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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Pinball Machine LED lights Mod Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

2 years ago

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#494 2 years ago

Placed my order for Batman 66LE. Great communication from Scott and a super looking product. You sir are going to be busy for a long time. Bravo on a great product design and offering!!

2 weeks later
#635 2 years ago

My Batman 66 is Anxiously waiting in order line for this amazing upgrade....... Holly-Awesome, show me the light!!

#674 2 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Yes and thank you for your order, your RZ is going to really love the new lighting and effects. It did wonders on mine as I think it was one of the darker games I ever owned. Charlie saw the befor and afters and loved it

HEY, less typing and more fabricating! LOL We want your toys and my Batman 66 needs Something to make it more exciting since gameplay is not there. Just joking on this, appreciate the updates.

1 week later
#760 1 year ago

To Brighten the software mood Temporarily I thought I would interject some an Awesome light of joy to the Batman dialog. I purchased the Pin Stadium light kit available from Scott and all I can say is WOW! Looks incredible on Batman 66 and the installation was Incredibly easy!! I ordered my kit (a few weeks ago) and Scott was kind enough to hand carry it to Expo so I could get my light on so to speak asap. So without further a due.... Below a few Before and after pics but I Assure you the result is Far better in person. I have never played this game in a lights out room before today. The beautiful color and art of this machine come Alive (more so than the software.....). Note that my color tones, mount point, and brightness are to My liking. With his incredible easy app its as simple as moving your finger to get the color, balance, everything, easy-peasy! I included photos of where I believe the connections and flasher connection work best for me but that is also a personal choice. I feel the results look Great. I connected the simple kit per his step by step instruction and made my preferred GI connection along the right side of the playfield (as shown) for simple secure access. The Flasher to me of best choice was the pop bumper area center bulb. Give a Cool lighting effect and the strobe is nice yet Not strobing while the ball is in the lower play area which would be for me a nuisance. I stripped a Very slim amount of the Stern heat shrink tubing to expose the connection and clamped away. I will make a permanent solder connection later when I feel 100% certain in my position decision. For now it is Beyond what I expected and the service, support, quality, and effect is priceless. (well not priceless, but worth the cost!!) Let me know if there are any questions and Highly recommend to all for all games!!!!!
The Mod Couple

IMG_9509 (resized).jpg

IMG_9512 (resized).jpg

IMG_9504 (resized).jpg

IMG_9506 (resized).jpg

IMG_9496 (resized).jpg

IMG_9494 (resized).jpg

#764 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Hey thank you so much for your order and also you putting such a great post up with your feedback for others to hear too. It was really nice to meet you at the show too!! It's exciting to hear how much you love the results on your Batman 66. It is surely a dark game but not any longer.

So true, If I wanted a Dark Night I would have ordered one! Your awesome kit brought new life as well as vivid colors out like never before. I should have noted I did go with the UV Flash and for Batman 66 it's a must do choice. Loving it, need to decide on the Next game to Pin Illuminate!

#829 1 year ago

Maybe just a personal observation positive about this product but I find that With the Pin Stadium setup I have Significantly less glare off the glass from lighting and the DMD. A huge plus as the only other solution is a $200-$300 piece of magic type glass. Not saying this will eliminate the glass upgrade but for me the results were Incredible and basically cost less than a piece of glass for my cat to crawl on. lol

#834 1 year ago
Quoted from docquest:

There is another very low cost solution to reduce glare besides the magic glass. I've used it inthe past and it works great. Its called "bent plastic'". You can get it at pinball life for $7.95.
Reducing glare is a great side effect of the pin stadium lights. Im looking forward to installing mine this weekend. Yelobird, what color setting did you use on your Batman66 ?

Thanks for the tip. I seen the bent plastic on a few games at Expo and while functional they seemed odd looking installed. Kind of a catch all for dust so to speak. (my wife does't dust!) As for the Batman color, its actually Incredibly easy to play with the coloring with a single finger. I ended up going more on the Orange and brighter scale as I thought it highlighted the art best. This however is Totally a person choice setting and luckily changed with a phone instead of breaking open the game. If you want my Exact settings as shown in my photos previous I would gladly send you a screen capture of my color settings. Best of luck!!

#848 1 year ago
Quoted from venom112:

Sorry if this has been asked but I am looking at purchasing these but would
Like to know if there is a good installation video if someone could post a link?

Takes no time to install even with butter fingers like mine. Follow the instructions and its Virtually fool proof! Good Luck!

#863 1 year ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

After looking at them again I thought my pics could possibly be construed as misleading because the "off" picture was taken when the GI was dimmed in attract mode so I shot a couple new ones in-game. It's still a massive difference and this is with the brightness turned down to about 20% but these are a little more accurate for game play conditions. Please ignore the cables being strung haphazardly towards the back, I'm still lifting the PF often trying different GI and flasher hook-ups so I haven't been cleanly routing the cables each time. This kit is going back in WOZ soon anyway and PM will have to wait for a new set I'm ordering for it.

Wow! Thats what I would call a Magic transformation! Looks great!

1 week later
#903 1 year ago
Quoted from Vdrums:

I posted some pics with my TAF in another thread, but I'll post them here. It's a bit difficult to account for exposure differences, and they are only iPhone6 shots. I've noticed a lot of "pinstadium off" shots look extremely dark, morso than in person so I tried to expose the off shot to look closer to what the eye actually sees. Also notice how much of the DMD and back glass reflection is gone with the lights on!!! This may eliminate the need for invisiglass, but perhaps the combination would be even better.
I'm Very happy with the Pinstadium. What I'd like to see if possible is : on the app's stored custom presets, add the white brightness level. Currently it only saves the color levels.
Also I wonder if there is any way to alter the flash levels? I find them a bit intense. Perhaps on the next version? I have my flashers attached to the left lighting bolt.
I guess I could always add some neutral density material to cover the flashers?

Dam that looks awesome!! I always loved Adams but in our basement arcade with no lights or windows the kids and wife didn't enjoy it cause they couldn't see the playfield of shots they needed to hit. Yours looks incredible with that lighting setup! Need to show and tell these to mama to see if I might be placing another order. lol. Is that the UV setup and what color range is that shown? Like it thanks for sharing (and spending more of my money..)

1 week later
#942 1 year ago
Quoted from Pin_-_K:

Anyone having a problem getting a reply from Scott?
Placed an order shortly after these were announced, got an order # confirmation April 16, nothing on my CC EVER & no reply from Scott via multiple PM's & emails to info@pinstadium.com.
Not quite sure what to think as most folks are digging these & our RZSSI really needs a set !?!?
Anyone else having contact issues?
Scott, if you don't want to honor the initial discount or it's something else please PM me.

Ok first off this does not even seem possible? Scott is almost insane about replying within hours if not Minutes of request/support??? You might want to try Scott@pinstadium.com as that is the only email I have ever seen him use. Trust me he would never let you slide this long unless you got mixed in the shuffle accidentally.

#956 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Yes you are in the next shipment (the one for your TZ) waxx . You will be getting a tracking number very soon. Thank you for your order and we are getting over the "Chicago Expo" order hump as we speak. It was an insane amount of orders but also production is revving high to match it. Thank you all for you patience and I would strongly suggest ordering now sooner than later especially with the holidays coming up.

