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New Predator Info Thread

By SkitBPinball

7 years ago

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#34 7 years ago
Quoted from Prkchpsndwiches:

Just got my 1st pin ever in the house last week (JP). Can't wait for #2 to get here! Really wish I could make it out to Expo.

Looks like we are going to have basically the same collection. (The Twin Win and TAF listed on mine are at my parents' house.) I'm already decorated for JP, now just going to add some big palm-like plants around the two.

Super excited!

#67 7 years ago

Man I wish I could see these videos at work. You people are killing me.


#204 7 years ago
Quoted from navajas:

can someone tell me the utility/appeal of a shaker motor? When / how does it come on? With the knocker? With multiball? Is it just like a big 360 rumble thingie for your pinball machine?

I have JP, and the shaker comes on during certain modes, such as Stampede (pretty constant shaking) and Feed T-Rex (pulses quicker as the timer counts down as if the t-rex is stomping closer and closer.) It also does it during the tri-ball multiball, and I think during the 6-ball multiball Chaos. I think the Feed T-Rex shaker is super cool, and can't imagine playing it without it now.

#221 7 years ago



EDIT: You know, apparently I've never seen this guy without his mask on, or didn't pay much attention. I kinda feel like I need to put a CENSORED bar across him...

#225 7 years ago
Quoted from playboywillis:

Haha you still haven't watched 2 have you.

Yes, I finally did a few weeks ago. Admittedly I might have fallen asleep a few times since it made no sense at the end, but I posted a review and alternative ending (Predator dance-off) on the other thread.

I'm glad the machine is going to be at so many expos. Now please consider the Southern Pinball Festival in Nov since that's the only one I'm going to be able to make.

#229 7 years ago

Pretty darn sure they are going in order of when you signed up. They were letting people pick numbers significant to them and/or randomly assigning at the end, but it doesn't have anything to do with how they will come off the assembly line.
Rumor also has been that if someone backs out of a number it just won't be produced, but I'm sure by time everyone at the expos see it that they'll be completely sold out and probably with a waiting list so that isn't even an issue.

#279 7 years ago

We started a roll call on the last thread when we got bored, but then we switched over here and forgot about it.

Not to steal Ted's thunder, but I'll do a thread/spreadsheet if everyone wants to play along. I'm bored today and now I'm curious.

#285 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Nice job Blondy. It looks like a good portion are going to Pinside.

Just updated on the other thread, but after going through the original 31 page post we are at 34% of machines sold going to Pinsiders. We are at 85 right now.

#350 7 years ago

I absolutely approve. Now we just need more tidbits and pics for us poor people still at work and not at expo. Pretty pretty please?

#360 7 years ago

Possible reasons for edit:

1. They are going to leave them whiteboards and have everything done in hidden ink that shows up under blacklight. Then when people come over and look at it weird, you say "Just wait..." and fire up the blacklights.

2. We now have to wear Predator-style masks and use Predator-Vision (TM) to play.

3. Freaking lazers come out of the side and make 3D playfield art.

#362 7 years ago

It was 3 shots from the same artist, one of the pics appeared in the other big thread awhile back that everyone liked at the time. Does anyone remember the artist name on them?

#365 7 years ago

Yup, Google image search "steve goad predator" and that will give you an idea.

#374 7 years ago

We want more! We want more!

(Looking good though.)

#420 7 years ago

Watched the FB video and literally said out loud "Hey, I know that dude!" Very cool that they came to play.

Husband is watching football, which I could care less about, so I am upstairs with my popcorn and Predator Bluray. Just about to start it. Have only seen it once and realized I don't know all the guys names, so watching harder this time around.

We may already know this but I forgot... what kind of shooter is on the machine? I either don't know or can't remember if it is a regular shooter, gun, button, etc. Just wondering for 'womancave' pre-planning.

#439 7 years ago

I see no new FB updates. Other than pics of people paying it, the video with Sharpe playing it, and a pic of what looks like a yummy Chicago-style pizza.

#460 7 years ago

No, we haven't officially heard. I'm hoping to hear that they are sold out. Per my list on the owners thread, we are at 113 Pinsiders right now.

#505 7 years ago

I think constructive criticism would be appreciated actually. But having a cap-lock Touretts episode about something that was obviously done for time's sake and will not be permanent does kinda sound like a troll jumping up and down on a soapbox.

Sorry you had a bad experience though. I would like to get my hands on one to see it for myself, so you are already one step ahead of me. And if you don't like it, then you've just saved yourself $5K. Congrats.

#507 7 years ago
Quoted from rommy:

Looks like a current member with alternate account

There seem to be a lot more 'split personality' new names lately.

#571 7 years ago

Don't you love when you have money saved up for a pin, then stupid things start to happen? Like tires needing replaced, the starter in your car going out, your dishwasher literally melting everything inside it and trying to burn down your house...

I'd love a production order number or estimate. I know I'm further down the list, but that just means there's more time for more crap to happen. image.jpg

#588 7 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

I'd certainly like to see more about Circe! So far it looks great!

Circe is temporarily dead and replaced by Full Throttle, motorcycle theme.


Predator related: No, I am not signed up for anything else. This is probably my one and only NIB. I am also not allowed to look at CL, eBay, or anything for sale until then so that I can save up for Predator instead. I'm hoping to see a WOZ in Orlando, but the only way I'm going to get near one is if I can convince my parents to buy it. I'm working on it...

