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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#226 7 years ago
Quoted from blondetall:

Now please consider the Southern Pinball Festival in Nov since that's the only one I'm going to be able to make.

YES! Please try to bring it to SPF.

1 week later
#533 7 years ago

Only one I could find:

1 week later
#666 7 years ago

Can you please not cheap out in the audio department? It's really annoying that not only does Stern provide crappy speakers, they sample all the audio at horrible rates, so it doesn't even matter if you get better speakers.

#679 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

I'll have to ask the audio guy what all of the sample rates are, but they sound fine to me (but I'm admittedly not much of an audio person). The speaker systems we have are pretty awesome, though, I know that.

That's great to hear! I'm seriously pumped for this pin. So glad I jumped on the list in time. Definitely a good idea to check on the sample rates, it annoys me so much that Stern had to bump down the quality for LOTR in order to fit all the clips in it (unless you have an LE).

#680 7 years ago

Oh, and add me to the pre-order list for The Big Lebowski pin. That would be amazing.

#695 7 years ago
Quoted from starfighter:

Not really a problem. Universal owns the rights and authorized the release of the " soundtrack " to Mercury. If someone obtained the rights to the film it would include the 14 tracks that were released as an independent soundtrack. CCR might be a sticking point because their track was omitted from the soundtrack release.

I don't think that's true at all. They authorized the rights to be in the movie and the soundtrack, but not in a pinball machine. They have to negotiate the rights for each product usually. It's the same reason Farsight has issues with licensed pin's, they have to negotiate the rights with all parties involved and pay each rights owner.

#698 7 years ago

Used correctly, I think 3 songs would be good enough too. Probably should just use clips of the songs for certain parts of the game, instead of playing them all the way through, that way they don't get repetitive.

#702 7 years ago

Any word yet if you guys are bringing Predator to SPF? It'd be awesome to see in person, but I'm sure it would mean less time that could actually be spent on finishing it.

#708 7 years ago

Tom Jane was a pretty awesome Punisher.

#715 7 years ago

Mini PF bowling lane would be sweeeet.

#755 7 years ago

Yep, 5% is more than reasonable.

#772 7 years ago

I agree, some more concrete information/art would probably be a good idea first.

#854 7 years ago

No email here either, #102.

#884 7 years ago
Quoted from Marc:

Gambit if you're 5th in line it looks like Kevin might have gone down the list in order when entering the email addresses. Seems I remember Drano saying he was 3rd and he is listed 3rd in the address field.

Ugh. DO NOT DO THIS! Please BCC everyone.

#907 7 years ago

Can someone at least post the email?

#908 7 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

There are lots of email companies. Aweber is one of the biggest. Pay for a package, they're not going to add advertising.
Please don't CC, you're just sending out our emails to be harvested for spam.
I've not received anything yet. just checked my spam and trash.

Just use BCC, no need to use a service just to send out email updates, and no chance of email addresses getting harvested (no more than a normal email to a single person, at least).

#910 7 years ago
Quoted from Hwawonyu:

I would think that If Kevin wanted it posted it would have been.
This is a good time to point out that posting PMs and emails in general is not cool without permission.

Gimmie a break, it's an email to ~250 people on a mailing list about a pinball machine, it isn't a top secret classified document.

1 week later
#1089 7 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Got my email!
Lucky #13 in production to go with my Lucky #100 pin number.
Should go well right next to X-men!
So excited I dont feel like working! I am playing the game in my mind as I sleep.

Sweet, you going to invite me over to check it out? My production number should be in the 100's I think (no email yet).

#1092 7 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Sure, open house for anyone and everyone in Orlando for an unboxing party!

Hell yeah!

1 week later
#1225 7 years ago

Hard to see what's going on a lot of the time, between lack of HD footage and those pesky black ramps. Definitely looks like it's coming along though.

Any chance of getting Arnold to do some of the Jackpot callouts? Hell, even Carl Weathers or Jesse Ventura.