Darn, I wanted to be the first (ish) TZ user! lol While not enjoyable because we want our fun Now, I appreciate knowing that Scott is taking his time to make Every order perfect and supporting Everyone along the way. A long line to me means an awesome high demand product. Worth the wait for me!

#959 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

When the line gets longer I make it a goal to increase efficiency even further so keep the orders coming. I welcome the challenge of making these for you guys and it's a blast to hear the response from everyone once they get them installed. Today was a significant day as a customer just received shipment notification for the Pin Stadium she ordered it for a gift just recently and then within minutes of receiving the tracking info she placed yet another order for his Christmas gift. He is a lucky man and going to be a happy camper this holiday season!
These would make great stocking stuffers. One tube will hold 3 Pin Stadiums and it will fit in a stocking.
This might be a good thing to ask for Christmas since sometimes an entire pinball machine may be out of the question. You could always program the app to play Christmas light patterns and you can use the your pinball machine as the tree?
Okay well maybe this is not realistic but it's fun and possible with the Pin Stadium app

Bravo. Please let that be my tube your showing! lol My babies need light! Great product, keep up the amazing work!

1 week later
#1002 1 year ago

What? A Black Friday sale you say Scott? lol sorry had to try........lol

#1036 1 year ago

Too cool, my TZ is going to look like that some day...... lol Need me some awesome lights! My wife hates holding the flashlight while we play! Especially during Power Ball!

#1039 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Here are some pics compliments of Trent from http://www.tiltamusements.com for the pictures GOTG Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro) Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium/LE)
Trent set up two GOTG machines next to each other to properly demonstrate the dramatic difference. Also captured is a before and after moment with the UV+Glow in action (triggered from the orb flasher) and this is not a mockup of what the UV+Glow looks like this is an actual live picture unedited!
zmeny kevinbuffalo

Is it possible that Bottom Left most picture the On-Off is reversed? The one on the Left looks like the PS view?

2 months later
#1430 1 year ago

As always Scotts marvelous toys bent my arm again. Soon I will actually get to See the Dark Side of Star Wars instead of just using the force and prayer to find the ball! Especially in that light saber mode! Love this game, I hope to love it even more when my wife and I can see it! lol

#1479 1 year ago
Quoted from AckerApple:

I put PinStadium lights on location at the Pinball Museum in Delray Beach Florida.
They were put on a Wizard of Oz 1.0 that had many complaints of being too dark to play.
I filmed the highlights of the install and posted a YouTube video of my review.
Have a look at my PinStadium YouTube review:
» YouTube video
The support from PinStadium was top notch. I got support via email, phone, and text messages!

Off topic but Holly Frick that place is Cool!!! Bravo to you!!! I have always been curious to ask.... With a diverse setup like this what would you say the ratio is with walk in's gravitating towards the New technology pins vs the older historic titles? 90%-10%? So cool to see places like this out there to restore the next generations of interest in this amazing hobby And keep adding advancements like Pin Lights to draw them closer. Amazing. Must check this out some day soon.

#1509 1 year ago
Quoted from dannylite:

It's simple, if you take care of you machines they'll reward you.

And Trust me if you don't play them for extended periods and ignore them Every dam bulb and switch will go out to teach you a lesson next time you decide to play! I swear they have personalities!

With that said, I received my AWESOME new PinStadium set On time today like a wonderful candy-cane of happiness! While I can watch videos again or search aimlessly where do the Star Wars (premium if that matters) owners hook up their flasher on this game?? Need some heavy explosions of astroid smashing wow. Please share your tips!!! Thanks again Scott, a gentleman and a scholar of cool toys. WOZ RR is coming Sunday, may need to ring your bell again soon...

#1521 1 year ago

OK you win again! Take my dam money Scott!! Woz is in house and Awesome but as my wife so politely put it "it's awful dark, why can't it look like all the other games?" Order placed Again. Make Ruby shine like a jewel please! Thank you.

#1529 1 year ago

Loving this game so we Had to give it the Total overhaul! Today was the big day! New Pinstadium lights, LE side rail Illuminated EL panels and rails, new lock down bar, Stern playfield decal blade thanks to a Great Pinsider deal from #Groo, installed our Custom Speaker illumination kit, Custom lockdown bar Death Star mod, our custom Satellite spot lamps all around, a nice grouping of Star Wars ships off Amazon for flair, and of coarse Titan clear rubbers all around. This game plays like lightning and Looks awesome for us now! To celebrate granted it was my wife that did it, she actually destroyed the Death Star (2) times in one evening?? Haven't seen it once since new! Of coarse she will hold that over my head for awhile I'm sure....... Dam this game is fast! If anyone is thinking of doing the Pin Stadiums on Star Wars DO IT! Just makes a great game Awesome. Plus, (maybe not a great thing) Scott is shipping products as fast as I can order them! lol Ordered my WOZRR set yesterday and they are already in route!

The Mod Couple

IMG_0454 (resized).jpg

IMG_0455 (resized).jpg

IMG_0456 (resized).jpg

#1531 1 year ago

OK, I will now put Scott on the spot publicly with a Request! Would you Please consider adding a replacement magnetic strip set option to your online ordering page. In my example I am going to put them on WOZ the minute they arrive (tomorrow) but I Know in due time I will find a set of Blades I actually like and will be forced to tear off the existing Pin Stadium magnet strips. I can't be the Only pinball guy that changes his mind daily?? Just a consideration for us modders/tinkerers as well as Long term product growth. I see Pin Stadium lights being around for a Long time!

#1534 1 year ago

Your the man Scott sorry I did not see that! I should have known you would already be on the ball to support your clients in the future! Thanks as Always!

#1536 1 year ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Very impressive!

Side note funny #Zmeny. The WOZ next to it I picked up from an Awesome Pinsider this week in SO IL. He was telling me the story of his NIB Tron he sold to a cool fellow in So IN. I said, are you talking about the man himself from SDTM? Yep, thats the guy! So was there a Popeye in the box or was he an honest seller! lol Small world we live in!

#1576 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I am glad that you are enjoying the new Ghost Cables and this is a great example of the comparison of the improved version.
Also here is a big announcement for the improvement of Pin Stadiums and for it's customers in many ways. Going forward all kits will be universal for all pinball machines due to our "Universal Power" adapter. The same great features and effects as you would expect with the following benefits:
1. Even faster and easier install
2. Unlimited compatibility
3. Frees up power from your pinball boards.
4. Easy transfer if you sell or trade a machine
Our new power adapter simply plugs safely into the service port of your machine and the Pin Stadiums turn on and off with the machine as they should thanks to the smart logic of the GI module. Even better, it is included free at no additional charge with every order!
Also any previous Pin Stadiums that you have already purchased are also compatible with this and we offer a "Transfer" package that will let you make the transfer (comes with power adapter and an extra set of Magna-Mounts) to another pinball or convert your existing to "Universal Power" by ordering that adapter.
Thank you again for all of the suggestions from our customers and as always we listen to your needs and requests. It is important to note I am always working around the original and current Pin Stadium design so that when features or accessories are added they will be compatible with you current product. So there is never a reason to wait as the goal is to make things backward compatible with forward thinking progression!
Pin Stadium

Great forward thinking direction and product improvement! While most companies would stay the proprietary per game route to insure product sales growth you opted for the Customer benefit universal route. Bravo. Says a lot about your company and more so to the supporters that have made your product a focal of their games. While pinball collectors/owners would like to Never let a title go sometimes interest/finances or realistate forces a new direction. Knowing that your product can move across all titles And brands instills confidence in the buying decision. I have a GB I always thought would look great with your kit though I strongly feared GB was not showing staying power in my collection. Knowing I can take that gamble and quickly move them to Houdini or JJP POTC makes the decision much less concerning. Great improvement Scott thanks!

