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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#1140 7 years ago

Still waiting for my email


#1198 7 years ago

Still no email from Kevin regarding details and deposit info like others have received. Have PM'd him here. Have emailed -via- my original direct email addy. Is there anybody, besides me, still waiting on this email that others have received?


#1256 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Just sent the emails out again. The address you're giving me seems to match the one I have on file here, but I copied/pasted the address straight out of your PM to be sure. Let me know if/when you get them. I would have just replied to your message, but it says your messaging is disabled.

No go kevin. Please try again. The last email I received was on Oct 15, 2012. It was to my dad@richand********.com address. I do not understand why it is not getting through. I have owned the domain for 13 years and have no other email issues with it. This is strange.


#1265 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinballdad:

No go kevin. Please try again. The last email I received was on Oct 15, 2012. It was to my dad@richand********.com address. I do not understand why it is not getting through. I have owned the domain for 13 years and have no other email issues with it. This is strange.

It's all good now kevin. You must have sent out my emails on a large distribution list. It went to spam. I pulled them out and all is good. Thanks for resending them. I can't wait to get this game Thanks also for all your hard work and others too on your team!


#1391 7 years ago

WooHoo! PAID!


#1445 7 years ago

Hey! What's everyone have for a build number? I am machine #90 with a build # of 70!

#1458 7 years ago

Same here. He said there is another room in the video with the goodies. Must be a mock up PF with at least some toys in there. Even if not colored or painted, what a great Xmas gift to get a glimpse in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#1459 7 years ago


Please Skit!!!! Weekend surprise photo of something new to the PF that we have not seen??? The loyal Predator following deserves a treat as I am pretty sure you agree with! Anything....PF art or toys? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#1503 7 years ago

Hey all...I was back reading my emails for the Dec 14 deadline. I didn't come across it. On another note though I read the part again about using Back Alley Productions for Predator PF toys. The url was in one of the emails. I clicked on it just for kicks. It says they are real busy with Jersey Jack work. I wonder if Jersey Jack workload is causing a delay effect to the Predator workload that Skit contracted them for? I sure hope not but it is what it is I guess if it is yes. What's everyone think? Anyone know how big a facility Back Alley is and if they can handle all this work at the same time?



#1559 7 years ago
Quoted from oopsallberrys:

Gah, everytime I see this thread with some action, I am hoping for an update with some artwork or toys or even the new 16 color DMD.


#1567 7 years ago

Guys/gals not trying to be mean here but I think I counted way over a dozen requests/hints here for getting a peek at something (PF, art, etc) soon. Sad...the skit dude isn't even commenting acknowledging the posts exist. Totally ignoring them! He recently posted here so I will assume he at least glanced a little over the thread and thus viewed these requests/hints? Not saying he has to oblige us...not saying that at all...what I am saying is he is totally ignoring us. Not cool...to me anyway I would rather him waste the effort typing out a, "No" or a, "Soon friends, be patient" instead of a sentence about $4 going in the machine without reason at the Shark Club.

Sorry, it is just how I feel at this particular moment. Like others I visit this thread always hoping for a progress update from Skit and get dissapointed each time. I do not think I am out of line since I now officially have some of my hard earned money over there

#90 (with a deposit paid)

#1570 7 years ago

My post has nothing to do with Stern. My post has to do with a $1.25 million USD SkitB Predator project. Skit elected to use this forum as a venue to communicate with buyers. What my point was, if you care to read it again, is the community is being ignored. How difficult is it to type a few words? Not very I suppose reflecting on that long Shark post with the $4 coin closing...lol.

To each is own. It is obvious by reading that I am not the only one dissapointed...maybe I am the only one willing to say it though publically in this manner. Jeesh...it is not like I am demanding a schedule or timeline with exact projected dates (which is not unusual for a multi million dollar project anyway lol). I just think if this forum can be used to post that long Shark weekend tourney report...surely it could update customers who have put money on the table???? You think?