#1226 7 years ago

Also, any concerns with that right ramp? Seeing you flub the shot so many times has me concerned, given your obvious high level of skill.

#1228 7 years ago

I think a major part of it is if we can know some sort of approximations on how complete things are. If they can be broken down into categories, that'd be great. If things like the lighting are still in their infancy, then it'd be less to be worried about at the current stage.

#1278 7 years ago

I think it's still a 2 shade DMD instead of the full 16 shade they are planning on.

I'm sure they are going to stop by over the next few days to answer our 8 million questions, lol.

#1291 7 years ago

See, I knew he would swing by and alleviate anyones worries.

Can you give us some percentages of how complete you feel everything is?
1. Playfield
2. Lighting
3. Rules
4. Modes
5. Music
6. Sound Effects
7. Animations

Anything else I left out?

#1307 7 years ago

Thanks Kevin for taking the time to answer our questions. Really looking forward to seeing this all come together with the artwork.

#1313 7 years ago

Even better, but I'm sure it's too late, get some tunes from Austrian Death Machine in it, maybe as an alternate soundtrack? It's a joke band (just a single guy) from the metal band As I Lay Dying.

He'd probably allow it for free, or at least at a low cost.

#1363 7 years ago

First pin built by end of January? Or is that too optimistic?

#1382 7 years ago

Get the guy who does Arnold on The Howard Stern show and Austrian Death Machine.

#1385 7 years ago

I mean, couldn't we get Carl Weathers at least? I'm sure he'd do it for a very reasonable amount. Or Jesse Ventura? Or both?

#1393 7 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Carl Weathers will work for stew

Too damn funny. How many people will actually get/remember that?

lol, I had to rewatch that part:

#1435 7 years ago

Dude bro dude!

1 week later
#1472 7 years ago

We can stop talking about it now. There will not be ANY Predator 2 footage/quotes in this game.

#1474 7 years ago
Quoted from prefontaine79:

I didn't know you were working on the game Flashburn..knowledge must be from a previous post?
Can we at least get an Alien skull somewhere on the playfield?

It was mentioned a while ago. I don't expect people to read every post, but I just wanted to mention it again so people can stop talking about it (again). Kevin has said it will ONLY contain material from the first movie.

#1485 7 years ago

Fantastic news! I can stop holding my breath finally!

#1531 6 years ago

Some more pictures or a video would be great.

#1565 6 years ago

Please give us some artwork and/or pictures of the toys for Christmas!

#1569 6 years ago

No offense, but they've shown us some half-assed teaser pics a few times, where we can only see very little tiny bits of the art. Why the need to tease us at this point? I think some full playfield artwork shots are way beyond due. I don't mean finished art, since I'm sure it isn't done, but at least a full shot of the current sketch would be nice.

#1581 6 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

I remember when there was no update for 4 months. I'm pleased with what we now have seen and know that they'll release information on their timeline. Patience grasshoppa

The difference being they now have some of our money (albeit a small portion, but still).

#1649 6 years ago

Woohoo a response from Kevin and co. Thanks for the update Kevin, good Christmas present to all of us.

#1704 6 years ago

OMG it is?! (wait, what?)

#1716 6 years ago

Awesome. I better start saving my pennies now.

#1746 6 years ago

Damn, that's awesome looking.

1 week later
#1908 6 years ago
Quoted from Jetzxi:

SkitB's original MI pinball thread had 1524 comments. This new thread is now sitting at 1901 comments in record time!
How awesome is that,

Yeah but half of the posts in this thread are people reporting in their current status of their deposits.

#1921 6 years ago
Quoted from rai:

I was curious about the player controlled post. When is that active and how is it controlled? Also, you said something about a skill shot. Are you able to say what that is?

If you make a new video, I wouldn't mind seeing this stuff a bit more close up.

Also, like someone else mentioned, have you made a decision about the clearcoat yet?

