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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#2423 6 years ago

I'm in. I put a deposit down on #134. I've been lurking for a while and was on the wait list. A spot finally opened and I took the leap. Really excited about the project and what these guys are trying to accomplish.


#2445 6 years ago

The Skit-b guys are in a similar situation as JJP. They are fortunate enough to to see how the community responded with the timing of JJP's 2nd game anouncement. It's a great opportunity to not repeat history. The question is when is too soon to announce a 2nd game? 3rd of your run of Predator are delivered? 2/3? All?


#2467 6 years ago

That bike makes me want to take lessons and start riding Bad ass.

#2507 6 years ago

I asked to be put on the list at the beginning of January and 3 weeks later they had a spot open up. I also ponied up the $250 hold It's definitely still possible to get on the bandwagon. You might not have to pray that long

#2546 6 years ago



2 weeks later
#2724 6 years ago

Found some behind the scenes stuff also...

Predator_-_KPH.jpg Predator_-_KPH2.jpg Predator_-_KPH3.jpg

#2725 6 years ago


Predator-Efx_Crew.jpg Predator-Efx_Crew2.jpg Predator-Efx_Crew3.jpg

#2727 6 years ago

Original Predator design that was scrapped. The new design by Stan Winston replaced the hindquarters which proved difficult for the actor to move in. Stan's design was a savior to the project and rightfully so. It's bad ass!

Predator_-_Org_design.jpg Predator_-_Org_design2.jpg

#2764 6 years ago

My head is going to explode with excitement (that's what she said).


1 week later
#2897 6 years ago

I'm so excited for an update I fell out of the bathtub.

#3200 6 years ago

I'm digging the hand drawn style of the artwork so far. Playfield colors are nice. The skinned body is pretty cool and in the spirit of the artwork. The only critiques are Arny's arm and shoulder is slightly disproportionate.

The UV artwork will be a nice surprise when it's reveled as well as the plastics/art.

#3445 6 years ago

The red skull wasnt bad but the new skull totally rocks! Love the extra detail.

#3464 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

I personally liked the red skull a lot, as I thought the art could use a bit more color in that area and, looking at the stills from the show itself, the skulls he pulls are exactly that color.

I do remember one of the skulls being absolutely coated with blood in the movie. I'm indifferent though. Modders will be able to paint and detail their skull toy a variety of ways.

#3504 6 years ago
Quoted from denmark71:

What kind of armor will the game have- legs, rails, lockdown? Any chance of a Camo powdercoat?

Nothing has been mentioned but I'd assume stainless steel "standard" for cabinet hardware to keep costs down.

#3600 6 years ago
Quoted from rai:

Actually, a movie/music pin like 'The Wall' or 'Heavy Metal' would be the great.

One of my favorite movies growing up

#3601 6 years ago

Will Predator be using any of the musical score from the movie at all?

#3615 6 years ago

I saw Megadeth open up for Rob Zombie last May. I love both of those bands. A Rob Zombie pinball is another dream pinball for me. Imagine Robots, monsters, zombies, boobies and fire while playing Thunderkiss, More Human than Human Dragula, Superbeast, Living Dead Girl, Spookshow Baby, Meet the Creeper or hell...just the entire Hillbilly Deluxe CD.

Dragula.gif Dragula2.gif Phantom_Creep.gif

#3747 6 years ago

They might be adding additional payments to lower each one. Example 3 or 4 payments of $1600 or $1250 each.


2 weeks later
#4013 6 years ago

It looks like it's coming together. I cant wait to see the inserts lit for the full effect.


#4140 6 years ago

My only critiques are to keep this skull. V_5180.jpg

Lastly, take one of the "Predators" off of the translite or speaker panel. It probably only needs to be there once.

Quoted from Drano:

Remember that the game does not yet have plastics. Its gonna look a whole lot cooler once plastic art is layered over the playfield and toys/figures are added.

Cant wait to see the whole pin put together now. At the Michigan show it was the whitewood with some of the toys. PA show now has the playfield. When the plastics, inserts, toys and final art its going to look friggen incredible.

Quoted from MagicMako:

If the UV paint works the way they want it to it is going to be awesome! There will be UV elements over some of the current artwork (like the characters being orange and blue like the predators heat vision) and there will be UV elements we have not seen yet, neon yellow blood splatter going up the shot lines and ramps, along with some possible other surprises.