1 week later
#640 7 years ago
Quoted from MagicMako:

Is the red thing

It was said somewhere, I believe, that it may be what is going to show up in the UV light.

#650 7 years ago

He he.

(Note to self- never Google "woman eating a banana" at work or in public.)


#685 7 years ago

Wait... Does this mean now I need to watch Big Lebowski too?
(I know, I know. I would lose my man card if I had one.)

#818 7 years ago

If you can make it to SPF, please be there on Friday. I would love you bunches.

#842 7 years ago

Not yet. I keep hitting refresh though.

#859 7 years ago

Still no email.

#881 7 years ago

Maybe it doesn't mean anything, but looks like everyone over #100 didn't get their email, but those with lower numbers did. I've checked spam/junk filters and nothing still. #207

#970 7 years ago

Gave up on my email getting here, but just checked into the resort for vacation and we are right down from the convention center for IAAPA and SPF. Hoping to see a truck roll by decked out in Predator-related things...

#1024 7 years ago

I vote for the cool biohazard-proof version as long as it seems to work well in testing.

1 week later
#1108 7 years ago

I got my first email 4 times, and know I am further down the list of production line #s. Guess I will have to go back to Orlando and play Oldpinguy's machine now that he knows I really do exist.

#1195 7 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Hi Blondtall,
Here are changes I have read about. Would be great to see an updated list. hint hint
#2 gambit3113 Dallas, TX
#13 gambit switched with ??
#30 jeffspinballpalace Atlanta, GA
#121 T-800 Minesota
#143 denmark71 CA
#178 simon London, UK
#182 ed ciani north smithfield ri
#200 bigduke6 Oak Lawn, IL

My laptop fried and the backup list is on my work computer, so I will do an update on Monday.

1 week later
#1348 7 years ago

So now that you've got the account set up, it is time to start asking for deposits on game #2?

1 week later
#1491 7 years ago

I never got that email either, but deposit is in. Did anyone actually get that in an email form or was it just discussed and talked about on here but never went out? I checked all spam folders too just in case and don't see it.

#1517 7 years ago

I would also like a pony, but think this one would work better.


#1551 7 years ago

Yup, I didn't start the pony thing, I just said if we are putting on ponies it needs to be a Predator pony and put up a pic.

For some reason, the My Little Ponies are a big thing right now. Teenagers and boys even call them My Little Bronies (bro ponies). I don't really get it, but there's fan fiction, websites, and if you do a wrong search you'll find some very very very disturbing S&M/fetish/morbid stories that some people have written for some odd reason. Like loren said, JohnnyO was just being funny asking for a pony (a 'la brat children screaming "I want a pony!") after all the requests for stuff added to the machine. I was continuing the brat request with a Predator pony, because sadly ponies are so popular that you can find lots of modded ones in just about any theme.

#1605 7 years ago

Pinballdad... I understand your point. It would be nice if they would acknowledge everyone's whining and give us a timeline or estimated something. I'm not demanding it or asking for it, because I know they've got to be working hard on it. Honestly they may not be able to do so at this time and don't want to get in a "____will be ready in __ weeks" mode then have to retract when things get delayed, a 'la JJP. I think they'd rather be able to show us big chunks at a time, but we're all starving for any morsel. Though I learned my lesson in patience when I waited more than a month to hear back on whether I was on the list or not.

I think they took it to the tournament to get some real-life testing on it to see how it held up with the new ramps and whatever else they've done to it. To me that makes more sense than just taking it to show it off... but if it was mine I'd be showing it off everywhere I could too. Everyone is getting antsy and wanting info or something, and then when they check in after a ton of new posts and no new updates they start getting itchy and pissy and then the bickering begins. So everyone just chill out and play nice, and let's hope there's a Predator Festivus Miracle around the corner for us.

EDIT: I do expect my pony by Christmas though. I'm #2 in line for one right after Jonnyo!

#1628 7 years ago

Here. Y'all stop fighting and stare at some Predator boobs. (Aw, you think I am nice. )

image.jpg image.jpg

#1671 7 years ago

Sigh. It always reverts back to the bewbs with you guys. Not complaining, I just dont get the fascination.

1 week later
#1773 7 years ago

I'm sitting here pondering whether a pinball would fit in those eye sockets...

#1787 7 years ago

(See prototype skull pic above.)

At least I think it's a toy, since they said everything would be interactive. That's why I was wondering about eyesockets holding balls.

#1808 7 years ago

Yay button. So much easier to get through the doorway into my house.

#1815 7 years ago

I've got JP and RFM at my house, and to me it's weird when I go to play my mom's TAF because I'm not used to a plunger and it just seems awkward. Even the throw-switch on her Frankenstein doesn't feel as weird as TAF. I guess it's what you get used to.

Skull as a possible wireform stop... I like it.

1 week later
#2080 7 years ago

Come on guys, we all know that the next pin is My Little Pony. I'm seriously going to be upset if I don't get a pony in my goodie bag.

#2088 7 years ago

Quote: Where you been, lately? All is well?

I have been ok. Dealing with possessed fridges and sick/hurt dogs, but otherwise good.

You know, if Predator goes to Miami, I-75 runs right through Chattanooga. I have a spare bedroom and there is actually a strip club in town. Just sayin'.