1 week later
#1668 1 year ago

I must be missing it but when I visit the site I only see the stadium lights in the shop? I see no option to buy the new shields or universal power supply options? Am I on the wrong page as usual?

#1679 1 year ago

Crazy wish but I have always hoped the pin stadium lights could mirror the RGB light changing effects of the modern titles like JJP etc. Having them go blue during a light saber mode in SW or red during a WOZ witch mode. Priceless. Well almost... lol

#1691 1 year ago

Come on guys! Stop showing so much Demand for the Invisi-Shield as it appears he hasn't established pricing yet! Sheesh, lol. There is no interest Scott, I would sell them cheap! lolol

#1693 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

5 bucks or riot! Lol

Now your talking! Lets help Scott work on pricing so he can focus on creating new products! Team work!!! Love it.

#1697 1 year ago
Quoted from VividPsychosis:

Congrats on all your success Scott!
Best mod in Pinball

Don't bother Scott, he's at home polishing his trophy! Kidding aside, many will continue to copy his effort but NONE will provide the quality and commitment Scott puts into every product and client. You meet all kinds of people in the pinball hobby, Scott is truly Good People and I consider him a friend. (unless he's late with my order......: )

#1707 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Special Announcement Coming Soon!

My Guess is its something to further Lighten my Wallet!

1 week later
#1782 1 year ago
Quoted from robotron:

just installed mine. great customer service. very good people!

Looks awesome what a sexy game. I so love CV. That game truly would look awesome with the power off granted the PS lights let you see how Amazing they did the art on that game. Congrats.

#1797 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Yes excellent idea and this is planned and I’m launching the new site this week with a better interface and shopping cart too.
Soon I will put out a link for Pin Stadiums customers to be able to fill out a quick form to upload video footage, before and after pics, and also to list their preferred connections too. I will then aggregate this data in a very easy to use format and build this into the new version of the Pin Stadium app I am building too.
Thanks for the great suggestion and it will be in the works shortly. The goal is to make this experience even better and when someone gets a new Pin Stadium for their game they can have this information available and if not they can upload their information to all of us to share along with their notes and comments.
One of the functions in the 2.0 version of the app I am planning on building is a new feature that lets you share your settings inside of it and others can rank their opinion (1-5 star rating)of it and download those settings into their Pin Stadium set up directly. Among many other things. The current version of the app was just a start. So heads up!!!
Pin Stadium

Scott, you have my permission to use all of the PS photos I already uploaded to this thread of hundreds of PS installs. Hate to hunt for them again personally. I would guess the content of this thread alone would fill 2 websites?

#1803 1 year ago

Scott. Site looks amazing though not surprised as your a perfectionist. Few suggestions.

1 The video at bottom of home page is not linking up though it could be a lack of Safari support?
2 The image gallery would be Much more useful especially as you add titles if you added a game type description (caption). Some buyers may not know every game title with a glance.
3 Still don't love the Buy page regarding finding products? You go to the products page and all you basically see is one product for PS Lights. Not until you scroll to the bottom do you see the Other items you sell listed as a "You may be interested in these"? Why not an additional layer like a store. The scroll to the items of interest, open, then add to cart. Rinse and repeat. This layered layout may prove beneficial as your product line expands. Just a thought.

1 week later
#1836 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I put together some new footage of Lord of the Rings (LOTR) with the GI Module and the UV+Glow flasher being triggered by Balrog. Check this out!
» YouTube video

Looks Pressssious!

#1858 1 year ago

Drinking early today....Conspiracy theory----What if all of Scotts awesome commitment to support and kick ass products was simply a Grand scheme to get the world to install his beautiful lights, network all the lighting through his app, then BAM he takes over ALL of our machines in a global take over making them all locked on Hot Pink with a continuous morse code flashing Zidware bitches! Got Cha! lololol Sorry been a long day so my mind was wandering. Time to go play so Well lit pinball thanks to Scott and Pin Stadium!

3 weeks later
#1968 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I have a set of Pinstadiums coming in for my RRWOZ. Will I love it?

Probably the best game I added them to. WOZ Really needs the lighting assist and it Really lets you see how beautiful the art is on that machine. Hands down my favorite game for added lighting.

2 weeks later
#2076 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Recently bought a game with pinstadiums and as I expected, for these older ones (AFM) - they look really good. UV option on it - very impressed. Question though is I want to install mirror blades but the base magnet covers a part of the side wall.
How do you install mirrors properly AND use pinstadium lights?

In my case to install both you simply use the mirror blade as the magnet surface. You don’t need the additional strip magnet for install.

1 week later
#2138 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Also some other things I have in Top Secret areas of the factory that I am creating.
Pin Stadium
» YouTube video

If its a Magic light wand to help me play better count me in for 10! The great but sad thing about Pinstadium lights is now I can See how badly I play! Before I could always blame it on lack of light. lol Keep the creative juices flowing.

#2140 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

It's an auto-spritzer integration for your new line of perfume!

Works for me! Now I can see and Smell myself play badly! lol

#2193 1 year ago

There is a belt of lights in the mini lower Playfield

#2198 1 year ago

Not sure its defused but definitely looks filtered and clearer.

#2202 1 year ago

In the first picture Scott is playing in a red dress, high heels, and an LED belt with gold leaf. Winner!

2 months later
#2534 1 year ago
Quoted from Oneangrymo:

Ok placed my order for Alien with all the fixings, including the invisi shield
I just need to know where to connect the uv glow thingy.. to the xenomoprh when I get it.

Curious to see how these are mounted to the glass with Invisishields. Hoping you can share a few pics.

1 week later
#2561 1 year ago

As this thread is 50 pages in call me lazy... Is there or has anyone come up with a method of installing the magnet strip without using the adhesive? Have an LE DP on order but can't get past glueing the magnetic strips to the factory side art blades. Curious what others have done or come up with.

All thumbs up for #SDTM no questions. Great guys and a show that takes pinball serious but not To serious. Wish them many long years of success!

#2564 1 year ago
Quoted from LTG:

Staples or nails.
Maybe below the side art before putting the side art on ?
LTG : )

The LE machines come with factory side art installed. And No I'm not going to hammer roofing nails through it! lol

#2567 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

When I put them on my machines with art and or mirror blade combos and go to take them off it does not tear them if you are careful. I pull from one end (flipper end) and lift them towards the center of the machine keeping the Magna-Mount tight the whole time. The key it to pull out towards the center of the playfield (not towards you) and it works like a champ. That is without any heat, if you use a hair dryer it will come off like butter even better. I hope it helps to make you feel better about it as I have done it on over 50 or more machines successfully.

