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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

8 years ago

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#33 8 years ago



#65 8 years ago

Get yo ass to the Website and DONATE!


#72 8 years ago


#75 8 years ago

It's not the amount...it's the thought!

#97 8 years ago

Thanks to all who Donated! Let's send these guys off to the Show in Style!


#131 8 years ago

Hey Kevin. Question. Exactly how many spots are still left open?

#166 8 years ago



#176 8 years ago
Quoted from Bowman9:

System11 - I have been wondering the same thing.
Kinda like BTTF where they got the rights to the movie, but not to Michael J. Fox's likeness or voice.
I thought there were a lot of hoops to jump through to get a license.

Sometimes it just takes a phone call....

#193 8 years ago

Hey! Calm down sparky!

#213 8 years ago

Thanks Iceman!!


#216 8 years ago

I've never been a big fan of Shaker Motors. For whatever reasons, I've always felt they could shake something loose on the machine. It's just me....

#218 8 years ago
Quoted from T-800:

Vibration is the natural enemy of any electro-mechanical system... But the shaker motors are pretty cool IMO.

I know they're cool, but....as you say...Vibration is the natural enemy of any electro-mechanical system

#231 8 years ago

I'm sure Kevin will be on here soon with the Final Answer....

#234 8 years ago

Any chance you will have a SkitB regular shirt (with buttons) as I don't wear Tee's.
I want to support the team while I'm out there...or on a Film Set or Convention....

#239 8 years ago

....and first born...

#253 8 years ago

Ok, Kevin. I want a button shirt. Long or short sleeves, don't care. 2XL
Where do I send money? PayPal ok?

#277 8 years ago

Out of the 2 fiddy, I wonder how many are going to Pinside Members?


#283 8 years ago

Nice job Blondy. It looks like a good portion are going to Pinside.

#294 8 years ago

A) You'll probably sell out in Chicago.
B) I thought Kevin said it would NOT be Alien or Aliens.

#296 8 years ago

If they get your email...don't worry about it. Best way is to send ALL your info..name, address, phone, etc, and say you'll take any number. Make it so!

#298 8 years ago

I think a few of the games they said they liked, I'm not a fan of (the one with the kid riding the big furry thing)

#299 8 years ago

The Neverending Story! (like the movie, though)

#301 8 years ago

Maybe 3 Stooges....
Ohhhhh, the Baron of Greymatter! Why I outta! (insert eyepoke)

#310 8 years ago

Father Ted reference?

Easy...my son....


#316 8 years ago

Game over man.....

#331 8 years ago

Ok, Kevin...if no Alien...how about John Carpenter's The Thing? We got your flying saucers, aliens, monsters, flame throwers...er, no women.....hmmmmm

#380 8 years ago

Hey Kevin. Any button shirts anytime soon?
And please don't forget me...nudge, nudge, wink, wink...

#466 8 years ago

Come on Kev!....Time to Close This Puppy Out!

#470 8 years ago

Yes it is. Right here on Pinside there are over 100 orders for Predator. That's a lot of collectors that might not be buying the next Stern. (I'm excluding the money people that can buy 4 NIB's in a year!)

#480 8 years ago

Yeah! What he said!

#493 8 years ago

Next day I decided to give the game a second shake and after two games was still so put off I muttered "this is horseshit" underneath my breath and walked away, shaking my head.

uh, ok, we get it. Do us a favor and don't buy one.....


#503 8 years ago

Complaints about game play are now being labeled trolling because they don't agree with the hive mind. Pinside hits a new low.

Why don't you Take A Hike...so we can hit a New High...


#547 8 years ago

Kevin......don't forget me...


#585 8 years ago

I'd certainly like to see more about Circe! So far it looks great!

#587 8 years ago

Yes...but if you had a game called Mars Invasion and it played like AFM with all the new technology, cool toys, aliens, spaceships, monsters, etc.....I'm IN!

#592 8 years ago

Circe is temporarily dead and replaced by Full Throttle, motorcycle theme.

Hey!...that's good news! I have no interest in that theme. (even though I'm a rider!) I may have to look at that Dr. Who again.....


