#1511 6 years ago

Ramps look good, can't wait to see them in action.

#1648 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

There are a few more voice calls and sound effects in the game, and every different multiball and mode has its own music to go with it.

This was a great decision! Thanks Skit-b team!

#1734 6 years ago

Awesome Kevin, coming along nicely! Merry Christmas!

#1777 6 years ago

Damn that's cool!

#1827 6 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Word was 4 I think

If I recall the conversation I had with kevin at the expo was that 3 toys for sure and possibly 4. Here's to hoping it's 4 toys.

Matt - That's a great sculpt!

#1842 6 years ago

2013 Year of the Predator!

#1891 6 years ago

Woo Hoo!! Got my confirmation and I am locked.
Production #14 (unless someone ahead of me dropped out)

#2017 6 years ago

Yes, can't wait to see the video of the new color changing lights, plus the different modes with their own music and intro!

Skit-B is the new 16 color DMD up and running yet?


#2027 6 years ago

Yes 16 shades of color!


#2037 6 years ago

Cool, I think I donated $50, but maybe it was $40 . Hopefully there will be a shirt in the mail for me!

1 week later
#2163 6 years ago

Thanks for the update! DMD is way better than when I saw it at Expo! UV light looks great!

#2209 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Just something to think about. I am sure many of us would eb happy to preorder these extras if that is the only wany to ensure we can get them.

Yes, especially playfield and plastics!


1 week later
#2286 6 years ago

Looks great! Can't wait to see the rest!

1 week later
#2303 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I STILL haven't gotten my nifty Predator Shirt...

Me neither

1 week later
#2358 6 years ago

Great news! I was gonna pick up a new old game with my tax return but now I think I better save it for predator since I'm very early in the production run.

1 week later
#2475 6 years ago

Update in April, sweet!

#2484 6 years ago

Well I'm raising my skit-b fan boy flag higher to offset your lowering
game#34 build #14

2 weeks later
1 week later
#2762 6 years ago

Great news! Thanks for the update Kevin. Super excited!
#34 and production number 14

#2822 6 years ago

Pretty sweet Kevin! I always got so pissed at the dog laughing at me when I was young! Ah who am I kidding I just got pissed at that dog laughing at you in the video!

production 14

#2841 6 years ago

Whoa is that playfield art I see in Skit-bs avatar

#3108 6 years ago

I love the artwork, hand drawn art is my favorite! The only thing I would change is make the red skull a white skull instead. The red just doesn't jive for some reason. I can't wait to see the plastics,video of the updated dmd and gameplay. Not to mention the info from the seminar. This weekend is gonna ROCK and I'm not even there!


#3172 6 years ago

Lots of people criticizing the unfinished product! I hope Skit-b remembers this Abraham Lincoln quote when it comes to building Predator.

"You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”


#3177 6 years ago

Those are badass Matt! Fantastic Job!

#3493 6 years ago

New skull is awesome! I have to agree about Dillon too doesn't quite look like him.

#3703 6 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Is there going to be any kind of an update on the production order now that we've bumped down and moved around a little? I know it's still likely to change some, but just wondering how much closer I've gotten to the half-way point.

Yeah what she said!

1 week later
#3866 6 years ago
Quoted from mrpostman:

Alternate Unmasked Predator Translite would do it for me.

Yeah that would do it for me too!

1 week later
#4016 6 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

I'd think of pulling the word Predator off the translite or the speaker panel.

Yes, pull the predator name off the speaker panel!


#4044 6 years ago

I also have to agree about arnold's shoulder, its definitely off. I like the progress of everything, can't wait to see a video!

#4190 6 years ago

Congrats on Predator err I mean your engagement Playboywillis!

1 week later
#4307 6 years ago

Arnie's shoulder looks great, I also agree that the blood on the skull just doesnt look right. MagicMako's skull looks great.


#4355 6 years ago

"I'm here to PUMP YOU UP"!


#4421 6 years ago

Why bash a game before it is 100% complete, yet alone compare a prototype to completed games? I can understand if all this criticism and comparisons came after the game was 100% done.

I can only speak for myself. I love what I am seeing from the Skit-B team. I support them 100% and can't wait to get my predator!!