#1922 6 years ago
Quoted from starfighter:

Good to see Poncho. Arnold's rifle barrel looks a little short to me, but I really don't anything about guns and I may be way off. Impressed with the art so far!!

Yeah, I keep focusing on the gun barrel, to me, something looks off. Maybe it's a little too skinny? I really love the overall art style though, it looks fantastic. I can't even imagine how awesome it's going to look when its colored and done.

#1969 6 years ago

Christ, some of you guys are way too damn sensitive. No one is "bitching" we are simply pointing out a few things that we find "off". No one is saying "fuck this, looks horrible". I don't think a single person here doesn't think it looks great overall. Chill out, it's just pinball, and this is a discussion forum, where we are discussing it. Sorry we aren't all just posting nonsense "Deposit Sent!", "Deposit Confirmed!", and "Order Number Blah blah blah, Production Number Blah blah blah" posts.

#1976 6 years ago

I think it looks like him, he just needs shading and color.

edit: After looking at it again, compared to the movie clips, maybe there is something a little "off" with him. It might be the eyes, I dunno. Looks good to me regardless.

#1986 6 years ago

Sweeeeeeeeet. Thanks for the continued updates.

#1997 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Holy cow, I knew Shane Black (Hawkins) wrote Lethal Weapon but now he's directing Iron Man 3? Dude has come along way.

He also directed the movie that helped put Robert Downey Jr back on the map, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. That's actually how he got his gig directing IM3.

#2021 6 years ago

We all know the second pin is The Big Lebowski anyway.

#2095 6 years ago
Quoted from denmark71:

Will you give buyers of Predator first crack at getting their same game # when the next game is announced?


#2097 6 years ago
Quoted from Prkchpsndwiches:

Quote? Link? Source?

It's somewhere here in this thread. Good luck, lol.

#2099 6 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

It didn't sound like Kevin was in love with the idea... but I do recall him saying that, if that's what buyers want, they'd be open to it.
I think his exact words were that it "reeked of marketing" LOL!

Yep, that's basically what I remember him saying.

#2145 6 years ago

Kevin, great video! Lots of good stuff.

One question, will there be something to indicate how many hunts you have left at a given time?

#2149 6 years ago

Also, I really like the VUK setup, but is there any worries about the ramp cracking where the ball drops down from it?

#2152 6 years ago

You could have a cutout underneath the ramp and put one of those little blue bumpers in it's spot to deaden the fall. The balls travelling down the ramp probably wouldn't be affected by it since they'll be travelling quickly?

#2180 6 years ago

Add me to the "not a fan" list for the Jackpot sound.

1 week later
#2281 6 years ago

I can't even imagine how awesome this is going to look once the playfield art is finished and colored.

#2295 6 years ago

Hey guys, you still awake? I have a feeling we are going to get to see some more good stuff soon.

2 weeks later
#2334 6 years ago

Yeah, I'd really love a "best guess" rough estimate on when they think they'll be shipping the first pin, and how many they expect to make per week. Again, just some rough guesses would be great. I promise not to hold them to it.

#2387 6 years ago

How about telling us if it's based on a movie, tv show, etc? Also, what genre? Hell, you might as well just tell us. We promise we won't tell anyone else!

#2396 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

just having a little fun...
The joke is distinctly Futurama in nature so it may have only been funny to me
I agree completely that I DO NOT want to hear what game number 2 is until all 250 Predators have been delivered. Keep the public focus and perception on Predator till it is 100%. Work behind the scenes on #2 and continue to feed us disinformation for fun.

Why does it matter? It's not like they need to advertise Predator. They are sold out, and nothing will change that. I don't see the harm in telling us what the next game will be.

#2408 6 years ago

You guys have convinced me, I now agree, it really doesn't make sense for SkitB to announce pin #2 yet.

But, that doesn't change the fact that I want to know! Haha.

#2409 6 years ago
Quoted from tron1969:

Any artwork updates? We were getting them pretty regular which I thought was great. Has any more of the finished art been colorized?