A first and I think this is going to turn out to be a neat surprise when it's finished!

#4197 6 years ago

Ted, I never knew you had did that movie! It's legendary! We might have even bumped into each other at a horror con at some point.

#4202 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I'm sure. I did plenty in that area...Fanex, etc...Come to Chiller and hang out sometime!

I used to belong to Fanex and help out at the cons...small world We might head to Chiller this summer. I'll hit you up if we make it to one.

#4207 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Then you remember the Ted & Fred Show....

Holy shit! I remember you now Damnit never put the 2 together.

#4209 6 years ago

No not me Ted. Just looked ya up on IMDB. Here is mine


#4255 6 years ago

Couple gifs to share in lieu of a video The one of Mac shaving was to large so I used a kitty gif instead.


#4258 6 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Not a cop, just a lowly moderator. I got promoted on Monday morning and have been flying under the radar a little bit. So I am a tall, blonde moderator that likes pinball

Congrats Blonde!!!

1 week later
#4451 6 years ago

The last time I judged a game on artwork was AFM. After playing it I was hooked and find its one of the greatest pins conceived.


2 weeks later
#4612 6 years ago

I'm excited about the next update. It should be a biggy.


#4615 6 years ago



1 week later
#4698 6 years ago

I bet a lot of people will start their payment plan after the next big update.

#4706 6 years ago

The thread has been pretty well behaved and positive for the most part, especially with nearly 100 pages and 4700 posts.

#4718 6 years ago

Why is Pinballdad thumbing everything down in the thread?

1 week later
#4789 6 years ago



#4799 6 years ago

"We went to Tijuana, Mexico, you know? And we thought it would be fun, you know, to go to a show. Everybody says you gotta check out one of these shows. And... it's a woman f*&^in' a horse. We get there and we think it's gonna be awesome and... it is not as cool as it sounds like it's gonna be. It's kinda gross. "


1 week later
#4918 6 years ago

Let’s have a little more patience with the updates. The Skit-b team has been completely humble and up front about what they are doing and when (down to what shows they will be attending). They mentioned the site would be down for a bit while they redesigned it. I understand people are ready to pounce but to date, nothing has been a surprise.

// Error: Image 115324 not found //

#4921 6 years ago

I agree. That does sound a little flakey and so does not sending the t-shirts out to people who paid. People will give them some slack for those things. I'd rather them not have their shit together for little things like that then to completely implode like Wayne or start missing due dates repeatedly.

Even though I'm on the pre-order for the game and in for $250 I still feel like a positive observer. I want them to succeed but theres almost no skin off my nose right now. A majority of the pre-orders are probably in this boat. If more $$$ is invested dates are missed it would be a big red flag but right now it's like waiting for Christmas to come with the big reveal.

Quoted from Marc:

^^^ A perfect example. I have an email from Kevin saying he was going to attend TPF and to please help him get on touch with the organizers. Got him in touch with the organizers, gave him multiple options to get the game to Texas and he flat flaked. Not flaked by just changing his mind (that would have been cool), nope he just flat ignored emails and then a month later after we gave up on him he sends some "dog ate my home work" blah blah blah whatever email.
I don't really care about updates, I care that if you say you are going to do something that you do it. If I ever get a game great, if I loose $250 whatever. Just from my personal experiences with them I wish they had their shit together better.

#4923 6 years ago
Quoted from Toasterdog:

Cool F'n GIF hAbO

Thanks Toasterdog! When I found the Lion gif I found this one. "Herb" should love it!!!

// Error: Image 115356 not found //

#4941 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinballdad:

Yes, for the most part I agree. However, this build order list update has me a bit ticked off. It is a normal business activity...one that should not be ignored.

I asked a few months ago for the build number and recieved it very quickly. I dont think they will release the entire list but if you ask they will tell you.


#4942 6 years ago

I hear ya Willis. No need to panic.

#4966 6 years ago

Sorry for not catching your 2 posts in a 100 page thread When I was put on the pre-order list I didn’t ask about the build number as it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. Actually, I'd want a higher build number so that some of the bugs get worked out.