#1573 7 years ago

<<<Why do you guys that demand updates...>>> can we not take posts out of context please? Nobody is demanding anything. I am only wondering why posts are ignored...several. Jeesh how many countless hours have been spent recently parading the unfnished Predator to Shark and then typing about it here? Is it too much to ask that approximately a dozen requests/hints could at least be ackowledged? Not ignored and skipped over? This is not a," It will be done when it get done" event. Lol...I hope you are kidding. It is a business transaction now because money has shifted hands. There surely needs to be some reasonable delivery of updates in a timely manner going forward. Not just it gets done when it's done lol.

#1578 7 years ago

That's fine Whysnow. We all have an opinion. I stick by mine. A dozen posts requesting/hinting at a peek of something from mostly paying customers I assume. But it all fell on deaf ears. However, per Skit:

"We had a TON of requests to bring it out for the show and patrons really enjoyed having it there."

All those requests to bring it to Shark triggered results and action. How many countless hours of labor to pull that off? Travel time, set-up time...etc? Yet a few posts here did not even garner a 10 second response??? Also, I see your one of those that just tries to stir the pot with garbage and not facts. I never mentioned wanting out. Why even say that? never mind...I already know

Strange indeed...to me anyway.

#1583 7 years ago
Quoted from Marc:

^^^ Something you should have considered before plunking down your money. And yes I was serious, done when it's done. They have a whole $250 of my money, big deal. If they disappeared tomorrow I wouldn't loose sleep over it.

Marc...that is highly unfair. Just because you could walk away from a $250 loss should not be meant to imply that all of us should feel the same way. I am shocked at that comment totally. Look before this gets out of hand...I am only saying that Skit is running a business now. Hopefully a business that he wishes to succeed and be around awhile. Prioritizing public forum posts may be in the best interest in reaching that goal.

#1586 7 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I honestly was not stirring the pot. I was just pointing out that if you think you may want out, then now is likely the best time since there appear to be people waiting.
To me, this should be a very fun ride and not something to stress over. Then again, I made my own decision (before paying) that I trust the SkitB guys to do everything they say they will, plus more.
You seem stressed out about this process already and it will likely be a long ride from here on out. Nothing personal, just an observation... If you did want out, now is an easy time to do so.

Look. Please stop speculating about me wanting out or stress on my side lol. You are just throwing more garbage (I can't think what else to call it) I mean really? Lol

#1588 7 years ago
Quoted from Marc:

You do realize that the majority of businesses in this hobby are stemmed from hobbyist that turn their passion into tax numbers? It's not like you are dealing with the big box store down the street, just my opinion but I'd cut them some slack. These guys are in their infancy with their company, lots to learn I'm sure. Now if they hang in there for measurable amount of time past this project maybe some complaining is in order but not at this point.

Cool. Thanks Marc. I totally appreciate that last post and it is very true. I'm glad we agree on all those points you mentioned there. I dunno...like I said...just feel a lil dissapointed cause there have been many requests/hints from folks wanting anything PF or art related. That last video stated that the good stuff was out of site in another room. If we cannot see it then can we at least be acknowledged in the forum with a "no, not yet...sorry friends" post?

Peace, it's all good!

#1597 7 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I was looking for some playfield art or toys even a doodle of what the toys would be, would be helpful since I have no idea now.
Way I see it, $250 is not an excessive amount of money. Likely three things can happen.
1) you get the game whenever and keep it because its so good
2) you decide to drop out before delivery and get the money back or not (lesson learned) its just $250
3) you get the game and don't like it and resell it for some money just like people do with any other pinball machine can make or lose money but will be able to own and play the game for a time.
My main concern is that this could be a turkey or a basket case of problems. But, as you still pay most of the money before it is built if I have major concerns I have to cross that bridge later in the future once the full production pin is being made. I have a lot of faith in this design team, it seems as if they really know what a real pinball machine should look and play like. I don't think they are going to build a horrible machine. It may be rough around the edges in some areas but I think it will play very good.

RAI...what do you mean by, "...basket case of problems" I think the code wil be great! What are you referring to?

#1599 7 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

I gave up my spot because I thought there were fanatic supporters who should enjoy the ride since they loved the the theme more than I did.
I can paypal or send you a check right now though if you need your money back.