Maybe I'm being overly hopeful, but I have a feeling the next time we see artwork it will be near finished, and it will be soon.

1 week later
#2490 6 years ago

April, damn! I'm guessing we'll be seeing what's basically a finished pin at that point. Full colored art and near finished rules?

#2496 6 years ago
Quoted from Marc:

Far from trolling I can assure you, passive agressive I will conceed. I also realized that it would be an unpopular post prior to hitting send. I've got thick skin so telling me to man up as you put it doesn't really motivate me. <edited>

Your post is only "unpopular" because it lacks any substance while at the same time bashes SkitB. If you have a real grievance, either post it, or stfu. Anything else is just trolling.

#2554 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

This just in: Skit-B thinks its fanboys are Nazis.
And because I've gotten in trouble in the past for assuming what I type is understood to be satire: The above is an f'ing joke people. Ha!

And Kevin is Hitler?!!!? lol

#2602 6 years ago

I agree, it was a fun movie. Worth seeing for sure.

1 week later
#2667 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Hah! I started a new Predator Thread for New Info Only and got blasted....

Starting a thread for new info without any new info is kind of pointless.

2 weeks later
#3015 6 years ago

Sick! Looks very "oldschool".

Yeah, it'd be great to get a shot that's at least double the resolution of that one.

#3036 6 years ago

I agree, it needs more red. MOAR BLOOD!

That red skull though, it's just odd looking. I'm guessing it's supposed to be covered in blood, but it doesn't look right as is, just looks like its a skull painted with red paint.

My other issue is why isn't there any art in the upper corners? Maybe once it's populated it will make sense.

Overall though, I really, really like the way it turned out.

#3055 6 years ago

The fact that we are getting a pin with hand drawn art is truly badass.

#3335 6 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

here is a very new vid, pingame journal is chatting to the guys
» YouTube video

Man, I love the SkitB guys. I really hope that things go well for them (and I think the odds are in their favor).

#3384 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

From what they have said I doubt any magnets will be going in the game. That is one of my concerns as well that left side seems pretty bare and the only randomizers appear to be the two targets. I guess how the two ejects kick the ball into the pops may provide some unexpected gameplay but I'm also wondering if that is enough.

I'd love to see if Kevin would respond to this concern. I tend to agree, as things currently appear, the left side seems bare. It could use some more standup targets, but I doubt that will happen at this point.

#3444 6 years ago

Hell yeah, you guys continue to impress!

#3463 6 years ago
Quoted from Cobra:

Change the colour of Predator's hand holding the skull. Maybe something of a darker shade. Looks wrong the colour it is now.

Yeah, something is odd with that hand. It lacks some detail too.

#3467 6 years ago
Quoted from hAbO:

I do remember one of the skulls being absolutely coated with blood in the movie. I'm indiferent though. Modders will be able to paint and detail their skull toy a variety of ways.

Different skull.

#3499 6 years ago

I love the red at the bottom of the playfield. I would love if the artwork would incorporate more blood in those areas.

#3550 6 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

That's what we need a Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back pin. Was gonna say Clerks, clerks 2 or MallRats but those titles wouldn't make as good pins I don't think.

Yeah, having to hit a ramp shot 37 times (in a row) could get tedious.

1 week later
#3738 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Besides the show announcements, the only other business-end tidbit I really have is that, as some of you may have already heard, we have been working on something of a "payment plan" to not only help people get their games more easily, but to help drive down the costs of manufacturing and production.

Before this snowballs into some major bickering...

Is this "payment plan" optional? I mean this entire time it was supposed to be half when the build started, and the other half when it's complete and ready to ship. Has that changed?

How does it help people "get their games more easily"? Just for people that can't save their money on their own (no offense intended)?

#3741 6 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

No offense taken. I belong to that club...

I'm pretty sure I do too, lol.

#3752 6 years ago

Cool, thanks for explaining it a bit Kevin.

