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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#2713 6 years ago

man we need a locked thread that just shows updates and pictures of the game so far...I'm with Sammy you have to sift through 55 pages to find all the info: so here is mini one, If i missed something just cut and paste and add to it...thanks
1. 250 units only!
2. P-roc boards, separate power supply board. No more messing with V-regs and rectifiers.
3. Hand drawn art..(this alone sold me) Are you listening Stern?
4. Silk screened artwork and Clear coats between paint then UV paint and again top coat.
5. Pin-led LED DMD..no high voltage circuit.
6. Updatable software via memory stick or usb port.
7. Interactive toys on the PF.
8. Hook up for shaker motor, prewired and preprogrammed!
9. Rumor of a cool topper!!!
10. Mood changing lighting/ UV lights for the fluorescent paint..all LEDs through out.
11. sound system by Flipper Fidelity.
12. No freaking ponies.

#2729 6 years ago

Kevin, if you're reading this the art looks awesome man...If I may note a few observation: the playfield art would look even better if there was a bit of symmetry between the left and right side, for example if the choppers were identical size and angle. Arnold in dead center flanked by his squad. Also I realized why the rifle looks weird, the M-16 is missing the muzzle sights in the front....one last note it would have been awesome if the predators head or eyes were lighted from underneath...I'm in awe of everything as it stands..just thought I'd mouth off...thanks!

#2735 6 years ago

Cool I didn't know about the toys...I hope the playfield gets a lot of foliage, either by having them on the plastics or by graphics on the pf....I think it would be cool if it looks a bit jungle like...ala Congo.

#2742 6 years ago

Man..I'm sweating here, I sent my deposit in last week but no email or confirmation yet...sure hope I made the cut.

#2765 6 years ago

AAAAAwsome...thank you Kevin, and thank you for making pinball buying a whole new and different experience...the extra time and effort you guys are spending talking and listening to to us will pay dividends in the long run, you now have at least a 250 person fanboy (and fangirl) club. I'm talking you guys up to all my pinball friends every chance I get...Thanks again for the good news!

#2818 6 years ago

I'd like a topper...I mean with 250 made, I don't think anyone will ever make anything for this game in the aftermarket field. I have several ideas some cheap, some not so much...the cheap one would be a topper made of heap of bones and and skulls..like the trophies in the movie. the best idea is to have the predator mask with a traingle laser thingy shooting out of it during the hunt mode...or optionally it could be the bracelt thingamajig with the red symbols flashing in the windows. pred-22.jpg pred-22.png

#2825 6 years ago

Good afternoon Buckaroos, just got my email from Kevin, I'm #140...PPPParty!!

#2835 6 years ago

Agreed....this pinball is going to rewrite the game as far as I'm concerned...5k for a limited edition designed by guys who actually worry about the playability rather than marketability or profitability sold me.....can't wait to hear that predator clicking sound in my game room..it should be an attract sound...no music no speech just the clicking...right?

#2858 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

I don't think it will be that high due to how limited the run is. Sure there will be some but I think it may be closer to 10%. A great theme at 250 is such a small run and with the emphasis being put on software I think this pin has a great potential to go way up in value when released and in the years to come. Not to mention the how affordable the pin will be if they hit the $4750 mark compared to all the other pins being released nowadays. I could be wrong it definitely would not be the first time it's just my gut feeling.
It will be interesting to see how many actually do drop out. Either way, I look forward to getting this pin and playing the hell out of it!

Amen brother...I think the drop outs will only be due to changes in finances, job stauts..etc, and that number may be much lower than 10%. If I had not communicated with these guys and not witnessed their commitment to the game first hand I would factor in a higher number, mainly because the game play likeability would garner the highest drop out rate..but once I saw they were on the same page as far as flow and depth and over all look, I feel the game is going to be hit.

#2878 6 years ago

We have to agree to one thing..whatever the drop out rate, there will be others waiting to take their place. Think about how much a B title costs these day say for example RBION...2.5K-3K, the game is not exactly a boatload of fun either, or Xmen and TF pro, about 4.5-5K each, Predator is practically in the same price range..at a limited run of 250, we've all seen the PF and the art, we've all seen the niceties dropped in such as color changing LEDs, UV paint, clear coat..Pro Fidelity speakers makes this game a head an shoulder above the competetion in that price range.

#3018 6 years ago

Holy cow!!! it's far better than I had hoped! Way to go kev, Aaron and co....knocked it out of the park...please let everything else be on par with the playfield..