This thread is funny...friend you are the third person to comment about me opting out. How come this thread is doing that? I have no intention of canceling my contract and I am not stressed about it. Can anyone understand my point as I raised without clouding it with speculation of items that are not even being discussed by me?

Merry Xmas!

#1600 7 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

they haven't gone silent, they're just not there yet. Big. F'ing. Deal.

Whatever. If your not there... you have a dozen posts asking if you are there...take 5 seconds and post you are not there. Easy.

#1613 7 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Why are you demanding to see a pic of playfield? I'll bet SkitB is aware that people would like to see more. Don't think they are going to release it early because someone posts on a forum.
If you don't want your pinball machine, step aside and there are others who want your spot.

First of all I have not demanded to see a pic of anything. I have questioned though why requests to see evidence of a critical milestone have been ignored. Ok? I put it in business terms. The video made a claim that in the other room is where the goodies are. This public forum has had about 12 different people ask for a glimpse/taste/picture of something related to what is in there...it is common speculation that it is PF and art. I raised the issue of not demanding anything...only questioning why all the posts were ignored. I do not believe there is anything wrong with holding a business's "feet to the fire". If the goodies are not going to be shown or are not ready then just reply to the posts saying that. Jeesh no biggie. Most everyone here has completely missed my point! Then some went on to speculate that I am stressed...demanding things...want out perhaps...lol. You are all so so funny Thanks for the chuckle.

Business is business. Bringing attention to this matter can only help Skitb...communication is important whether some folks desire it or not! I am not the bad guy.Just would like it if the issue at hand, by a dozen or so folks, would get a response before the tourney news...that is all.


#1616 7 years ago
Quoted from starfighter:

You've just answered your own question. The "critical milestone" is not ready.
But for some reason you need Skit-B to come here and tell you that.

Actually...in the next room...that,"Critical Milestone" could be at 25%-50%-75%...who knows? 0%? Who knows...about a dozen folks (including me) asked for a x-mas gift if possible...a glimpse. If the company could offer it. 25% or even 10% would be acceptable. I don't think anyone here in this forum was worried with what percentage complete...just if it would be a Yes? or a No? Should we expect one or not? after all the video teased about it right??? Uh huh!......But instead, we received an update about the Shark Club tourney.

Those are the facts the best as I recall after backreading the thread. Please check if I am correct.

#1618 7 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

Yep, here come the whiners.
Some folks are just not cut out for this type of transaction.

Insulting post. Thanks Mike. I have no issue with you banding with forum friends. I do kind of have an issue where name calling enters. I could play the game...not going to take a turn though. Would rather just you post your viewpoint without name calling and bogus comments. Thanks if you can do that...peace!

#1621 7 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

Wow. I logged in after about 4 hours and saw 50+ new posts.
I was CERTAIN that there had been some awesome news or new images. Sadly... half of them were made by pinballdad
Everyone has a right to their opinion, but $250 does not entitle anyone to browbeat someone else to perform on demand... to chain themselves to a computer and respond to every post. Maybe a few of us have been spoiled by Kevin and Aaron's open approach to this project. Maybe the Stern model of showing you nothing and then "take it or leave it" is more suited to some.
The guys have work to do and, quite honestly, a lot of these posts don't even merit a response.
Even so, SkitB has a pretty good track record of addressing most of them.
Is it any wonder Stern, JJP and JPOP rarely post here (if at all)?

Thanks for the insults too Drano! I am a little shocked that I have not insulted anyone here in this thread yet I get insulted every few posts. "Browbeat someone to perform on demand?" What kind of accusation is that...can you link to or post an excerpt from me supporting that...lol..uh huh. I thought so...you will not...cannot.

Why all the unrelated, make believe, banter with many of you? If you do not agree with me then so be it. Shame on the folks that do not agree with me though and resort to calling me names...accusing me of being stressed out...claim, or wish that I want out of the pin, insult me with, "...Sadly... half of them were made by pinballdad" type comments. Lol...are you serious Drano? Really?