#3808 6 years ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

I'm honestly curious, is getting the same game number important to people? I guess it must be, as people got upset with the Hobbit pre-order situation. It's just not a priority for me at all. I guess I don't understand why it's meaningful to some people. Is it a superstition thing? Like if the numbers match it will be good luck?

It'd just be cool to have two (or more?) SkitB pins next to each other all with the same number. Not a deal breaker for me, but it'd be kind of neat.

#3829 6 years ago

Wonder how long this offer will go on for? I might be up for the $1000 level.

#3836 6 years ago
Quoted from PinManV:

I really don't think the link and email should have been posted here, they'll probably get a bunch of people sending deposits that aren't even on the pre-order list, and have to refund money. Huge hassle not to mention they might have to pay fees on that regardless? No idea, just doesn't seem smart.

It says right on that page not to send money unless you are on the list and received the email regarding this. Would people really not read before sending $250+ to them?

1 week later
#4000 6 years ago

**If I don't mention something, assume that I like/love it.**

I'm just going to say it... the blood on the skull looks bad. I hate how it's got this big drops of blood, it looks weird. It should be more "smeared" than dripped.

Is Arnold going to be fixed? Cause he just looks so wrong in that position. I know it's just the perspective, but it looks like he's only been working out the left side of his body for the last few years.

I'm assuming nothing about the inserts is final? Colors/locations? Since a few of them don't line up with the artwork.

#4007 6 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

I'd think of pulling the word Predator off the translite or the speaker panel.

The texture on it is also the same as the middle of the translite. It'd be cool if it was just art that extended from the translite to the speaker panel.

#4123 6 years ago

Kevin, I'd love to know if you guys looked into the cost difference between plastic and metal ramps/habitrails? Was it ultimately just a design and cosmetic decision to go with plastic ramps, or was it a cost based decision?

#4150 6 years ago

Kevin, you are the best, really.

So is the playfield artwork still being tweaked? My only big problems with it are the blood on the Predator skull looking like jam, and Arnold's odd pose/shoulder. Other than that, I'm really digging it.

#4162 6 years ago

They like hearing our feedback, critical or otherwise. So we are going to share it. The difference is with other games, we can't be a part of the design, but in this instance we can (at least a little bit).

1 week later
#4300 6 years ago

Arnie looks great, no issues with him now. I still don't like the skull. It has what looks like a blue hue to it now, and the blood still looks like jam. I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't for the fact that it's a pretty prominent part of the artwork and directly above the flippers, so I'll see it quite a bit.

#4364 6 years ago

I highly doubt they are just sitting around waiting for the art to be complete.

2 weeks later
#4570 6 years ago

Any new updates with Predator? Seems like we haven't really gotten anything new in quite a while. I'd love for an updated video with you playing it. The few recent clips I've seen of people playing it at shows were all pretty terrible (mostly it seemed because of the people playing it).

#4578 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

should be 1 more toy...
hanging body (bodies) near pops
VUK skull/spine is 1 toy
Claw on left ramp diverter

I remember when Kevin said that ALL of the toys would be interactive at least somewhat, but in fact, none of them are. Maybe it's just how I view the definition of "interactive" but every single one of those is just a fancy plastic over a mechanism of some sort.

#4580 6 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Right, the toys will be placed strategically to give you the illusion of interactive, but the only one you could call interactive would be the hanging body toy since it will shake when the bumper is hit.
I believe there will be ONE hanging body toy, not one for each bumper, though Aaron did think it was interresting when I asked if they could have one for each bumper. hmmm I guess we will see, eh?

Even the hanging body isn't really interactive, or at least what I would consider interactive. When I think "interactive" I think something that the ball actually interacts with (or even the player), so the lamp in TOTAN, bash toys (I know, Kevin already said no bash toys), or even something like the crystal ball in WOZ.

I'm not hating, just expressing some disappointment with regards to the "toys".