4 weeks later
#4723 6 years ago

Crickets chirping

2 weeks later
#4832 6 years ago

Looks Great Matt! Thanks for the update!

1 week later
#4865 6 years ago

This place is dead anyway

1 week later
#5054 6 years ago

Thanks for the update Skit-B the natives were getting restless I was suprised to see an actual update, I was expecting to see people complaining, people complaining about people complaining, ponies, or boobs.

4 weeks later
#5212 6 years ago

Just yours, they are individually sent emails. I moved up one spot in production order

Quoted from spfxted:

Are they sending the whole list, or just yours?

1 week later
#5312 6 years ago

Fantastic job Matt! That's a badass skull and bones!

#5320 6 years ago

Here's a cool predator print. Don't know how long it will be available. #34


#5323 6 years ago

Thanks for the update SkitB! #34

2 weeks later
#5380 6 years ago

Hey Kevin, I saw a schedule for the chicago expo but didn't see a predator seminar. Are you guys doing a seminar? I did notice that you guys are on a PROC panel.

1 week later
#5439 6 years ago

This might make a good topper. Although it is pretty heavy and would need to be securely mounted.

predator.JPG predator2.JPG

1 week later
#5468 6 years ago

I can't wait for the expo! I will be bringing my checkbook to pay for my predator.
#13 production
#34 machine

#5501 6 years ago

I am so glad I decided to go to the expo again this year. I can't wait to see it in action!

1 week later
#5580 6 years ago

I will be there Friday.

#5698 6 years ago

Still waiting on Predator to get fired up. DMD is plasma!

#5753 6 years ago

My review. I like the Backbox , cabinet art and red trim. I like most of the play field art. Plastics are ok. Don't like the hanging body no being covered on top, don't like the spine twisted to the side. I still don't like the looks of the ramps. It better have the UV paint in the final version. Overall it's just ok cosmetically and seems unfinished. I hope I get to play it today cause if it plays well then all is good.

#5893 6 years ago

I can't say I wasn't disapointed at Skit-B this weekend. I drove in from kansas city specifically to check it out. It has come a long way since last year but it's just not quite there yet. I was fortunate to see the backbox lights be controlled with a remote to get different effects which was neat. I was also able to see some plasma DMD animations as Kevin was working on the machine which were greatly improved from last year. Luckily I was able to play it last year and it was pretty fun so that is keeping me in.

I agree that there needs to be more communications with us. We will understand if things get delayed or family emergencies occur.

I still have faith in Skit-b and want them to succeed, so am in for the long haul

1 week later
#6051 6 years ago

I like it overall for the most part.
I actually like the playfield art.
The cabinet is good, same as the translite.
I love the sound and and DMD plasma.
Software seems solid too. Plastics are ok.

Here is what I agree with the others on which can hopefully be fixed.

Make the ramps CLEAR, they are still muddy in there current mode!
Light the playfield better. It's pretty dark.
Make sure the UV predator is clearly visible(I know you said this)!

Also please upload a video as soon as the better coat of UV paint is applied cause I really want to see the predator not just a couple dreadlocks.

The game is coming along and almost there! My excitement is starting to come back.


#6106 6 years ago

I vote for the colored inserts.

#6195 6 years ago
Quoted from MagicMako:

I think this might be good, I think the middle playfield inserts should be colored because its supposed to be the Predator's forearm device, which is all technologically advanced, definitely wouldnt have khaki

I like this idea. Have colored inserts on the predators forearm device and clears on the rest.
I'm changing my vote to both!

2 weeks later
#6295 6 years ago

It has always been 250. Kevin has never waivered and has always said there will be no more made. Why people are saying their might be more made is beyond me?

1 month later
#6437 5 years ago

Yes!!! Really like the playfield art now!!

#6529 5 years ago

That's what I have been waiting for!! Love the UV paint!! I can't wait to see the finished game.

2 weeks later
#6667 5 years ago

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?


#6686 5 years ago

I would like to pay for my machine by check. Could you pm or email me the address to send it to and make it out to.


1 month later
#7017 5 years ago

Skit-b may be quiet here but they answered my email last week. Now granted I asked the question 3 weeks ago but hey they are still around just slow.

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