Disagree ok...stop all this other nonsense ok? Please?

#1625 7 years ago

Mike. I apologise as well. Words like Whiner really do not bother me...were cool man. I shoulda just rolled on and not even nitpicked that post of yours. i just feel like I am being ganged up on here and not sure why. I have full faith in Skit and team...I, like others, have posted positive comments here regarding that team. I just am the type of person that questions things sometimes...I mean ponders...wonders...not trying to bash Skit here. Trying to be objective with some comments that I thought would benefit at least a dozen active customers in the thread and perhaps many more silent one's. I am totally ok with 100...500...10,000 Pinside members not agreeing with me if that is the case....i would really prefer to not be accused of crapping on a thread, analyzed for personal stress disorders...insulted over and over...not meant at you btw. Lol...were cool. I really just want this thread to go back nice. Maybe Blonde can help...? She is so nice

#1630 7 years ago

Drano...friend...you do realize that comment,"If SkitB takes half my payment for this pin and starts ignoring me, then maybe I'll be upset. For now I just don't understand your frustration" means you agree with me correct? lol...in entirety...lol. The only issue is my viewpoint/concern triggers at $250...where yours triggers at $2,500? I feel ignored at $250 and may have a mild concern. At $2,500 and ignored, you would be, "...upset"

I'm sorry but that post is priceless. You officlally stated that we agree and I am correct...it is because of your different trigger threshold that you are debating with me. Perhaps you are wealthier than I...so be it if true! Who is the more correct person if a concern should exist at $250 or $2,500? Only the person that holds that particular wallet

Peace...Merry Xmas bud

1 month later
#2280 7 years ago

Looks great to me! Wonder if it will be part of the U.V. and hunt mode? Imagine that standing out in the U.V. lighting using special inks!

#2298 7 years ago

Hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2307 7 years ago

mean...very mean

3 weeks later
#2530 7 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Your done? Great, so cash in your Predator slot and let someone else have a chance. Maybe someone that actually knows how to provide some substance along with any critque.
I have NO issues with any opinion, but frankly right now your opinion sounds like "WHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA". If you actually have some constructive critisim then take the 2 minutes to write out a thoughtful post and share it. It is one of the things I actually like about this project... SkitB will actually read your post and likely address concerns. As of now, you have not even given them anything to address. make sense?

Well. Someone has to talk facts. It may as well be me. Marc is fine in my eyes. If he would have included reasons for his outlook change, it would not have mattered. This thread (some folks within it) are not able to conduct mature discussions. Why do I speak so boldly? Lol. Last Dec-2012, within this very thread, I spoke out an opinion that went against the grain. My opinion was I scored Skit B & team low on points one day...because it had been months without an update on Predator. Yet one day there was a lengthy post from Kevin about fun at the Shark club and quarters filling the tubs of pins. no material comment for Predator. I mentioned it here and OH BOY!!!!!!! I was told I was a thread crapper! I could not afford the game. I was not loyal...I should give up my slot! Why post if I had nothing nice to say...yada yada..bores me to even remember it and makes my stomach sick to observe Marc going through this same BS here! Seriously! Unreal!

Facts are facts...I do not misrepresent anything I say in a public forum. Backread if you wish to confirm my same public bashing here in this thread! Most of the same folks being hard on Marc were hard on me as well. Why? Why? Because you do not agree and then, while safe behind a computer monitor, decide to POUND a fellow pinside member over silly BS!!! Whatever! Makes me sick to see Marc go through this BS. He simply contributed to a public forum and as usual...folks got their feathers ruffled and started the BS over really...really...nothing. Just a way of picking a fight and hoping to push someone off the Predator Build order list. Yahoo forums act more maturely and are more civilized IMO. It should not be that way...a few people here are ruining it for others! They are irritating and just not nice in general!!!

Kevin...please monitor and help this situation for the betterment of Pinside which most of us use and enjoy without picking fights over silly issues!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

#2532 7 years ago
Quoted from Pdxmonkey:

Man I love that pinside has an ignore button...
Thanks for helping use that feature.