#4582 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

The claw is 100% interactive. It comes out and grabs the ball (assuming it is used on the left ramp diverter). Do something corect as a player and the claw interacts with you.
I also feel the hanging body is interactive. My understanding is that it will be on a coil (similar idea as AFM/RFM martians?). In other words, not just a passive swaying body, but a direct player interaction >> hit something and you make the body sway.
The skull is probably the least interactive, but still has direct ball interaction.

I thought the claw is just covering up the diverter? Doesn't look like it could do any "grabbing". The skull is exactly what I'm talking about, it is just covering up a wireform, there isn't any interaction with it.

#4585 6 years ago

Yeah, like I said, I just don't really consider things like that to be an interactive "toy", it's just dressing over a pretty standard gameplay mechanic.

#4588 6 years ago

Yeah that makes sense MagicMako, I guess my expectations were just unrealistic.

#4592 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

The skull is what I'd say does not qualify as interactive. I think it's really cool, but, it's fulfilling the same roll as sling plastics and I wouldn't consider those interactive either. The bodies and blade though, those fit the bill. Still wondering about "4th". Since the four toys were an estimate, I think it at this point it may have been dropped.

The blade is exactly like the skull though, it's just covering up a diverter, which would still function with or without the blade that's sitting on top of it.

#4597 6 years ago

I'd say it differs in the level of intricacies between the examples you posted, and what we are seeing with Predator. But whatever, you can label me crazy, I've been called worse.

#4604 6 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Dammit. 30 posts in a day. Thought we had a vid.

Hey, at least we are talking about the game and it's not 30 posts of pony bullshit.

#4606 6 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

I'm disappointed that there isn't more pony bullshit!

Don't worry, I'm sure there will be some more soon.

#4609 6 years ago

Can someone actually take some decent video this time? The coverage at the last show was pathetic!

#4611 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Sorry!...some of us were too busy bullshitting with the Boys and Playing the Game....

More pony bullshit!

#4626 6 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

to hell with the teaser!!! GIVE ME MORE!!!
Looks like the speaker panel is updated and UV is bangin!!! Need a straight on shot of it, PLEASE

Speaker panel looks the same to me? What's different about it? Still has the duplicate Predator title.

#4627 6 years ago

Man, those videos make the game look slow as hell. I'm guessing it just isn't at the right angle.

#4647 6 years ago

So... I'm just going to guess that this is going to be yet another show that Predator is at without any decent video footage? Someone please, prove me wrong!

#4652 6 years ago

So Kevin, any chance of you guys bringing Predator to Gamewarp in Orlando at the end of next month?


#4653 6 years ago

Just finished watching the SkitB talk, they saved the very best for last. The fact that we can modify the game code completely to our own liking is awesome. That sounds very cool.

2 weeks later
#4814 6 years ago

This thread sucks.

1 week later
#4856 6 years ago
Quoted from jlm33:

Tried to check Skit-B website and got that message:
Something's wrong??

They probably switched hosting services as part of their "revamp".

#4957 6 years ago

To think, when I saw there were 60 new posts in the last 18 hours, I immediately thought "finally, an update!". I leave disappointed.

1 week later
#5104 6 years ago

So does this mean no Predators sequel? Weak!

1 month later
#5428 6 years ago
Quoted from hollywood:

What if we are all getting our hopes up for nothing??
Not trying to pessimistic, just keeping it real.......

Yeah, you are right, they cancelled the project. You definitely aren't trying to be pessimistic.

4 weeks later
#5605 6 years ago

Why do the moderators censor profanity? It seems pretty ridiculous, especially in a thread about a adult Pinball game. Not to mention they could easily implement/enable a profanity filter if it was really deemed inappropriate.

#5616 6 years ago
Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

What I think is ridiculous is that a bunch of pinheads that love and use this site focus on the things they dislike about the staff that keeps things running and the rules they don't like instead of expressing a bit of gratitude. Just sayin...