1 week later
#665 8 years ago

Come on guys ...an Elvira game should be next.
...Elvira & The Space Monsters

#672 8 years ago
Quoted from Honch:

That's a bummer. It could be one of the most versatile themes around. A horror/comedy/sex theme (which is exactly what Elvira is about) would sell like hotcakes in the pinball world (IMHO).

I think they would sell 50 the first day.

#817 8 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

but honestly, I think the "LE" idea should be done away with altogether.

That's for damn sure!
...and hey...if $250 is ok for you...it's ok by us!

#889 8 years ago

Got it last night.


#925 8 years ago

Got second copy of email today.

#1025 8 years ago

Your Super Secret Military Application sounds great!
Using something other than wood for a playfield....also sounds interesting!
Go with the new!

#1039 8 years ago

Playfield out of a new material? Military Grade Coating? Hah! YOU GUYS could change the history of Pinball!!

#1068 8 years ago

Me too! 2XL please....

#1071 8 years ago

“I ain't got time to play pinball!”

#1105 8 years ago

“I Ain't Got Time To Play Pinball!”

1 week later
#1251 8 years ago

Does UV last forever?

#1255 8 years ago

Does UV last 40 years?

#1257 8 years ago

Get to da choppa!!

#1342 8 years ago

Yes, Ice. I've made a decision as well. I'm not supporting the Stern method of having different machines (LE, Pro, Semi-Pro, Prem, etc) The WOZ method is best. Basic gameplay and all toys are the same. Bells and whitsles can be added later. Prices are getting crazy. My rich friends will not pay $8k for a pinball machine! (I need coffee)

#1345 8 years ago

Yeah. There's a lot taking away from Avengers right now. Predator, WOZ, Hobbit. I'm pretty burnt out on Super Heros right now. And the price! I've spoken to a few friends who own bars about putting in a few machines. $4k maybe...7-8K..no way...

#1347 8 years ago

My wife just paid my deposit!!
''I ain't got time to suck up''

#1362 8 years ago

"In Skit We Trust"

#1433 8 years ago

A lot of Dudeiosity going on here...

1 week later
#1501 8 years ago

They should state a firm cut off date and give people on the waiting list a shot.

#1520 8 years ago

I wouldn't do that to a pony!

#1537 8 years ago
Quoted from GrueLurks:

So, who needs a topper for their Predator?

Where did you get that?

#1545 8 years ago

I changed mine to just: PREDATOR

#1560 8 years ago

Christmas is coming!

#1636 8 years ago

Jeez!...just got here for 80 posts of crap!

#1653 8 years ago

Don't forget about me, Kev!

#1670 8 years ago

Ya talked me into it!

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#1674 8 years ago
Quoted from gambit3113:

How many times does Robin have to ask for that not to happen here?

Yeah, but you keep complaining about Jersey Jack all the time...and that gets tiresome too.

#1676 8 years ago

Now THAT'S funny!

#1693 8 years ago
Quoted from system11:

From time to time, I wonder 'is that idiot I put on ignore for spamming gifs still doing it?', and now I know he is.

Yes, El Dorko, please keep the Ignore button warm...

#1699 8 years ago

Thanks...I just ignore those humorless blokes anyway...

#1700 8 years ago
Quoted from PappyBoyington:

LOL, I did the same thing to him. Asked him to chill a bit on them and he gave me a smart ass answer. To the ignore bin he went and my Pinside experience just got better.

And let's keep it that way. (I know he checks up though to see em')

#1701 8 years ago

Oh...I forgot!


#1703 8 years ago

Keep yer shirts on...It's coming!

#1711 8 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Great Gif's Ted....don't let the "bastards" wear you down...

Thanks Ice! I don't...I just consider the source...

#1724 8 years ago

Nice one Hoss!


#1728 8 years ago

Merry Christmas Skitsters!


#1748 8 years ago

So far....


#1804 8 years ago

Yeah!....it should be a panel like the Predator's arm thingy. You have to put in the code....

#1812 8 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

full-force plunging

I like the sound of that!

#1860 8 years ago

I got a letter....but it was from Mexico!

#1870 8 years ago

But a bunch of them did get through...