#2114 7 years ago

(Sssshhhh.... we're not allowed to talk on here now.)

#2160 7 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

On behalf of Blondie, thanks for sneaking the Pony easter egg in!

What?!? I missed my pony? Dang, have to go rewatch the video now.

#2184 7 years ago

Dear Skit B-

I appreciate all the answers to questions, the honest replies about issues, and listening to our feedback. And while responding to feedback is great, please don't let all our opinions, want lists, and gripes change you from making the pin that YOU want to make. No pinball machine is ever going to make 100% of the people happy, especially when you've got 250 people drooling over just getting it. Listen to viable concerns, and otherwise do what YOU envision for the machine. You've already gone above and beyond what Stern and JJP have done as far as pleasing their customers, and with you getting down to the 'much-closer-to-finished' version, I believe you need to do your thing your way. If the main dissonance the collective owner group currently has is what sound it makes for a jackpot, I think you are light-years ahead of other companies in customer satisfaction.

Sincerely yours-

Blondie, #207


#2195 7 years ago

Jonnyo, I'm not saying I'm a horse-thief or anything, but I do own a saddle, spurs, lasso, and a cowgirl hat... and I know how to use them.

Seriously though, was there really a pony in that video??

#2199 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

Not that I'm aware of. Maybe next video

Yay! Although it looks like I am going to have to mud wrestle jonnyo for it.

#2211 7 years ago

Yeah, I'd be really happy if my Predator came with some extra JP plastics...

#2212 7 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Watch out for Blondie! jonnyo......shes good with the Rope and will kick your A$$!
and thats just playing Pinball!
(Sorry about the Pony Joke, but Kevin might add an easter egg Pony for yah)

It's all good, Art, I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss it. I was a LOST fan so normally I catch all the hidden stuff in shows/videos, just making sure I wasn't losing my touch.

Oh, I had to offer up a pic to prove that I'm indeed a human female on another thread, and told them you could verify if need be. While looking for pics I did find one that looks sorta cowgirl-ish, so I thought I'd share it. (Wow, even in sepia tone I am glow-in-the-dark white.) image.jpg

#2218 7 years ago
Quoted from SkitBPinball:

To derail this thread a little further, some of you had expressed some interest in the venue we regularly patronize here in Michigan, and they finally have a list on their website of the pins available (which is actually slightly outdated already this weekend).


Holy crap! There is no way I'm ever going to see most of those machines in person, much less 'pimped out' and in mint condition. The closest I've gotten is Pinball Arcade, and I can barely see the AFM on my phone screen as it is. Maybe I need to consider a drive to pick up my game and go visit this place. I don't know how you get anything done with all those pins available to you, much less build another from scratch.

#2230 7 years ago

Skit-B: Some Kids In The Basement. A few people refer to them as the Skip Boys, and every time I mentally see the guys skipping around in the Tweedle Dum outfit from the promo video we got the time before last. Please make this happen in the next video too.

#2234 7 years ago

Yes, I am an irrational female. I want skipping ponies now.

(Of course I'm kidding. You guys crack me up, and are doing a fantastic job. Thanks for playing along.)

#2237 7 years ago

We are on page 2 people. PAGE 2! The ponies are bumping this back to page 1.


#2250 7 years ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

What do I do, I'm number 13?

You get it and play the heck out of it, you guinea pig.

#2270 6 years ago

Dead hanging bodies have never looked prettier.

3 weeks later
#2415 6 years ago

Half? I thought the Pinball3000 was up to about $150K now. And no mention of a pony, so I am immediately out.

#2446 6 years ago

That pony has a nice butt.

I've already done a motion for new thread and/or sub forum topic with new info so that we don't have to keep just adding onto this one, but it got lost somewhere. Or maybe someone said 'neigh' and nixed the idea.

#2449 6 years ago

Nope, between my laptop dying and actually having to do work while at work, I haven't been on here as much. Will go check it out now.

1 week later
#2571 6 years ago

All they've asked for is one little deposit (refundable I might add) of $250 to hold your place in line because so many other people are clammoring to even be on the wait list. I considered that $250 money well spent to hold my place in line and help them get some needed cash to purchase some things they need to make the pin great. (So much better than demanding thousands on a machine that isn't coming out for a couple years and nobody has seen anything but one side of cabinet artwork.)

#2581 6 years ago

There are 250 being produced, and when we did a count last time there were a good 113 Pinsiders on the list. I know it has changed quite a bit so I gave up trying to keep it accurate. Sometime last October/November is when they were considered "sold out" with all 250 being claimed, then the $250 deposit came along to confirm a spot (and help raise a little $ for a few things they needed) because there were so many people that got in late and wanted a shot. At one point it was also confirmed that there were 40+ people on the wait list. I have no idea of current stats/numbers.

Edit to reply to Corvair since we posted at the same time:
Licensing rights state no more than 250 will be produced.

#2629 6 years ago

Yup, those added to the list last will get their machines later, everyone just moves up when a slot opens up. Machine #s have nothing to do with manufacturing run numbers. Which means my 158th or so in line maybe just got moved way up. Better start saving up faster.

#2638 6 years ago

OK Kevin, since the latest greatest thing is to be excited over a box, I've come up with a few inspiration pictures for the Predator/SkitB box. Just trying to be helpful. Either of these would be great, except of course with a Predator pic instead of the dino.

crate.jpg crate2.jpg dinocrate.jpg

#2654 6 years ago

Good to see Jonnyo is keeping the pony dream alive.

