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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#128 7 years ago

Still super excited about this pin, and STILL 100% IN all the way!


1 month later
#771 7 years ago

5% not a problem, but we are still yet to see finished playfield artwork so perhaps getting that done should be the priority before ANY money is taken?

I aint a fan of handing over money without knowing EXACTLY what i'm getting as a final product.

Of course, if i were to receive an email asking for the 5% with a pic of the playfield with artwork fully coloured, i wouldnt see a problem in handing it over should it meet my tastes (which so far it does)

Get the art finished, THEN ask for the money.

#953 7 years ago

Got my email yesterday then another a bit later.

#99 'Old painless is waitin'

1 week later
#1141 7 years ago

Got mine. Thanx!

#99 'Ol painless is Waitin'

#1173 7 years ago

Can we pay the 5% deposit via paypal?

#1248 7 years ago

Super happy with what i see so far. I would love for you to replace the zip tie redemption feature with green predator blood for when you kill the damn thing...haha....

Very pleased with the audio on the whole. Seems to be a real adrenalin boosting set of sounds and callouts and i like that...a lot. In fact, i like the whole thing a lot more than i thought i would.

Of course i know your not going with the crappy black ramps and the UV lighting needs a little fine tuning there, but unless you end up painting the playfield bright pink with my little pony characters on the plastics, or use sharpies to colour the cab i'm still 100% all the way with this one.

Oh, it would also be nice to see whats on the dmd from time to time, but at the moment i cant tell if its arnie shooting the p*ss out of people or the contents of a prostitutes handbag. Either way, i'm still in. Y'know why?.....because my good old dad once told me "you dont look at the mantlepiece when you're poking the fire". He meant it as advice in regards to hooking up with ugly chicks with great bodies, but it just sprang to mind when watching some of the graphics on the dmd. (zero offence intended)

Anyway, in short, i love it and i'm busting a gut waiting for the day its all mine.

#1334 7 years ago

Just to confirm, the deposit is $250, right? The email i got from you Kevin didnt state an amount and i have only heard that amount being talked about here. Just wanted some solid confirmation of the total required before i pay.

#1400 7 years ago

I was one of the first to question wether or not these guys could do what they say. From what i see, i think they will pull it off. I doubt the timeline for completion somewhat but not due to my disbelief of skit-b, but from the past experiences of others trying to complete the same task.

That said, i've coughed up my deposit (#99 'ol painless is waitin') and im going to see it through. I always wanted a pin built like this, so for the money, its a no brainer for me. I am disspointed not to see any completed artwork at this stage, but i understand that the level of detail can take time to complete.

I really dont want to hear of anymore deposits until i see a final representation of the finished product in all its glory. At this point, i thinks thats a fair query....

2 weeks later
#1650 7 years ago

Cheers for the update. Happy to hear things are rolling along nicely. Merry Xmas too!

#99 'Ol painless is waitin'

1 week later
#1780 7 years ago

Really liking the art. So much detail there i am blown away. Busting a gut to get my hands on it now. Thanks Kevin!


#1836 7 years ago

So truly happy with this PF artwork. I dont think i could have imagined it to be any better. Thankyou, and happy new year guys!

#2024 7 years ago

Any news on shipping options for us overseas customers yet? (cost, companies you plan on using etc..)

Theres a few coming to the UK, but they vary in production numbers, making shipping them together highly unlikely.

2 weeks later
#2273 7 years ago

Will the prototype be in fully artworked conditon, the next time you show it?

Colours look great BTW....

2 weeks later
#2319 7 years ago

I think the jackpot noise is ok, but the hunt beeping noise should be changed for the shoulder cannon targeting one. No big deal either way, i just want to get my hands on it and play it to death.


2 weeks later
#2512 7 years ago

I dont care if they build these things in rusty barns with plastic spoons. As long as they keep to their word, it will be all we hoped for.

#2542 7 years ago

You can all expose your manginas, just do it in private.

1 month later
#3132 6 years ago

Looks great so far. I like the cartoony style of the characters. Its different, and i like it. The skull at the bottom looks good, but should be a bloody representation of a real skull for sure. Everything else is spot on and generally exceeds my expectations. Well done.

I wonder what the UV portions fo the PF will be?

