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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#71 7 years ago

I want to change my number. Can I change my number to this?


#189 7 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

Cheers but would be good if Kevin could confirm, would suit certain sited locations as well.
Also can't wait to see the graphics, would be cool if a black light backlight effect could be done with the translite so when the back light comes on the Predator could be seen otherwise hidden amongst the juggle graphics.

It's been stated before it will have a family mode. Search pinside using these terms: 'predator' 'family'. I was concerned about this too because I plan to put mine at the pacific pinball museum.

I just hope when it's off family mode it has lots of swearing for the rare times I can set it that way.

#211 7 years ago

I hope "I'm gonna have me some fun" is in it.

#215 7 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

Are they strong enough / intended to effect the movement of the ball? Are they on/off or can the intensity change?

Generally speaking, no. But if the shaker is turned up enough it can throw your game off a little.

1 week later
#268 7 years ago

I got my number today and you're never believe it I got number 154!

That's clearly a reference to the Great Schism of 1054 AD, when the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches parted ways.

#403 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

If anyone would like to order the shirts we are wearing at the Chicago Expo you can head over to our website @ skitbpinball.com and hit the donate button. Donate $25 and include your name and shipping address. Make sure to include what size you would like in the comments.

I might be alone, but that shirt is sort of cool, but sort of too much redneck. It's like "LOOK AT ME I BOUGHT A PREYDATUR YUP I DONE DID".

Like three triangle dots on the front and a number on the back would be cool. This is garish.

#434 7 years ago

I'm on facebook. You guys missed a pretty amazing update.

#536 7 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

There seem to be a lot more 'split personality' new names lately.

aka 'sock puppets'. Wait for the post grudgingly or wholeheartedly agreeing with the troll and you have your guy.

#604 7 years ago

I second the "as much notification as possible" sentiment. Getting the cash isn't a big issue but I plan to have a launch party tournament and the Ifpa has to be notified a month in advance.

1 week later
#777 7 years ago

5% is peanuts, but if it's refundable, I'm not sure what it really accomplishes. Who would bail out at only ~$250?

I'd be much more willing to put down 10% non-refundable if I saw:

1) 100% complete prototype. Finished art, rules, playfield, toys. (bug fixes, software updates, etc. notwithstanding)

2) Production schedule accurate within 3 months, including production order.

Conversely, what I don't want is the situation similar to other company's pre-orders, where money changes hands and then a game is still not delivered over 18 months later. I'm starting to see a shift in sentiment because of this, and if I had a horse in one of those races I'd be wringing my hands by this point.

#1040 7 years ago

Will this quote fit?

Predator: (to decoy) I thought you were supposed to be getting into the hot tub!
Decoy: Oh don't worry, I've got a little surprise for you!
[Chris Hansen walks out]
Hansen: I'm probably not the surprise you were expecting.

2 weeks later
#1323 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Every Predator comes with plastic leg protectors anyways.

Why not carbon fiber to save shipping weight?

#1365 7 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Great. Now 100 "paid" comments are coming...


suck it.

#1372 7 years ago

ok ok ok take de gold


1 week later
#1516 7 years ago

Since everyone is asking for stuff, I would like a pony.


#1602 7 years ago
Quoted from Betelgeuse:

So SkitB is supposed to respond every 3-4 posts? Because that's about how often someone posts a request for things that they clearly aren't ready to show yet. Either that or some modification for their game or some suggestion of something to add. All this at a time when Stern sells out of LE's that cost $3k more without even showing a thing. Give the guys a little slack. I am sure they are busy doing what really matters, finishing Predator.

You're outta you're league here, Betelgeuse.

I, for starters, have not received my pony.

What the HELL are these guys doing?!

#1661 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Oh yeah. And this pony.

Finally my pony. I was >this< close to backing out.