#2656 6 years ago

I thought I warned people about searching too hard for My Little Pony stuff awhile back. I had to invest in eyeball bleach after accidentally discovering pony fetishes, r/clop, and even Dr Whooves (pony Dr Who which exists for no apparent reason.) I mean, I basically sell sex toys as a side job and this stuff shocked me.

#2663 6 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

I mean, I basically sell sex toys as a side job

Um, no. Ewwww. Yuck.

I am a certified relationship counselor. Think sex ed or sex therapy, not sex shop.

Anywhoo... Did the other "new new info thread" magically disappear and/or get deleted? I guess it became a dumping ground for more pics and random comments and hopefully a new new new thread will start up in April.

#2666 6 years ago

Thats the thread in question, Ted. I saw it, then it was magically gone.

#2671 6 years ago
Quoted from bangerjay:

Sorry Blondetall, all this talk about your box and then the sex toys, can't blame me for putting 2 + 2 together.

You boys and your dirty minds. Lol.

1 week later
#2766 6 years ago

Thanks for the special mention there kvan99.

Anxiously awaiting the April update. Still defending SkitB on the side as needed.

#2783 6 years ago

"New New New Predator Info Thread"

I wonder how beneficial it would be to have them with a locked thread that only they can update? I mean, I love chatting with them and the interaction, but I know it gets tiresome looking for info in 56 pages of 'boredom filler.'

1 week later
#2905 6 years ago

And Duck Hunt made it too! Someone get lots of pics and video for us stuck at work many states away.

#2955 6 years ago

And here I am stupidly thinking there is going to be an update, and all I find is tit discussion. Sigh... men.

#2959 6 years ago

I don't mind the discussion, I just wanted to see some Predator pics. If I wanted to see tits, I'd just look down. I'm rocking about 7 inches of cleavage today, which is even distracting my gay boss.
They just aren't as exciting when you have your own. But yes, they are useful in certain situations. Playing pinball is not one of them. And now we're back on topic...

#2985 6 years ago

I'd say Frolic's chick is about a C cup, with some help from her Miracle Bra. I'm quite a few letters down the alphabet from that. I did post a pic way back when, hidden somewhere in this very thread, but with 60 pages good luck finding it.

Glad TigerLaw is also goofing off on Pinside while at work.

Ted... I don't think you ever leave Pinside.

Funny how tits and cleavage get mentioned and suddenly there's 20 posts in the hour I wasn't on here.

#2989 6 years ago

(Glad to see that oopsallberrys had 30 minutes to kill to look for a picture.) lol

#3005 6 years ago

So, on the drive home somehow I became the topic of interest on the Predator thread. Weird.

#3008 6 years ago

Y'all just keep it nice because my husband is on here too. Hi hubby!

#3011 6 years ago

Kevin! Where are those pics?!? Lol

Oh, about the 'bigger boat' comment. Yes, D doesnt come close. Your bra educational moment for the day is that each inch out is another letter. AA is flat, A is 1 inch, D is 4 inches, etc.

(This educational moment has been brought to you by the letter H, for "Damn, these make my back HURT!")

Ok, thats enough fun for one day. I have to go cook dinner, throw a birthday party for my dog, and play pinball. Someone yell if we get Predator info.

#3019 6 years ago

I am looking at the SkitB FB page and see nothing. Help?

#3047 6 years ago

Hey Art... If you get yours before the week of October 14th, think we maybe can come play it? We'll be in Orlando again that week for husband's birthday.

#3077 6 years ago
Quoted from MMforever:

sorry I did not see.

Gosh, how dare you miss that in 63 pages. There really should be more Predator artwork available, because I think we've been bored enough to cycle through everything out there at this point.

#3105 6 years ago

Sorry boys, looks like I am banned from breast talk. (Even though you all started it. And I swear I first read that as "dont breast feed guys...") Guess you'll just have to talk about playfield art now.

Yay! Playfield art! I am looking forward to more updates on Saturday. Any chance of a DMD video at some point so we can see a difference? I was concerned about the original patchwork look but assume it is much better now with at least 1 or 2 upgrades since then.

#3144 6 years ago

Wow, this guy is very humble. "My neighbor Slash... " Honey, I think you dropped a name there. "Now, don't everyone start emailing me..." Ok.

Also, that t-rex that he sculpted doesn't look like my t-rex on my machine. And I'd still like to talk to him about Nedry's hand... lol

#3351 6 years ago

Yes, only 250 will be made. All have been claimed since last Oct, and there is a waiting list. Some did move off the waiting list to the "official list" on March 15 when initial deposits were due, but it was less than 10% and there is still a waiting list. Not sure how long it is, but email Kevin a d get on it just in case. You never know what may happen when they ask for money again. (Half when it is your turn, half before delivery.)

#3386 6 years ago

I thought that the point of them being a non-profit company right now was that they aren't actually making any profit on the Predator run, and anything they do make is being put back into the company so they they can grow it. I think this is a "look what we can do, take us seriously" venture and they'll plan to make money on the next game. You've got to prove what you can do, and so far these guys certainly are doing that. Like they said on the video, people are taking notice and/or taking them more seriously now.