#3030 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

The artist has taken every comment to heart and in stride so far. Don't see a reason that would stop. The more I look at it, the more that skull seems weird, especially next to the visceral imagery of the bodies a couple inches north west of it. It's almost hiding.
Must reiterate, over all very cool. Love the dark blue background choice with the yellow/orange explosions. I'm utterly ignorant of process here: Does text and number come later? I'm missing that "WOW: Pinball!!! MFers!" factor as kmoore admits, and I wonder if that is due to all the little tips and points and shit.

How do you mean weird? It's straight from the movie..the predator palming the human skull...admiring his trophy. The pf captured the feel very nicely I think, the tress, the explosion, the blues, yellows and green.

#3035 6 years ago

I'm imagining it with some plastics that look like trees and brush....ala special forces. The only thing I can say is it needs a little more red..


#3049 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

I think the palette is spot f'ing on. It looks dark and hidden. I love the (sparsley used and very dark) blue. There's probably 15 minutes of Predator that is JUST blue and black during the POV shots, and this calls that to mind especially well. Keep in mind the black light stuff, remember? Lighting is going to make this whole field POP.
EDIT: HA! Ok, so, as I spent numerous years in web/graphic design, I have to give the artist props for just saying, "Ah.... fuck it" with that branch in front of Dutch's right hand!

Amen brother...this picture captures 50% of the look, the rest is lighting, plastics and inserts..that will complete the picture.

#3111 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

Glad you're a buyer, not the designer!
Filling in those blue spots with plastics which will obviously have green jungle art on them will hopefully satisfy the (to me, inexplicably bizarre) folks who would want it to look more like Special Force. There's a lot of those spots. Take a gander.
The palette however, is perfect, and WORLD'S better for this machine than Special Force. I can't wait to see it lit.

Lol...Bizzare? I guess most of us are bizarre then..the movie is set in a jungle, to forgo that atmosphere would have been unforgivable, also I certainly hope the art would be better than SF, that game was from Bally's lost years in the 80's, with that said for that era the overall look,ramps and the plastic canopy in that game deserves special applause. Last thing, with the UV paint most of us will be playing this game with the lights off...

#3173 6 years ago

Hmmm...As long as were nit picking, me thinks the dead bodies should be a little more slimmer, more like dead decomposing bodies..the head some how does not mesh with the bodies too well...if they're to be hung upside down, then the arms should be closer together. Right now they look like they're surrendering.

#3192 6 years ago

Yeah..We (I) may collectively have egg on our faces once the completed game is revealed...hoping the sum will be greater than the parts.

PS: pretty sure it will...

#3224 6 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Well with artwork now we can mock up a game of Predator in Visual Pinball and try out the shots!

Finally some action.....nice going man.

#3236 6 years ago

Yep, it looks good as a mock up, can you guys photoshop the dmd in there...?

#3239 6 years ago

wow, it looks real..thanks. I'm downloading it and sending it out to my friend to blow his mind.

#3270 6 years ago

But you made one mistake in your calculation...everybody and their mother has a Tron..in a year they will be selling for 4K, but there are only 250 Predators..so if a collector wants one he has to wait for one of us to give up his/hers. Also judging from what we've seen the game play the mood and the quality of the material used will be superior to most Sterns...Think about 250 machines in the whooooole world.

#3306 6 years ago

Remember constructive criticism is fine...everyone had been providing good feed back. I have to also eat crow and say if the pf was more like the art on the cab it would have meshed better with the dark theme..bit again.as it as been repeated let's wait for the whole package.

#3314 6 years ago

I don't want to start a ruckus but it may be too late to change the art in wholesale kind of way...so maybe some of the artistic folks can chime in about how to darken the mood of the pf art as it sits now to more match the cab. Not sure how..I'm all in for hand drawn art, but it would have been better if it looked like his other work from FB, or more like the punisher stuff.. Forgive me Kevin, Aaron for saying this stuff, I'm still behind you guys and this project, just sounding off that's all.

PS: Lighting, plastics, background color may still make a big impact.

#3494 6 years ago

Nice improvements all around. I like Kevin prefered the bit of red or color on the skull but majority rules. My wish list is basically echoed by others but I wanted to emphasize the rework of the gun, the artist needs to re-draw the rifle with the front sight added in. Of course bonus points if he can make the handle look right. I also agree with the stacking of plastics at least near the back to give it a feeling of jungle canopy cover. Last point is with the uv art, this could really make the pf something extraordinary. I think it should be a different scan all together rather than lighting up what's already there, yes perhaps blood splatter all over the field and finally revealing the pred's face without helmet. Hopefully the ramps will glow in that environment along with some key plastics for a totally different playing enviroment. Again thanks for allowing us to sound off.

Ps: there is no way I'm putting that ugly Mofo's head as a topper on my pin. So I hope we can have the helmeted laser sighted pred instead.

#3509 6 years ago

I vote to use the predator icon medallion as the pop bumper caps...