Thanks Scott thats all I was looking for. I assumed some assist with cold spray or other but just tough to devalue the LE only available art should I ever decide to transfer them. Hard to describe but I was thinking if I put slits on 1" increments on the adhesive (magnet) paper backing and removed every other or third it would stick but not as much... Or possibly only use an 1/8" of the adhesive area strip and leave paper on the rest. Guess we'll see just wanted to see what others have done. Like Batman 66 I think the comic colors of Deadpool will explode with Pinstadium lights!

2 weeks later
#2642 1 year ago

As a vote of complete confidence in every effort Scott makes I would like to call dibos on sending him deposit money now on whatever this creation is sight unseen as a first user. Deadpool LE would be my toy of choice worthy of Scott’s amazing commitment to quality and honest support to the community. Let me know and the money is in route.

#2649 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

[quoted image]
Pin Stadium are currently in stock and shipping “Same Day”!!

Stop working on art slides and make with the belts already! Lol. Expo is right around the corner and I better see more than a poster hanging in your booth! Lololol

#2651 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

And the sweet innocent King yelobird steps up and speaks for his countrymen I am multi-tasking, promise.

No king here just a friendly thread bump to see those belts. Need me some new toys.

#2672 1 year ago

The way you hyped this it Better all but cure cancer! lol Hoping they are out and available for Expo.

#2676 1 year ago

Graphic illuminated strips to dress up the top side of the Pin Stadium black angle rails for 100 Alex.

#2686 1 year ago

I will only guess that the key to this design revolves around these elements of the image. Color change adjustable spot lamps, "L" corner color change brackets, and some sort of center color change illumination key that lights the center stage. Possibly all in an apron assembly mount. Final answer Alex...

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.19.27 PM (resized).pngScreen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.19.35 PM (resized).pngScreen Shot 2018-09-04 at 11.19.42 PM (resized).png
2 weeks later
#2775 1 year ago

I must have missed the description. Watched the entire cartoon yet I still have no idea what is being sold? Is there another video I missed. A picture, how to, or just a simple description without robots of what is for sale. Interested yet confused......

#2777 1 year ago
Quoted from DudeRegular:

The vid could certainly be more descriptive. My take is it replaces flashers with the new app controlled modules. I could be way off though.

Or it could be a robot and astroids that fly around your room while you play? lol I am more confused After the release on everything but the price which will need Way detail but I suspect I missed some key Non spiel-burg marketing description...

#2791 1 year ago

Less robot video animation or text just a few images of what is for sale and what Needs to be purchased total for this thing (s) to work. That was a marketing mind melt of massive proportion lol.

#2795 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Haha! Yes, I am doing my very best to make sure that it is all covered and explained, past the videos which highlight the features.

Appreciated though you are still describing something that is common knowledge to you yet we still have no clue. Explaining what buttons do is jumping way ahead as we still don't know What buttons your talking about?? Are they in the coin door, under the machine, invisible, or other. Best to start with what it IS then go to how to use it and set it up. (Pictures, actual price as Delt31 has requested) would really help us basic pin guys understand what your selling. I look forward to the 101 sales pitch. Thanks.

#2818 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I do have some footage I am putting together from what was in the video and will be filming much more too! I remember your RZ and what the Pin Stadiums did for it last year, so cool!! Yes this is really going to step that machine over the top. Here is the video in case you didn't see it, and the footage is around 1:50 in:

Sorry Scott but PLEASE stop using this video as a product endorsement as it explains Nothing. In stead of trying to Describe every detail can you simply go into your pinball room and take a few simple pictures or a video of this working??? Seems like that would be easier and more understandable. I would shelf the promo video though honestly as it is more of a Post sale promotion than in Introduction video. Just no value. Tease us with actual product pictures easy-Pese. I Promise nobody will criticize you for a simple home brew non edited no robot production video. lol

#2821 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

We all know that it is just me at the Pin Stadium factory (house) working and I am just like everyone else for sure. I will get all of the questions answered and work to demonstrate the features etc in a simple to understand example. That's what this needs, keep it simple agreed!!

Your the man Scott no worries. I have no doubt your product like everything you do is amazing we simply need a simpler basic understanding of what you are selling. I am Sure it will be awesome don't over think it! KISS as they say.

#2858 1 year ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I look forward to hearing your impression of them. Please post it up here when they arrive as we would all love to hear from you! Sounds like you have quite the collection over there.

So are we waiting for these paying customers to display what this product is and how it works or is that something you still plan to do? This is a most unusual unveil so far. lol Seems like everything for the unveil promotion was planned except the actual product unveil itself lol. Pictures Pretty Please!! We are talking some serious cash here so I would prefer to make an educated decision.

#2911 1 year ago

Ok as I’m being lazy today and don’t feel like searching... I’m installing PS lights on Deadpool LE today what is the preferred flasher tap so far? Need to give that Playfield some Boom!

#2918 1 year ago

Will cracking this guitar pick code show us a short video of what the product does? Lol I know we are waiting till Thursday for the product demonstration...

#2955 1 year ago
Quoted from Dantesmark:

Its amazing how Scott handles the real trolls in this thread. He answers back politely and with a calmness that you dont often see when haters start to hate. Some people throwing so much negativity in his direction for designing and perfecting undoubtebly the best universal mod for their pins.
I mean really?
Bravo to you Scott! Keep up the great work... and try to get some sleep will ya?

Must agree. Scott follows the kill them with kindness route. You can’t please everyone but some just Need to let everyone know how they feel for some reason. As if Scott was a psychiatrist lol.

#3003 1 year ago

Is there a reason you feel this needs a formal video presentation and wait yet another week to show it? For me a simple non Speilburg 30 second iPhone video of you playing your game would all but take care of it at least for now. We are simple pinball folks you know.... Seems like the reveal is taking longer then then the build up to reveal for some reason?

#3007 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Yeah feel free to blame me for not seeing it yet. I messed up and double booked my schedule.

Dam you Chuck! Way to kill the momentum! Lol. Be watching your stream no matter what.

1 week later
#3105 1 year ago
Quoted from vex:

I bought the pin stadiums and have a problem with the wifi disconnecting after a game or two constantly. I bought a wifi extender for the room to get a better reception but it still disconnects randomly even with a strong signal.
What am i doing wrong or do i have a faulty unit? I want to buy them for more machines but not until this is figured out! Frustrating that a premium product that works great for a short time and looks amazing then fails after a few minutes. Any help would be great.
Also pin stadium lights versus orion belt, whats the difference?

Email or contact Scott directly and as always he will jump on giving you a hand. No worries you will be pleased when you get them going. Just finished my PinStadium install on Deadpool LE today and it looks amazing!!

#3109 1 year ago

Disclaimer, I am NOT a photographer! Deadpool LE install complete and very pleased with the results on this title. Definitely makes your Booms Boom lol. Can't stop playing this game lately. Wifey and I are enjoying it and now it pops like comic book art should. Thanks PS! Mod Couple Approved!

IMG_1029 (resized).jpgIMG_1031 (resized).jpg
#3111 1 year ago

Scott. You get a LOT of grief from every direction that I am sure would break down the average person but you stay the coarse. And you Should! No your product is not needed for every game but some (Like DP) your product truly transforms game play. I suspect (myself honestly included) much of your resistance is due partially to jealousy. To find a Universal Mod for Any machine is technically the holly grail of a product. You not only found that but you successfully created it, marketed it (a bit much at times), supported it, and continue to improve it. Thats the perfect formula for success and I wish you much success sincerely!! Not a paid endorsement but games my wife and I like we soon Love because your product improves our experience. Can't find complaint with that? Do I wish I created such a product? Every day! lol You keep doing what you do and Know that you are doing something that people appreciate and enjoy!