#3400 6 years ago

Lighting will be LED but if you prefer it not to be they can put in regular bulbs upon request.

#3408 6 years ago

(I'm out of space and money, and keep looking anyway. I believe that I may have just increased the collection again today. Thanks pin-crazy parents!)

So with the video saying they have a faciltiy to make them now, does that mean that they'll be able to produce more faster? I think it was originally like 10/2 weeks, so just trying to guestimate time also.

#3419 6 years ago

Dear Santa...

I'd like a new multimeter, a big bag of LED lights, a pony, and Predator #207.


#3461 6 years ago

QUOTE: In Blondetall's goodie-bag


#3518 6 years ago

Oh, I see how it is. Half-naked chicks are ok, but you want to put clothes on the muscled-up sweaty men... lol. I do agree that he has a lot of lines on the chest, whereas Arnold usually has 'boobs.' See Ted's flex gif.

(boob talk off)

I love the skull/spine combo. I think you guys are doing an awesome job. And I'm super excited about my pony.

#3525 6 years ago

Y'all are trying to get me in trouble again. I'm not allowed to talk about boobs.

(But seriously, the guys in the pics above have pecs. My friend Jungle Arnold is a solid C cup. There's a difference.)

Chippendales: The Experience: The Pinball

#3537 6 years ago

I can see both sides on the shaker motor. Because on one hand they are cool, especially during "Feed T-Rex" on JP. On the other hand, I have replaced that darn switch for my control room on JP 3 times now, and it still isn't correct. It's right above the shaker, and likes to wiggle loose, or break, or go on strike.

How hard is it to put one in and/or take one out? I may have to get one for my new Spidey and then maybe swap it to Predator just to see what the difference is.

#3588 6 years ago

Thanks for the email. It was nice to wake up to Predator news and see this thread still on the first page, despite the best efforts of everyone talking about Metallica.

#3597 6 years ago

Toy-wise there was also supposed to be a Predator claw diverter.

#3692 6 years ago

(Must behave, must refrain from talking about good vibrations...)

And while I do appreciate the option for a shaker, please don't worry about pre-drilling. I have a drill, I know how to use it.

#3700 6 years ago

Is there going to be any kind of an update on the production order now that we've bumped down and moved around a little? I know it's still likely to change some, but just wondering how much closer I've gotten to the half-way point.

1 week later
#3804 6 years ago

We asked about 'first dibbs' and at first Kevin said he was against it because it sounded like forced marketing (or something along those lines) but if we wanted it, they could probably accomodate and do it. I believe that we all pretty much said we'd at least like first option on game #, same machine # as Predator.

#3839 6 years ago

I think the matching number thing was more for those that care about that, and wasn't set in stone by any means. Heck, they may not even number the next run since to my understanding it will be more than 250. Some of us came in late to the party and were just happy to get any number, but some have their special number and they wanted to possibly be able to get a matching set. Mostly we were asking at the time because we wanted first right of refusal on the second game. To my understanding, and since he hasn't ellaborated on it at this time, we're hopefully getting first right of refusal but the numbers thing will be figured out eventually.

(Also, I re-watched the first 2 seasons of LOST this weekend, so all this talk about the numbers is cracking me up. I feel like I should be chanting "4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42..." or yelling "The numbers are bad!!!!")

1 week later
#4015 6 years ago

I've been quiet because I do like the art and think it is pretty, but I do agree that the playfield and cab aren't cohesive. I like the playfield, I like the cabinet, just both together looks off. I think I liked the playfield art better before it was colored in, because it looked more raw and gritty. Which then makes me wonder what it would look like if the playfield was done just in greyscale and red, then more blue/green/UV highlights in hunt mode.

Anxiously awaiting new videos. And working on my first payment plan today actually. I'm painting my second pinball room/area this weekend and had to go with a pure white so that it didn't clash with my pins and/or decorations for when I get Predator home and properly decorated around.

#4143 6 years ago

Everyone seems to be concerned about the center targets, but I guess between that darn triceratops on JP plus RFM and Spiderman, I'm used to shooting things that cause the ball to go straight down the middle... so bring it on! I'm excited to see possible stacked plastics though, because I think a jungle canopy look would be cool.

#4225 6 years ago

4200 posts and going strong. Of course, we're back in "sit, wait, and post pics/videos to pass the time" mode.

#4239 6 years ago

I dont know who I feel more sorry for... those cows or the poor girl who obviously lost half her skirt in a freak farming accident. I like how unimpressed the horses are with the whole situation.

Seriously though, all these people get to see Predator in person and not one thought to take a video? Was it just that overwhelming or what??

Tiger- I am trying to behave these days now that I have a deputy's badge. Set a good example and all.

#4244 6 years ago

Ted!!! You've got a freaking camera in your avatar pic. (I love how that always gets underlined and linked to the Avatar game every time I type it, lol.) Next time I expect you to do a full 2 hour high def movie. The Playing of Predator: The Movie... written, directed, and starring Ted.

#4256 6 years ago

Not a cop, just a lowly moderator. I got promoted on Monday morning and have been flying under the radar a little bit. So I am a tall, blonde moderator that likes pinball

#4259 6 years ago

Thanks guys!

The cat video is cracking me up.

#4263 6 years ago

No trumpets or uniforms, but i should see if I can incorporate a secret handshake so we at least have something cool going on.