Yes I understand. Some people run/ignore issues...some people address them head on. To each is own and it is their perogative! No problem here friend! Peace and best wishes to you!

Crazy internet! Thanks for taking the time to drop in and insult...fuel the fire. Lol...thank you very much, please drive through

#2534 7 years ago

Hey nava. Ok...let's be cool here. I am cool here with you. However, if...if...I backread and copy paste from Dec/2012...trust me friend. I have backread already and took a 1 month break from pinside already because of it...if I copy/paste from back then, Marc is going to come out looking like a real hero here. I don't care about me...Marc will shine though. This thread cannot digest and discuss anything remotely non-mainstream "Fan-Boy" related. It is sad and I can back up what I am saying here...sadly

Peace man...were ok

1 month later
#3881 7 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

That would be totally contradictory to what early supporters were told. From how SKit-B have conducted themselves throughout this project (class acts) I highly doubt they would consider doing this. Would be like taking people's money to cut in line just not the right way to go about it IMO.

I could not have said it better Changing the rules after the fact would be poor taste and practice. I doubt these guys would do it and I am glad.

#3931 7 years ago
Quoted from PACMAN:

I'm ready to pay for my machine but can't get any response from SkitB. Not sure what's up.

This post is meant for folks like you...distant from us in Michigan. Try to always give a little extra time for responses. I recall Kevin saying they were basically on Full time mode on this project. I would imagine many emails are in and out with suppliers. Then the customer base. Add in checking the forums here and there and you can see why a wee bit time is needed for answers. Even myself was not fully aware of how intense these guys have become with this project until I spent some one on one time with Kevin & team at the Mich Pinball Expo recently. All I can say is it tripled my respect and confidence level that i already had after that time with him and his team.

Again, I'm just trying to post something from here in Michigan that may help others out of state since you may not have had a chance to hit the Mich show and understand the work load they are now under

#3963 7 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

oh man... IF ONLY. Hellboy is my hands down favorite comic character.

Same here. If this were the next pinball title or one other I adore, Chronicles of Riddick, I would be all in immediately!!! Of course, like others mentioned before, Firefly would get my immedaite order as well!

#3991 7 years ago
Quoted from molspin:

That's awesome. I love seeing the "behind the scenes" progress. Thanks a lot for sharing, Kevin.

I agree! That was a great pic from Kevin and team!. I am looking at that pic and thinking that is some multi day (late night's as well) brainstorming sessions. Probably a bunch of paper notes/records scattered around that we don't see...other pictures too for record purposes. Can you imagine what they are going through? Simply intense from what I can gather looking in from the outside. Nice to see they have their hearts in this project the way they do

Thanks from me too Kevin and team!

2 weeks later
#4349 7 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

lol. I honestly can't tell the difference in either picture.

I cannot tell any difference in the Arnold before and after. I see a general canvas shade difference in the skull. Nothing in detail that my eyes can detect anyway. By the way, I am ok in either event and never was part of the group politely requesting art modifications.

#4368 7 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

You know what happens when SkitB gets free time? They make a freaking Duck Hunt pinball machine, for fun, because they can. lol I'm actually waiting for pin #2 to be completely done and ready to go by time the last Predator gets to its home.

What do you mean, "free time"? I was told they did that duck tang while sleeping after an exhausting day...kind of like sleep walking but instead sleep pin building

1 week later
#4473 7 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Thanks Kevin for your reply.
I really was not trying to disrespect the game.
I am on the poorer scale of player, meaning I might just scratch the surface of rules or the nuances, a player like me may be more into eye candy or toys, magnet tricks etc.. However it is nice that the rules would be better for when I can work up to being a better player.
The way you break down the layout and rational of Predator make more sense to me now.
I am not sure I grasp the subtleties of the rules but it does make sense that a game is more than just about the number of shots.