#1665 7 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

Yeah but can we get one in a different color? Oh and the wings are too long and id rather have a more sweet pony instead of the goth pony? I dont like the tatoo can it have piercings instead? I dont like that hairstyle and could you maybe give it a smile. Oh and I paid my deposit could that be sent to me tomorrow with the new changes? K... thanks. .. bye

Hold up. Who made you Pony King? I don't want your Pony LE. I want one Pony that works for everyone. Same gallop, same jumping ability, same stirrups and mount for everyone. I don't want to get my pony and then find out I could have held out for a better pony later and I'm only getting half a pony at a full pony price.

#1673 7 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Sigh. It always reverts back to the bewbs with you guys. Not complaining, I just dont get the fascination.

It's not all about the rackage, not by far. But it sure don't hurt.

Also, men like to help - be the "fixers" of problems. The girl I'm dating right now has tremendous bazombs. She has back pain all the time. I'm a decent masseuse. It's great.

4 weeks later
#2193 7 years ago

What?!? I missed my pony? Dang, have to go rewatch the video now.


#2202 7 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Jonnyo, I'm not saying I'm a horse-thief or anything, but I do own a saddle, spurs, lasso, and a cowgirl hat... and I know how to use them.
Seriously though, was there really a pony in that video??

Quoted from blondetall:

Yay! Although it looks like I am going to have to mud wrestle jonnyo for it.

This site is awesome.

4 weeks later
#2360 7 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Skit B - When is the announcement for game #2?
Inquiring minds NEED to know.

I'm curious myself but I hope they don't announce this until production is well under way on Predator (maybe mid-run). I'd just hate to see the kind of negative speculation and/or butt-hurt that may come up as a result.

#2438 7 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Am I the only one who wants Brokeback Mountain?
I mean, "I can't quit you" is perfect for ball save.

ha ha

If you think about it, it should have a four ball multi. Super tight jackpot shot, too.

#2452 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Firefly and Predator are both 20th Century Fox properties. Just sayin'.

Let's not pursue that line of reasoning too far.


1 week later
#2536 7 years ago
Quoted from Pinballdad:

Well. Someone has to talk facts. It may as well be me. Marc is fine in my eyes. If he would have included reasons for his outlook change, it would not have mattered. This thread (some folks within it) are not able to conduct mature discussions. Why do I speak so boldly? Lol. Last Dec-2012, within this very thread, I spoke out an opinion that went against the grain. My opinion was I scored Skit B & team low on points one day...because it had been months without an update on Predator. Yet one day there was a lengthy post from Kevin about fun at the Shark club and quarters filling the tubs of pins. no material comment for Predator. I mentioned it here and OH BOY!!!!!!! I was told I was a thread crapper! I could not afford the game. I was not loyal...I should give up my slot! Why post if I had nothing nice to say...yada yada..bores me to even remember it and makes my stomach sick to observe Marc going through this same BS here! Seriously! Unreal!
Facts are facts...I do not misrepresent anything I say in a public forum. Backread if you wish to confirm my same public bashing here in this thread! Most of the same folks being hard on Marc were hard on me as well. Why? Why? Because you do not agree and then, while safe behind a computer monitor, decide to POUND a fellow pinside member over silly BS!!! Whatever! Makes me sick to see Marc go through this BS. He simply contributed to a public forum and as usual...folks got their feathers ruffled and started the BS over really...really...nothing. Just a way of picking a fight and hoping to push someone off the Predator Build order list. Yahoo forums act more maturely and are more civilized IMO. It should not be that way...a few people here are ruining it for others! They are irritating and just not nice in general!!!
Kevin...please monitor and help this situation for the betterment of Pinside which most of us use and enjoy without picking fights over silly issues!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!

If you have a legit complaint, sober up and explain it intelligibly.

#2600 7 years ago

Has anyone seen the 2010 reboot "Predators"? Thoughts? Reviews seem mixed, though I can't imaging a Predator movie having widespread critical appeal.

#2609 7 years ago

I thought AvP1 was decent. Would have been better with more violence and action, but the story was kind of cool. It had sort of a stargate lore quality to it.

The second AvP was AWFUL. We're talking "Pet Sematary 2" bad...

1 week later
#2649 7 years ago
Quoted from GrueLurks:

Just an repost of this, my friend plans on making a bunch of these for toppers if anybody wants one if there is enough interest. They are hand made and painted here in Detroit, MI.