3 weeks later
#4021 6 years ago

I have a couple of questions: are the ramps going to have El wire? Why is there a wide shoulder on them? Second question is not reallyu question but rather a comment, with the art on the PF I think wireform would have been better; not just for longevity but it covers less art on the pf..hopefully the ramps will be more transparent and narrower, otherwise it looks very good.

#4038 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

from my discussions at MPE, these ramps are still just proto. On finished one corners will be rounded/smoothed flow, material will be thicker than what many games have. Production ones will be completely clear like other games. The actual mold for the production ramps was close to being done at that time.

Thanks, that's cool! IMO, this game is begging for wireform...

#4148 6 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Everyone seems to be concerned about the center targets, but I guess between that darn triceratops on JP plus RFM and spiderman, I'm used to shooting things that cause the ball to go straight down the middle... so bring it on! I'm excited to see possible stacked plastics though, because I think a jungle canopy look would be cool.

Agreed, the stacked plastics was mentioned earlier in the thread when I posted the special forces pinball pic...I'm glad Kevin and Co listened because it will make the game stand out form the other machines...very few pinballs have the stacked plastics.

#4181 6 years ago

I think that seeing a game that's in prototype stage has worried some, but I think the game will be something else completely with the plastics, PF correctly painted/glossed and the lights installed. The prototype ramps are looking kind of bad so maybe that's why the panic. The good news is more than a few pinsiders have played it and given the rules and game play thumbs up....this is much more important than the PF art for the longevity and let's say street cred for this game. I'm really excited to see it what it looks like with the plastics and UV paint...etc (I'm guessing awesome).

#4198 6 years ago

Ok Kevin, how about the triangular targeting laser? Maybe you can atleast throw it on the DMD...in the hunt mode maybe?

#4285 6 years ago

Well folks, I'm sorry to say but I have to drop out...I'm #140 so it will become available soon, I sent Kevin an email and requested to be dropped. I really enjoyed being part of this group, I will remain a big fan of Skidb and Predator....Hope someone else picks up this spot ASAP before I change my mind.

#4288 6 years ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Bummer! Why not wait to see how the game
Comes together and we see a finished Prototype
Before making your decision?

I know, wish I could, but I will be relocating to a smaller house, so I need to streamline a few things. I know this thing is going to be a riot.

3 weeks later
#4634 6 years ago

Thanks FT for posting, but your friend needs to trade in that Star-tac for a smartphone..holy crap.

1 month later
#4872 6 years ago

I don't think there is any reason for concern, we've never had a pinball manufacturer have this level of interaction with us before, beside Kevin and Aaron have proven themselves to be upstanding guys ten time over...they're just busy putting the pieces together. Kevin even said it himself that updates will be tapering off now. I just think this is crunch time for them...be patient.

#4936 6 years ago

Hmmm...I wonder how many of us will be kicking ourselves in the rear for opting out when this game gets released. Good news is most of us will never see one, well outside of youtube.

3 months later
#5615 6 years ago

You know, I don't think the profanity is the issue but it may lead to other stuff and then the whole tone of the site might change, it's all semantics anyway you can express yourself with asterisks and pound signs if you think you need an adult expletives.

#5637 6 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Fattrain. Whysnow. You guys are like the dealer that promised a bunch of strung out addicts their fist fix in a while, only to go party in Chicago instead, leaving the addicts to turn into some kind of Lord of the Flies society.
I'm afraid if you take too much longer, there'll be nothing to come back to but a conch and memories of what once was.

Lol...sucks to your pinballs!

#5664 6 years ago

Woohoo! but MMR stole this reveals thunder a bit...

#5670 6 years ago

thanks for posting..

The cabinet with the red trim looks kick ass but Iagree the hanging body looks like an after thought.

1 week later
#6027 6 years ago

well Kev, that looks like serious players machine, nice work to both of you...the ramp rework is a good idea, also the plastics would have looked better if they were layered, and the foliage graphics smaller like a jungle canopy look from a chopper..all in all very nice work, the lighting and sound are awesome.

1 month later
#6473 5 years ago

Hell I don't see a pony either, is this some kind of a Rorschach cause I think I see my mother in the trees.

3 weeks later
#6735 5 years ago

The Punisher will blow people away

#6841 5 years ago

Yeah, it reminds of the I Frankestein BS. What's next? Alien vs. Predater with buffed shirtless vampires thrown in for the ladies. I wish the Coen brothers would do a super hero movie (just for hell of it), because if go to see one more Micheal Bay or JJ Abrams crapfest I might go postal.

1 month later
#7075 5 years ago

Found this on ebay, would look cool as topper, on top of a heap of bones and crap.

ebay.com link » New Human Skull Replica Resin Model Medical Lifesize Realistic 1 1

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