I woke up Monday morning and had an email from Robin asking if I would like to join the team. I said yes, and by the time I got to work, my title had changed to moderator. Kind of exciting to me but really not that great of a story. It took 1 day and 8 hours for anyone to notice, and even now I dont think most know or care. I did close a thread today so that got a little attention. Those who do notice have replied with "congrats?" or "yay?" as if they arent sure if it is a good thing. So far, nobody has told me off or sent me hate mail, so thats good.

#4271 6 years ago

No, I swear I don't know how Whysnow got that ban vote...

#4327 6 years ago

Just check out the pockets on the guys behind him and how they change. Right arm gets bigger and takes over more of the pocket in the background, left arm gets smaller and more camo is visible on the pocket behind it.

#4332 6 years ago

Aurich- Thanks!

It's a little bit hypnotizing.

#4352 6 years ago

I deleted your dupes, Pinballdad.

I couldn't tell too much of a difference on Arnold either, until Aurich made him dance. Now I kinda want to put some music to it and stare at it for a bit.

#4358 6 years ago

Playboy- agreed. I did think it was a little too cartoon-ish at first, compared to what I thought it would be (darker, grittier) after looking at the inked version and the artist's other works, but it's growing on me. I'm not a brand snob by any means, since we've got a wide range in the family collcetion, but I really enjoy the DE games like JP, TFTC, etc. After looking at it, this game sorta has that same style, and I don't think that's a negative. Either way, I'm not going to sit there and stare at the artwork (like I am with the techno the Arnold pic above) or be so depressed about the hand being hidden by a leaf. (I've seen JP and bad hands, leaves are preferable.) I'm just going to play it.

#4367 6 years ago

You know what happens when SkitB gets free time? They make a freaking Duck Hunt pinball machine, for fun, because they can. lol I'm actually waiting for pin #2 to be completely done and ready to go by time the last Predator gets to its home.

#4431 6 years ago

OMG... pony puppies!

Everyone chillax, people are entitled to their opinion. I've been a Skit-B cheerleader for awhile, and even I have some reservations about the artwork and layout. I'm here and on board unless something major happens, but after playing the games I have at home I realize that the games people are comparing this one to (mostly BSD) are ones that I haven't played or didn't like, and that I am not a 'player' to the degree where I can actually make shots on a consistent basis. (I'm getting better, but I'm not even good on my own pins yet.) So I'm wondering how much I am going to enjoy this game if there are just a few things to aim for, being a not-so-great player. Like everyone else, I'm still waiting on the video of the UV features, because I think that's going to be cool if they can pull it off like they want to, and I still really like the computer log-in/tracking system and achievements. I think it's going to be a great game, but yes, the build-up and hype over the last year did create this aura of awesomeness that it may not be able to totally live up to. So, I'm sitting back waiting, seeing how it goes, but still in Skit-B's corner. Plus I really want my goodie bag pony.

#4447 6 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Watch it! Blondetall might be listening....

(I am always listening.)

Also, I neither started the pony jokes or intentionally bring them back up. I just play along. Also, 50 pages ago we had nothing better to talk about while waiting on info. Then when we got info I had to read through about 20 continuous pages of whining about artwork, so I think it evens out somehow.

2 weeks later
#4679 6 years ago

Has the UStream video been pulled? I have tried 5 times now to watch and always got an error, and now can't even find it.

3 weeks later
#4853 6 years ago

Ditto to Whysnow above.

#4878 6 years ago

Hey, I didn't get my t-shirt either now that I think about it.

I'm not too worried. Like others have said, they've only got $250 of my money. I was on full support/defend mode for awhile, but my excitement level has dropped quite a bit lately with no feedback, no updates, and bad reviews from the people who saw it at shows. So either they come back with something awesome and I've got a very cool game eventually, or I put the money towards the one other expensive pin on my wish list and call it done. I've got enough pins to keep me busy for now, but it would be nice to have the excitement back. Hopefully we get a big update soon. Preferably on another new thread since we're coming up on 100 pages now. lol

#4882 6 years ago

Who, me? I just got my NGG (woo hoo!) so the last big one on my wish list is LOTR. Mostly for husband, because I could care less about anything LOTR related, but a long ball time pin would be good. I'd love a few more pins like MM, but $5K for any one pin is basically the limit for me. And I still need a SWE1 kit for my RFM, then I'm done. Because by then I'll be long out of room and money. lol I get attached to my pins as if they're my kids, so it will take awhile before I'm ready to let one go to make the $/room for another, and I figure at that point we'll have 12 between my house and the parents (well, 11.5 if you don't count the P2K as 2 seperate games) and surely to goodness I can stay busy with a dozen games.

But for now I've still got a prime spot waiting on Predator.

#5018 6 years ago

I just agreed that an update would be nice. I have since run out of money and space, so they can take as long as they need, but just an idea of which month/quarter/year it may be ready and/or start to ship to people and a general idea of how far down the list would be good. I know they are busy, I know they haven't run off with my money, and I'm basically putting Predator 'on hold' in my mind for now until there's another update at this point anyway. I've got Martians to kill, gofers to whack, and a T-Rex to feed in the meantime.

Thanks Bangerjay. Good to know that boobs are magical around here. Apparently "nothing is better."

#5041 6 years ago

Sharknado: the pinball machine. Skit B theme #2.