That looks awesome! It's not for me but I hope he sells a bunch of them.

#2650 7 years ago

I don't want to start a flame war, but I think the box should have the pony on it. And a pony easter egg in the software.

Thumbs up if you agree!

Post edited by jonnyo : antagonism

#2655 7 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Good to see Jonnyo is keeping the pony dream alive.

Having recently discovered the My Little Pony Fetish (by accident I swear) subculture (in the worst way) I would prefer the Predator kill the Pony.

#2658 7 years ago

I've seen a lot of things. How this particular artist managed to cram like 9 different fetishes into one image (including the rape scene from The Accused), just wow. I'm impressed and repulsed.

#2680 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

I got the new MrPinball price guide a few days ago. No big deal until Aaron went searching through it this morning. If we can stay the course for $4750, you guys are getting a deal!

1 week later
#2817 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Hi Kevin. To keep costs down I don't think it would be a bad idea to have us buy our own Toppers. Just like the Shaker Motor set up. I'm not a fan of Shaker Motors and I know some are not fans of Toppers.

This is likely beyond the scope of the project, but what would be great is a spare switch that duplicates or independently fires when multiball begins, or some other significant event, like a ball lock, wizard mode, etc. Then people can plug in their motorized/moving toppers and other mods to fire at that time without having to tap into anything existing. It would also be full reversible.

1 week later
#3004 7 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

But yes, they are useful in certain situations. Playing pinball is not one of them. And now we're back on topic...

Actually, if you're playing getaway you can use them to work the shifter without taking your hands off the flipper buttons.

#3027 7 years ago

I think it looks rad. The predator looks great as well as the gang. Nice break from the usual "ladder" insert layout. The trees look good. The explosions are a little iffy but not bad.

#3039 7 years ago

Did some quick cleanup on the photos.


#3069 7 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

Thanks man, that helps a lot. Man the lower half of the playfield is f'ing gorgeous. That skull is still odd, in your image it looks like a tootsie pop. But I'm pleasantly surprised at the color on the figures and that's not easy to do. Love Mac's expression! He's a little light, but, that brother's damn near jet black so...

I think the palette is spot f'ing on. It looks dark and hidden. I love the (sparsley used and very dark) blue. There's probably 15 minutes of Predator that is JUST blue and black during the POV shots, and this calls that to mind especially well. Keep in mind the black light stuff, remember? Lighting is going to make this whole field POP.
EDIT: HA! Ok, so, as I spent numerous years in web/graphic design, I have to give the artist props for just saying, "Ah.... fuck it" with that branch in front of Dutch's right hand!

I played with the contrast and color balance a bit. Actual pf may vary of course.

#3070 7 years ago

Cant remember the last time i saw such a multicultural playfield thats for sure.

Which is a good thing!

#3124 7 years ago

I noticed the helicopter dimensions are 1/16" inch off the actual dimensions of the one in the movie. Also, I noticed Mac's hair is 1/64" inch too long. The grass is clearly 2/68" inches too long given the average precipitation and climate at that time of year.

#3148 7 years ago
Quoted from bobbyconover:

I agree that there should be more art of the Predator himself, but I figure maybe that will show up on the plastics or elsewhere?
I don't agree at all that it looks like Data East art. Data East art is much more stark and crude. This has much more detail.
But speaking of DE art, this is worth watching if only for a laugh at the narcissistic tool responsible for it: » YouTube video

WOW what a douche. Thanks for posting this. Comedy gold.

"I'm embarrassed I did pinball art, and I've done nothing worth mentioning since, and I'm not bragging, but here's all the pinball art I did."

"Here's a one-off I did for Aaron Spelling. He did tons of shows and is a tv big shot. I'll rattle off some of his accomplishments so they sort of sound like my accomplishments, so I can sound like a big shot, too."

#3217 7 years ago
Quoted from mr-zed:


2. Would like the girl (Anna) to appear somewhere !

Maybe Anna will be a toy.

And you get to shoot your balls...