#1912 8 years ago

Yup!...Here it be! Good evening, everyone. This email is simply to confirm that we have received your holding deposit in good order and that you are locked into your position on
the pre-owners list. We thank you for your continuing support in this massive
undertaking; without you it would not be possible!

#2035 8 years ago

No shirt for me!

#2063 8 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

The shirts we sent out were all the shirts that were formally ordered. For those of you who donated early, they will be sent out shortly. And Ted, I fully expect to see a gif of you in your new shirt on here doing the Truffle Shuffle or something when you get yours.

You got it, pal!

#2071 8 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Hey Ted! They didnt forget about you man!!!
(If your shirt doesnt have buttons I can't imagine the firestorm)

Yes, I hope they make a Special one for me with buttons.

#2081 8 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

I'm seriously going to be upset if I don't get a pony in my goodie bag.

I'm not sure I like the sound of that...

#2113 8 years ago

Soon...soooon...keep your mesh on!


#2115 8 years ago

Hah! ...so, Blondy, what other hobbies do you have...and what's your sign?

#2125 8 years ago

Thanks Blondy!


#2129 8 years ago

Yeah, baby, yeah!

#2164 8 years ago

Looks great. Are those targets in front of the flippers further back than the game at Allentown? (still not crazy about them )
Everything looks like it's really coming together! Thanks for the peek!

#2192 8 years ago

Are we realistically looking at around Christmas time?

#2205 8 years ago

Was there any decision on the Super Secret Government Applied Bulletproof Playfield Situation?

#2216 8 years ago

Oh, I had to offer up a pic to prove that I'm indeed a human female on another thread, and told them you could verify if need be. While looking for pics I did find one that looks sorta cowgirl-ish, so I thought I'd share it. (Wow, even in sepia tone I am glow-in-the-dark white.)


1 week later
#2254 8 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Well, since Rick is offering to donate a game...

#2296 8 years ago

Yes, sometime in February...

#2302 8 years ago

I STILL haven't gotten my nifty Predator Shirt...

#2308 8 years ago



#2317 8 years ago

I semi-agree!

#2337 8 years ago

I'd guess sometime around Christmas..

#2359 8 years ago

Skitsters! See youz guys at the Allentown show! Yeah, bring my shirt as well.....

#2367 8 years ago

Can you at least verify that it will not be Alien.....

#2369 8 years ago

3 Stooges? (that's pretty far from Predator)

#2405 8 years ago

Ok, Kevin...maybe a small hint?
Comedy---Action---Sci-fi---horror---None of the Above, er, side...

#2416 8 years ago

Huh? I heard something about this kind of thing in Mexico....

#2447 8 years ago

Alright, I put up a New Thread for New Info, pix, etc....we'll see if The Skitsters put something there....

#2448 8 years ago

Blondy!...did you read the Nordman interview? I haven't see ya over there....

1 week later
#2509 8 years ago

Ask Marc...he has one for ya....

#2522 7 years ago

Dude! I just recorded TBL and will FINALLY watch it this weekend!

#2528 7 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

Isn't that like a sci-fi writer never having read Bradbury? An anthropologist who' never heard of Richard Leaky? Or, uhm, a 17 year old boy who's never laid eyes on Giana Michaels?

hah! Most of my stuff is in the sci-fi end. No excuse, I'll watch it tomorrow!

#2551 7 years ago

Hah! I AM a golfer....I can get it through the windmill almost every time now!
You haven't seen Avatar (3D)?? In all seriousness, though, watch it. It's really good.
I'll watch TBL today....

#2556 7 years ago

Good eye! ...didn't think of that!

#2558 7 years ago

Just watched TBL! It was fun! Sorry to say, not one of my favorites. Comedy-wise, I'm more into Brooks and Allen rather than Cheech & Chung. But I DID almost spit my beer when the ashes flew back on Bridges! ...and I learned NEVER to f$©k a friend in the a$$ !

#2561 7 years ago

The Dude Abides!

#2583 7 years ago

Don't worry, corvair....as long as you're on the list...people always drop out.

#2587 7 years ago

$10k by Christmas!

#2593 7 years ago

I agree...and gave ya some Karma!