#3113 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

You and I generally agree but I have to break here. From my perspective, the resistance Scott gets here is not based on jealously at all. Speaking for myself, Scott represents what makes this country the best place in the world - creating something, working hard and making money off of it. His product margin is insane but I love that bc it should inspire the next person to do the same. He also provided excellent customer service which is the icing on the cake.
The resistance or negative comments comes from the guerilla advertising and other folks that so clearly have a stake in his products. I'll leave it there but I always tell Scott let his product speak for itself and true customers like myself to back up and address nonsense from individuals that comment without experiencing it. I think that type of support helps him more than the "buy it now before it sells out".

Agree 100% hence my subtle (a bit much marketing) hint. I was more saying "I" am jealous he found such a great product nitch. There are no margins if your product is only marketing so yes I agree he could let the product sell itself at times. He's ramped up and excited about what he does which can't really be a bad thing. Could I do with a few less Decepticon marketing fliers? Yes! lol Scott like his products need to be experienced to fully appreciate. I actually would commend him on his recent minimizing of gorilla marketing. Get to the product point and we will understand. We are after all just simple pinball folk!

1 week later
#3148 1 year ago

Pretty please can you bring some stadium awnings (shields?) to the show. Looking to get 4-5 sets if you would be so kind. Thanks and travel safe.

#3163 12 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Has anyone installed their Pinstadiums on top of Power Blades yet? We want both for Dialed In and Iron Maiden, but are worried we won't be able to lift the playfield properly.

As all games are different and no 2 cabinets are exactly the same the best way to determine if this will be an issue is to simply find a 1/16” shim or say 3-4 business cards stacked and slide them along both sides of the power blade and Playfield. If they clear you will have no issue. Better yet masking tape said shims to both sides and lift the Playfield at multiple points to verify. Low cost verification. I suspect you will be fine but it would be ill advised to tell you that your game is the same build as others. Good luck

#3166 12 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Ok, so 3-4 business cards for the power blades, what about the width of the pinstadiums? I haven't bought them since they slimmed the magnet strips.

Sorry I assumed you Had the power blades already. Yes I would add another 2-3 for those if your estimating the total thickness. The ones I have (awesome by the way) are fairly thin not anything like a mirror blade. As #KingBW stated I would strongly agree the PS lights will more than likely wash out the effect of the power blades. Electroluminescent lighting (power blades) needs fairly dim light areas for full effect. Spot lighting over them would cancel the effect for the most part. JMO.

#3210 11 months ago

Great display of premium games and as always Scott is always there to share his excitement of the hobby and support any way he can. You really put on a great display and we appreciated seeing your amazing New product live. Best to you and your progress to put pinball in a new light! Travel safe and know that your product and support are appreciated.

#3215 11 months ago
Quoted from Marvin:

after seeing those at expo they are worse than they are in the pictures. Seizure inducingly bright and annoyingly spotty glare/reflections on the playfields. People using these must be blind and don't actually play.

True I don't play well but you may have been the one that was blind or in the wrong booth? The presentation and product were well displayed and while not for everyone Clearly many of us enjoy and appreciate Seeing the game we are playing. There were many products/games at the show I didn't see of value but this was not one of them.

1 week later
#3280 11 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

There are a lot of updates being made to the website and currently just finished the additional sections of instructions to make them even clearer and easier to understand. This one shows the proper mounting of the cable clamps for the Phantom Cables. Generally the highest point to on the backboard is best in most cases where this is no obstruction and about a 1'4"-1'2" from the edge to make sure it clears the playfield track when raised. If you use this image as a reference you should be golden!
Pin Stadium
[quoted image][quoted image]

Ok this is an Observation not meant as a criticism but most times your illustrations to Simplify are more confusing then the problem? Lol. What in this picture represents 1’ 4” of position? I’m still trying to figure out your last animated robot instruction for the Pinstadium shields. For me, a simple high res non marketing image of the product mounted on a game is the Best/simplest how to you could ask for! Or I could just be completely overlooking the obvious.

#3282 11 months ago
Quoted from elf70:

Unfortunately I have to agree. I can't make heads or tails of this diagram - no idea what I am looking at. Its a clip somewhere stuck to a corner of a piece of wood somewhere? A simple real-world picture would be much more helpful to see the context. This is why I still have not used any of my clip mounts, for any of the Pinstadiums I have. I have no idea where the best place is to use them.

Whew thought I was loosing it. I have an engineering degree but missed the art classes. Consider something more “average Joe” as most people don’t speak PinStadi-art. A simple cabinet image (no robots) with an arrow that says “place here”!

EAD7CCF0-A522-4029-9039-CF08051FCFF5 (resized).jpeg
#3288 11 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Thanks! Sorry there was a typo on that and it is 1/4"-1/2" gap from the top of the playfield backboard. These are a work in progress and just posting them up here as it's part of a flow and video tutorial enhancement walkthroughs that should come together in a much cleaner fashion and along with some clear descriptions too. I welcome the input and appreciate the feedback as always too. Very helpful for sure!

All good Scott you Know we love and appreciate your product. Just know one of the things we love Most is the Simplicity of your product!! KISS as they say. Just keep marketing separate from tutorial instruction. Instructions are for people that understood your marketing so no further flare is needed. Keep lighting the games and we will follow.

#3292 11 months ago

Excellent news! Dot haters of the world rejoice! Let there be even light!

#3302 11 months ago

I suspect when he mentions the shields he means included not integrated with the kit as it would in most cases improve the product result. Seems like even in cases where there are ramp/plastic/toy obstructions the user could trim/cut to fit in those cases around those obstacles. I too think it would be a value added to new kits to include these.

#3308 11 months ago

Glareguard optics.
Stadium defusers
Stadium lenses
Hubble lense

#3310 11 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I mean options and features for the app itself

And I mean the app is fine get to making shades! Lolol. I doubt you will find many customers or potential customers who don’t see this as the Primary upgrade/improvement of all. Build it and they will come!! Lol

Please don’t make me start critiquing that Invisglass whatever marketing image!!

1 week later
#3433 11 months ago

I think we have All asked for removable plugs at one point or another. Can't say how many times I have had these ripped from the machine or bent in half trying to raise the playfield. I almost considered offering a PS upgrade mod myself as its really not all that hard to add. Similar to the link below you could solve this pain for roughly .20 cents I may be doing all mine soon personally.

amazon.com link »

1 week later
#3491 10 months ago

Curious and understand elf70 point though I have not used the Orion setup directly. Depending on the length of the Orion cable would it not be possible to simply install lights and slide the magic button card up through the large hole in the back box and lay it in there or double stick tape it to the box side by the speaker? That way you only need to leave the back glass off for your adjustments and technically you could leave it in there?? Would certainly be more accessible than ripping all those lights down each time. Just a suggestion.

#3520 10 months ago

You ever consider a simple sticker on the card to eliminate questions for owners and future owners. Seems like a simple solution and you do like making image art details. No robots on the decal. Lol.