#5062 6 years ago

I just checked my phone to see if I had the email, and the "Personalized Information for Predator" email officially came to me on 11/18/12. I got in line in July 2012 and at the time I was production order # 159 (machine #207.) I am pretty sure that more than 15-20 have dropped out since that time, but that was the last (only?) personalized email with an actual production number listed out on it that I have received.

2 weeks later
#5161 6 years ago

1. You people scare me.

2. Congrats to all the guys moving onto the owner list.

3. Does this mean tons of people are dropping out right now, or just that Kevin is finally getting caught up on emails?

4. I guess this means I'm moving up the production order #, and probably need to start saving up $ faster.

#5168 6 years ago

Well of course I didn't mean a literal ton. But 4 within one day seemed a little weird after none for awhile, hence the "caught up on emails" thought also.

I can't afford to get anything now anyway, much less multiple NIBs, so I'm sitting in the "patiently waiting for an update and my Predator" corner.

#5172 6 years ago

From the looks of it, this thread is about boobs and ponies.

(I am very excited to see if there's actually a pony hiding inside my pinball machine when I get it. Fingers crossed!)

#5174 6 years ago

Ted... go find/watch (if you haven't already) Hollywood Treasures, season 1, episode 4. It's about a million dollar poster. (And episode 2 if you like WOZ.) The main dude Joe is obsessed with Wizard of Oz, and reminds me of Jersey Jack quite a bit. The whole series was interesting, and we got our LOST memorabilia from his company when they did the auction.

Season 1 episode 9 is related to this thread, because they went in the Stan Winston school and auctioned off original screen-used Terminators, Aliens, Predators, JP dinos, and a Tron identity disc.

3 weeks later
#5319 6 years ago

I'm clicking the delete/X button on the Hobbit link, and nothing happens. I'll try again when I'm not using my work IE to see if I can make it work.

#5347 6 years ago

Just going to put this here:


I got a Jungle Patrol Dutch and a Predator, then added a few sales items and used the 20% off code Selfaware. I love sales on top of sales.

1 week later
#5373 6 years ago

Looks like the extra special goody bags are ready...


(Please make sure my pony doesn't get into that. )

1 month later
#5473 6 years ago

Husband and I watched Predators last night. It was much better than Predator 2. At the end they had the original score for Predator playing over the credits, and I was sitting there thinking that if the pin can sound half as good as our home theater, it is going to rock. I mean, I love my Data East machines, but I didn't realize how crappy they sounded until we got Spiderman and NGG, so a brand new Flipper Fidelity system is going to rock my house.

Last year on vacation was when I got most of the Predator info. I'm on vacation next week and of course it's Expo week, so hopefully the news is as exciting this time around too.

#5522 6 years ago
Quoted from sammiesguys:

I thought we already knew where it was going. Doesn't it cover the VUK and then follow it to the ball drop?

Yes, but the one he's holding is way much longer. And he says "to go with" as in "extra."

1 week later
#5652 6 years ago

So I'm having a crappy night and wide awake (the vacation resort we are staying at put us beside a pump station that blasted sirens from 3 AM - 5 AM, yay) after a nice night out with Oldpinguy/Art. I thought I'd check in on the Predator thread since I am up anyway and didn't have time earlier between eating yummy BBQ, LED shopping at Art's office, and playing his very nice pins. I was all excited to see 45 new posts, and then you guys leave me with nothing but ponies and scary boobs.

#5783 6 years ago

Sigh. Really? Still? People... the art is exactly what they wanted and envisioned. See here: http://www.pinballnews.com/shows/expo2013/index.html
"The game they were showing in the hall is, as Kevin described it, their release candidate, built the way they always envisioned it."

Of course they didn't poll everyone and ask them what kind of art they preferred. I have the original owner's list... want to guess how many people have come and gone since we put it together last year? They haven't asked for a full payment, so there's no telling who the actual owners are going to be. Why should they make it for anyone other than themselves? They showed us the art, and we all nit-picked it like crazy. They fixed a few things, even something that Kevin himself loved got changed, and we still whined. So they went silent and did it the way they wanted. I don't recall Stern or JJP ever taking a poll to ask people exactly what they liked. They present a product, and you either buy it or you don't. Heck, Star Trek's sales would look a lot different right now if they'd made the slick white/chrome LE version everyone was begging for.

As evidenced in just the last 2 pages of posts above, they are not going to please everyone. There is no way to poll 250 people (who can all still easily jump ship at any time, by the way) and get a consensus. It is what it is. There have been no major changes, and there will be no big huge major changes. We've seen it being played with actual gameplay and modes, the latest pictures are posted with most of the plastics and toys shown, and only tweaks here and there will be done before being finished. Yes, the UV has to be fixed and seen, but if you don't like the toys, artwork, layout, target count, trim color, etc... a UV coating probably isn't going to completely change your mind one way or the other. Yes, it was very disappointing that it didn't work properly and correctly as a near-finished product at Expo. But Predator is what it is: love it or hate it, but don't expect it to change just because you want it to. There are plenty of other choices out there, and as evidenced by the P-ROC line-up, you can always make your own machine from scratch exactly how you like it.

Me? I'm still in as long as my pony is in the goody bag.