#2596 7 years ago

Yeah...like yours!

#2603 7 years ago

Yeah, I agree. Not as good as 1 but better than 2...


#2605 7 years ago

There was more than one AvP movie? I liked the first one...

#2607 7 years ago

That wasn't the same movie?? Sheesh!...what did I miss?

#2610 7 years ago

Didn't see it...gotta look!...like a bad car accident...

#2613 7 years ago

Yes...but I do like the first AVP...unrated, of course...

#2625 7 years ago

Was it around 30 or 40?

#2630 7 years ago

Just use this formula....easy! images.jpg

#2640 7 years ago

Like this


#2665 7 years ago

Hah! I started a new Predator Thread for New Info Only and got blasted....

#2668 7 years ago

It was a place to PUT the new info....gotta start somewhere...

#2677 7 years ago

Kevin! Pretty soon I'm gonna need an interview for Pinball411.com ! (and YOU know what else...)

#2681 7 years ago

Am I the only one that didn't get his Predator Shirt?

#2696 7 years ago

By the end of the year I'd be thrilled! No rush for perfection...

#2711 7 years ago

Bound to happen. Everybody in until money actually has to change hands. No worries.

#2723 7 years ago

...and from WAY back in the day...


#2726 7 years ago

Nice! That's Stan, bottom left on knee...

#2733 7 years ago

I just threw up in my mouth...

#2746 7 years ago

No worries kvan...I'm sure you're IN!

#2750 7 years ago

...AND there will surely be more people dropping out when the real money has to be deposited....

#2759 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

6. Cigars sold separately


#2761 7 years ago

See yuz in Allentown!

#2767 7 years ago

Kevin! What kind of cigars do yuz guys smoke?

#2772 7 years ago

Send in your info...and wait...

#2775 7 years ago

Oh...wait till they miss the first delivery date...

#2777 7 years ago

That's the way! Get it first...take the heat later...

#2784 7 years ago

You got that right...

#2786 7 years ago

Pix of the playfield and your comments on gameplay would be great!

#2790 7 years ago

Just divert them with cigars, booze and women! Take videos. Then serpentine! serpentine!

#2800 7 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Not a bad idea I wouldn't mind coordinating that if Skit-B wanted to do it.

Excellent idea! Thanks!!

#2805 7 years ago

Hi Kevin. To keep costs down I don't think it would be a bad idea to have us buy our own Toppers. Just like the Shaker Motor set up. I'm not a fan of Shaker Motors and I know some are not fans of Toppers.

#2819 7 years ago

There are a couple of guys here making cool Toppers...no worries there...

#2826 7 years ago

Congrats kvan!

#2830 7 years ago

Kevin, please do not announce any specific release date. When it's done it's done. Learn from the WOZ shitstorm.

#2832 7 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

But it is good to know that the game will be released this year.

I don't even like him saying that!

#2834 7 years ago

I agree. As long as they keep in touch and show progress, they have my, and our, support.

#2837 7 years ago
Quoted from kvan99:

can't wait to hear that Predator clicking sound in my game room..it should be an attract sound...no music no speech just the clicking...right?


#2848 7 years ago

Art looks sweeeet! Please, sir, can we have another?

#2857 7 years ago

The word is...NO cows...NO ponies...

#2859 7 years ago

The number should be low, but as stated, there WILL be changes in peoples situation. Things might be greatly different 3 to 5 months from now.

#2862 7 years ago

Yeah, that's what I mean...the number SHOULD be low. BUT, who knows what's gonna happen with Metallica and Star Trek. The timing of the release i feel is gonna be important. What do you think...

#2864 7 years ago

You can't put a pin on a BIKE!

#2867 7 years ago

Yeah, I like being #55/90. By that time we'll have a good idea what's going on and probably have played the game itself!

#2870 7 years ago
Quoted from GravitaR:

Oh yes I can a few pieces at a time till I have the whole machine!

Pinsiders Will Find A Way!

#2872 7 years ago

Yeah, the first ones I'm sure they will want perfect! Small crew building, correct?

#2875 7 years ago

Great minds think alike!

#2877 7 years ago