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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Pinball Machine LED lights Mod Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

2 years ago

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#2041 1 year ago

Don’t know if you have seen the new light show in the recently released Star Wars code. Wow. Timed with the music and really shows off what the Pin Stadium flashers can do. Like they created it with the Stadiums in mind.

5 months later
#3324 11 months ago

Has anyone eliminated their spotlights because of the Pinstadiums? I really don’t like the spots in my Star Wars. Noticed them in the POTC in your pic too. Hopefully get my POTC next week. Any video in action on POTC? Are the spots still providing a unique light show different than the Pinstadiums?

#3336 11 months ago

I counted 11 as well....so I am guessing 12 as I couldn’t see a lot in back where it was so dark!

#3381 11 months ago

So this happened today...guess it’s time to use that gift certificate!

2E309E38-DD5C-4341-A44C-F0D740B7D0BD (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#3447 11 months ago

Okay, got the Pinstadiums in last night. Tried my best to get a before and after shot this morning. Excited to be able to show this at Pincinnati!

6B951A63-0BF5-4509-915E-CEEAE2E462F2 (resized).jpegEB51EE4C-659D-4CD3-95DC-C1325CD7936B (resized).jpeg
#3454 10 months ago

Quick update on the JJP Pirates with Pinstadiums. Hooked the shaker motor to the flasher. Love the effect. Turned off the white lights and turned on RGB to blue. Really adds to the underwater effect. Notice what else is missing? A half dozen spot lights!!! They just got in the way of being able to see everything. Don’t miss them at all! Connected the GI on the Pinstadiums to the open connector for the spots I took out.

D345832A-E56C-4875-BFEE-242D7C3C2EE3 (resized).jpeg40CD919E-8280-4F3D-B4BC-8D76EDB38F44 (resized).jpeg

1 month later
#3618 9 months ago
Quoted from RedDragons5:

Anybody having issues with Wi-Fi connections? At least once a game on my Iron Maiden the connection fails and I get a fade of all the colors until I trap a ball and "add Pin Stadium" to reset it. I have another set on a different game, 2 games away, and this has never been an issue.

When your UV flashers go off does it dim all lights to black and then fade back up? Or does your GI lights stay on?

#3632 9 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Long awaited...... Customer and industry professional input designed. In comes "Pin Stadium Fusion" from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Our new flagship product has been created for your enjoyment![quoted image]

Oooh! Is it all in one? That’s cool. Low profile...I like it.

2 weeks later
#3699 8 months ago

I know some will disagree, but I really love seeing the PinStadiums on older games. Just really seems to bring them up to modern standards. But I never was a fan of incandescents so there is that. Like was said above, they really breath life into older games for me.

#3715 8 months ago

Found another nice side benefit of the PinStadiums besides being able to take out spot lights to see the playfield better...the magnet mounts act as a spacer and buffer to save your side art from getting scraped up. My Hobbit without PinStadiums keeps on getting caught and nicked up.

There was another Pinsider with JJP Pirates that just completely tore his side art setting the playfield back down. This game is really tight. I cut the side art around the magnets. The magnets get scraped up a bit but has saved the side art completely. And they light up the side art nicely so you can actually see the great artwork. Looks awesome.

0C324F0C-097E-44B5-A33F-AB8F4DFF450B (resized).jpeg
#3718 8 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

I like that side art why did you get?

Tilt graphics

#3736 8 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Great news, the Pin Stadium Fusions have been sold out for some time but on this first run I made a few extra (10). So if you were considering them before and missed out, then this is a great opportunity to get in (2 weeks or less wait time now that they are on the line!!)
[quoted image]

Excellent! Order placed for a Star Wars Premium. Decided that it is staying in my collection and therefore worthy of the ultimate treatment.

1 week later
#3765 7 months ago

Woohoo! Fusions are in the mail! I may do an install video on my Star Wars Premium so people can see what they are if there is any interest. Let me know. I will take a before and after of the gameplay too in the same modes.

#3795 7 months ago

Darn you post office! It’s the same city! I don’t think they know where my order is now. Oh well...and back to waiting.

Hey while I wait, any recommended spots to hook up Orion’s Belt on a SW Prem?

#3818 7 months ago

The postman finally delivered my Fusions! Here is the first unboxing pics. I will try to get it connected and grab a video tonight if possible. Only concern is that they are a bit wider than a regular PinStadium so heads up. Here they are on my SW Prem.

6D59FA0F-8A5D-4E38-A485-8B239CAD4448 (resized).jpeg7E2D17EA-C3B8-47D2-8E61-1A42E357AEC1 (resized).jpeg2B3627EA-B58A-45D5-8BFF-56A4A73565BB (resized).jpeg13D08079-0E2A-4A19-A6FA-2AAB85A77C2F (resized).jpegBE4D22F6-6FEA-44B6-A1EB-3975B0F69920 (resized).jpegC091B976-B767-43AB-91ED-99EB9C11483A (resized).jpeg

#3820 7 months ago

They combine both the Pinstadiums and Orion’s Belt all in one. So Pin Stadiums give you GI lights and a single flasher. Orion’s Belt gives you 4 more flasher colors. Definitely not for every game. But looking forward to seeing what they can do.

#3821 7 months ago

So many options to dial this in. Hmm. Might take a while to get the colors I want right. Will post when I get them to my liking.

#3824 7 months ago

Take a peek guys...let me know what you think of the locations and colors. So Fusion is Pin Stadium + Orion's Belt.