Gotta love the unwritten rules that are arbitrarily enforced!

#5677 6 years ago
Quoted from Marc:

I will say that while I'm still not a fan of the art package as a whole and I still feel there is a disconnect between the cab, playfield, and toys the playfield art on its own is not disappointing.

I agree completely. All together there is just no cohesiveness. It looks like everything was designed separately and then just "mashed" together.

The playfield art is just too cartoony compared to the rest of the art package. Not to mention that horrible bleached white skull with jelly on it. I'll still withhold final judgement, but I'm not too thrilled so far. Hopefully it plays great and the final package looks a bit more refined.

#5694 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

BIG huge thanks to Bakushan for doing this. Cheers dude.

Hell yeah, very cool of him.

#5813 6 years ago

Yeah, well just imagine how the SkitB boys feel about it. As disappointed as I am to hear this, I'm especially bummed for them.

#5901 6 years ago

Yeah buddy!

#6001 6 years ago

Typical. Every time this pin is out in the public somehow not a single one of you guys manages to take any video or pictures. Luckily, I'm used to this, so I didn't expect much if anything. We'll just have to wait for an "official" video I suppose.

#6042 6 years ago

Here are my thoughts after this latest video:

- Plasma DMD looks amazing.
- Cab art and red armor looks fantastic. Translite is a bit simple, but it's still pretty nice, very menacing.
- UV idea seems good, just hope the final UV layer is better (as Kevin said it will be).
- Unload mode looks like a blast.
- The toys look pretty good.

- GI lighting is flat out terrible. The whites are so bright, it completely washes out all of the plastics colors. The center of the playfield is way too dark. Hopefully there will be some spotlights added (although they weren't mentioned). Obviously you want to play this game in the dark for the UV effect, but when the UV isn't on, the playfield shouldn't be so damn dark.
- It worries me that this is being called a release candidate, because a lot of it still looks pieced together. I'll withhold judgement on this until the final build is done though.
- Seems like the jam covered skull is here to stay, that's disappointing.

I'd like to suggest something that's probably too late, but how about ramp exit's like Mousin' Around? Where basically the ball doesn't slow down at all at the exit, it would make this fast paced game even faster. No clue why this isn't used more often.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with what I see, but not enough to go all in yet.

#6047 6 years ago
Quoted from corvair61:

I really think his camera's exposure settings affected the appearance of the PF. It was noticeable as soon as Kevin shows us the front of the cab (couldn't see the artwork, coindoor or shooter button). Im sure the GI lighting issues were thought out. Anyone who saw it in person, please chime in.

I see what you are saying, but I doubt it. The plastics themselves color looked washed out in the video, I doubt that was due to camera exposure, although perhaps the harshness of the lighting that wasn't covered by plastics was. Also the center of the playfield is completely unlit, no way it isn't dark.

#6079 6 years ago
Quoted from dannunz:

Were are the flashers?

Holy shit, how did I completely miss this. Good point. No flashers?

#6080 6 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

After watching a few more times I have a couple more questions:
1) What is the ball return after the claw? In the video it looks like it sort of just casually spills back onto the table.
2) I think I have to side with the folks asking about lighting. The playfield actually looks a lot better/more cohesive with cabinet than I had feared post expo, but it definitely looks dark. Anything more happening there with spots?
3) Are there going to be plastics covering up the ultra mega bright whites on the guides by the flippers?

For #3, I assumed it was just missing the plastics for the ball guides near the flippers, much like there are still black plastics for the slings. If that is indeed the final look for the ball guides, I will be shocked/disappointing.

#6124 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

The covers look terrible. The video says we're increasing the overall depth of the ramps to 1.25", so those certainly won't be there when the game is done.

rai, we apparently like our games to play very similarly. "Bounceback" at the end of a ramp drives me nuts, and too slow of a return from them really is a buzz kill. We have found a good way to completely eliminate both of these issues, and it is actually pretty simple to implement, so I will be able to make the change to this unit and show that in action pretty shortly here.