#3480 6 years ago
Quoted from Tweedlefuzz:

The skulls the pred is wearing don't have the same awesome detail as the others on the middle/Left side of the PF. They dont really need blood, but some more wear/cracks would help make them look less bland white.

In the movie, the Predator used some sort of galactic goo gone to make the skulls and they were basically bleached white.

#3481 6 years ago

QUOTE: In Blondetall's goodie-bag

I'll get my own Pony!


1 week later
#3755 6 years ago

I would like to pay for my game in daily increments of pi.

#3806 6 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

We asked about 'first dibbs' and at first Kevin said he was against it because it sounded like forced marketing (or something along those lines) but if we wanted it, they could probably accomodate and do it. I believe that we all pretty much said we'd at least like first option on game #, same machine # as Predator.

I'm honestly curious, is getting the same game number important to people? I guess it must be, as people got upset with the Hobbit pre-order situation. It's just not a priority for me at all. I guess I don't understand why it's meaningful to some people. Is it a superstition thing? Like if the numbers match it will be good luck?

#3901 6 years ago
Quoted from BigPhil:

Why the sudden panic about money? Everyone has known about this for a year now. Should you not have been saving in readiness?

I see you're from England.

In America, it is against the law to save money.

#3926 6 years ago
Quoted from starbase:

My Tron pro suffered from this my le not at all. It absolutely ruined the speed and flow of the game. I was about to add a little latex foam to end of ramp but it would looked hokey. No idea but ly le Tron they drop smooth with no bounce back. Glad I am not alone in this.

You could add a small and fairly weak magnet to the end of the ramp, or a little bit of magnetic tape.

1 week later
#4183 6 years ago

PaulCoff - PPE has been discontinued...

However, I am putting my Predator at PPM and I plan to do a launch party. Hope to see you there!

#4185 6 years ago
Quoted from PaulCoff:

Damit! I enjoyed PPE.
Q:Maybe Skit-B Presents will show up at California Extreme (July 13-14 2013)?
Thanks for the info.

If my game is available, it will be there. But I'm far enough down the list I'd say it's a pretty outside shot...

#4291 6 years ago

Amazing! How did he do that?

#4295 6 years ago

I wasn't really stressing on Arnie but I admit it's an improvement.

The skull is looking good, too.

1 week later
#4436 6 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Sorry, my post is so long, again I am not talking trash, or hurt anyones feelings. I love the Skit-B team and I am on the list, but if Star Trek turns out to be as loved as AcDc for example or as loved as SM or IM or if Stern reruns a batch of IM or if it looks like the Hobbit is going to be better than LOTR or whatever. It's possible that people could look at Predator as a game with 8 shots only, so-so PF art, and see that it's a choice between Predator or Star Trek or Iron Man or Tron straight up similar costs games.
The main things going for Predator are: limited numbers (this is good but not the main reason I'd buy a game), neat cool rules and labor of love attention to detail you don't get from Stern.
As much as I dislike Stern they have made some great 'home run' type games from time to time, Tron is my ruler to measure other games. I mean whenever I play any game I say to myself is this game as good as Tron? Would I pay $5k for Tron? Yes Would I pay $5k for Iron Man? maybe. Would I pay $5k for Predator? I don't know.
Now some people may dislike Tron, that's just *my* example, I love Tron not *everyone* does. This is subjective just my touchstone. (Tron, CFTBL, TZ these are what I am looking for in a game or better). Was Tron super-cheap with its peg legs? Yes. Was Tron super cheap with its dollar store arcade toy? Yes it was. But a few hundred dollars fixed that.
Again, sorry if I am not 1000% on board, I bet the production game will be different/better than the prototype game. I just like to throw a little dissension bomb into the room just for discussion. I could very well end up the biggest supporter of Predator. I am just throwing some things out there now that I think may cause some people on order to drop off when the real money is due.

It sounds to me like you are trying to talk yourself out of buying one.

edit: reading your other comments, yup, you are definitely trying to talk yourself out of buying one. It's not a small amount of money. Understandable. But your "I'm not trying to bash the game but I don't like this and this and this and this and I don't think we had enough input and again, I'm not trying to bash the game..." comments are getting old fast.