#3178 6 years ago

Bodies look great to me. Anyway, heres a crude pic of the pf poorly resized into the cab:


#3188 6 years ago
Quoted from molspin:

Too many explosions?
I (somewhat) tend to think so…at least initially. However, I think that primary one in the center of the three pop-bumpers will look awesome once lit by the flashers when the ball explodes around in there.

My thoughts exactly. Sure, they look a little crude at first, but will more than likely add to the ambience of blowing the crap out of stuff.

#3199 6 years ago

Another pf in cab pic:


#3231 6 years ago



#3234 6 years ago

Revised! (good job on the ramps btw)


#3238 6 years ago

Yep, it looks good as a mock up, can you guys photoshop the dmd in there...?

Sure. Here you go:


4 weeks later
#4078 6 years ago

Still reserving judgment for the final model, but the UV layer was something i was hoping to see there too. Doesnt look like much right now. Perhaps its been binned? I sure hope not....

2 weeks later
#4407 6 years ago
Quoted from PinManV:

That's funny I was thinking the same thing.


Need to see a fully working, fully artworked, final representation of the game before i pay anymore money. Still excited, sure. Still need to see a game before i buy it, hell yes.

If all is good (which has been so far) i can pay in full the very moment it is required.

#4408 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

I keep forgetting to take my son's violet laser into the garden and see if I can direct a few pollinators right into specific flowers like a traffic cop. Considering how painfully bright blue it reflects off true white to human eyes, it must look like the fucking wave motion gun to bees.

Sadly, theres some evidence that suggests the plethora of radio signals in our atmosphere seriously messes with the bees ability to navigate properly. Some folk believe its why the worldwide decline in bee population has come about.

1 month later
#4869 6 years ago

I was sure they mentioned that they would not be doing anymore updates until they have a final product to show?

That suits me fine. At this point i would rather see the end product than lots more 'mini' updates.

1 month later
#5252 6 years ago

Production number: 99
Production order: 46

1 week later
#5354 6 years ago

If my woman sees a pic of predator with his mouth open on a pin i own she would accuse me of 'being obsessed by vaginas'.

#5359 6 years ago
Quoted from shootar:

U must be interested in a different class of woman!

Of course. I like mine to BITE!

However, i draw the line at face boning an effigy of the predator. WAit? What? errr...change the subject....haha.

2 weeks later
#5423 6 years ago

Really excited about predator, but that website looks AWFUL.

Looks like it was chucked up in ten minutes with a load of facebook/twitter tags everywhere and no mention of predator? Ok, duck hunt was cool, but no way near cooler than the prospect of predator pinball, surely?

Come on guys, you can do MUCH better than that.

3 weeks later
#5549 6 years ago

Mac is doing lunges cuz you just know he's havin' him some fun.

1 week later
#5708 6 years ago

Got a pic of predator from another site:


#5717 6 years ago

screen grabs:

pred2expo.jpg pred4expo.jpg pred5expo.jpg
#5719 6 years ago

Awww man. Hope they get it working. I can only imagine their horror at having issues this late in the game.

I just sacrificed a Mcdonalds chicken burger and pussy face roared naked in my back yard. I may just click on the star wars 'no' button at some point this evening.

#5721 6 years ago

Some more pics:

#5769 6 years ago

As long as it flows great, has the software as promised on earlier vids theres nothing I see that wouldn't make me buy it. That mostly because by the time it gets to me here in the UK it will cost almost HALF what a new pin normally costs here.

#5914 6 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

I think #69 was A LOT of our first requests.

Yep. Mine too.

#6033 6 years ago

The software intricacies is what I look forward to most with these updates and that unload mode is a great idea. Great sounds too, and very happy with the development so far.

I can see the pred's forehead a bit on the UV layer, so I can make out the scale of the thing which looks to cover the entire bottom half of the viewable playing area. Cant wait to see it in person.

#6052 6 years ago

Just to confirm. The games price is $5000, right?

#6056 6 years ago

Didn't they say somewhere in this thread it was $5000? OR am I dreaming?

#6058 6 years ago
Quoted from fattrain:

You might be dreaming that you just found a pinballs that's not 8k LE NIB

Haha. Yeah, its like i'm looking for the 'catch' here. Don't know why I thought that?

#6060 6 years ago

$250 to the UK for shipping would be a great price. Fingers crossed.

#6145 6 years ago

I like the neutral inserts. Gives the hope of one day being used with colour changing leds and more superb light shows.

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