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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#14 7 years ago

The machine coming to Chicago, will it be a finished playfield or have anything on it?

2 weeks later
#438 7 years ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

I'm on facebook. You guys missed a pretty amazing update.

is someone going to tell us what it is?

#613 7 years ago

Predator and WOZLE...I also set funds aside for the next pin from each..

#642 7 years ago

Would this not be a bad ass topper?


1 week later
#866 7 years ago

No email..#114 aff69c3@yahoo.com

#1051 7 years ago

Where is this plaque going to be fastened?

#1073 7 years ago

Sergeant Mac Eliot: [whispering] I see you!

Blain: I ain't got time to bleed.

Dutch: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Blain: Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here.

Hey Kevin!!!! It would be so cool if each machine had a sound clip of the saying you want if it is from the movie and it played each time you launched the ball..or maybe just the first ball of a game..or even better maybe 15 or 20 clips that would call out at random when you launch...how hard would it be to do??

#1150 7 years ago

I want to drive down and pick it up too...

#1215 7 years ago

Looks very sweet... Is this going to be a dark game as far as lighting goes? I love playing with the lights off and AC/DC Premium is sweet for playing in a dark room...how will Predator be for that?

#1282 7 years ago

I can't remember which game i saw clear green ramps on but i think that would look cool on Predator..

4 weeks later
#1803 6 years ago
Quoted from Kcpinballfan:

I was thinking the skull is a shooter rod handle but I can't remember if it has a plunger or just a button.

Please no button. Please any God that your pray to, let it not be a button.

#1814 6 years ago

There is something more satisfying for me pulling back a plunger than hitting a button. Plunger seems like a part of pinball, buttons don't. Either way it will be awesome.

#1828 6 years ago

To the SkitB team. Happy New Year. Hope you guys party your azz off tonight. And thanks in advance for what will be a most awesome pin!! Can't wait to drive down and pick it up and meet all of you.

3 months later
#3059 6 years ago

PLease tell me there will be a chopper toy in this game with spinning rotor blades. If not someone make one as a mod.

#3316 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

If I were to offer my humble opinion, that would be to push the art more into the realistic world, make this game look like an R-rated pin, just as the movie is r-rated.

I agree 100%.

#3459 6 years ago

Change the colour of Predator's hand holding the skull. Maybe something of a darker shade. Looks wrong the colour it is now.

#3462 6 years ago

the left side of his shoulder when looking at PF looks too small. Also looks to me like right side and left side are trying to show him at differenr angles if that makes any sense.

#3487 6 years ago

I think maybe his right shoulder needs to be sloped on more of a downward angle. Right now it is almost out at a right angle then comes straight down. If you look at the pic from the movie, it slopes down right from his trap.

It starts at the top by his neck and is just one big curve down, not out then down.

#3608 6 years ago
Quoted from frolic:

Is there much left to reveal? I know we have yet to see the completed prototype machine.
-Cabinet and backglass artwork? The art has been the same since their earliest prototype.
-Any more toys? Interactive ones?
They expect to go to production in a few months, so I'm thinking we've seen pretty much all the pieces at this point. If this is incorrect, maybe skit-b can let us know there is more to come.

I want more info on the UV part of the PF. Will the whole game go dark except for the UV lights? What is going to be painted to be seen under the UV lights? etc, etc...

#3662 6 years ago
Quoted from shootar:

I don't want to sound like a queer or nothing, but i think a unicorn multiball would be kick ass!

I have a few gays friends, and I have never heard them say that. So i think you are safe from sounding gay.

1 week later
#3860 6 years ago

Ya I don't see how this is a payment plan or helps anyone get any pins in the interim. As i sit here typing this i do not have to send anymore cash until they are ready to start making my pin. If i choose any of these options i need to send more cash right now to get a T-shirt or a poster.

I would pay you guys in full right now if you could get Arnie's signature though.

3 months later
#5230 6 years ago

If level 4 included an "extra" translite that was signed, I would be inclined to pay up.

1 month later
#5403 6 years ago

Can someone post a link to the site. I am googling them but can't find anything.

3 weeks later
#5518 6 years ago

Topper of some sort?

1 week later
#5569 6 years ago

I'm thinking some sort of bracket screwed to top of pin with hook. That bad boy over the hook and standing straight up on top of the pin?

#5573 6 years ago
Quoted from Nibbles:

Could also just be a hook for painting.

Ahhhhh damn. You are probably right.

#5669 6 years ago

.I wonder what's going on top of the hanging body to cover the metal?

#5673 6 years ago

I love it except for that white skull. man the blood just looks like gobs of strawberry jam or something to me.

#5777 6 years ago

First mod : a chopper somewhere
Second mod: hut pop bumpers

Who is gonna make them?

#5803 6 years ago

I was always 100% in, but now I am wavering. What is going on here? A few pics, no video, has anyone played the game? No one reporting on game play. WTF??

#5907 6 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Best of all, I can simply flip the power switch and the game is up an running in seconds all by itself with no PC tower or laptop to mess with.

Please post some video of this one. Nothing came out of Expo video wise so it would be nice to see something positive.

#5991 6 years ago

So there was nothing that showed up only under the UV lighting? No drawing in UV reactive paint?

#6039 6 years ago

Any idea how dark it needs to be in the room to see the UV reactive stuff? If you are playing this in a lit room or during the day, will you be able to see it still?

#6211 6 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

I'm looking forward to playing Predator #3.Adriano

Im sure there are a few of us here in T.O. that are looking forward to playing #3 too long before we get ours.LOL

#6212 6 years ago
Quoted from Drano:

A hurry-up with countdown to detonation and Arnie yelling that famous line at the start would be pretty damn cool.
I can hear the Predator laughing in the background

YES!!!! Please have that laugh somewhere in the game.

2 months later
#6731 5 years ago

It would be cool if the game number and quotes we choose are on the same plaque.

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