Besides BBB this would be the 2nd boutique pin purchase. I'm basing my expectations from that experience. There wasn’t a ton of information being given out then. No build numbers were given then and I didn’t expect them this time. Do other boutique pin shops publically give their build numbers out on a routinely?

I’ve worked in a number of customer service oriented jobs in my younger days. Not everyone needs the same level of customer service as another. You maybe the type that requires a higher level of customer service. Emailing them every time it's rumored someone drops out for an updated build number seems a bit like bugging/spamming them. Right now they probably don’t have time to email all 250 people to inform them of their new build number. Just saying.

Quoted from Pinballdad:

Perhaps you did not catch all the details in the thread. I have two posts in this thread asking for an update and (1) email. Just wondering (needing to know) the build order list. I put out $250 over 7 months ago in good faith. I learned, through this forum, that some have dropped off and thus created a situation where others advanced forward in the build # order. My needs are pretty simple. I need Skit-B (aka-Kevin) to inform what the current build order list is. Real simple request. I can imagine that K and company have some pretty serious supplier conversations...heated discussions...normal course of business...here is little ole me that has put out $250 without any formal binding details of the delivery...simply asking for what build order number am I now??????????????????????
Pretty simple and it has been a couple months. I really would like to know already Kevin.
Thanks in advance if you find the time to issue an updated build order list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#4970 6 years ago



#4985 6 years ago

I thought this was funny...


#5042 6 years ago



#5070 6 years ago

So agree but keep them coming. haha


#5074 6 years ago



#5089 6 years ago

Hey Navajas,
You’re right about the internet being a bizarre and wonderful place to find things. I cant remember what I typed to stumble upon that photo of Fernando holding that sign but I thought it was a pretty epic pic. He's cool in my book.

Is there any background on the guy?

Quoted from navajas:

Not really anyone left bitching, but, Fernando thought it was really cool he made it to some obscure website's forum, so... he made a t-shirt and told my brother to send me the pic.

#5109 6 years ago

I like it! Sounds like its a deep game with lots of layers to it that will have people playing for a while.

#5113 6 years ago



1 week later
#5137 6 years ago
Quoted from Sea-Monkey:

Any chance of an "Alien" cameo? Or how about a entire "Alien(s)" theme?

The licensing agreement was probably very specific to the 1st Predator and it's characters. The Alien skull didn’t make an appearance (barely a cameo at that) until part 2.

2 weeks later
#5282 6 years ago

Production Number: 134
Production Order: 216

#5315 6 years ago

It sounds like it wasnt just a straight medical model ported over. I love the attention to detail everyone is putting in on this pin. I sounds like it could be something really special when its completed.

Quoted from Tweedlefuzz:

lol hAbO... my reaction as well.
The spinal cord also has membrane pieces between the discs that are not pictured. I got to hold the white prototype earlier this year... It is a very high quality piece, it reminds me of the type of material they make the skeletons out of that you saw in science class.
Cant wait. Thanks for the pic Matt.

#5326 6 years ago

I think this would go with the playfield art a little better color wise but I dig the original also.

Quoted from Aurich:

Heh, I was coming into this thread to post that very link. Now that's what the translite should look like.

#5353 6 years ago

I'd love a translite like Phatom of the Opera. During different times while playing the lighting around the phontom reveals his face behind the mask. This would be a cool effect with the predator helmet or mouth closed to no helment mouth open.


#5374 6 years ago



1 week later
#5406 6 years ago

I'm sure they are waiting until they have a complete game for the next reveal. No sense in hitting a moving target at this stage of the game with an incomplete game to show.

1 week later
#5444 6 years ago

Cool poster from Etsy.com


2 weeks later
#5497 6 years ago

I think the paint will react to the UV lighting. Thats why its an orangish tint.

#5525 6 years ago

I'm loving this more and more! It sure does make one hungry looking at it though


1 week later
#5585 6 years ago

Ahhhh!!! So close...


#5656 6 years ago

This is your best bet for updates ONLY

This thread is more for Predator discussion/speculation, ponies, boobs, tongues, midgets and other streams of thoughts

Quoted from BigPhil:

I got 57 updates and a Predator aint one....

1 week later
#6186 6 years ago

I dont know if it was answered here or not but is the spine on the skull going to line up over the VUK?

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