#4444 6 years ago
Quoted from MagicMako:

I think Rai and Metalpin make valid points. Predator is also a dream theme for me which make me care less about certain things about the game that im not THRILLED about. I also think some drops or standups wouldve been nice, but i dont think it necessarily makes this game any better or worse. My favorite game in my own lineup right now is BSD, and it has less shots than all of my other games. I'm not overly PUMPED for the art either, I do like it though. I think this game will be something special when all is said and done.

I've never gone in for the "more shots = better" thing. BSD is great because the left ramp is just the right balance of risk and satisfaction, and it pays off. If you play Hook you will get that same satisfying feeling when shooting the Windjammer ramp.

The subway hole to start Mist is also great since it can be hit with either flipper but a missed shot can luck into the hole from the pops or be totally out of control.

One of the reasons I don't care for X-Men is there are like 50 shots on the playfield and not a single one of them is satisfying. The only decent shots on that game are the left orbit through the pops (though it doesn't pay off) and the right orbit lock shot. There are so many shots that hitting any one of them consistently feels more like work than fun.

#4456 6 years ago

Here's a gameplay video. Unfortunately, the guy playing bricks about 87 shots in a row.

#4461 6 years ago
Quoted from sammiesguys:

There may be a couple but very few in the wild. I think most of us are buying the game because we believe in the SkitB guys, love the theme, and are happy with what we've seen overall. Buying them for ourselves, not to use them to route. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that as well.

Mine will be at the Pacific Pinball Museum and at future shows. Come play it!

3 months later
#5430 6 years ago
Quoted from hollywood:

What if we are all getting our hopes up for nothing??
Not trying to pessimistic, just keeping it real.......

It's been awhile since I've visited the goings-on of this thread. The road still seems paved with good intentions, but I can completely understand the frustration and vocalizations from others, particularly those who put more money in.

As soon as the incentive payments were offered and people got on board, my first thought was "Now the clock is moving", just like it was with JJP. But to their credit, it was entirely optional. I put in my $250 and figured I'd let it ride. It was a gamble, and I acknowledged it at the time.

It's funny - in the same way pinball has an element of chance, most of us pinballers are gamblers in a way.

2 weeks later
#5482 6 years ago

wow looks fresh!

#5550 6 years ago

Anyone know about Cliffy's for Predator? A search didn't bring up anything. I PM'd him since I live close by and offered my game for measurements.

Do you think Predator needs them (i.e. do you see potential wear spots)?

1 week later
#5869 6 years ago

The game is late but as far as I was concerned it's not unexpected. I suppose my feelings might be much different if I had a full deposit in, but at least for this $250 guy, I'm not losing sleep over it.

#5882 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

Hey know what I was thinking? Put a little neodymium magnet in the head of that hanging body and it would wobble everytime the ball got near it.

It sounds good but if you get a flyer it's going to stick to it like glue!

#5913 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

I agree 100%. The dark side of building excitement is a lesson certainly learned over here, and we are past the sweet-spot for information-dripping. Honestly, I am very much over the idea of keeping people in the dark until a "big reveal." This project was much more interesting and fun when I was considerably more involved with the community.


You guys are definitely the Mighty Ducks (Mighty Duck Hunters?) of the pinball world but you're showing a lot of pride and willing to stick with things.

The expo thing had to be rough. It's not the end of the world. I've run a few tournaments that face-planted. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and just get back to making things go. That's all you can do.

#5931 6 years ago
Quoted from NinJaBooT:

I was hoping to see an update by now. Didn't Kevin say there would be something in a couple days?

I think I hit the point where I stopped checking in a few times a week for updates on Predator and resigned myself to just waiting until whenever it happens.

Anyway, here's some exclusive new playfield art showcasing the female predator. SPOILER: In the next Predator film, Arnie sleeps with this thing and they have a kid.


#5940 6 years ago

My friend Gene X Hwang is a incredible photographer. Wish he took more pics of Predator at Expo but here's one.