#3537 10 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

First for all of the Pinstadium fans, I have them on my DI and AS and love them. Here is a different review. I received my newest set and installed them on my WOZ yesterday. Pinstadiums are great for some pins, maybe not for others. During the first game with them, a light board on my playfield went out - I think it was during the UV flash. Related? Maybe, maybe not - never had a board go bad in the 5 years I had it. That aside, before pinstadiums I liked the different light shows and the way the GI would go really dim at times for effect. I put the pinstadiums at low level for color (30%) and White at about 10% to just accent the light to not make it as dark during normal play. The pinstadiums did not turn off as the GI does not turn off (or very rarely does). So the GI option is not really needed in my opinion if you like them on this pin. Even at those low of settings, you do loose some of the lighting effects. The UV flash triggered by the witch flashing LED is just too much. A few seconds of blinding flashes every time the witch goes up and down was not good. Don't get me wrong, I love the short flashes on my DI and AS. If you have the witch red smoke mod, you would likely never see that as the UV flash just floods everything. If there was a way to turn down the flash, it would be better on this pin. Or maybe order it with the red flash to go along with the red smoke mod. Maybe just pinstadiums without the flash option. I like the light shows though, even though the pinstadium "effect" looked good at expo. So for me, it was a good try, but not for me on WOZ. This is not the pinstadium product's fault and I don't blame it. The trigger options are just not that great for this pin.
In the end, after I get a new light board from JJP, I will probably take off the pinstadiums from the WOZ. I might put them on my JJPOTC that hasn't arrived yet. Has anybody removed the magnets from the sides and put them on another pin? Do they still stick?
I'm not intending to bash the pinstadium product, just a review that … maybe it's not for the WOZ if you like the light shows as they are. I know other people do love it on WOZ to brighten it up. Opinions are not wrong … I just felt that I should speak up so that others will know what to expect and maybe help them to decide on options for this pin. I would have tried red flash and no GI triggering option if I knew what I know now. Just my opinion. Did I mention that I love them on DI and AS?

Very fair opinion nothing wrong with that. Regarding the WOZ board going out would you consider sending me a PM to share which board and what actually went out. NOT blaming the PS lights but I installed them on my WOZ and granted don't play the game that often (maybe a dozen times) and the entire lower GI went dead? I started noticing the PS lights flickering more often then playfield out. Just curious which model and boardset you have in your WOZ if you would share that with me to help me decide what to do next. As the boards are known to be weak maybe the additional lights was not a good decision? Again Not blaming the PS lights just wondering if they are to much load on this board set. Thanks.

FYI- Regarding removing them. DO use caution. I posted this previously in another post. The Only time I ever tried to remove PS lights was on my WOZ as I finally found a side art package I liked. While slowly pulling the magnet tape off it pulled off a Lot of the wood (yes wood!) cabinet with it! Good glue? Poor cabinet? Don't know just be Careful and pull Up and Back as you peel or you will end up with wood tape! lol

#3548 10 months ago
Quoted from evh347:

I have PinStadium mods for all of my pins. Just installed on my JJPOTC LE and Scott has been great (as usual) at offering support.
Here's the before and after shots...
[quoted image][quoted image]

Wow that looks awesome. I have been waiting to see someone do this POTC before pulling the trigger. Looks great thanks for the persuasion. Lol

#3553 10 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Beatles before/after...stunning difference. Have the flasher hooked up to the spinning LP in the middle of the PF. Transforms the game.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Ok now thats cool. I didn't expect to see many moded Beatles games. Very nice.

#3560 10 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Will those new thinner magna mounts work for the older, thicker models?

My bet is absolutely. Same product just improved. Scott is always fine tuning for the best possible product and you should have no issue.

#3569 10 months ago
Quoted from Mtg381:

Just received my 2nd batch of OB! It's shaping up to be a Pin Stadium day. I need to install some pinblades on MMR and CFTBL first. What's everyone's preferred method to make that install pain free? Oh and flasher ideas for those games?

Pinblades install recommendation that worked for me.

1 Dry fit to make sure you have clearance to slide in easy and everything lines up.
2 Clean cabinet area well with Alcohol.
3 I use windex personally and works Perfect. Peel and wet back side of decal. Good mist
4 Light mist cabinet (make sure power is off and unplugged)
5 Slide in place carefully with the windex you will have plenty of time to position focusing on the top leading edge and pivot bolt position.
(Always easier if you have a second person to hold one end but not a must)
6 Starting at one end and the top slowly squeegee out the windex and any bubbles using a credit card or equivalent. You may need to raise the playfield to finish the bottom and lower sections just raise carefully.

Not really a tough job as long as you don't rush. Keep plenty of paper towels on hand to wipe the decal and cabinet for run off. Sets in a day and will never come off again. I personally would Not install the Pinstadiums until the decals have had time to set but thats just me.... Good Luck.

#3571 10 months ago
Quoted from Mtg381:

Thank you! I have sprayaway and sparkle handy, I imagine they'll work fine. I guess I won't be doing the Pin Stadiums today unless I decide to brighten up ToM, which could really use it!

Sparkle or your brand of choice is fine. Its just a light lubricant that evaporates slowly on its own that your after. Good Luck.

1 week later
#3588 9 months ago
Quoted from heyitsjoebob:

My Deadpool Pro is finally lit up and looking great!
I want to publicly thank Scott for all of his help. When I was having an issue (potentially self-inflicted), he bent over backwards to make sure I got things working correctly. He let me stop by the Pinstadium factory to pick up what I needed rather than waiting on shipping. When he saw me gawking at one of his pinball machines, he fired it up and let me play a couple of games! In the middle of his day, he stopped to get me straightened out, chatted about pinball and our favorite games while I embarrassed myself with my terrible play. Very cool.
Here are my before and afters. Since there are already several Deadpool's in the thread I took a bit of a different angle to spice things up. On Scott's advice, I keep the main lights a little above 60% so that when the UV flashes, they pop! Loving the look. [quoted image][quoted image]

Just sayin... Neither of those pictures is a good endorsement for the PS lights. lol

1 week later
#3598 9 months ago

Off topic but I can only Imagine what Scotts Christmas tree looked like! lol Decorated with rows of PS awesomeness.

#3601 9 months ago
Quoted from Lonzo:

I did a search on Batman 66 in this thread and only saw one suggestion for the UVglow and that was the center Pop bumper. Just curious since that was a year ago if anyone else has found a better location as I am getting ready to install my new set on BM66

There are other spots but I find the pop flasher still the best option. Cool effect but the flash wow is over when the ball is back in the players area so well balanced. PS on BM66 is a No brainer! Looks Absolutely amazing and one of the best mods I added. (well almost the best....lol) The art on this game just lends perfectly to PS.

1 week later
#3640 9 months ago
Quoted from djsolzs:

I just ordered the Pin Stadium GI, UV+Glow, and shield yesterday. Should I have waited for this product???

Thats a wise question and a lesson in marketing. Do not advertise a lower cost improved and combined product until its ready to ship. Really stifles sales and confuses interests. (more then the robot marketing posters do. lol) JK!!

#3647 9 months ago

Any update on the LED PS defusers? Anxiously waiting on that release.

2 weeks later
#3712 8 months ago
Quoted from rocket_man:

Here's my before and after on my Aerosmith Pro. Huge difference, I can finally see the upper play field.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks awesome and a great title to add them to I did the same. I would suggest fixing that toy box spot light as he needs that last bit of pop to complete the look. Nice work!