Yes...thanks to Kevin for that reply. Very professional. such a shame that if somebody is not a cheerleader to the full degree, it ends up being a, "Why don't you sell now...give someone else a chance, bla bla bla". You raise good poits Rai and you did it in a very, "Forum Friendly" type manner! I'm ok with the PF art. What concerns me the most is the "Fluff features" I really want to see the U.V. and all the interactive toys. The things that could really make this pin stand out and be talked/played a lot. Seems like we may get a peak at the U.V. pretty soon...I hope anyway

#4474 7 years ago
Quoted from SPeD66:

I was the first to point out "the shoulders" and was chastised for it by several folks in here. I pretty much stopped participating in this thread after that & decided to just sit back and watch the show. And guess what... the art was tweaked & some of the very same posters, who did their best to make me look petty, were among the first to congratulate Skit-B for the improvement.

If there's one thing I despise, it's people throwing a beatdown on someone for voicing an opinion.
Skit-B is a class act & obviously wears "big boy" britches. I wish I could say the same for everyone who has posted in here.
I've moved beyond my personal dislikes (which are few) because the pluses for this game far outweigh any of my perceived negatives. Audio & code are making my mouth water. Can't wait to see the finished UV effects.

Excellent post! I agree also that Kevin wears big boy britches. Thank goodness too! Agree with everything you said here as well I also, limit my postings in this thread same as you because of the...well...you know

3 weeks later
#4690 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Fox has access to everything they own, obviously, and they have a say over how it's all used. They generally don't care about much in the way it applies to pinball specifically, they just need to know that it's been unmodified and isn't being used way out of context. Likenesses are a little more touchy, but pretty much the same. In short, gameplay changes mean nothing to them, but art and sounds mean everything.
As far as what we did before this, we've both held odd jobs and such just like any other American Joes, but I grew up under my father's arcade route and Aaron has been around helping out with the route since like 3rd grade

Hey Kevin. I know you mentioned it back a few posts, when it was brought up here, about a status update for build order. As previously mentioned, there have been some drops and as we all know others on the wait list usually filled the spot. Specifically what I am trying to say is what is the order now? I know this is like a, "Living Document" and changes often perhaps. Still, when you get a spare moment can you publish or email the latest list? I originally was number #90 (year I married my princess with a build # of 70. I kind of think I am not build #70 anymore and likely lower...just not sure how much lower

Hook a brother up will ya!

Peace and thanks...keep up the great work and people skills!!! Very respectable!

#4721 6 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

Why is Pinballdad thumbing everything down in the thread?

I thumbs up too! Not all down.

#4729 6 years ago
Quoted from MagicMako:

When they say they want the next update to be the last, I'd imagine they still have a bit of work to do.

Yeah. Me thinking same thing. Wondering if a supplier or two is running late maybe as well? You know, something went wrong timing wise and another fit-up test or color test is needed...bla bla...need more time Kevin! Thus the delays? Just speculating out loud. No facts behind what I said.

2 weeks later
#4844 6 years ago

Has anybody received an updated Build order from Kevin? I was originally build # 70 but I read here many dropped out and the order then shifts up. I have no idea what my build # is now but would like to know for planning purposes.

1 week later
#4867 6 years ago

Well. I have (2) posts within this thread simply asking for an update to build order. Also, (1) direct email. My risk is $250 and I will keep it that way until I receive feedback on this issue. I have waited months so it is not like I am impatient.

C'mon Kevin/Skit-B. This is a normal course of business issue. Respond already please.

Thank you in advance!

#4935 6 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

... The Skit-b team has been completely humble and up front about what they are doing and when (down to what shows they will be attending)...

Yes, for the most part I agree. However, this build order list update has me a bit ticked off. It is a normal business activity...one that should not be ignored. I understand there is no, "Front Office" with many heads staffed. Still, we all know many have dropped off the order list and we also have been informed that the list (build order) changes respectfully thereafter. Problem is this update is kept internal only. No email update or thread (Pinside update.

Many, including myself, have requested this information for months. There are different strokes for different folks remember! Some readers here will think to themselves, "No big deal...what is your problem Pinballdad"? Well, it is planning. I need to be able to budget this expense and plan for it accordingly. My household finances do not allow for $5k impulse type purchases I understand some households do Good for you! Please understand my position though

Many months already an no update or answer from Skit-B. I will keep my risk at $250 until some communication issues are improved or resolved...period.