If you want to see more awesome expo pics, as well as pics of our local scene in the SF Bay Area, check out:


#5966 6 years ago
Quoted from Montu32:

Looks great!!! like a jungle in there
Skit B is the hanging body going to be covered with jungle plastic or whatever to hide the mech?
Btw love the ramp that seems to go through the tree on the right side

Quoted from SideTrackTap:

That picture really does the game and playfield justice. Very nice...

Sucks that pinside downgrades it. The direct link is better. I'll see if Gene got more pics that he didn't upload to his site.

#5977 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Yuck. The red looks great in person, what you're suggesting sounds gross.

Yes, I like the red. It's pretty close to blood red.

It's a good contrast to the rest of the game which already has a ton of green.

#6023 6 years ago

Looks very good overall. The theme appears to be extremely well-integrated. Music, callouts, effects sounds, claw toy.

Unload mode is very cool.

#6082 6 years ago
Quoted from Cobra:

Any idea how dark it needs to be in the room to see the UV reactive stuff? If you are playing this in a lit room or during the day, will you be able to see it still?

I would suggest ignoring the UV for now. As mentioned in the video it was a light, test coat. When they reveal the UV as it will appear in the production, then let's see how it will look.

#6088 6 years ago
Quoted from flashburn:

I see what you are saying, but I doubt it. The plastics themselves color looked washed out in the video, I doubt that was due to camera exposure, although perhaps the harshness of the lighting that wasn't covered by plastics was. Also the center of the playfield is completely unlit, no way it isn't dark.

The camera they're using is, to put it mildly, a budget model. The color saturation across the board is going to be poor.

Start watching at 35 seconds and watch as he slowly pans up. The colors look very faded and as he slowly continues upward they magically "warm up". That's a cheap camera.

As for the GI, I also don't think you can come to any conclusions from the video. When a basic camera is set on 'auto' settings, and there's a bright light in the field of vision, it attempts to balance the overall pic by making everything else darker. The brighter the lights, the darker everything else. Try this by pointing your cell phone camera directly at a light and start recording. Now quickly move it to a picture on the wall. The picture will be dark and then slowly become visible. Now quickly point it back to the light - the detail of objects around the light will fade to black.

The bottom line is if you want to shoot low light you need a camera with a big lens and those start around the cost of a STERN pro model.

#6093 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Yes...but you can also get fantastic results with a hi def camcorder for $499.

That all depends on the adult actress involved.

#6113 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

You seem to know what you're talking about. Please get with me personally if you have the time to point me in the right direction on new cameras to check out. The one we have here isn't so much a "budget model" from a casual consumer's standpoint, but just because the box says 1080p recording doesn't mean it's good. Honestly, the camera is like 3 years old now and the Lumia 1020 cell phone could probably keep up with it at this point.

Spfxted is probably your guy.

What I'd recommend with what you have for your LIT shots to show playfield detail, is as much light as you can muster but only about 1/4 pointed directly at the playfield. The rest should be reflected off the ceiling, etc. Use only incandescent, no CFLs or florescents.

If you have a bunch of clamp work lights, those are cheap light.

For dark stuff that is punctuated by random bright flashing lights, it's just a whole nother level of equipment and lighting skills. But the cheap and dirty: If your camera has an auto-iris or auto-exposure you would turn it to manual. Then you'd have experiment to find a good balance between ambient lighting and exposure.

For UV light, this article might explain the challenges:


In particular:

"When shooting fluorescent effects, you’ll need much more light—a much brighter effect, in other words—than you would for a live audience. Human eyes are much more sensitive to the fluorescent effect than film."

#6121 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

This is somewhat of a bummer IMO. To me nothing is confusing if some lights in certain modes change a different color than the regular. It adds to the overall ambiance of the mode it coordinates with. If different colors indicate progress on different modes especially if they stack it can actually be very helpful. Stern did a pretty good job on this with ST and hopefully will refine it. Not to put too much of an emphasis on it but I do remember you said there would be some color controlled lighting a while back. Way too monotone to put bright white in all the GI if there will be no color changing going on IMO. Bright white has a way of washing out the art on plastics.
I really hope you do include some colored inserts especially if there will be no color delivered via lighting.