#3722 8 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Seeing a lot of BM66 install recently with some incredible results. Many of which have yelobird The Mod Couple products installed in them too. Looking great!!![quoted image]

OK That has got to be your most creative marketing image to date. Had to look twice to notice the antennas on the character next to BM. Priceless love it.

#3725 8 months ago

Not sure why but the art of Franchi just Deserves the PS highlight. So much beautiful art it needs to be seen!!! If we were voting, I would say BM66, Star Wars (Stern), and Deadpool in that order are a home run with the added Pinstadiums. Looks like Munsters (at least the Pro) will be a must have as the infield is scary dark and not in a good way. Premium and LE I still need to see with the center lit up.

2 weeks later
#3772 7 months ago

Ok Scott got to ask. As you are a huge fan of marketing imagery do tell. You must by now have a Pinstadium Tattoo by now......lol

#3789 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Also speaking of which I am working on the Photon Merger designs for the Pin Stadiums and NEW Pin Stadium Fusions so that guys can easily add these onto your existing Pin Stadiums you already own or order them this way. I am taking into consideration the compatibility of them for Fusion, so just a few more adjustments. Stay tuned......
[quoted image]

Just get your busy on and have those ready to Pick Up at TPF Texas show! lol I'll be there with cash in hand.

#3813 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Here are some nice examples of the benefits of the Pin Stadium on Greg @hollywoodbone from SDTM on his Munsters Pro!!
[quoted image][quoted image]

A must have and Bone approved for Munsters. This Will be my first upgrade when Zach delivers my Munsters. I need to see that Franchi beautiful art as it should be seen!! Just incredible!!!

#3815 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Hey if Bone approves it must be good! Definitely agree that’s Franchi is consistently knocking it out of the park with this one once again. @zmeny from
https://www.flipnoutpinball.com/ is highly recommended for sales and for his servicing. Give him a shot and you’ll be glad you did.

You can consider it a "Bone-ified" endorsement. Appreciated but I have supported Flipnout with Larry and now Zach with no intention to ever change. All of the dealers are great I find the honest and responsive business model of Flipnout to be the best in class personally.

1 week later
#3862 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Many have asked about the details for the SDTM/Pin Stadium Fusion stream. It will be located at the new Pin Stadium Factory this coming Sunday March 10th at 6pm. BIG giveaways and prizes!!
The SDTM crew will be giving to some lucky viewers. Watch as Munsters 1313 Mockingbird Lane Limited Edition gets invaded by the new Pin Stadium Fusions and Baby Pin Stadiums on the lower playfield. These drew quite the crowd at the Louisville Arcade show this weekend. Coming join SDTM and see that is possible with Fusion. @chuckwurt will be guiding us on a journey through the machine with the latest code. It's going to be a blast, so be sure not to miss it. Also this special machine is going to have some Stone Cold Coatings armor from @robertstone0407 that may be one of this most impressive works!
What can you win? A set of Pin Stadium Fusions and Pin Stadiums given away at two separate times to 2 lucky winners. Zach and Greg will be active in chat handing out prizes and lots of chuckles. See you all then! Tune in here: https://www.twitch.tv/sdtmpinball
Pin Stadium
[quoted image][quoted image]

Alright. Look forward to seeing this especially the mini stadiums. New Flippen Out Pro coming soon need to see how to play lol.

#3865 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Looking forward to seeing you there on the stream. Now that I have seen Munsters LE, I see that your Grandpa Mod is going to be a must have for folks: https://themodcouplepinball.com/collections/the-munsters-collection
I really like this machine and it shoots like a dream.[quoted image]

Thanks sincerely for the plug very much appreciated. After seeing the Fusion video (you need MORE of these) on the Star Wars I am itching to go there as we really like that game and while the PS lights look good these were Wow! Will some Fusion kits be available at the TPF show or only available for pickup pre-sale?

1 week later
#3919 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Also update on things for TPF. Pin Stadium will be there and we are going to have a killer set up with a wide variety of top notch machines. I originally was not going to be able to make it there and was going to have a few really good customers help to run the booth(and they are going to help also), but looks like I will be there for sure!! See you all at TPF!!

Well thats an interesting turn of events Glad to see your going to make it and hope that only means good things! Look forward to seeing you there.

#3926 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Basically with the birth of Baby Pin Stadiums, along came another baby whom decided to perfectly nestle himself into this world early between the Louisville and TPF show. That's a good boy already
[quoted image]

Sincere congrats Scott!! Makes all the hard work worth it. Wish you both all the best congratulations!!!!

#3931 7 months ago

Spot light options or a Playfield mount system for PS.

#3934 7 months ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Streaming kit. Mounts to the outside of the game. Yes please!

You looking for something like this Chuck? I think I can make something pretty for you!

9BFEA955-3A2E-487E-B017-CA3841EDAECC (resized).jpeg
#3942 7 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

A device that hovers by the drain to put your ball back in play...genius.

Yes, its the pinball hockey goalie. lol

#3945 7 months ago
Quoted from estrader:

It’s a moving system using new light weight state of the art magnets. No need for legs on the pinball machine anymore either.

I think you figured it out Scotts sneaky plan! The "Hoverdroneadiums" with new ball tracking system!!

400WSpotLight-800x450 (resized).jpg
#3953 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Any more guesses?

A lighting device that can bend the time continuum of space that makes me a good pinball player! Yep, final answer.

#3957 7 months ago
Quoted from VillaThrills:

I’m going with undercabinet lighting matched to your Orion’s Belt flashers. Whole room light show.

I will just say this. The product name is Hover. Not hang, Under, or spot. Think about how Scott develops his products. Always trying to Improve what he has done often based on user feedback. I suspect this as he noted is an Upgrade to what he has done to make it better.. To Hover........

#3970 7 months ago
Quoted from parsonsaj:

I don't know how it could be done without having the design be unique to each machine, but based on the name of the product, I would also think it has to be some way to hang the existing pinstadium lights without being attached to the sides of the cabinet, so that they no longer have to be taken down for the playfield to be lifted...
I would welcome such a device, BTW, since I once again came within a hair's breadth of ripping apart the ones on Iron Maiden by lifting the playfield without taking them down... fortunately I caught myself just as I started to lift up!

Agreed lol. Why is it I can never remember to remove these before ripping them off lifting the Playfield? Lol. IF this isn’t the direction my next Mod will be a glass mounted Warning decal, “Remove the Pinstadium lights!!.

#3972 7 months ago
Quoted from GCS2000:

I like this answer and it would be great but not sure how that would be possible since all games are different.
Going to say a new spotlight system that ties into pinstadiums

Actually not that hard at all if he used a full hard shim stock usually around .015-.020” thick. Just thicker then a few sheets of paper. Adhesive mount to the rail top and bottom area adjustable by the game. As in the Lifted position the Playfield rests on the Playfield apron I see this working rather well.

#3976 7 months ago
Quoted from cbdarden:

Hover is definitely for streamers. Goes on top of the glass for easy movement between games.
I’m looking forward to getting my Pin Stadiums for BM66 this week!

No question the Best game to add PS lighting. Love them all but this game like Deadpool makes the comic art pop! Congrats!