GL and peace all!

#4945 6 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

I asked a few months ago for the build number and recieved it very quickly. I dont think they will release the entire list but if you ask they will tell you.

Perhaps you did not catch all the details in the thread. I have two posts in this thread asking for an update and (1) email. Just wondering (needing to know) the build order list. I put out $250 over 7 months ago in good faith. I learned, through this forum, that some have dropped off and thus created a situation where others advanced forward in the build # order. My needs are pretty simple. I need Skit-B (aka-Kevin) to inform what the current build order list is. Real simple request. I can imagine that K and company have some pretty serious supplier conversations...heated discussions...normal course of business...here is little ole me that has put out $250 without any formal binding details of the delivery...simply asking for what build order number am I now??????????????????????

Pretty simple and it has been a couple months. I really would like to know already Kevin.

Thanks in advance if you find the time to issue an updated build order list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4958 6 years ago
Quoted from MagicMako:

2)If you're going to commit to a pin shouldnt it be in your budget from the get go for the most part? and doesnt any kind of delay only give everyone more time to save? .

Not in my case. Everyone's finances are their own business. It matters for mine to know when to expect the game delivery and since the build order is dynamic (due to folks leaving) then it is even more important to me.

#4986 6 years ago
Quoted from maddog14:

...Anyone politely or impolitely asking for updates because they have at least $250 in the deal needs to just chill out and wait. If you can't wait, get out....

Wrong. wrong...very wrong. In so many ways. To keep it short let us just say that anyone that tells someone else what to do in a forum is wrong period! You will never find a post from me here, or any cyber space, saying something like you just did. My bus is my bus and I have every right to ask for an updated build order list whether I paid out $250 or $2,500...matters not at all. I am right for asking for something I am entitled to and you are wrong for telling/instructing/ordering other people to do something because you just do not agree with it.


#4987 6 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Paid 4750 total up front. Could care less about updates. Just let me know when it's delivered.
Some of you guys whining...

Whatever. So your post was to brag about your amount paid in? Or something else? You quote my text and then use the whine word generally? Whatever. This thread (several within it) will never change. A few here try to dictate other people and how they should act/believe the way they do. If anyone needs to chill out it's you folks that jump in every time with rubbish.


#5001 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

It's also your right, if you feel you have been treated unfairly, to drop out.

Lol. Thanks. I mean it. You have done exactly what almost every other poster in this thread has done when commenting to me about an opinion I have. Are my opinions, "Mainstream"? I do not know. What I do know, to which I can link numerous posts supporting this, is that "Why don't you drop out" comment is something I can count on being thrown my way...just about every time...lol...since last Christmas 2012.

TOo funny. Thank you for the chuckle

#5002 6 years ago

Lol, if I were the type of man to push this further...I just might be in a position where I could, "one up you"... if that is really your intent on your posts (to challenge)?

I might surprise you

#5003 6 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

You know what irony means?
It's funny to me that you started this exact same shit a few months ago and you got your way, and now that you're not, you're throwing a tantrum. I don't know what makes you think you're entitled to demand things from a business, but in case you haven't noticed, we all want the same thing here. I just notice that it seems everybody but one person here is going about it a different way. But, with all of the "I" and "Me" in your posts, I doubt you'll ever truly understand what everyone's trying to tell you.

This is one funny post from you. So many claims...yet no excerpts? Hmmm. Indeed. I remember you from last x-mas time frame. Same banter now as was then. I am a person that has an opinion like any other member here. Unfortunately, I end up receiving insults...time and time again. All you hidden (behind the pc monitor) folks talk so bold and insult me (and others...I have been contacted by other members here that go through this bs)...shame.

Hahaha..."throwing a tantrum"...you just took this to a new level of thread created BS! Total fabrication. Ha.

#5005 6 years ago

Yeah...shut up!

#5006 6 years ago

Again...SHUT UP!