I agree, but I'll add that I think ST is the ONLY game so far whose use of color-changing is intuitive and helpful. ACDC doesn't feel clear at all. Woz is very purty, but it's color changers have not helped me understand the rules.

Thus, I'm more in the Skit-b camp on this one. Unless the color is really being used to heighten the effect, I'm indifferent about its inclusion.

#6175 6 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

I like that laser idea. Maybe someone can come up with a miniaturized shoulder cannon mod that projects the 3 lasers and sweeps the playfield during hunt mode.

I have an idea like that which I might try. Like the lasers sweep down the playfield as if they're targeting the player. They would stop at the apron. Then a bright red light shines at the player, as if the laser is pointed right in their eyes. That would be a cool start to multiball. Probably scare the crap out of the player the first time they see it.

#6179 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

I have to strongly recommend against using the lasers inside the playfield. Putting a laser like that in between a sheet of glass and a polished playfield will have the light going pretty wild, and will definitely still have the ability to cause eye damage and such. Keeping the laser out of the machine somewhere will at least let you control the light a little bit after it leaves the pointer.

I wouldn't do anything that has a risk of cooking someone's retina. Don't worry. I have a lot of experience with lasers and have seen many films with laser effects.

I'm shopping for lasers right now. Does anyone know the difference between a milliwatt and a megawatt?

1 week later
#6224 6 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

^Easy code tweak though to make it a random assigned shot (kind of like hunt mode), instead of just making any/every ramp count for the the super. Or don't allow the same ramp shot to count twice for the super (you hit the right ramp on the first ball you get the super, every plunge after won't count if that ramp is hit again).
Or have a super-super skill shot where you dead bounce off the left flipper and one-time it back up the left orbit (basically you only get to hit the flipper once before the super-super is deactivated)

I like skill shots that actually require skill.

1) First skill shot can be the 'gimme' + super skill optional
2) Second, regular becomes super skill, super skill becomes a combo, with commensurate greater reward.
3) etc.

As long as the display, audio and light show are clearly informing the player of the shots, the progression won't overwhelm and frustrate players.

#6225 6 years ago
Quoted from MagicMako:

No Get to the Choppa Hurry Up? awwww.

I believe they said a long time ago that callout will be used in the wizard mode.

1 week later
#6285 6 years ago

Sorry if this has already been addressed, but the announcement of a new "limited" edition over in WOZ land begs the question: Will Skit-B continue to make Predators (of any shape, color, LE, Premium, Classic, Super-Tri-Laser Edition, etc) or is it 250 and that's that, on to game 2?

I ask because quite a bit of my purchasing decision, and the risk I'm willing to take with this new company and amateur-designed game, is the chance to own something truly limited. (Before anyone gets their panties in a twist and gives me the "pinball is meant to be shared!" routine, I'm routing mine).

I'm not looking to retire on my future Predator sale earnings, but the limited number of 250 greatly increases the chances of this game maintaining its value, and while there's no guarantees in life, there are calculated risks and at 250 it makes sense to me.

#6292 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I was under the impression that their license agreement limited the number, and they couldn't make more if they wanted to. I could be wrong though!

That's what I recall as well, but there's nothing stopping them from getting a second license agreement for another run. It comes down to what they commit to doing as a company, and if they go back on that down the road, they accept the hit to their rep.

I think it ought to be crystal clear for buyers.

#6298 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

We'll from a risk standpoint I think it does matter somewhat as jonnyo mentions. It's their first design, code, & cab ever assembled as a manufacturer so there is risk involved the limited 250 production run makes it more enticing to take the risk and purchase Skit-B's first production pin.


I'm not trying to stir anything up, but even though Predator is "value-priced" in this increasingly-psychotic pinball market, 5 large is still a lot of cash. We all deserve to know what we're getting.

#6303 6 years ago

Thanks for this commitment.

Confidence +3
Commitment + 2
Enthusiasm +1
Patience +1

#6334 6 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Ok, unless Skit-B is now making Rocky Horror (believe me, I wish they would)... stop teasing me!
I agree that a bouncing dead guy a 'la the AFM/RFM martians would be annoying. I turned my RFM ones off because they are loud and distracting, and I can't see the need for skinned dead swinging guy (I'm going to call mine Joe) to bounce around like that.