#3990 6 months ago
Quoted from jakylracing:

I just got my Pin Stadium lights for my Rob Zombie machine. They came well packaged in a tube. It took a while to receive, but this is a very custom product.
When you get it you realize how much work goes into producing these. I couldn't wait to get them. They were mailed using USPS. I was not happy with the shipper. They kept notifying me that they were going to be delivered on a specific day and then they wouldn't show up. This happened 4 days in a row. Talking about getting your hopes up and then being disappointed.
The install was pretty straight forward. I thought I was going to have trouble with the GI and Flasher connections. I was not exactly sure where to connect and I did not know which flasher circuit to use. Fortunately there is a lot of support on the forums and I'm sure if it came down to it there would be good support from Pin Stadium. I made my connections, put my machine back together and fired it up for the first time. Amazing! What was once a dark play field was now well lit.
I had a little trouble with the phone ap, but only because I don't follow instructions well. If you read and follow the directions it will load, connect and work right. My first problem was trying to connect to the Pin Stadium lights using my 5g network connection. If you actually read the directions you would have seen the instruction which read do not use 5g. Go figure. This mess up caused me to loose the Pin Stadium signal. If I would have read the instructions I would have seen that you need to reset the Pin Stadium lights to the factory setting to get it to resend the signal. I wasted a lot of time by not reading and following instruction.
The ap makes all the difference. It allows you to customize and fine tune your lights. I can't help trying different colors, effects, tones, brightness. It's addicting. The way I feel about playing my game has totally changed for the better.
Before and after photos:
[quoted image][quoted image]

With no intention to discredit the PS product but RZ looks better when you Can't see the playfield. No lights at all lol. Sorry not a fan of the game personally but the lights look nice!

1 month later
#4289 5 months ago

Holly cow Scott, have some down time? Lol. So many illustrations your on a tear. Lol

#4298 5 months ago

The website is looking really good Scott. Appreciate the new layout and flow. Can't wait to add PS to our Wonka and BK soon!

#4301 5 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Has anyone made a video with Iron Maiden and Orion's Belt or Fusions yet? I'm curious what it looks like.
My wife can't decide if she wants them on her South Park or Maiden.

Having seen OB on Maiden its a No brainer for that title!! Nothing against SP but the lighting effect is Way more bang for your buck with IM! She will not be disappointed which will make your life happier! lol

#4303 5 months ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

She won the OB from the SDTM drawing with a pic of her SP and it's her favorite game, but we're not certain it can utilize the flashers as well as the IM. Is it possible to try it in both machines and decide before applying them (stickying them) to our existing pinstadiums? The order form asks which game it's for so I don't know if there's specific hardware for each machine...

I would let Scott confirm but with his new design they are fairly interchangeable within the same brand OEM machines. So other then a temp setup time I see no reason you couldn't try it on both to see which you (she) likes better.

1 week later
#4368 5 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Here are examples of the power of the Fusion’s flashers on Munsters Premium. Keep in mind that these are at the peak moments of the Fusion’s flashers at 100% intensity in the app.
This is on for a brief moment since this is a flasher (milliseconds) and combined with the other 3 other colored flashers (and the UV+Glow) that you can choose is quite the show. The camera on these examples caught them at their perfect peak moments. The flashes are synced and controlled by your pinball machine and in combination with the Pin Stadium’s GI illumination of the playfield (which is built into the Fusions). So it’s not washing out the machine by any means but rather bringing brilliant synchronized colored events for a dazzling light show.
Remember that you can pick any color in the color wheel shown above and at any brightness level. Imagine not just red, blue, green, or the popular diamond white special LEDs on the Fusion light bars but you can do turquoise, gold, pink, yellow etc.
The possibilities are truly endless and it makes your playfiekd pop like no other. The best thing is that your machine still looks stock with the factory stealth light bars. But the visual results are show stoppers for sure.
Here is a nice powerful ruby red flasher for example. Wow!!
[quoted image]

Just a feedback suggestion as a True believer in the PinStadium brand and products. Photos like this do not positively represent the PinStadium products! Almost looks like Lilly slaughtered Herman honestly. lol Poking at you in fun but these are the photos non-believers use as negative propaganda. Pinstadiums look Way better then that! In my opinion, the only and Best way to represent the Fusion line is live or with video illustration. Kind of like taking a picture of a flash bulb otherwise.

4 months later
#5422 35 days ago

In lessor words and simplistic example can I assume this means your new design is less LED lighting and more COB type lighting? A bit lost in the marketing speech sorry?

#5424 35 days ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Marketing aside and being technical to answer your question:
It’s all LED lighting whether it be COB or not. These are not using the COB style. Still SMD on a custom PCB but completely redesigned and configured drastically different from the normal Pin Stadiums you have.
The LEDs chromacity mappings are specific to this application for the Omega Factory Edition which was adopted technology from our X-Streams (these are the Pin Stadium streaming edition lights that Deadflip and others popular pinball streamers now use).
All designed in house and then manufactured specifically for Pin Stadium.
I hope this helps to answer your question!

Ok thats helps a bit. If I understand the flyer then the new lights will only output in the White scale then for this product vs the dial in any color from the previous model correct? Just making sure may be placing another order and while I don't love the color reflections I Do like the ability to dial in specific color based on the playfield as before. Didn't want to assume this new product had that same color palette.

#5431 34 days ago
Quoted from mandelbloom:

Answered my own ? On COB

COB is Indiana lighting! Ba-dum-dum! Lol that’s for the SDTM crew!

#5432 34 days ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Sure thing and I am glad that was helpful.
The Pin Stadium Omega is designed specifically for someone (or a particular machine) that wants original silky smooth factory quality lighting without the stripe or hologram reflection effects that can occur on some machine's ramps/rails or plastics. Most of the collectors love these effects created on the ramps and wire guides with the regular Pin Stadiums, but the Omega is for those that do not.
In place of the RGB colored LEDs you now unlock the ability to control the Omega's newly designed set of custom wideband LED lighting through WiFi via the Pin Stadium app. This allows you to go from a very soft warm white, all the way up to a very brilliant sunlight white. All of these lights (including the UV+Glow flasher) are housed under the new BLUR technology which is hidden stealth behind the integrated Invisi-Shield. This is also going to be big for a lot of purists for new machines and for older classic EM machines etc. Thanks for the super support for this product and all of the others. I am very grateful for you all!!
IMPORTANT NOTE: For now I am only doing a run of 30 of them and about half of them already sold in just one day (current remaining inventory count status is listed on the item on the website). If you are considering these there are still a few left as of this morning:
Pin Stadium
[quoted image]

So last question as I have honestly been out of the product development for some time. As I prefer the color option and some time ago you mentioned a soon product “blur or whatever” as a defuser shield to go over existing PS lights is this still a product in development or no longer a direction? Seems you would have a line out the door for a frosted add on defuser.

#5434 34 days ago

Love it thanks Scott! I assumed I didn’t miss the release announcement so I will just hold out for the shield as I do prefer the color options on the current models. Keep cranking look forward to seeing you at Expo under the big tent.

#5438 33 days ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Yes I am working away at this still for sure!![quoted image]

***Mean and Joking statement to follow*** Stop working on thousands of goofy robot marketing pictures and Make My Blur covers already! lololol No way you don't spend Hours making these fliers, get in the shop and start Bluring our product out the door. Just having fun with you Scott. (or Am I.....) lol

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