Pin Stadium = GI + single location UV flasher
Orion's Belt = 4 configurable colors for different flashers in the game

Did standard location for UV flasher (right side), red for the Tie Fighter hit, dark blue for the pop bumpers, cyan or light blue for the Force targets, and bright white for the spinner.

Fusion is both platforms in one but this also gives you an idea of the extra effects Orion's Belt can give you.

#3829 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Here is an update on Hobbit with Pin Stadiums. The website install instructions are up to. It has been determined that the best UV+Glow trigger is with the dragon’s eyes. It’s a very cool Glow effect that elevates the playfield beyond words. The JJP artwork is so beautiful on this machine. The GI module synchronization with their light show is superb too. Here are some pics to check out for everyone.
Pin Stadium

[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Anyone have a pic of where the tapped into Smaug’s eyes at for the flasher? Lots of wires going into Smaug.

#3831 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Here is there you want to tap Smaug’s Eyes[quoted image]

Perfect...thanks Scott

#3834 7 months ago

Finally got them all dialed in...Pin Stadiums all around. *note the Hobbit isn’t quite as overpowering yellow as in the pic. Just the other two are a brilliant white/blue.

713943E8-F136-4EF6-B0B9-74A5EE5D6D58 (resized).jpeg
#3838 7 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

That’s one heck of a lineup there and they a blazing nicely! Did you leave the Fusions on Star Wars with the last settings you mentioned?

Yep, played several games on it and love the extra punch. My son said it really lets you see what is going on in the game without looking up as much. You just get a lot more visual cues. And they don’t come on so often as there are so many flashers on this game and when they do they color match what is happening. Really nice add for Star Wars.

Never used to play in the dark, but with the PinStadiums on you can still enjoy it. For the Star Wars it really adds to the effect when the GI go off for a mode. Really adds to the drama.

#3858 7 months ago

Not to show the world my terrible pinball skills....but here is a demo of the Fusions in action on a Star Wars Premium. Skip to 1:46 for the light show.

1 week later
#3908 7 months ago
Quoted from StoneyFL:

Here's some 1080p/60 FPS video footage of my Deadpool Pro with the Pin Stadium Gi Module, UV+Glow & Invisi-Shield. It's just a couple balls from a fairly lackluster game, but I think it shows the lighting off pretty well. I also nailed the katana shot 3 times in a row while recording this, so I added that on at the end of the video (that's something I've only managed to do 2 or 3 times).

This is really great! Thanks for posting the video. I will do one of my POTC this week if I get the time. I must admit though that I like the Fusions better for Deadpool. I like being able to dial in the color of the flashers. I think it is one of those games that really can benefit from the different colors.

#3913 7 months ago

Put up another set of videos of the regular PinStadiums GI+UV. This time JJP POTC. The first one is the more balanced GI. Set at 85% white and full on blue with the UV flasher. And no, the UV isn’t THAT purple, just the camera. The second one was harder to show too. All blue, no white. Gives the actual game an eerie feel to it. This one was longer to show the multiballs at the end of the video. UV is going crazy. Such a fun game.

White and blue balanced...

All blue with several multiballs...

#3956 7 months ago

I’m going with undercabinet lighting matched to your Orion’s Belt flashers. Whole room light show.

#3958 7 months ago

Ah see now you made it too easy... Chuckwurt is right...no more hanging from the cabinet sides. No more knocking them off when you lift the playfield. No more tight playfield scraping up the magnets.

But I still want my whole room interactive lighting!

#4012 6 months ago

Congrats on another TWIPY Scott! Well deserved!

#4014 6 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Just received this picture of a No Good Gophers (NGG). A good customer of Pin Stadium sent this over this evening who said he really loved the results of them on his machine.
I have never seen this translite before.
[quoted image]

No Good by request

1 month later
#4329 5 months ago

Considering some Fusions for my Hobbit as well. Anyone have them or Orion’s Belt on a Hobbit?

Wasn’t wild about the UV on the Hobbit, so I swapped it out for a poor mans red flasher to simulate what it would look like with a proper set of Fusions. Think a combo of red, orange, yellow and white from the Fusions might be awesome. Then just not use the UV.

Here is a vid of my current Hobbit experiment. The orange doesn’t show up well in the video but it is pretty cool overall. When Smaug is going, the orange lighting gives the whole play field a nice glow in person, and when Smaug’s eye is on, it goes all red when the GI turns off.

Think you will have another order for Fusions coming Scott! I will grab a video when I get the official set in place.

4 months later
#5442 34 days ago

So of course your next product will need to be Omega Fusions. I love my Fusions too much to swap back out without flashers but an Omega Fusion with Hovers would work well with my Star Wars and Hobbit. Sign me up! When do they ship? Lol.

3 weeks later
#5491 13 days ago

Finally got a video of the Fusions and Hovers on my Hobbit. I added a red flasher off of the Smaug Eye, a yellow flasher off the gold flasher, and white flashers off of the barrels and shaker motor. The video really doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea.

0897D8A1-1F35-4FD9-8200-FA83543B5773 (resized).jpegAA4FF346-6F8C-4773-B218-66180B2463AF (resized).jpeg3232DCFC-2208-4440-B2FE-2B512AA055E4 (resized).jpeg39AF83E5-1CB7-4A98-A622-34E926022A53 (resized).jpeg3E7C59BC-2498-4A2A-A3F9-4056A9C9FB80 (resized).jpegCD84BBC6-9826-4910-9257-FDDB6CA9DF6F (resized).jpeg
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