His name is Jim Hopper. They were green berets from Fort Bragg. (I watched the movie the other night

#6338 6 years ago

SOT: I just bought Predator on Blu-Ray. From some interweb research there are apparently two blu ray versions of the film itself (i.e. ignoring the extras): the original 2008 version (with no extras) and the Ultimate Hunter Edition version.

Apparently the UHE version has had so much noise reduction applied a lot of people complain they overdid it and the characters look like wax figures. Supposedly they added a bunch of contrast to it as well. It probably has more initial pop but doesn't look so good under scrutiny.

The UHE version is also in the trilogy pack. The original version is also in the Predator 1/2 pack.

I prefer film grain if the original film had it, so I went with the Predator 1/2 pack. Guess I'll get to see P2 again. hahahaha

2 weeks later
#6365 6 years ago

OT: For those of you who are also video gamers, you should check out Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It's a hilarious homage to everything 80s, with tons of Predator references. The loading screen is a VCR tracking screen. The opening action scene is you firing a mini gun from a chopper and Long Tall Sally is the background music. Michael Bienh (Terminator, Aliens) is the main voice actor.

Here's the intro and first mission.

#6370 6 years ago
Quoted from dgoett:

It's been 6 weeks since expo. he stated production would begin as soon as 6 weeks from his speech at expo. Are they really getting ready to start?
I could bail and pay off my hobbit. which will make it to market first? Predator or Hobbit?
Not trying to be a Cunty McShitterman, but lack of updates and just really a complete blackout altogether is starting to sour me on the project.

If you paid the full deposit on Predator, yeah, I can see your consternation.

If you pull your money out, you can take a wait and see on Hobbit, but can't do that with Predator. Once you're out, you're out. With Hobbit, given the JJP track record, it's pretty clear you can get in whenever you want without penalty.

Then again, should Skit-B implode, your money's gone.

Not trying to sway you either way or the other just laying out the scenarios.

#6380 6 years ago
Quoted from dgoett:

yes, I'm paid in full on Predator [$4750]. I guess that enhances the frustration compared to someone with just $250 invested in the project.
As for the ramps being too shallow - have you ever looked at RFM's? They are super shallow even at the ends and they work great. It's the angle the slit is cut in the end for the ball to drop that makes all the difference.
Point taken about "once you're out - you're out". very true with this project.
I guess when they had the payment tier system come out and I paid it off, I was under the assumption production would start a few months after and that's what the request for additional funds was for - to start up production. I was happy to get them some money to start building.
The silence is deafening.

Yeah, I hear your frustration. For me, it's a $250 gamble and I'm cool with the ride. But like I said back when they did the incentive "all-in" options, "the clock is now ticking".

Regardless, I hope the best for the team. I hope they can pull it out.

2 weeks later
#6460 6 years ago

I like the pony. Very clever! Can't believe no one else has spotted it.

#6465 6 years ago

Think 'predator camo'.

#6475 6 years ago

Two days until christmas vacation. This is how I feel.

#6486 6 years ago
Quoted from sensfreak:

Ok, I can't see the pony. Could someone point it out?

I was just joking with all of you. There's no pony.

Or maybe there is a pony, but now I'm saying there's no pony, just to joke with you even more?

It's a cow of a problem.

#6490 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I can't believe we really had them going...

The pony is there.

#6539 6 years ago

Looking good!

To reiterate something that was said, it's really hard to capture UV on film. In person the effect will pop even more.

2 weeks later
#6796 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

Yes please get the Skit-B crew to CAX such an awesome expo!

If mine is ready by CAX then I will bring it. But it's cutting it pretty close assuming they start in April. I'm something like 154. Before or after CAX it will be at PPM.

Gonna be great seeing all the soccer moms recoil in horror and usher their little snowflakes away from it.

#6801 6 years ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

This thread is a mile long....has there been a release date floated yet for the first one off the line?

You actually want a pinball game after all this entertainment?

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