Please tell me you are going with the Mousin' Around style ramp exits! That'd be F'in sweet. If you've never played one before (I'm sure you have) the ball literally has no slow down upon exit, always throws people off for at least a ball or two with how fast it is. I agree, the bounceback from many ramp exits is annoying as shit, completely ruins the fabled "flow" everyone always talks about.

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#6126 6 years ago

Oh, and I'd vote for a mix of both colored and clear inserts (wherever appropriate). That way we get the best of both worlds!

#6130 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Mousin' Around is one of my favorite games from that era. I've always thought I would be able to find one for cheap over the years, as we used to have like eight of them on our route back in the day, but here it is in 2013 and I still don't have one. For shame
At any rate, those ramp exits are pretty similar to what we have planned for ours. The big difference is that the exits will be at the beginning of the return lane, not so low down by the flippers. Gotta stock them Hunts!

That's awesome. I definitely didn't mean to suggest placing them where Mousin' Around does, just simply the design of the ramp itself. You guys really do seem to know what you are doing, and I have faith that the end product is going to be fantastic. I'm glad you guys are so open to feedback, because I know what it can be like with your nose to the grindstone, it's easy to completely miss something obvious just because you are so close to the project. I think the one thing that helps you guys tremendously is that you are players first, designers second, so you are designing with the player in mind the entire time.

#6132 6 years ago

Yeah, I really think a mix is the best option. As they are, it's just a bit plain looking. Anyway, I found the poll and voted.

#6155 6 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

This is a great point and why I keep going back and forth on the inserts. With the code being open source, you can almost be guaranteed someone will rewrite code to enable the RGB LED's for the inserts (and if not, you can still put in colored bulbs/LEDS to give correct color). Plus, the only reason for colored inserts is to make the pin look pretty when it's not turned on.

Pretty sure you'd have to completely re-wire and re-write the lamp matrix to be able to do that.

#6157 6 years ago

How do you bolt on a new wiring harness? That sounds like a nightmare to me.

#6159 6 years ago
Quoted from gstellenberg:

With modern driver boards, like our PDB and PD-LED boards (which drives LEDs, including RGBs), there is no longer a single 'wiring harness'. The PD-LED board, for instance, has 7 headers, each of which drive 12 LEDs (or 4 RGB LEDs). Presumably an upgrade kit would come with the point-to-point cables that connect the PD-LED to the LEDs, and it wouldn't be terribly difficult to install.
Whether or not Skit-B adds the code to take advantage of RGBs or open-sources the code and allows you to do it is up to them.
- Gerry

Sweet, thanks for correcting me. I still don't think it's reasonable to make all the inserts clear just for the off chance of someone doing all this work for color changing inserts.

#6202 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Actually what would be awesome IMHO is if the inserts in the forearm computer were inverted, so print dark on them to match the art around, with the text part left clear to light up. That's what the movie's computer looked like, dark squares with red alien writing lit up on them.

Hell yeah. Make it so!

1 week later
#6256 6 years ago

Was a decision made on the insert colors?

3 weeks later
#6386 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

JM is like this, too, and is kind of the aesthetic we were shooting for, but it simply caused too many problems and required too many band-aid fixes to keep working without redesigning a lot of the angles and such. Deeper ramps are just "safer."

Wait, so does that mean we aren't getting the redesigned ball exits for the ramps to prevent bounceback?

#6406 6 years ago

I like the idea of a small magnet in his head, just so there is a subtle swing when the ball passes under it. It doesn't make sense for the skinned body to be flopping all over the place, that just sounds stupid.

1 week later
#6443 5 years ago
Quoted from DrStarkweather:

See! I told you guys colored inserts would look bomb!

Hell yeah, never had any doubts.

3 weeks later
#6793 5 years ago

Hey Kevin, how about telling us what genre #2 is based off of (or tell us if it's not a movie/show)?

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