1 week later
#6171 6 years ago

Half the fun of a new pin is finding new useless junk, I mean cool mods, for it... at least for me. I have never had a NIB before, but since I'm not the most proficient pinball owner yet and just know how to clean and change bulbs and do minor maintenance, I always like finding target decals, protectors, new LEDs, toppers, etc for mine. Heck, half the fun of having Jurassic Park was adding the dinos and getting posters for the wall.

I already have my Predator toppers wrapped up for Christmas with a "from Santa" tag on them. I'm ready. Let's mod this sucker.

2 weeks later
#6328 6 years ago

Ok, unless Skit-B is now making Rocky Horror (believe me, I wish they would)... stop teasing me!

I agree that a bouncing dead guy a 'la the AFM/RFM martians would be annoying. I turned my RFM ones off because they are loud and distracting, and I can't see the need for skinned dead swinging guy (I'm going to call mine Joe) to bounce around like that.

#6335 6 years ago
Quoted from jonnyo:

His name is Jim Hopper. They were green berets from Fort Bragg. (I watched the movie the other night

His name is Robert Paulson... // Error: Image 154390 not found //pimage-314.jpg

Oh wait, wrong movie again. (Note to self: make a Fight Club pin someday.)

Fine, I will call him Jim. I need to rewatch the movie yet again before my pin comes. I watched the new version and it was pretty good. I would rather stab myself in the thigh than watch Predator 2 again.

And him jiggling with one pulse hit would work, kinda like Green Goblin I guess. Let's just not make Jim wiggle on a stick like he's being electrocuted.

1 month later
1 week later
#6584 6 years ago

I wrapped and forgot about my toppers until we opened them at Christmas. Now I just need the machine for them to go on. I got the Predator and the Jungle Patrol Dutch since it looks like it came straight off the playfield. If I can find my childhood My Little Ponys for an alternate topper and I'm all set.


#6599 6 years ago

So, it sounds like we're all going to mod the hell out of it with bloody body parts to the point that we have to cover it with a sheet when small children come over. Neato.

Next Christmas prediction...
Mom: So, what do you want for Christmas?
Me: Oh, just a couple of bloody skulls and spines to hang off Predator...
(And a pony.)

#6612 6 years ago

Frankenstein is pretty gory on the DMD. Match is the monster ripping the chick's heart out of her chest, and the big multi-ball mode is her setting herself on fire and burning to death. (Re-death?)

1 week later
#6668 6 years ago
Quoted from Perspex:

Is there a good chance of growing more chest hair playing this game?

I certainly hope not.

#6672 6 years ago

Yes, it would have to be "grow some hair" and not "grow more" for me... lol. Either way... eww, no.

Actual question:
I think it's got a Fidelity speaker system now, and I've heard the sound system is great, but would there be any need to hook a sub to it? Just asking because I'm trying to figure out if I want Predator to have its own spot, or share the primo location with Spiderman and therefore share the powered sub there. Either I've got to move a 300000 pound Stargate or a NGG, and just trying to figure out my decorating areas and what to hook to what sub.

#6784 6 years ago

Ferris Bueller with attract mode playing the Oh Yeah song would be awesome.

As long as we're giving requests, I'd like a Rocky Horror, and husband would like a SuckerPunch. If we ever hit the lottery, I'm hiring out Skit-B to make those happen.

Since there's so much speculation and Kevin's been answering lately... at what point would the second title information be released? I'm not talking a specific date or anything, more of a general progression of things. I know we're supposed to have first dibbs, and I assume that you want Predator done and shipping before you even think about it, but are you going to wait until after all the Predators are shipped or will be know before?

#6822 6 years ago

Make sure if you watch SuckerPunch that you watch the extended version. The theater version stupidly cut out a crucial scene at the end and therefore most people dont 'get it' and think it is a bad movie. It is an awesome movie!

#6826 6 years ago
Quoted from Toasterdog:

I wouldn't say it's a bad movie, actually very entertaining. Extremely hard to believe might be a better description.

Ah yes, I so often believe everything I see in movies...

(Most reviews that I've seen of it still don't 'get' that 90% of the movie happens in the blink of an eye and that it is actually 2 rabbit holes deep. But SPOILERS so everyone just go watch it. Hot chicks with guns and dragons is never truly a bad thing.)

#6854 6 years ago

(Shut up husband. You cannot have West Wing. I already said Suckerpunch for you. Half-naked chicks... yes. Politics... no.)

#6859 6 years ago
Quoted from SPeD66:

The obvious question here is... why does hubby have 7 games listed while wifey has 10?

Because he counts in-home pins only, and I count the 3 at my parents' house since I maintain them, helped pick them out/obtain them, and they have my name beside them in the family will.

And I third the video request. We want videos! (Insert pom poms and cheerleader dance here.)

#6863 6 years ago

I think his political ban and my marital slamming ban cancel each other out. Besides, you've met him, you know I've got to keep him in line somehow.

On topic: I originally made the first owners list and had locations on it, but of course that has changed over many many times since then. Once we get a more finalized buyers/owners list, I'm curious to see where these things end up. I still believe that I'm the only one in TN with one, and wondering how close by the next one will be. I was going to suggest we make a map, then realized that it would be so much simpler if we just all add it to our collections (once we get it of course) and can see everything on the Pinside map.

1 week later
#6897 5 years ago

I'm pretty sure they said they've already got the license for pins 2 and 3 at this point, so surely to goodness Predator is locked in.

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