#5009 6 years ago

Funny how Whysnow and Blond (moderator) expressed the exact same request for Build order update (Blonde with a ditto") as I have. Yet...a few members chose to attack me in a singular fashion for the same comment. Shame. I can link it or you (reader) can back read as I have just done. Lol...the exact same request from whysnow and a ditto from a Pinside moderator directly afterwards...I was a couple days before with the same request that started this whole thread BS mess.

Unreal but I guess some folks live for this stuff and pick out a target as they desire at the time...such a shame.

3 weeks later
#5190 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

... For those of you hoping for an updated build number, the emails are coming together currently so expect those soon. ...

Been over 3 weeks now Kevin. I have not received any email updating build order. I have waited several months for this information. Can you update me?



#5194 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Dude, honestly unless you are in the first 10-20 to be produced does it really matter at this point? Let them get the first complete pin built then give you a number which will still be meaningless in terms of when you will get the pin untill we see how long it's taking them to produce pins. The number is even more meaningless now since large deposits have not been asked for. Who knows how many more will drop out at that stage? It's going to take some time.
Their primary concern right now is probably (and rightfully so) getting the first complete model built and accumulating all the parts needed for production.

Your business is yours...mine is mine. Please don't try to force your opinion on my business. I fail to see anything wrong with my business wanting to receive something that has been promised face to face and also in this thread. Something that is meaningless to you, is very meaningful to me. In fact it is very important since I would like to believe Skit can deliver what he says he is going to. That will make it easier for me to believe in the future if an update to the pin is promised to fix a bug, that it will indeed arrive. It is all about running a business and execution/delivery.

1 week later
#5258 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

That is what I meant by large deposit Marc. My point is most likely a few will drop out when half is required when their machine is up so production numbers could still change a bit.

It seems to me like you have trolled this thread on more then one occasion. That makes it my business. You have made your desire to be updated very very clear in this thread on numerous occasions. No one wants to hear someone request something numerous times then throw a fit each time they don't get an answer. Please, I am asking you to stop with that on this thread.

You stop with jumping in on my business trolling. Simple.

#5259 6 years ago
Quoted from maddog14:

I can't wait to someday meet you in person

Same here. I'll write your pinside name down for future reference.

#5260 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

That is your opinion. As a moderator when I think something has gone over the line I have to step in and say something. In reviewing the entire thread I disagree with you and that is the reason he was asked to stop.

So post some examples from the entire thread. I have tried my best to be a responsible contributor here, since Dec 2012. I can show you multiple times where this thread (including you) jump all over my posts. C'mon. Let's see some excerpts from you, posted by me, that support me,"going over the line"


#5261 6 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

I kinda surprised pinballdad gets so negative feedback. When i look a few posts up, i see a post from skittb that email is coming soon.
Then pinballdad gets nothing, and he just asks what about the emails, which were promised by skittb himself.
That is not trolling, come on. Is somebody says he will send you something, and he does not. Why cant you ask for it then? He is even a costumer.
And so far i see, he asked it nicely.
This forum is full of people that like to call anybody a hater or a troll, just for nothing. Its becoming so bad that the trollers are less annoying then all those whiners about trolling.
Just discuss pinball and have fun. And when somebody asks something you dont like, dont respond.
In my humble opinion its really fair to ask after the emails when skittb self says that they are coming and they are not.

thank you very much for a supportive post. It is a breath of fresh air, especially after all the thumbs up to posts criticizing me. I am accountable for anything I do or write in life. Anyone can search this entire site and they will not find a post from me to others, like I receive in return. I do not criticize others who post. I do not try to "push" my opinion onto their business. I do not post in a cocky manner like many I read here. Just an average guy that tries to help and learn here. For some reason this thread has bashed 3 for 3 times on topics I comment on. No other thread here at pinside have I had a problem. No problems on other cyber threads. For the love of me I cannot figure it out but it appears there ia a small group here in this forum that simply is mean when they want to be...usually for no reason. The they all band together and thumbs away for the reinforcement.

Anyway, thank you for your post. Made me smile and realize that I kind of thing I really did nothing wrong. Especially after reading some of the stuff I read around this thread and others!

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